August 27, 2008. Lamar Valley and a wagon ride and cookout at Roosevelt Lodge.


Bison in the Lamar Valley.

Horseback riders at Roosevelt Lodge. We attended a cookout here later.

There were wagon rides.

A fly in Yellowstone!!

Line for our coaches to the cookout.

We were all assigned a specific wagen.

Our guide.

We crossed the highway to the cookout site.

At the cookout site at 5:06 p.m.

Our tables.

Singing western songs. He was from Fort Worth, Texas.

Click this photo to view a sound movie of the singing.

In the woods.....

Our table.

We were starting to leave. The cookout featured all you could eat steak or veggie burgers, corn, coleslaw, bread, potatoes.

Another bird.

Riding back to the Roosevelt Lodge.

From the wagon.

Sunset in the Lamar Valley August 28, 2008.


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