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These are railroad photos taken at various places in Arkansas and around the country, mostly in and around Little Rock. Each set of photos will have its' own separate link...just click the links below to view the photos and captions. There are no ads of any kind on this site, nor any computer 'cookies' placed on your machine. I started putting these web pages online in 2001, but I've scanned my older photos and sometimes post these older ones on this site as well. My camera has been updated several times over the years, so remember that the best and highest resolution photos are at the bottom of the page - the further down you go, the better the photo quality

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OCTOBER 14, 2001 (Union Station Little Rock. UP 9659, 6211, 9252, 1539, 9418)

OCTOBER 21, 2001 (Union Station Little Rock. UP 4465, 1540, 4542, 8182(?) *** BNSF 4713 in bright red Santa Fe Warbonnet colors)

NOVEMBER 25, 2001 (Union Station Little Rock. UP 8132, 9?70)

DECEMBER 9, 2001 (Union Station - 11 trains between 7:30 and noon, 9 photographed, including UP 4699, 9795, 9536, 3782 *** others)

OLYMPIC TORCH RELAY TRAIN PHOTOS IN ARKANSAS, DECEMBER 13, 2001 - Small digital photos and a one-minute 1.4mb MPEG movie taken of the Union Pacific Olympic Torch Train, Thursday, December 13, 2001. The shots were taken at Gurdon, Arkadelphia and Donaldson, Arkansas.

DECEMBER 24, 2001 (Union Station just before UP freights stopped running for Christmas)

DECEMBER 28, 2001 - December 28, 2001 was the last day Union Pacific owned this bridge across the Arkansas River between Little Rock and North Little Rock (the Junction Bridge). This was a former Missouri Pacific line. Now UP only has the Baring Cross bridge to operate on, although they haven't had but one or two trains a month crossing the Junction Bridge in recent months. UP gave the bridge to the City of Little Rock after the STB approved the abandonment of it. The City takes it over officially December 29, according to latest estimates. It is to be made into a pedestrian bridge with an elevator in the middle to get over the span lift, which will remain permanently open due to barge traffic. You can see parts of the track going to the bridge taken from the River Market in Little Rock as well as the Alltel Arena across the river in North Little Rock. One scene has a kiddie train ride in the foreground. Also on this page are a couple of photos of trains passing Union Station in Little Rock, one having a CNW Operation Lifesaver unit as the third unit. All photos taken December 28, 2001

DECEMBER 30, 2001 - December 30, 2001 at Union Station, Little Rock. There were many different roadnames on locomotives today, including Union Pacific, Cotton Belt, CNW, NS, CSX, BNSF, D&RG and Conrail. It was cold with water frozen in small ponds again, and clouds increased during the morning. Photos were taken between 908 a.m. and 1055 a.m. with a total of six trains. The BNSF trackage rights train was unusually long (didn't count the cars, but must have been over a mile and a quarter long).

* * * * * * * * * *


JANUARY 13, 2002 - Trainwatching, Union Station, Little Rock. Included today is a bright red F-Unit of the Idaho Northern between two black NS units, northbound.

LITTLE ROCK & WESTERN PHOTOS - Below are two days worth of photographing the Little Rock & Western Railroad, January 9 and January 14, 2002. This line runs from a junction with Union Pacific in Little Rock westward to Perry, Arkansas (it's headquarters) then continues west to Danville, Arkansas, the home of Wayne Farms, with it supplies much of the grain used to feed chickens. The line is the old Rock Island Choctaw route that ran from Memphis to Tucumcari, New Mexico through Little Rock and Oklahoma City. The Little Rock & Western (LRWN) took over operations of the line from Little Rock to Danville, Arkansas in the mid 1980s. The old Rock west of Danville was taken up in 1985 or so.
OUACHITA RAILROAD PHOTOS - The following were taken Tuesday, January 22, 2002 by Ken Ziegenbein. They show a working freight on the Ouachita Railroad (OUCH)  between El Dorado, Arkansas and Lillie, Louisiana. The OUCH runs on the former Rock Island between these two cities. According to Mike Robbins, President of OUCH, the line owns the following:
   Locomotives: OUCH 1151 (GMD1) on loan to CQPA; OUCH 1159 (GMD1); and OUCH 63 (SW7, former EACH); Rolling Stock: 75 OUCH single door boxcars; 50 DR Centerbeams for use at Georgia Pacific at Anthony Forest. They run on a line (former Rock Island) 25 miles long between El Dorado, Arkansas and Lillie, Louisiana.
   Customers: Davison Petroleum (El Dorado); Anthony Forest (El Dorado - lumber); Georgia Pacific (Catesville - lumber); Great Lakes Chemical (Catesville - chemicals); and Willamette Industries (Lillie, Louisiana - particle board)

JANUARY 24, 2002 - January 24, 2002 at Union Station. Little Rock, showing one freight in the cold rain. I always thought railroads signify all-weather transportation and scenes like this "prove" it.
The photos were taken about 3 p.m. CST by Ken Ziegenbein.

FEBRUARY 3, 2002 - Sunday, February 3, 2002 at Union Station in Little Rock . There were lots of trains today. Some had to stop to let the yard area in North Little Rock clear out. An engineer told us that there were 11 northbound trains stacked up behind him as of 1030 a.m. (I guess the recession is over). As information, Amtrak President Warrington announced yesterday, February 2, that Amtrak would discontinue all long-distance passenger service October 1, 2002 unless Congress gave it $1.2 billion.

FEBRUARY 6, 2002 - SNOW DAY, Wednesday, February 6, 2002  at Little Rock's Union Station. It was 32 degrees with a dark sky and light freezing mist, but the streets were ok so I ventured out. There were nine trains between 1130 am and 130 pm. It was a dark day with backlight problems, so I've enhanced some of the photos so you can see the trains better. There's also a shot taken inside the Little Rock Amtrak station, which has some of the original benches taken from Memphis Central Station back in the 1980s or early 90s. Also shown is a switch heater (fire) under the heavily used switch between the two main tracks just before going across the Baring Cross bridge.

FEBRUARY 10, 2002 - SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2002 - Once again at Little Rock's Union Station. Of  special interest today is the photo of  UP SD-70 #4724 with the new pollution control (Tier One). Robin Thomas, who was also taking pictures, said it was probably a 2002 model.

FEBRUARY 16 and 17 2002  -  These were taken Saturday, February 16 and Sunday, February 17, 2002 at Union Station in Little Rock. Sunny skies. On Saturday, February 16, there were fifteen trains between 1141 am and 421 pm with a half hour missed due to lunch. Robin Thomas was there from 730 am till 1 pm and he had 18 trains during that time. Total number of trains, not counting the overlapping counts between me and Robin, was 27 from 730 am to 421 pm.
   On the February 17 outing, there was a unit ballast/rock "dump" train with the drawbar connections. Also I got a rare red Katy gondola on which you can barely see the MKT white writing.

FEBRUARY 19, 2002 - FEBRUARY 19, 2002 at Union Station in Little Rock, showing a LRWN freight waiting on a UP coal train and the southbound UP train with an SP unit in the lead. It was a stormy day.

FEBRUARY 21, 2002 - Here are a few photos taken at Ashdown, Arkansas of the KCS and Kiamichi Feb 21, 2002.

OLD "DROVER" CAR IN ASHDOWN, ARKANSAS - Clayton Castleman, 110 Little River 68, Ashdown AR 71822 wants to know the origins of this 9-window "drover" car near Ashdown, Arkansas. He nas moved this caboose (in the summer of 2003) and moved it next to the refurbished GN&A (aka. Memphis, Paris and Gulf) depot in downtown Ashdown soon. (The KCS now owns the former GNA line). For an updated photo of this caboose as of December 11, 2003, see HERE.
   As you can see, the caboose,coach,baggage car was red at one time... is it a former Cotton Belt caboose. He said it was built between 1890 and 1920. It is wooden and has been at this location near Ashdown for 35 years, the last 15 years being vacant. It was a bait shop until 1987 or so.

FEBRUARY 28, 2002 - FEBRUARY 28, 2002. Taken at Union Station, Little Rock. One shot has four locomotive roadnames. Also shows signs on the Amtrak station door, the first day the Amtrak ticket office was closed due to the major cutbacks in staffing...from 6 down to 1. It will only be open 11 p.m. till 8 a.m. or so each day.

MARCH 3, 2002 - MARCH 3, 2002. Today Robin Thomas, John Jones and myself went on a 12-hour train photographing trip, starting from Little Rock, east to Brinkley, up the UP's (ne. Cotton Belt) Jonesboro Sub,  west from Jonesboro on the BNSF (ne. Frisco) to Hoxie, then south  from Hoxie on UP's (ne. Missouri Pacific) Hoxie Sub. Included are scenes of the being-remodeled Brinkley Rock Island/Cotton Belt depot and a good shot of two UP trains going over the Little Red River bridge near Judsonia, plus several towns in between. Also shown are photos of UP's new Remote Control unit 100 at Searcy.
   It was one of, if not THE coldest day of the winter with temperatures starting out in the middle teens and staying in the 20s all day with a strong northerly wind of 15 to 25 mph with higher gusts. My fingers kept getting numb. It was clear, though. These are all the usual small-size photos taken by my Sony Cyber-Shot. I have much higher resolution photos of most of the scenes if you'd ever want one.

MARCH 10, 2002 - SUNDAY, MARCH 10, 2002.  Scenes today show track work and a couple of cars still turned over when a few cars of a northbound (I believe) UP freight derailed predawn last Friday  morning, March 8, at the north switch in front of Union Station in Little Rock. Apparently, the gondolas were carrying sand. The Amtrak switch to Amtrak's siding was damaged and removed and hadn't been replaced as of Sunday morning. I was waiting on the CSX 769 SD70 MAC unit, but traffic was so backed up that it was still in Texas after dark Sunday after leaving Arlington, Texas at 3 Sunday morning. It finally went through Little Rock about 10 Monday morning, but I was working and missed it.

MARCH 19, 2002 - I made a quick trip to Mineola, Texas via the Texas Eagle on Tuesday, March 19, 2002 and here are a few scenes. The highlight of  the trip was the school tour of 84 Amish/Mennonite kids and their teachers. They rode from Texarkana to Longview and had a ball. Dark clouds came over Mineola late in the day and I got some interesting photos.

MARCH 28, 2002 TRIP TO MINEOLA, TX- My friend Debbie and her son Jakob took a train ride with me to Mineola, Texas on Amtrak's Texas Eagle. On Thursday, March 28, 2002, I went with Debbie and Jakob on their first train ride. We went from Little Rock to Mineola, Texas, which is a small town about 2 hours east of Dallas. Mineola has a lot of antique shops and places to eat. We left Little Rock about 7 a.m. and got to Mineola about 121 p.m. then returned the same day, leaving Mineola at 650 p.m., getting back to Little Rock at 110 a.m. Good Friday morning. 

APRIL 3, 2002 - Went to the Amtrak station shortly after 11 p.m. at Little Rock, Wednesday, April 3, 2002 and saw THREE BNSF units lined up side by side at Union Station, one apparently on the Little Rock & Western line, having backed onto that track. Before I could get my car stopped, the one on the right (on the LRWN line) began to move, as can be seen in the photo of the two units (note streak to right of engines). These photos were taken using a handheld CyberShot camera with two second exposure, so the shot of  the two units plus the departing freight is blurry. I managed to get one flash picture of the two standing units just before they departed.

APRIL 13, 2002 - Here are a couple of train photos taken in College Station, Cat Spring and Sealy, Texas Saturday, April 13, 2002 plus a photo of a BNSF train in Brenham and a UP train in Hearne, April 14 and some shots of the Winsboro, Texas KCS restored depot. Included are a few shots of bluebonnets. I had wanted to get a shot of a UP train through my hometown of New Ulm, but by the time I heard the train come through, it was too late and I had to chase it to Cat Spring, about 11 miles away. I barely made it in time.

APRIL 20, 2002 - Here are some photos of the Branson Scenic Railway at the old Missouri Pacific depot in Branson, Missouri, Saturday, April 20,. 2002. The F-Unit is BSR #98, the other unit is BSR #99. The lone car is RSRX8503 "Silver Chief." Note the photo of the F-Unit with the horse-drawn buggy in the background. They were not operating. Does anybody know if they will this year?

APRIL 27, 2002 - APRIL 27, 2002. The Arkansas Railroad Club had an excursion on the Ouachita Railroad (OUCH) from El Dorado, Arkansas to Lillie, Louisiana (about 25 miles) and return on Saturday, April 27, 2002 (on the former Rock Island). The President of OUCH, Michael Robbins and OUCH employee Bobby Jones ran the train for both our club and as a working freight that Saturday. We had a caboose and a flatcar with chairs firmly seated to ride on. There were over 30 club members who rode this rare-mileage excursion. Going to the Weyerhauser plant in Lilllie, we pulled 9 boxcars and coming back we hauled 10 mostly loaded cars behind us. Speed was about 10 mph on the average, less on upgrades with one engine.
   The scenery in the Arkansas and Louisiana springtime was gorgeous with lush greenery and swampy land both in south Arkansas and northern Louisiana. We stopped at Junction City, on the state line between Arkansas and Louisiana for lunch at a barbecue place. We left El Dorado at 10 a.m. and returned by about  4 p.m. All had a great time.
   At the bottom of the page are a few scenes I took the day before of the beautifully restored Rock Island depot at Bernice, Louisiana, about 7 miles south of Lillie, where the old Rock Island tracks had been taken up years ago. However, it is rumored (good rumor) that this former abandoned Rock Island right of way will once again have tracks laid down later this year between Lillie and Bernice because of demand of businesses there. Let's hope this occurs and that one day we may be able to ride all the way to Bernice.

APRIL 28, 2002 - APRIL 28, 2002  - Union Station, Little Rock photos. What was unusual today was a 4-unit lashup of Cotton Belt locomotives on one of the trains.

MAY 5, 2002 - MAY 5, 2002 at Conway, Arkansas' huge Toad Suck "Daze". Over 100,000 people were estimated at this downtown Conway festival each day and Union Pacific's Arkansas Subdivision runs right through the middle of town. Here are a few photos of 3 trains coming through on Sunday, May 5. Operation Lifesaver manned all the crossings with uniformed people that stopped anyone from crossing the tracks ahead of the trains, even though all the crossings have crossing gates and bells.
   The craft festival, with vendors from as far away as Indiana and New Mexico, is famous for its toad (frog) racing events each day.

MAY 10, 2002 - MAY 9 & MAY 10, 2002 - Taken at Union Station, Little Rock. What's sort of exciting to me is UP Flatcar #262002 with a load was on one of the trains on May 10. That is the car we rode on back on April 27 when the Arkansas Railroad Club ran the excursion on the Ouachita Railroad from El Dorado, Arkansas to Lillie, Louisiana and back over the old Rock Island. I kept tracing the car just in case it would come through someplace where I could catch a photo and today was the day. See photos of this trip at:
   This car went from the OUCH on UP down to Alexandria, Louisiana on May 7 where apparently it picked up a load of some sort. From Alexandria it was scheduled to go to the CSXT interchange in Valjct, Illinois via UP with the interchange forecast to take place on May 11. I kept checking the trace and about noon on May 10, it had left McGehee, Arkansas at 1047 a.m. I knew then that it would be coming through Little Rock and Union Station sometimes during the day. At 1240 p.m. it was at Grady, Arkansas and left Pine Bluff at 1:12 p.m. That's when I headed to Union Station in Little Rock (I figured it would take about 2 hours or so from Pine Bluff to Little Rock baring any stops).
   I settled down for what I though might be a few hours, since it had to go through Biddle Yard before coming past Union Station and no telling what else the train had to pick up on the way. Well, at 304 p.m. I noticed the green light on the north main and knew another northbound train was coming. UP3251 was on the lead and I noticed it was a  mixed train, but I thought it would be wild luck that a train could make it from Pine Bluff to Union Station in less than 2 hours, but looking down the train, I noticed two bulkhead flat cars about the middle of the train. Sure enough, the second flat was UP262002.
   I know this doesn't mean that much to most people, but it's really fun to know that a car you've been associated with miles away is coming through on a train. I guess I'll keep tracing this car. Oh, by the way, the car's destination is Westfield, Massachusetts! Don't think we could have ridden it that far!

JUNE 9, 2002 - Here are a few shots taken at Union Station, Little Rock, Sunday June 9, 2002. I was the only one there today.

JUNE 21, 2002 - These photos were taken the week of June 19-21, 2002. I'll start with the Brinkley, Arkansas photos of three trains in only 30 minutes. A few others were taken in Alabama and Georgia.

JUNE 23, 2002 - JUNE 23, 2002 at Union Station in Little Rock. Roadnames today include Rio Grande, Norfolk Southern, SP, BNSF and UP.

JUNE 29, 2002 (Plus other days. Includes LRWN plus Baseline Rd in Little Rock and Union Station, plus a UP special June 30 and a rainbow)

UP SPECIAL JUNE 30, 2002 (passing Union Station, 1013 a.m.. plus Amtrak 21, the Texas Eagle)

JULY 4, 2002 (Some taken of the Baring Cross Bridge, plus red, white and blue unit DWP5908 on July 11)

JULY 14, 2002 (Three UP flagged/winged units passing Union Station plus red CP9012)

JULY 21, 2002 (Brenham, Texas and Union Station in Little Rock with rainbow and sunset)

CLASSIC RAIL PHOTOS (These are photos I made in the 70s and 80s, including lots of fallen flags, like the Katy)

RAIL PHOTOS IN  THE MIDWEST, PLAINS AND MONTANA 2002 (Includes DM&E, Montana Rail Link, UP shops in Cheyenne, South Kansas and Oklahoma, Amtrak's Empire Builder through Montana. These will take a few minutes to download -I separated the pages with another link one time) 

SEPTEMBER 9, 2002 (Some were taken in Newton, Kansas September 5, others at Union Station in Little Rock September 9)

SEPTEMBER 22 & 29, 2002 (Union Station in Little Rock...various locomotives plus a Delaware & Hudson boxcar)

OCTOBER 6, 2002 (Union Station, my first BNSF trackage-rights coal train, Chessie hopper, colorized UP sequence)

OCTOBER 14, 2002 (Reader Railroad in Reader, Arkansas after the town became unincorporated, plus a few Union Station photos)

OCTOBER 19 & 20, 2002 (Union Station in the cool rain. Temp 48 degrees)

MALVERN ROUNDHOUSE - OCTOBER 21, NOV 16, 2002 (Over 40 photos of the Malvern Hot Springs Narrow Gauge roundhouse)

OCTOBER 24, 2002 (Seven KATY gondolas on one train past Union Station in Little Rock, 6 red and 1 green)

NOVEMBER 10, 18 & 24, 2002 (Some Union Station, Little Rock, some Russellville, Arkansas. Includes a BNSF train on Amtrak siding)

DECEMBER 1, 2 & 3, 2002 (Some Union Station, including a bright red, unfaded BNSF warbonnet, a Iowa, Chicago & Eastern Illinois locomotive near Palestine, Texas, the Texas State Railroad, the Hearne, Texas depot, plus finally a UP train going through New Ulm, Texas on Dec 3)

NORTH ZULCH, TEXAS - WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 4, 2002 - NORTH ZULCH, TEXAS - A dark, cold, rainy day in North Zulch, Texas - where the Rock Island/Burlington Rockets used to zip through, if I remember correctly. I rode one of these trains in the early 1960s. Now it's still a very active BNSF line, but I didn't see any trains the half hour I was there. I did get to photograph the railroad overpass across Highway 190 - it still  says "Rock Island Lines - Burlington Lines."

DECEMBER 15, 2002 (Union Station, Little Rock. Also some scenes of an abandoned Rock Island weed-covered signal near the station on the old Rock Sunbelt Line.

DECEMBER 21&29, 2002 (Some taken Branson, Missouri from a lodge next to the Missouri & Northern Arkansas tracks in downtown Branson. Others taken at Union Station in Little Rock December 29, 2002)

* * * * * * * * * * * *


JANUARY 12, 2003 (Snow at Union Station in Little Rock in the afternoon)

JANUARY 19, 2003 (Union Station including Wisconsin Central #6604 and a Detroit & Mackinac boxcar on a BNSF freight)

JANUARY 26, 2003 (Union Station, including a warbonnet in original Santa Fe lettering)

FEBRUARY 4, 2003 (Atlanta, Texas, plus CN unit passing Union Station)


MARCH 6, 2003 (Forth Worth, Texas - mostly BNSF north of Fort Worth)

MARCH 22 AND 30, 2003 (Stuttgart, Arkansas and Union Station in Little Rock)

APRIL 6, 2003 (Union Station, Little Rock. One all CN/NS consist)

APRIL 11, 2003 (Chasing one train North Little Rock to Mayflower, Arkansas)

APRIL 13, 20, 27, 2003 - (Various Union Station photos. Lots of locomotive roadnames)

APRIL 29, 2003 (Sunset, BNSF, UP at Union Station Little Rock with Florida visitor Bob Pickering.

MAY 3, 2003 - Conway, Arkansas annual Toad Suck Festival with 4 train passing through the center of action.

MAY 5, 2003 - Included are two GE 's, a B30-7A and a B23-7M, on a southbound train.

MAY 10, 2003 - The South Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad along with the Heart of the Heartlands group ran a special roundtrip on Saturday May 10, 2003 between Winfield and Fredonia, Kansas.  I was on board and heard that there were 150 passengers and about 20 volunteer crew on board. The train left Winfield on time at 9 a.m., arriving in Fredonia 30 minutes early at 1230 p.m. It left Fredonia at 2 p.m., returning to Winfield  5 minutes early at 555 p.m. - good old Santa Fe running!  There were many 'old' Santa Fe hands on board.
   The line used was the former Santa Fe line between the two cities (the Fourth District of the Eastern Division). The train went though the towns of New Salem, Cambridge, over Grand Summit (the highest point in Kansas), Grenola, Moline, Elk Falls, Longton and Fredonia. These were typical of small towns across America....with a lot of abandoned buildings and railyards just outside the towns. Fredonia and Winfield, though, appeared to be prospering.  The trip was 96 miles one way and we had some speed restrictions, highest speed being 30-35 mph.
   The ticket prices were only $30, which included a 'picnic lunch' at a high school gym in Fredonia. This 'picnic lunch' turned out to be a major barbecue buffet! And it all was included in the $30 ticket price! The Chamber of Commerce of Fredonia and others had actually barbecued a hog the night before for the occasion, so we were told.
   Power/consist for the trip was FURX 1167, WAMX 8506, SEKR non-powered RDC 9210 "Kaleigh Ann," SEKR non-powered RDC 9202 "Afton Leigh,"and SEKR non-powered RDC 9203 "Fallyne Marie."- Consist was reversed on the return trip with the engines running around the train north of Fredonia.
   For more information about the Heart of the Heartlands group, go to their website:

MAY 18, 2003 - Little Rock Streetcar construction/Rock Island Choctaw Passenger station in Clinton Library complex construction/CN untes at Union Station.

MAY 25, 2003 - Cat at Union Station/SP units/Work caboose on a mixed train! (by Brian Smith)/May 24 NS units in new paint scheme (by Robin Thomas)/few more recent shots by Brian Smith including MoPac red caboose and UP's E-9's in NLR..

MAY 31, JUNE 1, 2003 - The usual variety of motive power at Union Station, plus visitors from Pennsylvania and Tennessee (Bart Jennings)

JUNE 8, 2003 - Most unique today was SOO 6055. All at Union Station.

JUNE 12-14, 2003 - BNSF in Brenham, Texas; KCS in Jefferson, Texas; UP in Texas; Amtrak in Jefferson, others

JUNE 15, 2003 - Union Station, some spring flowers with the trains, man and boy.

JUNE 22, 2003 - Amtrak 21, two hours late, plus some scenes taken from the north side of the tracks.

JUNE 27-28, 2003 - UP NLR to Bald Knob, AR;UP Kingsville, Robstown, Texas

FEBRUARY 1969 - One of the last Missouri Pacific Texas Eagles to arrive in Fort Worth at the T&P station.

SEPTEMBER 30, OCT 1, 1981 - Last scheduled passenger train through Brenham, Texas.

AUGUST 1959 TEXAS ZEPHYR PHOTOS - Taken on a trip from Houston to Dallas to Childress, Texas. 


UP WRECK NEW ULM, TEXAS JULY 22, 2003 - From New Ulm Enterprise newspaper. UP wreck east of New Ulm, Texas Tuesday, July 22, 2003. This photo was also in the New Ulm Enterprise - this one was in the Brenham Banner Press July 24. Another B&W photo in the New Ulm Enterprise is also included.

AUGUST 2, 2003 - Kansas & Oklahoma RR, McPherson, Kansas

AUGUST 3, 2003 - GREEN RIVER, WYOMING views on Sunday, August 3, 2003.

AUGUST 4, 2003 - These were all taken Monday, August 4, 2004 at an abandoned rest stop off Interstate 80, right before you cross the Wyoming-Utah state line. I had almost given up waiting for a train, but then I spotted an eastbound  UP coal train on the upper, high line. Just after I had taken that photo, I got back in the car to leave when I saw an eastbound UP mixed freight in my side mirror on the lower line.  What resulted was a meeting of two UP trains in mountainous terrain. Talk about luck. The time was about 930 a.m.

AUGUST 6, 2003 - Here are four photos of part of the Idaho Northern & Pacific rare-mileage trip we'll be taking August 8. These were taken August 6, 2003 from Highway 55 on my way to McCall for the night. All scenes were north of Horseshoe Bend. Included is a shot of the shortest railroad tunnel in the world, which we'll be going through.

AUGUST 8, 2003 - Idaho Cascadian rare-mileage passenger train excursion, Payette-Cascade, Idaho.

AUGUST 31, 2003 - SATURDAY, AUGUST 30 AND SUNDAY, AUGUST 31, 2003 at Union Station in Little Rock..

SEPTEMBER 6, 2003 - On Saturday, September 6, 2003, the Arkansas Railroad Club had its annual picnic outing at member Peter Smykla, Jr's Paperton Junction Southern Railway in Pine Bluff,  Arkansas. Following are some scenes of this outing and information on the railroad's rolling stock. It was a beautiful, dry and clear day. There were no train rides, just a get-together and picnic. To see other current and past railroad photos, go to

SEPTEMBER 7, 2003 - Union Station, Little Rock including engine OSS101.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2003 - Union Station, Little Rock. Includes BNSF SF Warbonnet and unique grafitti car.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2003 - Unusually long UP train through New Ulm, Texas.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2003 - Union Station in Little Rock with CSX in new paint scheme, old SP logo, Montana Rail Link, BNSF, new ties.

OCTOBER 3-5, 2003 - Kansas & Oklahoma RR in Haven, Kansas, BNSF speeding through Burrton, Kansas, both at sunset.

OCTOBER 28, 2003 - Lucky shot of Sunset Limited crossing Heights Blvd in Houston, Texas plus Houston Union Station/Light Rail

NOVEMBER 2, 2003 - Southern 4610 in the famous Southern green paint scheme, Genesee & Wyoming 147, Sperry Rail 124, at Union Station, Little Rock.

NOVEMBER 9, 2003 - More photos of Little Rock Streetcar construction.

NOVEMBER 16, 2003 - Three pure SSW and SP locomotives on trains passing Little Rock Union Station.

DECEMBER 6, 2003 - Eastbound UP coal train at Sallisaw, Oklahoma, Saturday December 6, 2003 at 415 pm. First train photo with new camera. Also one photo of the depot. The original photos were 5 megapixels, but I always reduce them to 630 pixels wide on the webpage otherwise it would take months to download :).

DECEMBER 11, 2003 - KCS Coal train southbound through Ashdown, Arkansas at 441 pm Thursday, December 11, 2003.  KCS #2008 was in the lead. Plus a shot of the recently moved (last summer) former SSW caboose/'Drover' car to the GNA depot in Ashdown.

DECEMBER 11, 2003 - KCS Santa Train night photos, Ashdown, Arkansas.

DECEMBER 21, 2003 - Union Station, Little Rock. Centerbeam flat with load, CNW unit.

DECEMBER 25, 2003 - A Christmas Texas Eagle at Little Rock No. 22, on time at 1159 pm.

DECEMBER 27, 2003 - TFM, NS and SP units today passing Union Station.

DECEMBER 29, 2003 - Texas Eagle No. 21, 430 a.m., Little Rock. On time.

* * * * * * * * * * * *


JANUARY 1, 2004 - Empty coal train on this first day of 2004.

JANUARY 3, 2004 - An unaltered SP unit and an empty coal train past One Track Mind Hobby shop.

JANUARY 9, 2004 - Sunset Limited on bridge in Bay Saint Louis, MS plus night shots of Bay St Louis depot.

JANUARY 11, 2004 - DELTA SOUTHERN #104 a couple of miles north of Transylvania, Louisiana, January 11, 2004. It was idle. One of the grain cars was leaning to the right, but still on the rails.  This line was once the route of the Missouri Pacific "Delta Eagle" back in the 1940s. It is my understanding that the line still runs from Tallulah, Louisiana to McGehee, Arkansas. Is this correct?

JANUARY 13, 2004 - Little Rock Western plus two SP units passing Union Station Little Rock.

JANUARY 18, 2004 - Union Station, including NS, IC, SP plus a digital movie (MPEG)

JANUARY 22, 2004 -  The UP Challenger, No. 3985, ran from St Louis to Bernie, Missouri today. While it was supposed to be at Bernie at 3 p.m., it arrived about 6 p.m. due to trackwork and a lot of trains on the division. At one point, it was held on a siding at Avert, Missouri, about 8 miles north of Dexter for two hours, but it couldn't be helped. As far as I know, nothing was wrong with the 3985 itself. Many thanks to Ed Mertes of St Louis who called me from the train.
   I was waiting for it at Dexter, Missouri for over 3 hours, as was many others. There were hundreds lined up to see it coming through Dexter at 540 p.m., but it was mostly dark by then. I made a sound digital movie of it coming through Dexter since I couldn't take an unblurry photo of it anyway. However, I had the movie setting on my Sony camera set to VGA (640) mode, so the file is 33 mb in size. Except for viewing on my own computer, that's way to large to send over the Internet unless you have a broadband connection. Even then, 33mb is quite a lot. So I won't put that on here at this time. Basically you could see the lights and hear the great steam whistle of the 3985, but not much else.
   Here are some time-exposure photos I took at Bernie, MO after the train arrived. There were hundreds here too, and driving the 8 miles south from Dexter to Bernie took 30 minutes or so as traffic was crawling at 15 mph.

JANUARY 23, 2004 - Today I chased and photographed the special UP Challenger steam train from Bernie, Missouri to Pine Bluff, Arkansas.  It was full sun, excellent photography weather.

JANUARY 24, 2004 - Today I got photos of the Challenger from Pine Bluff to Texarkana, Arkansas and it contains the first shot of the train in Texas. Unlike the perfect sunny day yesterday, today it was raining, sometimes heavily, all day.

JANUARY 25-26, 2004 - Five photos of  trains in Little Rock/N Little Rock, one on Crystal Hill Road.

UP 3985 STEAM JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2004 - UP Challenger 3985 photos on part of its trip from Dexter, Missouri to Texarkana, Arkansas, then from Conroe, Texas to North Little Rock to Van Buren. Included are night shots, the Conway tunnel, Ozark, Arkansas, plus a lot of cities and towns in between.

FEBRUARY 3, 2004 - Today I followed the steam special from Conroe, Texas to Longview and got shots at Conroe, Trinity, Crockett, Overton and Longview.

FEBRUARY 4, 2004 -  Today I followed the train from Atlanta, Texas to North Little Rock, Arkansas. It arrived at the UP Jenks Shops about 420 p.m. and will be open for public display Thursday. Today I have scenes taken in Atlanta, Texarkana, a low bridge near the Red River, Hope, and Little Rock and North Little Rock. It was cold, but above freezing, with light sleet from Texarkana to Little Rock and as I write this at 10 pm Wednesday night, we're having thunder and lightning along with rain and sleet mixed, temperatures 34 degrees.

FEBRUARY 5, 2004 - Today the Challenger and its cars were on display to the public in North Little Rock behind the UP offices on 4th Street. Jenks Shops can be seen in the background. Noteworthy to me were the groups of school children that were bussed to the area so they could see and touch the mighty steam machine. Old and young alike came out by the thousands in the cold and rain to view the 3985. Some were making memories that will last a lifetime - others were having memories of past, simpler times when steam ruled the railroads and trains were as popular as automobiles are today. I think these pictures convey both generations.

FEBRUARY 5, 2004 NIGHT - Night shots of the 3985 in North Little Rock plus our night out at Grampa's Catfish House with most of the Steam Crew, Thursday, February 5, 2004.

FEBRUARY 6, 2004 -  The Challenger left North Little Rock at about 845 a.m., heading west to spend the night in Van Buren. Included are scenes at Burns Park in North Little Rock, the tunnel just west of Conway, Russellville, and the bridge at Ozark, which has a view of the Arkansas River to the south and town of Ozark to the north.

BURTON, TEXAS RENOVATED SP DEPOT, FEBRUARY 1, 2004 - FEBRUARY 1, 2004 in Burton, Texas showing the renovated Houston & Texas Central Railroad depot (later SP). This depot was made a Texas Historic Landmark in 1991 and is a beautiful example of good renovation work.
   Burton began as a terminal on the H&TC in 1870. A depot built that year burned in 1898 and was replaced by the current structure built according to standard plans of the Southern Pacific Railroad, which absorbed the H&TC. It exhibits elements of the Queen Anne and Italianate styles. Outstanding features include wide overhanging eaves and "Sunburst" gable windows, typical in Southern Pacific structures. (This information from the plaque attached to the building).

FEBRUARY 22, 2004 - Union Station, including a 5 1/2hour late Eagle, NS, BNSF and both colors of CSX.

FEBRUARY 27, 2004 - FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2004 on the KCS in Heavener and Page, Oklahoma and Rich Mountain and Mena, Arkansas.

FEBRUARY 28, 2004 - KCS action and Railspot members at Page, Oklahoma and elsewhere.

FEBRUARY 29, 2004 - Union Station, including UP, CR, CSX, TFM, BNSF, SSW.

BELLEVILLE, AR CROSSING GATES - 'Protecting' the traffic from the abandoned Rock Island, February 28, 2004..

ABANDONED ROCK ISLAND ROW - From Howe, Oklahoma to Belleville, Arkansas, February 28, 2004.

FORMER ROCK ISLAND DEPOTS - In Western Arkansas, including Booneville, Ola and Perry.

MARCH 13, 2004 - Union Station Little Rock. CR, NS, UP, CSX

MARCH 14, 2004 - Union Station. UP, new refrigerator car, BNSF, TFM, SP, LLPX.

MARCH 21, 2004 - Union Station. CN, UP, NS.

DALLAS, TX MARCH 26, 2004 - In Dallas for the annual TX Association of RR Passengers/NARP meeting. View of Dallas Union Station and trains from hotel room on 8th floor, plus Dallas, Garland & Northeastern passing the station as well as TRE and DART and Amtrak 22.

SAGINAW, TEXAS PLUS TX EAGLE MARCH 28, 2004 - BNSF, UP, CN, Heartland Flyer, Texas Eagle photos in Texas.

APRIL 4, 2004 - LaGRANGE, TEXAS - Wednesday, April 7, 2004 at La Grange, Texas showing one UP empty rock train plus scenes of the neat little former-Katy depot there.

APRIL 10, 2004 - SUNDAY, APRIL 11, 2004 at Union Station, Little Rock. Was there about an hour and a half and saw UP, CN, BNSF, SP, all northbound. All photos by Ken Ziegenbein.

BLACKLANDS RR EXCURSION COMMERCE TX APRIL 17, 2004 - This excursion used former Santa Fe Hi-Levels. Got this email from Murphy Jenkins regarding the steam engine marked for the Conway Scenic Railway. Here is that email: "Hello Ken, I'm Murphy Jenkins I met you at the Brinkley Depot a couple years back. Well I was looking through your web page(Love all your train photos) and I noticed while on your trip on the Blacklands Railroad that you wondered where an old Steam Engine Tender & Cab, marked for the Conway Scenic Railway came from. Well the story behind that is that it is from former Reader Railroad(The Original from the 60s & 70s). It then was sold to Conway Scenic who ran it for many years. Later Conway Scenic sold it to the Blacklands. Now it maybe sold again(not sure to whom). Well I hope I solved your mystery even if it has been over 8 years :)
Ship it on the Frisco!!!

APRIL 27, 2004 - A rare former SP GP40P-2.

NORTH LITTLE ROCK CENTENNIAL - UP display unit and crane with the crane's baggage car and coach near Main Street in NLR, April 30, 2004.

LITTLE ROCK STREETCARS ON DISPLAY - At April 30-May 1, 2004 North Little Rock Centennial.

TEARING DOWN OLD UP/MoP GRADE IN NORTH LITTLE ROCK - This grade went to the Junction Bridge across the Arkansas River and now belongs to the cities of Little Rock and North Little Rock.

MAY 2, 2004 - Union Station with CN, KCS, SP, NS and UP. Several were there from out of town to attend the UP open house later.

UNION PACIFIC OPEN HOUSE AT JENKS SHOPS NORTH LITTLE ROCK MAY 2, 2004 - May 2, 2004 open house at Union Pacific's North Little Rock's Jenks Shops and North Little Rock's yards. Fifty of the 52 photos here were reduced in size to 320 pixels wide, so they shouldn't take too long to load. I put all the photos I made on this site to have a permanent record of the event.
   Hundreds of people, many with small children, attended the Union Pacific Jenks Shops open house Sunday afternoon, May 2, 2004, in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Along with UP tour guides inside the Jenks Shop locomotive repair facility ready to answer any questions, there were free hot dogs and soft drinks - even a bunch of portable toilets set up. They also chartered about a half dozen North Little Rock school buses for personally guided tours of the Hump Yards and other parts of the large UP yard facilities. The lines for the buses were long.
   My indoor photos were without flash with the ISO set to 800. A few of the statistics about the yard given by the 30-year UP employee onboard my bus was as follows:
1) UP averages 68 trains a day through Arkansas.
2) The North Little Rock yards handle an average of 62,000 cars a month (this March they handled 66,000).
3) The NLR yards are the largest capacity-wise on the UP system according to our guide.
4) UP uses 5 million gallons of diesel fuel a month in North Little Rock.
5) Besides repairing locomotives, UP also repairs freight cars at North Little Rock, averaging 75 cars a month.
6) UP is the number one employer in the city with 1,900 employees with a payroll of $160 million a year.
7) The yard complex is five miles long with dozens of tracks. If all the tracks were laid end to end as one railroad, it would go 225

MAY 9, 2004 - Union Station with various coal trains and mixed locomotive consists.

MAY 16, 2004 - Union Station including a Tropicana Refrigerator car and a Ferromex locomotive, among several other non-UP units.

UP 3985 AT LODGEPOLE, NEBRASKA - Union Pacific's Challenger steam locomotive, the 3985, started a several week journey to Houston, Texas from its home in Cheyenne, Wyoming on Saturday, May 22, 2004. Here is the train's first service stop on this epic journey, at Lodgepole, Nebraska about 1130 a.m. that day.  My wife and I were on our way to Montana for another special train ride and worked it out so that we could be in Lodgepole on May 22.  There is also a shot of it speeding eastbound through Chappell, Nebraska, about 9 miles east of Lodgepole.

RARE MILEAGE TRIP OUT OF LEWISTOWN, MONTANA - May 24, 2004 to Moccasin, Montana.


DOUGLAS, WYOMING RAILROAD MUSEUM - Including CB&Q diner Silver Salver, CB&Q 4-8-4 5633 and various other great displays.

SAND SPRINGS RAILWAY - Near Tulsa, Oklahoma, June 4, 2004.

UP CHALLENGER JUNE 17, 2004 - The UP Challenger is shown heading for Arkansas through Jefferson, Texas and then at its service stop in Texarkana, Texas/Arkansas.

TEXARKANA UNION STATION JUNE 17, 2004 - Views of the inside and outside of the station, including UP 3985 at the station.

JUNE 27, 2004 - Union Station in Little Rock. Included today: Unknown 7097, UP 4180, UP 3480, UP 2511, LMS 7922, UP4841, FURX 3009, CSX 480, NS 9542.

JULY 2, 2004 - Including two trains passing between Sinton and Odem, Texas (one with a BNSF unit and the other a NS unit) and one train in the hole at Woodsboro (with KCS/TFM power). Also some shots of the newly restored Kingsville, Texas MoPac depot, complete with a high black iron fence protecting the track.

JULY 3, 2004 - At Kingsville, Texas. Included today is a UP freight running northbound by the restored Kingsville depot at 530 p.m., just as the new bandstand dedication was beginning across the tracks. Plus BNSF 4371 pulled into Kingsville from the south and did some switching maneuvers with perfect last afternoon lighting about 7 p.m.


JULY 18, 2004 - Union Station in Little Rock. Today we saw some rather rare cars, including a Cotton Belt Scale Test Car built in June 1926, SSW #99203. The same train, a Pine Bluff local, had an unpatached SP unit on the front (SP #8576) and a Missouri Pacific work car in the middle of the train. The scale test car was the second car from the rear. Also today, a CSX lead unit in the new CSX color scheme, an old UP faded unit #202, a UP and BNSF combination on the head end of a southbound coal train, plus NS, CEFX.

JULY 25, 2004 - Included today: HLCX 6225, several NS units, several UP units, one Conrail and several CSX units. Also today, a relatively rare train used the Amtrak siding.

Photos of Union Station itself July 25, 2004 and previous dates.

AUGUST 15, 2004 - Little Rock's Union Station. Of special interest today was Wisconsin Central 6611, CSX 7532, SP patched 483, Rio Grande patched 9850, NS 8949, a bright yellow tank car, LLPX 2306 leading a weed-spraying train, ASPLUNDH car, and various UP locomotives. A total of 23 pictures.

SPECIAL PRIVATE CAR ON AMTRAK 22, AUGUST 18, 2004 - This car was Rail Force One, which could be rented and used by Presidents.

AUGUST 22, 2004 - A couple of faded SP units passing Union Station in Little Rock on August 22, 2004.

SOUND MPEG MOVIE AMTRAK 22, AUGUST 28, 2004 - This was a request I had to record the horn of Amtrak engine #84 for a blind middle-school boy in Illinois. The Eagle was 2 hours and 25 minutes late, arriving at 2:25 a.m.

STREETCAR TRACKS/WIRES AUGUST 29, 2004 - Views of overhead wires and completed track for the new Little Rock/North Little Rock streetcars. They did a test run August 27.

RAZORBACK SUBMARINE DEDICATION, AUGUST 29, 2004 - The World War II submarine Razorback was towed to its final home at 5 p.m.

TEST RUN OF RIVER RAIL STREETCAR LITTLE ROCK, AUGUST 31, 2004 - Includes scenes from North Little Rock, Little Rock, and a shot from the Razorback submarine showing the streetcar on the Main Street Bridge.

SEPTEMBER 4-5, 2004 - Includes PJS Alco 303 in Pine Bluff and passing coal trains at Union Station.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2004 - Special airline parts two-car train; Trona locomotive 6242; BNSF coal train, all at Union Station.

PERSISTENTLY EARLY TEXAS EAGLE 21 September 23, 2004 - I took Amtrak 21, the southbound Texas Eagle, from Little Rock to Austin, Texas on Thursday, September 23, 2004. The train was close to on time or early at every stop. Here's the story and photos.

OCTOBER 10, 2004 - Little Rock Union Station in the rain. Includes a UP work equipment train.

TROLLEY RIDE FOR CLUB MEMBERS OCTOBER 20, 2004 - This was a last-minute chance for us as Arkansas Railroad Club members to get a ride over River Rail Streetcar's entire 2.5 mile route through North Little Rock and Little Rock. I called and emailed as many as I could to notify of this event after getting a call from John C Jones saying he had arranged for the special once-in-a-lifetime event. It was dark and cloudy at 6 p.m.

PRIVATE CARS ON TEXAS EAGLE OCTOBER 21, 2004 - These cars came from Houston and were on their way to New York.

OCTOBER 24, 2004 - Union Station in Little Rock. Bright, sunny, mild day - temperatures in the 70s. Includes many non-UP power, including Santa Fe 146 in warbonnet colors.


HOUSTON METRO RAIL NOVEMBER 3, 2004 - This was taken in Houston, Texas of the new Metrorail system.




NOVEMBER 14, 2004 - Little Rock Union Station, includes boy waving.

FALL COLORS UP BRANCH NLR, AR - These were taken along the UP branch line to Camp Robinson in North Little Rock, Arkansas on November 19. 2004.

AMTRAK'S TOYOTA 'TUNDRA' LOCOMOTIVE - Taken at Union Station in Little Rock at midnight, November 25, 2004. These were painted to two locomotives and were to be used through December 2004.

LITTLE ROCK CHRISTMAS STREETCAR - Sunday, December 12, 2004.

DECEMBER 12, 2004 - Union Station. Includes NS and BNSF.

DECEMBER 19, 2004 - Union Station Little Rock. Includes 1 of only 3 Rio Grande unpatched T-2's plus NS/CN and SP.

'MIXED TRAIN' DECEMBER 27, 2004 - 'Mixed' train with two UP yellow work cars on the end passing Union Station, Little Rock.

LITTLE ROCK & WESTERN DEC 27, 2004 - Waiting to go onto UP tracks at Union Station.

1984 'HOGTRAIN' SPECIAL TO MEMPHIS out of Little Rock, January 1984.

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE LITTLE ROCK DEC 29, 2004 - This train was 9 and a half hours late due to a late start in Chicago the night before, so  it arrived at  1:35 p.m. instead of 4:30 a.m. Two private cars were on the end.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

JANUARY 1, 2005 - A foggy day at Union Station in Little Rock. Rather 'moody' photos.

JANUARY 9, 2005 - A Kasgro 16-axle heavy duty 450-ton depressed deck flat car. Plus there was one unaltered Cotton Belt and one two unaltered SP units today passing Union Station in Little Rock.

JANUARY 16, 2005 - Unusual today were two back to back BNSF trackage-rights trains, the second being a BNSF intermodal, something we had not seen going northbound through Little Rock before.

JANUARY 30, 2005 - Of special interest today is Conrail 6783, BNSF 8923, BN green coal hoppers, and DWP 2905. It was cloudy and cool, in the 40s.

FEBRUARY 6, 2005 - Special interest today: UP work crew in SW Little Rock, Feb 5; SP 8352, UP 1337, GATX 7367, two passing northbounds.

FEBRUARY 26, 27, 2005 - I went to Rich Mountain, Arkansas and Page, Oklahoma this weekend (February 26, 27, 2005) to get some KCS action, but failed to capture even one KCS train while there. However, on my way back to Little Rock, I stopped at Union Station and got several trains in an hours period, INCLUDING KCS #2049 as the second unit in a UP train. So I finally got my KCS locomotive, even though I wouldn't have had to leave home to do it! Also today, Feb 27, I saw UP, SF blue/yellow, NS, BNSF, and a Cryo-Trans car. Also, two MoPac cabooses on display in Crystal Springs, Arkansas, about 15 miles west of Hot Springs, on Feb 27.

CHOCTAW/ROCK ISLAND DEPOT AT CLINTON LIBRARY - I decided to go to the Clinton Library in Little Rock just to take a few photos of the refurbished Choctaw (Rock Island) passenger station the library made into a school. Plus some photos of the Rock Island bridge, which the library is supposed to make into a walking path by the end of 2005. As some of you know, the 100-year old Choctaw Freight House, which sat across from the passenger station, was demolished for the library in November 2001, but at least they did a good job of refurbishing the Choctaw passenger station.
   I parked in North Little Rock, rode the trolley across the Arkansas River to the River Market in Little Rock, then walked about a half mile to the Clinton Library. Security personnel are all over, and if you go inside the library, you will be searched like at an airport. Nobody said anything about my taking photos, though. In fact, former U.S. Senator David Pryor, who is the dean of the Clinton School (located inside the Choctaw Passenger Station), told me it was no problem taking the pictures.
   So far, whether or not one likes or dislikes President Clinton, the library has been a real boon to Little Rock's River Market area for tourists, including riders of the streetcars. Almost every day I ride the trolleys, someone boards who came to town to see the library. Personally, I have not yet been inside it myself.

MARCH 2005 STREETCAR CROWDS LIT/NLR, AR - March 2005 views of the increasingly busy Central Arkansas River Rail streetcar system. These photos were all made in March 2005 in various kinds of weather. On March 30, there was a group from Norway onboard, plus visitors from at least six states. On March 29, ridership on just one of the streetcars totaled over 600 in just a few hours.  Spring break was in full swing as well so there were a good deal of children.  Made me feel like I was in a flashback to the 1930s and 1940s! (Ken Ziegenbein)

APRIL 3, 2005 - Seven various UP/CSX/CNW units at Union Station in Little Rock.

APRIL 6, 2005 - Near Somerville, Texas. This was on the BNSF at the Texas FM 1948 road crossing a couple of miles south of Somerville, Texas where FM 1948 hits Texas Hwy 36. There's a shell station there and I was standing in the covered picnic shelter at that intersection. I missed the dpu's however. Time was 8:50 a.m. April 6, 2005.

APRIL 18, 2005 MOVIE - LARGE - A 1 minute 52 second sound mpeg movie of Amtrak's Texas Eagle northbound No. 22 leaving Little Rock. It's almost 3 mb in size so dialup will take a few minutes. But I thought since its so rare for such long trains (this one had 16 Superliner cars due to the combining of the previous day's train in Dallas because of a minor derailment the day before. It was a Sunday night), I'd preserve it in cyberspace. They had trouble loading the second engine. It finally left at 1:52 a.m. (Note I had said it was April 17, but since the train got to LRK after midnight, it was actually Monday, April 18, 2005)

APRIL 24, 2005 - Sunday, April 24, 2005 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was a bright, sunny day. Included are locomotives: UP (5056, 1540, 9525, 4788, 4504, 4408, 4190, 3989, 3848, 3753); NS (8893, 9824); SSW 9699; SanfaFeBlueYellow 6760; CSX 768; BNSF 4597. Also one bright red Canada car. Later in the day, I got a couple of artsy sunset scenes across the tracks.

APRIL 30, 2005 - At Union Station in Little Rock. Locomotives included today are: UP (3819, 4519, 4261, 3991, 4430); NS (9118, 6603, 8300, 6637, 9620); HLCX  3814, blue-red. Plus a dove paid me a visit.

NIGHT PHOTOS RIVER MARKET LITTLE ROCK - I decided, since it was my birthday April 30, 2005, to celebrate by taking some night photos of the Little Rock/North Little Rock trolleys, using my Sony DV1 digital and time exposures. I walked all over the very busy River Market District and downtown area of Little Rock on this Saturday night with my camera and tripod. There were hordes of cars and people (several times I was asked to take people's pictures). I walked all the way from the Museum of Discovery to Robinson Center, then over to Second Street and back to the River Market, all toll a couple of miles. Bands were playing, nightclubs were full,  there was a party atmosphere on the streets.
   I noticed that the streetcars had very slow going on Markham/Clinton Avenue due to cars backed up 2-3 blocks and people walking on the tracks.  However, there was standing room only on some streetcars too. I'm putting this on the web for those of you who no longer want to go out late at night to party or to see streetcars (me neither, most of the time - I wouldn't have been here either if it were not for the streetcars!)  (Taken by Ken Ziegenbein)

GOMACO TROLLEY COMPANY - Ida Grove, Iowa, May 20, 2005.

IOWA, CHICAGO & EASTERN - May 20, 2005 - Westbound out of Dickens, Iowa.

BOONE & SCENIC VALLEY RAILROAD - May 21, 2005, in Boone, Iowa. They fired up and ran the Chinese steam locomotive, JS8419 for the first time on this day.

