August 28, 2008. Mammoth Hot Springs Lodge to Grant Village.


Elk were always around our cabins at Mammoth Springs.

Geese along the road on the way to Grant Village.

Bull elk from the side of the road.

Casually strutting acrosss the road.

A geyser, I don't know which one. It was next to the road so I stopped and it had a STRONG sulphur odor.

Walking the center stripes. Ain't in no hurry.

We took another side trip to West Yellowstone August 28. This is the Madison River between Mammoth Hot Springs and West Yellowstone.

Fishermen in the deep blue Madison River.

Yellow and blue serenity.

Ducks on the Madison River.

Continental Divide

Lilypads on the east side of the road at the continental divide at Isa Lake. Water in Isa Lake on the east side of the road drains into the Pacific Ocean and the water in Isa Lake on the west side of the road drains into the Atlantic Ocean, opposite of what you'd think.

Duck in the lilypads.

Water on this side of the road drains into the Atlantic.

Inside our room at Grant Village August 28.


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