August 23, 2008 - We drove from Casper to Cody, Wyoming, through Buffalo, WY.


Taken from a Interstate 25 pulloff area between Casper and Buffalo, Wyoming.

These and the next scenes were taken along scenic US Highway 16 between Buffalo and Worland, Wyoming. There were some steep grades on this road.

Snow was still on some mountain tops, which apparently hadn't fully melted during the cooler than normal Summer months.

We ate Lunchables at this roadside park off US 16.

We're at the highest elevation on US 16 at 9,666 feet above sea level, Powder River Pass. This is between Buffalo and Ten Sleep, Wyoming.

Lots of snow fences in these fields.

Meadowlark Lake, still on US Highway 16.

Fishermen enjoying the area.

Meadowlark Lake is to the right.

Tensleep Creek.

Tensleep valley

Green and blue between Worland and Greybull, Wyoming on US 16-20. We visited Bighorn Quilts in Greybull and I got some pictures of the BNSF Railway yards in Greybull, which are on another website, along with other train photos I took during out trip. If you'd like to see these, click on:

We arrived in Cody, Wyoming late in the day on August 23 and spent the next two nights there. There was a wildfire burning about 30 miles west of Cody (called the Gunbarrel Fire) and you can see the smoke in the distance.

Sunset at Cody, WY with wildfire smoke in the distance.


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