RIVERFEST - LITTLE ROCK-TROLLEYS - May 28, 2005 - Riverfest 2005 at Little Rock and North Little Rock, Arkansas, May 27-28, 2005. For the first time, the River Rail Streetcars were running and I went along for the ride. There was standing room only on the two streetcars that ran the entire North Little Rock-Little Rock loop. In fact, several times they had to tell people to wait for the next trolley after reaching the max number of riders per car (80). This website will have photos of these full trolleys as well as the areas surrounding the festival. I even got a shot of the Bush Baked Beans dog!!
  Since so many had to be turned away because of full trolleys, at times tempers flared in the line waiting to get on. I recall one lady trying to call police because the lady behind her was pushing her little girl out of the way.  Thank goodness it wasn't that hot outside (temps only around 80 and dry - I remember years when it was at least 90 and humid).  The fare box was stuffed with dollar bills and quarters with the motorman having to frequently dump the money into the 'safe box' below.  All in all, at least from what I saw today, the trolleys were a tremendous hit. It was also helpful that people from Central Arkansas Transit stood at many stops with change for riders. 

FIREWORKS AT RIVERFEST MAY 29, 2005 - Annual Riverfest fireworks, Sunday, May 29, 2005 taken from the Park Hill area in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE, BRANSON, MO JUNE 3, 2005 - "Day Out with Thomas" in Branson, Missouri June 3, 2005, starring Thomas the Tank Engine.  Huge crowds. It was also held June 4, 5, 10, 11,12. Neat sight to see.  It was run using the Branson Scenic Railway's regular equipment. 

JUNE 5, 2005 INCLUDING 'TEMPO' GROUP AT UNION STATION - Sunday, June 5, 2005 at Union Station, Little Rock. Includes some Sony 'Nightshot' photos at 4 a.m. of passing trains and a group of Texas Eagle Marketing and Performance Organization (T.E.M.P.O.) passengers who were catching Amtrak's Texas Eagle, No. 21, heading back to Texas. Also included are some colorful sunrise/train photos. Locomotives today: UP-(4086, 3453, 9141, 9371, 8318, 8503); BNSF 5091; CSX 8318. Plus two red MKT gondolas.

JUNE 19, 2005 - June 19, 2005 at Union Station in Little Rock plus some scenes of cars on the former Rock Island (now Little Rock & Western) near Murray Lock and Dam.

DEPOTS - A 'LIVING' SITE - Started June 18, 2005, this will be an ongoing site of current standing depots in the mid-south region of the country. The depots may be abandoned or used.

JUNE 25, 2005 - Saturday, June 25, 2005 at Union Station in Little Rock. We were in an 'Ozone Action Day' alert and you could see the haze before I Paint-Shop-Pro'd it to clear it up. Also today, the second to last photo on this page will be for those who have a widescreen computer monitor - 1280 pixels wide. Let me know if you would like more of these higher-resolution photos. Locomotives today include: UP 4237, 5577, 8023, 4107, 4227; CSX 4693, 4682; CN 6142.

LITTLE ROCK TROLLEYS JUNE 25, 2005 - A few River Rail streetcar scenes in the busy River Market in Little Rock on Saturday, June 25, 2005.  There was a motorcycle gathering of some sort (Thunder at the Rock)  plus a busy Farmers Market.  Plus the Clinton Presidential Center had its 329,000th visitor since opening in November 2004 (the trolleys have already carried 125,000 passenger during that same time period).

TEXAS EAGLE JUNE 24, 2005 - I went to the Amtrak station (Union Station) in Little Rock to meet a returning group of Rotary Club passengers who had been in Chicago in the wee hours of Friday, June 24, 2005. The train (Amtrak 21 Texas Eagle) was on time at 4:30 a.m. and the station was really bustling with activity while the rest of the world slept.  I thought the night owl background was appropriate.

JUNE 26, 2005 - June 26, 2005 - Another somewhat hazy day at Union Station watching the parade of locomotives and cars that pass by each day.  Included today are: UP 5225, 9402, 9112, 1336, 8755, 6431, 4713; CSX 2755; RLCX 8571; NS 9409. Plus  a Klemme Iowa Coop Grain car.

JULY 3, 2005 - Sunday, July 3, 2005 at Union Station in Little Rock. Only 8 photos today, one of a southbound loaded coal train with UP and BNSF warbonnet power. Locomotives today: UP: 6797, 5908, 9411, 9123; BNSF 713. The background today is a photo I made of trees at my hometown in Texas. I'm just playing around and won't use these backgrounds routinely since it's almost impossible to get a font that you can read without putting the text in separate tables.

- Amtrak 22, the northbound Texas Eagle, on July 3, 2005 arrived 14 minutes early at 11:45 p.m.  Here's a few photos. It has a twinkling star background.

JULY 24, 2005 - July 24, 2005 at Union Station in Little Rock, plus part of Jermain Taylor (World Middleweight Champion boxer) parade in Little Rock's River District on July 22. You can see the trolley tracks where the parade was held - the streetcars didn't start running until 1 p.m. because of this parade. Plus I have some streetcar scenes of July 21 and 22.  Locomotives and fallen flag cars today: UP: 4215,  8337,  3245, 166, 9642, 4391, 2507;  NS: 9405, 9682.  Fallen Flags/other freight cars: Rio Grande hoppers,  Government of Canada  hoppers,  Illinois Central grey boxcar,  Canadian Pacific hopper,  Pillsbury blue hopper,  Larinburg & Southern boxcar,  Rock Island painted-over gondola.

JUNCTION BRIDGE LITTLE ROCK JULY 25, 2005 - On Monday, July 25, 2005, I thought I'd get a few pictures of the abandoned old Missouri Pacific Junction Bridge that crosses the Arkansas River between Little Rock and North Little Rock. This bridge was given to the city by Union Pacific on December 28, 2001 for use as a pedestrian bridge. Of course, UP also didn't have to worry about demolition or insurance anymore either.  You can still see some of the tracks in the pavement, but most of the line that went to the west and connected with the UP main line at Union Station has been taken up and paved over for a biking path.

JULY 31, 2005 - Today (July 31, 2005) I saw a rare green MKT boxcar with the faded MKT emblem on the upper left of the car passing Union Station in Little Rock.  Also seen were brand new, bright and shiny white refrigerator cars (ADMN) - 5 in a row - they looked like ghosts under a full moon (ha). Plus seen today were some new black gondolas with the reflective stripes, a bright blue CSX Hi-Cube boxcar, a Columbus & Greenville boxcar, a VeraSun Energy car, a torn A&M decal on a boxcar, Cryo-Trans refrigerator car and a yellow tank car. We had two train meets in front of the station today. Locomotives: SP: 2657, 8683, 105-unpatched and 356-unpatched. UP: 8386, 4285, 2484, 4160, 4316, 5984, 9521, 4521, 229, 1890, 9169, 2252 and 4370. CSX: 8705. FURX: 8093. There are 30 photos, all 650 pixels wide for faster downloading.

UNION PACIFIC HERITAGE PUBLICITY PHOTOS JULY 30, 2005 - Union Pacific issued a press release on July 30, 2005 regarding painting some of their locomotives in the colors of some of the railroads they merged with over the years.  They started out with Missouri Pacific and Western Pacific and the photos below were taken from their press release (I converted their PDF format to JPG for the web, which is of a lower quality but which has to be used in web pages). They will paint others in MKT, SP, DRG, and other colors in the next few months. UP's press release follows the photos. (Ken Ziegenbein - This webpage put online with the permission of Union Pacific)

AUGUST 7, 2005 - Sunday, August 7, 2005 photos at Union Station in Little Rock.  Units today: GCFX 3096 * UP: 6861, 6597, 3530, 9513, 9192, 4939, 7245, 2277, 5519 * NS: 2528 * SP-Patched 7833 * GATX 7359 * CSX 8856 * HLCX 7233 * Conrail 8320.  Fallen Flag freight cars: Southern Boxcar, DM&E hoppers not fallen flags, but a little rare here), three D&RGW hoppers No. 15569, 15501 and 15502. Also today, a MoPac buzzsaw on the end of a bulkhead flatcar.

NIGHT SHOTS RIVER MARKET AUGUST 12, 2005 - The River Market in Little Rock Friday night, August 12, 2005. This was the first time the street was closed to cars after 9 p.m. to make it safer for people walking between restaurants and bars. The River Rail Trolleys ran as usual and seemed to have more riders than usual who rode to the River Market. I used my Sony Digital's 'Nightshot' mode, which gives a greenish tint to the black and white images. I did not enhance any of the photos.  The starry background represents the most populous part of the galaxy.

AUGUST 14, 2005 - Saturday and Sunday, August 13 and 14, 2005. Trains passing Union Station in Little Rock. (Thought I'd brighten your day with this one-time-only burnt orange background!! Next time I'll use Aggie colors!!).  WARNING - There are 48 photos today, over 3 mb worth, so expect a rather long opening of this webpage unless you have broadband.  It took 18 seconds to view all the photos with my cable broadband. Lots of different locomotives and rolling stock today. LOCOMOTIVES: *** FURX-3050 *** IC-6016 *** LTEX-9912, 7437 *** GECX-SP-8497 *** HLCX-6313 *** GSCX-7357 *** CSX-8880 *** CONRAIL-3046, 5430 *** CNW-8701-I believe one of the last pure CNW yellow/green units-great heritage color idea *** UP-582, 2431, 9520, 2201, 2858, 9416, 3802, 4530, 4674, 4264, 5082, 9519, 6364, 8357 (NEW SD-70ACE up close on the Amtrak siding!), 9471, 9482, 2830. ROLLING STOCK: CNW yellow boxcar *** ICG orange Hi-Cube box *** Railcare Tank car *** ATW bright red new boxcars *** CSX patchy-colored Hi-Cube *** D&H hoppers (3 in a row in the classic colors) ***  flat loaded with I believe bridge supports? *** three Rock Island hoppers *** New UP reddish hopper *** D&H Gondolas *** A smiling UP engineer from the cab of his stopped train in front of Union Station.

UP/MOPAC HERITAGE LOCOMOTIVE 1982 AUGUST 18, 2005 - Thursday, August 18, 2005: Union Pacific's new Heritage MoPac locomotive Number 1982 made a trip through eastern Arkansas on the Cotton Belt to Pine Bluff, then eventually to Louisiana. I caught it at Wabbeseka and Altheimer, Arkansas, running exactly as advertised the day before. It was the first time (I believe) that the new unit was used on a regular freight, the ZYCHOB out of Chicago. It was HOT, 100 degrees with heat index of 110. The shade trees were a necessity.

UP/MOPAC HERITAGE 1982 PASSING UNION STATION AUGUST 20, 2005 - UP 1982 MoPac Heritage locomotive passing Little Rock's Union Station,  5:18 p.m. Saturday, August 20, 2005. I was looking into the sun but I managed to adjust the exposure.  Special thanks to John C. Jones, Mark Silverberg and David Hawkins for keeping me informed as to its whereabouts. Joe Roddy has some photos on this webpage too, taken from the other side of the tracks. There were 10 people at the station earlier in the afternoon, but had dwindled to only 3 by the time the train came (Mike Condren and a group were here from Memphis but left to catch the train at another location). I was the only one to photograph from the Amtrak platform. (Ken Ziegenbein)

AUGUST 20, 21, 2005 - Saturday, August 20 and Sunday, August 21, 2005 trains at Union Station in Little Rock. Included during these two days: UP: 9833, 1982, 9420, 4897, 2765 (with fresh UP paint - you could actually smell the new paint as it went by - a future UP Heritage unit celebrating UP?), 9389, 4402 (first of TEN locomotives on this train), 9533, 3831. *** 9031, 4737, 4785, 8587, 7707. ***  NS: 3534, 9399. ***  LTEX: 6900. *** CEFX: 2100.  *** MKT Green hopper, one load of logs.  It was again hot as the blazes, about 98 with heat index 106.

UP/MOPAC HERITAGE 1982 WITH LRWN AUGUST 25, 2005 - Thursday, August 25, 2005. UP 1982 (MoPac Heritage) passing Union Station in Little Rock, northbound. At the same time, Little Rock & Western came around the curve and I got a photo of them together briefly. I called this photo "LRWN Kissing UP1982." The train came through at 11:26 a.m.

UP/KATY HERITAGE LOCOMOTIVE 1988 IN ARKANSAS AUGUST 27, 2005 - Union Pacific's Heritage locomotive 1988, in Katy red colors, going south for the first time through Arkansas on Saturday, August 27, 2005. It was a stormy, dark day, but that seemed to make the color saturation a little better in some cases and the photos turned out nice in most cases. I started out in Brinkley, Arkansas, early in the day, but the 1988 kept getting delayed. It finally zipped through Brinkley at track speed at  12:27 p.m. during a thunderstorm, and my first photo of 1988 was taken through the bay windows of the restored 90+ year old Cotton Belt/Rock Island depot in Brinkley. Kinda artsy, but I thought kinda neat as well. The depot is now a museum that has railroad items in it plus a Louisiana Purchase exhibit. The secretary for the museum and historical building, Terri, was nice enough to let me wait around there for about 3 hours for the train.  Her picture and that of the outside of the depot are the first two photos. (All photos and sound MPEG movie by Ken Ziegenbein)

BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS DEPOT VARIOUS SEPTEMBER 2005 - For a little change of scenery regarding rail photography, here's some photos I took at Brinkley Union Station Museum in Brinkley, Arkansas from August 27 through September 10, 2005. I'm now a volunteer worker/host at the depot/museum on Saturdays. The UP main directional-south line (ne. Cotton Belt) runs right past this restored depot and the trains run at track speed (55-60 mph) past the station. Plus UP's line to Memphis (ne. Rock Island) meets the Cotton Belt line at the depot, so at times you can see train lights in the distance both from the north and from the east. At other times, it's quiet train-wise for a couple of hours (they seem to run in rapid succession, almost all southbound).
   Come visit the museum if you're ever driving by Brinkley on Interstate 40 (between Little Rock and Memphis on the old Rock Island and Cotton Belt (UP). It's located where US 70 crosses the UP tracks in downtown Brinkley. The depot is officially called the Central Delta Depot Museum, 100 West Cypress St, Brinkley AR 72121-2809. The depot is the original 1912 Rock Island/Cotton Belt depot which was almost torn down in the early 1990s. Head of the museum is Bill Sayger,  You may also contact me, Ken Ziegenbein, at the email link at the top of this page - this link will take you to a comments form. Some of the nicest people I've ever met work at or volunteer at this museum.


SEPTEMBER 13, 2005 SUNSET AT UNION STATION - Decided to do a little 'artsy' sunset photography at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Tuesday, September 13, 2005. Trains involved were two UP trains and the daily BNSF local that was backing/switching along the Little Rock & Western (Rock Island) toward Pulaski.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2005 - Brinkley, Arkansas Saturday September 17, 2005. Only 7 photos, but one is of some sort of covered container and what apparently is a heating mixer for cement or blacktop (according to Frank Weed and others on Railspot).  The train was southbound from Memphis, having just went around the sharp curve at the Brinkley depot.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2005 - UP/MKT 1988 passing Union Station in Little Rock on Thursday, September 22, 2005. Also on this page: HLCX 6298 *** UP 3353, 1539, 9492 *** CN 6295 ***  CEFX 7087 *** LRWN 101  and 102 *** HLCX 6062 *** GATX 7372 *** NS 6792.  Thanks to Mark Silverberg of One Track Mind Hobbies for calling me to give me the heads up on the 1988.

OCTOBER 1, 2, 2005 - SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2005 in Little Rock and SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1 in Brinkley, Arkansas. Motive power on October 2 includes: UP 9478, 9579, 5109, 4983, 6604 *** CSX 4794 *** Santa Fe 6848 *** BNSF 634, 155. Fallen flag rolling stock: Rock Island hopper, MKT red gondola  #16165 with colorful scrap, Ashley, Drew & Northern boxcar, an old Santa Fe freight car, probably an old woodchip car.

TRAINS IN NEW ULM, TEXAS - Saturday, October 8, 2005 in New Ulm, Texas showing a train parked after the crew ran out of time.  Plus an old Santa Fe boxcar used for storage with 'Santa Fe all the way' still visible.  Plus on Sunday morning, another train was parked on the siding to the west of Highway 109.  It was parked there all Saturday night and I could hear a low-grade rumbling sound all night long as the engine idled.

DEPOTS ON ABANDONED ROCK ISLAND EAST ARKANSAS  For larger photos, either click on the individual photos to make them larger OR to view this same page formatted for broadband with all the pictures larger, click on:
    Tuesday, October 18, and Saturday, October 22, 2005 I drove along US Highway 70 between Brinkley and North Little Rock, Arkansas, stopping to photograph the remnants of the Rock Island Railroad that used to go though this area (the Rock's 'Sunbelt Line'). This has views of remaining Rock Island depots at Hazen, Carlisle, Hazen and Lonoke. All photos by Ken Ziegenbein.

OCTOBER 23, 2005 - Sunday October 23, 2005 at Union Station in Little Rock. It was a windy and cold day, temperature about 51. Locomotives/cars today include: UP 4087, 9646, 3313; CN 5627; CEFX 7087; a UP old yellow hi-cube boxcar with the map on the side; two green Katy gondolas.

NOVEMBER 6, 2005 - Sunday, November 6, at Union Station in Little Rock. Of special interest today is the fact that the Little Rock and Western ran a very long string of cars to the station, but had to back up past the Rebsemen Road crossing again since UP didn't have room for them. It's unusual that LRWN runs on Sunday, but we figured that the wooden trestle near Bigelow was just repaired and they had to move a lot of cars. That trestle had sunk two feet a few weeks ago and had to be redone. It's on the former Rock Island Sunbelt line.  I also made two sound MPEG digital  movies of the famous LRWN Alcos 101 and 102 as they accelerated, a unique Alco sound.
   Also today are: UP 4395 on the Amtrak siding (also somewhat unusual), UP 3148, 9759, 4310, 9531, 2056 and 2931. Also NS 2633, 9282 and LLPX 2230.

ROCK ISLAND FREIGHT HOUSE, BRINKLEY ARKANSAS - Saturday, November 12, 2005. The 1909 Rock Island Freight House in Brinkley, Arkansas, now an antique shop.

NOVEMBER 13, 2005 - Sunday, November 13, 2005 at Little Rock, Bald Knob, Worden, Fair Oaks and Brinkley, Arkansas. A 'true' chase today with BNSF 925 with Santa Fe lettering in the warbonnet scheme passing Little Rock's Union Station at 9:58 a.m., Bald Knob at 11:55 a.m., Worden at 12:12 p.m. and finally Fair Oaks (where the line to Memphis crosses the old SP north-south line) at 12:57 p.m. It was a cloudy and sometimes rainy day.
   Other locomotives today are: UP 5002, 8317, 4860, 4129, 3404; CSX 8394; CN 5683. The Arkansas Railroad Club had its meeting at the Bald Knob MoPac renovated depot, now home of Arkansas Traveler Hobbies. There was a good turnout even with the dark skies.  I also was at the Brinkley Union Depot Museum later in the day to help with their Christmas Open House and got a few trains passing there.


NOVEMBER 19, 20, 2005 - Saturday, November 19 and Sunday, November 20, 2005 at Brinkley and Little Rock, Arkansas. Included: CSX 9014, 7837, 8599 ***  UP 8022, 5043, 5524, 3001, 4102, 4182 *** NS 9029 *** CR 6764 *** HLCX 9028 *** SF 6465, 6464. Also on Sunday we saw a colorful car painted with crayons parked at the station in Little Rock.


BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS DECEMBER 3, 2005 - SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2005 at Brinkley Union Depot in Brinkley, Arkansas. Included today: CSX 7721, BNSF 5187, HLCX 7187, CSX 8021, NS 9774, UP 4835.

NIGHT PHOTOS STREETCARS LITTLE ROCK DECEMBER 6, 2005 - Two of Little Rock's Christmas decorated streetcars late evening and night, Tuesday December 6, 2005. (Taken by Ken Ziegenbein)

DECEMBER 18, 2005 LITTLE ROCK AND BRINKLEY - Sunday, December 18, 2005 viewing a few trains passing the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. There was a rare meet of a northbound and southbound. Locomotives today include: SP 7325, 7310 *** UP 4310, 9463, 5152, 1337, 1336, 4682, 4360 *** FURX 3051 *** CSX 7912.

PEABODY HOTEL TROLLEY STOP DEDICATION DECEMBER 23, 2005 - Includes the famous Peabody ducks walking onto the streetcar at the stop in Little Rock.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

CENTRAL ARKANSAS STREETCARS DEC 27, 2005 - JAN 1, 2006 - Streetcars in Little Rock/North Little Rock during the Christmas/New Year season 2005/2006. Quite a busy week (December 27-January 1). The streetcars ran on New Years Day as usual.

JANUARY 1, 2006 - Saturday, December 31, 2005 and Sunday, January 1, 2006 trains at Brinkley and Little Rock, Arkansas. Included are: UP-3893, 9759, 4658, 1855, 9369 *** NS 8672 *** SP 8664, 8683 *** CN 6939, 2508.

BRINKLEY, AR JANUARY 21, 2006 - It was a busy day at Brinkley, Arkansas today, Saturday January 21, 2006. After some maintenance equipment passing in the morning, there were 16 trains between 11:17 a.m. and 4:01 p.m. with another approaching as I was leaving at 4:10 p.m. Included today were the following locomotives:
UP - 9541, 7908, 5228, 4847, 9556, 9555, 5016, 9809, 1853, 9517 *** NS - 6605 *** HLCX - 7191 *** CN - 6253 *** Wisconsin Central - 7495 *** SP - 8359 *** CSX -9039 *** Unknown blue locomotive 8466. I also stopped off the shoulder of Interstate 40 early Saturday morning just past the Protho Junction exit to get a hazy picture of a Frisco caboose near some plant. I assume it's been there for years, but the Frisco emblem looks quite good. I've also included photos from inside the Brinkley Depot Museum.

SNOWY DAY IN BRINKLEY, AR FEB 10, 2006 - A snowy day in Brinkley, Arkansas, Friday February 10, 2006. I saw two trains pass each other about 3 p.m., one being a northbound, one southbound from Memphis. Heavy snow was falling with visibility about a half mile to one mile. Also have included a few photos of  the Brinkley Union Depot Museum in the snow. (Photos by Ken Ziegenbein)

LITTLE ROCK STREETCAR IN SNOW FEB 10, 2006 - This is a webpage with a link to a LARGE (8 MB) digital sound MPEG movie of one of the Little Rock streetcars in heavy snow running on East Markham Street (Clinton Avenue) through the River Market District on Friday, February 10, 2006. This 640 pixel-wide movie is the same resolution as a regular TV screen.

AMTRAK No. 21 TURNED TO BECOME No. 22 LITTLE ROCK IN DAYLIGHT FEB 16, 2006 - THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2006 - Amtrak's southbound Texas Eagle, Number 21, was terminated at Little Rock in the predawn hours, then turned to become the northbound Eagle Number 22, scheduled to leave Little Rock at midnight. Apparently, UP had a freight mishap in Texas. Passengers to Texas were bused from Little Rock and later the passengers from Texas to Chicago were bused to Little Rock to catch Number 22 at midnight. Shown is the train, which sat at Union Station in Little Rock all day Thursday, Feb 16.  Photos by Ken Ziegenbein.
   Of note, temperatures were in the lower 70s today, but by the time the train left at midnight, it was down to 39 degrees. An ice storm was also likely the coming weekend of February 18 and 19.

FEBRUARY 26, 2006 - At Union Station in Little Rock. Sunday, February 26, 2006 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Locomotives today: CN 2421 *** UP  3338, 9519, 3772, 4526, 8385 *** CR 6574 *** CSX 7589, 271. All photos by Ken Ziegenbein.

MARCH 4, 2006 - At Brinkley, Arkansas. Included today: SF Warbonnet 517, Bluebonnet 6759 ***  UP 4100 *** CSX 8106 *** CN 5428 *** And an old Missouri Pacific baggage or work car. Plus a February 25 shot of a green Ashley, Drew & Northern boxcar.  Photos by Ken Ziegenbein.

MARCH 26, 2006 - Sunday, March 26, 2006 at the Amtrak station in Little Rock. Nice, sunny day. Locomotive power today: CSX 8824, UP 7034, SP 8312, UP 3237, UP 3996, NS 8900, UP 3000,  MKT red gondola.

MARCH 27, 2006 - LITTLE ROCK & WESTERN LITTLE ROCK - Little Rock and Western heading west on Monday, March 27, 2006 passing Union Station in Little Rock with locomotives 7736 and 103.

NEW ULM, TEXAS APRIL 1, 2006 - New Ulm, Texas, Saturday April 1, 2006. One train, trying out my new camera with ISO set to 3200 and flash, just after sunset.

APRIL 8, 2006 - BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS - Saturday, April 8, 2006 at Brinkley, Arkansas, all taken by Ken Ziegenbein. Locomotives today: UP 4102, 4661, 4828, 5011 *** CN 5331 *** SP 8492 (GECX) *** HLCX 5993 *** CSX 7848 *** NS 9396, 2657 *** Conrail 7394.

APRIL 9, 2006 - Sunday, April 9, 2006 at Union Station in Little Rock. Included today are UP Heritage 1988, the KATY unit (1988 photos by Joe Roddy -all other photos by Ken Ziegenbein). Also today: UP 4859,  4673,  3167,  7910,  1815 *** NS  8901,  2546 *** HLCX 3848 *** CN 2675  ***  SP 9794 (didn't see any patches). Plus a faded Rock Island hopper.

LITTLE ROCK/NORTH LITTLE ROCK NEW STREETCAR APRIL 6, 2006 - Central Arkansas Transit ( received a new streetcar April 6, 2006 from Gomaco in Ida Grove, Iowa, the fourth in its roster. Here are some photos of it (No. 411) arriving in North Little Rock, Arkansas via special flatbed truck and in the trolley barn on April 6.

ENTIRE STREETCAR ROUTE AND NEW TRACK CONSTRUCTION APRIL 9, 2006 - On Sunday, April 9, 2006, I walked along the route of the newly laid extension of the streetcar tracks all the way to the Clinton Presidential Center and Park and Heifer International. This will add 3/4 mile to the entire system and is supposed to open in the Fall of this year (2006). Most of those new tracks are now in place and I understand that they are waiting on a special crossover to connect to the current system at Commerce and Second Streets.  No overhead wires are in place yet either. Plus I rode and photographed the entire 2 1/2 mile loop, also on Sunday.

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE NIGHT PHOTOS APRIL 18, 2006 - Monday night/Tuesday morning, April 17-18, 2006,  at the Amtrak Station in Little Rock trying out my high-sensitivity setting (ISO 3200) with and without flash as the Texas Eagle No. 22 came in.  Using such a high ISO reading means some grain and noise in the photos, especially if you zoom in. However, I enjoy the possibilities of this type of night photography. I'm using a new Sony Cyber-Shot R1 DSLR.

NIGHT TRAIN PHOTOS APRIL 22, 2006 - Experimenting with my Sony R1 digital camera's high-sensitivity settings, I went to Union Station in Little Rock Saturday night, April 22, 2006 and took the following photos. ISO was set to 3200 and the flash setting was brightened. Since the sensitivity was set so high, some scenes are almost too bright and of course, they are noisy and grainy, especially if you zoom in. Also, the splotches on some photos apparently are common occurrences of night flash shots taken with digital cameras of dark backgrounds. I also read some sites that say they are actual 'orbs' or ghosts that the camera's high sensitivity is seeing. If so, then the really bright  'orb' in front of the SP locomotive must be the ghost of a very important engineer of the past!! Anyway, they are probably just the result of refraction in the lens (which is perfectly clean). Also, the splotches don't show up in the same place twice.

APRIL 23, 2006 LITTLE ROCK - Sunday, April 23, 2006 at the Amtrak Union Station in Little Rock. Of interest today was the scary site of an unknown person with a green bucket walking down one of the two UP main lines in front of the station.  He put his bucket down and proceeded to sit on it in the middle of the track.  He was acting very erratic and wouldn't listen to us telling him to move, so we called the UP Special Agent (via the UP 888 emergency number - 1-888-UPRRCOP (877-7267).  The trespasser finally got up and walked down the track toward the Baring Cross bridge. As he did so, a northbound train approached on the same track, but fortunately had to stop for a red board.  I told them about the erratic movements of the individual, which could still be seen down the track. At this time, the Special Agent showed up and drove down to the Baring Cross bridge, and the trespasser moved off the track.
   Also today: UP 4828, 5380,4665, upy 691, 1881, 4322, 5072, 6454, 7263, 3000 *** CSX 8590 *** CR 7358 *** CN 5259. Also freight cars: North Western boxcar, Rock Island hopper, Wisconsin Central container car, Southern Pacific boxcar looking like a fresh coat of paint, Rio Grande hoppers, Atlantic and Western boxcar, 'Big Blue' CSX boxcar, SSI boxcar, Larinburg and Southern boxcar, Family Lines hopper, CRYO-Trains car, LambWeston car, large Seaboard System boxcar, Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific boxcar. (All photos by Ken Ziegenbein)

APRIL 29, 2006 - BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS - Saturday, April 29, 2006 parade of trains at Brinkley, Arkansas. It was a rainy, very windy day with wind gusts over 40 mph at times at the nearby Stuttgart, Arkansas airport. All photos were taken from inside the Central Delta Depot Museum's (former Rock Island/Cotton Belt depot) old ticket office, where I volunteer on some, but not all,  Saturdays. These trains usually go at track speed past the depot and by the time I hear them blowing for the crossing, they're right on me, so I have to hurry to the window.
   Motive power today includes: UP 7552, 5536, 3255, 4700, 2961, 6790, 5364 *** Rio Grande 8599-patched *** SP 161-unpatched, I think *** NS 2358 *** CSX 7792. Also, some John Deere tractors on a flatcar. (All photos by Ken Ziegenbein using a Sony Cyber-Shot R1 digital camera, 10.3 megapixels).

APRIL 30, 2006 LITTLE ROCK - Sunday, April 30, 2006 at the station in Little Rock plus at the Little Rock National Airport for a couple of airplane shots. Included today: UP 4391, 5202, 8135, 7263, 2838, 4572, 5016. Plus a pipe load and truck frames. Also a shot of a C-130 and DC-3 at an air show I went to in the middle of my train watching.

UP HERITAGE 1988 (KATY) NORTH LITTLE ROCK MAY 3, 2006 - UP Heritage Locomotive No. 1988 (KATY) at UP's North Little Rock, Arkansas yard (Ramp No. 2) Wednesday morning, May 3, 2006. The number 3 traction motor was changed (according to John  C. Jones who took me to the site). It was unclear when it will be released for service.  (Ken Ziegenbein photos)

UP YARDS NORTH LITTLE ROCK MAY 3, 2006 - U.P.'s extensive yards in North Little Rock, Arkansas are off-limits to the general public, but John C. Jones of the Arkansas Railroad Club has permission to photograph and be on the property (his photos have been published in UP's newsletters and fliers), so when he called me on May 3, 2006 telling me about the UP Heritage KATY unit No. 1988 being in a great position to photograph in the yard, I took him up on it. He then took me on a quick tour of the yard area. Below are some  photos I did during this excursion. (All photos below were taken by me, Ken Ziegenbein)

MAY 14, 2006 LITTLE ROCK - Couldn't make it to Union Station in Little Rock this morning (Sunday, May 14, 2006) but did manage to get there in the late afternoon and got a couple of trains. I also put in two trains I photographed on Saturday, May 13, at Brinkley.  Included on both Saturday and Sunday: UP:  3865, 5495, 4118, 5296, 1865 *** GATX 7321 *** CSX 7373, 8542 *** MKT red gondola 16334 *** gray IC boxcar with graffiti *** a line of new hoppers.


MAY 23, 2006 - UP 844 MARSHALL, TEXAS - UP 844 steam locomotive arrived in Marshall, Texas at 12:59 p.m. Tuesday, May 23, 2006. Here's a few photos. (You may download and print pictures for personal use, but do not sell or place on another website without asking me. Thanks.)

MILLER LITE BEER 'TASTE EXPRESS' Marshall, TX MAY 23, 2006 - Miller Lite's "Save The Taste" special cars were on the rear of Amtrak 22, the Texas Eagle, at Marshall, Texas Tuesday night, May 23, 2006 at 10:20 p.m. I used my high-speed (3200 ISO) setting, so they are grainy.

MAY 23, 24, 25 2006 - UP 844 Marshall, TEXAS TO LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS
- On Tuesday, May 23, 2006, UP 844 arrived in Marshall, Texas and on Wednesday, May 24, 2006, we followed the 844 from Marshall, Texas to Little Rock, Arkansas. Here are some pictures and comments. (Ken Ziegenbein photos - you may download or print any photo for personal use but do not put on another website or sell without asking permission. Thanks.)

UP 844 NORTH LITTLE ROCK TO RUSSELLVILLE, ARKANSAS MAY 26, 2006 - UP 844's day in Arkansas between North Little Rock and Russellville, including its exit from the north portal of the Conway Tunnel. There is also a large-format MPEG movie of the tunnel  exit.  All photos by Ken Ziegenbein. You may download and print pictures for personal use, but do not sell or place on another website without asking me. Thanks.

I came across this scene by accident as 844 traveled past Palarm Creek off  Highway 365 on its way from North Little Rock to Conway, Arkansas on Friday, May 26, 2006. The time was 9:12 a.m. I caught a fishing boat in that lily-pad covered lake and the short trestle and knowing 844 was just behind me, I pulled off, took my light readings, focused and the train zipped by. Couldn't have planned it better. (Ken Ziegenbein photo)  (You may download and print pictures for personal use, but do not sell or place on another website without asking me. Thanks..)

ROCKDALE TEXAS DEPOT CELEBRATION JUNE 10, 2006 - On Friday, June 10, 2006, the city of Rockdale, Texas celebrated the 100th anniversary of the IGN depot there, along with school reunions. Below are some photos of  the event including the restored Rockdale depot inside and out, a caboose and a former Missouri Pacific dining car with many fixtures and the kitchen still as they were when the MoPac ceased running it in the 1960s. According to the newspaper article posted in the Rockdale Reporter, this dining car was brought to Rockdale in June 2005 from the Callahan Ranch near Laredo, Texas where it was used in the 1970s to fix meals for truck drivers and deer hunters.
   The dining car was delivered to the Missouri Pacific in 1946 and it ran mostly on the Colorado Eagle until 1966 when the train was discontinued. However, it may have run on other MoPac trains back then as well (maybe even the Valley Eagle, which I remember riding in the early 1960s).  The MoPac Buzzsaw is still visible on the side with Number 230 under it. Some of the faded blue paint is also visible. A number board on the left side reads either 36 or 86, I'm not sure. No restoration work was done on this car as of this writing but they plan to restore it to original condition.
   On my way out of town on Hwy 79, I spotted an old freight house now being used as a salon on Texas Street.  Mr. Vester L. Crocker of Crocker's Reclamation and Maintenance was there and showed me some pictures (also on this webpage) of the depot and grounds in the 1800s when it was the S.A. & A.P. Railway (San Antonio & Arkansas Pass Railway), which used to run from Rockdale northward.
   There's also a couple of UP train shots on this site, one passing the Rockdale depot.  (All photos by Ken Ziegenbein - if you use these anywhere else, let me know by emailing me)

NEW ULM, TEXAS UP ROCK TRAINS JUNE 11, 2006 - Rock trains through New Ulm, Texas June 11, 2006 plus a night train photo June 12 and a train through Jacksonville, Texas June 13.

JUNE 18, 2006 LITTLE ROCK/BRINKLEY - Saturday, June 17 at Brinkley, Arkansas and Sunday, June 18, 2006 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Of special interest are two TFM locomotives (1411 and 1418) in tandem on one train and UP 1982 (MoPac Heritage) on the head end of another train, both passing the Little Rock station on June 18. It was drizzly in Little Rock, but pouring rain at times in Brinkley.
   Locomotive today include: BNSF 6876, 2299, 2299 *** UP 4720, 1839, 5397, 1982, 3465, 6036, 4489, 5025 *** EMDX 6272 *** SP 6272 *** NS 9504 *** CSX 8328 ***TMF 1411, 1418.

JUNE 19, 2006 -
John Reagon of Camden Arkansas sent me this photo of SP 7666 (lettered 'SOUTH PACIFIC') and said I could post it on Trainorders and Railspot. Mr. Reagon took the photo June 19, 2006 in the UP Camden, AR Yard. It's been on the Camden Local for two weeks, according to Mr. Reagon. (Ken Ziegenbein)

UP 1982 BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS JUNE 21, 2006 - UP 1982 southbound passing Brinkley, Arkansas Wednesday, June 21, 2006 at 12:50 p.m cdt. Many thanks to Zach Pumphery of Missouri, who emailed me that it had passed Malden, Missouri at 9 a.m. I then drove to Brinkley to get it passing the Central Delta Depot Museum, former Cotton Belt/Rock Island depot, that the UP donated to the city of Brinkley in 2001.  (Ken Ziegenbein photo-copyright June 2006 - do not put on any other website without my permission)

FLOWERS-TRAINS-BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS JUNE 24, 2006 - Flowers and trains at Brinkley, Arkansas Saturday, June 24, 2006. Some pictures were taken from inside looking out the windows of the old Rock Island baggage room (now a conference center in the restored depot). Locomotives today: BNSF 713 *** NS 9939, 8959, 6068 (Operation Lifesaver) *** UP 4014, 5090, 3259 *** CEFX 3146 *** Wisconsin Central 6002 *** CN 6140 *** CSX 8052, 8357, 8030. Yellow UP locomotives - 3, non-yellow leased, owned or trackage rights locomotives - 10 (at least of those I photographed today).

JUNE 25, 2006 LITTLE ROCK - SUNDAY, JUNE 25, 2006 at Union Station in Little Rock. It was raining heavily about 11 a.m. when I got a crew change at the station. Included today are a couple of shots of the station, one showing a train passing through the arches, plus these locomotives: UP2304, 5384, 8923, 1889 *** GECALSTHOM 6065 *** BCRAIL car with wood *** Former SP 7905 *** Conrail 8321 *** Faded MoPac buzzsaw on hopper 722473.

JULY 2, 2006 - July 2, 2006 at Union Station in Little Rock, plus a couple of photos from Brinkley on July 1. Included today: UP 1982 (MoPac Heritage), UP: 5358, 1865, 9622, 1982, 4217, 5067, 4613 *** BNSF 4333 *** NS 9854 *** SP 8777 *** TFM 1409, 1422 *** HLCX 6313 *** WP Hi-Cube boxcar 86073. HAPPY FOURTH!!! Thought I'd put a few fireworks on the site.

JULY 9, 2006 - RARE SW1200 MOP SWITCHER TAKEN BY JOHN C. JONES - The following photos were taken by Arkansas Railroad Club member John C. Jones, who has permission to be on UP property. It shows HA 1256, clearly a former Missouri Pacific switcher. (Norm Metcalf said that Jones' picture of HA 1256, nee MP 1256 is an SW1200 which was sold  to Tri-State Concrete, Shreveport LA on 17 Jul 1985...per Don Strack's roster at )  Randy Keller gives more details:
 s/n: 31229 b/d: Feb66 o/n: 4492-4
MP SW1200 1256,  retired Jun85.
Tri-States Concrete Co. (MP 1256), Shreveport, LA, acquired 17Jul85, remained in full MP paint and lettering.
Gifford-Hill & Co. (MP 1256), Bossier City, LA, acquired Jan88, remained in full MP paint and lettering.
Gifford-Hill & Co. (MP 1256), Delight, AR,  transferred 1990, remained in full MP paint and lettering. Plant closed Jan01.
   Gifford-Hill was owned by Hanson, so the "HA" probably stands for Hanson Aggregates.  My notes for G-H Bossier City, LA call it Cart
Yard, so it looks like it is heading "back home." (Randy Keller)
   The photos were taken in North Little Rock, Arkansas on July 7, 2006. It was scheduled to be in Pine Bluff July 9 and arrive in Lufkin, Texas July 10 around 11:48 a.m. on MPBSR. Final destination Cart, Louisiana on July 13. It originated in Boughton, Arkansas July 5. All photos by John C. Jones, who gave me permission to put on this site.

JULY 8-16, 2006 - Photos from July 8, 9, 15 and 16, 2006 of various trains in Brinkley and Little Rock, Arkansas. Of special interest is unpatched SP 9755, MMA (Montreal Maine & Atlantic) boxcar and a Montana Rail Link boxcar. Included are photos of: UP: 9557, 4898, UPY 1431 (former SP?), 1855, 6724, 5972, 3341, 1930, 4512, 6836, 8238, 4604, 5969, 6746, 5547, 9389, 1825, 1851, 6605, 9494, 3762 **** GCFX 3054 **** HLCX 6086 **** LLPX GP40-2 DEMO 4405 **** CN 6110 **** CONRAIL 6734 **** CSX 4734, 8094 **** N&W OPERATION LIFESAVER 6707 **** NS 8863, 9023 **** SP UNPATCHED 9755, 6359, 6410, 2665 **** BNSF 5336.
  ROLLING STOCK: D&H gondola?, long string of new STOX hoppers passing Brinkley July 15,  GOLDEN WEST SERVICE boxcars, hoppers and gondolas, CP gondola, MoPac Buzzsaw boxcars, Montana Rail Link boxcar, Rock Island hoppers, MMA boxcar (Montreal Maine & Atlantic). Also a photo of a lone stalk of corn growing along UP's main line at Union Station in Little Rock. (All photos by Ken Ziegenbein)

NEW STREETCAR NO. 412 ARRIVES LITTLE ROCK JULY 18, 2006 - Central Arkansas Transit's fifth streetcar was delivered Tuesday, July 18, 2006 to the carbarn at 7th and Main in North Little Rock.  It came from Gomaco in Ida Grove, Iowa.  After they delivered the 412, Number 410 was taken to the bus barn for storage until it's needed later in 2006 once the line to the Clinton Library and Heifer International is ready. They don't have enough closed space at the streetcar barn for 5 streetcars.
    These are all rather large photos, reduced to either 700 or 1000 pixels wide, so it might take a little while to view, especially if you have dialup (my original photos are 3,888 pixels wide - 10.3 megapixels). Although I usually create two webpages per subject, one with thumbnail images that you can click on to enlarge and the other for broadband users that show all photos in a larger format (like this one), having 66 photos would have taken me too long to do both. Some of the pictures are for archive purposes, such as showing the streetcar being rolled off the truck-trailer to the tracks step by step. As a result, there are 66 photos.  (All photos taken by Ken Ziegenbein)

JULY 30, 2006 - A few shots (only 7) taken at the Amtrak station in Little Rock Sunday, July 30, 2006. Of special interest: Rare KATY red emblem on an old gondola. I haven't seen any of these in person for at least 15 years although I knew they are scattered about. Also a bright yellow UP locomotive with "We Will Deliver" on the side. It looks almost freshly painted. Specifics: UP4683, 8135, 1855, 3282 and 3401 ('We will deliver' lettering). Gondola BKTY 121496 with the KATY Emblem. A slow day.

AUGUST 5, 2006 - Saturday, August 5, 2006 at the Brinkley Depot Museum in Brinkley, Arkansas. Trains today included: CSX 8435, 8761 *** BNSF 4736, 5940, 5824, 8862 *** UP 4312, 5109, 1889, 1836, 3098 *** CN 6103 *** SP 8310 *** CEFX 2789.

10-HOUR LATE AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE NO. 22 AUGUST 12, 2006 - Amtrak's Texas Eagle (No. 22) was 10 hours late into Little Rock Saturday, August 12, 2006. It was supposed to arrive at midnight the night before, but didn't get to Little Rock until 9:47 a.m.. There was still a good crowd of people getting on. No. 22 is the northbound Eagle from San Antonio-Austin-Dallas heading to Chicago. I think this was one of the days the Eagle connected with the Sunset Limited in San Antonio, so the last two cars were from Los Angeles. Here is the consist I got from zooming in to my photos, so some numbers may not be correct: Locomotive 74, Transition Sleeper 39039, Diner(?) 38066(?), Lounge 33003, Coach 31041, Coach (can't read number), Coach 340??, Sleeper 32005.
   I've also included some photos of Union Station in Little Rock, the renovated former Missouri Pacific station. It now rents out to various businesses and I understand most of the offices are occupied. The Amtrak waiting room is at track level. Also Saturday afternoon, Amtrak Sleeper 32040 was on a freight train passing Union Station, being carried to shops for fixing up after it sideswiped a freight outside Dallas a few days ago.

AUGUST 12, 2006 - Saturday, August 12, 2006 at Union Station in Little Rock. Of interest today: UP Track Inspection Vehicle EC-4 *** UP 2198, 1889, 9231, 3753,9489, 9363, 8404, 8105 *** LTEX 3905 *** CSX 8482 *** HLCX 6075 *** TFM 1407 *** GECX 2868 *** MP Scale Monitor Car *** Chessie Cat hopper *** NdeM boxcar *** Rock Island blue hopper.

UP HERITAGE UNITS 1982, 1988 ON SAME TRAIN AUGUST 15, 2006 - UP Heritage Locomotive 1982 (MoPac),  UP 2241 and Heritage Locomotive 1988 (Katy) were leading a train into North Little Rock, Arkansas at 3:20 p.m. August 15, 1006. These scenes were taken from Railroad Avenue (Levy Section) of North Little Rock at the Pershing Street overpass.  Unfortunately, the front hatch of the lead 1982 was half open. Apparently, the train went into emergency at Marche, Arkansas (about a half hour from North Little Rock) delaying the train until  mid afternoon. It had passed Conway, Arkansas (30 miles north) shortly after 11 in the morning (Ken Ziegenbein photos)

BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS AUGUST 19, 2006  - Tuesday, August 15 in North Little Rock, Arkansas and Saturday, August 19, 2006 in Brinkley, Arkansas. Interesting locomotive through Brinkley August 19 was a CN grey unit with yellow nose stripes, lettered G.T.W. below the cab (No. 5942). Also included are the following locomotives: UP 6508, 6746, 9530, 1538, 5038, 9475, 5439, 2893 *** HLCX 8138 *** SP 6313 *** NS 9839, 9529 *** CSX 7396, 8070 *** CR 7310, 7303. Plus a D&H hopper and a Wisconsin Central boxcar. (Photos by Ken Ziegenbein)

AUGUST 20, 2006 LITTLE ROCK - Sunday, August 20, 2006 (one week ago from the time I put this online) at Union Station in Little Rock. I didn't put in all the trains I photographed, just the more interesting ones. Today's trains:  HLCX 6148 *** GECX(SP) 8678 *** SP Unpatched 8576 *** UP 3788, 9231 *** NS 6676 *** BNSF 4730 *** EMD 9042 *** Golden West Hi-Cube boxcar, regular boxcar, hopper *** SP long Hy-Cube Cushion-Car 615528 *** Solid long train of nearly new BNSF hoppers.  (Photos by Ken Ziegenbein Aug 20)

LASTA SOUTHERN PACIFIC STEAM ENGINE 745 IN PAGE, OKLAHOMA AUGUST 30, 2006 BY ZACK HILTON - LASTA SP 745 at Page, Oklahoma, August 30, 2006. Photos by Zack Hilton - used on this webpage with permission.  (Webpage by: Ken Ziegenbein)

SEPTEMBER 10, 2006 IN LITTLE ROCK - Sunday, September 10, 2006 at the Amtrak station (Union Station) in Little Rock, Arkansas. Might as well have been in the Carolinas since Norfolk Southern was the locomotive of choice today.  Not too many trains. Included today: NS 9035, 6648, 9199, 8818 *** CEFX 3164 *** Rolling stock: Berlin (?) Mills box, A&NR box, Rock Island box, Golden West boxcars, including one a rusty brown *** View of the Baring Cross UP Bridge from the west across the Arkansas River, taken from our new Arkansas Railroad Club monthly meeting site, Curtis Stout off Cantrell Road.

BUSH UNIT 4141 ON RARE TRIP THROUGH ARKANSAS SEPTEMBER 22, 2006 - UP 4141, the Bush Presidential Library locomotive, made an appearance in North Little Rock, Arkansas Friday, September 22, 2006 in the UP yards. I understand it was on its way to Kansas City, heading a mixed freight, to be displayed there along with Heritage Locomotives 1988 (Katy), 1982 (Missouri Pacific) and UP Steam Locomotive 844.
   Special thanks to those who gave me a 'heads up' about this locomotive's move. Thanks also to UP/Arkansas Railroad Club photographer John C. Jones for getting me into the busy UP yards in North Little Rock. (Ken Ziegenbein photos)

SEPTEMBER 24, 2006 LITTLE ROCK - Thursday, September 21, Saturday, September 22, and Sunday, September 24, 2006 at Union Station in Little Rock. Of special interest: two SP tank cars, a pure KCS-powered train on Sunday, two BNSF trains on Sunday, two trains using the Amtrak siding on Saturday (up close and personal). Saturday started out hot and humid - 82 degrees at 9 a.m. - and ended cooler and drier after a line of strong thunderstorms moved through. Sunday was cool and breezy with a deep blue sky. There are 20 photos in all.
   Included photos: SP tank cars 67312 and 67321 (with faded SP colors) *** CNW 40-year old hopper PS-2 4427 No. 96185 *** UP 2855, 1836, 3680, 4925, 5112, 9409 *** KCS ACe 4029, SD40-2 662 ***BNSF 9734, 4482 *** Santa Fe lettering 8716, 6955 *** Conrail 8395 *** NS 9529 *** CSX 664.  (Ken Ziegenbein photos)

TEMPLE TEXAS HERITAGE DEPOT MUSEUM OCTOBER 15, 2006 - I had the opportunity to tour the Railroad & Heritage Museum in Temple, Texas on Sunday afternoon, October 15, 2006. They had a telegraph demonstration that was excellent and showed us their extensive archive collections, some from the Santa Fe Historical and Modeling Society.  Thanks to Jeremy Krauss for inviting me to come and to Museum Curator Mary Irving.  The website for the museum is:

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE TRIP OCT 12 AND 16, 2006 -   On October 12, 2006, I took a trip on Amtrak's Texas Eagle No. 21 from Little Rock, Arkansas to Temple, Texas, returning Temple to Little Rock on Monday, October 16 on Amtrak No. 22. Here are a few photos from that trip, including a spectacular sunrise from the train while between Prescott, Arkansas and Texarkana, Arkansas/Texas on October 12. I also got a great shot of the Dallas skyline reflected from the glass of the Reunion Tower Hilton from my coach seat on October 16. Also a shot of LLPX No. 2272 at Texarkana on October 12 - a blue and white locomotive looking a lot like the old Rock Island paint scheme.
   The train left Little Rock about an hour late at 5:20 a.m. October 12. There was a lady traveling the country on Amtrak from Great Britain who boarded at Little Rock. On the return trip, a man from Australia got off in Little Rock who was also traveling the country via Amtrak. He was eventually headed to Canada.
   Also on the return trip, a grandmother got on in Temple on her first train trip in years, going to Malvern, Arkansas to visit grandkids. She was calling her children from a cell phone from the coach seat and was saying that she was loving the trip and they all talked about taking the grandkids on an Amtrak trip in the next few months to visit her in Temple. Her family here in Arkansas was supposed to meet her at the Malvern station and she kept calling them and they said they'd be there. However, as I looked out the train window when the train finally arrived at Malvern at 1 a.m. October 17, I couldn't see anyone there to meet her, although I assume they were out of view. The Malvern station isn't that easy to find for first time visitors. I was worried about her being there alone that time of night - Malvern is an unmanned station with waiting provided in an area on the west side of the depot. I hope she made it ok.
   All these photos by Ken Ziegenbein.

OCTOBER 21 AND 22, 2006 BRINKLEY AND LITTLE ROCK - Here a just a few shots I took in Brinkley, Arkansas on Saturday, October 21 and one photo from Little Rock on October 22, 2006. Included are: UP 4778, 4640, UPY 928 *** Conrail 7493 *** Wisconsin Central 7638 in perfect lighting. *** FURX 3013l *** Flag decals on a tank car.

NEW STREETCAR TRACKS LITTLE ROCK OCTOBER 26, 2006 - On October 26, 2006, the final tracks were laid for the Central Arkansas Transit's streetcar line out to the Clinton Presidential Center and the Heifer International Center in Little Rock. This will add about three-quarter mile to the already existing two mile system and is expected to increase ridership significantly when it opens. Opening day is supposed to be the first part of January 2007.  I've heard that ridership on the 2 streetcars running at any one time (out of a total of 5 streetcars that C.A.T. owns- Nos.  408, 409, 410, 411 and 412) have carried just over 290,000 passengers since the system opened in the Fall of 2004. (Photos taken by Ken Ziegenbein)

OCTOBER 29, 2006 AT LITTLE ROCK - Sunday, October 29, 2006 at Union Station in Little Rock. Sunny day. Included today: UP 4868, 4570, 1539,  3390 *** NS 8940 *** long string of new tank cars *** Golden West boxcars *** CSX boxcars.

