August 26, 2008. We had a tour of the Beartooth Highway for most of the day.


Elk roamed the Mammoth Hot Springs Lodge area on most days and this morning was no exception.

This fawn was playing with this bird.

This was at the Petrified Tree site and you can see four moose antlers in the grass, which they said was a rare occurrence.

A coyote.

The Lamar Valley.

A wolf in Lamar Valley.

A grizzly bear, Lamar Valley.


On the Beartooth Highway, US Highway 212.

Cooke City.

A 'helper' in the restaurant at Cooke City waiting for a handout.

Regular gas was $4.70 a gallon here, but note that the premium grades are not that much more.

We were above 10,000 feet at this point on the Beartooth.

A waterfall.

Note the snowpack next to the lake. This had never melted during the summer. We're almost at 11,000 feet.

Snowpoles are used to measure snow depth. Notice how high they are.

At the top of the world, so to speak. We're at 10,847 feet. It was very windy and chilly.

I walked to the top of area and looked at the spiraling road that we came up on. It was hard to keep my balance due to the strong winds.

More bison on our way back down the mountain.

Back at Mammoth Lodge. More elk.

A parade of elk....a sure traffic stopper.


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