August 25, 2008, Cody to Yellowstone National Park.


Smoke from the Gun Barrel wildfire about 30 miles west of Cody is seen in the pass. Taken from a Walmart lot in Cody at 8:17 a.m.

Click on the above photo for a Quicktime sound movie of this scene along the Yellowstone River. This was on the road from Cody to Yellowstone. (LARGE FILE)

Scenes along the Yellowstone River between Cody and Yellowstone National Park. We're on US Highway 14-16-20.

Pahaska Tepee store, still outside of Yellowstone.

They offered horseback riding at this stop.

East Gate of Yellowstone, 9:39 a.m. August 25.

First stop for photos inside Yellowstone.

My first buffalo (bison). This one was casually walking down the road. Our car is to the left.

Distant bison herd.

Sorta looks like the pit in one of the Star Wars films.

Pelicans. We're in Yellowstone, south of Mammoth Hot Springgs. It was early afternoon August 25.

Our Mammoth Hot Springs cabin, 4:18 p.m. Aug 25.

We had a tour that afternoon, using one of the refurbished 1938 Yellow Buses. The tour
was called "Evening Wildlife Encounter."

This cute stuffed bear was hanging on the bus' mirror.

From the open-top bus.

A bull moose as taken from the moving bus.

A bison.

A buffalo/bison jam on the road.

Our bus passengers.

This Osprey caught a mouse.

A baby Osprey on a nest.

A black bear taken from the tour bus in the Lamar Valley.

Black bear crossing the road.


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