SIGNAL AT UNION STATION LITTLE ROCK NOVEMBER 7, 2006 - Here's some closeups/measurements of a signal on the Amtrak siding at Little Rock, Arkansas' Union Station. It was requested that I do so. These were taken November 7, 2006 by Ken Ziegenbein.

1974 ARKANSAS RAILROAD PHOTOS - MAINLY ABANDONED ROADBEDS, DEPOTS - Here is a collection of photos I took, mainly in 1974, of Arkansas railroad rights-of-way, some still containing track, some showing only the roadbeds (only one or two rolling stock).  There were a few still in use, but these photos just show the track and any stations that were around then (32 years ago when this site was put online in November of 2006). These photo trips were inspired by Gene Hull's book "Shortline Railroads of Arkansas," first edition, printed in 1969.
   I've created a separate web page of each line for quicker viewing. One thing to keep in mind....back in 1974, a standard way of printing was to use a matte photo paper, and that's how all these were printed (I don't know where the negatives are). As a result, you'll see some lines in each photo of the matted surface of the photo paper. There are 25 current and long-gone railroads listed. All photos taken by Ken Ziegenbein. This webpage Copyright Ken Ziegenbein.

NEW ULM, TEXAS KATY DEPOT 1955 AND 1960 - Here are two photos I found in a shoebox I took of the Katy depot in New Ulm, Texas - one taken from across the field in August 1955 and the other showing lots of freight cars on a siding taken in January 1960.  Photos by Ken Ziegenbein.
   Taken August 1955 by my Kodak Brownie camera. Scene is taken from the street that ran in front of the New Ulm, Texas bank, looking to the south-southeast. The main line ran on the other side of the depot with the signal, but there was a long siding on the near side of the depot (see next photo) as well. There were also 3 siding tracks on the other side of the main line (which are still there, but the siding on the near side has long been taken up). The depot was manned at the time, at least in the daytime, since the owner of a bar to my left (owned by the sheriff in the area, who's name was Elo Zeiner I believe) would leave the bar and drive his patrol car there to meet the passenger train and pick up the US Mail. He did this every day.
   In my May 1, 1950 Katy Timetable, it shows the Bluebonnet arriving at 4:53 p.m. headed for Houston and the west/north bound Bluebonnet arriving at 10:41 a.m. each day. I don't know if these schedules changed by 1955 or not. (See timetable for this line below)
   The track was in pretty good shape when this shot was taken in 1955, but deteriorated rapidly by the 1960s. Union Pacific now owns the line and had their large work crew (buses of workers) do major work on the main line AND the sidings in 2003 or 2004. It is now (November 2006) in the best shape I ever remember it being with rock trains speeding through town I'd estimate at 45 or 50 mph or a little more (I know I can't beat a train to nearby Cat Springs or even Sealy).
   The depot is still partially in existence today, I understand - it's part of a larger house and you can't really see any depot shape in it anymore, but one room of the house used to be part of the depot. It's several miles out in the country. I haven't viewed it there for years, so maybe things have changed.

NOVEMBER 24, 2006 - PLUS 1996 PHOTOS OF UP OLYMPIC LOCO 1996 - Here are a few photos taken in Little Rock, Arkansas, the first one I took in 1996 of the Olympic UP 1996, painted green for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Others were taken in  in November, 2006. Included are: UP 1996 Olympic Unit *** CSX 289 *** UP 9509, 5221, 3309 *** CEFX 3166 *** Rio Grande patched 8612 *** NS 2777.

NOVEMBER 26, 2006 LITTLE ROCK - Some train scenes in Little Rock on November 26, 2006, plus a Little Rock trolley shot and abandoned Rock Island instrument/tool shelter near Hazen, Arkansas. The Little Rock streetcars have carried about 290,000 passengers since it opened the 2.5 mile line in November of 2004.  Included today: UP 3863, 9423, 4887 *** SP 8777, 2724, 8678 *** CSX 8485 *** NS 9093 *** Santa Fe 6352 *** Rolling Stock: Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Railway hopper *** 'I Love NY' boxcar *** SP Hy-Cube boxcar *** NdeM boxcar *** Rio Grande hopper *** Deer antlers graffiti on a flatcar *** DME boxcar *** DME hopper.

BRINKLEY DECEMBER 2, 2006 - Saturday, December 2, 2006 in Brinkley, Arkansas - a cold day with temperatures in the upper 30s and snow on some freight cars. Included today: Brilliant sunrise over a swamp and lake on my way to the Brinkley depot *** UP 3434 with a very loud horn *** NS 8923 *** Conrail 8332 *** UP 4340 *** UP 4308 *** UP 8430 *** snow on black tank car and flat cars *** sky filled with geese over the depot.

DECEMBER 9, 10, 2006 LITTLE ROCK - A few photos of trains passing Union Station in Little Rock, Saturday, December 9 and Sunday, December 10, 2006. Of special interest was long string of Canadian grain hoppers on one train. Included today: UP 1851, 9393, 6887, 9531, 9252 *** CEFX 7097 *** NS 9667 *** HLCX 3827 *** LLPX 2203 *** Wisconsin Central Boxcar, GT blue HyCubes, CNW hoppers, Cotton Belt hopper, lots of Canada-related hoppers on one train (I counted 45 in my photographs). Later in the afternoon, I got a glistening sun reflection from rails.

UP SPECIAL LITTLE ROCK DECEMBER 18, 2006 - On December 18, 2006, Union Pacific ran a special 13-car passenger train from Fort Worth, Texas to North Little Rock, Arkansas. UP head Dick Davidson was on board along with other dignitaries. The special was being operated along various UP routes across the country and I heard it was a 'last tour' by Davidson. It was a dark, cloudy day and I had some trouble focusing as the train passed Union Station in Little Rock at 4:38 p.m., but got better pictures later after it parked at Jenks in North Little Rock. It had left Fort Worth about 9 that morning, taking 7 hours and 38 minutes to make the run. Thanks to John C. Jones for his help in pointing out photo opportunities.
   Consist of the special: UP 1982 (Heritage Missouri Pacific) - UP 1988 (Heritage Katy) - UP 208 (power car?) - Car "Cabarton" -  UP 200 "Omaha" - UP 1602 "Green River" - UP 101 "Lone Star" - UP 5779 "Promontory" - UPP 207 - UP 106 "Shoshone" - UP 201 "Wyoming" - UP 1605 " Powder River" - UP 9004 "Harriman" - UP 302 "Overland" - UP 420 "Fox River." (All photos by Ken Ziegenbein)

DECEMBER 23, 2006 MOSTLY AT BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS - For some Christmas fun, most of these pictures will have some fun things added to them electronically. See if you can find all of the special effects, not directly related to the trains. Of interest today, Christmas decorated Hazen and Brinkley, Arkansas depots, locomotives: UP 9474, 9733, 9531, 4859, 8441 ***  CSX 8500 ***  HLCX 8153  ***  IC 3140 ***  CEFS 7097.

READER RAILROAD PHOTOS - These scenes from the Reader Railroad at Reader, Arkansas were taken December 16 and December 26, 2006 by John Reagon, who gave me (Ken Ziegenbein) permission to put them on this website. The only thing I did was lighten up a few shadows. Mr. Reagon's email address is:
   A movie company is using some Reader Railroad rolling stock for a movie being filmed in New Mexico called "3:10 to Yuma," a remake of the famous western. John Reagon said in an email: "Entering Reader (December 26), I noticed they had already put a boxcar on a Tractor Trailer Flatbed, The Coaches are painted in Yellow and Black and have "Southern Pacific" on them. The Steam Locomotive was still in the roundhouse, but under fire building pressure (this was at 10:30 A.M.) They are going run it down the tracks to the old turntable, turn it around and run thru Reader (Old Town Reader) to a "new" siding where they can load it onto a Trailer. The Movie is called "3:10 to Yuma" (a Western Remake) "

DECEMBER 31, 2006 LITTLE ROCK - SUNDAY, DECEMBER 31, 2006 at Union Station in Little Rock.  It was alternating sunny and cloudy, but mild with temperature about 50. I spotted a small Fall-colored shrub trackside, even at this late date. Seen today: UP 4850, 9427,6674, 9885, 9402, 9491, 3130, 4303 *** HLCX 5989 *** CSX 4763 *** GECX (SP) 856 *** CN 5334 *** YARR gondola 128 *** New shiny UP autorack.

* * * * * * * * * *


BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS SATURDAY, JANUARY 6, 2007 - Saturday, January 6, 2007 at Brinkley, Arkansas taken from the Central Delta Depot Museum (former Cotton Belt/Rock Island union depot). Of interest today: A long rock/rip-rap train with ballast cars at the end. Also, locomotives: UP(SP) 2745, UP 9788, 9470, 4170, 4766, 4953, 2722 *** NS 8946 *** TFM 2623 *** CSX 8838, 8824 *** Conrail 8439 *** Old Rock Island boxcar *** GNRR (Southern) ribbed-sided boxcar 30063.

HERITAGE LOCOMOTIVES 1988-1982 AT NIGHT IN LITTLE ROCK JANUARY 7, 2007 - Just after midnight Saturday night, January 6, 2007 (12:12 a.m. January 7), I caught UP Heritage 1988 (leading) and 1982 passing Union Station in Little Rock. This Chicago-bound train waited around the curve south of Union Station until Amtrak's Texas Eagle, No. 22, left the station around midnight. I used my high-intensity flash with ISO of 3200, so enlarging the photos will show grain. It started to rain right after the 1988 left.  (Ken Ziegenbein photo)

AMTRAK'S TEXAS EAGLE MIDNIGHT JANUARY 6, 2007 LITTLE ROCK - Amtrak's Texas Eagle northbound, No. 22, arriving in Little Rock Saturday night, January 6, 2007.

FIRST POWERED RUN OF CENTRAL ARKANSAS STREETCAR ON CLINTON LIBRARY EXTENSION - January 18, 2007. First powered streetcar (No. 411) using the .9 mile track extension to the Clinton Library and Heifer International, Thursday January 18, 2007. All these photos were taken by John C. Jones ( Website put online by Ken Ziegenbein (to contact me,

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS JANUARY 21, 2007 - A dark cold day at Little Rock, Arkansas' Union Station. Only 6 photos today: UP 7123, 7092 *** NS 9441 *** Rock Island (CNW) hoppers, plus hundreds of pigeons.

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS FEBRUARY 4 AND EARLIER, 2007 - Sunday, February 4, 2007 and a couple of shots on previous days at Little Rock, Arkansas.  A couple of these photos will have a thing or two added to the photo by Paint Shop Pro, but I'll be sure to let you know by putting PSP in the caption. None of these enhancements will change the colors or look of the locomotives (except the last two), but keep an eye on the side of the tracks.  The last two photos are just color enhanced scenes and trains, sort of surreal looking. Photos on this page will only be in the larger format (most around 100 kb each in size or less). I won't use the thumbnail 'click to enlarge' images unless I have 20 or more photos. There are less than 20 in this webpage.
   Locomotives and cars today include: UP 9504, 3252, 5968, 4358 *** HLCX 9006 *** CEFX 3117 *** Fallen Flag freightcars: CNW yellow, CNW green hoppers *** BN faded greed hopper *** a green Golden West boxcar (this was a faded blue that was partially repainted in bright green) *** SP Hi-cube *** UP Hi-cube with old UP map and logo, faded *** Maryland & Pennsylvania boxcar *** Southwest Airline jet overhead on way to Dallas *** Amtrak Texas Eagle No. 22 at the Little Rock station January 29 with a large crowd getting on *** A couple of color-enhanced photos of UP 6052, the DPU of an empty coal train, January 26.

WHITE & BLACK RAILROAD HISTORY/PHOTOS FEBRUARY 9, 2007 - On Saturday, February 9, 2007, I drove on Arkansas Highway 17 northbound between Cotton Plant to near Newport to try and find the long-abandoned right of way of the Batesville & Brinkley Railroad, which became the White & Black River Valley Railroad (which was leased to Rock Island in 1900). This little-known line was chartered in 1881 and taken up in 1941. Gene Hull, author of the book "Shortline Railroads of Arkansas," wrote the history of this line, which is printed below along with the photos I did on February 9. Special thanks to Bill D Jones and Francis Jones for helping me find some of the old roadbed and where some depots and structures were located. I could never have found these locations myself. Believe it or not, there is still an old depot standing on this line in the town of Weldon, but I think it's days are numbered after seeing it up close.(All the photo and captions are by myself, Ken Ziegenbein - Gene Hull wrote the story and history)




Here are a few photos taken Saturday, February 17, 2007 at the Brinkley Depot Museum in Brinkley, Arkansas. For several hours (9 a.m. to 11:28 a.m.) I could see trains in the distance waiting to move. I assume there was trackwork somewhere south of Brinkley. The trains started coming every 10 minutes or so after 11:28. Included today: NS 9885, 2528, 2548 *** UP 9240, 4949, 1982, 1988 (last two Heritage units). Also, Santa Fe 908 in Warbonnet colors. I could not see any BNSF markings on this locomotive. Am I missing something? (Photos by Ken Ziegenbein)

FEBRUARY 26, 2007 - ARKANSAS MIDLAND NORTH LITTLE ROCK - I finally saw an Arkansas Midland train on the former Cotton Belt line along Arkansas Avenue in North Little Rock, Arkansas, February 26, 2007.  Here are some photos.  (All photos by Ken Ziegenbein)

UP REEFERS STORED BY ARKANSAS MIDLAND - NORTH LITTLE ROCK FEB 26, 2007 - Dozens of Union Pacific white reefers on the Arkansas Midland track along Highway 165 in North Little Rock, Arkansas on February 26, 2007. These are being stored for UP. The line is the former Cotton Belt line that ran from North Little Rock southward through England, Arkansas and on to Altheimer, Arkansas with a connection with the main Blue Streak line of the Cotton Belt. The line was taken up about 1990 and these reefers are stored right up to the end of track.
   It's amazingly hard to count white reefers since they blend into each other, plus the line runs under Interstate 440 so I had to keep one eye on the road. When I drove south on Highway 165 I counted 85 reefers. On the way back I counted only 76, so let's say about 80 are stored.  (All photos by Ken Ziegenbein)

MARCH 3, 2007 AT LITTLE ROCK - Saturday, March 3, 2007 at Little Rock, Arkansas' Union Station. Included today: Little Rock & Western 101 and 7736 *** UP 8323, 7326, 6776, 7218, 8050, 7334, 4343, 6493, 4101 *** D&RGW Hopper 15546. (Photos by Ken Ziegenbein)

TRAINS IN BRINKLEY AND LITTLE ROCK MARCH 23 & 24, 2007 - TROLLEY AND CARS - Saturday, March 24, 2007 at Brinkley, Arkansas and a twilight shot at Union Station in Little Rock. Also an example of the River Rail Trolley in automobile traffic in the River Market in Little Rock earlier in March. Included today: UP 9625, 2830, 9532, 7003 *** CR 8440 *** NS 2609 *** GCFX 3101 *** CSX 8507. (All photos by Ken Ziegenbein)

MARCH 25, 2007 - LITTLE ROCK UNION STATION - Here's some photos taken Sunday, March 25, 2007 at Union Station in Little Rock. Of interest today is another freight that used the Amtrak siding to get around  another freight. This always means the heavy freight gets sort of 'up close and personal' to us railfans standing on the Amtrak platform, although we back up a little. It almost makes me want to grab onto a freight car and become a hobo!
   Locomotives and rolling stock today includes: A great painting of a fish on a car *** Clean C&NW Logo *** Rock Island blue hopper *** UP 9404, 6881, 6497, 4463, 9519 *** FURX 8114 *** NS 8317 *** Faded Santa Fe Hi-Cube.

NEW KCS HERITAGE HOPPERS IN NORTH LITTLE ROCK MARCH 29, 2007 -  Newly built and painted KCS  Heritage-painted hoppers at the UP yard in North Little Rock, Arkansas, Thursday March 29, 2007 about 10:30 a.m. They were on their way to East St Louis, Illinois. They were built at the ARI rail plant in Paragould, Arkansas. I also added CN 8011, GMTX 2685 and SP-GECX 8312.  (Ken Ziegenbein photos). (Thanks to John C. Jones for letting me know they were in town).

APRIL 1, 2007 - UNION STATION LITTLE ROCK - Sunday, April 1, 2007 at Little Rock, Arkansas, Union Station. Bright, blue skies and a good number of trains.  Included today: UP 8613, 9538, 3786, 8632 (DGRW), 1930, 1337, 6634, 331 *** NS 8862, 9273, 2119, 9263 *** SP 9755 *** LLPX 4405 SD40-2 lettering *** MKT red gondola *** SP black&white emblem on gondola SP 36540 *** NORX emblem *** Gondolas with NS lettered black covers *** Cryo-Trans "Doraville" CRYX 5225 and "Allegheny Mountains." (Ken Ziegenbein photos)

STREETCAR/UP SWITCHING MOVE IN SAME SHOT APRIL 4, 2007 - Relatively rare photos of both a UP switching move and a Central Arkansas Transit River Rail Streetcar (in the same photo) at Little Rock at the Clinton Library streetcar stop. The date was Wednesday, April 4, 2007, about 3:30 p.m. The UP move was shoving a loaded Canadian Pacific boxcar full of newsprint to the printing facilities of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, which is located next to the trolley stop. The UP locomotive was UPY 1337, the boxcar was Canadian Pacific No. 220592. (Ken Ziegenbein photos)

UP 4141 IN PINE BLUFF, AR, APRIL 4, 2007 - Anthony Holmes took these photos of UP 4141 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas on April 4, 2007 using his cell phone camera.

BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS APRIL 4, 2007 - A near-record cold spell was gripping much of the country from Texas to the East Coast this day (Saturday, April 7, 2007 - the day before Easter), including Arkansas. Low temperatures Saturday morning were in the teens in north Arkansas up to the lower and mid 30s over the rest of the state. In Brinkley, there was a thin sheet of ice over water in ditches when I got to the Brinkley Depot Museum at 8:30 a.m. It was up to 40-45 degrees when I took some of these pictures, and wind was gusting from the north as high as 30 mph.
   Included today: UP 9506, 9519, 9515, 6582 *** HLCX 5995 *** CSX 9039 *** 'I Love NY' boxcar with 'I Love NY' graffiti *** Chessie Cat

Easter Sunday afternoon 2007 on the north side of the track at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Just a couple of trains, plus a shot of the Arkansas Queen Riverboat on an Easter cruise on the Arkansas River. Of interest today: UP 8331, 2432, 9400, 7894 *** TFM 2617 *** Milwaukee Road gondola #92814 *** Wisconsin Central gondola #62127. (Ken Ziegenbein)

BRINKLEY, AR APRIL 7, 2007 - A near-record cold spell was gripping much of the country from Texas to the East Coast this day (Saturday, April 7, 2007 - the day before Easter), including Arkansas. Low temperatures Saturday morning were in the teens in north Arkansas up to the lower and mid 30s over the rest of the state. In Brinkley, there was a thin sheet of ice over water in ditches when I got to the Brinkley Depot Museum at 8:30 a.m. It was up to 40-45 degrees when I took some of these pictures, and wind was gusting from the north as high as 30 mph.
   Included today: UP 9506, 9519, 9515, 6582 *** HLCX 5995 *** CSX 9039 *** 'I Love NY' boxcar with 'I Love NY' graffiti *** Chessie Cat

TEXAS ASSOCIATION OF RR PASSENGERS MEETING IN GALVESTON, TX APRIL,21, 2007 - Here are a few photos I made at the Texas Association of Railroad Passenger meeting in Galveston, Texas, held on April 21, 2007.  (Ken Ziegenbein)

GALVESTON, TEXAS RAILROAD MUSEUM APRIL 21, 2007 - Saturday, April 21, 2007 at the Galveston Railroad Museum in Galveston, Texas. All photos on this site taken by Ken Ziegenbein.

APRIL 28, 2007 - BRINKLEY, AR - Saturday, April 28, 2007 at Brinkley, Arkansas. Included today: CSX 7515, UP 5211, BNSF 4481, UP 9501, CEFX 2793 with red/white front stripes, CN 5540, BNSF 8104, Santa Fe 6(?)99, BNSF green 6825, BNSF 2835, BNSF green 1495, Cute little BNSF Coil Car. (All photos by Ken Ziegenbein)

APRIL 29, 2007 - LITTLE ROCK AND BRINKLEY - Sunday, April 29, 2007 at Little Rock AND Brinkley, Arkansas. Included today: UP 9379, Pan Am boxcar. CN blue hi-cubes. UP 9733,  CNW yellow hoppers, CEFX 3170, UPY 1337, 1389, patched SP, CN 2691, CN 5633. (All photos by Ken Ziegenbein)

BRINKLEY, AR - KATV'S 'DAYBREAK' LIVE FROM THE DEPOT 5-7 A.M. APRIL 30, 2007 - On Monday morning, April 30, 2007, pre-dawn, KATV-TV, the Little Rock ABC affiliate, hosted it's "Daybreak" program at the Central Delta Depot Museum, in Brinkley, Arkansas. The show ran live from 5 to 7 a.m. with occasional cut-ins from the museum, hosted by Kristi Fisher.
   I arrived at the depot shortly before 4 a.m. and museum director Bill Sayger was already there. The set-up, camera person from KATV arrived about 4:15, and the van with the rest of Channel 7's crew arrived at 4:45 a.m. Following are photos of the event and some of the many local people who showed up. There were also a few trains that passed during the broadcast.
   All the photos were taken by Ken Ziegenbein.

MAY 3, 2007 - BRINKLEY - May 3, 2007 at Brinkley, Arkansas. Included today: BNSF 4481, UP 4338 and an Ashley, Drew & Northern faded green boxcar.

MAY 4, 2007 - LITTLE ROCK - May 4, 2007 at Union Station in Little Rock. Included today: UP-SP patched 2668, UP 9342, GT blue hi-cubes.

MAY 6, 2007 - LITTLE ROCK - Sunday, May 6, 2007 at Union Station in Little Rock. Seen today: A new string of Midwest Ethanol Transport tankers *** A work train with 5 flats containing modular rail *** A couple of red double-truck flats *** UP 2858, 2794, 3921, 9735, 2240, 4354 *** HLCX 5966. (Ken Ziegenbein photos)

UP 4141 (BUSH UNIT), UP 1988 (KATY) AND UP 1982 (MOPAC) ON SAME TRAIN PINE BLUFF, AR MAY 7, 2007 - UP4141 (George Bush), 1988 (Katy), 1982 (MoPac), 4452, 1835 and 2195 lead a very long mixed freight out of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Monday May 7, 2007 at 12:12 p.m. I got these shots at the Missouri Street crossing starting at noon. The train was heading to Texas. To my knowledge, this was the first time three of the special heritage and Bush units were heading a train in Arkansas.

MAY 12, 2007 - BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS  - A stormy afternoon at Brinkley, Arkansas on Saturday, May 12, 2007, plus some sunny morning shots. Included today: UP 9296, 5692, 6448, 1807, 3866 **** NS 7506 **** Storms with hail.

MAY 13, 2007 - LITTLE ROCK - Sunday, May 13, 2007, at Union Station in Little Rock. Of interest today: Our bird mascot returns *** UP 5199, 9549, 5131, 9578, 4318, 333, 3990, UP 6175, a former SP with a faded pink face with puckered red lips *** FURX 7940 *** TFM 2659 *** CEFX 7079 *** CSX 8370, 8483 *** NS 9006, 9067 *** MKT green gondola *** Arkansas Midland, Western Pacific, KCS, Wisconsin Central boxcars *** Cryo-Trans string of cars *** Rock Island hopper.

UP OPERATION LIFESAVER SPECIAL LITTLE ROCK MAY 14, 2007 - Union Pacific ran Operation Lifesaver trips across Arkansas the week of May 14, 2007.  On Monday, May 14, the train ran some trips around Conway and went to North Little Rock for the evening. Seen on this webpage is the train as it came to Union Station on main #1, crossed over to main #2 at the turnout there, then backed across the Baring Cross bridge to North Little rock, remaining on main #2. Little Rock & Western was coming past the station at the same time as the Operation Lifesaver special.
   The Operation Lifesaver special was open to the public at each of the towns it ran through (Monday, May 14 - Conway ** Tuesday, May 15 - Wynne ** Wednesday, May 16  - Jonesboro ** Thursday, May 17 - Stuttgart ** and Friday, May 18 - Camden. The train had a locomotive on both ends and was operated as a push-pull through the various towns, starting at 7:30 in the mornings.
   Consist of this special was:  UP 4889, Car 205, Feather River, Colorado Eagle, Katy Flyer, Columbine, Portland Rose, and UP 3875.  (All photos by Ken Ziegenbein - thanks to John C. Jones for the heads up regarding the move in front of Union Station.)

UP OPERATION LIFESAVER SPECIAL THROUGH BRINKLEY AND NEAR STUTTGART, ARKANSAS MAY 16, 2007 - Wednesday, May 16, 2007. Union Pacific's Operation Lifesaver train passes the Central Delta Depot Museum in Brinkley, Arkansas with another few shots of it across a green field near Stuttgart later in the day. Also, I ran into "Bullet Bob" Smith at the Brinkley depot a couple of hours before the Operation Lifesaver train appeared and we both saw a train pass with FWWR 1400 in the consist. What was this locomotive doing here?
   Included today: UP4889, UP3875, UP 9506, Conrail 6747, FWWR 1400. (All photos by Copyright Ken Ziegenbein)

UP OPERATION LIFESAVER TRAIN STUTTGART, ARKANSAS MAY 17, 2007 - On Thursday, May 17, 2007, I got to ride one of Union Pacific's Operation Lifesaver specials for a few miles through Stuttgart, Arkansas. This was one of five trips UP ran the week of May 14-18 throughout Arkansas. Here are some photos of this trip, which was open to the public. About 35 boarded.
   The trip was late getting started, about 941 a.m. However, everyone had a good time - at least for the first 30 minutes anyway. One boy sitting at my table was really excited about riding a train (his first) and was telling his grandmother about it on the cell phone. After just one roundtrip, the train was put on a siding with about 35 passenger on board one of the dome cars, including lots of children under 6 years old. It waited there for nearly 1 1/2 hours for 4 southbound freights to pass (Stuttgart is on UP's directional south main). The children were getting uneasy and ansy, so it was decided to call for cars to come pick us up and take us back to the place we had all parked our cars (only about one mile west). UP special agents came and took many back to their cars, while others called relatives to pick them up. Probably not one of the best Operational Lifesaver trips because of the delays, but it was educational. Stuttgart's mayor was also on board.
   I want to compliment John Holiman, Special Agent from Kansas City, and John Simpson, Manager of UP Public Safety, also from Kansas City, who were superb hosts and handed out water to everyone and got the cars lined up to take us back to the parking lot. Mr. Simpson also gave an excellent safety presentation in the dome car, which, after all, is the purpose of these trips. At least everyone now realizes how many train UP runs through that area! (Ken Ziegenbein)

CIRCUS TRAIN IN NORTH LITTLE ROCK FOR R&R - PHOTOS TAKEN MAY 20 AND 24, 2007 - Here are a few shots I did of the Blue Unit Ringling Brothers-Barnum & Bailey Circus train in the Union Pacific yards in North Little Rock, Arkansas on May 20 and 24, 2007. The train is here on its mid-season R&R 19-day layover. Many of the animals are housed in nearby Barton Coliseum. They've done this at this location several times in recent years. As of this writing (May 23), the train will be here about another week and a half.
   The train is parked in a very secure area, fenced off on the left from Central Arkansas Transit's bus barn, and on the right by the very busy UP freight yard. My photos were taken from inside the fence of the Transit's bus barn area and from the Main Street highway overpass.
   On Thursday, May 24, 2007, I took more pictures of the circus cars after they were moved a couple of hundred feet  to another area near 4th Street and Jenks Shops. These are at the bottom of the page. (Ken Ziegenbein photos)

MAY 24, 2007 at Little Rock  - Thursday, May 24, 2007 at the station in Little Rock. Included today: UP 5083, 5070, 3424 *** LRWN 7736, 101 *** SP(UP) 7876, 7336 *** NS 9688 *** Old Santa Fe gondola and Northwestern 'Employee Owned' yellow hopper *** light blue ACFX hopper.

Saturday, May 26, 2007 a group of Arkansas Railroad Club members, including me, drove to north Arkansas and southern Missouri to photograph the BNSF and some UP trains.  Towns visited: Hoxie (where the busy UP directional north line crosses the busy BNSF line from Missouri to Memphis), Imboden, Ravenden, Williford, Hardy and Mammoth Spring, Arkansas and Thayer, Missouri. We didn't see trains in all of these towns, but checked out the rail viewing sites in each. We left Union Station in Little Rock at 6 a.m. and got back to Little Rock about 9:30 that night. Amtrak 21, the Dallas/San Antonio-bound Texas Eagle, arrived at Little Rock before we left, and I've included some photos of it and the many boarding and arriving passengers. (All photos by Ken Ziegenbein)
   Locomotives seen today: BNSF 5938, 5719, 5724, 5512, 5388, 5986, 6126, 5677, 9818, 5721 *** UP 4076, 9401, 3998, 8571.

A few streetcar photos on the last day of Riverfest in Little Rock and North Little Rock, Arkansas, Sunday May 27, 2007.  Some were taken from the ground level looking up at the streetcars as they were on the Main Street Bridge. (Photos by Ken Ziegenbein).

MAY 27, 2007 - LITTLE ROCK - Sunday, May 27, 2007 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Included today: UP 5125, 3831, 5818, 6451, 1339 *** CSX 8630 *** GCFX 3075 *** UP-SP 144, UP-SP 6246 *** SP 332. (Photos by Ken Ziegenbein)

JUNE 2, 2007 - BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS -  Saturday, June 2, 2007 at Brinkley, Arkansas. Included today: Crane and flat *** UP 9725, 9335 (rare winged C40-8. Thanks to Andrew Bonniwell for this information) *** SRS 143 geometry car *** test of new 15x optical zoom. (Ken Ziegenbein photos)

CIRCUS TRAIN/ELEPHANTS JUNE 4,2007-LITTLE ROCK - On Monday, June 4, 2007 the Ringling Brothers - Barnum & Bailey Circus Train left North Little Rock, Arkansas, heading south to Louisiana. They had been here on a mid-season vacation since May 17 (they did not perform here, however. This was just a rest and relaxation stop). The train had been parked in UP's yards near 4th Street in North Little Rock.
   Included on this webpage are many scenes of switching moves; elephants, horses and other animals being paraded to the train to load;  a few high resolution sound MPEG movies of various train and animal moves; Little Rock & Western passing the circus train; and photos of every car of the 59-car train as it passed Union Station in Little Rock southbound.
   Although I tried to get the numbers of all the cars, I may have missed some, so let me know. The train was headed by UP 8388 and all the markings on the train started with RBBX (I've included the numbers along with the photos of each car).
   Do NOT put any of my movies or photos on any other site, including YouTube, Trainorders, Photobucket, or any other site period.  I'll do that myself if I want to. Feel free to share the link to this page, however. There will be a thumb-size image webpage of this site put online in a day or so, where you can click on any image to enlarge. However, I wanted to get this up as soon as I could. Be advised that the site contains about 80 photos and if you have dialup, it'll take awhile to load. If you have a high speed internet connection, it'll take about 20 seconds to load.  (Ken Ziegenbein)

MORE CIRCUS TRAIN PHOTOS-THIS TIME BY JOHN C. JONES - Forty photos of the Ringling Brothers-Barnum & Bailey circus train, blue unit, in Little Rock, Arkansas on June 4, 2007 taken by JOHN C. JONES . He also got great shots of the elephants being loaded onto their rail cars,  plus some shots only he could get on UP property, such as the Baring Cross bridge (John has permission to be on UP property and takes a lot of photos for local UP publications).  To email John, click on:

1959 THRU 1982 SCANNED NEGATIVES - I scanned some old negatives recently and found photos of the following: Steam locomotive and coach in Scott, Arkansas 1970s *** Red Katy units passing New Ulm, Texas 1974 *** St Joe, Arkansas M&NA depot 1974 *** Houston, Texas Union Station train platform with streamliner 1959 *** Snowy night with Amtrak at Union Station Little Rock, Arkansas 1982 *** Southern Crescent at Birmingham, Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia 1975 *** Last Amtrak through Brenham, Texas October 1981 *** Southern Railroad freight Atlanta, Georgia 1975 *** SCL in Tifton, Georgia 1974. (All photos copyright Ken Ziegenbein)

JUNE 10 & 17, 2007 AT LITTLE ROCK - SUNDAY, JUNE 10 and JUNE 17, 2007 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. It rained part of the day on the 17th. Included: BNSF 4507 *** UP 3701, 7266, 6073, 9419, 4757, 1538, 1539 *** UPY gray Y147 *** GECX/SP 8359 *** CEFX 2784 *** HLCX 7228 *** TFM 2663 *** KCS 4512 *** Lake Erie, Franklin & Clarion Railroad Company hopper *** Seaboard System hopper *** CNW Blue hopper.

BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS, JUNE 23, 2007 - Saturday, June 23, 2007 at Brinkley, Arkansas and Brasfield, Arkansas on the abandoned Rock Island 'Sunbelt' Line. Brasfield is about 10 miles or so west of Brinkley and they were celebrating their 100th year as a town. There used to be a huge lumber mill in Brasfield and there is some old Rock Island track still located on a spur to the old lumber mill, plus the piers are still in place for the Cache River Rock Island bridge, near where the Ivory-bill Woodpecker was possibly sighted in 2004. Also today, at Brinkley: Conrail 8357, CSX 8038, UP 5339, NS  9188. (Photos by Ken Ziegenbein)

LITTLE ROCK JUNE 24, 2007 - Sunday, June 24, 2007 at Little Rock, Arkansas. Included today: UP 9286, 4698, 5251 *** TFM 2648 *** BNSF 5326 *** NS 9290 *** log cars.

GREEN RIVER, WYOMING JUNE 28, 2007 - A few scenes in Green River, Wyoming.

UNION PACIFIC HERITAGE LOCOMOTIVE ROUNDUP - SALT LAKE CITY - JUNE 29-30, 2007 - Here are the best of my photos of the Union Pacific Heritage fleet roundup in Salt Lake City, Utah - June 29 and 30, 2007. I condensed my photo collection down to 27 from the more than 240 taken (aren't you glad?) Many thanks to Union Pacific, especially Director of Corporate Relations, Union Pacific Railroad, Brenda Mainwaring. There were over 100 railfans and reporters at the event on June 30. It was fun meeting many who I had only corresponded with by via email, and judging by the response to this event, most had a great time. People had come from all over the country to view these colorful Heritage locomotives and thanks to UP for taking these 7 new locomotives out of the freight pool to do this for us and for the media and UP itself. (The 7th locomotive is UP 8444 flag unit)

LITTLE ROCK JULY 4, 2007 - Wednesday, July 4, 2007 at Little Rock, Arkansas' Union Station. A very busy day for UP and there were lots of non-UP locomotives today. Included: NS 2682 ** UP 5010 ** CSX 7806 ** UP 6081, 7697, 7696 (last two new) ** CN 5394.

LITTLE ROCK JULY 15, 2007 - A couple of boy's eye views of trains from the ground as they passed Little Rock's Union Station on Sunday, July 15, 2007. Included today: a small boy waiting for the 'choo-choo'; NS6690 ** BNSF 7744 with a trackage rights train ** UP 4630, 1930, UPY 1337, UPY 1336 ** SP 9755 ** a string of green pipes.

UP-BUSH 4141 HEARNE, TEXAS JULY 27, 2007 - While driving through Hearne, Texas this afternoon on my way to visit my father, I spotted Bush 4141 facing southbound, about 1 mile south of Hearne on Highway 6. Here are a couple of photos. Also in the consist was CEFX 3140 and UP 5113. The time was 5:51 p.m. July 27, 2007. (Ken Ziegenbein photo)

LITTLE ROCK AUGUST 1, 2007 - Here are four photos today, August 1, 2007, taken from the north side of the tracks at Union Station in Little Rock. Included: UP 9588 and 2052 and LRWN 101.

LITTLE ROCK AUGUST 2 AND 4, 2007 - A few photos from August 2 and August 4, 2007 at Little Rock, Arkansas. Included: Amtrak 22, northbound Texas Eagle, 15 hours late with AMK 14 and 168 *** UP 5657, 5201, 1472, 5168, 4995, 4761, 9476 *** Something I've never seen before-a truck pulling 4 work-train gondolas on the track *** HLCX 5103 *** CN 2428 *** A closeup of a helicopter *** A sharp-looking BNSF autorack train led by BNSF 7047 *** A UP weed sprayer.

15-HR LATE TX EAGLE NO. 22 AUGUST 4, 2007 - LITTLE ROCK - The northbound Texas Eagle, Amtrak 22, finally left Little Rock, Arkansas at 2:35 p.m. today (Saturday, August 4, 2007), almost exactly 15 hours late. This train had 'one of those days' when nothing seemed to go right. It was about 7 hours late leaving Fort Worth last evening due to a local freight fouling the line south of Temple, Texas. Then before it reached Texarkana, I heard that it lost head-end power to the Superliners. Since Amtrak 21, the southbound Eagle, had two locomotives this morning, one of those was taken off of No. 21 and placed on No. 22 to get the HEP working again. THEN the train developed airbrake problems near Arkadelphia, Arkansas this morning, about 1.5 hours out of Little Rock. The train finally arrived in Little Rock at 2:10 p.m. and left at 2:35 p.m. This was the time it was supposed to have arrived in Chicago!
    The consist of the train: Amtrak 14, Amtrak 168, Superliners 39031, 32053, 38011, 33014 (Sightseer Lounge), 31012, 34024 and 34097. Some passengers were waiting inside Union Station since 11 p.m. last night and I found them in a foul mood when I went inside. I even heard some otherwise nice people cussing. It was also hot, official high was 98 degrees and it was quite hazy.

UP 1996 - SOUTHERN PACIFIC HERITAGE- BRINKLEY AR, AUGUST 9, 2007 - UP Heritage locomotive 1996 (Southern Pacific) passing the Brinkley, Arkansas Depot Museum Thursday evening, August  9, 2007 at 8:08 p.m. I used flash and 1600 ISO since the sun had set. Consist was UP 8615, 1996, 4036 and 4289.

TRAINS AUG 5, 9 AND 11, 2007 - BRINKLEY, LITTLE ROCK, AR - Sunday, August 5, 2007 at Little Rock, Arkansas and Thursday and Saturday, August 9 and 11, 2007 at Brinkley, Arkansas. Views include:MPEG Sound Movie (3.8mb) of a train passing the Brinkley depot at track speed on Saturday, August 11, 2007 (to see the movie, click HERE - I'd recommend Windows Media Player, it seems to play it smoother than other players) *** UP 7506, 4709, 3785, 2952 *** CSX 7743 *** TFM 2031(?) *** BNSF 5096, B337, 124 *** CN-GTW 4996 *** HLCX 5995 *** KCS-M 4539 *** NS 9128 *** 'North Coast Railroad Authority' sign on AOK boxcar *** Smiling UP engineer in Little Rock *** SP black and white trademark on a gondola *** UP Work Train in Little Rock *** Brinkley Depot Museum photo. (All photos by Ken Ziegenbein - I have a photo in the 2008 Union Pacific calendar - check it out when they're available)

LITTLE ROCK AUGUST 12, 2007 - Sunday, August 12, 2007 at Little Rock, Arkansas. Included today:  A pipe train *** UP 4158, 9136, 4962, 2052, 1336 *** GECX (UP) 2874. (All photos by Ken Ziegenbein)

ORDER INFORMATION FOR THE UP 2008 HERITAGE CALENDAR - I have a photo in this calendar and the Arkansas Railroad Club is selling them as a fund raiser.

FERROMEX THREESOME LITTLE ROCK AUGUST 19, 2007 - Thursday, August 17, 2007 and Sunday, August 19, Little Rock, Arkansas. Catch of the day was a 3-loco lashup of FERROMEX locomotives on a mixed train with engine numbers 4652, 3219 and 3220. Also two boys waving at a train *** UP 6633, 9641, 1532.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS AUGUST 26, 2007 - Lots of non-UP locomotives today, Sunday August 26, 2007, in Little Rock, Arkansas, including: HLCX 6106 *** CSX 7683, 8095 *** CEFX 7123 *** CP Rail 5964, 6063 *** UP 9349, 3291, 7653, 1930, 1540, 9722 *** NS 9294, 7519 *** Unpatched SP 9755, SP-GECX 8312 *** Unpatched SSW 9647 *** CP Rail green boxcar *** New Autoracks *** A running inspection of passing trains *** Short SP gon *** SW Airlines jet overhead.

LITTLE ROCK - SEPTEMBER 2, 2007 - Sunday, September 2, 2007 at Little Rock, Arkansas. Of special interest today was a bright red CP locomotive plus an 'almost' unit train of truck or car frames. Included today: UP 4709, 3273, 5057, 9300, Y1337 *** CP Rail 4404.

MKT CABOOSE NO. 6 AND SP CABOOSE NO. 4696 ON FREIGHT LITTLE ROCK SEP 5, 2007 - Drenched MKT green caboose No. 6 and SP Caboose No. 4696 on the rear of QPTNL passing Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas Wednesday September 5, 2007 at 1:20 p.m. I understand these cabooses belong to the Gulf Coast Chapter (Houston) NRHS and that they are being transported to be repainted.  It was pouring rain at the time of the photos and you can see the rain falling

LITTLE ROCK SEPTEMBER 5, 2007 - Rainy and foggy day,  Trains in the rain at Little Rock, Wednesday September 5, 2007. Included today: UP 3603, 2451, 2418, 9639 *** NS 2684 *** LLPX 2229 *** BNSF 750 Warbonnet *** GTW-CN blue hi-cube *** View of downtown Little Rock from Union Station in the fog and rain.

AMTRAK 21 WITH NS 2686 IN LEAD SEPTEMBER 9, 2007 - A late Amtrak Texas Eagle No. 21 with NS 2686 in the lead at Little Rock on September 9, 2007, 10:25 a.m. (about 7 hours late). It was raining moderately and shows the 'all weather' mode of train travel.

NORTH PLATTE NEBRASKA RAILROAD DAYS CELEBRATION SEPTEMBER 22, 2007 (From John Reagon) - John Reagon took these photos in North Platte, Nebraska during the railroad days celebration on September 22, 2007. It includes UP 844, Heritage 1995, 1996 and 1982.

BRINKLEY, AR TRAINS SEPTEMBER 22, 2007 - INCLUDING UP 8444 - Saturday, September 22, 2007 at Brinkley, Arkansas. Of special interest today was UP 8444, the regular UP unit that was displayed along with UP's six Heritage Locomotives in Salt Lake City, Utah on June 30, 2007. Also, NS 6666 *** UP 8505, 4254, 2304 *** CSX 265. Plus a short MPEG sound movie of a track-speed train passing the depot from inside the ticket office.

LITTLE ROCK SEPTEMBER 23, 2007 - Train shots Sunday, September 23, 2007 at Little Rock, Arkansas. Many streets were blocked today in the downtown area of Little Rock due to the days-long 50th anniversary celebration of the Central High School desegregation crisis of 1957. There were people here from all over the world covering this event and many got lost on their way to Central High School
and accidentally drove into the west parking lot of Union Station (Mapquest and other computer maps mistakenly has Markham Street running into that parking lot). One person in our group missed a train photo op because of directing traffic. Anyway, trains seen today were: A long EMPTY pipe-hauling train headed by BNSF 4532 (including a short movie of this train winding through a switch and curve), UP: 4119, 1336, 5313, 4161, 5346 *** Pure Ashley, Drew & Northern green boxcar (no graffiti) *** CSX 5368 *** BNSF 4532 *** GMTX 2129 bright blue and white *** KCS 4027, 3459.

KCS 'RETRO-BELLE' HERITAGE LOCOMOTIVE No. 4045 SEPTEMBER 25, 2007-LITTLE ROCK - KANSAS CITY SOUTHERN  #4045 in the new KCS 'Retro Belle' Heritage paint scheme passed through Little Rock, Arkansas on Tuesday, September 25, 2007. Here are a few photos of it passing Union Station, then from the Main Street overpass in North Little Rock, then in the UP NLR yard.  The locomotive passed the station at 10:49 a.m., 4th unit of 5 in a manifest train. Two hours before the 4045 passed, another train had a long string of the new KCS Heritage hoppers.  Guess it was "KCS DAY" at the UP.

LITTLE ROCK SEPTEMBER 25, 2007 - Tuesday, September 25, 2007 at Little Rock's Union Station. Trains today: UP 9284, 4836, 4484, 2403, 4340, 2070 *** CEFX 3147 *** CN 6110 *** IC 6063 Operation Lifesaver *** Ferromex 4629 paired with another Ferromex *** KCS 4045 Heritage *** String of KCS heritage hoppers.

BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS SEPTEMBER 29, 2007 - Brinkley, Arkansas, September 29, 2007. Red industrial locomotive on a flatcar heading south. I couldn't see any markings. It passed the depot in Brinkley, Arkansas at 11:40 a.m. Saturday, September, 29.Also today: UP 2006 *** Unknown blue unit 8462 *** CSX 7817 *** long Rock Island hopper *** damaged UP autorack car (part of roof torn off) *** Kellogg Grain Co. hopper.

BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS SEP 29 - PART TWO - Just a few more trains through Brinkley, Arkansas, on Saturday, September 29, 2007, this time after noon when the sun angle was much better. Included: UP 2205, 9529 *** KCS 4503 *** NS 9425 *** some pipes on gondolas.

LITTLE ROCK SEPTEMBER 30, 2007 - Sunday, September 30, 2007 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Some colorful loco combinations today, including: KCS 4016 *** UP 2418, 5118, 8572, 1540 *** SP(UP) 2719 *** HLCX 6340, 6336 *** CEFX 3168 *** BNSF 4641, 7658 *** CSX 8043 *** SANTA FE (BNSF) 6450 *** Cryo-Trans colorful car "Yellowstone River" *** Red KATY gon *** MoPac buzzsaw gon *** One train had 4 locomotives and only 7 freight cars, but I suspect some engine move was involved.

KCS NEW HERITAGE LOCOMOTIVE 4048 AND OTHERS - LITTLE ROCK OCTOBER 7, 2007 - KCS 4048, newly built with the KCS Heritage Belle colors, was the only locomotive on a Z train passing Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas, Sunday morning, October 7, 2007. It was 87 degrees.  Other locomotives and cars today:  UP 2688, 2874, 8362, 4840, 2070, 4123, 4663, 4969 *** Rio Grande (UP) 9867 *** BNSF 4887, 4912 *** NS 9129, 9685 *** Southern Pacific Sunset Trademark on a boxcar and a flatcar *** D&RGW pure gondola *** Missouri Pacific gons, one with the buzzsaw the other with the eagle *** Golden West polled flatcar *** Illinois Cereal Mills, Inc hopper ***DMM boxcar *** Grand Trunk Western hi-cube boxcar *** TXI hopper *** BN green hopper *** Two 16-wheel KRL heavy duty flats *** BFGX new hopper *** UP autorack without sides *** Columbus & Greenville boxcar *** Butterfly on a flower in Brinkley October 6. (All photos by Ken Ziegenbein. Do not repost anywhere unless you ask me first).

LITTLE ROCK AND BRINKLEY OCTOBER 20, 21, 2007 - Train photos in Little Rock October 21, 2007, plus a few shots taken October 13 and 20th. Included: UP 9253, 4802, 5050, 9225, 3953, 9107, 6514, 7080, 1930, 5053 *** UPY 158 *** SP unpatched 9755 (always at North Little Rock) *** CN 6110 *** newly repainted UP gondolas with new UP shield *** RJ Corman  boxcar *** UP crane or pile driver passing the Brinkley, AR depot *** UP tree cutter *** SIRX 516190 hopper *** Corinth & Counce RR Co. boxcar *** Logimex hopper *** Marinette, Tomahawk & Western boxcar *** Grace Davison Fluid Cracking Catalysts hopper *** Railcare green tankcar *** White pigeon or dove being chased by a flock of pigeons at Union Station *** Unknown small furry animal at Brinkley (gopher?).

PALESTINE, TEXAS UP OPEN HOUSE OCTOBER 27, 2007 - On Saturday, October 27, 2007, UP had an open house at their Palestine, Texas yard complex in conjunction with the city's Octoberfest celebration. They had miniature train rides on UP's rubber-tire train, plus Heritage locomotive 1982 (MoPac) and Bush locomotive 4141 were on display with walk-up ramps so you could walk through them both (I got photos inside and out).  UP employees also had a free breakfast open to the public with LOTS of food, of which I naturally partook. We were on our way to New Ulm, Texas for my old church's 140th anniversary celebration and we spent the night in Palestine on the Friday night before so I decided to get up early and go to the UP open house before we headed south. While at the Holiday Inn Express, we saw several families who were there for the Thomas the Tank Engine rides at the Texas State Railroad.

BURTON, TEXAS RESTORED DEPOT OCTOBER 27, 2007 - The former Southern Pacific (Houston &Texas Central) depot at Burton, Texas was moved back to its original location a few years ago and is now in the process of becoming a museum.  I visited the site on Saturday, October 27, 2007 and talked with Susan Kiel and Harry Lee Stark (a retired long-time Southern Pacific employee) about the ongoing project. They are planning to be open on Saturdays after the first of the year (2008).

HOUSTON, TEXAS AROUND UNION STATION NOVEMBER 3, 2007 - Here's 12 scenes taken in downtown Houston, Texas Saturday, November 3, 2007 around Union Station (Minute Maid Park) and southeast of there along Commerce Street. I've included a screen capture of a Yahoo Map with satellite view of the area.

FALL COLORS, TROLLEYS AND CAMP ROBINSON SPUR NOVEMBER 6, 2007 - Tuesday, November 6, 2007 riding the trolley through some bright Fall colors in Little Rock and North Little Rock, Arkansas. Plus Fall scenes along the abandoned UP Camp Robinson spur on November 8.


TURBINE ON 12-AXLE FLATCAR LITTLE ROCK NOVEMBER 21, 2007 - A special train carrying a large 14'-1" turbine passed Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Wednesday, November 21, 2007 at 12:40 p.m. It had CSX 6498 and CSX 2319 in the lead, followed by one hopper and then the turbine on  hauler KRE 340320. It was headed south to Texas.

CHALK TRAIN LITTLE ROCK NOVEMBER 20, 2007 - I'll let you be surprised at this work of art.

TRAINS NOVEMBER 2007 - Various trains on various days in November 2007 in Brinkley and Little Rock, Arkansas.  Included locomotives: UP 4709, 7676, 1846, 7736, 2887, 2256, 2070 ** CNW(UP) 9741 ** BNSF 4923 ** SP(UP) 2741 ** FURX 7220 ** Freshly painted Saskatchewan hopper ** CHTT blue gon 360345 ** Green MKT hopper 596 ** Red MKT gon FSR 1028.

NOVEMBER 26, 2007 LITTLE ROCK - TRACKS, SIGNALS, CLOUDS - No trains today, just some tracks, signals and dark, drizzly clouds. Gusty, cold north winds made it feel quite chilly, but a slice or two of sunshine broke through the gloom finally.  Scenes were at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas, Monday, November 26, 2007, about 3:30 p.m. Temperature was 43 degrees.

DECEMBER 1, 2007 LITTLE ROCK - Just a few trains passing the station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Saturday, December 1, 2007. Included today: Wisconsin & Southern boxcar WSOR 503119, the boxcar with the Athearn Miniature Trains ad *** UP 4763, 9231, 4788, 1982 (taken by A Holmes in Pine Bluff).

