SEPTEMBER 1, 2008. In Lander, Wyoming with a side trip to the South Pass Oregon Trail site and the Lander Cemetery.


These are flowers at our bed and breakfast, the Blue Spruce Inn.

On our way to South Pass. Very colorful strata.

South Pass-the City. It  was rainy and cold. was also muddy.

Room in the old hotel.

Realistic saloon table.

General Store.

Upstairs at the old hotel.

The South Pass Cemetery was up a steep hill on a dirt road. It was muddy and very slippery driving up and I kept spinning, but finally made it to the top. We came down VERY slowly.

Sage Grouse....on the threatened species list, right outside South Pass.

Lander Cemetery over the city of Lander, Wyoming.

Landers Chicago & North Western depot, now used as the Chamber of Commerce. The tracks were taken up in the 1970s.

Downtown Lander in a rainstorm in the late afternoon.


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