AUGUST 30, 2008. We drove from Grant Village to West Yellowstone, Montana today because our scheduled Lake Yellowstone boat tour was canceled.


In West Yellowstone. This town is just outside of Yellowstone National Park and used to be a rail hub for travelers to the park.

From inside the former Union Pacific depot, which is now the Yellowstone Museum. The best displays inside, in my opinion, are railroad china sets from the railroads that used this depot in the first half of the 1900s (Union Pacific, Chicago & Northwestern, Northern Pacific, CB&Q and Milsaukee Road)

A section of train remains in front of the depot/Yellowstone Museum.

Displays inside the museum.

Milwaukee Road china.

CNW china.

Select pieces of china from various railroads.

Children's railroad china.

CB&Q china.

UP china.

More UP china.

Northern Pacific china.

CB&Q (Burlington) Dinner menu.

Union Pacific 1953 Summer menu.

Last passenger train to West Yellowstone was in 1960. (I think the railroads were very near-sighed in stopping passenger trains to Yellowstone, as viewd by hindsight - I think they would be very popular today)

These clouds were rolling off the distant mountains over West Yellowstone around noon August 30.

Here's some elk off the road back to Grant Village from West Yellowstone (US Highway 20)

Staring right at me across the river.


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