DECEMBER 2, 2007 LITTLE ROCK - Sunday, December, 2, 2007 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. There were 12 trains between 9 a.m. and noon, not too bad (not all photographed). Included today: KCS 4519, 4576 *** TFM 1624 *** NS 2661 *** UP 4329, 1539, 4094, 7621, 9468, 5073 *** Freight cars: UELX 30027 Corn Sweeteners gon *** ADMX 80067 new gon *** ETCX 84001 tank car with 4 mini-domes *** Western Express trailers *** New green tank car TILX 262237 *** UP short hopper 7041 *** Southern hi-cube 42572 *** Norfolk and Western (spelled out) boxcar 604164 *** GTW hi-cube 384693 *** Conrail hi-cube 237502 *** D&RGW hopper 5619 *** CNW clean hopper 471735 *** Western Pacific hopper 12073.

FOGGY TRAINS LITTLE ROCK DECEMBER 8, 2007 - A very foggy day at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Saturday, December 8, 2007. It was also a chilly 48 degrees. However, just 40 miles to the south in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, it was a balmy 72. This warmer air was overrunning the colder air in Little Rock....thus the fog with visibility less than a quarter mile. It made for some nifty train photos, though. I also have a couple of shots from the Main Street Bridge in North Little Rock. Included today (when I could read the locomotive numbers): UP 4631, 4242, 2300, 4984, 7101, 8506, 2886, 2486. Plus a Christmas greeting at the end of the page.

DECEMBER 15, 2007 TRAINS IN ARKANSAS - Various trains and various locations December 14, 15 and 16, 2007 in Arkansas (Brinkley, North Little Rock, Lonoke and ye' ole standby Union Station in Little Rock using some different angles and locations around the station, including photos of the Baring Cross bridge and scenes taken from the Cantrell Road overpass. Saturday, December 15 was cold and rainy (38-40 degrees), Sunday December 16 was sunny, cold and very windy (25-30 mph with temperature also 25-30).  Included:UP/SP 2741 *** UP 8588, 9777, 4338, 9456, 8576, 4809, 3273, 4645 *** CSX 8767 *** CEFX 3128 *** UP display caboose and boxcar in Lonoke, Arkansas (on abandoned site of Rock Island) decorated for Christmas *** Track supports on the curve at Brinkley, Arkansas *** Car crossing just a few seconds ahead of a train in Brinkley.

TRAINS ARKANSAS AND TEXAS DEC 19 THROUGH 24, 2007 - From December 19 through December 24, 2007 I made a Christmas trip to visit my father in Texas and did some railfanning on the way. The following contains photos and captions for the trip and includes the following towns:
   IN ARKANSAS: Malvern, Donaldson, Arkadelphia, Gurdon, Prescott, Hope.
   IN TEXAS: Marshall, Hearne, Rockdale, Milano, Caldwell, Somerville, Sealy, Cat Spring, New Ulm, Brenham.
   LOCOMOTIVES: SP/UP 2756 *** PANDROL JACKSON RAIL GRINDER *** TEXAS STATE RAILROAD 7 AND 300 *** GATX 2112 *** BNSF 6982, 4470, 4864, 4173, 3034, 3032, 9562, 9995, 1017, 4451 *** T&P STEAM LOCOMOTIVE 400 *** EMD 9080, 9083 *** CN 9468 *** AMT 5 *** MIDSOUTH 1041, 1602 *** UP 334, 5340, 2874, 3218, 9335, 6686, 1973, 3822, 7578.
   OF SPECIAL INTEREST: Malvern, Arkansas 1876 roundhouse *** Panorama mosaic in Prescott, Arkansas *** Catalpa Tree, Hope, Arkansas *** Texas Eagle No. 21 arriving in Marshall, Texas *** Texas State Railroad grounds *** Silhouetted crossing signal with a sunset.
   While in Sealy, Texas I met Matthew Dittert, a regular on the Railspot Yahoo Group.

TEXAS STATE RAILROAD'S POLAR EXPRESS DECEMBER 23,2007 - They had a full house for the 5:10 p.m. run and ran two more Polar Express trains later that night.  As you will see, there were hundreds of people, mainly children with their families. I was in coach 41 on the 7-car train.  I've included some sound mpeg movie clips of onboard activities and of the train arriving at the station. Steam locomotive No. 300 was used. The trip was fantastic and the fun and good times were rampant. The hosts of each car wore the white chef outfits that were seen in the Polar Express movie and served hot chocolate and gave out snacks to all on board. One of the carhosts in my car was Cliff Rich.
   The train went about eight miles out of Palestine to a 'North Pole' scene in the middle of the woods where Santa got on and the went through the various coaches, his elves giving all the children a small magical Christmas bell. All the kids were elated and happy and those bells were ringing loud and clear! All the while, some of the music from the movie soundtrack was being played throughout the train. Then Christmas carols were played and everyone sung along. Even though you can hear the singing and bells in some of the movies I took, you had to be there to truly experience the atmosphere. Once in a while the steam whistle would blow in the darkness.
   According to one of the hosts, ridership on all the Polar Express trains already run had already passed Thomas the Tank Engine ridership last summer. She said that as of December 23, 18,000 had ridden. Due to the high demand, they were planning to run more the following week.

TEXAS & PACIFIC STEAM LOCOMOTIVE NO. 400 MARSHALL TEXAS DECEMBER 24, 2007 - Texas & Pacific steam locomotive No. 400 in a park in Marshall, Texas, Monday December 24, 2007. I understand it will be moved to the T&P Museum at the restored Marshall T&P station sometime in the future.

DECEMBER 27 AND 29, 2007 LITTLE ROCK - Here's a few photos from Thursday, December 27 and Saturday, December 29, 2007 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Included today: UP 2741, 9279, 2276, 8229, 7221, 2475, 2927, 9714, 3184, 4709, 7788 *** Soo Line boxcar *** HS, former Rock Island boxcar *** four D&H gondolas *** ice on standing water.  It was a sunny, clear day on December 29 but overcast on December 27 and cold both days.

DECEMBER 31, 2007 LITTLE ROCK - Here's a few trains as UP was winding down for the New Years holiday on December 30 and 31, 2007 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Included is a brand new CSX 773. Also: UP 1930, 1337, 8540, 3273, 7620, 3664, 2174, 4975 *** CSX 8100, 773 *** KCS 3425 *** a string of Rio Grande hoppers.

STREETCARS LITTLE ROCK DECEMBER 31, 2007 - A few photos of Little Rock-North Little Rock's streetcars on the last day of 2007, all taken in Little Rock's River Market.

* * * * * * * * * * * *


JANUARY 1, 2008 LITTLE ROCK - HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008! Here's my first trains of the year, and there were more that I though passing Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas (4 between 12:40 and 2:14 p.m.). Included today is a towing move of dead BNSF/SF No. 6506, which was about 5 cars from the rear of a freight. Also the following: UP 3874, 3833, 5040,2413, 9167, 7665 *** CSX  8887 *** SP/UP 2717 *** CN gondola 91078 with outside brackets *** Old yellow UP boxcar with shield and 'automated' sign being stored in the North Little Rock yards.  It was very windy and cold and felt like an icecycle in the freezer.

BRINKLEY JANUARY 5, 2008 - Brinkley, Arkansas Saturday, January 5, 2008. Of interest is a hopper with the non-grafitti words "Beans, Rice and Popcorn" (Hopper CRDX 14522). Also: UP 9259, 7799, 2827, 4941, 3664, 9522, 8393, 9258 *** NS 8999 *** FURX 8105 *** CNW, KCS and WP boxcars. It was a dark, drizzly day with temperatures in the 50s.

JANUARY 6, 2008 LITTLE ROCK - Sunday, January 6, 2008 at Little Rock,  near Stuttgart and in England, Arkansas. Of special interest was a newly painted, black and yellow, GP50, WAMX 5005 being towed mid-train past Union Station about 1 p.m. Also today: UP: 6166, 7005, 6796, 4148, 3148, 2452  *** WAMX 5005 *** Rock Island and CNW hoppers *** UP caboose 25383 on display in a park in England, Arkansas.

JANUARY 9, 2008 - PERRY, ARKANSAS -NEWLY PAINTED RLIX UNITS -  On January 9, 2007, I drove to Perry, Arkansas to the Little Rock and Western shops and headquarters after hearing that they had 3 Rail Link locomotives that had just been painted at their facility. They were painted by some company from Galveston, Texas. The locomotives were: RLIX Nos. 1204, 1601, and 277. Also, LRWN's own No.  103 and 101. They told me that No. 102 was on a trip to Danville, that No. 101 had a burnt-out generator and that No. 103 was currently being used for parts. Both the Little Rock & Western and Rail Link are part of the Genesee & Wyoming organization.  The locomotives were scheduled to be hauled by LRWN to its UP connection in North Little Rock the coming weekend, January 12 or 13, where UP will move them to wherever they are going (I don't know where they are destined).
   From, I got the following regarding the history of some of these locomotives:
   FLIX 1204: BN 18967, Built 11/1953, Model SW9, FN 4244-7, RAILROADS: PS 237 to PS 1948 to WPRR 1204
   LRWN 103: BN 22788, Built 04/1957, Model GP9, FN 5518-2, RAILROADS: GN 713 to BN 1786 to LRWN 103

JANUARY 11, 2008 LITTLE ROCK - Friday, January 11, 2008 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Of special interest was two flatcars loaded with John Deere tractors. Also: UP 5208, 1888, 6069, 3822, 2832 *** NS 9617 *** BNSF 5611 *** CSX 8204, 8196 *** CN-GTW hi-cube *** Chessie hi-cube with sleeping cat *** CSX pure blue boxcar *** Western Pacific boxcars, one with the large WP, one with the WP symbol. Also a photo of a small boy excited to be watching the trains.

JANUARY 12, 2008 LITTLE ROCK - Saturday, January 12, 2008 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Of special interest today was UP 1900, an ex-DRGW GP60. Also today: UP 5782, 5832, 2003 (SP), 5502, 5127, 7289, 4147, 1900 (DRGW) *** CSX 5227 *** FURX 8114 *** CONRAIL 6783 *** NS 9639 *** ANRR Boxcar *** Blue-White long tankcar *** colorful coil cars.

JANUARY 13, 2008 LITTLE ROCK - Sunday, January 13, 2008 at the station in Little Rock. It was windy and cold, in the upper 30s. Of special interest today was KCM 4035 in the Belle colors used as a DPU on a southbound coal train. Also today: UP 1930, 2432, 9748, 3855, 2381, 5689, 6734, 5029, 6543, 9746, 1539 *** KCS 4035 Belle colors *** SP 9755 unpatched *** D&H Hopper NRLX 12324 ***  CNW green hoppers. *** TFM, DME, FWP boxcars.

JANUARY 15, 2008 - DUMP TRAIN - A Georgetown Rail Equipment (GREX) unit dump train passing Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Tuesday, January 15, 2008 shortly after noon. According to GREX's website (, these unit dump trains have a capacity of 1,500 nt, one 50-foot boom, 2,000 cubic ft capacity, weighs 63,000 pounds and is 1,000 feet long. It can be operated by one individual. This is classified MOW equipment, but is the term 'dump train' the correct name for it? I've also heard it could be called a 'slag' train or 'conveyor' train.

YAHOO GROUP RAILSPOT ANNUAL LUNCHEON JANUARY 19, 2008 - PLANO, TEXAS - Here's a quick page with only a couple of photos of the Railspot luncheon held at Love and War in Texas Restaurant in Plano, Texas, Saturday, January 19, 2008.

RAILSPOT LUNCHEON - MORE PHOTOS - Here's are a few pictures taken at the annual Railspot luncheon at the Love & War In Texas restaurant in Plano, Texas on Saturday, January 19, 2008. This was in conjunction of the Plano train show the same weekend.  Railspot Moderator Mike Murray said he counted 54 on the list that had signed up to attend.  Anyone in the picture not listed, email me. Here are those names:
   List for the Railspot Lunch at Love and War in Texas, Plano, TX 1:00 pm, January 19th, 2008:
   Mike Selby, Richard Whitenight, Mike & Vonnie Murray, Steve Grabman, Roy Grabman, Buz Grabman, Bob Tickner, Jim Shepherd,  Michael Ellis, Patrick Phelan, Brian Tindle +?, John Morris, Devin & Melanie Jackson with sons Aaron & Matthew Jackson. Boxcar Jim Satterwhite + 1, Chris Tolley, Don Ross & Virginia Gordon, Mike Bedford, Ken Ziegenbein, Lee + Matt Shell, Ruby & Charles Allen, Ron + Jonathan Roman, Jimmy & Ava Barlow, Erich S Houchens, Greg Goffinet + 1, Jeff Steen +1, Garl Latham, Bryan Flint, Bob King, Drew King, John & Carla Dyer, John Smith + 5, Richard  Wainscott, Steven Wainscott, Jim Vollmar, Ken Stavinoha.

JANUARY 21, 2008 - LITTLE ROCK - Up close and personal trains on a cold, cloudy Monday, January 21, 2008 at Little Rock's Union Station. For some reason, UP routed two trains over the 10 mph Amtrak siding and I got as close as legally possible for moving train photos. There were 6 trains in 1 hour and 15 minutes. Of special interest is Cotton Belt (UP) 1992, a relatively rare 4-axle locomotive (a GP60). Also: UP 4029, 4851, 4361, 9422, 1847, 1539, 9774, 4041, 7641 *** NS 8785 (really closeup) *** SSW/UP 1992 *** Rock Island blue boxcar HS 75094.

JANUARY 22, 2008 LITTLE ROCK - Here are just a couple of photos today at the station in Little Rock, plus some added fun. Included: UP 7348, 4134, 4621 *** CSX 8070 *** LLPX 2228 *** new GATX hopper CMO 13630 *** Flying lion *** lady lost.

JANUARY24, 2008 LITTLE ROCK - Cold and blustery on Thursday, January 24, 2008 at Little Rock's Union Station, about 30 degrees, but sunny. Just a handful of photos today, so they are presented in the higher resolution format instead of the click-to-enlarge format.  I included one photo of UP 9289 at 1280 pixels wide so if you have that resolution for your monitor, it should fill the screen left to right.
   Also today: Norfolk and Western boxcar *** Rare (?) yellow UP gondola (UP97000) with a faded UP shield logo on the right *** Four Wisconsin Central boxcars in a row *** UP 9289, 2725, 4959, 9082 (former CNW), 7218.

JANUARY 26, 2008 - LITTLE ROCK and BRINKLEY, AR - Little Rock & Western westbound train passing Union Station in Little Rock, going to Perry, Arkansas shortly after 11 in the morning, Saturday, January 26, 2008. They were using a leased Arkansas Midland locomotive, No. 722, and the ETRY unit, No. 7736. Other trains today at Little Rock and Brinkley, plus a trespassing cat on the curve at Brinkley. It was cloudy and cold, temperatures in the mid 30s at both places. Included today: UP 3273, 4600 *** IC 6058-Operation Lifesaver *** CN 5666 *** NS 9393, 8642 *** AKMD 722 *** ETRY 7736 *** 'Route Rock blue hopper *** Yellow CNW hopper *** Colorful BNSF hoppers *** Short sound MPEG movie of a speeding train passing the Brinkley, AR depot.

JANUARY 27, 2008 LITTLE ROCK UNION STATION AND BIDDLE YARD  - Sunday, January 27, 2008 at Union Station and Biddle Yard (former Rock Island), Little Rock, Arkansas. Lots of fallen-flag and unusual cars today, including an almost unit train of Golden West hoppers. The day started out cloudy and cold, 35 degrees, but cleared off rapidly by noon and getting warmer.
   Included today: SP 9775, unpatched except for a new UP yellow front door *** UP 5735, 9096, 9070, 9464 (twice), 4712, 1373, 1474 *** BNSF 4639 *** NS 9450 *** CSX 8449, 8093, 8219 *** CONRAIL 7301 *** IC 6058 *** 'New' autoracks *** Rusted Pillsbury blue hopper SOO 125110 *** Interesting junk on gondola SMIX 1040 *** Winchester & Western Railroad hopper WW 7227 *** Blue OXAX 6227 tankcar *** Hanson hopper PCTX 1523 *** Bright blue repainted Golden West Service hi-cube boxcar SSW 6668 *** KCS Gondola 801500 *** New or newly painted KCS boxcar 61378 *** Yellow CNW hopper 49014 *** Long string of Golden West Service hoppers (about 15 in a row) *** North Shore RR hi-cube boxcar NSHR 5508.

3M LOCOMOTIVE 403 AT 3M PLANT - LITTLE ROCK JANUARY 27, 2008 - This photo of 3M locomotive No. 403 was taken at the 3M plant off Arch Street (Hwy 367) in Little Rock, Arkansas, Sunday afternoon, January 27, 2008. According to Mike Murray, it's a SW 1200----Serial# 29787, Frame# 4473-8, Built 2/65, EX MP 1272 (2nd).  3M acquired it in 1985.

COLD TRAINS, TROLLEY,  LITTLE ROCK JANUARY 31, 2008 - Thursday, January 31, 2008 was a cold, wet day in the Little Rock area, with rain mixed with snow and sleet along with occasional thunder and lightning. The temperature was 33 degrees. What better time to take a picture of a train or two plus a streetcar!  Here they are, and include: UP 9679 and Central Arkansas Streetcar 412.

ROCK/SLOT TRAIN LITTLE ROCK-OTHERS-FEBRUARY 4, 2008 - Empty rock/slot train southbound passing Union Station in Little Rock Monday afternoon, February 4, 2008 headed by UPY 1336 and 1373. The articulated train had GREX 3410 as the first section followed by other GREX sections and then a long string of empty gondolas. The words 'Slot Machine' was on the GREX cars. There's also a shot of a speeding UP southbound train crossing Arkansas Highway 17 (in southeast Arkansas about 30 minutes south of Brinkley) just before dawn on Saturday, February 2.  I was on my way to the White River National Wildlife Refuge near St. Charles, Arkansas to photograph birds and saw and photographed a flock of thousands of Snowgeese, which are all over this area in the winter (I have a separate link to these photos on the train webpage if anyone is interested).  Union Pacific's main directional south line runs through this refuge.
   Also on this webpage: UP 4949, 2745, 9224, 6034, 5520 *** UPY 1336, 1373 *** MKT red gons 16156, 16298 *** MKT green gon 16513 *** Renewable Products Marketing Group string of new tankcars *** GREX 3410 rock/slot train.

ARKANSAS MIDLAND SWITCHING IN GALLOWAY, ARKANSAS FEBRUARY 9, 2008 - A relatively rare Arkansas Midland move to Galloway, Arkansas from North Little Rock on Saturday, February 9, 2008. I was on my way to the depot museum in Brinkley about 9:30 a.m. and saw the AKMD train switching at a plant in Galloway at the end of the line, so I decided to take a detour and get some photos. Arkansas Midland uses the former Rock Island line out of North Little Rock as far as Galloway, where a pile of rock on the track marks the end of the line (the other end of the former Rock Island is located at Danville, Arkansas west of Little Rock.  Little Rock & Western operates the line west of Little Rock. The former Rock Island line is not continuous through North Little Rock, where AKMD and LRWN use the UP).

FEBRUARY 9 & 10, 2008 - BRINKLEY - LITTLE ROCK - Saturday and Sunday, February 9 and 10, 2008 at Brinkley and Little Rock, Arkansas. Included: Brinkley Depot photo and short history *** West Central hopper *** GTA hopper *** Greenville Northern Railway boxcar *** Two photos of Trumpeter Swans on a private lake in Heber Springs, AR *** UP 9406, 8606, 1890, 4367, 2341 *** NS 8956, 6717-New, 8376, 6616 *** CSX 5388. I just missed Railspot member 'Boxcar Jim' Satterwhite at the depot in Brinkley as he was traveling through. Missed him by 30 minutes.

FEBRUARY 14, 2008 LITTLE ROCK - Here's a few photos taken at Little Rock on Valentine's Day, 2008. Included today: Three weird railfans I've never seen before *** CSX 8405, 4979 *** UP 9275, 7179, 2312, 2990 (ex-CNW), 4679, 9650 *** UP 900700 silver work car *** Soo Line faded gondola.

UP CENTENNIAL 6936 SPECIAL TRAIN BRINKLEY, AR, FEBRUARY 16, 2008 - UP DD40X 6936 headed a 10-car Union Pacific Wimmer Engineering Special passenger train from Chicago to Pine Bluff on Saturday, February 16, 2008, shown here passing the Brinkley, Arkansas Depot Museum at speed at 4:48 p.m. This was the 16th train to pass this station today. It was cloudy and rainy most of the afternoon, and just a couple of minutes before the special passed, it turned very dark and began raining harder. I had to really adjust my camera settings rapidly, increasing the sensitivity, so there's a blur in the photos. Plus, the special was zipping by at track speed (at least 60 mph for passenger trains).  It was a sharp-looking train, which tied up in Pine Bluff after 6 p.m.

NUMEROUS TRAINS BRINKLEY, AR, FEB 16, 2008 - Saturday, February 16, 2008 at Brinkley, Arkansas. It was a cloudy, rainy day. There were sixteen trains today in about 8 hours, not bad for a run-through location. Locomotives today: Conrail 5960 *** CSX 8599, 5482 *** UP 3536, 8340, 9119, 9428, UP-SP 2701, UP 4814, 6936-Centennial *** NS 7613, 9484, 6709, 8848, 8700 *** BNSF-Santa Fe 3175, BNSF 4390, BNSF-Warbonnet 796. *** Rare or unusual freight cars: MKT short green hopper HLCX 4140 in surprisingly good shape *** String of AOK boxcars, including one with North Coast Railroad Authority logo *** String of coil cars *** Rockdale(?), Sandow(?) & Southern Railroad Company worn gondola *** Rail-hauling cars *** Relatively new articulated auto-racks.

FEBRUARY 17, 2007 LITTLE ROCK - Sunday, February 17, 2008 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Included today was a nice pair of CN locomotives heading one train and a flatcar what had a small 4-wheel rail wagon on it.  Also: Locomotives: 7625, 9162, 7699, 3687, 2206, 8351, 1540, 4081 *** LLPX 2229 *** BNSF 4123 *** CN 2662, 6139. Unusual stuff: Two flat cars had lots of small items on them, one being a 4-wheel rail wagon *** 4 log cars.

ULM & CLARENDON, AR-FEBRUARY 23, 2008 - Saturday, February 23, 2008 - Trains at Clarendon and Ulm, Arkansas on the main south-line of the Union Pacific, the same line that runs through Brinkley, Arkansas (former Cotton Belt). Ulm is located about 8 miles east of Stuttgart and about 30 miles southwest of Brinkley. Clarendon is about 19 miles east of Stuttgart. Both Stuttgart and Ulm are old German settlements, but Stuttgart is much larger due to the huge rice farming corporations in this part of Arkansas. Ulm only has a population of 205 (much like my hometown of New Ulm, Texas). Clarendon has 1,960 and Stuttgart has a population of 9,376. This area also has several Lutheran Churches, rare in Arkansas, mostly due to the German settlers.
   Two trains today. Included: UP 4621 (two times) *** NS 8810 *** scenes of the White River Highway bridge in Clarendon and scenes of downtown Ulm, Arkansas.

FEBRUARY 24, 2008 - LITTLE ROCK, AR - A few trains passing Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas, Sunday, February 24, 2008. I guess the most interesting photos are of two SD40-2s leading an intermodal, 4 new shiny red SeverCorr steel cars and an unpatched Cotton Belt 9693.  Others: UP 4658, UP-SP 2741, UP 4910, 9345, 3609, 1539, 3559, 2502, 5008, 3039, 3182, 9104 *** CSX 5438 *** SSW 9693.

FEBRUARY 29, 2008 - LITTLE ROCK - Included today, Friday, February 29, 2008 at the station in Little Rock and UP yards in North Little Rock: UP 1539, 102, 939 *** HLCX 6313 (red and blue), HLCX 6213 (all red), HLCX 7203 (all red), HLCX 6315 (red with white roof), all seemed freshly painted *** KCS 4520. A train used the Amtrak siding again today.

BRINKLEY, AR MARCH 1, 2008 -  Brinkley, Arkansas Saturday, March 1, 2008. Included today were three BNSF locomotives all together, all different colors, and the UP-MoPac Heritage 1982, which was dirty. It looked like it hit a dirty snowball. Also: UP 1982, 9494, 1929 *** BNSF 6901, 6835, 549 *** NS 9130 *** CSX 7640, 4517, 8449 *** pipes.

SNOW-LITTLE ROCK, MARCH 7, 2008 - A snowy day in Little Rock, Arkansas. Here's a few scenes from Union Station and the UP North Little Rock yard, plus a Little Rock streetcar in the snow. It had just started snowing about an hour before these photos and we ended up with 3-4 inches in Little Rock while about 60 miles west on the UP Van Buren sub near Russellville, AR, 12-15 inches were reported. This snowfall is supposedly the most the state has had for so late in the winter season since 1894.

BRINKLEY, AR MARCH 8, 2008 - SNOW SCENES - Saturday, March 8, 2008, the day after a record snowfall for so late in the winter season across much of Arkansas. Several places in west and north Arkansas had 15-18 inches of snow. Brinkley had 6 inches and a lot was still on the ground today. It was sunny and 39 degrees (20 degrees below the normal for the date). Of interest today was a colorful combination of a blue Conrail 6742 and a BNSF-Santa Fe Warbonnet 660. Also a sharp-looking CN unit, No. 2720. I included a few shots of snow around the Brinkley depot, plus some snow scenes of the Hazen, Arkansas renovated Rock Island depot. Trains today: UP 3555, 9539, 4642 *** Conrail 6742 *** Santa Fe-BNSF Warbonnet 660 *** CN 2720.

LRWN - RIVER TRAIL, MARCH 10-13, 2008 - Little Rock & Western showed up at Union Station on Thursday, March 13, 2008, as well as a few other trains. Also a scene of the Baring Cross bridge taken from the bike trail that used to be the Missouri Pacific's river line in Little Rock. Seen today: AKMD 722 *** LRWN 7736 *** UP 3135, 2006 *** NS 9965 *** MKT green hopper HLMX 4140 *** 'Cotton' hopper without the 'Belt'

BRINKLEY, AR MARCH 15, 2008 - Saturday, March 15, 2008 at Brinkley, Arkansas. Not many trains today. Included are: UP 4978, 8330, 9527, 7622 *** CSX 692 *** BNSF 6022 *** Short Tate&Lyle STSX 52102 tankcar *** Posing redbird *** My long-lost relative painted on a railcar.

COLORFUL SIGNALS LITTLE ROCK MARCH 17, 2008 - Colorful signals at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on March 17, 2008. These were on the north side of the station. UP's North Little Rock yards are located around the curve and across the Arkansas River to the left. The green signal to the right indicates that a freight is lined up to pass on the Amtrak siding, which is unusual but does happen once a day or so. This train will take the switch to the second track (Main 2) just beyond this signal. The lower of the stacked dwarf signals indicates the track is lined for another freight to cross over from the second track to the third track (from Main 2 to Main 1).
   The green high-ball signal under the bridge means the train that switches from the Amtrak siding to Main 2 has the track to UP's yards, after crossing the Baring Cross bridge over the Arkansas River. The two yellow signals to the left indicate that a train will cross from Main 2 to Main 1 just past the dwarf signals, then cross the Baring Cross bridge, then head west on the Van Buren Sub to Fort Smith (this train was an empty coal train). The red signal just beyond the 4th track (which belongs to the shortline Little Rock & Western RR) means that any LRWN train that arrives has to stop here until it gets a yellow or green signal.
   Photo included of the intermodal that passed on the Amtrak siding headed by UP 4282 and KCS 4596. (Ken Ziegenbein photos - sent to Yahoo's Railspot group and Railway-Signaling group)

AMTRAK STATION VERY BUSY MARCH 21, 2008 - Northbound Amtrak Texas Eagle No. 22 was  turned to become the southbound No. 21 at Little Rock the night of  (March 21). Passengers were bused between Little Rock and St Louis and St Louis to Little Rock due to the tracks between St Louis and Poplar Bluff having flood damage. Five buses were sent north to St Louis and 6 buses were sent south out of St Louis to Little Rock. A large crowd of over 200, including a group from the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff, were at the station. A similar count will be brought to Little Rock from St Louis heading south. All this activity occurred in the middle of the night from about 10:30 p.m. to 4 a.m.
   To help out, both Little Rock agents Richard Finch and Larry Highfill, were on duty, along with Amtrak's Joy Smith and Dallas Agent Jim Cameron, whom Joy picked up on her way to Little Rock to help out. Bill Pollard also was there to help with the logistics. I took many photos, some of which are included below. I didn't use flash except for taking the photo of the Amtrak agents and helpers, since it would have been rude for all the passengers to be blinded by flashes in the middle of the night. As a result, some photos are a little dark, but they do show the excitement and activity of this night.  It was really an exciting atmosphere, noisy and crowded.
   The consist of No. 22 that arrived and turned was: Locomotives 182 and 206, followed by Superliners 39022, 32009, 38062 (diner), 33033 (Sightseer Lounge, which will stay on the Eagle through at least the summer), 31024, 34041 and 34061. Number 22 arrived about 1:40 a.m.  I've also included a couple of shots of freights.

BRINKLEY, AR MARCH 22, 2008 - Seen today at Brinkley, Arkansas: UP 2002 - Olympic unit *** UP 5324, 2299 *** CN 5739, 2690, 5531 ('zebra' stripes), 1035 (or 1039).

NCAA BASKETBALL FANS, STREETCARS AND MIAMI HURRICANE CHEERLEADERS LITTLE ROCK MARCH 21-23, 2008 - The NCAA first round South regional basketball tournament was held at Alltel Arena in North Little Rock, AR from March 21 thru March 23, 2008, which meant tons of riders for the central Arkansas streetcars. Here are some pictures of that, plus some of the crowds. Included are four Miami Hurricane cheerleaders.
25-UNIT LIGHT ENGINE MOVE INTO NORTH LITTLE ROCK, APRIL 3, 2008 - UP ran a 25-unit locomotive light move from Roseville, California to North Little Rock, Arkansas, leaving Roseville March 28, 2008, arriving North Little Rock 1:58 p.m.n Thursday, April 3, 2008.  Here are some photos of the train arriving at North Little Rock April 3. (Many thanks to George Porter, Mike Harris and John C. Jones for the heads-up).  Consist of this engine move was all UP. UP 8417 lead, followed by UP 2327, 2399, 9290, 3140, 2263, 2282, 9169, 2437, 8755, 8810 (SP), 3724, 3230, 3462, 3346, 9144, 9254, 9346, 7882, 3112, 3188, 3699, 2255, 2292, and 2200.

LITTLE ROCK AND BRINKLEY TRAINS APRIL 5-6, 2008 - Saturday and Sunday, April 5 and 6, 2008 at Little Rock and Brinkley, Arkansas. Here's some selected photos from both days, including: Trailer on a flatcar at the end of a UPS intermodal with "Texas Agriculture - GO TEXAN" on the end and "Michael Angelo's" on the side *** Rio Grande GP-60 No. 1900, patched, one of only 3 GP-60s built for the DRG *** KCS 4542, 4513, 4534 *** Conrail 8809 *** CSX 8609, 7506, 8837 *** UP 2376, 1822, 5318, 2427, 3527, 2477, 6201, 8586 *** BNSF 5233, 5498 *** New bright green BRIX hopper 97357 *** Artsy black, shiny tank cars reflecting the yellow warning stripe on the Amtrak platform *** Norfolk and Western hi-cube boxcar *** US Coast & Geodetic Survey Benchmark on Brinkley Union Depot *** Cherry and lime candy cigarettes (i.e., a load of pipes with pink and green ends).  (All photos and humor by Ken Ziegenbein)
   As a sideline, after over 12 inches of rain during the past couple of weeks in Missouri and the northern half of Arkansas, the White and Cache Rivers were flooding as of this date, including the Dagmar area west of Brinkley. The entire White River and Cache River National Wildlife Refuges are under water, including the old Rock Island grade west of Brinkley. The UP's busy line through the refuge has not been affected, however. Where I normally go to photograph birds is now under 3-4 feet of water and accessible only by boat.  US 70 runs through this refuge and you can see all the water on both sides of the road. Millions of gnats and other small bugs are all over the place in this area, and made quite a mess of my windshield. Snakes are also starting to come out, and I saw dead raccoons, snakes, skunks, possums, birds every quarter mile or so on Highway 70, all hit by autos.  (Ken Z)

PICTURESQUE SCENE OF TRAIN AND SKY, BRINKLEY, AR, APRIL 12, 2008 - Although not a rare site in this part of eastern Arkansas at Brinkley on the UP, CN 5738's bright red/black color contrasted nicely today (Saturday, April 12) with a deep blue sky containing a couple of birds and two small clouds. The scene was further enhanced by low, early morning sunlight. (Ken Ziegenbein photo)

LITTLE ROCK, AR APRIL 13, 2008 - Sunday, April 13, 2008 at Little Rock. Included today:UP 9693, 4727, 9728, 6519,1540, 2389, 4610, 9140, 5527 *** CSX 5223, 9010 *** KCS 4012 *** NS 9073, 9355 *** 8-axle flatcar *** KRL heavy-hauler 45828.

CNW 8646 UNPATCHED IN NORTH LITTLE ROCK APRIL 16, 2008 - Unpatched CNW 8646 in the UP yards in North Little Rock, Arkansas on April 16, 2008.

UP 1995 - CNW HERITAGE - NORTH LITTLE ROCK APRIL 22, 2008 - UP Heritage locomotive 1995 (Chicago and NorthWestern unit) in North Little Rock, Arkansas, April 22, 2008. This unit has been on a circle routing within Arkansas the past week or so, usually running southward through Brinkley, Pine Bluff, then north to North Little Rock, Bald Knob, Jonesboro, then south again on the same route.  This is the first time this heritage unit has been in the state.  It came in on the MPRPB, went to North Little Rock, AR on the YPB71.  From there it went out on the MNLME, and came back on the MNVPB.  From Pine Bluff, AR it went north on the MPBJB (Jonesboro Local).  It come back south on the MJBNL.  Once it got to North Little Rock, AR it went north on the MNLAS.  (From 'mad-dog' on

BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS APRIL 26,2008 - Saturday, April 26, 2008 at Brinkley, Arkansas. I took advantage of a slow order of trains passing the depot in the afternoon to try some different photographic angles. On most days, by the time I hear the locomotive's horn at the crossing just north of the depot,  it's passing the station so I just get the shot through the window. Included today: CSX 7629, 7870 *** UP 9657, 6468, 8558, 4974, 4838 *** Columbus & Greenville boxcar *** NEGRO De HUMO - NEGROMEX hopper ENDX 455325 (I've never seen this name on a hopper).

LITTLE ROCK, AR APRIL 27, 2008 - A cool (50s) and rainy day in Little Rock, Arkansas, Sunday April 27, 2008. Included today was an 'almost' unpatched Santa Fe unit, No. 640 and since the Warbonnet scheme of Santa Fe is one of my favorites, I got several pictures of it in this 'rare' territory. Also today: UP 8552, 4634, 2725 *** NS 8923 *** BNSF 983, 7728 *** 'Jesus Saves' on black tank car.

BURNED UP 9697, FRANKLIN, TX APRIL 29, 2008 - A blackened UP 9697 next to US Highway 79 in Franklin, Texas (east of Hearne), on April 29, 2008.  The lady at the service station said she thought this locomotive was involved in a crossing accident with a semi a few days before.

NEW ULM, TEXAS MAY 1, 2008 - Thursday, May 1, 2008 in New Ulm, Texas. UP 7562 heads a Sealy-bound rock train on the Smithville Sub, milepost 113.80.

SEALY, TEXAS MAY 3, 2008 - Saturday, May 3, 2008 at Sealy and New Ulm, Texas on the UP and BNSF. Both Sealy and New Ulm are located on the former Katy RR Smithville Sub, which runs between Smithville and Katy, Texas. UP now owns this sub and has trackage rights on the BNSF at Sealy to connect with UP's Sunset line at Rosenberg. Sealy and New Ulm are located about 70 and 90 miles northwest of Houston respectively.
   Trains today at New Ulm: UP 7541. At Sealy, BNSF 753 and 7721, and UP 7523 using the connection to the BNSF from the Smithville sub.  I met Matthew Dittert (on the Railspot Yahoo Group) at Sealy. (Ken Ziegenbein photos).

GLIDDEN, TEXAS ON THE UP SUNSET LINE MAY 6, 2008 - Tuesday, May 6, 2008 just west of Glidden, Texas on UP's Sunset Line. One empty gondola train today headed by UP 7532, a westbound up the hill from Glidden close to Milepost 205. Glidden is just west of Columbus, Texas, about 90 miles west of Houston. The Sunset Limited uses this line.

MOPAC JUNCTION BRIDGE OPENS AS PEDESTRIAN TRAIL MAY 17, 2008 - The Junction Railroad Bridge across the Arkansas River between Little Rock and North Little Rock, Arkansas was reopened as a pedestrian and biking bridge on Saturday, May 17, 2008. Dedication was held at 10:30 a.m. with thousands attending on the bridge. This bridge once belonged to the Missouri Pacific Railroad, then Union Pacific got it when they merged with the MoPac in 1982. UP closed the bridge to rail traffic in 1985, according to the press release. UP ceded the bridge to the city of Little Rock in 1999. Through the inter-local agreement, the bridge was leased for 99 years to the Pulaski County Facilities Board for the purpose of developing the pedestrian/bicycle bridge.
   Construction work for the conversion began in 2007 with total project costs of $5,800,000 from local, state and federal transportation funds. The bridge is believed to be the only 'lift-span" bridge that has been converted to a pedestrian/bicycle bridge in the United States. The lift-span is locked into place in a raised position to allow barge traffic to go under on the Arkansas River. Visitors to the bridge may go the entire length of the bridge by riding elevators up or down from the 360-foot lift span. The overall length of the bridge is 1,800 feet. The original paint is being left on the bridge to signify its age, although some areas have been modernized and painted in a fresh coat of blue paint.
   McClelland Engineers was the project engineering firm and May Construction was the general contractor. Both are headquartered in Little Rock. Eighty percent of the funding for the renovation was provided by grants from the Federal Transportation budget through the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department. The remaining 20 percent match was provided by road and bridge funds of the Cities of Little Rock and North Little Rock as well as Pulaski County.
   The Junction Bridge is a component of the Six Bridges Plan. In 1999, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Donaghey Project for Urban Studies and Design developed the Six Bridges Framework Plan. The Six Bridges from west to east are: Baring Cross Bridge (currently the mainline bridge used by Union Pacific on its directional-north line into the North Little Rock's UP yards), Broadway Bridge (US 70B highway bridge), Main Street Bridge (on which the Central Arkansas River Rail's streetcars run on Main Street), Junction Bridge, I-30 Bridge (Interstate 30 starts in North Little Rock and runs to Fort Worth, Texas), and Rock Island Bridge (currently belongs to the Clinton Library people and supposedly will one day become another pedestrian bridge).
   A little more about this historic bridge from the press release and my occasional comments:
   1) Lift span is now raised 38 feet above the fixed bridge span. It had originally been 32 feet at max height above the fixed span. It was raised the additional 6 feet because of alignment purposes. Once the span was lifted, support beams were installed using cranes operating from a barge.
   2) The Junction Bridge was originally constructed in 1884 as a railroad bridge by the Choctaw and Memphis Railroad and operated by the Union Pacific Railroad (?? -I'm not sure about this). Originally constructed to connect the Little Rock and Fort Smith rail line with the Little Rock, Mississippi River and Texas Railway.
   3) Since 1985, the Junction Bridge has not operated in any capacity. (According to John Jones, a USPS special train operated on the bridge sometime in the 1990s as a special move).

DPU'S ON INTERMODALS LITTLE ROCK MAY 17 AND 19, 2008 - LOCUST STREET NLR VIEWS - Here's two intermodals with DPU's passing the station in Little Rock, Arkansas on May 17 and May 19, 2008. Plus a photo of a hopper with "Census - Count Yourself In - May 15 - 2001" from Canada and some photos taken off the Locust Street Bridge at UP's North Little Rock yards.  Included: UP 7898, 7680, 7735, 5499.

BRINKLEY MAY 31 AND LITTLE ROCK MAY 29, 2008 - Saturday, May 31, 2008 at Brinkley, Arkansas and one shot in Little Rock May 29.  Included: UP 4873, 2379, 2415, 4132 *** NS 9518, 9247 *** CSX 8721, 5346 *** BNSF 4794.

LOST AND LONELY CN 5268 JUNE 2, 2008 LITTLE ROCK - "Lost and lonely" CN 5268 by itself passing Little Rock's Union Station on Monday, June 2, 2008.

LITTLE ROCK, JUNE 2, 2008 - Monday, June 2, 2008 at the station in Little Rock. Included today: UP 7813, 4600, 9288, 2301, 9103 *** CN 5268, a single engine move.

MEET OF LRWN AND FERROMEX-UP TRAIN LITTLE ROCK JUNE 3, 2008 - Tuesday, June 3, 2008. A rare meet of the Little Rock & Western (coming from Perry, Arkansas on their own line)  and a Ferromex locomotive heading a train on the UP Main passing Union Station. Had I had one more glass of water for lunch, I'd have missed them.  Included are: Ferromex 4637 *** LRWN 7736 *** AKMD 722 *** NS 2665 *** UP 9407 *** String of Canadian hoppers *** KCS coil car 720118 being hauled on a flatcar with its trucks on the flatcar as well.

17-UNIT ENGINE MOVE OF SD40S LITTLE ROCK TO OGDEN UTAH, JUNE 4, 2008 - Union Pacific ran a special 17-unit 'SD40 funeral train' past Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Wednesday, June 4, 2008. This train started at Pine Bluff, Arkansas about 4 p.m. and got to the station about 5:45 p.m., where it waited on the Amtrak siding for a southbound UP train and the westbound Little Rock & Western train to clear the track. It left the station at 6:28 p.m. Its' ID is EPBOG-3, Pine Bluff to Ogden, Utah.  (Ken Ziegenbein photos - thanks to Mr. C for the heads-up)
   Here is the consist, all  Union Pacific - 5040--power unit - 9216--power unit - 2911 - 2944 - 2963 - 2974 - 3025 - 3050 - 3095 - 3096 - 3192 - 3383 - 8702 - 2883 - 2956 - 3157 - 3326

BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS JUNE 7, 2008 - Saturday, June 7, 2008 at Brinkley, Arkansas (half-way between Little Rock and Memphis on I-40 in eastern Arkansas). Included today are (13 trains today): UP9544, 4398, 8591, 5209, 4377, 9201 *** CSX 5375 *** CN 5793, 5360 *** UNKNOWN 8466 *** NS 9890, 2560. Two KRL heavy haulers.

RED FLAG-BANNER TEST LITTLE ROCK JUNE 8, 2008- Here are twelve photos taken Sunday, June 8, 2008 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. There was a red flag/banner test done on two trains while we were there, about 930 a.m. According to Steve Graham: "It's called a banner test and can only be done if a train is running at restricted speed (by either being talked by a red signal or running in yard/restricted limits).  It tests the crews ability to stop within 1 half the range of vision and short of any obstructions (i.e. trains, switches lined against them, people on tracks, etc...) which is a requirement for restricted speed.  It's a common test performed on crews by management and is required by the Feds. - Steve Grabman"

MARSHALL, TEXAS - GERANIUMS AND TRAINS JUNE 9, 2008 - Geraniums and Trains. June 9, 2008 at the Marshall, Texas depot. Included are: CSX 7891, 13 *** UP 4941, 4048, 2431 *** UPY 1443 *** CN 5356 *** KCS boxcar on a flatcar.

BNSF-UP IN TEXAS JUNE 10 AND 12, 2008 - On June 10 and 12, 2008, I railfanned the BNSF from Milano to Sealy, Texas. With other commitments, I didn't have time to spend more than about an hour at various places waiting on trains, so I only got 3 moving BNSF trains during those two days, and a couple of photos of standing trains. Also included is the UP at Gauze, Texas, which is west of Hearne. Moving BNSF trains were at Somerville, north of Caldwell and just south of Somerville. I did stake out some good sites, though, such as at Caldwell near the BNSF signal maintainer office and at Kenney, Texas. Seen were: BNSF 9344, 9934, 4353, 4991, 4670, 4456, 7562, 720 ***  UP 7557 *** NS 9483 ***  Kenney site, cat and butterflies.

LITTLE ROCK, JUNE 14, 2008 - A good variety of roadnames today, including: NS 9700, 8727 *** SP 8674 unpatched, SP/UP 2741 *** CSX 7349 *** RIO GRANDE 1900 *** KCS 4548, 4523 *** UP 5497, 3876, 3973.

EMERGENCY 911 CALL MADE FOR SOMEONE IN NEED - BNSF TRAIN - LITTLE ROCK JUNE 15, 2008 - Sunday, June 15, 2008 at Little Rock. We called 911 for a lady who had apparently been beaten somewhere in town and had walked past us at the station, asking us to call the police. We did via a cell phone and the police and medics arrived about 6 minutes later.  They took her away in an ambulance. While all this was going on, a train headed by BNSF 6762 came by, and that train  plus one more are the only two I photographed today (also got UP 5827).

The North Texas Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society held the NRHS' National Convention in Fort Worth, Texas the week of June 16, 2008. Here are photos of the special train excursion between Fort Worth and Quanah, Texas (Quanah Zephyr) on the BNSF, using the former Burlington (FW&D) line, a very rare mileage trip.
   We stopped on a siding 5 miles south of Henrietta next to a stopped loaded coal train on the track to the right of us. This siding was called the Dick Worsham siding. There was a trespasser going between the coal cars that had an axe and had spray painted his face blue. The BNSF Agent arrested the man. He had apparently loosened a couple of air hoses, so the coal train had to be inspected before we could get back on the main line. This incident cost us one hour of time.  We stopped for passengers at Wichita Falls before getting to Quanah.
   The best thing about this trip was the FANTASTIC reception given for us by the city of Quanah. They rolled out the red carpet, even having 'red caps' directing us to attractions. They Quanah Route depot museum and other museums in town were full of excellent exhibits, including railroad history and other historical artifacts. Worth a trip back to see everything. They also fed us half-pound grilled hamburgers, freshly grilled just outside the eating facility. There were hundreds that showed up when the train arrived, along with horse-drawn carriages and festive mounted flag-bearers.
   The train left Fort Worth at 7 a.m., returning to Fort Worth at 9:05 p.m. Everyone had a great time, although it was a long day.
   An interesting sideline: I created this entire webpage on my laptop while traveling on Amtrak 22 (Texas Eagle) from Fort Worth to Little Rock on June 22 in a regular coach.

- Dark, stormy skies and Superliners at Longview, Texas June 19 - Round trip on the Texas Eagle Little Rock-Fort Worth June 19 and 22 with inside and outside photos - Train watching in Saginaw and North Fort Worth, Texas near old tower 60 - Locomotives seen: BNSF 7752, 6894 (Santa Fe blue and yellow), 3166 (Santa Fe blue and yellow), 8060 *** UP 4632, 5900 *** BNSF Gensets 1287, 1291. The reason for my trip was to attend the National National Railway Historical Society convention in Fort Worth.

LITTLE ROCK JUNE 28, 29, 2008 - June 28 and 29, 2008 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Seen were: UP 7111, 9546, 2686(SP), 9076, 4408, 4210,4238,3969, 4277, 4578 *** CONRAIL 8812 *** NS 9880 *** BNSF-SF Warbonnet 630.

AMTRAK'S TEXAS EAGLE #21 SOUTHBOUND, JUNE 29, 2008 - On Sunday, June 29, 2008, Amtrak's southbound Texas Eagle, Number 21, was about 5 hours late into Little Rock and here are some photos of the train and many passengers who got off and on.

TAKEN FROM THE CANTRELL ROAD BRIDGE, LITTLE ROCK,  JUNE 30, 2008 - Taken from the Cantrell Road bridge in Little Rock, Arkansas, overlooking Union Station and the Arkansas State Capitol, on June 30, 2008. Included are: UP 8347 and BNSF 4111, 3006.

LITTLE ROCK, AR JULY 4, 2008 - Boy and his mother watching trains at the station in Little Rock, AR July 4 plus a couple of trains. Included today: UP 3804, 7717 *** Two loads of logs *** HS-AD&N boxcar 30717.

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE SOUTHBOUND No. 21 JULY 4, 2008 LITTLE ROCK - Amtrak's Texas Eagle southbound No. 21 was 7 hours and 45 minutes late leaving Little Rock on the Fourth of July, 2008. Here are some photos.

KCS 4106 BELLE ON A WORK TRAIN NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR JULY 4, 2008 - KCS 4106 headed a UP dump/rock/work train on the Van Buren Sub at 13th Street in North Little Rock, Arkansas on July 4, 2008. This train was sitting here for a couple of hours.. I took the photos about 11 a.m. (Thanks to Dale Dudley for the heads up)

BRINKLEY, AR JULY 5, 2008 - Saturday, July 5, 2008 at Brinkley, Arkansas at the Depot Museum. Much of the day was dark with areas of rain. Included today: UP 3923, 7824,2918, 9826, 2434  *** CSX 7785 *** Peninsula Terminal boxcar HS 75397.

BRINKLEY, AR JULY 12, 2008 - Saturday, July 12, 2008 at the Brinkley Depot Museum in Brinkley, Arkansas. Perfect, sunny day. Included today were:
1) 2:01 p.m.  - NS 8865, CN 579(?) -  mixed train. KRL heavy haulers 48016 and 45829 were in the middle of the train.
2) 2:40 p.m - UP 3992, CN 5930 -  intermodal (UPS)
3) 3:22 p.m. - UP 9768, UP 2310 - mixed train.
4) 3:37 p.m. - CSX 576, UP 9652, CSX 871(?) - mixed train.
5) 4:21 p.m. - UP 5170, UP 9433 with a long empty intermodal flat train from West Memphis.
6) 4:45 p.m. - CSX 8427, CSX 8063, HLCX (??) - mixed train had 3 Chessie Cat boxcars in a row but no photos.
7) 5:44 p.m. - CONRAIL 7305, CSX 8236 - autorack train.

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS JULY 13, 2008 - Sunday, July 13, 2008 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. A little excitement today as a train went into emergency in front of the station after two cars became uncoupled. Plus a rare Sunday Little Rock & Western train passed the station. Included today:
1) 11:15 a.m. - train separated after becoming uncoupled.
2) 11:26 a.m. - UP/SP 2715 on southbound.
3) 12:18 p.m. - UP 5692 with LRWN train rounding curve in background.
4) 12:22 p.m. - LRWN 102, Arkansas Midland 722
5) 12:28 p.m. - UP 5469
6) 12:32 p.m. - UP 8645
7) 12:42 p.m. - LRWN train taken from the Cantrell Road overpass.
8) 1:19 p.m. - UP 5345
9) 1:21 p.m. - UP/SP 9647, former SP 8183, a GE C44-9W, the last SP
8100-series not painted in UP yellow.
10) 1:35 p.m. - UP 5345, AKMD 722, UP 6836, all 3 trains in one photo
11) 1:44 p.m. - UP 5925DPU, AKMD 722 and UP 5345 all on one photo.

STREETCARS ON 3RD STREET-LITTLE ROCK JULY 15, 2008 - Here's a few streetcar scenes on a bright, sunny day on 3rd Street in Little Rock, Arkansas (July 15, 2008). Included are views looking both ways on 3rd Street, some looking toward the Clinton Presidential Library and some looking toward downtown Little Rock. I took some from under the I-30 over pass, which the streetcars go under on their way to the Clinton Library stop.

LITTLE ROCK-JACKSONVILLE-CABOT-BEEBE, ARKANSAS JULY 20 AND 22, 2008 - Here's a few photos from several locations in Arkansas on July 20 and 22, 2008. Included are:
JULY 20 at Union Station, Little Rock:
1) 10:56 a.m. - UP 2502-CN 5923
2) Unknown load on IM flat
3) 11:10 a.m - UP 1539 with long consist
4) UP 2462 with what looks like a fresh paint job
5) Unknown name on gondola

JULY 22 (Tuesday):
1) 10:34 a.m. - Jacksonville, AR - UP 9581 southbound
2) Old UP shield on boxcar (IFRX517569)
3) Two cars of finished logs/poles on the end of the train
4) 11:12 a.m. - Cabot, AR (MP 322.92) - UP inspection truck
5) 11:13 a.m. - UP 3857
6) 11:32 a.m. - Beebe, AR - photo of MoPac depot, now used as a beauty salon
7) Old baggage cart at Beebe depot
8) Several fuel trucks crossing the UP's double tracks on South Main Street in Beebe, a potentially dangerous, nightmarish scenario.

TRAIN PHOTOS FROM ACROSS ARKANSAS JULY 26, 2008 - Saturday, July 26, 2008 at various places in Arkansas, including: Marion (BNSF's Fedex Intermodal Yard and UP's large Intermodal facility at Ebony), Sunset, Marked Tree, Gilmore, Jericho, Hunter, Brinkley and Little Rock. This was the unofficial Train Picture Day in North America, so I wanted to get several towns with trains. Another group of Arkansas Railroad Club members went north of Little Rock to railfan the BNSF in north Arkansas. We all started the day at 5 a.m. (Ken Ziegenbein photos)

Included today:
1) BNSF 5704, dpu on a coal train at Marion, AR, 7:59 a.m. (near West Memphis, AR in extreme east Arkansas)
2) Photo of the Marion Intermodal Facility of the BNSF through the fence.
3) Harvard Yard in Marion.
4) CSX 4737, BNSF 325, BNSF 4358, BNSF 1024 on a mixed train northbound, crossing Highway 135 on an overpass (a few miles south of Marked Tree) at 8:40 a.m.
5) Same train at Marked Tree, AR at 8:50 a.m.
6) BNSF 5318, CN5433 southbound at Marked Tree, 9:02 a.m.
7) CSX 4737 leaves Marked Tree northbound at 9:05 a.m. These two trains passed.
8) BNSF 5318 at Gilmore, AR, 9:36 a.m.
9) BNSF 5318-CN 5433, Jericho, 9:50 a.m.
10) UP Ebony Yard at 10:08 a.m. (Ebony is just outside Marion)
11) Diesel Supply Co. yard unit No. 189 at Ebony
12) NS 9162, Fair Oaks, 11:16 a.m.
13) NS 9162, Hunter, 11:31 a.m. (I had a heck of a time getting ahead of it!)
14) UP 2414, CN 5534(?), Brinkley, 1:59 a.m.
15) UP 9390, Brinkley, 2:14 p.m.
16) UP 9687, 6:04 p.m., Union Station, Little Rock

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS JULY 27, 2008 - Included today:
1) BNSF 5174 and SF/BNSF blue-yellow 6484 with unit grain train (trackage rights) - 10:00 a.m.
2) UP 5103 - 10:36 a.m.
3) UP/SP 2712, 8674, 2715 - 11:37 a.m.

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS AUGUST 1 AND 3, 2008 - Here's a few trains at Little Rock, Arkansas passing Union Station, Sunday August 3, 2008 plus one photo of a Central Arkansas Transit streetcar taken August 1. Included today:
1) River Rail Streetcar 411, August 1, 12:29 p.m.
2) UP 5147,  8:56 a.m.
3) UP 7198, 9:05 a.m.
4) UP 6845, DPU of coal train headed by 7198.
5) UP 4868, 9:35 a.m.
6) UP 4370, 9:47 a.m.
7) Our crew of railfans, under the shade tree in the parking lot.
8) Engine move from Biddle to the North Little Rock yards at 9:57 a.m. headed by UP 1930.
9) UP 1917-1370 and 1336.
10) UP 4767, 10:05 a.m.
11) Two CSX units, 7780 and 7834, come by at 10:17 a.m.
12) Old and worn SP hi-cube.
13) Ashley, Drew & Northern boxcar (HS 30716).
14) UP 550, 10:57 a.m.
15) Long string of new (since the spring) CITX hoppers, exterior applied in Paragould, AR 03-2008.
16) UP-SP 2741, the second train to use the Amtrak siding, at 12:01 p.m.
17) Train and helicopter.
   It was 100-plus degrees later in the day, I think the 4th or 5th straight day it's been over 100. However, due to all the spring rains, Little Rock is over 4 inches above normal in rainfall in 2008 so far, thus the green grass and rather lush trees.  This did make for a very high humidity level, however, which made Heat Index readings between 110 and 115 degrees during the past 4 afternoons. UP had a heat-related speed restriction through here and most of the system in Arkansas.

BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS, AUGUST 9, 2008 - Saturday, August 9, 2008 at Brinkley, Arkansas on the Jonesboro Sub UP's main line through eastern Arkansas (formerly Cotton Belt). It was unusually 'cool' for this time of year, only in the upper 80s with clouds moving in from the north and rain by evening. Included today are 9 trains with 19 locomotives:
1) UP 2502, 9:24 a.m.
2) NS 9275, UP 2161, 10:48 a.m.
3) UP 5102 on the line from West Memphis being passed by a BNSF grain train on the Jonesboro Sub, headed by BNSF 7737, 6701 with DPU 4994 - 11:57 a.m.
4) UP 9727, 2406, 4115 - 1:27 p.m.
5) UP 9490, 9280, 1858 - 1:42 p.m.
6) CSX 7318, 8410 - 2:15 p.m.
7) BNSF 7739, 8608, 2761 (in BN green), 126 (Warbonnet) from West Memphis - 2:20 p.m.
8) CSX 7782, single unit - 2:59 p.m.

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS, AUGUST 10, 2008 - It was unusually cool and dark for an August day with drizzle and light rain all day. The temperature hovered around 71 degrees all day, normal being in the lower 90s. Just a week earlier, it was 105 degrees one day. I included a few shots of the UP yard and downtown Little Rock in the fog taken from the Main Street bridge. There was a streetcar in one shot. Trains today:
1) PBRX boxcar 200629, 10:56 a.m.
2) UP 9425 on dump train, 11:04 a.m.
3) UP 9819-NS 9069, 11:16 am.
4) CN 2520-CN 5794, 11:27 a.m.
5) UP 8328-4120, 11:37 a.m.
6) UP 4729-3631-3663, 11:53 a.m.
7) UP 5893-4516, 12:08 p.m.
8) Southern Hi-cube clean boxcar plus a line of hi-cubes boxcar.
9) UP 9475-6831-8654, 12:26 p.m.
10) Hutchinson Northern boxcar No. EEC 229
11) CSX 7824-CR 7920, 12:38 p.m.
12) BNSF 1053-7522-4138, 1:03 p.m.
13) Fog scenes

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS, AUGUST 16, 2008 - I didn't go to Brinkley today to the museum, so I went to the station in Little Rock. It was a coolish day with temperatures in the 70s. There were nine locomotives on one southbound mixed train, including a KCS Belle unit. Included today:
1) Flock of geese flew overhead about 9 a.m.
2) UP 9355, 9:23 a.m.
3) UP 4108, 10:50 a.m.
4) Line of Canadian hoppers
5) UP 4577, 10:50 a.m.
6) UP 5126, also 10:50 a.m. (passing other train)
7) GMTX 5126
8) UP 9603 plus eight other colorful locomotives leading a long southbound mixed train at 11:13 a.m. Other locos in this consist include KCS 4586, CSX 7780, KCS 4101 (Belle colors), UP 6341 plus four other UP units.
9) Cities Service Company hopper
10) Shiny, new white tankers.

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE DELAY AT LITTLE ROCK SEPTEMBER 12, 2008 - Friday, September 12, 2008. Amtrak southbound Texas Eagle No. 21 arrived at the station in Little Rock at 6:24 a.m. but didn't leave until 10:50 a.m. due to congestion on the UP, mostly intermodal trains. Part of the problem was the Baring Cross drawbridge over the Arkansas River, which had some trouble being raised and lowered during the previous night. This caused a large backlog of freights south of the bridge, which were moved northbound once the bridge was fixed. Unfortunately for Amtrak, it was stuck on the Amtrak siding for nearly 4 and a half hours waiting on the northbound intermodals.
   Here are some photos of this action, with some photos being taken from the Cantrell Road overpass looking down at Union Station. Intermodals were on both Main One and Main Two making for a very busy station scene.

BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS SEPTEMBER 13, 2008 - Saturday, September 13, 2008 at Brinkley, Arkansas with dark clouds rolling in ahead of Tropical Storm Ike, which had made landfall in Houston, Texas in the wee hours of Saturday morning as a category 2 hurricane. The center of the remnants was just southwest of Texarkana in Northeast Texas late Saturday afternoon, still showing a good circulation and bands of thunderstorms began moving into Arkansas with several tornado warnings being issued.
   Seen today:
1) NS 9311, 10:29 a.m.
2) UP EC-5 track inspection vehicle, 12:56 p.m.
3) CSX 8565, 3:22 p.m.
4) Chessie boxcars
5) Dark cloud photos

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS, SEPTEMBER 19-20, 2008 - Including a train and a football game in the same shot.
1) UP 8189 from Main Street bridge in North Little Rock looking across tracks at Jenks Shops on September 19, 10:15 a.m.
2) UP 4742, September 20, 8:57 a.m.
3) UP 4742 with a middle school football game in the background (the Episcopal Collegiate 6-12 grade school is just across the tracks from Union Station)
4) UP 4185, 9:28 a.m.
5) CSX 7314 and 664, 9:32 a.m. in two paint schemes.
6) UP 2163, 10:32 a.m.
7) CSX 7876.

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS, SEPTEMBER 21, 2008 - Sunday, September 21, 2008 at Little Rock, Arkansas. Seen today:
1) UP 9696, former CNW at 9:11 a.m.
2) UP 5319, 9:43 a.m.
3) NS 8996, 10:03 a.m.
4) UP 7847, 10:33 a.m. with special effects added
5) UP 1539, 11:15 a.m.
6) Arkansas Midland 726, 11:15 a.m.
7) DME boxcar
8) UP 2715, former SP, 11:24 a.m.
9) UP 4250, 11:28 a.m.
10) UP 2318, 11:36 a.m.

BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS TRAINS AND FESTIVAL SEPTEMBER 27, 2008 - Saturday, September 27, 2008 at Brinkley, Arkansas. Included today:
1) CSX 7498, 2:22 p.m.
2) CSX 5325, 2:58 a.m.
3) ADN/HS boxcar 30551
4) UP 4790, 3:10 p.m.
5) UP 4104, 4:00 p.m. with my Happy Halloween graphics!

SEMAPHORE-TRAIN ORDER SIGNAL-LONOKE, AR ON ABANDONED ROCK ISLAND, SEPTEMBER 27 - Lonoke, Arkansas (15 miles east of Little Rock on I-40/US 70) still has a semaphore (actually a train order signal) at its original location next to the Rock Island depot, also at its original site. There is even a small section of Rock Island track in front of the depot that was never removed when the rest of the Rock's tracks were pulled up in the 1980s.  Below are some photos. I also took a few shots of the Hazen, Arkansas Rock Island depot and another type of old Rock Island signal (Hazen is about 20 miles east of Lonoke on the same abandoned Rock Island Sunbelt line) . There's a whole block of original Rock Island track through downtown Hazen as well.  As I've said in an earlier post on this area, these two Arkansas towns, plus Carlisle and Brinkley, did a great job of preserving their railroad heritage by saving the Rock Island's depots.

BNSF LOCAL ON LRWN-OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK SEPTEMBER 28, 2008 - Sunday, September 28, 2008 at Little Rock, Arkansas. Included is a rare Sunday morning BNSF local move over the Little Rock & Western (ne. Rock Island) out to the siding behind Harvest Foods on Cantrell Road. It was a bright sunny day. Included:
1) UP 4189, 8:13 a.m.
2) Unknown type of equipment on flatcar.
3) UP 5104, 8:37 a.m.
4) New UTLX tank car
5) BNSF blue/yellow 3186, BNSF 2011 on BNSF local
6) UP 5474 in same scene as BNSF 3186, 9:36 a.m.
7) UP 5015 and 8173 passing each other, 12:04 p.m.
8) New Potlatch hopper
9) BNSF Warbonnet 644, 12:36 a.m.

BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS OCTOBER 4, 2008 - Saturday, October 4, 2008 at Brinkley, Arkansas. Only 4 trains today, including:
1) UP 3818, 7800, 11:28 a.m.
2) UP yellow boxcar NWR 6022 with UP shield
3) Conrail, NYC 885377 hopper
4) Five-unit CSX train with CSX 7704, 5299, 7906, 5490 and 7571 at 12:18 p.m.
5) String of TBOX/TTX yellow boxcars
6) UP 5183, 4605, 1:20 p.m.
7) CN 5459, 6110, 1:50 p.m.
8) Hawk

ARKANSAS & MISSOURI RAILROAD - SPRINGDALE, AR, OCTOBER 6, 2008 - Here are a few photos of Arkansas and Missouri  Railroad locomotives and facilities in Springdale, Arkansas October 6, 2008. Also, since Wal-Mart's worldwide Corporate Headquarters are located in nearby Bentonville, AR, I drove up there to look at the very first Wal-Mart store (started by Sam Walton, May 9, 1950). The initial store, called Walton's 5-10, is now the Wal-Mart museum. 

FORMER N&W CABOOSE JNSX911 NORTH LITTLE ROCK UP YARDS OCTOBER 8, 2008 - N&W Caboose JNSX911 at UP's North Little Rock yards on October 8, 2008, about 11:45 a.m. It was in line to have some wheels replaced. Coastline Rail purchased the caboose from a California man through D. F. Barnhardt & Associates (broker).  Jim Satterwhite sold it to Specialized Rail Transport.  SRT is using Jim's company's reporting marks "JNSX" (Jim and Nancy Satterwhite) 911 (obvious numbers lest we forget). It will move to the Cooper T. Smith spur at the Port of Houston.

PINE BLUFF AND LITTLE ROCK TRAINS OCTOBER 9, 2008 - Thursday, October 9, 2008. Today I have photos of trains in North Little Rock, Little Rock and Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Included:
1) UP/SP 2712, 9:11 a.m., Union Station Little Rock
2) Ferromex 4680, 9:34 a.m., UP NLR yards
3) CEFX 101, 9:35 a.m., UP NLR yards
4) UP 8500, 9:45 a.m., Union Station LIT. Train almost hits a large dog.
5) Greenville & Northern Rwy green boxcar HS 72343
6) Coils
7) Small tank car GATX 25179
8) UP 9548, 10:01 a.m. , Union Station LIT
9) UP 4153, Union Station LIT
10) CN 2564, 12:53 p.m. , Pine Bluff, AR
11) Playboy bunny graffiti
12) UP 4051, 1:08 p.m., Pine Bluff
13) UP 4575, 1:22 p.m., Pine Bluff
14) UP 7813 passing other train, Pine Bluff

LITTLE ROCK AND BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS OCTOBER 10 AND 11, 2008 - Friday, October 10 and Saturday, October 11, 2008 in Little Rock and Brinkley, Arkansas. This is the Saturday of the week that saw the biggest fall of the stock market in history, in case someone reads this in 20 years. BUT the trains continued to run!
   Of interest today is a late Amtrak southbound Texas Eagle, Number 21, which arrived in Little Rock at 9:19 a.m., about 6 hours late. This train had hit a trailer full of corn in Illinois the day before, which delayed it. Nobody was hurt, apparently, but a couple of the passengers who got off at Little Rock for a smoke break said they could see corn flying by the windows after the truck was hit (trailer only, they said the truck cab was off the track). Of course, all this is second hand. Thanks to Eric Grissom for the 'heads-up' on Amtrak's late arrival.
   Also on this web page:
1) UP 7890, with a lot of red containers, 11:35 a.m. October 10
2) UP DPU 8631, 11:42 a.m. on same train.
3) Following are all October 11. Part of crowd of 49,900 runners and walkers in the annual Race for the Cure fundraiser to raise money for breast cancer in downtown Little Rock and North Little Rock.
4) UP 4652, KCS 4034 (Belle unit), 8:49 a.m. at Union Station LIT
5) UP 1917, 9:01 a.m. LIT
6) Amtrak Texas Eagle No. 21, 9:19 a.m.
7) UP 4416 and Amtrak locomotive 12, 9:36 a.m. UP was waiting on Amtrak to depart.
8) UP 2380, 9:57 a.m.
9) GMTX 2133, sharp blue and white
10) UP 3883 passing UP 2380, 10:00 a.m.
11) Rest are in Brinkley, AR (between Little Rock and Memphis on I-40). UP 3837 and 9734, 12:53 p.m.
12) CN 8016, 1:23 p.m.
13) UP 4412, 1:39 p.m.
14) UP 4903, 3:31 p.m.
15) UP 4441, 3:45 p.m.

LITTLE ROCK UNION STATION, SUNDAY OCTOBER 12, 2008 - Of special interest was an empty 6-truck hauler flatcar (KWUX-18) and a KCS Belle-CSX-led intermodal. Included today:
1) KWUX-18 hauler
2) UP 2253, 9:08 a.m.
3) KCS 4058-CSX 8115. 9:34 a.m.
4) Canadian Pacific Railway red hi-cube boxcar, CP 220043
5) indusmin hopper.
6) New ACFX hoppers.
7) JNSX911 caboose in UP yard, 11:15 a.m.
8) Kinda colorful work equipment with reds, yellows, blues and greens.
9) UP 5108 plus a Conrail and NS unit, 11:48 a.m.
10) Baring Cross bridge across the Arkansas River from a distance.

BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS, OCTOBER 18, 2008 - Saturday, October 28, 2008 at Brinkley, Arkansas. Rare view of two CSX trains passing each other, both southbound, one from the north and one from the east at Brinkley Junction. When I saw two distant headlights, I crossed the tracks at  US Highway 70 and got on the sunlit side. The train from the north was going the usual track speed, about 60 mph, and the one from the east was going about 10 mph because of the sharp curve.  Finally the train from the east got into view before the one from the north got there.
Included today:
1) CSX 7373 (from north). CSX 5430 and 597 (from east), 11:51 a.m.
2) NS 8374, 12:18 p.m.
3) UP 4160, NS 8413, 1:33 p.m.
4) CN 5267, UP 2412, 1:57 p.m. with a good wave from the engineer.

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE No. 21 LITTLE ROCK, OCTOBER 19, 2008 - On Sunday, October 19, 2008,  Amtrak's Texas Eagle 21, southbound, arrived at Little Rock, Arkansas at 12:06 p.m. and left at 12:26 p.m., roughly 9 hours late (due at 3:08 a.m.). Reason for lateness: Engine failure north of  St. Louis (at Carlinville, IL). Also, the Amtrak crew ran of out time at Poplar Bluff later and a new crew from the extra board was driven from Little Rock to Poplar Bluff to bring the train all the way from Poplar Bluff to Marshall. The crew that was supposed to get on in Little Rock was driven to Marshall to bring Amtrak 22 back tonight.

1) UP 6662, 851 a.m.
2) BNSF 5664
3) BNSF 7641m 9:27 a.m.
4) Various streamlined autoracks on BNSF auto train
5) Moon, airplanes, Mockingbird, Fall colors, Artsy sunrise shot of railroad shelter, predawn shots at station
6) UP 2460, 9:54 a.m.
7) UP 9559, 10:08 a.m.
8) UP/SP 2715, 2741, UP 342, 11:41 a.m.
LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2008 - Of special interest was a GATX chemical emergency Tank Training car.  Also included today:
1) UP 7141, 10:16 a.m., possibly a detour loaded coal train from Oklahoma due to a UP derailment at Caney, Oklahoma a couple of days earlier. This train had LCRX hoppers. Was it heading to the LCRA power plant in LaGrange, Texas?
2) DPU-UP 5850
3) UP 4289, 10:29 a.m.
4) UP 8427, 11:03 a.m.
5) Louis-Dreyfus hopper
6) UP 4595, 11:15 a.m.
7) UP 9466, freshly painted, 11:28
8) Mad, flying and fighting male Mockingbirds
9) Bright red, green and blue GATX emergency Tank Trainer cars
10) Brand new string of black TILX tank cars
11) UP 4201, 11:50 a.m.
12) UP 1930 on the Amtrak siding
13) Unpatched SP 9755. This car is used on locals around the area.
14) UP 4383, 12:16 p.m.
15) 'Grand Teton' and other Cryo-Trans cars
16) FURX-Transportation Corporation of America hopper.

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2008 - Just 9 photos today, Sunday October 26, 2008. The shot of the day was the BNSF trackage rights train headed by Santa Fe Warbonnet 711 and 104. I also tried two artsy-type photo editing shots.  There were more trains, but I didn't include them. Included today:
1) Union Station construction scene.
2) BNSF 711, 104 (both warbonnets) and 4506, 9:36 a.m.
3) UP 8148 with empty coal train, 10:31 a.m.
4) UP 2452, southbound on the Amtrak siding, 10:56 a.m. with enhanced sky
5) Large coils on a flatcar.

1) UP 7141 with a CSX and NS unit, 8:04 a.m. cst
2) UP 8047, 9:09 a.m.
3) UP/SP 6312, 9:17 a.m.
4) UP 9247 passing UP 6312, 9:17 a.m.
5) GMTX 2114 - GATX Locomotive Group
6) Red MKT gondola, GT blue hi-cube boxcar
7) SP semi-unpatched 8674, 9:51 a.m. Doesn't have any Southern Pacific lettering anymore.
8) UP 4840, 10:11 a.m. with 6 units
9) UP 4830, 5007
10) CNW boxcar
11) MKT green hopper
12) SP newly painted hi-cube SP 615221
13) Green BN boxcar
14) Log cars
15) UPY 1370, 10:27 a.m.
16) SP unpatched 9755, used frequently in the local area
17) UP 6665, 11:20 a.m. with empty northbound coal train
18) UP 7712, 12:12 p.m.
19) DPU-UP 3910 and 7911

MISSOURI & NORTH ARKANSAS BRIDGE-SHIRLEY, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2008 - An old Missouri & North Arkansas Railroad bridge remains in Shirley, Arkansas, as many know. I was photographing fall colors in northern Arkansas, where Shirley is located, and got some photos of this bridge, which you can actually drive across. It's very narrow, but road crews put down a layer of concrete on the bridge, so it's easy to drive on.  The bridge crosses the Little Red River. The M&NA was abandoned in this area in the 1940s.
   Shirley is located about 100 miles north of Little Rock in the Ozark Mountains. It has a population of 337 and is known for growing  mushrooms. These photos were taken on Thursday, November 6, 2008. A strong cold front had passed early in the day.

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS NOVEMBER 9-BRINKLEY, AR-NOVEMBER 8, 2008 - Saturday, November 8 at Brinkley, Arkansas and Sunday, November 9, 2008 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Catch of the Day: KCS belle units 4129 and 4121 together with UP units on a mixed southbound. Included today:
1) UP 9285 (C40-8), 3874, 9512, 9643, 2459, 6539, 5748, 2402
2) KCS 4129, 4121
3) NS 7555
4) Ashley, Drew & Northern boxcar
5) Arkansas Queen Riverboat under UP Baring Cross bridge.

BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS, NOVEMBER 15, 2008 - Saturday, November 15, 2008 at Brinkley, Arkansas, along the UP. It was cold and windy today with dark clouds. Temperatures were in the 40s. Included today:
1) UP 5163, 9682, 5689, 9466, 8178, 6455
2) NS 9242
3) CN 'zebra' 5517
4) Long gon train loaded with large coils of some type
5) Dark clouds and sunsets

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS, NOVEMBER 16, 2008 - Sunday, November 16, 2008 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Of special interest today was the various moves of NS 9065 and 9682, first coming from Biddle Yards on the Amtrak siding, then going north past the switch, backing up on Main No. 2 to be in front of the station, then going north again, past the switch between the No. 2 and No. 1 mains, then backing up again, this time on Main No. 1 to hook onto a freight that was experiencing some engine trouble, and then finally heading north again with this freight at 12:16 p.m. The whole process started at 9:47 a.m. It was fun to watch. 
   Also today:
1) UP 4765, 7252, 4470, 2725, 4036, 9692, 4742, 7861
2) NS 9065, 9682, 9074
3) CSX 5226
4) CN 2547
5)  A KRL heavy hauler
6) A special sky photo
7) New station sign at Little Rock's Amtrak station

COLD, BLUSTERY BRINKLEY, AR, NOVEMBER 22, 2008 - Saturday, November 22, 2008 was a cold, blustery day in Arkansas, including Brinkley (eastern Arkansas on the Jonesboro and Brinkley subs of U.P.). The day started out with brilliant, clear blue skies, but it was a cold 22 degrees (17 degrees below the normal low of 39) and only reached a high of 43 (26 degrees below the normal high of 69). The wind was strong too. Fittingly, it was the annual Christmas Open House at the Brinkley Depot Museum, where I volunteer weekly. There was punch, cookies, cheese trays, fruit, cinnamon rolls, chips and lots of dip - I had a good time!!
   There were nine trains today passing through Brinkley, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. I've included most of them. Included today:
1) NS 9194, 9258
2) CONRAIL 6758
3) UP 4229, 7840, 4303
4) Unknown load
5) Radio Display sign 14-14-16
CLOUDY STATION AT LITTLE ROCK, SUNDAY NOVEMBER 23, 2008 - Sunday, November 23, 2008 at a cloudy and cold Union Station in Little Rock.  Not surprisingly, there were not many railfans here today - only 2, including me. All UP today, 5 trains.

U.P. ROW EQUIPMENT NEW ULM, TEXAS NOVEMBER 28, 2008 - The day after Thanksgiving.

TWO STREETCARS LITTLE ROCK DECEMBER 5, 2008 - Here's a few shots taken of two Little Rock streetcars on Friday, December 5, 2008 near the Clinton Presidential Library stop. Also shown are the former Rock Island-Choctaw Route passenger station, now part of the Clinton Library, and the unused Rock Island bridge over the Arkansas River.  There's also one shot of the Heifer International complex, next to the Clinton Library. Heifer International is a charitable organization that donates animals to many third-world countries so they can use them on their farms or sell them. Heifer International's  headquarters is a fully 'green' building, lit mostly by sun roofs and uses water collected and filtered from rainfall.

BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY DECEMBER 6, 2008 - Saturday, December 6, 2008 at Brinkley, Arkansas. Included today (I missed two trains):
1) NS 8385
2) UP 3959, 4859
3) CSX 9007, 8538

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS, SUNDAY DECEMBER 7, 2008 - Sunday, December 7, 2008 (the 67th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack, which was also on a Sunday). Included today are a few UP trains at Union Station in Little Rock, plus I stopped at Alltel Arena in North Little Rock to get a couple of pictures of the vehicles used by the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus (the 'Gold' unit, which travels by truck/RV caravan only).  This is Ringling Brothers' one-ring circus called 'Boom-A-Ring.'
Included today:
1) UP 7739, 4459, 3809, 9136, 5698, 8335
2) Pipe gondola loaded high
3) Two intermodals with DPU's
4) Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey semi's and caravan

UP 4141, THE GEORGE BUSH LIBRARY LOCOMOTIVE, NORTH LITTLE ROCK, DECEMBER 10, 2008 - UP 4141, the George Bush Library unit, in the UP North Little Rock yards, December 10, 2008, about 1 p.m.  This unit went to Memphis, Tennessee the next day and was interchanged with the NS there.

BRINKLEY AND LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY DECEMBER 13, 2008 - Saturday, December 13, 2008 at Brinkley and Little Rock, Arkansas. Cold and windy today. Included are a couple of night shots at Union Station in Little Rock and a photo of the Christmas-lighted Arkansas State Capitol taken from the station.
Included today:
1) CSX 9008
2) UP 4641, 6466, 6455, 4376
3) NS 9545
4) CR 6743
5) BNSF 522 - night photo
(There were several trains I didn't get to photograph due to visitors at the museum, plus 4 that I did photograph but decided not to put on this page due to very dark and poor lighting).

NIGHT STREETCAR SCENES LITTLE ROCK-NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR DECEMBER 19, 2008 - River Rail Streetcar scenes, Friday night, December 19, 2008 in Little Rock and North Little Rock, Arkansas.

UP 1988, THE KATY HERITAGE UNIT-JACKSONVILLE/NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR DECEMBER 21, 2008 - UP 1988, the Katy Heritage unit, passing through Jacksonville, Arkansas and in the North Little Rock UP yards, Sunday December 21, 2008. It was very cold and windy, temperature 22 degrees and north winds gusting to 30 mph. BUT, it was SUNNY! (finally)

BRINKLEY, AR DEPOT WITH CHRISTMAS LIGHTS-PLUS TRAINS, DECEMBER 20, 2008 - Saturday, December 20, 2008 was a dark, cold and dismal day weatherwise in Brinkley, Arkansas. Got a few trains, but it was so dark that I had to open the lens so much to view the trains, which made them blurry. It didn't help that they move at track speed past the Brinkley depot. I stayed after closing the museum until it was dark to get some night shots of the Christmas lights on the depot.  Temperatures were in the 40s during the day, but a strong Arctic cold front moved through that night, dropping temperatures into the lower 20s by dawn on Sunday, and by Monday morning, they were in the lower teens. 
Included today:
1) Christmas lights on the Brinkley Depot.
2) CSX 8456, 8317
3) NS 2583
4) UP 4390
5) 'Candy Cane' crossing gates at night

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE 21 LITTLE ROCK DECEMBER 22, 2008 PLUS OTHER TRAINS - Monday, December 22, 2008. Amtrak Texas Eagle Train 21 was 8 hours late into Little Rock due to winter storm problems in Missouri and Illinois. Here are a few scenes. I also added some freights today and on December 21, also at Little Rock.
Included today and yesterday:
1) Amtrak Texas Eagle Train 21 arriving Little Rock about noon.
2) UP/SP 2712
3) UP 8636, 4765, 5984
4) CSX 8103, 4798
5) SSW hi-cube-almost 'clean'
6) String of Railbox boxcars
7) West Central Soy Plus hopper
8) ARMN reefer

CHRISTMAS MIDNIGHT EAGLE, LITTLE ROCK, DECEMBER 24, 2008 - Christmas Greetings from Little Rock, Arkansas. The Christmas Eve northbound Texas Eagle (AMT 22) arrived at Union Station 24 minutes early from Texas on its way to Chicago (arrived at 11:15 p.m., scheduled at 11:34 p.m.). Hope everyone has a great holiday season. The lighted dome to the left of Union Station is the State Capitol building.

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS-DECEMBER 27, 2008 - Saturday, December 27, 2008. Unlike last weekend in Arkansas, it was unusually warm today with the temperature 70 degrees. Rain and thunderstorms were moving across Arkansas. Pictures were taken at Union Station in Little Rock. Included today:
1) UP 4653, 9259, 4128
2) CSX 7645
3) SP 8674
4) ADN boxcar

SUNSET AND TRAINS, DECEMBER 27, 2008 - A squall line moved through Arkansas Saturday afternoon, leaving some vivid sunsets. I got some photos of the sunset, then went to the train station in Little Rock to see if I could catch some twilight trains. I got two. (Ken Z)

TWO UNPATCHED SP UNITS PASSING AT LITTLE ROCK, DECEMBER 28, 2008 - Unpatched SP 9755 passed unpatched SP 319 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas December 28, 2008. Another person in our railfan group got a better and closer picture of these two units passing.  The 9755 is in regular yard service between UP's North Little Rock yards and Little Rock Biddle (former Rock Island) yards.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS-JANUARY 3, 2009 - Saturday, January 3, 2008 at Brinkley, Arkansas on UP's Jonesboro and Brinkley Subs. Seven trains today, including:
1) UP 4840, 9432, 4317, 4373, 4403
2) CN 5701, 8012, 2642
3) String of new CEFX hoppers from the plant at Paragould, Arkansas
4) String of CN boxcars including freshly painted CN414375

TWO ASHLEY, DREW & NORTHERN BOXCARS LITTLE ROCK, JANUARY 4, 2009 - Two Ashley, Drew & Northern boxcars separated by one car passing Union Station in Little Rock on Sunday, January 4, 2009. The mixed train was headed by UP 7011. A cold front had just passed, dropping temperatures from 55 to 49 in about an hour. Plus I added a couple of photos of the Trumpeter Swans that winter on Magness Lake near Heber Springs, in northern Arkansas that I took on New Years Day 2009.

DISPLAYED UP CENTENNIAL 6938 AT JENKS SHOPS NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS JANUARY 6, 2009 -    Tuesday, January 6, 2009. I went to UP Jenks Shops in North Little Rock to visit the UP Company Store (signing in at the guard shack on the way in) and got a few shots of UP Centennial 6938 on display there. I also got a UP freight in the Levy section of North Little Rock on 35th Street on the Van Buren Sub.
   (This was the first time I used my new Acer AspireOne Netbook to download the photos, shrink them for the web in Paint Shop Pro, create the webpage, and FTP them to my server. The Netbook is one of those new tiny laptop computers, which comes with Windows XP-Home, 1GB memory and 144  GB hard drive, plenty for my programs and files. The only thing I have to get used to is the 9.5" screen and it doesn't have a DVD drive, but I have a USB DVD drive that works well with it). 
JANUARY 7-10, 2009 AROUND LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS - Here are some miscellaneous photos of trains, streetcars and scenes around Little Rock, Arkansas, January 7-10, 2009.
Included are:
1) 'Experimental' glider
2) Baring Cross UP bridge with train taken from the Main Street highway bridge
3) River Rail Streetcar 412 on Main Street Bridge taken from the bridge
4) Little Rock skyline with 12 jet contrails in blue sky
5) Former Missouri Pacific grade on river line, now a biking trail
6) Streetcar as seen from my car while I was parked in the River Market District of Little Rock
7) UP 2741, 3958, 5029, 7225, 9623
8) LRWN-HLCX 3636, LRWN 7736
9) Rock Island blue hopper
10) Loads of ties
11) Big Blue string of boxcars
12) SP unpatched 319, SP unpatched 9755
13) Model auto next to Union Station dumpster

JANUARY 11, 2009 WITH NEW PANASONIC-LUMIX X CAMERA WITH 18X ZOOM TRAINS - Sunday, January11, 2009 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. I've obtained a new Panasonic/Lumix digital camera with 18x optical zoom (35mm equiv. is 27-486mm) and Leica optics. It was a rather active day, but nothing like a few months ago. Seen today:
1) UP 1540, 4246, 5000, 2725, 7885, 5280, 4083, 1930, 7050
2) NS 6763

JANUARY 17, 2009 AT BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS  - January 17, 2009 at Brinkley, Arkansas on UP's Jonesboro Sub. I saw a work train today that came to Brinkley from West Memphis and did some switching, plus several other trains. This was the Saturday that had the famous, annual Yahoo Group Railspot luncheon in Plano, Texas. I understand 52 or more attended, but I couldn't make it. Included today at Brinkley:
1) CN 5715
2) UP 4995, 9558, 8558, 4526
3) Snow on black tank cars

10-LOCOMOTIVE TRAIN - OTHERS LITTLE ROCK JANUARY 18, 2009 - Sunday, January 18, 2009 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. A southbound had 10 locomotives, but this is not unusual since some are just being transferred. Finally, a crystal clear sky and temperatures above freezing (in the upper 40s). Included today:
1) UP 5503, 7767, 7897, 7753
2) UP/SP 2741, 2712, 2715
3) MOW work vehicles
4) Lone pigeon

JANUARY 20, 2009 - LITTLE ROCK- Here's a few photos I took on Presidential Inauguration Day, January 20, 2009, at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Several non-UP power today, including:
1) Unpatched SP 8674
2) BNSF 1058
3) CSX 631, 5422, 4

JANUARY 22-23, 2009 AT LITTLE ROCK - Here's a couple of days worth of train photos at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas, Thursday and Friday, January 22 & 23, 2009.  Of special interest was a string of new TILX hoppers and another of CN boxcars. Also, two trains on the Amtrak siding.
1) UP 4247, 4995, 4105, 562, 4796, 6034, 6502, 1540, 1539, 3864, 8510, 4215
2) NS 7526.
3) CSX 44, 69
4) BNSF 5950
5) Long string of brand new TILX hoppers
6) Green and blue Golden West Service hoppers
7) String of CN boxcars
8) New Orleans RR emblem on boxcar and a Golden Triangle boxcar

NAPOLEON, AR GHOST TOWN-BOAT RIDE JAN 26, 2009 - On Monday, January 26, 2009, David Hoge and I of the Arkansas Railroad Club had a guided boat tour of Napoleon, Arkansas, a pre-Civil War ghost town in eastern Arkansas at the mouth of the Arkansas River (where it runs into the Mississippi River).  The tour was given by Mark McElroy, the County Judge of Desha County, Arkansas. This town flooded just after the Civil War, partly caused by Union troops when they cut a hole in a dike. It now lies under the Arkansas River, except for a 151-foot high hill on Napoleon (or Cat) Island, which has part of the old Napoleon Cemetery (the rest of this cemetery apparently washed away in the 1970s). We found one tombstone belonging to Henry Smith, who died in 1859. His wife was buried there also. Of special interest regarding this tombstone was the fact that Mr. Smith was born on January 26, 1817 - meaning we had found it on his birthday!! He'd be 192 years old.
 A railroad was chartered to run here, but was never finished.

JANUARY 30, 2009-LRWN AND SUNSET-LITTLE ROCK, AR - Friday, January 30, 2009 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Included are some vivid sunset scenes with signals and track, plus a late afternoon Little Rock & Western train heading TOWARD the UP yards in North Little Rock. Photos by Ken Ziegenbein. Included today:
1) UP 9475, 5096, 9673
2) Large load on flatcar TTPX 806273
3) Chessie Cat boxcar
4) LRWN 1542, 7736
5) NS 9366
6) AOK (CNW) hoppers
7) Sunset scenes

FEBRUARY 1, 2009 LITTLE ROCK - A total of 12 trains and 3 light engine moves today (February 1, 2009) at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas, between 8:30 a.m and 12:53 p.m. Sightings included the Model Railroader 70th Anniversary WSOR boxcar and  'Famous Ma & Pa RR' boxcar. Included today:
1) UP 9367, 1539, 7796, 7875, 9431, 5770, 9706, 5310, 5300, 2285, 8344, 1540, 8528, 5106, 4276, 1930, 4757
2) UP/SP 6348
3) SP 9755
4) Columbian Chemical Company hopper
5) Rock Island hopper
6) 'Famous Ma & Pa RR" boxcar
7) Model Railroader 70th Anniversary boxcar, WSOR 503149
8) R J Corman boxcars
9) Old brinks from Dickinson - Little Rock at Union Station driveway

FEBRUARY 2-5, 2009 LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS - A few photos at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas the week of February 2-5, 2009. Included is a three-KCS light-engine move.
1) UP 9697, 4357, 9668, 4567
2) KCS 7011, 6618 and 7004.

LATE AMTRAK TEXAS ENGINE No. 22 - LITTLE ROCK, FEBRUARY 6, 2009 - Friday, February 6, 2009: Amtrak Texas Eagle No. 22, northbound, arrived at Little Rock, Arkansas about 11 hours late due to engine problems in Texas and then further delayed by a UP minor derailment and freight congestion. It was scheduled to arrive before midnight the night before at 11:26 p.m. (but has been arriving early the past few weeks), but it arrived today at 10:05 a.m., leaving at 10:28 a.m.
   I just happened to be at the station watching trains, when I noticed no activity for about 30 minutes and the signals all red. Then I heard the unmistakable sound of am Amtrak engine around the curve south of the station (AMT 118), and it pulled into the station, almost 11 hours late. When it pulled into the Amtrak siding, there was nobody waiting on the platform, no agent, no crew, like I usually see when Amtrak comes in (since LRK is a crew change point). But then the people and agent (Richard) started coming out of the waiting room, and soon they were on the platform along with dozens of smokers who got off to have their smoke stop.
   I knew that it was delayed in Texas due to a problem with the locomotive (I believe), but when I last checked its scheduled arrival in Little Rock last night, it was supposed to be here at 4 a.m. or thereabouts. So I was surprised to see it. A conductor told me that they had been delayed again on their way here by a UP derailment of some sort and because of freight congestion at some point. Here are some photos (I sat on the ground to look up at the train departing). (Photos by Ken Ziegenbein)

FEBRUARY 5, 6, 7, 2009 AT LITTLE ROCK AND BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS - Here are a few pictures of trains at Little Rock February 6 and Brinkley, Arkansas February 7, 2009. I included some Central Arkansas Transit streetcars Thursday evening, February 5 and Saturday evening, February 7 in the River Market District in Little Rock and a weird-looking car - a new hybrid? Also, UP 6736, the Operation Lifesaver unit. Included:
1) Newest of hybrid cars? (LOL)
2) UP 4023, 3781, 7915, 9430, 6736 (Operation Lifesaver unit), 1540, 1539 (real workhorses on the local), 3860
3) CSX 249, 7624
4) HLCX 3813
5) AMT 118
6) UP/SP 6348
7) Two SP boxcars, relatively grafitti-free
8) Central Arkansas Transit Streetcars 408, 412
9) Evening and night scenes in Little Rock's River Market District.
10) The newest of hybrid cars in a parking lot? (LOL - tongue-in-cheek, but interesting photo)

FEBRUARY 8, 2008 - LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS - Sunday, February 8, 2009 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Ten trains today between 9:30 and 1:20 p.m. There was a break in action when work was done on the Baring Cross bridge between 11:30 and noon. Included today:
1) BNSF 4643, 729 (Warbonnet), 4983
2) UP 856, 4647, 5039, 5307, 2285, 3963, 5147, 5060, 9458. 5707, 4174
4) Plaque on UP 9458 honoring Talmage Dalebout in 1994 safety award.
5) Painted and patched MP 588719 hopper
6) New CN boxcar CNIS 407347
7) MKT 558 hopper

RAZORBACK MASCOT-TRAINS FEB 10-14, 2009 - Here are lots of train photos from the week of February 10 through February 14, 2009 at Little Rock PLUS a closeup photo of the official mascot of the Arkansas Razorbacks, TUSK II, a huge razorback. I got to pet him. He was in a trailer behind Union Station along with lots of people, who were doing something at the Arkansas Capitol later that morning. I might be imagining things, but there seems to be more trains these days. There were 12 passing Union Station in Little Rock on Saturday, February 14 alone between 7:22 a.m and 11:45 a.m. While not as many as past years, it's definitely more than last month. I didn't go to Brinkley this Saturday but was told they had lots of trains as well. (KZ)
   Included this week:
1) UP North Little Rock yards taken from parking lot of Cracker Barrel
2) Old Camp Robinson tracks in North Little Rock
3) 'TUSK II" large razorback, official mascot of the Arkansas Razorbacks, University of Arkansas
4) CSX 8054, 4753
5) UP 7865, 5519, 2460, 4111, 4567, 5785, 6578, 5039, 3804, 2426, 4907, 5201, 4386, 5297, 8059, 7874, 7788
6) BNSF 7596, 4399, 4051, 4891
7) GMTX blue-white 2156, 2153
8) Green/blue containers
9) Long flatcar load
10) D&RGW dump car 3901
11) CNW dump car
12) BN green boxcar
13) CN blue boxcar
14) Rock Island worn blue boxcar
15) YKR 925 blue boxcar
16) BN green autorack by itself
17) White, round tank or container car
18) Re-painted MoPac hoppers with buzzsaw
19) BNSF and BN coil cars
20)  Long string of Herzog hoppers
21) Yellow CNW hopper "Employee Owned"
22) Rice & Popcorn hopper
23) Blue tank car
24) Alberta blue hopper
25) New NS hi-cube boxcar
26) New CSX containers "How Tomorrow Moves"
27) Unknown type of bird.

AIRHOSE BREAK-BNSF AND OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, FEBRUARY 15, 2009 - Sunday, February 15, 2009 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was another busy day with 15 trains between 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Due to an empty coal train waiting on a crew, both main tracks were blocked for over an hour and a half. As a result,  5 trains (including a BNSF train) had to use the Amtrak siding to get around the coal train. Made for some interesting closeup shots. Then, as the coal train finally got a crew and headed north on the Van Buren Sub, the very next train on that line broke an air hose in front of Union Station and went into emergency (we saw the air hose break right in front of us - one of our group called the UP 800 number and reported the exact milepost and car ID that had the break, which might have saved the crew a little time. Shortly after the call by Bruce, a UP policeman showed up and a front-end crew member arrived at the site with stuff to fix the break). There are photos of this below.
   Also included today:
1) UP 3841, 5651, 7131, 1540, 4697, 3824, 4845, 1423, 7830, 7794, 4858, 2285, 4245, 0786, 7923
2) BNSF 4362, 7600
3) Very old Santa Fe boxcar
4) Broken airhose puts train in emergency

FEBRUARY 18, 2009-LITTLE ROCK - Wednesday, February 18, 2009 at Little Rock plus two photos of an unusual line of cumulus clouds.  Included today:
1) UP 9625, 9746, 7736
2) BNSF 9640 (in the dull green, white and gold stripes)
3) MKT red gondolas 16014 and 16107
4) String of empty 'tables'/flats
5) Line of fair-weather cumulus clouds with the rest of the sky clear.

BNSH 901-FEBRUARY 20, 2009 - LITTLE ROCK -  Faded BNSF-Santa Fe Warbonnet 901 in a colorful 3-locomotive consist passing Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas, Friday, February 20, 2009. Number 901 was the second unit between BNSF 7562 and UP 3831 on a mixed train. There was a Vermont Rail boxcar on the freight. Also a couple of closeup bird shots, I think of a Mockingbird. Also today:
1) Chessie cat emblem on boxcar
2) Vermont Rail yellow boxcar

UP 4141-LRWN 102-BRINKLEY AND NORTH LITTLE ROCK-FEBRUARY 21, 2009 - Saturday, February 21, 2009 at Brinkley, Arkansas and North Little Rock. The day started out cold and rainy, but sunshine broke through late in the day. There were no trains at Brinkley from 9 a.m. until 2:08 p.m. then there were four trains between 2:08 p.m. and 3:04 p.m. Best catch at Brinkley was bright red Canadian Pacific 8549. Two good catches at North Little Rock's UP yards were LRWN Alco 102, now lettered VLIX and UP 4141, the Bush unit, which spent the past week at Jenks Shops, apparently being retouched with paint. Also, a colorful sunrise and a woodpecker.
Included today:
1) UP 3963, 4495, 4702, 4925, 4141
2) Canadian Pacific 8549
3) Four CSX blue boxcars in a row
4) Rock Island hopper at end of train
5) Woodpecker at Dagmar Wildlife Refuge

FEBRUARY 22, 2009 - LITTLE ROCK - Faded BNSF-Santa Fe Warbonnet 901 in a colorful 3-locomotive consist passing Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas, Friday, February 20, 2009. Number 901 was the second unit between BNSF 7562 and UP 3831 on a mixed train. There was a Vermont Rail boxcar on the freight. Also a couple of closeup bird shots, I think of a Mockingbird. Also today:
1) Chessie cat emblem on boxcar
2) Vermont Rail yellow boxcar

FEBRUARY 25, 2009 - LITTLE ROCK - Wednesday, February 25, 2009 at Little Rock, Arkansas, including some shots from the Cantrell Road bridge. There was a BNSF local sitting on the Little Rock & Western tracks when I arrived, then we had a pair of blue & white GATX units and a pair of Ferromex units during the morning. It was a mostly cloudy day, but a couple of times the bright sun broke  through for some unique shots. Included today:
1) BNSF 8602
2) UP 6016, 5746, 2460, 5712, 3846
3) FERROMEX 4623, 4678
4) GATX blue&white 2156 and 2157
5) Long steel beam on 3 flatcars
6) "Hog Heaven" 1950 bus
7) Old baggage-express carts
8) GACX silver tankcar
9) Truck frames on a very long loaded auto train
10) Old hopper of some sort, SMIX 1052

WSOR BLACK-YELLOW BOXCAR-FORMER SARGENTO CHEESE CAR - February 25, 2009. WSOR 503194, Wisconsin & Southern colorful yellow and black boxcar at Little Rock, February 26, 2009. It looked brand new. This was formerly painted for Sargento's Cheese for a Christmas train in Wisconsin.

HEAVY-HAULER KRL 45833-OTHERS-LITTLE ROCK, AR FEBRUARY 26, 2009 - Friday, February 27, 2009 at Little Rock, Arkansas. It was a warm, then cool day, with clouds, sun and rain. Lots of trains today, but I just included the 'best of.'  Of special interest was a one-car train hauling a large transformer and a Kansas City Southern 'Belle' unit. Included today:
1) CSX 643
2) Heavy-haul flat KRL 45833
3) UP4097, 8407
4) CN 5707, 2699
5) SSW/UP 2094
6) KCS Belle 4696

UNPATCHED COTTON BELT LOCO-RED CP LOCO-FEBRUARY 28, 2009 - Saturday, February 28, 2009 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Here's red Canadian Pacific 8549 leading the local to Pine Bluff around noon. In the locomotive consist was unpatched Cotton Belt (SSW) 9642.

UP 1983-WESTERN PACIFIC HERITAGE-LITTLE ROCK MARCH 6, 2009 - UP Heritage locomotive 1983, the Western Pacific unit, made a rare appearance in Arkansas on Friday, March 6, 2009. Here are three shots of it passing Union Station in Little Rock at 1:19 p.m. I wanted to get the station in the shot, so I went on the hill across the tracks, but that made the photography tricky due to the severe back-lighting.  However, it I think it turned out ok (after all, I gat the perfect lighting shot of this unit in Salt Lake City in 2007).
   A series of events delayed the train for over an hour just south of the station: the Baring Cross bridge liftspan was raised for a water craft and UP MOW was doing some work and testing on the switch between Main 1 and Main 2 just south of the bridge.  So, it took the train over an hour to move from Mabelvale (in southwest Little Rock), where it passed One Track Mind Hobby Shop at 11:57 a.m., to Union Station, where it arrived at 1:19 p.m. My mind was quite active during this waiting period with thoughts such as this: *^#@(*^^%*!@%.

MARCH 6, 2009 - LITTLE ROCK - Friday, March 6, 2009 at the station at Little Rock, Arkansas and across the tracks on the hill. Included today:
1) IC, SP, CSX, CN Hi-Cube boxcars
2) CNW/UP Operation Lifesaver 6737
3) UP 4266, 7921, 9583, 9680, 2460, 2426, 4339, 5120
4) Long rail-train
5) 'The Rock' gondola repainted another color but you can still see the "R"
6) Large cable storage rolls with the cable
7) HLCX 3801
8) GATX 2152
9) CSX 5417

MARCH 14, 2009 - LITTLE ROCK, BRINKLEY, AR - Saturday, March 14, 2009 at Little Rock and Brinkley, Arkansas. Not many trains today. It was another cold, drizzly day with temperatures in the lower 40s, about 20 degrees below normal for mid-March. Included today:
1) UP 1930, 8639, 4421, 4899, 4144, 3787, 3823
2) MKT green gondola 16519
3) Columbus & Greenville boxcar HS 30944
4) Illinois Central boxcar
5) New Orleans Public Belt Railroad boxcar
6) Closeup of singing Mockingbird at home

LITTLE ROCK MARATHON AND TRAINS, MARCH 15, 2009 - Sunday, March 15, 2009 was the date of the annual Little Rock Marathon and I decided to get some runners and trains in the same picture if possible. Since the 25-mile marathon course partially went over the Cantrell bridge overpass, which is a bridge over UP's main lines into Union Station and the UP yards, I got  my chance. Standing on the overpass, I could see a runner or two in the same shot while looking down at the tracks at a train.
   This was the 7th annual marathon, which is a certified single loop course (cert. no. AR05002DLP) and can be used to help qualify for the Boston Marathon.  About 9,000 runners were here from 16 different countries and all 50 states. Since many roads were closed for the race, I had to get to Union Station through the Arkansas State Capitol parking lots.
   Trains included today:
1) UP 1539, 2285, 4328, 3839 (on the Baring Cross bridge)
2) NS 9510
3) DME boxcar
4) Four CN boxcars in a row
5) Columbian Chemical Company hopper CCX 659
6) Green MCVX tarp-covered hopper
7) New SHPX white/blue hopper
8) Red MKT hopper 11227.

UP 1995 LEADING ENGINEERING SPECIAL-HEARNE, TEXAS MARCH 19, 2009 -   Union Pacific Engineering special train crossing 6th Street in Hearne, Texas on Thursday, March 19, 2009. This train had originated in Council Bluffs, Iowa on March 16. I've also included a sound Quicktime movie of it.  I was afraid I'd miss it since I didn't get to photograph it at one of my usual places, Brinkley, Arkansas the  day before, because of a trip to visit my father in Texas who had hip surgery in Bryan. Then, I read that the train would be coming through Hearne on the 19th, so I drove the 18 miles to catch it. I guess you could say the train actually followed me!

BNSF COAL TRAIN MEET-BELLVILLE, TEXAS MARCH 26, 2009 - Two BNSF coal trains meet in the Bellville Yard in Bellville, Texas, Thursday March 26, 2009. It was cloudy and sprinkling.

TIE GANG, OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK AND BRINKLEY, AR MARCH 28, 2009 - Friday, March 27 and Saturday, March 28, 2009 at Little Rock and Brinkley, Arkansas. I used another digital camera to take a couple of sound movies along with my regular still photo camera - I put the camera taking the movie on a tripod and turned it on as the trains passed then took the stills at the same time. This time I uploaded the movies to YouTube since my .MOV files are so huge - now you don't have to download the movie, just play them on YouTube.  Let me know what you think.
   It was unusually cold on March 28 at Brinkley,  44 degrees with north winds gusting to 40 mph. Usual temperatures this time of year are in the lower 70s.
Included today:
1) UP 9656, 9644, 3863
2) UP tie gang Brinkley, AR
3) CSX 8755
4) NS 9703

LOADED LITTLE ROCK STREETCARS MARCH 29, 2009 - On Sunday afternoon, March 29, 2009, I was driving to Union Station to get photos of trains when I saw Central Arkansas Transit's Streetcar 411 at the 7th and Main stop in North Little Rock, AR with tons of people getting on. There was a bus that brought them there to ride the streetcar to the Clinton Presidential Library.  I then followed the streetcar to the library and got the following photos.

TWO BNSF-ONE UP TRAIN LITTLE ROCK, MARCH 29, 2009 - Sunday afternoon, March 29, 2009 at Union Station in Little Rock. A quiet afternoon, but I caught 3 trains, including 2 BNSF trains.  It was sunny, but by 4 p.m. the sun was parallel to the tracks, so shadows were on both sides of the trains.
Included today:
1) BNSF 7560, 1002, 7458
2) CN 5638
3) UP 6900, 6039
4) Red Canadian Pacific Railway boxcars.
5) CSX/NYC boxcar 243115.

UP 4141-BUSH UNIT-JENKS SHOPS NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR-MARCH 30, 2009 - UP 4141, the George Bush locomotive, sitting outside Union Pacific's Jenks Shops in North Little Rock, Arkansas, March 30, 2009. (Thanks to John Reagon for the heads up).

MARCH 31, 2009 HEARNE, TEXAS AND LITTLE ROCK, AR -  Tuesday, March 31, 2009 at Little Rock, Arkansas and a question about an old passenger coach in Hearne, Texas. Included today:
1) Old passenger coach in Hearne, Texas
2) UP 6003, 5790, 7827, 7779, 4241, 4731, 5267
3) LRWN 1544, 1542
4) BNSF 8544, 5267
5) MKT red gondola
6) MoPac Buzzsaw gondola
7) Field of bluebonnets in Texas

BNSF GRAIN TRAIN SOUTH OF SOMERVILLE TX, APRIL 2, 2009 - A BNSF unit grain train crossed County Road 1948 south of Somerville, Texas on Thursday, April 2, 2009 at 10:15 a.m.  This day was a very sad day to me since my father died later that afternoon in Bellville, Texas at the age of 90.  I decided to put these photos online as therapy and relaxation after a long and stressful day. Included today:
BNSF 4110, 5175, 7221, and DPU Warbonnet 960.

FOUR COLOR SCHEMES OF BNSF-SOMERVILLE, TX, APRIL 9, 2009 -I caught these four BNSF units in Somerville, Texas on April 9, 2009, all in a different color paint scheme of BNSF's heritage. 
PRE-WEDDING PHOTO OP AND TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, AR-APRIL 11, 2009 - Here's a few trains today passing Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. There was a couple there getting pictures made of themselves before their wedding, using a professional photographer. I asked them if they liked trains or were just there for a different type of pre-wedding picture, and they said they like trains. I then told them that they'd have a long and happy marriage - after all, couples who watch trains together stay together, right??
Included today:
1) NS 9762, new or newly painted
2) UP 8101, 7394 (new or newly painted)

STORMY EASTER SUNDAY, APRIL 12, 2009, LITTLE ROCK - Easter Sunday, April 12, 2009 at a dark and stormy Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. I only stayed for one train because it started to rain buckets and I was in my dress suit, heading for Easter services. Included: UP 2482.

BNSF 555, 12-AXLE FLAT CAR, LITTLE ROCK, APRIL 14, 2009 -Tuesday, April 14, 2009 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. The BNSF local with BNSF warbonnet 555 in the lead, was on the Little Rock & Western tracks, waiting to enter UP's North Little Rock yards. I also caught KCS Belle 4692 in a 10-unit consist heading south and a 12-axle heavy haul flatcar. It was a sunny, coolish day. Included today:
1) BNSF Warbonnet 555
2) UP 8583, 2460, 1539, 4786
3) KCS Belle 4692
4) UP/SP 2020
5) Mississippi Export Railroad boxcar EEC 2712
6) QTTX 131117 12-axle heavy hauler (using 4 sets of 3-axle trucks)

INTERSTATE 40 TRAFFIC DETOURED OVER UP TRACKS AT BRINKLEY, AR, APRIL 18, 2009 - On Saturday, April 18, 2009, Interstate 40 near Brinkley, Arkansas was closed in both directions due to multiple accidents, funneling all that interstate traffic onto US 70, which crosses the Union Pacific’s Jonesboro Sub at MP 199 in Brinkley. (This sub runs from St Louis to Jonesboro, Pine Bluff. Texarkana AR and handles UP’s southbound freights). I-40 is a major east-west interstate, running from Wilmington, North Carolina to Barstow, California, 2,559 miles.
   The Brinkley Depot Museum, where I volunteer, sits near this crossing and I could see the thousands of semi’s and cars slowly going across the tracks. I called UP’s 800 number and told them that this crossing may at times be blocked, and apparently the state police also called UP. UP normally runs southbound trains through here at track speed (58 mph), but they got the message and had a slow order for all trains going over this crossing (I’d estimate 10-15 mph). The engineers really blew their horns constantly and the day went by without any crossing accidents, although I could see some truck trailers stopped on the crossing at times due to the heavy traffic. The trains sped up right after the head end crossed the highway and were going track speed again before the end of the train reached the crossing.
   So, I’d imagine this was by far the busiest highway-railroad crossing on the UP this day. The detoured interstate traffic started about 4 a.m. and lasted until 3 p.m. that afternoon. I’m sure the city streets in Brinkley got a workout as well.
From news sources on the causes of the I-40 closure:
"Police say several people are dead and many injured in three separate crashes along I-40 this Saturday. Bill Sadler with the Arkansas State Police tells KARK the accidents happened early Saturday morning on I-40 between Brinkley and Wheatley. The first accident happened around 3 a.m. when a car driven by 52-year-old Albert Barnes of Brinkley....crashed into the back of a big rig.  Barnes died at the scene..
   The next --  at around 5 a.m. In that crash -- two were killed after an explosion caused by the accident.  Two people were also sent to the hospital on that scene. And the third -- at around 7:30 a.m. Thankfully, no injuries or death happened then. So the reason for the accidents?  Police believe construction on the interstate -- could be a factor.  Also, traffic backed up from the first accident could be a contributing factor to the second accident."
   I heard that they were working on a bridge at the time. Both east and westbound lanes of I-40 were closed most of the morning, due to the debris and cleanup, but the eastbound lane opened by noon. The westbound lane opened by 3 p.m. - KZ
A TRAIN AND A DOG-LITTLE ROCK, APRIL 19, 2009 - Here's a few photos of a train and a dog at Union Station in Little Rock, AR on April 19, 2009. Included is UP 7766 and UP 7868.

UP ENGINEERING SPECIAL LITTLE ROCK, APRIL 21, 2009 - A Union Pacific engineering special passing Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on its way to Monroe, Louisiana, Tuesday, April 21, 2009 at 2:02 p.m.

RED FLAG INSPECTION-LITTLE ROCK, APRIL23, 2009 - Thursday, April 23, 2009 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. There was a 'red flag' inspection team at the station today, which stopped several trains for inspections. This exercise measures how long it takes a train to stop when confronted with an unexpected red flag. Although I don't know the details, I think all crews passed today. I also caught an over-active Mockingbird near trackside.
Included today:
1) UP 5095, 2420
2) UPY 640, clean and shiny
3) Scale car
4) White, new small tankcar
5) Red Flag inspections, tests
6) Active Mockingbird
UP ENGINEERING SPECIAL AGAIN-LITTLE ROCK, APRIL 26, 2009 -  Union Pacific 5490 lead a UP Engineering special past Union Station in Little Rock, AR on Sunday, April 26, 2009 at 10:50 a.m. Included is a link to my Youtube video of this train, taken with a separate camera on a tripod. Listen for the 'horn music' as UP 5490 passes. Also included today:
1) UP 5490
2) CSX 7689
3) NS 9286
4) CN 2630
5) Bright-eyed rabbit and a bird

STORMS-WET GROUNDHOG-TRAINS-APR 24, MAY 1, 2 AND 3, 2009 - Here's a few photos of trains in Brinkley and Little Rock, Arkansas on April 24, May 1, May 2 and May 3, 2009 - I only posted the better shots. Some of these shots were taken in downpouring rain. It was so dark and rainy at Brinkley that the town's streetlights came on around noon on Saturday, May 2. Rainfall amounts the past 4 days in the state ranged from 2 to 9 inches and I've included a screenshot of a storm total precipitation radar map from the Little Rock NWS .Also included are photos of a wet, baby groundhog, cardinals, and a mockingbird. Included on this page:
1) UP 4656, 5014, 8386, 4745
2) LRWN 1544
3) UP Rail Inspection Vehicle DC-31
4) CSX 7890
5) Two cardinals, a mockingbird and a wet baby groundhog.

DISNEY RADIO-NATIONAL TRAIN DAY-UNION STATION LITTLE ROCK MAY 9, 2009 - Saturday, May 9, 2009 - National Train Day - at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Helping celebrate were people from Radio Disney, who put up a booth in front of the Amtrak station and had live broadcasts on the local Radio Disney station (99.5 FM) and also had music from Radio Disney's XM Satellite Radio channel. You could register for a round trip on Amtrak's Texas Eagle to Chicago. They were also  here last year on Train Day. Of course, since they were here from 9-noon, the Amtrak office was closed, but they knew that ahead of time. They told me that Amtrak pays Disney to come to their stations for events, something I didn't know.
Included today:
2) Radio Disney people and display for National Train Day
3) UP 5230, 5492
4) Pigeon of the day

CLASSIC ROCK ISLAND AD PLUS STREETCAR LITTLE ROCK, AR MAY 12, 2009  - Three trains today(Tuesday, May 12,2009) at Union Station in Little Rock plus a picture of Streetcar 410 at dusk with a billboard-sized 'Route of the Rockets' Rock Island sign above the new addition to the Little Rock Public Library (Central Arkansas Library System). Also, I caught the Mammoet-MAMX-42002 caboose in mid-train, a Chessie hi-cube and Ashley, Drew & Northern boxcar HS HS30631.
Included today:
1) UP 7114, 2482, 8380

UP 1996 (SP) AND 1982 (MOPAC) NORTH LITTLE ROCK, MAY 13, 2009 - Wednesday, May 13, 2009 and Thursday, May 14, 2009 at Little Rock, Arkansas. Most interesting are some night shots of BNSF-Santa Fe 160 (in Warbonnet scheme) as it was moving cars to Pulaski in west Little Rock (on former Rock Island, now Little Rock & Western tracks) and UP heritage units 1996 (Southern Pacific) and 1982 (Missouri Pacific) in the UP yards. Rumors have it that these two heritage units will be used on Operation Lifesaver trains in Arkansas the week of May 26-29 (Piggot-Marmaduke May 26, Paragould May 27, Jonesboro May 28, Pine Bluff May 29). I have nothing official on this yet.
   Interesting sideline Wednesday night at Union Station: When I got there about 5 p.m., Little Rock & Western was just starting to go to the UP yards from it's tracks across from Union Station. Later, the BNSF local headed by SF 160 came in from Pine Bluff, crossed the Arkansas River, then backed its cars to Pulaski Siding in West Little Rock. We heard on the radio that a minor derailment in UP's yards awhile earlier had blocked one of the access tracks, so some trains were becoming backed up on the UP west of Little Rock, including the one with UP 1996 and 1982 (the train they were on, MFWNL, got to Little Rock Junction at 7:35 p.m. and didn't get to leave for the yards until almost 3 the next morning, sitting there about 7 hours. Little Rock Junction is just around the corner from Union Station.
   Anyway, there were no UP trains passing the station for a while. We then heard that the Little Rock & Western train was ready to return from the yards to head back west to Perry, Arkansas. As they were preparing to leave the yards, the BNSF local called and was ready to return to UP's main-1 line, having done their switching at Pulaski.  Since the BNSF local was on the Little Rock & Western's single-line track, the LRWN train could not immediately come out of the yard. The dispatcher did some quick and smart thinking, stopping the LRWN train, then allowing the BNSF train to get onto UP's Line 1, cross the Baring Cross bridge, then backing up and crossing over from UP Main 1 to UP Main 2 at that busy switch at Union Station, backing all the way to milepost 347, which is at the west side of the station, stopping there while the LRWN train came off UP Line-1 onto their own tracks (where the BNSF train just exited) . Then the BNSF local heading forward again (north) and went on to Memphis. All in all, it was a rather interesting night of train watching, dispatching, switching, and all with non-UP power. This all occurred between 5 and 10 p.m.
   Included today:
1) UP 1996, 1982, 8555,
2) BNSF 160, 4010, 4188

UP 1996-1982 BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS, MAY 18, 2009 - UP Heritage locomotives 1996 (SP) and 1982 (MoPac) headed a mixed freight northbound through Brinkley, Arkansas on Monday, May 18, 2009 at 10:40 a.m. They were on their way to Jonesboro and I heard that the two units will be used on Operation Lifesaver trains in northeast Arkansas  May 26-29 (Piggot-Marmaduke May 26, Paragould May 27, Jonesboro May 28, Pine Bluff May 29). However, it's also rumored that the 1996 may be in Parsons, Kansas that same weekend. Also included is a UP UPS expedited container train headed by UP 4433. Many thanks for the anonymous tip on this train's status. I knew it was in Pine Bluff and would eventually be going to Jonesboro, but I had no idea which day until I got the special email.

UP 1982-1996-CP RED 8811-POWER LOCO MOVE, LITTLE ROCK, MAY 20, 2009 - Interesting day at the train station in Little Rock, Arkansas, Wednesday, May 20, 2009. First was a long engine power move that arrived at 11:53 a.m. from Long Beach, California (the ELBNL-17), then about 20 minutes later the Pine Bluff local (YNL75) passed the station with UP Heritage 1982 (MoPac) in the lead, followed by UP Heritage 1996 (SP) and bright red Canadian Pacific 8811. A very colorful train.
Included today:
1) A long stack train
2) UP 4383, 8077, 4569, 4542, 4213, 4130, 4119, 4143, 4061, 4586, 4062, 4154, 4288, 4293, 4220, 4266, 8397, 1982, 1996
3) CP 8811
4) Ashley, Drew & Northern boxcar HS 30552
5) My Mockingbird bird-ham posing for my other camera

BELLVILLE, TEXAS MAY 27, 2009 - Bellville, Texas at the site of the late Bellville depot, May 27, 2009. Here are a few shots of the grounds and one BNSF loaded coal train.
FLATONIA, TEXAS MAY 30-31, 2009 - Flatonia, Texas at the famous Photo Pavilion and elsewhere on both Saturday, May 30 and Sunday, May 31, 2009. Tommy Schultz met me there on Sunday.  Trains included for both days include:
1) KCS 4105 (Belle), 4606, 4548, 4604
2) UP 9769, 8401, 4769, 4131
3) Two trains with solid black Belle hoppers
4) Tommy S

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS, JUNE 5, 2009 - A sunny June 5, 2009 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Two trains today, including a Youtube digital movie of the YNL75 (Pine Bluff local) with two KCS Belle units in the consist.  Included today:
1) UP 6173
2) KCS Bells 4101, 4110
3) Ashley, Drew & Northern boxcar

UP 4141-GEORGE BUSH UNIT-LITTLE ROCK JUNE 6, 2009 - UP 4141, the Bush unit, was still sittiing in front of UP's Jenk's Shops in North Little Rock, AR on Saturday, June 6, 2009. There have been reports that this unit was in Illinois, but unless UP reassigned the number 4141 to another locomotive, that report is false.

BRINKLEY AND LITTLE ROCK, ARKANAS JUNE 7, 2009 - A couple of pictures of trains in Brinkley, Arknasas June 6 and more trains the next day at Union Station in Little Rock. Included:
BRINKLEY - 2 Trains:
1) UP 5088
2) NS 9973
LITTLE ROCK - 10 Trains:
1) UP 5960, 5026, 4032, 2426, 1540, 3851, 7911, 7884, 1930
2) CSX 5432
3) GMTX-GATX 2156
4) CP RED 8811
5) BNSF 6618
6) Long string of 'streamlined' AOK and BNSF autoracks on BNSF trackage rights train
7) Rock Island boxcar

BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS JUNE 13, 2009 - Saturday, June 13, 2009 at Brinkley, Arkansas. Lots of CSX locomotives today. Included:
1) CSX 5493,  5207, 7373, 7725, 7629, 8132
2) IC 1037
3) CN 5--- (couldn't read all the numbers)
4) UP 5310, 9753, 3939, 3964, 9359
5) Loads of pipe
6) Fat cat

STREETCARS-LITTLE ROCK, AR JUNE 16, 2009 - Here's a couple of shots of streetcars June 16.

WINDMILL TRAIN, LITTLE ROCK, AR JUNE 21, 2009 - A long windmill train passed Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Sunday, June 21, 2009 heading north and west toward Fort Smith and Kansas City. I also got some shots of this train off the Main Street bridge overpass.

BIRDS, RABBITS, WEED STALKS AND TRAINS - LITTLE ROCK, BRINKLEY AND JACKSONVILLE AR, JUNE 22-JULY 1, 2009 - Various trains, birds, weed stalks and rabbits at Little Rock, Jacksonville and Brinkley, Arkansas in June and July, 2009. Included are:
1) Artsy photo of a tall weed at the Amtrak platform in Little Rock.
2) Baby Killdeer and its mother at Brinkley, AR
3) Baby rabbit at Little Rock
4) Old Rock Island roadbed at Brinkley
5) Workers working to enclose part of Union Station's balcony
6) Unpatched UP 192
7) UP 1539, 7708, 9671, 6598, 7693

STREETCARS LITTLE ROCK JUNE 30, 2009 - Little Rock streetcars, June 30, 2009, mostly around the courthouse and Peabody Hotel.

JULY 6, 2009 - LITTLE ROCK, AR - Monday, July 6, 2009 at Union Station in Little Rock, AR. Included today:
1) BNSF 4897, 4521
2) UP 7227
3) Old UP boxcar
4) NDYX 823132gondola - who was the original owner of this?
5) New Procor shiny green tankcar

JULY 7, 2009 - LITTLE ROCK, AR - Tuesday, July 7, 2009 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. I happened to be there when a large group of children hosted by some Diocese walked by the station. They were on an educational walk through places where the homeless sometimes are present so the children could see how homeless live. The lady I talked to said they were walking near railroads as well as downtown areas so the children could see what kind of life the less fortunate live.   She said the group was from all across Arkansas.
   Also included today was my favorite Santa Fe Warbonnet, No.160, on the BNSF local at the station. While it was there, two UP trains passed it minutes apart.  Included today:
1) Santa Fe 160
2) UP 5072, 7402, 9314
3) EEC new red boxcar
4) Children on a mission

JULY 9, 2009 - LITTLE ROCK - Thursday, July 9, 2009 at the station in Little Rock. Of special interest today is EJ&E (The J) locomotive 669. I've also included a shot of UP 4141, the George Bush unit, still sitting at Jenks Shops in North Little Rock, plus the displayed Centennial 6938, also at Jenks, and the "In Loving Memory of Grandpa Pete - This One's For You - 1928-2004" western art grafitted hopper (UTCX48828). Others included:
1) UP 8534, 2460, 9677, 6938 Centennial (on display), Bush 4141 (stored at Jenks)
2) Good western-art graffiti on hopper UTCX 48828 with the words: "In Loving Memory of Grandpa Pete - This One's For You - 1928-2004"
3) Gondola ALGX 400007, with 'V'-shaped ends
4) EJ&E 669, 'The J'

JULY 12, 2009 - LITTLE ROCK, AR - Sunday, July 12, 2009 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Included today:
1) UP 8567,  1540, 1539, 9605, 2420, 9356, 6774
2) UP/SP 6330, 6222
3) String of baretables

JULY 18, 2009 - BRINKLEY, AR - Saturday, July 18, 2009 at Brinkley, Arkansas on UP's Jonesboro and Brinkley Subs in eastern Arkansas. Nice, sunny and cool day (record low of 61 this morning at Little Rock). Seven trains today between noon and 4 p.m., including:
1) UP 4042, 5518, 4719, 2001 (in North Little Rock)
2) NS 2689, 9399
3) CSX 8364, 7753
4) Little Rock streetcar 411

JULY 19, 2009 - LITTLE ROCK - I caught just a couple of trains at the station in Little Rock today, Sunday July 19, 2009. I played around with Paint Shop Pro X2 on a couple of photos, making one look like one of the first color glass photos taken in 1904. Included today:
1) UP 8343, 7415, 9371, 2420

TRAINS AND RAIN, JULY 21, 2009 LITTLE ROCK - Tuesday, July 21, 2009 was a rainy and thundery day in Little Rock, Arkansas. I thought I'd get some train pictures in the rain, and here they are. There was a flash flood warning out and lots of thunder along with the heavy rain. Included today:
1) MKT green short covered hopper, HLMX 4186
2) BNSF 555 (warbonnet), 122 (warbonnet)
3) UP 4791, 7821, 8329
4) Lots of heavy rain 

UP 1988-OTHERS LITTLE ROCK, JULY 26, 2009 - UP Heritage 1988, two unpatched SP locomotives, one SW-1500 former SP locomotive, two KCS units, and other trains today at Union Station in Little Rock. It seemed like old times with the frequent trains. Included:
1) KCS 4001, 3951
2) UP 9421, 9381, 1539, 7729, 1988, 5976, 4141
3) SP/UP 1176, SW-1500
4) SP 9755 running light, SP 177 - both unpatched
5) Blue patched UP hopper
6) WMAX new black hopper 4526

UP 4141, GEORGE BUSH LIBRARY UNIT, JENKS SHOPS NORTH LITTLE ROCK WITH OUR RAILROAD GROUP JULY 25,2009 - Photo taken by John C. Jones of UP 4141, the George Bush 41 unit, which has been on display at UP's Jenks shops in North Little Rock, Arkansas since March 27, 2009 (regardless of what the UP trace has been saying - it's still here). This a a group of Arkansas Railroad Club members who got a tour of Jenks Shops on July 25. We posed in front of the 4141 after the tour. The unit is safely displayed in a fenced area to prevent graffiti and vandalism with a 24-hour UP guard shack a hundred feet away. It even has yellow tape on the steps to keep people from going inside. I've heard both that it's ready to run and only being held here until traffic picks up or that it has some mechanical problems and won't be fixed until needed for service.

OLD LOCOMOTIVES, 6 GREEN KATY GONS NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR, JULY 28. 2009 - A rainy Tuesday, July 28, 2009 at North Little Rock. Interesting stuff in the yard. Inluded:
1) UPY 1115, former SP "Roseville"switcher
2) SP 7359, rusted locomotive
3) Blue GMTX 104
4) SIX MKT green hoppers on one train: 587, 530, 596, 576, 593, 586

HONEYDEW MELON AT AMTRAK STATION LITTLE ROCK, AR JULY 30, 2009 - With all the rain we've had here in Arkansas (now 13.00 inches above normal as of July 31, 2009 in Little Rock - the wettest July in 118 years), this honeydew melon plant has taken root through the ballast next to the Amtrak siding at Union Station in Little Rock, AR. There are two melons on this vine. I had originally thought these were small watermelons, but after several people pointed out that the leaves were not right for watermelons, I picked one on July 31, the day after I took these photos, just to see for sure. I cut it open and it's a honeydew melon. (photos at end of this page). It was very heavy and very moist. I tasted a small piece and it tasted just like a sweet honeydew - no signs of diesel or oil or bitterness.
   So much for the horticultural lessons!! After all, I do my 'gardening' at Kroger :-)

VARIOUS TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, AUGUST 2, 2009 - Sunday, August 2, 2009 at Little Rock, Arkansas. There were 13 trains today between 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., including the following:
1) UP 4953, 1917, 4147, 7895, 4833, 9735, 9793, 1439, Y1477, 5038, 7362, 4213, 4734, 5094, 8159, 2482
2) GMTX 2156
3) NS 2522
4) CSX 7589
5) Old UP fallen-flag hi-cube with map
6) String of 5 yellow TTX boxcars
7) String of 4 GT blue boxcars
8) Rock Island blue hopper
9) Green GSSX hopper 5205
10) CP 546209 autorack
11) Old TRLX hopper 78135
12) D&RGW hopper 15587
13) Old Southern hopper 109955

BRINKLEY AND LITTLE ROCK, AUGUST 8, 2009 - Saturday, August 8, 2009 at Little Rock (brief and early) and Brinkley, AR. Catch of the day was KCS Belle 4709 passing the Brinkley depot. There were 8 trains today at Brinkley. Included:
1) UP 9794, 4231, 6468, 7306, 5214, 6641, 6812, 9485
2) NS 9905, 8458 ,9361, 9547
3)  KCS Belle 4709
4) Illinois Central hi-cube
5) CSX hi-cube

LITTLE ROCK, AUGUST 9, 2009 -Best of my train photos on Sunday, August 9, 2009 at Little Rock.  Included today:
1) SOO 125137, Pillsbury blue hopper, severely rusted
2) Dead Honeydew vine at the Amtrak siding, parent of the famous honeydew that I picked last week
3) Long, empty flat/baretable train
4) String of truck fames
5) Old MoPac woodchip cars
6) GACX 2632, The Great Train Story hopper
7) UP 5189, 3893, 9438, 2463
8) LLPX 2229
9) KCS 4709, the same unit I saw in Brinkley the day before

LITTLE ROCK, AUGUST 14, 2009 - Empty GLFX coal train, northbound and other trains, August 14 and August 12, 2009 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Included:
1) UP 6450
2) GLFX coal hoppers
3) Dried, famous honeydew melon
4) GMTX  2157
5) Bright red MoPac work caboose 13064

LITTLE ROCK, AUGUST 15, 2009 - Saturday, August 15, 2009 at Little Rock, Arkansas. Included today:
1) BNSF 5230
2) UP 8400, 5250, 4496, 9658
3) NS 2710
4) Red Canadian Pacific gondola
5) Long streamlined train of autoracks
6) Green BNSF and BN hoppers
7) DODX empty flats
8) MKT green hopper
9) Long string of reefers
10) Lumber cars
LITTLE ROCK, AUGUST 16, 2009 -  Sunday, August 16, 2009 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Two Ferromex units headed a train at sunrise. Included today:
1) Ferromex 4614, 4655
2) UP 9817, 8670, 5506, 7459, 1540, 2450, 5841, 6667
3) Ashley Drew & Northern Boxcar HS 30615
4) Cotton Belt hopper
5) Valdosta Southern Railroad Company HS 3868
6) Closeup of loud cricket
7) Large jet overhead
8) Closeup of pigeon

LITTLE ROCK, AUGUST 18-20, 2009 - Clouds, fog, rain and trains in Arkansas, August 18-20, 2009. Included:
1) Dark clouds and rain and signals.
2) WAMX 2003, bright yellow
3) GMTX 2143 and HLCX 3810

BRINKLEY AND LITTLE ROCK, AUGUST 22, 2009  - Saturday, August 22, 2009 at Brinkley and one shot at Little Rock. Included today:
1) NS 9891
2) UP 4100, 4439, 5253
3) Blue CN and GT hi-cubes
4) Providence & Worchester Railroad autorack

LITTLE ROCK, AUGUST 23, 2009 - Sunday, August 23, 2009 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Slow day trainwise. Included:
1) UP 9735, 1539, 1540, 2482, 4057
2)UP Bush 4141 at Jenks Shops
3) NS 7551
4) MKT green hopper
5) Cardinal, green acorn tree and acorns
6) Load of untreated ties
7) Track panels (1/1 scale!)
8) Shell of D&RGW locomotive at Jenks

MIDNIGHT TRAINS AT THE DEPOT IN LITTLE ROCK INCLUDING RINGLING BROS CIRCUS AND AMTRAK-AUGUST 24, 2009 -  Midnight trains passing Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas, Monday, August 24, 2009, including Amtrak Texas Eagle No. 22 and the Ringling Brothers-Barnum&Bailey circus train on its way to Illinois.  I've also included Youtube videos of these trains - I put the digital video camera on a tripod and starting recording as I took the still photos. Although dark, you can see enough detail of the trains as they passed the Amtrak platform lights. Lots of action between 10:30 pm on the 24th and 12:30 a.m. on the 25th. As usual when Amtrak is in the station, a UP special agent was present in his patrol car. All photos and videos by Ken Ziegenbein.
   Included tonight:
1) UP 3927, 3968 (Circus Train), 6602
2) BNSF 3202
3) NS-Unknown
4) Ringling Brothers-Barnum&Bailey Circus train
5) Amtk 115 on the Texas Eagle

MISSOURI PACIFIC CABOOSE 13894 ON TRAIN AUGUST 25, 2009 - Union Pacific picked up this caboose (Missouri Pacific 13894) from a siding in Nashville, Arkansas on August 25, 2009, to be used in work train service in the Little Rock and central Arkansas areas. I don't know if it will be repainted or not.  They had to use a pickup truck to pull the caboose from its' storage siding because the track would no longer support a locomotive.  John C. Jones, who is a local photographer who takes pictures on UP property for the local UP work area, gave me this information. Most of these photos are mine, but I've used a couple of John's at the end. It was nice to see a caboose on the end of a revenue train. This MoPac caboose was built in September 1980.

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR - FERROMEX LOCOS - AUGUST 26, 2009 - Wednesday, August 26, 2009 at North Little Rock. Included:
1) Ferromex 4652 and 4683.
2) Red MKT gondola
3) 'The EYE'

AUGUST 29, 2009 - LITTLLE ROCK AND BRINKLEY, AR - Saturday, August 29, 2009 at both Little Rock and Brinkley, Arkansas. Included today:
1) BN 1516, 3122 green
2) Santa Fe 555 warbonnet
3) CSX 5371
4) CN 2596
5) UP 6790, 8064
6) NS 9405
(Using new Lumix G1)

AUGUST 30, 2009 - LITTLE ROCK - Lots of trains today at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas, 15 between 7:59 a.m. and 12:04 p.m. Of special interest was a short, empty coal train with the last car having lost it coupler. According to a trusted UP source: "The short coal train you saw was the result of the coal dumper mishap at White Bluff.  If you'll notice, between the second and third car the end are colored. (White on the second car and red on the third car). That means that this is the end with the rotart coupler.  Someone fudged up and put the two spin ends next to each other.  So that meant that two non spin ends were nest to each other.  The dumper operator didnt catch it and spun the car to dump the coal.  When it did, it snapped the drawbar and coupler off the car.  Since it was near the end, they just unlinked the dpu and ran the rear three cars back to NLR.  Thats the dpu and the rear three cars you saw".    There were 6 trains between 10 and 11 a.m. alone. Trains (and one light engine move) passed at 7:59 a.m., 8:54, 9:04, 9:45, 10:02, 10:22, 10:36, 10:39, 10:45, 10:53, 11:21, 11:35, 11:42, 11:51, 12:04 p.m. Included today:
1) UP 4923, 1540, 1539, 6790, 7167, 5684, 5811, 4465, 5267, 7384, 2426, 4460, 1539 (again), 1930, 3858, 4211, 6430, 5011, 1975, 9497, 4068
2) GMTX 2156
3) Tiny green crab spider
4) Green MKT hopper
5) Load of pine tree logs
6) Short empty coal train with broken coupler
7) Lady jogger

AUGUST 31, 2009 - STUTTGART - UP 4204 passing one of the Riceand Foods elevators in Stuttgart, Arkansas, August 31, 2009.  I've heard that this part of south Arkansas (about 50 miles southeast of Little Rock) produces 50 percent of the rice grown in the U.S.

ABANDONED COTTON BELT LINE BETWEEN NORTH LITTLE ROCK AND ENGLAND, AR - AUGUST 31, 2009 - Abandoned roadbed of the Cotton Belt between North Little Rock and England, Arkansas. Here are a few shots of this line (which I think was taken up in the early 1990s) that I took August 31, 2009. I've also included some from the Plantation Agriculture Museum in Scott, Arkansas. Union Pacific recently restored and painted two SSW boxcars and donated them to the Scott museum.

SEPTEMBER 3, 2009 AT LITTLE ROCK - A couple of trains passing each other at the station in Little Rock today, September 3, 2009. It was another in a series of cool, cloudy mornings.  These were taken in the 16x9 format, reduced from 4,000 pixels wide to 1,000 pixels wide for the web. Included today:
1) UP 6166 heading 8 other locomotives, 4349, 2482, 2285, 4676
2) Merry Christmas painted blue hopper
3) Load of lumber
4) Red Fall leaves already
5) GMTX 2122

STREETCARS AND CHEERLEADERS SEPTEMBER 4, 2009 - The Arkansas Razorback Cheerleaders rode a streetcar from the Verizon Stop in North Little Rock to the River Market Stop in Little Rock about 5 p.m September 4. The football Razorbacks were in town to play Missouri State the next evening in Little Rock. They came from Fayetteville, Arkansas a day early for the RazorRock rally, which included the entire Razorback band as well as the cheerleaders. U of A plays their home games at both Fayetteville and Little Rock.

SEPTEMBER 6, 2009 - LITTLE ROCK - Sunday, September 6, 2009 at Union Station in Little Rock, AR. Included today:
1) CONRAIL 7303
2) CSX 5413, 5445
3) HLCX 1074
5) UP 9744, 9523, 9434, 4015, 7241, 5929, 4707, 4563, 5020, 4923, 2285, 1539, 1540, 4040
6) Trees in Herzog gondola 

UP 1982-MOPAC HERITAGE- OTHERS LITTLE ROCK, SEPTEMBER 8, 2009 - Tuesday, September 8, 2009 at Little Rock, Arkansas at Union Station. Included is UP 1982, the MoPac Heritage, lodged in the middle of a string of 8+ locomotives on the local from Pine Bluff (YPB71). Also included today:
1) UP 5156, 6660, 9357, 1982, 4411, 4729,
2) CN 5624
3) Military tanks
4) Wheel sets

ASHLEY, DREW & NORTHERN BOXCARS OVER THE YEARS - Put together September 8, 2009.

UP 1982 HEADING PINE BLUFF LOCAL AT LITTLE ROCK SEPTEMBER 9, 2009 - Union Pacific 1982, the Missouri Pacific heritage unit, lead the YNL75, Pine Bluff Local, past Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas Wednesday, September 9, 2009. I also included two other trains and have a Youtube movie of each one (my original Quicktime movie was 178 MB, so I posted on Youtube to make it easier for viewers to download).

SEPTEMBER 10, 2009 - LITTLE ROCK - Thursday, September 10, 2009 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Another dark and rainy day, temperatures in the 70s. The Little Rock area is between 12 and 13 inches above normal for the year. Included today:
1) UP 8388 both today and on a circus train in 2007
2) UP 9742, 7761
3) NS 9251, Operation Lifesaver 25th anniversary locomotive
4) Remnants of the Honeydew Melon vine at the tracks in Little Rock
5) GMTX 2157
6) SP 9755

SEPTEMBER 12, 2009 - LITTLE ROCK- RAIN - Saturday, September 12, 2009 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Of special interest was a southbound train headed by a single KCS unit with a single KCS DPU unit on the end. The radio said it was the KCPB, but it's the first time I've seen two KCS locomotives on this train. Also saw a US Army locomotive (a red and yellow unit No. 6504) but it was too dark in the predawn for a photo) and a locomotive being towed in the middle of a train, RSSX 2451). Photos included today:
1) RSSX 2451 in mid-train tow
2) UP 5263
3) KCS 4600 and 4601
4) Fallen Flag freight cars: faded Rock Island boxcar HS 75306, Columbus & Greenville boxcar HS 30955, Soo Line hopper, SOO 75179, Another Columbus & Greenville Boxcar, No. HS 30901
5) CN gondola, No. CN 156375
6) Staley hopper, No. KWT 5047

WINDMILL TRAIN IN RAIN SEPTEMBER 13, 2009-LITTLE ROCK, AR - A wet Sunday, September 13, 2009 at Little Rock, Arkansas. We had another long windmill train today. A trusted UP source told me that the windmill trains come from Beaumont, TX.  The blades and all. No blads made in Little ROck are shipped by rail yet.  These blades and motors are assembled overseas (Spain I think) and are shipped over here and unloaded at Beaumont Texas.  They are usually destined for Manly, IA.  The symbol is SBTMY. The train that came through had both blades and generators. I've also included a couple of Youtube videos of the windmill train shot in HD. Also today:
1) UP 4192, 2482, 3815, 8366, 1930, 5997, 6178 (SP), 9717 (CNW)
2) SP 9755
3) GMTX 2156, 2157
4) MKT green hopper
5) SOO white boxcar 18886
6) Long windmill train

BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS - SEPTEMBER 19, 2009 - Saturday, September 19, 2009 at Brinkley, Arkansas (in eastern Arkansas halfway to Memphis on Interstate 40). Only 3 trains today between 859 a.m. and 4 p.m., but I added extra photos around the depot museum, including a conductor's uniform, butterflies and flowers. Included today:
1) 1950s conductor uniform on load to the museum
2) UP 9684, 5156
3) CSX unit on train in the movie
4) Picture of depot from trackside
5) Closeup of a colorful butterfly
6) Old Rock Island ties

SEPTEMBER 20, 2009 - LITTLE ROCK - Sunday, September 20, 2009 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Included today:
1) UP 5918, 4808, 8642, 8635, 4961, 5210, 6797, 5714, 4607, 1539, 5494, 8210
2) Load of brown pipes

UNION STATION STRUCTURE PICTURES, SEPTEMBER 21, 2009 - On a rare sunny day, September 21, 2009, I decided to take some photos of Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas, a very active office complex. As you will see, the main parking lot is full of cars every day with workers for companies that rent office space in the nearly 100 year old station. These views are of the south side of the building, which is the main entrance. The Amtrak office is located on the north (track) side on the lower level, as is the US Census Bureau. This lower level is where I take my train photos. Union Station is located at Victory and Markham Streets.

SEPTEMBER 21, 22, 23 AROUND LITTLE ROCK, AR - A few shots taken September 21, 22 and 23, 2009 around Little Rock, Arkansas. Included:
1) DLSX switcher 1254
2) MBKX hoppers, all new
3) Ashley Drew & North boxcar HS 30614
4) UP 2426 in southwest Little Rock
5) Ferromex 4641

OPERATIION LIFESAVER UP TRAINS-RUSSELLVILLE AR-SEPTEMBER 24, 2009 - On Thursday, September 24, 2009, Union Pacific ran a short Operation Lifesaver train out of Russellville, Arkansas. It had two UP locomotives, one on the front and one on the back (UP 9407 and UP 5330), and 2 UP passenger cars usually sitting in the UP's North Little Rock yards (MP 3646 and MP 15802). Here are some photos of this train in Russellville and going over the bridge over Illinois Bayou near London, Arkansas, which is next to the Arkansas River and close to the Arkansas Nuclear One power plant.

SWITCHER PILGRIMS PRIDE-ATKINS, AR - SEPTEMBER 24, 2009 - Here's a shot I took of a switcher serving the Pilgrim's Pride plant in Atkins, Arkansas on September 24, 2009. Atkins is near Russellville, about 70 miles west of Little Rock on I-40. It used to be the pickle capital of the world where Atkins Pickles were made.The locomotive was CLC 99107.

DARDANELLE & RUSSELLVILLE SHORTLINE RAILROAD-SEPTEMBER 24, 2009 - Some pictures of the Dardanelle & Russellville Railroad in North Dardanelle, Arkansas taken on September 24, 2009. This area is about 75 miles west of Little Rock on I-40. Several locomotives and old rolling stock were in the active yard. Included are (please let me know if my information needs correcting):
1) D&R Headquarters building and grounds in North Dardanelle, AR (postal Russellville)
2) Old wooden baggage/mail car, number unknown
3) DR-15 (SW1, built 4/1949, ex-Galveston Wharves 201)
4) DR-16 (SW1, ex-Missouri Pacific/C&EI)
5) DR-18 (S1)
6) DR 1143 (GMD1-has CN lettering on the black frame; also has "GR-12t" under the 1143 number)
7) DR Boxcar 14045
8) Unknown boxcar with a faded "?K?68
9) UP yellow caboose, no number, built in 1979
10) MP red caboose 13927
11) UP yellow caboose, UP-W754500 (these 3 cabooses are apparently for sale)
12) Evans-Air Pak boxcar

SEPTEMBER 26, 2009 AT BRINKLEY, AR - Saturday, September 26, 2009 at Brinkley, Arkansas. Included today:
1) NS 9699, 9611, 9018, 9118
2) UP 4513, 4877, 5282
3) KCS 4038 Belle
4) CSX 7788
5) Tree frog sticking to window
6) Dead Zenia
7) Patch of red spider lilies

SEPTEMBER 27, 2009 AT LITTLE ROCK - Sunday, September 27, 2009 in Little Rock and North Little Rock. Included:
1) GMTX 2001
2) UP 6475, 6832, 8536, 6526, 5714
3) Rock Island hopper

This was sitting on a siding in North Little Rock, Arkansas this morning, September 28, 2009 It's a large load from Siemens. I've gotten several answers as to what is is, including: "A Generator. More specifically, an Alternator for use in a power plant. -  Mike Schattl" -- "Looks like the stator for a generator to me. -  Tom Balzen" -- Eric Grissom said it may be a generator for windmills.
   Well,  here is the what is is, according  to Larry: "Inside the shipping container is a 90 ton Wind turbine unit. I will dig out a picture of the nacelle unit for you. This what sits on top of the tower and the blades are attached to."

BNSF-UP MEET LITTLE ROCK, SEPTEMBER 29,2009 - Relatively rare BNSF-UP meet at Union Station in Little Rock, Tuesday September 29, 2009. The northbound BNSF train (the Houston/Dayton, TX to Memphis, TN trackage rights train) met a UP loaded coal train heading south.  Also there were three Ferromex units on the Little Rock to Pine Bluff local. Crystal clear day and cool (40s this morning).  Included today:
1) Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar HS 30630
2) UP 7087, 5902, 5917, 2482, 6827, 4676, 7048, 4643, 9408, 9590, 4997,UPY 818
3) CSX 8605
4) Ferromex 4651, 4658, 4649
5) Chessie Cat hi-cube boxcar
6) HD movies of 3 of the trains (Youtube)

NIGHT TRAINS AT UNION STATION, LITTLE ROCK-OCTOBER 3, 2009 - A few night photos at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Saturday night, October 3, 2009.  A group of rail friends were there with me. Amtrak's Texas Eagle, northbound #22, arrived while we were there, plus a few UP freights that were moving.

TRAINS IN THE RAIN, LITTLE ROCK-OCTOBER 4, 2009 - Sunday, October 4, 2009 at the station in Little Rock, AR. It was a rainy, cool day. It stayed at 55 or 56 degrees all day, about 20 degrees below normal (I've included a departure from normal rainfall map at the end of the page that shows the whole country). Seen today:
1) NS 9280
2) UP 1539, 1540, 4643, 5050, 9779, 1917, 1930, 7047, 2025, 315
3) Ferromex 4651, 4692, 4600
4) GMTX 2157, 2156
5) SP unpatched 9755
6) CEFX 402
7) Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar HS 30671
8) Red Canada-CN hopper
9) Two green MKT hoppers
10) Rain
11) Old UP yellow boxcar UP 563111
12) Western Pacific boxcar
13) Two Cotton Belt hoppers
14) North Dakota Mill hopper
15) Departure From Normal U.S. rainfall map year to date

UP 1982-BCRAIL 4613-OLD GAS STATION, OCTOBER 7, 2009 - Wednesday, October 7, 2009 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas and a side trip to photo an old, unique gas station close to UP's tracks in Sherwood, Arkansas. Catch of the day was UP 1982 on the Pine Bluff local and BCRail 4613. All photos taken by Ken Ziegenbein. Included today:
1) BCRail 4613
2) UP 9648, 9663,4274, 683, 1982, 5272, 2460, 2420, 4712
3) "The Railroad Of Personal Service" hopper, ITLX 20058
4) GMTX 2149
5) Old abandoned classic gas station in Sherwood, AR

UP 1989-RIO GRANDE HERITAGE-ON OPERATION LIFESAVER, MAGNOLIA, TEXAS, OCTOBER 13, 2009 - I went to Magnolia, Texas on Tuesday morning, October 13, 2009, to get a photo of an Operation Lifesaver train that ran between Spring and Bryan, Texas, using UP Heritage 1989 (DRG unit) as one of two locomotives. The short, 3-car train, had a locomotive at each end.  Seen are two more trains that morning, and some photos of the restored Magnolia MoPac depot, now housing a historical society. The Operation Lifesaver train arrived at 8:39 a.m. with several people boarding, including law enforcement personnel. It was a cloudy, warm morning. Magnolia is between Houston/Spring and College Station/Bryan on UP lines. This is the first time I've ever been to the town.
Included today:
1) UP 6060, 7830, 8063, 4803, 1989
2) CN 2593
3) UP streamlined passenger cars Challenger, Cheyenne and Columbine

BN 3014 ON BLUE BELL/SP-T&NO LINE - BRENHAM TEXAS, OCTOBER 13, 2009 - I caught the BNSF Blue Bell Ice Cream switching move in Brenham, Texas on Tuesday, October 13, 2009, using BN green 3014. They hauled one railcar of sugar to the Blue Bell manufacturing plant just east of downtown Brenham. The tracks they used are former Southern Pacific/T&NO. BN 3014 stays in Brenham for this duty, connecting with the BNSF main line (Galveston Sub) at Peabody Street, next to the Santa Fe Freight House (now a private residence). I also took 3 HD movies of this move. There were 3 crew members on the train: one engineer, and two riding the freight car protecting the crossings. It was cloudy and humid with a downpour right after I took the pictures (rain follows me around the country!!).

OCTOBER 20, 2009 AT LITTLE ROCK - A bright, sunny Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at Little Rock, Arkansas, both at Union Station and in southwest Little Rock at Mann Road/Baseline. Included today:
1) RSSX 4544
2) UP7050, 6684, 5043, 4035, 7346, 351, 4786
3) SP/UP 6192
4) LLPX 2263
5) NS 9978
6) HLCX 3832
7) SOO Boxcar 18886
8) Dog crossing tracks

OCTOBER 21, 2009 - LITTLE ROCK - Of special interest today, Wednesday October 21, 2009,  was unpatched Southern Pacific 9761, plus some CSX and NS mixed in with UP. It was a cool day (about 60) with clouds moving in from the southwest from the remnants of Hurricane Rick in the eastern Pacific. Heavy rain was forecast here overnight and Thursday. As of today, Little Rock was 20.49 inches above normal for the year to date. Included today:
1) SP 9761
2) UP 1539, 1540, 2426, 2460, 8315, 8654, 4662, 5002, 7731, 9596
3) CSX 5209, 859(x?)
4) NS 6781, 9649, 9468, 9882
5) UP Rail Inspection Vehicle DC-31
6) BCRAIL boxcar BCOL 60425
7) Hazy sun and State Capitol photo
8) UP yellow short boxcar MNNR 1376
9) BN green high-side hoppers MWCX 01244 and 01246
10) "Old Man Winter on Steroids" graffiti (my title for it)
11) Falcon or hawk

STREETCARS IN LITTLE ROCK DURING CITYFEST, OCTOBER 24, 2009 - Here's a few photos I took Saturday, October 24, 2009 at Cityfest in North Little Rock, AR of Central Arkansas Transit's streetcars and crowds.

HERITAGE 1982-1996, NORTH LITTLE ROCK, OCTOBER 24, 2009 - Saturday, October 24, 2009 at Brinkley, Arkansas. Track work on the line south of Brinkley caused some UP trains to be stopped for the track curfew north of Brinkley, so only a handful of trains today. Also included a quick shot of UP heritage locomotives 1996 and 1982 in North Little Rock. Included:
1) UP 1982, 1996, 7376, 9662
2) Rio Grande (UP) 1355 North Little Rock
3) NS 9015, 8766
4) CSX 8063

OCTOBER 28, 2009 - LITTLE ROCK, INCLUDING UP 4141-BUSH UNIT - Wednesday, October 28, 2009 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was a rare sunny day here. More rain will move in Thursday through Friday and may give us over 3 inches of additional rainfall. As of October 28, Little Rock is over 22 inches above normal for the year,  having already received 62.57 inches this year. Included today is a quick shot of UP 4141, the George Bush Library unit at Jenks Shops in North Little Rock, plus:
1) UP 4141, George Bush Library unit
2) UP 2460, 9743, 1539, 9793, 1345, 4328, 4668, 7848, 7821, 4488, 9417, 8653, 8657
3) GMTX 2165
4) NS 2537
5) GCCX string of loaded gondolas
6) EEC red boxcar 2765
7) Cities Services Company hopper

AMTRAK'S TEXAS EAGLE, NO. 21, ANNULLED IN LITTLE ROCK DUE TO FLOODING, OCTOBER 30, 2009 - Amtrak's Texas Eagle, No. 21, the southbound train from Chicago to San Antonio, was annulled at Little Rock, Arkansas today, October 30, 2009 due to flooding and a derailment of a UP freight due to flooding. According to Richard Finch, an Amtrak agent in Little Rock: "We had to annul #21 at Little Rock this morning due to a derailment at Alexander, Arkansas & couldn't detour on the Pine Bluff sub 'cause of washouts. Bussed everybody between LRK & Ft. Worth & turned both trains." Amtrak 21 got here about 4 a.m. and was turned and sitting at Union Station all day, and I've included some photos, one with a UP freight passing. UP had that derailment in Alexander that caused Amtrak to be annulled, plus UP also had a flood-induced derailment near Coal Hill, Arkansas on the Van Buren sub in western Arkansas.
   Little Rock now is 27.94 inches above normal for the year. We've had 68.26 inches so far. That's the 5th wettest year on record so far. Of course, we have 2 months to go in 2009.
   Also included today:
1) UP 7376, 3957
2) CSX 9044
3) AMTRAK 155
4) Empty BNSF coal train in the UP yards taken from the Locust Street overpass
5) Consist of the Texas Eagle: Superliner Coach 34120, Coach 34052, Coach 31011, Sightseer Lounge 33033, Diner 37009, Sleeper 32113, Sleeper 39010, Locomotive 155.
6) Blue Water 35th anniversary emblem on a Superliner Coach.
7) Fall foliage along UP's abandoned Camp Robinson Spur.

TRAINS, GHOSTS AND A SPIDER LADY AT BRINKLEY, AR OCTOBER 31, 2009 - Saturday, October 31, 2009 at Brinkley, Arkansas. It was sunny and cool, one of only 6 days in October that it hasn't rained. It was a fun day. Being Halloween, I wore a ghost mask and the secretary, Terri, wore a black spider-lady costume. We tried to catch a train and get in the picture, but this only occurred one time since the trains normally passed too quickly for us to get posed. Anyway, here's some photos. HAPPY HALLOWEEN.
Included today:
1) NS 9938, 7521
2) CSX 5365
3) BNSF 4359
4) UP 9769, 4508

BNSF WARBONNET, UP 1996, FERROMEX UNITS-OTHERS, LITTLE ROCK NOVEMBER 1, 2009 - Sunday, November 1, 2009 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. A variable day trainwise, with only 1 train in the morning and 10 trains between 2 and 4 in the afternoon, including UP 1996, the Southern Pacific Heritage unit and some BNSF, CSX, FERROMEX units. Included today:
1) UP 2460, 2420, 1356, 4198, 4604, 7158, 6010, 8245, 4369, 7868, 9440, 1996, 9482, 4095, 8069, 5118
2) CSX 8386, 7336, 4726
3) BNSF Warbonnet 759, 5906
4) GMTX 2615
5) FERROMEX 4634, 4677
6) New CTCX tank cars
7) BNSF streamlined autoracks
8) Lumber load
9) AM Boxcar 2434
10) Multi-dome tank car
11) Secured containers
12) Ladybug on my hand
13) Truck frames
14) New GBRX hoppers

UP 1996-KCS BELLE-LOTS OF UP OLDER LOCOMOITVES-LITTLE ROCK, NOVEMBER 3, 2009 - Tuesday, November 3, 2009 at Union Station in Little Rock, AR and east of Biddle Yards in Little Rock. Of special interest today is UP 1996, the SP Heritage, on the Pine Bluff local and a KCS Belle unit on a northbound. There was two LONG locomotive consists.  Included today:
1) UP 8096, 4532, 5330, 9660, 7174, 7088, 7010, 7621, 7363, 2482, 4383, 5209, 1956, 1987, 4800, 4171, 1996, 215, 224, 525, 208
2) SP/UP 7840
3) KCS BELLE 4128
4) Tropical painted boxcar ARMN 765180

TRACKWORK-UP NORTH LITTLE ROCK YARDS, NOVEMBER 10, 2009 -Track work in UP's North Little Rock yards on Tuesday, November 10, 2009, taken from the North Little Rock Main Street overpass.

NOVEMBER 15, 2009 LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS - Saturday and Sunday, November 14-15, 2009 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas Lots of trains photographed (21). It was very warm, near 70, but rain and much colder weather will move in tonight and Monday with possible light snow north of the area by Tuesday morning. We're still over 25 inches above normal in rainfall, but no rain has fallen in November yet, but that will change tonight.
Included on this webpage for November 14 and 15:
1) UP 4950, 4353, 7631, 2426, 6996, 6535, 5885, 4803, 7211, 6565, 6509, 6393, 1540, 1539, 4723, 1930, 2482, 6909, 4163, 4393, 8186, 4644, 6060, 6595, 9396, 8310, 8017, 3928
2) GMTX 2157, 2156
3) Conrail 6745
4) SP unpatched 9755
5) Green cables load
6) MOW UP truck
7) Remnants of famous Honeydew vines
8) BN green boxcar BN 217731
9) Compared LT Weight of coal aluminum gon with steel gon (in this case, aluminum gondola was 1900 pounds lighter)
10) NFO Grain hopper
11) 1/160 N-Scale UP/Katy Heritage 1988 with 1/1 scale train in background
12) NS Hi-cube boxcar NS 487700
13) Union Station sign was hit by a car last week, knocking down the 'Union' part
14) Yellow fall leaf
15) Ladybug on yellow Amtrak platform
16) Large load TBCX 76708
17) Father and boy watching trains
18) Plus more  

SANTA FE LOCOMOTIVE 2746, SOMERVILLE, TEXAS IN 1968 - Scanned this old Kodachrome slide of Santa Fe Locomotive 2746 taken at Somerville, TX in April of 1968. The lines on the left of the scan was caused by the scanner.

DARK AND TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, NOVEMBER 17, 2009 - Here's a few shots I did on Tuesday, November 17, 2009 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was late in the day and dark, so I got some signal scenes and train lights. This time of year, it gets too dark for photography here after 4 p.m. or so, especially when it's cloudy. The sun officially set in Little Rock at 5:02 p.m. CST. Being curious, I noticed it sets in Dallas and Houston at 5:24 p.m., 22 minutes later, San Antonio at 5:37 p.m., and Midland, Texas at 5:47 p.m. So rail photography in the afternoon would be possible 47 minutes later at Midland than here. Of course, the sun also rises later in Texas, so I can start taking pictures earlier in the day.
Included today:
1) UP 4153, 7108, 7048
2) CNW 6720, Operation Lifesaver unit

BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS, NOVEMBER 21, 2009 - Saturday, November 21, 2009 at Brinkley, Arkansas. Five trains today, but I only photographed 4. Also included is a vivid sunset on my way back to Little Rock on US 70.
Included today:
1) UP 4408, 9661, 4971, 8543
2) NS 8386
3) Vivid sunset
4) Brinkley Depot Museum/Central Delta Historical Society secretary

LITTLE ROCK, NOVEMBER 22, 2009-RED CHRISTMAS BOW AT STATION - Sunday, November 22, 2009 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. My 'rolling roster' shots today include a CSX SD40-2 locomotive, No. 8082, plus someone put a red Christmas bow on the lone cedar tree across the tracks, and I framed some photos around that. Included today:
1) CSX 5426, 5228, 8082, 219
2) NS 7556
4) UP 1539, 1540, 4351, 4259, 4564, 2460, 2285, 5073, 5113, 8022, 4553, 9657, 4219, 9482
5) Truck frames
6) MKT partially red gondola 16035
7) Coil cars
8) Two loads of pipe
9) Christmas bow on cedar tree at the station

LITTLE ROCK, NOVEMBER 25, 2009 - Wednesday, November 25, 2009 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Lots of trains today, including Little Rock & Western. I also took my monthly shot of UP B
1) Conrail(CSX) 7490
2) CSX 29, 711, 415
3) SP(UP) 6401
4) UP 5298, 8215, 9657, 3825, 5809, 6562, 5339, 3999, 9819, 545, 2102, 4241, 8333, 4339, 8587, 2285, 5077, 8492, 4878, 4141, 8061
5) UP yellow boxcar
6) BN green hoppers
7) LRWN 1542, 1544
8) New shiny string of tank cars
9) String of yellow TTX boxcars
10) CSX/NYC hi-cube boxcar 239977
11) Rock dump cars
12) String of truck frame flatcars
13) A little risque lady graffiti art (separate link on site))

ROCK ISLAND DEPOT, LONOKE, ARKANSAS WITH CHRISTMAS LIGHTS-NOVEMBER 28, 2009 - While driving back home from my Saturday volunteering at the Brinkley, AR depot museum, I drove on US Highway 70 through Lonoke, AR and came across these Christmas lights around the former Rock Island depot in Lonoke. The depot is now used as the Chamber of Commerce.

KCS HOLIDAY EXPRESS-JEFFERSON, TEXAS-NOVEMBER 30, 2009 - The Kansas City Southern's annual Holiday Express came to Jefferson, Texas on Monday, November 30, 2009 and this site includes some photos of the train in daylight and at night. I even took pictures inside the trains' display cars.
   Earlier in the day, around 2 p.m., I got a fantastic 3-KCS train meet in Lassater, TX at the Lassater Road crossing, including the KCS Holiday Express. While taking the pictures of the Christmas train, I had my other digital camera (the Panasonic FZ28) on a tripod and turned on the HD movie mode to capture the train's passing. There's a link to this movie on this page and here:  Lassater is about 7 miles west of Jefferson.
   The train meet went like this: The first train was on the siding and was a mixed freight with a few container cars at the end. It was heading east toward Jefferson at 1:19 p.m.. It was lead by KCS Belle 4124 and 4 other KCS and 2 NS units (I also included a movie of this train - The second train was a westbound loaded KCS coal train, which had leased UP locomotives, at 1:45 p.m. This coal train stopped on the main line while the third train, the KCS Christmas train, passed eastbound on the siding at 2:03 p.m., following the mixed freight. It was bright sunshine by the time the Holiday Express showed up.
   There was a KCS MOW crew at this crossing waiting for the trains to pass and these were the nicest railroad people I've ever chatted with. They came over to where I was set up and told me about the three-train meet about to happen. I had never been to this crossing before and it was fantastic luck that the KCS people were there and that the site was a good photo spot. (All photos and videos by Ken Ziegenbein)
   Included today:
1) Friendly dog
2) KCS 1, 2, 4124-Belle, 4022, 2839, 2899, 1906
3) NS 2636, 6670
4) UP 7311, 6840
5) KCS Holiday Express and business train
6) Elves

COLORFUL LOCOMOITVES LITTLE ROCK, DECEMBER 3, 2009 - Thursday, December 3, 2009 at Little Rock. Various types of locomotives today, including:
1) SVGX 8601 (Savage) blue and gold locomotive
2) UP 3841, 8046, 8318
3) BNSF-SANTA FE 645 Warbonnet
4) CN 2509
5) BCRAIL 4605 or 4606
6) CKTY or DKTY gondola 12482, possible former MKT
7) String of blue-stake flatcars
8) Unidentified bird

TRAINS, STREETCARS, OTHER TRAINS DECEMBER 4-11, 2009 - Here's a few train photos I did the past week (December 4 through December 11, 2009) . I did a little 'doctoring' on one with my usual sense of humor. Union Pacific has a new cement sign at the entrance to their North Little Rock yard which was decorated for Christmas and I've also included a photo of that. Included on this page:
1) UP 1539, 9400
2) Central Arkansas Transit streetcar 411 and 408
3) HLCX 3801
4) SP 9755-unpatched
5) KCS 4541 and 457 on an intermodal, the only locomotives on the train
6) New UP sign at the entrance to the North Little Rock Terminal
7) M.O.W equipment

COLD, RAINY AND TRAINS AT BRINKLY, AR DECEMBER 12, 2009 - A wet and cold Saturday, December 12, 2009 at the depot museum in Brinkley, Arkansas. Included today:
1) CSX 9003, 7338
2) UP 9674, 3999, 4373, 4258, 5047
3) Load of pipes
4) CN 2537
5) Louis Jordan display. He was a 1940s blues singer.
6) A noisy goose up in the clouds

TRAINS-LITTLE ROCK, DECEMBER 14 AND 15, 2009 - A few trains Monday, December 14 and Tuesday, December 15, 2009 at Little Rock, Arkansas. Including:
1) UP-CNW 9798
2) UP 4508, 4248, 2482
3) KCS 4509
4) LRWN 1542, 1544
5) Panel track load ('Lionel Track')

CHRISTMAS PARTY BRINKLEY DEPOT MUSEUM, DECEMBER 19, 2009 - Here's some party pictures from the depot museum in Brinkley, AR Saturday evening, December 19. Thanks to all for an enjoyable time.

3-WAY MEET LITTLE ROCK, AR, DECEMBER 20, 2009 - Triple train meet, Little Rock, Sunday, December 20, 2009 at Union Station.  Included today:
1) UP 9582, 7405, 2285, 4530, 2482
2) Ferromex 4663
3) CSX 7884
4) NS 9344, 7696
5) GT blue Hi-cubes
6) MoPac buzzsaw boxcar
7) Beans, Rice and Popcorn hoppers

CHRISTMAS-LIT STREETCAR - NORTH LITTLE ROCK DECEMBER 21, 2009 - Central Arkansas Transit's River Rail Streetcar 409 lit up with Christmas lights, Monday night, December 21, 2009 at the Verizon Arena Streetcar Stop in North Little Rock, AR. It was 9:00 p.m.

AMTRAK'S TEXAS EAGLE STOPPED AT BALD KNOB, AR DUE FLOODNG, DECEMBER 25, 2009 -  Flooding on Christmas Day-December 25, 2009-across Arkansas caused Amtrak's Texas Eagle #21 to be stopped at Bald Knob, Arkansas due to flooding of UP's tracks south of there between Bald Knob (45 miles north of Little Rock on UP's main-north line to St Louis) and Little Rock. Passengers were bused between Bald Knob and points south to Texas. I spent a few hours going up to Bald Knob to get a photo of the stopped Eagle at Bald Knob. Four-lane Highway 67/167 was under water just north of Little Rock and I had to detour, going east to Lonoke then north to Cabot then use old secondary roads to Bald Knob. But I got my pictures!!
   The Amtrak agent at Little Rock told me that the northbound Texas Eagle, #22, had left Little Rock on time about 11:30 p.m. Christmas Eve and had been walked through the flooded track south of Bald Knob (I don't know if water was over the track or just up to it). It was decided at that point (about midnight) that the southbound Eagle #21, would NOT be walked through the flooded track since it was getting worse, so the train was stopped at Bald Knob and everybody taken off and bussed south. He said that it being Christmas, it was very difficult to get buses. The one shown in the photo is from  a company called Memphis Trailways. I assume the train will be turned at Bald Knob and become the northbound #22 tonight and that #22 will be turned at Little Rock and become the southbound #22. I can't confirm that. That would mean buses will take passengers off #22 and bus them to Bald Knob.

BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS DECEMBER 26, 2009 - A few trains at Brinkley, AR, Saturday December 26, 2009. Not that many trains, but It was a fun day at the museum. Included today:
1) CSX 9003, 7338
2) UP 3925, 5023
3) Cotton Belt hopper 70032 with the Cotton Belt blue trademark

AMTRAK PASSENGERS BUSED TO LITTLE ROCK FROM TEXAS DECEMBER 26, 2009 - On December 26, 2009, all Amtrak Texas Eagle passengers were bused from San Antonio, Fort Worth, Dallas, Texas and points north to Little Rock, Arkansas to get on the waiting Eagle #22, which had arrived that morning as Amtrak #21, then turned to head back north as Amtrak #22. Reason for all this busing was a washout that occurred Christmas Eve on UP's line north of Little Rock. On Christmas Day, the southbound Eagle #21 had been stopped at Bald Knob, AR due to this flooding, and passengers bused to Little Rock and points south.  Bald Knob is about 50 miles north of Little Rock. This stopped train eventually made it through to Little Rock at 7:33 a.m. December 26 and headed south. But since Amtrak #21 had been stopped in Bald Knob on Christmas Day, it could not make it to San Antonio in time to become the northbound #22, so on December 26, no trainset was available out of San Antonio. Thus the busing.
   I understand 160 passengers were bused and all got on at Little Rock in the middle of the night. It took 5 buses. The train was full out of Little Rock. Below are some photos and one Youtube movie of the activity.

LAST OF THE SUMMER VINE-TRAINS UNION STATION LITTLE ROCK, DECEMBER 31, 2009 - LAST OF THE SUMMER VINE - Last day of 2009 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. I caught only a couple of trains today, but also got the last shot of the year of the famous honeydew melon dried vine next to the Amtrak platform (I know many have baited New Years Eve breath waiting for that shot!!). Weather was dark and grey, but no rain (we ended up the year over 31 inches above normal in rainfall with a total of over 81 inches).
Included today:
1) UP 3913, 5047
2) Honeydew melon vine


FIRST TRAIN OF 2010 AT LITTLE ROCK, JANUARY 1, 2010 - First trains in 2010 at Little Rock. A new era has begun - LOL. I finally got one train late this afternoon, January 1, 2010, my first train photo of the year. It was a LONG intermodal which took 8 minutes to pass Union Station at 15 mph.  It had two units leading (UP 7715 and UP 4643) and two DPU units trailing (UP 4534 and UP 7914).

TRUMPETER SWANS AT HEBER SPRINGS, ARKANSAS JANUARY 1 - On New Years Day 2010, my wife and I took a trip to Heber Springs, Arkansas to see the Trumpeter Swans that migrate and winter on Magness Lake near there. This group of Trumpeter Swans come from Minnesota. I've included an informational sign about them. It was cold, 38 degrees but crystal clear. The owner of this land where the lake it on said there were 177 swans this year, somewhat more that previous years. (All photos and movies by Ken Ziegenbein)

BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS TRAINS JANUARY 2, 2010 - Trains at Brinkley, Arkansas, Saturday January 2, 2010. It was cold today, never getting above freezing, plus it was windy. The Brinkley Depot Museum was also chilly inside and with such high ceilings in the 100-year-old depot, the heating bills this time of year are over $1,000 a month.
Included today:
1) UP 7783, 5301, 4644, 4841
2) CN 2629, 5726
3) Frozen flooded field behind the Brinkley depot
4) Snow on tank car
5) Cold secretary

SUNSET BETWEEN BRINKLEY AND LITTLE ROCK, JANUARY 2, 2010 ON MY WAY HOME -There was a good, colorful sunset, which I got shots of along US Highway 70 between Carlisle and North Little Rock, Arkansas on Saturday, January 2, 2010. It was below freezing and the clouds were mid to high-level clouds. Also included is a rare 'sun prism' or as some call it a 'sun dog'. The sun was behind the clouds. Its rays were refracted into colors in a small area seen in the photo.  I got this prism photo from the car as I was driving. About a minute later, this colorful effect was gone.

RED FLAG TEST AT UNION STATION, LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS JANUARY 3, 2010 - Sunday, January 3, 2009 at a cold Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. There was a 'Red Flag' test for two trains here today. It was cloudy and 30 degrees with snow flurries.
Included today:
1) UP 6474, 4724, 4880
2) UPY 663
3) Red Flag inspectors

AMTRAK 21, SOUTHBOUND TEXAS EAGLE, DERAILED AT HIGGINSON, ARKANSAS JANUARY 6, 2010 - PHOTOS BY JOHN C. JONES, NOT ME - Amtrak 21, the southbound Texas Eagle, derailed 2 of its 7 cars near Higginson, Arkansas shortly after 3 a.m. Wednesday, January 6, 2010. Higginson is about 60 miles north of Little Rock on the Union Pacific's busy double-track line to St. Louis.  There were 212 passengers on the train and 14 crew members. All were eventually bused to points south in Arkansas and Texas to San Antonio. Passengers going to Los Angeles were put on the Sunset Limited at San Antonio. There were no injuries reported. It was a media event with coverage on all local TV stations and even CNN. The way I look at it, since no one was injured, at least people now realize that a passenger train serves this area. After all, the Texas Eagle usually comes through Little Rock at midnight and 3 a.m. and nobody sees it, sort of 'out of sight-out of mind.'

COLD AND ICY AT BRINKLEY, AR JANUARY 9, 2010 - A very cold, icy day at the Brinkley, Arkansas Depot Museum on Saturday, January 9, 2010. There were a good amount of trains too, running slower than normal. The old Cotton Belt/Rock Island depot (which is the museum) was hard to keep warm with it's high ceilings. But we managed to keep warmish with the addition of space heaters and warm-hearted staff. The flooded field and pond on the north side of the depot was frozen over and I got some photos of the staff standing on the ice (not me!!). While driving through the Cache River National Wildlife Refuge on my way home to Little Rock, I noticed the flooded swampy areas frozen over as well. You could ice skate around the centuries-old Cypress trees!!
Included today:
1) UP 7772, 7364, 4584, 3781, 6842, 8094, 8243
2) UP/CNW 6721 Operation Lifesaver
3) CSX 7928, 8783, 5256, 8582, 8628, 8081
4) NS 9802, 6766
5) MKT 14047 red coil car
6) Flesh fly
7) Frozen pond and frozen staff

BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS TRAINS, JANUARY 23, 2010 - At Brinkley, Arkansas's Depot Museum, Saturday, January 23, 2010. Of special interest today is Genset ODFJELL 1400. It was a fantastic day, museum-wise, not counting trains.
1) NS 9825
2) UP 4394, 4606, 4879
3) CSX 5, 8790
4) ODFJELL 1400 new genset

COLD AND ICY AT LITTLE ROCK, JANUARY 30, 2010 - A winter storm slammed into Arkansas on Friday, January 29 and Saturday, January 30, 2010 and had most of the state covered with snow, freezing rain, and sleet. I braved the elements and got the following pictures on January 30, including one train at Union Station. I was basically the only car on the road. Temperature hovered around 27 degrees all day with gusty winds to 30 mph.
   Included today:
1) Icy, empty streets of Little Rock
2) UP 9736
3) Ferromex 4604

'MOUNT BALLAST' COVERED WITH SLEET PLUS TRAINS LITTLE ROCK JANUARY 31, 2010 - Sunday, January 31, 2010 was much warmer than the day before, when we had a winter storm in Arkansas. Although Little Rock only got 1.5 inches, most of it was sleet, now snow, and there was a layer of freezing rain ice under the sleet, so getting around on slick roads the day before was tricky. Just 60 miles north of here in Mountain View and other parts of north Arkanss, they got 14 inches of snow. It got up to 40 today and most of the roads become dry and clear.
Included today:
1) Snow/sleet covered Mount Ballast at Union Station.
2) UP 3943, 4216, 4557
3) CSX 7368
4) UP 4141, the Bush Unit at Jenks Shops.

UP 1982, MOPAC HERITAGE UNIT, OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, AR, FEBRUARY 5, 2010 - Friday, February 5, 2010 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was a rainy, cold day with temperatures in the mid to upper 30s, but I made the trip specifically to catch UP 1982, the Missouri Pacific Heritage unit, which was on a train from Houston, Texas to North Little Rock (the QHONL). While waiting for that train, there were several other trains running.
Including today:
1) UP 1982, 5539, 4129, 4445, 6509, 1029, 6644, 4283, 4104, 2420, 1905
2) BNSF 7307
3) CSX 5474
4) Ferromex 46x2, 4625
5) String of Procor tankcars
6) GT blue hi-cubes
7) Former Rock Island blue hoppers on one train: NAHX 65612, 65546, 65543, 65510, 65707, 65578, 65559, 65705
8) A robin

GENERAL SNOW SCENES FEBRUARY 9, 2010 NORTH LITTLE ROCK - A few snow scenes on my street, February 9, 2010.

SNOW AT UNION STATION, LITTLE ROCK, FEBRUARY 10, 2010 - Two-day old snow remained on tracks at Union Station in Little Rock, AR, Wednesday, February 10, 2010. We had officially 7 inches on Monday. I caught two trains and took some snow pictures.
Included today:
1) Snow scenes
2) BNSF 984, 5288
3) UP 2426, 9755

MAJOR SNOW AND SLEET STORM REMNANTS, BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS, FEBRUARY 12, 2010 - Arkansas and other parts of the country had a major snow and sleet storm on Monday, February 8, 2010. Below are some train and snow scenes in Brinkley, Arkansas taken 4 days AFTER the storm ended. These photos were taken Friday, February 12 and Saturday, February 13, when plenty of snow and ice was still on the ground. However, by Saturday afternoon, temperatures rose into the 40s and the snow was melting rapidly. It's somewhat unusual for us here in Arkansas to have snow cover for such a long period of time, but this year much of the central and eastern parts of the county was having a winter of epic proportions, much like the ones you read about in history books. For instance, Dallas, Texas had 12.5 inches of snow in another storm late in the week and the east and northeast parts of the country had blizzards and several feet of snow during the week, shutting down even Washington D.C. So far this month, here in Little Rock, temperatures are running about 20 degrees below normal for February. (106 FEB 12)
 Included today trainwise:
1) Central Arkansas Transit Streetcar 412
2) UP 9729, 4224, 8050, 4609, 4688, 5160, 5012, 4447, 4565, 8604
3) Ferromex 4659
4) NS 9304, 2503, 9952, 8992, 8356
5) CN 5799
6) RSSX 3429
7) Graffiti
8) MKT green hopper 588
9) Conrail 6770
10) Bill Sayger, Museum Director and Terri, the secretary

UP 1988 KATY HERITAGE UNIT, LITTLE ROCK, AR FEBRUARY 19, 2010 - My favorite Union Pacific Heritage locomotive, UP 1988-the Katy unit- came to North Little Rock, Arkansas on train QHONL-18 on Friday, February 19, 2010 at 849 am cst.  Here are 4 photos of the train. It was the 6th of 6 locomotives in the consist.

BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS TRAINS AND THE CLOUD MONSTER, FEBRUARY 20, 2010 - Here's a few trains at Brinkley, Arkansas on Saturday, February 20, 2010, plus some scenes of the last snow on the ground from a snowstorm 2 weeks ago. It was in the lower 60s today.
Included today:
1) Museum cat
2) Museum secretary Terri
3) UP 6618, 5742, 7364,
4) Last of the snow from the big snow and sleet storm two weeks ago
5) Cloud Monster (my imagination at work!)

RAINY DAY TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, AR FEBRUARY 21, 2010 - Here's some rainy-day train photos taken at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Sunday, February 21, 2010. It got so dark about 10:30 a.m. that some floodlights turned on.
Included today:
1) 4536, 3862, 4171, 4727, 5722, 7083, UP/SP 6290, UP 2482, 2285, 2460
2) GMTX 2156
3) Ferromex 4602
4) MKT green hopper 544
5) Baretables mid-freight
6) Dark rain clouds and rainy, steamy scenes
7) Gulls flying to Hooters
8) Three stray dogs on platform

UP 2002 OLYMPIC UNIT AND UP 4141 BUSH UNIT NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR FEBRUAR 22, 2010 - UP 2002, the Salt Lake Olympic unit, is in the UP yards in North Little Rock, Arkansas today, Monday, February 22, 2010, awaiting overhaul at UP's Jenks Shops. UP 4141, the George Bush unit, is still sitting in front of Jenks, and has been since late last Spring. I was told yesterday that the Boy Scout special unit has been painted at Jenks, and is having the decals put on this week. No, I have not seen this unit nor do I know what UP will do with it after the Boy Scout decals are applied. I'll try to keep you posted on it. (Ken Ziegenbein)

UP 1988-1996 NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR FEBRUARY 24, 2010 - Here's a couple of shots of UP 1988, the Katy Heritage, and UP 1996, the SP heritage locomotive in the UP yards at North Little Rock, February 254, 2010. I was in the yard by permission.

BRENHAM, TEXAS BNSF TRAINS, MARCH 1, 2010 - Here's a couple of BNSF trains southbound through Brenham, Texas on March 1, 2010, a Monday. Included are the following:
1) BNSF-SANTA FE 682 in warbonnet colors
2) BNSF 5486
3) BNSF-Santa Fe 3177 and 2198

UP 2010 (TARPED BOY SCOUT UNIT) AND 4141 JENKS SHOPS, NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR MARCH 3, 2010 - Here's UP 4141, the Bush unit and UP 2010, the Boy Scout unit (under a tarp) at UP's Jenks Shops in North Little Rock, Arkansas, Wednesday, March 3, 2010.

VARIOUS TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, AR PLUS FLYING SAUCER WAITRESSES, MARCH 4, 2010 - Here are some train photos on a nice, sunny day in Little Rock, Arkansas, Thursday, March 4, 2010,  plus one shot of three classic Flying Saucer waitresses!. Included today:
1) Saucer waitresses
2) UP/SP 2047
3) UP 7674, 5136, 7651, 5136, 6499, 7051, 5877, 4278, 9650, 2482, 2285, 9646, 5124
4) MKT green hoppers 517, 556, 540, 581
5) Rocks
6) NS 7525
7) LLPX 2231
8) DOA hoppers on flats

LITTLE ROCK, AR, MARCH 6, 2010 - A few trains at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas, Saturday, March 6, 2010. Included today:
1) MOW trucks
2) UP 2021, 2426,
3) SP 9755 unpatched
4) NS 9525
5) D&RGW hopper 10023.

STREETCARS AND TRAIN, LITTLE ROCK MARATHON, MARCH 7, 2010 - Here's some Little Rock, Arkansas River Rail Streetcar photos with Little Rock Marathon runners and crowds in the background, plus some train photos at Union Station and 'my' Mockingbird at the station again, Sunday, March 7, 2010.
Included today:
1) CAT's streetcars
2) Little Rock Marathon photos
4) UP 4145, 4629, 9674, 4698
5) UP/CNW 9741
6) Mockingbird
7) HATR 1220 boxcar
8) Rocks
9) CNW 520034 boxcar
10) CNIS hopper 368998

ASHLEY, DREW & NORTHERN RARE BOXCAR, UP4141, 2010 LITTLE ROCK, AR MARCH 9, 2010 - UP 4141, the Bush Library unit, back outside next to the Scout 2010 (tarped) at Jenks Shops in North Little Rock on March 9, 2010. Also a rare Ashley, Drew & Northern boxcar and a freight move on the Amtrak siding at Union Station.
Included today:
1) UP 4141, 4405
2) Ashley, Drew & Northern HS 30631
3) CSX 5365

UP 1995-FERROMEX-STREETCAR LITTLE ROCK, AR MARCH 11, 2010 - UP 1995, the CNW Heritage unit, and Ferromex 4696 in North Little Rock, Arkansas, Thursday, March 11, 2010. Notice that the green on the Ferromex matches the green on the CNW Heritage locomotive. I've also included a shot of a Central Arkansas Transit Streetcar crossing the Arkansas River on the Main Street Bridge between Little Rock and North Little Rock.

LITTLE ROCK, AR, MARCH 14, 2010 - Sunday, March 14, 2010 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. An unusual long string of UN-graffitied freight cars on one train and some of these were old cars!
Included today:
1) UP 1540, 1539 (both repainted and overhauled), UP 6788, 7262, 7125
2) MKT green hopper 586
3) Long string of un-graffitied hoppers
4) BKTY MKT hopper with Katy trademark/emblem barely visible
5) One of my black gold sunset pictures (what lies beyond the sunset?)

COLORFUL TRAIN, STUTTGART ARKANSAS, MARCH 15, 2010-EASTER BUNNY - Here's a C  O L O R F  U L train I caught today in Stuttgart, Arkansas, near the Union Pacific tracks. It has locomotive BTRN 66.

LITTLE ROCK AND STUTTGART, ARKANSAS, MARCH 15-16,2010 - Trains from Stuttgart, Arkansas, March 15 and from Little Rock, March 16, 2010.
1) UP 4584, 4096,  9802
2) NS 8416, 6640, 6571
3) Work equipment
4) Rail train
5) Face

UP 1996 HERITAGE-OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, MARCH 17, 2010 - HAPPY ST PATRICK'S DAY!! - Wednesday, March 17, 2010 at Little Rock and North Little Rock, Arkansas. Of special interest today was UP Heritage locomotive 1996, the SP unit, plus a rare red MKT gondola.
Included today:
1) UP 1996, 2021, 8103 and 9712
2) UP/SP 2047
3) Red MKT gondola MKT 16035

SPRING-UNION STATION LITTLE ROCK-MARCH 19, 2010 - Here are some photos I took on Friday, March 19, 2010 at Little Rock, Arkansas of vivid Bradford Pear trees blooming with bright white blossoms. The trees were across Victory Street from Union Station (the Amtrak station). It was almost clear with deep blue skies and temperature 72 degrees. Weather forecasts had a major cold snap forecast for the weekend, with temperatures falling into the 40s by Sunday with gusty winds and rain, with the rain becoming mixed with snow Sunday night with lows in the mid 30s. So, these blooms will be short-lived.

TRAINS AND STREETCARS LITTLE ROCK, AR, MARCH 19, 2010 -  Friday, March 19, 2010 in Little Rock, Arkansas showing a couple of trains and streetcars. It was almost clear with deep blue skies and temperature 72 degrees. Weather forecasts had a major cold snap forecast for the weekend, with temperatures falling into the 40s by Sunday with gusty winds and rain, with the rain becoming mixed with snow Sunday night with lows in the mid 30s. I've also included some pictures of some vivid white Bradford Pear tree blossoms next to Union Station.
Included today:
1) Streetcar photos with scenes taken from inside and outside
2) Vivid Bradford Pear tree photos
3) BNSF 9663
4) UP 4940, 4120
5) CEFX 849

BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS - SIX DIFFERENT ROADNAMES, MARCH 20, 2010 - Saturday, March 20, 2010 at Brinkley, Arkansas at the Brinkley Depot Museum. Lots of trains today, some detour trains from the White Bluff and Little Rock Subs. As you can see from my list of locomotives, you can get a good variety of roadnames in Brinkley (6 different roadnames today). It was nice and warm today, 70, but winter weather returned the next day with highs in the upper 30s to lower 40s. Some parts of western Arkansas got over a foot of snow on Sunday.
Included today:
1) UP 4255, 4648 (with Union Pacific written in script), 5975, 6565, 4324, 4898, 4544, 8099
2) HLCX red 3827
3) CSX 7885, 25, 5324
4) Conrail-NS 5442
5) CN 2596, 1235
6) NS 9700
7) Depot views
8) Pullman uniform on display with information
9) 1953 newspaper ads on display (local funeral home and cleaners ads)
10) ALM 1960  boxcar
11) Weird eye graffiti

COLD DAY, LITTLE ROCK, MARCH 21, 2010 - Cold, windy and drizzly here in the Little Rock, Arkansas area today, Sunday, March 21, 2010, the second day of Spring. After high temperatures near 70 yesterday, it was 39 degrees today with dark clouds and drizzle. Northwest and West Arkansas had up to 10 inches of snow last night and Sunday. I only got three trains today at Union Station because Union Pacific is working on major track upgrades both on the Little Rock and White Bluff Subs, so the lines were curfewed at times.
Included today:
1) UP 4212, 9660, 4602
2) UP/SP 6359
3) Bird and popcorn
4) Truck frames
5) Seven autos with railfans

TRAINS AND STREETCARS, LITTLE ROCK, MARCH 23, 2010 - A few trains today at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas, including:
1) CN 5531, 5544
2) UP 2482, 1539, 1540
3) NS 6676,, 2640, 2591
4) Streetcar 409
5) Donald Duck Easter bunny at the station
6) Ladybug

DONALD DUCK FAINTS AS TRAIN APPROACHES, LITTLE ROCK, AR MARCH 23, 2010 - LOL - Just for fun, I took a talking, walking Easter Donald Duck bunny to Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on March 23, 2010 and started it waddling on the Amtrak platform as UP 2482 passed with a freight. Notice that Mr. Duck was so excited to see the train, that he fell down as soon as the train passed!! lol. Not sure what the engineer thought about it. Click on this photo to view the Youtube video of this event or simply click the direct Youtube link here (photos and video by Ken Ziegenbein):

UP 2010, THE BOY SCOUT UNIT, PASSING UNION STATION LITTLE ROCK, AR MARCH 25, 2010-SHRINK-WRAPPED - Union Pacific 2010, the Boy Scout unit (still shrink-wrapped), passed Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas this morning at 9:41 a.m. CDT on its way to Pine Bluff. I don't know its final destination, but since it's heading south toward Pine Bluff, AR,  I suspect it will be going to Texas (Dallas-Irving??). Thanks for the heads-up text from the person who saw it in the yards. Here are some photos. (Ken Ziegenbein photos)

UP 2002, THE OVERHAULED OLYMPIC UNIT, NORTH LITTLE ROCK, MARCH 27, 2010 - UP 2002, the Olympic unit, was overhauled at UP's Jenks Shops in North Little Rock, Arkansas and released on March 27, 2010. Here it is with it's new white striping.

ENHANCED COLORS ON TRAINS, LITTLE ROCK, AR, MARCH 28, 2010 - Sunday, March 28, 2010 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Nothing special today, so I decided to do some artistic coloring of many of the photos, mainly the backgrounds. (All photos and artistic work using Paint Shop Pro X2 by Ken Ziegenbein -
Included today:
1) UP 4353, 1913, 1966, 4056, 1539, 1540, 2426, 354
2) CSX 5204
3) My best friend, Mr. Mockingbird, on my car mirror
4) One flatcar loaded with poles  

BRINKLEY, AR, TUESDAY MARCH 30, 2010 WITH VISITORS FROM ILLINOIS - Tuesday, March 30, 2010 at Brinkley, Arkansas. A fellow railfan Mark Loewe and his 8-year-old daughter Nicole were visiting Arkansas from Illinois and made a stop at Brinkley on their week-long train watching trip during spring break. There were a good number of trains, including the daily-except-Saturday northbound PBJB and a yard locomotive switching a plant.
Included today:
1) UP 9597, 4379, 7700, 4017, 5385, 4813, 3830, 7011, 5223
2) GMTX 2126
3) CSX 8137, 5332, 8701
4) Crybaby graffiti
5) Rock Island boxcar

UP 2010, THE BOY SCOUT TRIBUTE LOCOMOTIVE, ON ITS FIRST REVENUE RUN-LITTLE ROCK, APRIL 3, 2010 - UP 2010, the Boy Scout unit, made its first revenue run from Spring, Texas (near Houston) to North Little Rock, Arkansas, passing Union Station in Little Rock at 12:36 p.m. April 3, 2010. It was on the QSPNL-2. Union Station is 'arkriver' on UP's station ID list. (Photos by Ken Ziegenbein)

AKMD AND OTHER TRAINS, LITTLE ROCK, APRIL 2-3, 2010 - Some trains Friday, April 2 and Saturday, April 3, 2010 at Little Rock, Arkansas. Included today:
1) AKMD 722 and 414
2) UP 4471, 3885
3) CN 2612
4) My mockingbord friend

TEXAS WILDFLOWERS APRIL 12, 13, 14, 2009 - Texas wildflowers taken April 12, 13, and 15, 2010 along highways in southeast Texas from Brenham southward to Schulenburg and Halletsville. Some are along highways 77, 290, 36, among others. The bluebonnets and red blankets were still vivid in lots of places, as were bright yellow flowers of some sort. Texas had an unusually cold and long winter, so they were late blooming.

UP 844 STEAM CROSSING LAVACA RIVER NEAR VANDERBILT, TEXAS AND BLOOMINGTON, APRIL 13, 2010 - Here's a couple of pictures today of UP 844 and the passenger special as it ran from Houston to Bloomington, Texas on Tuesday, April 13, 2010. I also included a photo of a UP freight north of Refugio, Texas and a field of vivid yellow flowers.

UP 844 ARRIVING IN KINGSVILLE, TEXAS AND CROWDS-SHORT VERSION OF PAGE-APRIL 14, 2010 - A large crowd gathered at Kingsville, Texas at 10 a.m. April 14 for 844's arrival, even with on and off showers. Due to large crowds at Woodsboro and Refugio (north of Kingsville), I was told that the special made unscheduled stops for those crowds too, making it about an hour and half late (arriving at Kingsville at 11:45 a.m.), but the Kingsville crowd waited. After all, as far as I know, this was the first steam locomotive to come to Kingsville in over 60 years. The city of Bishop, the next station up the line, put up a Thank You sign for the Valley Eagle. I saw many school kids (3 busloads), many grandparents with their grandkids telling of memories of trains past, and the general public admiring this locomotive. The train left at 12:12 pm. Union Pacific and its Public Relations department deserves an A+ for this effort.

UP 844 IN KINGSVILLE, TEXAS APRIL 14, 2010 - FULL VERSION - UP steam locomotive No. 844 made a trip in April, 2010 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Harlingen, Texas. This train left Cheyenne, Wyoming April 2, 2010, visiting Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas. On Wednesday, April 14, 2010, the train stopped at Kingsville, Texas, which is 2 hours north of Harlingen in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas on the former Missouri Pacific line. The train was named the "Valley Eagle," after a MoPac passenger train of the same name that ran on this line from the late 1940s to early 1960s.  Pictures below show the train arriving, the crowds, train leaving, and some Kingsville renovated depot shots.

RIO VALLEY SWITCHER NEAR DONNA AND WESLACO, TEXAS APRIL 14, 2010 -  These photos were taken on Wednesday, April 14, 2010 west of Donna, Texas and at Weslaco, Texas in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Rio Valley Switching Company No. 1233 a short distance west of Donna, Texas on US 83, 5:25 p.m. Wednesday, April 14, 2010. I noticed tracks all the way from Harlingen to McAllen, Texas, which appeared to used very little. The tracks go through such towns as La Fena, Mercedes, Weslaco, Donna, Alamo, San Juan, Pharr, then to McAllen. There were lots of tank cars being stored on sidings along the line.
   The Rio Valley Switching Company ("RVSC") is the “Valley Railroad” interchanging with Union Pacific Railroad ( in Harlingen and extending west 55 miles / 88 km  to Mission, Edinburg and to the McAllen Foreign Trade Zone.  RVSC also extends Northwest 11 / 18 km miles to Santa Rosa. (

UP 844 AND FORMER MOPAC FREIGHT STATION, HARLINGEN, TEXAS APRIL 14, 2010 - Harlingen, Texas April 14, 2010. UP steam locomotive 844 visited Harlingen as part of Harlingen's 100th anniversary. The train was on the "Valley Eagle" tour, that began in Cheyenne, Wyoming in early April and would include several states in the midwest and south. "Valley Eagle" was the name of a Missouri Pacific passenger train that ran between Houston and Brownsville, Texas from the late 1940s to early 1960s.
   The special had stopped at Kingsville around noon the same day and then ran south to Harlingen and would be displayed there the next day at Centennial Park. I got photos of the train in Harlingen on April 14, along with pictures of the former Missouri Pacific Freight Station in Harlingen. This former MoPac freight station is now home of a golf cart company. They told me that the Missouri Pacific passenger station was demolished in the 1960s.

KCS BELLES SOUTH OF VICTORIA, TEXAS, APRIL 15, 2010 - My KCS catch (matched pair of KCS Belle's 4681 and 4680) on April 15, 2010, 21 miles south of Victoria, Texas on US 77. Unfortunately, since I parked off the shoulder of highway 77, I was standing in the grass when I took the first picture. Little did I realize that my left foot was in a fire ant bed! I took the picture and quickly brushed off all the ants (my foot was covered). Amazingly, I only got bitten 3 times, and didn't have any severe reaction. Guess I 'paid' for this shot, wouldn't you say?

Meridian&Bigbee 107 (MB-107) and others, Little Rock, Arkansas, April 20, 2010 - Meridian&Bigbee 107 (MB-107) and others, Little Rock, Arkansas at Union Station, Tuesday, April 20, 2010. This unit was leading the Little Rock & Western train westward with LRWN 1544 and 1542 also in the consist. They don't usually run all three locomotives together. (Thanks to John Hodkin, Jr for telling me about M&B 107 being in Little Rock). (Tomorrow, Wednesday April 21, UP steam locomotive 844 will arrive at this site)

UP 844 ARRIVING LITTLE ROCK, APRIL 21, 2010 - UP 844 at Little Rock and North Little Rock, arriving Wednesday, April 21, 2010.

VARIOUS TRAINS, LITTLE ROCK, AR, APRIL 21, 2010 - Trains at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas, Wednesday, April 21, 2010, the day the UP 844 steam locomotive arrived.  There were numerous trains during the day. Of special interest is RSSX 1078, ex-Mid South GP10 and UP/Rio Grande 1900. Plus UP 4141, still stored at Jenks Shops in North Little Rock.
Included today:
1) UP 4141, 844, 1975, 7446, 4378, 8155, 2285, 1539, 8077, 6812, 7627, 8666
3) UP/CNW 6708
4) RSSX 1078
5) NS 9022, 9402
6) Pipe load
7) My Mockingbird
8) Face

UP 844 ON DISPLAY NORTH LITTLE ROCK, APRIL 22, 2010 - Union Pacific's 844 steam engine was on display at North Little Rock on Thursday, April 22, 2010 and here are a few scenes.

UP 844 NIGHT SCENES NORTH LITTLE ROCK, APRIL 22, 2010 - Here's a few photos taken Thursday night, April 22, 2010 while UP 844 was on display in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

UP 844 VIDEOS APRIL 23, 2010 - Here are 4 videos I made Friday, April 23, 2010 of UP 844. Three are of the train crossing the Baring Cross bridge, one crossing Illinois Bayou west of Russellville, AR. I also took many photos, which are my main interest. I usually put the camera with the video (Panasonic FZ28) on a tripod and take stills with my Lumix G-1. I see that I should have zoomed in a little more on some of these videos (like I did on one), but I can always imagine how trains look on an N-scale layout I guess.

UP 844 NORTH LITTLE ROCK AND RUSSELLVILLE, AR APRIL 23, 2010 - On Friday, April 23, 2010, UP 844 left North Little Rock and headed west to Van Buren, Arkansas through Russellville. Photos and videos below. Other locomotives and rolling stock included today:
1) UP/SSW 1962
2) UP 1966, 7856, 5720
3) MKT red gondola 16014

FLORIDA EAST COAST LOCOMOTIVES IN NORTH LITTLE ROCK, APRIL 27, 2010 - Florida East Coast 448 and 449 (Operation Lifesaver) in North Little Rock, AR April 27, 2010.

BNSF-SANTA FE AND BN UNITS, CASKET COMPANY TRACKS LITTLE ROCK APRIL 27 AND 29, 2010 - Wednesday and Thursday, April 27 and 29, 2010 at Union Station in Little Rock, using a new site at North UD for taking some of these pictures.  Of special interest is the BNSF local with a Santa Fe 'bluebonnet' and BN green unit.  Also parts of the long-abandoned siding tracks that once led to a casket company. Included today:
1) UP 1975, 2027, 1959, 6563, 6333, 6619
2) BNSF-SF 8714, BNSF-BN green 1524 Operational Lifesaver
3) SP unpatched 9755
4) Small wood poles
5) Alligator graffiti, REPOS graffiti
6) Black carbon hopper
7) Abandoned tracks that used to go to a casket company
8) MKT greet hoppers 523 and 556
9) Pipes
10) CLRE blue boxcar
11) UP work equipment
12) railbox/TTX GNTX 295381 gondola
13) Rose at my house

LATE AMTRAK 21, SOUTHBOUND TEXAS EAGLE, LITTLE ROCK MAY 1, 2010 - On Saturday, May 1, 2010, Amtrak's No. 21, the southbound Texas Eagle, arrived in Little Rock, Arkansas at 9:00 a.m., about 6 hours late (it normally arrives about 3 a.m.). It was late because of severe weather, tornadoes and flooding between St. Louis and Little Rock the night before, which played havoc with some railroad signals. More bad weather was forecast today as well with Arkansas in another High Risk area for tornadoes.

BNSF AUTO-TRAIN, OTHERS LITTLE ROCK, AR MAY 1, 2010 - Saturday, May 1, 2010 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Yes, it was another dark, cloudy day for the most part. More tornadoes and severe weather moved in late in the day. Included today:
1) BNSF 8959, 4572
2) UP 4055, 6856
3) CN 2610
4) MOW parade, including CATS 0906
5) MKT 586, green hopper
6) KWT 5188 hopper
7) Columbus & Greenville boxcar HS 30849
8) HS 3920 (can't read name) boxcar
9) HS 30123, MT&W (Marinette, Tomahawk & Western Railroad Company) boxcar
10) Lots of graffiti eyes on a boxcar

INCIDENT AT UNION STATION TODAY, PLUS TRAINS MAY 2, 2010 - We had a little excitement today, Sunday May 2, 2010, at Union Station in Little Rock. About 11:30, a southbound train stopped at the north part of the station tracks near milepost X346 and soon after we noticed  a UP Special Agent and people getting out of the cab of UP 9704 and walk across the tracks. Apparently, someone fell from the wall on the far (north) side of the tracks and was laying on the ground. Soon after, Little Rock police, a firetruck and ambulance arrived at the scene.  The railroad was tied up while this was going on (about 35 minutes). By 12:08 p.m. the train continued on its way. I got some pictures of this from a long way away, using my 18x zoom.
   Also included today:
1) UP 9704, 9742, 7816, 7447, 2285, 2482
2) Meridian & Bigbee-107
3) LRWN 1544 and 1542
4) CNW 752929, former Rock Island blue hopper

UP 2001, THE OLYMPIC TORCH RELAY LOCOMOTIVE, LITTLE ROCK MAY 5 - Union Pacific Olympic Torch Relay locomotive 2001 passed Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas Wednesday,  May 5, 2010 at 12:30 p.m.  The train stopped in front of Union Station to wait for signal, so I got some up close and personal photos of this 10-year old locomotive. It was on the Long Beach, California to Marion, Arkansas (West Memphis) intermodal train symboled IHJMN-3. The unit was the second in the consist. Thanks to John C. Jones for giving me a heads-up on its arrival.

UP 1995 AND SPECIAL THROUGH BALD KNOB, AR, MAY 8, 2010 - UP Heritage 1995, the CNW unit,  headed a UP engineering special southbound through Bald Knob, Arkansas on Saturday, May 8, 2010, 4:27 p.m. on its way to North Little Rock, then Houston, Texas on Sunday. Bald Knob was also having their annual Strawberry City Festival today.

BALD KNOB, ARKANSAS STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL MAY 8, 2010 - Bald Knob, Arkansas Strawberry Homefest, Saturday, May 8, 2010.  This has been an annual celebration for decades. Back in the early part of the 20th century, there used to be unit strawberry trains out of here on the Missouri Pacific, up until the 1950s. This is also the day UP 1995 headed UP's Engineering Special through here. Bald Knob is an hours drive north of Little Rock on the busy Union Pacific Hoxie and Memphis Subs.

UP 1995 AND ENGINEERING SPECIAL LITTLE ROCK PLUS BNSF, OTHERS, MAY 9, 2010 - UP 1995 leads a UP engineering special out of Little Rock in the early morning cold rain on Sunday, May 9, 2010, plus a long BNSF trackage rights train passes Union Station on the Little Rock & Western tracks on its way to Memphis. What's unusual about this train is the Santa Fe warbonnet on the point (No. 555), plus BNSF orange unit (No. 3199) and a Santa Fe blue and yellow unit (No. 8714) - it was a very colorful train and we had red, yellow and green signals, making for a colorful Christmas tree look at the station.
Included today:
1) UP 1995, 6844, 7301, 4871
2) BNSF/SANTA FE 555 (Warbonnet)
3) BNSF 3199 (Orange)
4) BNSF-Santa Fe 8714 (blue/yellow)
5) UP Engineering Special
6) TXUX single loaded coal car on the BNSF Memphis train
7) BMC hopper CROX 9675

UP 1982-1996 WITH OPERATION LIFESAVER TRAIN, BALD KNOB, AR MAY 9, 2010 - UP's heritage locomotives 1982 and 1996 pulled three UP passenger cars southbound through Bald Knob, Arkansas on their way to North Little Rock on Sunday, May 9, 2010. This train will be used the following week in central Arkansas for Operation Lifesaver trains. The 3 passenger cars were "Challenger" dome, "Texas Eagle" and "Feather River." Note the signal bridge north of the Bald Knob renovated depot, now housing a railroad museum and excellent hobby shop called "Arkansas Traveler Hobbies."

BALD KNOB, AR TRAINS MAY 8-9, 2010 - Here's a few trains at Bald Knob, Arkansas, where UP's Hoxie Sub (from Poplar Bluff to North Little Rock) meets UP's Memphis Sub (from Bald Knob to Memphis). These were taken Saturday, May 8 and Sunday, May 9, 2010. On May 8, Bald Knob had it annual Strawberry Homefest (in the early part of the 20th century, there used to be unit trains of strawberries shipped from Bald Knob every year). To see some photos I took of this festival, click on:
Included are:
1) UP 3826, 4875, 2053, 1995 (CNW Heritage), 8535, 8504, 5178, 4442, 5825, 6231(SP), 7131, 1982 (MoPac Heritage), 1996 (SP Heritage).
2) NS 9083
3) UP Boxcar 355268
4) Load of poles
5) Old signal bridges
6) Farmers Co-op Elevator Giltner, Nebraska hopper, KWT 5290
7) GLFX coal cars
8) Display cabooses MoPac 11019, 13675
9) 1894 Missouri & North Arkansas RPO/Coach
10) Bald Knob depot scenes

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS, MAY 7-11, 2010 - Various trains in Little Rock and North Little Rock, May 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, 2010.
Included are:
1) SP unpatched 7104
2) UP 6844, 4871, 3975, 4140, 7847, 1996
3) BNSF 4506
4) MKT green hoppers 549, 507, 586
5) Blackberries next to Amtrak platform
6) Fat gopher

OLD SIGNALS, BALD KNOB, ARKANSAS, MAY 8, 2010 - This signal is located on the busy Union Pacific Hoxie Sub through Bald Knob, Arkansas (about an hours drive north of Little Rock in north Arkansas). It's just south of the renovated Bald Knob depot. I'd like to find out how rare these bridge signals are and, in particular, the round, 3-lens system to the right. UP has been tearing these old bridge signals down north of here, but so far have not done anything with this one. Can anybody tell me the dates these were put in on this former Missouri Pacific line?
   I received one reply regarding the 'round' signal: "Regarding the Signal Bridge and "Round Signal" at Bald Knob.  Due to the shadow on the round signal it is difficult to tell, but this appears to be one of the old signal heads with three lenses arranged in a triangle. These were made by General Railway Signal and were used by MoPac, I.C. and a very few other roads.  If this is the case, it is likely one of the last still in service." Any corrections or more details on this?
   In the photos below, I lightened up the images a lot so I could see the 3 lenses in the round signal. (Just for your information, Amtrak's Texas Eagles pass this signal every night, the northbound St Louis to Chicago train about 1 a.m. and the southbound Little Rock to Dallas train about 1:30 a.m., sometimes passing here).

UP SPECIAL TWO-CAR TRAIN, LITTLE ROCK, MAY 14, 2010 - A Union Pacific passenger special passed Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Friday, May 14, 2010, arriving 7:18 p.m and leaving 7:30 p.m. It stopped because the drawbridge of the Baring Cross Bridge over the Arkansas River was raised for a barge and the train sat at the station for 10 minutes. It was going to Council Bluffs, Iowa and originated in New Orleans, Louisiana earlier in the day. UP 4095 headed the two-car special, which included dome car UPP 9005 Walter Dean and observation car UPP 103 Cheyenne. Here are some photos and two embedded YouTube video links. Thanks to a Conway railfan for giving me the heads up on this train.

CSX SOLAR PANEL BALLAST HOPPERS ON REROUTE, GETTING BALLAST AT LITTLE ROCK, MAY 14, 2010 - These photos of a CSX ballast train were taken Friday, May 14, 2010 at Union Station in Little Rock, AR at dusk, part of a 13-train rush in 3 hours.

THIRTEEN TRAINS, FRIDAY EVENING, MAY 14 2010 LITTLE ROCK - There were 13 trains between 4:18 pm and 7:43 p.m. at Union Station in Little Rock on Friday, May 14, 2010. Included on this web page:
1) Singing, happy Mockingbird overhead
2) UP 7650, 7816, 4631, 4272, 5747, 2482, 4641, 4095
3) LRWN 1544, 1542, 107
4) BNSF 6621
5) GMTX 2110
6) UP/SSW 1962
7) CSX 5344, 4822, 8067
8) CSXT Solar ballast cars
9) UPP 9005 dome car Walter Dean
10) UPP 103 observation car Cheyenne
11) MWCX hopper 101319
12) Red MKT gondola 16107
13) CSXT white hopper 291826
14) Lonely little purple flower among a sea of green
15) COER boxcars (Crab Orchard & Egyptian Railroad)
16) UP symboled boxcar 355155
17) Lots of ripe dewberries
18) SKRK old MoPac woodchip cars

UP SURVEY TO MOVE CURVED TRACK IN BRINKLEY, AR MAY 15-TRAINS LITTLE ROCK MAY 16, 2010 - Various trains in Brinkley and Little Rock, Arkansas, Saturday May 15 and Sunday, May 16, 2010. UP did a survey in early May to make the sharp curve from the Brinkley Sub to the Jonesboro Sub less severe and I have some photos of the survey stakes and track to be moved. Also included on this site:
1) CSX 7893
2) UP 9819, 5135, 4021, 8553, 2426, 9786, 6433
3) IC/CN 2720
4) DME boxcars
5) Two Chessie Hi-Cube boxcars, 180777 and 180546
6) VAIX airplane parts car

COTTON BELT 819-1986 - Cotton Belt steam locomotive 819 photos I took in the 1980s. This locomotive resides at the Arkansas Railroad Museum in Pine Bluff, Arkansas and is currently in many pieces waiting for an FRA inspection at some point in the possibly distant future.

KATY MEMORIES 1950s-1980s - MKT Railroad photos I've taken from the 1950s to 1980s. Most were taken in Texas and Arkansas (the Arkansas sightings are of the lines of MKT locomotives that came to Jenks Shops after the MKT and UP merged in 1988). Some are in black and white, some color. 
Included Katy locomotives and rolling stock:
1) 'Big Hook' MKT 1227
2) A couple of single-dome tank cars
3) F-unit locomotive 71-A
4) Green-yellow striped locomotives (most in 'dead' line in North Little Rock, June 1989): 360, 239, 219, 98, 92, 93, 122, 96, 108, 104, 121, 106, 94, 154, 100, 102, 111, 217, 119, 101, 91, 116, 110, 120, 107, 112, 109, 123, 192.
5) MKT green cabooses 132 and 205
6) Missouri Pacific 2000

UP 4141, NORTH LITTLE ROCK, MAR 23, 2010 - UP 4141, the George Bush, Sr Library locomotive, is still stored at UP's Downing B. Jenks shop in North Little Rock, Arknasas at 8:12 a.m. May 23, 2010. I have no later news on what UP will do with this locomotive. I understand that it's in working condition and UP runs it every 6 months or so in the back of the shops to keep it operational. If anyone knows its future destiny, let me know.

LITTLE ROCK, BRINKLEY ARKANSAS, MAY 18-23, 2010 - Lots of train on Sunday, May 23, 2010 at Union Station in Little Rock. I've also included a few trains from Brinkley May 22. I saw two Ashley Drew & Northern boxcars in one train. These boxcars are getting rarer every day.
Included on this Web page:
1) UP 4141, 1551 (st Jenks), 6938 (DD40X displayed), 4581, 1959, 2482, 6932, 4121, 7286, 4009, 5494, 1930, 3814, 1540, 4020, 4774, 4273, 4058, 4673, 4448
2) NS/Conrail 8320, NS 9463, NS/Conrail 8461, NS 8987
3) UP/CNW 6710 Operation Lifesaver
4) UP/SP 6361 with red Union Pacific lettering
5) SP unpatched 9755
6) New entrance with flags for North Little Rock Terminal
7) Ashley Drew & Northern boxcars HS 53029 and HS 53058
8) MKT green hoppers 544 and 529 (some photo-shopping done to clean some 4-letter graffiti)
9) Columbus & Greenville boxcar HS 309
10) Louis Reyfus Corp. hopper
11) Pipe loads
12) Rio Grande hoppers
13) New Orleans RR Boxcar 30875
14) Red Canada tank
15) Blue Alberta tank "Take an Alberta Break"
16) Mockingbird staring at me
17) Four-truck heavy duty flats
18) Lake Erie, Franklin & Clarion RR boxcar GNWR 7227

ONE TRAIN ON AMTRAK SIDING, LITTLE ROCK, AR MAY 25, 2010 - My single train today (Tuesday, May 25, 2010) at the station in Little Rock was an auto-train and used the Amtrak siding. The train was led by UP7386.

WINDMILL PARTS TRAIN-KCS BELLE UNITS-NORTH LITTLE ROCK MAY 27, 2010 - On Thursday, May 27, 2010, I was driving home from downtown Little Rock and as I was crossing the Main Street bridge over UP's tracks, I noticed this long train with large white, circular, tarped wind power equipment waiting to head west on the Van Buren Sub from the Little Rock Sub. I made a  quick detour on 13th street in North Little Rock, crossed the tracks, and waited. While I was waiting for it, another train entered the Van Buren Sub from UP's main yards, lead by two KCS Belle units. After the KCS train passed, I decided to walk to the old wooden car and pedestrian overpass about a block away and wait on the wind train there.
   The covers over the wind equipment read "SUZLON." From the Internet: Suzlon Energy is a global wind power company based in India. In terms of market share, the company is the largest wind turbine manufacturer in Asia (and the 5th largest worldwide.  I don't know where this train was headed.
   Included today:
1) Wind turbine equipment
2) KCS 4104, 4047
3) UP 8462, 3789

SAGINAW, TEXAS PHOTOS MAY 28, 2010 -  I took Amtrak's Texas Eagle 21 from Little Rock, Arkansas to Fort Worth, Texas, Friday, May 28, 2010 to attend the 24 Hours@Saginaw trainwatching event. My friend Jerry Nunn, a fellow retired meteorologist, picked me up at the Ticket and Transportation Center in Fort Worth (the train came in early, by the way). Here are a few train photos from that event (Ken Ziegenbein photos).
   By the way, I'm typing this June 1, which is the debut of my photo in Union Pacific's official 2010 calendar (a shot of Union Station in Little Rock).  That means every person in the country viewing the UP calendar will be seeing that photo as they change the page from May to June, sorta like a nationwide photo exhibit.
   Included today:
1) BNSF 1286, 8226, 1265, BNSF/Santa Fe Warbonnet 685
2) SSW 9642
3) UP 2085, 1960, 6734, 3965
4) NS 7565, 9274
5) RoadRailers

NIGHT PHOTO SHOOT OF FORT WORTH & WESTERN RR-SAGINAW, TEXAS MAY 28, 2010 - Here's my attemps to get some night photos at Hodge Yard (Forth Worth & Western-FWWR) in Saginaw, Texas, Friday night May 28, 2010. This was one activity of the great 24 Hours@Saginaw annual railfan event, put together by the North Texas Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society. Thanks especially to Patrick Phelan and Ken Fitzgerald for their advice and knowledge in putting on this event.Included are photos of FWWR 2017 and 2005.

UP 2010-SCOUT UNIT-UP 1988-KATY UNIT MAY 30, 2010 - UP 2010, the Boy Scout unit, and UP 1988, Katy Heritage unit were the 6th and 7th units in a 7-unit consist on the MNPNL-28, which arrived in North Little Rock, Arkansas at 3:48 p.m. May 30, 2010. These photos were taken where Pershing Blvd goes under the UP Van Buren Sub. There was a thunderstorm and lightning starting to move in when I got these shots.

LITTLE ROCK, AR AND MUMFORD, TX TRAINS, INCLUDING WIND PARTS, JUNE 1 AND 4, 2010 - Here's a couple of trains at Little Rock, June 4, 2010, including another long train of Suzlon wind turbine parts,  plus a train near Mumford, Texas June 1.
1) UP 3939, 1539, 8482, 6824, 5258, 6704
2) Suzlon wind turbine parts
3) Yellow graffiti
4) Mockingbird
5) Census 2001 hopper, DCLX 7362
6) Southern Pacific semi-trailer
7) Wind turbine blade on a semi in Palestine, Texas
8) Storm clouds

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE TRIP LITTLE ROCK-FORT WORTH MAY 28-29, 2010 - On Friday, May 28, 2010 I rode Amtrak's Texas Eagle No. 21 from Little Rock, AR to Fort Worth, TX then returned to Little Rock on Amtrak 22 the next afternoon.  Both trains were basically full with only a couple of empty seats. The southbound Texas Eagle No. 21 had 195 in the three Superliner coaches and 34 in the sold-out sleeping cars, a total of 229 aboard. The three Superliner coaches each hold 60 passengers upstairs with two of the cars seating 10 downstairs, potentially holding 200 people, so if we had 195, then there were only 5 empty seats! Excellent ridership for sure. The dining car steward took reservations for lunch and dinner on both trains and I think the meals were excellent (the menu is reproduced later on this web page).

BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, JUNE 5, 2010 - Saturday, June 5, 2010 at Brinkley, Arkansas.
Included today:
1) UP 4285, 4967, 4001, 3787, 4486
2) NS 9756
3) Zenias

POLITICAL MEDIA AT UNION STATION LITTLE ROCK, JUNE 8, 2010 - Tuesday, June 8, 2010, election runoff day in Arknasas. When I went to Union Station in Little Rock about 6:50 pm to photgraph trains, I was met with the following media circus. They were all here to cover the US Senate Democrat runoff election between Blanche Lincoln (the incumbent) and Bill Halter. At the time I took these photos, the polls were still open. Oh...I also got two trains passing.
Included today:
1) UP 4355, 5850
2) Little Rock Streetcar

REFURBISHED SD40-2 LOCOMOTIVES AT UP'S JENK'S SHOPS IN NORTH LITTLE ROCK, PLUS UP COMPANY STORE - Thursday, June 10, 2010 at Union Pacific's Jenks Shops in North Little Rock, Arkansas. I got some shots of newly repainted and overhauled SD40-2 locomotives as well as UP 4141, the George Bush unit. Plus I got a photo of Richard and Marilyn Baldwin, who run the UP Company Store at Jenks Shops, one of only two UP Company Stores remaining (the other being in Omaha, Nebraska). The store is actually run by a private company under contract.
Included today:
1) UP 4141, 8920, 1551, 1552, 1553, 1554, 5155
2) UP Company Store

FIVE TRAINS AT BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS JUNE 12, 2010 - Five trains in Brinkley, Arkansas on Saturday, June 12, 2010. This was the day after a large flash flood washed away campers at Camp Albert Pike near Caddo Gap, Arkansas (75 miles west of Little Rock), killing at least 18 men, women and children with dozens still missing as I type this Saturday night. Many of the campers were from Texas and Louisiana.  The flood was on the Little Missouri and Caddo Rivers. The Caddo Valley RailroadAddress:Station is accessible (former Missouri Pacific) still shows tracks on Google Maps through Caddo Gap up to Norman, Arkansas, but I don't think there have been trains through there in years.
Included today:
1) UP 4485, 5524, 6870, 7070, 6554, 8461
2) NS 7514, 9787
3) CSX 4735
4) Rio Grande hopper 25152

B&O HOPPER, TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, JUNE 13, 2010 - Here are a few trains Sunday, June 13, 2010 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Today was another test of my new 24-720mm zoom lens (30X) and also using Photoshop Elements 8 to resize these images for the web using their Baseline Optimized Huffman Encoding setting to make the images a smaller file size so they should be quicker to load while obtaining a good quality. I used the new Fujifilm HS10 Finepix digital camera, but will still be using my Panasonic Lumix G1 for most of my photos in the future.
Included today:
1) GMTX 2156
2) NS 9540
3) UP 2056, 3827, 5034, 8575, 1539, 1540, 4544, 2263
4) UP/SP 2047
5) MKT green hopper 527
6) B&O/Chessie System yellow hopper 602908 with the Chessie Cat. Could not see reporting marks. Anyone know?
7) Killdeer bird on tracks
8) Rock Island blue boxcar HS 75290
9) Dark blue Golden West boxcar lettered SSW 62688, freshly painted
10) Chessie System boxcar CSXT 166613
11) Columbus & Greenville Boxcars HS 30971 and 30955

DETOUR TRAIN WITHI UP 1982 IN THE LEAD-LITTLE ROCK, JUNE 17, 2010 - On Thursday, June 17, 2010, UP 1982, the Missouri Pacific Heritage unit, headed a detouring train from Houston to Kansas City via Little Rock, Arkansas, then west on the Van Buren Sub. The reason for the detour: A UP bridge in Kansas between Caldwell and Wellington, located on the Rock Island's Texas main (Kansas City-Fort Worth) had a pier washed away from recent floods in the area on June 15 so many UP trains are detouring, some from Texas through Arkansas, connecting with the UP main line in Kansas again at Coffeyville, Kansas.  This was one of those detour trains, the MHOKC-16.
   The train was stopped near the Arkansas State Capitol and UP maintenance was looking at a problem with 1982's horn. It stayed at South UD (at Milepost 347 near Union Station) for about an hour from around 5:45 p.m. until 6:50 p.m. June 17 waiting until the locomotive was deemed ready to go.

TWO BNSF-UP MEETS AT LITTLE ROCK, JUNE 17, 2010 - A few trains today, Thursday June 17, 2010, at Little Rock, Arkansas, including two BNSF-UP meets in front of Union Station. Included today:
1) BNSF 4821, 7376, 5365, 2329, 1517 (BN green)
2) UP 5133, 3984, 2460, 9380, 4601, 1982
3) MKT green hopper 592
4) Four Canadian Pacific Railway hoppers in a row
5) Large pipe load

CHESAPEAKE AND OHIO PASSENGER CAR ON AMTRAK - LITTLE ROCK JUNE 19, 2010- We had a surprise visit by Chesapeake and Ohio blue and yellow heavyweight passenger car "Chapel Hill" at Little Rock, Arkansas on Saturday morning, June 19, 2010. It was the rear car on the late Amtrak Texas Eagle No.21, which left Little Rock at 10:30 a.m.  Markings on the side of the car are as follows: "C and O for Progress," "Chesapeake and Ohio" in script written on the yellow band across the top of the car, and the number 3 on one line and the number 800043 right below the 3

LATE TEXAS EAGLE, AMTRAK 21, JUNE 19, 2010 AT LITTLE ROCK - On Saturday, June 19, 2010, we were surprized while photographing trains at Union Station in Little Rock, AR when Amtrak 21, the southbound Texas Eagle, arrived, 7 hours late. I was told that there was an engine failure on the train after it left Chicago (near Joliet) and Amtrak had to obtain another locomotive, which caused the delay. It arrived at 10:18 a.m. and left at 10:28 a.m.

TRAINS, LITTLE ROCK, JUNE 20, 2010 - Sunday, June 20, 2010 - Father's Day - at Union Station in Little Rock, AR. Included today:
1) UP 4411, 5163, 8068, 9653, 4205, 6495, 2420, UP/SP 6314
2) Arkansas Children's Hospital mid-flight helicopter overhead.
3) One of my fun effects
4) Sunrise on the rails

RSSX 1051, NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR-JUNE 21, 2010 - Here's RSSX 1051 in a line of locomotives in North Little Rock, Arkansas on June 21. To me it appears it's been recently repainted. Looking at the RSSX roster, it's a GP10, now assigned to Huntsman in Port Neches, Texas. It used to be IC 9106, ICG 8106 and MSRC (Mid South Locomotive) 1057. According to Tom Balzen: "Hadn't seen anything like that before.  I Googled Locomotive LEAF and got the following result:
   "This is a single GenSet locomotive featuring a Detroit Diesel DX370M, 550 HP Genset.  Good for low speeds and switching.According to Railserve's website, they have converted 15 former "hybrid" type locomotives into these and six "conventional" locomotives into these.  All are in use at various Railserve contract switching sites.  The website shows a photo of an EMD switcher conversion. LEAF (look on the long hood of RSSX 1051) stands for "LOW EMISSIONS AND FUEL". There you have it.- Tom Balzen"

ARGENTA ROCK ISLAND DEPOT, NORTH LITTLE ROCK AR, JUNE 21, 2010 - On Monday, June 21, 2010, I had a tour of the renovated Argenta Rock Island depot off Broadway (US Highway 70) in North Little Rock, Arkansas. (North Little Rock was called Argenta early in the 20th Century). A few years ago, this old Rock Island depot was renovated and is now being run by the Sherman Park Community Development Corporation of North Little Rock (Sherman Park Community Development Corporation, Rock Island Argenta Train Depot, 1201 East 4th Street, North Little Rock AR, 501-372-4050)

UP 1982-THE MOPAC HERITAGE UNIT-NORTH LITTLE ROCK, JUNE 22, 2010 - UP 1982 at North Little Rock, AR on June 22, 2010.

SIX ROADNAMES ON TWO TRAINS, JUNE 24, 2010-LITTLE ROCK - Two trains-Six different roadnames passing Union Station in Little Rock, Thursday, June 24, 2010 between 9:41 and 10:08 a.m. Included:
1) UP 4646, 8594
2) Ferromex 4650
3) BNSF 4170
4) CSX 9043
5) CN 2652, 2587
6) NS 2752

REBUILT SD40-2'S, UP 4141 JENKS SHOPS NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR JUNE 24, 2010 - Here's a few shots of more rebuilt locomotives siting in front of UP's Jenks Shops in North Little Rock, AR on June 24, 2010. Also a couple of shots of bees and a loaded log car. Included:
1) UP 1555, 1566, 1550, 1552, 1551, 4141
2) Loaded small log car
3) Closeups of a bee

UP 262002 ON JUNE 25, 2010 - A HIGH-ENDED FLATCAR THAT THE ARKANSAS RAILROAD CLUB USED IN 2002 - riday, June 25, 2010. Ever see the TV show "In Search Of..."? Well, I've been searching for this particular Union Pacific high-end flatcar since 2002, UP 262002. Why, you ask? Our Arkansas Railroad Club ran an excursion way back on April 27, 2002 from El Dorado, Arkansas to Lillie, Louisiana on the Ouachita Railroad (the OUCH) and we used this particular car as part of the train. Some from our club rode on this car in chairs, round-trip. To view photos of this past excursion on April 27, 2002, click on this link:
   I received a call from a fellow Arkansas Railroad Club member about 10:30 this morning (June 25) saying that this very flatcar was on a train coming from Monroe, Louisiana to North Little Rock, Arkansas and that it should be in North Little Rock late in the day. He was was the last car on the train.

TRAINS WITH NEW 90-400MM LENS JUNE 25, 2010 - Here's the first photos I made with a new 45-200 (90-400mm 35mm equiv) zoom lens for my Panasonic Lumix G1. These were taken on Friday, June 25, 2010. Included:
1) UP 8654,
2) NS 2752
3) Anvil top of a distant thunderstorm.

FOUR TRAINS ON 4 TRACKS LITTLE ROCK, PLUS BRINKLEY TRAINS JUNE 27, 2010 - Train photos from both Union Station in Little Rock and Brinkley, Arkansas on Sunday, June 27, 2010. At Little Rock, I got a relatively rare shot of four trains (at least locomotives) at the same time on all four tracks in front of the station. Brinkley had its usual variety of motive power, including NS and Conrail/NS.
Included today:
1) LLPX 2242
2) UP 2056, 1966, 6568, 1539, 7204, 6536, 7096, 7463, 7758, 4744
3) LRWN 1542
4) HLCX 3827
5) NS 7527, 9774
6) CONRAIL/NS 8316, 6719
7) Loads of bars/rods
8) Ashley Drew & Northern, HS 0503
9) "Glory Rays" sunset

TRAINS AT LITTLE ROCK AND A SUNSET 5 HOURS LATER - JUNE 29, 2010 - Two trains Tuesday afternoon, June 29, 2010 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas plus a vivid sunset. We had rain this morning and it stayed cloudy all day with temperatures staying in the cool upper 80s as opposed to the mid to upper 90s the past month. Included today:
1) UP 4640, 5081, 1938
3) 'Baby' graffiti on boxcar SP 246401
4) Red MKT gondola MKT 16338
5) Vivid sunset

INDIVIDUAL BALLAST PIECES STUDY AT LITTLE ROCK JUNE 30, 2010 - During a lull in trains at Union Station in Little Rock on Wednesday, June 30, 2010, I decided to take closeups of pieces of ballast next to the Amtrak siding to see the ballast's many shapes and textures. I call this page "Grade the Ballast" and you can decide which piece is the best. Two stand out, one in the shape of a wedge potato and one that seems to have a smiley face on it. The adventure begins!! (I'm sort of known for having a silly side at times, and this web site proves it! Take it with a grain of salt and humor, like it was intended).

TRAINS AT LITTLE ROCK, JUNE 30, 2010 - June 30, 2010-Trains at Little Rock, Arkansas. Included today:
1) UP 1539, 6489, 4785, 9823, 1425
2) CSX 5274, 1425
3) GMTX 2165, 2676
4) Ferromex 4614
5) Santa Fe hopper BNSF 312451 with 'pure' Santa Fe markings

TRAINS AND A HOOTERS HOSTESS-NORTH LITTLE ROCK JULY 1, 2010 - Here are a couple of photos of trains and one of a Hooter's hostess taken on Thursday, July 1, 2010 at North Little Rock, Arkansas. Included today:
1) NS 9788
2) SP unpatched 9755
3) Various UP locomotives
4) "Railheads" graffiti
5) Armadillo graffiti
6) Kristina, a Hooters hostess

TRAINS-LITTLE ROCK, AR JULY 3, 2010 - Lots of trains (11 trains between 930 and 11:50 a.m.) passing Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas today, July 3, 2010. A little unusual today was NS 6556 leading a train with its long end forward. I saw a good sampling of roadnames and freight cars as well.It was an overcast day with some periods of light rain.
   Here's was I saw today:
1) UP 6758, 6740, 3968, 8615, 4135, 2285, 2074, UP/SP 2047, UP 9380, 8150, UPY 123, UP 4346, 3903, 5282, 7403, 2056
3) NS blue 8457, NS 6556-long end forward
4) CSX 8665
6) CP RAIL red 9571
7) SOO Line faded boxcar 18886
8) Dancing graffiti on boxcar EEC 5463
9) Reilly Industries, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana tankcar 78017
10) UP Bulktainer
11) String of CN hi-cube boxcars
12) String of GT hi-cubes
13) GTRA 5144 boxcar
14) New, shiny white tank cars, one being CVCX 13459
15) KCS Belle-colored coil car KCS 720099
16) Bright red end of flatcar
17) General Chemical tankcar GRPX 944594
18) New GATX hoppers
19) Strong of yellow TTX boxcars
20) CSXT 180682 hi-cube boxcar

TRAINS THEN FIREWORKS LATER, JULY 4, 2010 - Here's a few photos of trains passing Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Monday, July 5, 2010 plus I added a couple of photos of Little Rock's Fourth of July fireworks over the Arkansas River the night before. DOWX had a special 5-car tank train pass the station at 7:36 a.m., which is the main reason I got up so early on this Monday Fourth of July holiday. The special was SFPMI-3, Freeport, Texas to Salem, Illinois. UP was running only high priority trains today with many trains not running. However, I lucked out and got three trains in about a half hour, including one headed by a KCS Belle unit!
Included today:
1) Sunrise at Union Station.
2) UP 4306, 9399, 7849
3) KCS 4703 Belle unit
4) Red MKT gondola, 16338.
5) Fireworks

SPECIAL TROOPER-ON-A-TRAIN-INTERESTING CONSIST-JULY 7, 2010 - Wednesday, July 7, 2010. There was a special 'Trooper-on-a-Train run from North Little Rock to Marche, Arkansas and back. (Marche is on UP's  Van Buren Sub about 10 miles west of North Little Rock). I got it at Vine Street and Arkansas Blvd in North Little Rock. The special was the SNLNL-7 and consisted of UP 7443, UP crew car MP 3646 (with 6-axle trucks), UP baggage car MP 15082, MoPac red caboose 13064 and trailing locomotive UP 7846. Usually the purpose of a trip like this is to give warning tickets to cars who run past crossing signals (in fact, I got a picture of a car running around downed crossing gates as this train approached). It was not an official Operation Lifesaver event, I was told.

RARE BNSF TRAIN ON VAN BUREN SUB-OTHER TRAINS, JULY 7, 2010 - A few trains today, July 7, 2010 at North Little Rock, Arkansas (no....not at Union Station :-). Included is a detouring (I think?) BNSF train on the Van Buren Sub with nothing but ATSF and BN hoppers, plus a special "Trooper on a Train" run. I don't remember seeing a BNSF train on UP's Van Buren Sub before.
Included today:
1) BNSF 5189, 5202
2) NS 8343
3) UP 1966, 2346, 4739, 7443, 7846
4) Golden Triangle boxcars
5) MP 3646, 6-axle truck passenger car
6) MP 15082 baggage car
7) MoPac rec caboose (painted at Jenks Shops about a year ago) 13064

RAIN, TRAINS AND WIND TURBINES LITTLE ROCK-PLUS A TRAIN AT BRINKLEY, AR JULY 10, 2010 - Rain and trains, Saturday, July 10, 2010, including a wind turbine train passing the BNSF local in pouring rain at Little Rock around 1 p.m.. I've also included one train at Brinkley, Arkansas, 55 miles east of Little Rock on Interstate 40.
Included today:
1) BNSF 3182, BNSF/BN 3286
2) UP/SP 2047, UP 4051, 5029, 4858, 4694
3) North Louisiana & Gulf boxcar HS 3880
4) Dark clouds and heavy rain with wind turbine train
5) CSXT Hi-cubes with auto parts, Nos. 180582, 180750, 180678, NYC/CSX 239271
6) Dragonfly
7) MKT green hopper 539
8) Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar HS 30587
9) Rock Island boxcar HS 75282

SD60Ms WITH NEW FLARED RADIATORS NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR, JULY 11, 2010 - UP is rebuilding some SD60M locomotives with new flared radiators and to be more eco-friendly. Here a few shots of two of them in the North Little Rock yards on July 11, 2010.

AMTRAK 90229, FORMER F40PH LOCOMOTIVE ON TEXAS EAGLE JULY 14, 2010 - Here's a few night shots of rare Amtrak locomotive 90229, which used to be an F40PH locomotive, but has been modified and was used recently on Amtrak's Heartland Flyer train between Fort Worth and Oklahoma City. It is commonly called a "cabbage" car, with prime mover removed (so it is not a locomotive) and the resulting space used for baggage. Cab controls were retained to allow for use as a cab car. Beech Grove did the rebuilds. It was on its way to Chicago on Amtrak's Texas Eagle, Number 22, which arrived in Little Rock, Arkansas at 11:13 p.m. Wednesday, July 14, 2010, a few minutes early. The train left Union Station on time at 11:40 p.m. but was stopped a few hundred feet from the station just before it crossed the Baring Cross Bridge into North Little Rock because the bridge signal was red. It turns out that the drawbridge was down and locked, but the signal stayed red instead of turning to green like it's supposed to. They finally got the situation cleared up and the train finally left at 12:10 a.m. (Ken Ziegenbein photos)

STREETCAR 411 NORTH LITTLE ROCK AND TRAINS BRINKLEY, AR JULY 17, 2010 - Central Arkansas Transit's River Rail  Streetcar 411 at the Argenta Farmers Market in downtown North Little Rock, Arkansas on Saturday morning, July 17, 2010 plus three trains in Brinkley, Arkansas later in the day.
Included today:
1)  RiverRail Streetcar 411
2) CSX  8734 and 7574
3) UP 3883 and 4229
4) MKT green hopper MKT 576

TWO ASHLEY DREW & NORTHERN BOXCARS HOOKED TOGETHER-NEW SD40-2S-OTHERS LITTLE ROCK JULY 18, 2010 - Sunday, July 18, 2010 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Included today is a rare sighting of two Ashley Drew & Northern boxcars hooked together on a train. The ADN has been out of business many years and these cars can still be seen around UP's system. Also seen today in a consist were two newly renovated and painted SD40-2 locomotives, Nos. 1553 and 1556 and a green MKT gondola. It was a bright, clear day with temperatures only in the upper 80s.
Also seen today:
1) UP 7594, 7413, 8553, 4666, 7795, 8212, 9826, 638, 4596, 4832, UPY 583, 4470, 2285, 2420, 1555, 1553 (new),m 1556 (new), 1539, 1959, 2085, 8137, 4751
2) Ferromex 4695, 4639
3) GMTX 2149
4) HLCX 3801
5) Semi-truck graffiti on end of tank car
6) Smiling cow graffiti
7) Bright silver graffiti on CSX coil car
8) Rail Box string of boxcars
9) MKT 16513 green gondola
10) Two Ashley Drew & Northern boxcars together, HS 30578 and 30593
11) Columbus & Greenville boxcar HS 30902
12) Lincoln Grain Inc. hopper KWT 5167
13) BCRail boxcar BCOL 60334
14) Guitar player
15) UP Hi-Rail truck with track inspectors
16) Bright blue tank car with a star and 'N' symbol

A FROG, BUMBLE BEE AND TRAINS, BRNKLEY, AR JULY 24,2010 - A bee, a frog and five trains today at Brinkley, Arkansas, Saturday, July 24, 2010.  Plus we had visitors from London, England in town filming a BBC documentary in nearby Cotton Plant, Arkansas about Sister Rosetta Tharpe, a famous gospel singer of the 1930s and 40s (one of her songs was named 'This Train'). They also took some video of the depot in Brinkley and said the special will air on BBC America and PBS around December 2010.
   It was another hot and humid day in Arkansas with temperature near 100, but moisture from a tropical depression named Bonnie was moving into the state from the south, so some rain was expected by later in the weekend.
Included today:
1) UP 4681, 4947, 4034, 8005
2) NS 7631, 2561, 2734
3) CSX 7611
4) Six puppies
5) One frog
6) One yellow and black bumble bee
7) BBC film crew
8) Farmers Market
9) Inside our display of a one-room house

VARIOUS FREIGHT CARS, OLD AND NEW LOCOMOTIVES AND STORM CLOUDS NORTH LITTLE ROCK, JULY 26,2010 - No moving trains, but various interesting freight cars and new and old locomotives I saw the past few days in North Little Rock, Arkansas. These were taken July 21, 22 and 26, 2010. I also got a scary shot of dark Mammatus storm clouds overhead the evening of Monday, July 26, 2010. These were part of the remnants of Tropical Storm Bonnie, which moved onshore from the Gulf of Mexico over the weekend. I went by UP's Jenks Shops and got photos of more newly rebuilt SD40-2s, and the usual photo of stored UP 4141, the George Bush Library locomotive.
1) UP 4074, 3287, 4141, 1557, 1555, 8921, 1566, 1550, 1558, 1560, 1564, 1563, 1552
2) HLCX 3811
3) CSX 7800
4) Unpatched Cotton Belt SSW 9652
5) BNSF 9506 in Executive colors
6) Conrail/NS 8405
7) Boxcar NS 407279 with large cat graffiti
8) Old UP boxcar HPJX 60077 with the UP map
9) Dark Mammatus storm clouds

TWO MOVIES OF TRAINS, BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS, JULY 31, 2010- A hot day with only two trains at Brinkey, Arknasas today, Saturday, July 31, 2010. I took HD digital movies of both trains from inside the old ticket office of the depot museum, which used to serve the Cotton Belt and Rock Island. Now UP operates the former Cotton Belt and also the Rock Island tracks east of Brinkley (the Jonesboro and Brinkley Subs).
Included today:
1) NS 8340, 6627
2) UP 8477, 2358

TRAINS, SMALL BOY AND STRANGE FLOWERS, LITTLE ROCK AND BRINKLEY, AR JULY 31 AND AUGUST 1, 2010 - Sunday, August 1, 2010 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was expected to be another hot day in Arkansas with highs 100-103. Included today:
1) NS 9658
2) KCS 4604, 4535
3) CSX 7800
4) UP 8096, 9503, 2368, 8451, 2064, 5292, 4451, 1553, 1556, 2482, 2426, 8639
5) Movie of mixed freight headed by UP 8639
6) Seven NS boxcars in a row
7) Chessie Cat CSXT 173167 boxcar
8) Rock Island blue gondola EAMX 504
9) GNTX 295413 gondola with colorful graffiti
10) MKT 599 green hopper
11) UP yellow boxcar
12) Little boy seen through the bay window of the Brinkley, AR depot museum on July 31
13) Shady glade a couple of hundred feet north of the Brinkley depot with 'tube-type' orange flowers

UP 3985 ON A COLD JANUARY NIGHT IN BERNIE, MO IN 2004 - To help us all chill out a little in this hot weather, I found this picture I had posted on in 2004, taken on a cold winter's night.  The photo is of Union Pacific steam engine 3985 parked in Bernie, Missouri on a very cold night, January 22, 2004. It was 26 degrees and I was freezing my toenails off standing there with the tripod. The special headed south into Arkansas the next day on the Jonesboro Sub.

TRAINS IN THE HEAT, AUGUST 2, 2010 - Here's a couple of shots I took in the heat on Monday, August 2, 2010 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was another 100-degree+ day.
1)  UP 8433, 4317, 3974, 4078 (single unit on a long intermodal without dpu)
2) Vivid sunset

ROCK ISLAND BIDDLE YARD AUCTION, LITTLE ROCK, JULY 12, 1980 - TheTrustee of the bankrupt Rock Island Railroad held an auction at Biddle Yard in Little Rock, Arkansas on July 12, 1980. They auctioned off things like typewriters, adding machines, filing cabinets, desks (including a few rolling-cover desks), chairs, a variety of shop tools and station signs, two former Rock Island commuter cars, and a stainless-steel Rock Island RPO car.  I was there and took some slides of buildings and rolling stock including the Rock Island RPO car. Also a photo of Missouri Pacific locomotives 1849 and 1893.  I recently found some of the slides and here they are.
1) Rock Island caboose
2) Rock Island RPO stainless steel car 96512
3) Old turntable and tracks
4) Rock Island boxcar RI 195594
5) Missouri Pacific locomotives 1849 and 1893
6) Rock Island gondola 1439
7) "Route of the Eagles" MoPac boxcar MP-X 3563
8) Line of Rock Island work cars

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS AUGUST 5, 6-2010 - Here's a few trains August 5 and 6, 2010 at Little Rock, Arkansas. I also included a streetcar photo and scenes of the former MoPac Junction Bridge, now a pedestrian trail. Included:
1) UP 7117, 5340, 4386, 8556, 4589, 4383, 4373, 3824, 5192, 4578, 9714, 5132, 2285, 5146, 4759
2) Skull graffiti
3) GMTX 2139
4) NS 9872, 7623
5) Rock Island blue and grey hoppers
6) Lumber loads
7) 2001 Census hopper DCLX 7449
8) Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar HS 30553
9) Little Rock Streetcar 412
10) Old hopper TCTX 118
11) New shiny Richardson PROX tank cars
12) The 'little rock' from which Little Rock got its name
13) Former Missouri Pacific Junction Bridge, now a pedestrian trail
14) Link to more graffiti shots

NEW SD59M AND LONG LINE OF OLD SD40-2 LOCOMOITVES LITTLE ROCK AUGUST 7, 2010 - Saturday, August 7, 2010 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas (nope...I didn't go to Brinkley today like I sometimes do). Of special interest today was a light engine move of old SD40-2 locomotives consisting of lots of former SP units and UP units. I was told they are on their way to interchange with the Canadian National Railroad in Memphis, so I guess they won't be part of UP's rebuilding program with SD40-2s. I have included a movie of part of this train, but I missed the first few locomotives in the movie (there were 18 locomotives in the light move).
   Also today, there was an 8-locomotive consist on a LONG mixed freight with one of the locomotives being a newly painted and rebuilt SD59M, UP 9905. These are rebuilds of older SD60M's done at EMD with painting at UP's Jenks Shops in North Little Rock.
   Included today:
1) UP 6477, 5820, 2089, 1974, 9675, 8342, 4092, 9752, 5023, 7346, 5046, 7625, 2420, 4559, 3949, 2753, 2779, 2762, 2754, 2768, 2744, 9626, 9645, 9688, 9905, 3842, 4757, 4618
2) UP/SP 2047, 2752, 2769, 2756, 2775, 2777, 2758, 2749, 2686, 2696
4) NS 9387, 9946
5) CN 5666
6) KCS Belle 4067
7) SP 8674
8) Providence & Worcester Railroad boxcar YS 5066
9) WSSX 2177 with blue and purple graffiti
10) Pipe loads
11) New TILX tank cars

ELEVEN TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, AR, AUGUST 8, 2010 - Sunday, August 8, 2010 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. We had a rare three-train meet today (one being a light engine move)  plus a couple of two-train meets. I had a total of 11 trains in about 2 1/2 hours, which is still not as many as two years ago, but then again the trains are longer, many with dpu power at the ends.  There was one 'rainbow' train with black NS, blue CSX and red CN units next to blue containers on the next track. 
Included today:
1) Illinois Central Gulf hi-cube boxcar ICG 680056
2) UP hi-cube UP 980091
3) Slot/dump train
4) Coal hoppers with BNBX markings
5) New white TILX tank cars
6) Smiling, toothy man graffiti
7) Norfolk and Western hi-cube NW 868315
8) Missouri Pacific 'buzzsaw' emblem
9) UP 5133, 4842, 6569, 7386, 2482, 9775, 4700, 2269, 7660, 1556, 1553, 5786, 9651
10) NS 9878, 9872, 9347, 6553
11) CN 5666
12) CSX 4704
13) Rock Island blue hoppers NAHX 65705, 65543
14) Thunderstorm and Streetcar

RUSSELLVILLE, ARKANSAS TRAINS, AUGUST 13, 2010 - Three trains at Russellville, Arkansas on Friday, August 13, 2010.
Included today:
1) UP 2061, 7848
2) GMTX 2158
3) Big black beetle or roach
4) Large scale train inside Stoby's Restaurant

DARDANELLE & RUSSELLVILLE RR TRACKS AND CROSSING POSTS, AUGUST 13, 2010 - Here's some photos of Dardanelle & Russellville RR tracks through Russellville, Arkansas on Friday, August 13, 2010. NO trains. Included are 70+ year old yellow cement railroad crossing poles, which looked sharp with the green background of the area.

NEW LOCOMOTIVES NORTH LITTLE ROCK, INCLUDING THE SD59MX, AUGUST 17, 2010 - Here is my photo update of Union Pacific's overhauled SD40-2's and SD59MX locomotives (former SD60M's) at Jenks Shops and yard area in North Little Rock, Arkansas on Tuesday, August 17, 2010. This was the second day in a row that temperatures didn't reach 100 degrees, only getting to 95. I also made my twice-monthly visit to the Union Pacific Company Store at the Jenks facility to get my bag of freshly popped popcorn, the best popcorn in the state.

VARIOUS TRAINS AND CARS MID-AUGUST 2010 LITTLE ROCK - Here are various rolling stock/locomotive photos in Arkansas taken on various days in mid-August 2010 in the Little Rock area, sort of a 'Best Of' post.
1) Unpatched Cotton Belt locomotive 9642
2) CEFX 849 (former Montana Rail Link?)
3) Conrail/NS 6758
4) KCS Belle 4733, NS 9487, UP 2961, CEFX 849 all on one train
5) CSXT 124264 hi-cube boxcar with vivid graffiti, including a blue-eyed skull
6) Very good condition, dark green Greenville & Northern boxcar HS 30048. Only minimal graffiti on it
7) FOUR MKT green hoppers on one train (not adjacent): MKT 530, 502, 587 & 544
8) New UP hoppers, one being UP 218188
9) New UP hopper MP 706853
10) New Granite Mountain Quarry hoppers GMQX 03----- (couldn't get the whole numbers since they were past me before I noticed them)

UP SPEICAL ONE-CAR TRAIN, NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AUGUST 20, 2010 - A Union Pacific one-car special crossing the Pershing Blvd overpass in North Little Rock, Arkansas, Friday, August 20, 2010 at 6:55 p.m.  It was led by UP 8054 and was pulling the "North Platte," a business car. I was told it would spend the night in North Little Rock and head to Houston, Texas August 21, carrying a UP Vice President. Train symbol was SKCNL-20, Kansas City to North Little Rock. (Thanks to John C. Jones for the heads-up)

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS, SUNDAY AUGUST 22, 2010 - Sunday, August 22, 2010 at Union Station in Little Rock. My usual fallen-flag freight cars, plus a string of UP coil cars and a healthy number of trains. Sunny and somewhat cooler day with temperatures only in the upper 80s during the morning.  Also one train on August 20.
Included today:
1) UP 8227, 3870, 8476, 6451, 2058, 2074, 9456, 7184, 6530, 4731, 4065, 3802, 6757, 5912
2) CSX 7328, 8756
3) NS 9919, 9202
4) Moon closeup going into a cloud near sunset August 20
5) IOI Group Loders Croklaan tankcar
6) CSXT 180679 Chessie hi-cube
7) Clean KCS 13036 and 125507 boxcars
8) Broken fence next to Amtrak siding
9) Greenville & Northern boxcar HS 30050
10) CEFX 13860 hopper with heads graffiti
11) CEFX 13888 hopper with faces
12) Clean and newly painted NS 657460 hi-cube
13) GPFX 10390 Cerestar hopper
14) ETTX 850914 autorack with dragon
15) TILX 192266 Global ethanol tankcar
16) Line of UP coil cars
17) UP 210020 coil car
18) LW 70042 exposed coils

RINGLING BROS.-BARNUM AND BAILEY CIRCUS TRAIN MOVIE AUGUST 24, 2010 - Here's a movie of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus train northbound through Jacksonville, Arkansas on Tuesday, August 24, 2010 at 11:56 a.m. The train was on its way from Texas to East St. Louis, Missouri. Lead locomotive was blue CSXT/Conrail 7331. The movie camera was on a tripod while I took still photos and shows the entire 59-car train. Excuse the car door in the first part of the movie since I had to scramble to set up.

CIRCUS TRAIN PHOTOS LITTLE ROCK AND JACKSONVILLE ARKANSAS AUGUST 24, 2010 -Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus train, the Red Unit, spent the morning in North Little Rock, Arkansas and had it's 1,000 mile inspection in UP's yard. It arrived in town at 3:30 a.m. last night and didn't leave until 11 a.m. Here are some photos I got of the train in the Union Pacific yards (riding with UP photographer John C. Jones) and in Jacksonville, Arkansas, about 10 miles north. There's also a link to a Youtube movie I got of the whole train passing under the Main Street bridge in Jacksonville. It was a beautiful clear blue sky and cooler day, which matched the train's lead locomotive, blue CSXT/Conrail 7331 to a tee. Thanks to John C. Jones for the heads up regarding where the train was parked.
   Also photographed today: UP SD40-2's 1553 and 1556 passing the circus train and UP 6655. and UP 6047 in Jacksonville, AR leading a loaded coal train northbound.  

TRAINS, STREETCARS, CLOUDS AND SUNSET, AUGUST 25 AND 26, 2010 - Some trains and streetcars and sunset/night scenes August 25 and 26, 2010 at Little Rock, Arkansas. Included:
1) Streetcar viewed in rear-view mirror in Little Rock's River Market
2) NS 9576
3) LRWN 1542, 1544
4) UP 5982, 8100, 8097, 8644, 1554, 1556, 4098
5) CN 2204, 5713
6) Santa Fe/SMIX gondola 9528 (sometimes I've seen these called woodchip cars)
7) Clouds and sunset scenes
8) Streetcar in Little Rock

THREE NEWLY REPAINTED SD59MX's IN A ROW, AUGUST 27, 2010 -Here's three newly repainted SD59MX locomotives in North Little Rock, all hooked together-Nos. 9906-9905 and 9908. I don't know their immediate plans.

LATE TEXAS EAGLE, NO..21, LITTLE ROCK, OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK/BRINKLEY AUGUST 28, 2010 -Included among the trains today in both Little Rock and Brinkley, Arkansas is a late Amtrak Texas Eagle arriving in Little Rock. Also, there were 5 trains today in Brinkley including one headed by a KCS Belle unit.
Included today:
1) Amtrak 37 and Texas Eagle 21
2) UP 8144, 8197, 4859

BRINKLEY (5 trains today in less than 2 hours):
3) UP 4323, 4875, 5043, 9705, 7616, 9940, 1081, 8419, 4477, 4518, 8407
4) CSX 7353
5) NS 2772
6) KCS BELLE 4046 

RSSX 7, OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, AUGUST 30, 2010 - Here's less than 20 photos of various trains on Monday, August 30, 2010 at Little Rock and North Little Rock, Arkansas.  Of special interest is locomotive RSSX 7, an SW1500, in North Little Rock.
Included today:
1) UP 8004, 5117, 9589, 9417
2) CSX 8589
3) RSSX 7, SW1500
4) UP/SSW 1963
5) CSXT hi-cube with Chessie 160807
6) UP hi-cube 980097

ARTSY TRAIN PHOTOS, SEPTEMBER 5, 2010 - Here's a few photos I did Sunday, September 5, 2010 at Little Rock.  I tried out a few different things. It was a light day, train-wise.I'll return to my regular programming next time.
Included today:
1) UP/Rio Grande 1900
2) UP 1553 and 1556
3) UP/SP 2047.
4) Train-On-Mars
5) A curvy ride
6) Red crape myrtles with dark background.

UNPATCHED SP AND SSW UNITS-OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, SEPTEMBER 10, 2010 - One unpatched Cotton Belt (SSW 9652) and one unpatched SP (SP 8681) locomotive and other trains today, Friday, September 10, 2010 at Little Rock, Arkansas. It was a hot, sunny day - temperature in the lower 90s.
Included today:
1) Pulaski County Coroner van on my way to train station
2) Unpatched SP 8681...BUT with lots of graffiti
3) UP 9670, 4878, 3209, 4732, 4933, 3947, 4404, 3953, 8476
4) Unpatched Cotton Belt SSW 9652
5) Un-graffitied boxcar SSW 6287
6) MP 37416 boxcar with graffiti
7) CNW 157023 boxcar with graffiti
8) Larinburg and Southern boxcar ATW 75030, built 5-59
9) Southern 530275 boxcar
10) New UP 92054 hopper, built 8-2010
11) MKT 4459 grey hopper with large M K T
12) MKT 4471 grey hopper
13) MKT 4111 grey hopper
14) CN 156250 gondola
15) Autorack TTGX 159381
16) Autorack TTGX 997025
17) Autorack TTGX 882528 with graffiti
18) UP track workers
19) CITX 200161 grey hopper
20) SP/Golden West boxcar 698504 with graffiti
21) GMRC 23020 boxcar with graffiti
22) WCRX 3113 gondola with pipes
23) Red, white and blue tankcars.

STREETCAR DELAYED BY AUTO WRECK NORTH LITTLE ROCK, SEPTEMBER 10, 2010 - Central Arkansas Transit Streetcar 408 was blocked for awhile on Friday, September 10, 2010 on Maple Street in North Little Rock due to an auto wreck blocking the tracks. Here's a few photos.

DARK CLOUDS, RAIN, SUNSHINE, TRAINS-BRINKLEY, AR, SEPTEMBER 11, 2010 - Busy day at the Brinkley, Arkansas Depot Museum on Saturday, September 11, 2010 - 9 trains in 6 hours between 7:25 a.m. and 1:42 p.m., 8 on the Jonesboro Sub and 1 on the Brinkley Sub.  A cool  front passed through the area during the morning with dark clouds and rain, keeping temperatures in the 70s for most of the day. Skies cleared to a vivid blue in the afternoon. I counted  9 UP locomotives, 7 CSX locomotives and 3 NS locomotives. 
Included today:
1) UP 9380, 5017, 7841, 4539, 5171, 5004, 8170, 7269, 6791
2) CSX 8437, 4842, 4506, 8756, 8854, 9027, 586
3) NS 7534, 7523, 6583
4) Dark clouds, rain
5) CSXT 180700 Chessie boxcar
6) Grasshopper on window closeup
7) US flag at half-staff honoring the victims of 9/11
8) SOO 613003 boxcar (not sure of the number)
9) 'See-Thur' autorack
10) Red Spider Lilies at home

MOPAC HERITAGE 1982-TRAINS-LITTLE ROCK, AR, SEPTEMBER 12, 2010 - Sunday, September 12, 2010 . Of special interest today was MoPac Heritage unit UP 1982 on the Pine Bluff local, YNL75. There were lots of other trains as well, 8 in a little over 2 hours between 9:30 and 11:47 a.m. Traffic seems to be picking up.
Included today:
1) UP 1982, 8600, 4528 (one of the first 3 UP locomotives to have the US Flag decal), 9480, 1553, 1556, 4885, 4991, 3785, 5127, 2460, 2285, 4244, 6695, 5790
2) NS 9749, 9668, 9210
3) Silver shiny hoppers, including TILX 538037
4) SP boxcar with SP Sunset emblem
5) Ballast dump cars, one being SPMW 5108
6) Helicopter
7) Butterfly at the station
8) New white tank cars, one being TILX 110774

PINE BLUFF LOCAL IN EMERGENCY-OTHER TRAINS AND FREIGHT CARS LITTLE ROCK, SEPTEMBER 14, 2010 - A few trains at Little Rock on Tuesday, September 14, 2010. The daily southbound YNL75 arrived at 11:26 a.m. This train had 136 cars today and went into emergency as it was passing Union Station. A crew member had to walk the entire length of the train to determine if there was a broken air hose or other problem with a car. He walked all the way across the Baring Cross bridge over the Arkansas River  before reaching the end of the train. The train was 8,298 feet long!  A UP truck picked him up on the north side of the river and brought him back to the head end, which was around the corner at the south part of Union Station (called South UD by crew and dispatchers). It turns out that the problem was on one of the middle locomotives of the train, which had a brake problem that set the train in emergency. It took a little over an hour to get the train running again.
Included today:
1) UP 2426, 351, 5267, 5270, 5151, 3867, 1556, 1553
2) HLCX 1029
3) GMTX 2137
4) CN 5704
5) CEFX 1014
6) NS 7681, 9061
7) Angelina & Neches River Railroad boxcar ANR 613
8) UP 8885 hopper with graffiti
9) FBOX 502170 boxcar with Face
10) EEC 245 boxcar
11) Seven yellow former CNW hoppers in a row, two being RCLX 169169 and 169206
12) TBOX 666100 boxcar
13) C&O-Chessie yellow hopper 604992
14) Brand new GATX 9136 hopper built this month, September 2010
15) FSRR 107--- boxcar
16) FSRR 106021 boxcar with graffiti
17) FXE 873787 boxcar
18) SSW 70439 hopper with graffiti
( can't get photos of many freight cars without graffiti these days)
UP 7400 SHRINK-WRAPPED IN NORTH LITTLE ROCK, SEPTEMBER 15, 2010 - I saw this shrink-wrapped locomotive, UP 7400, in North Little Rock this morning. I have no idea why it's shrink-wrapped or where it is going. UP 7400 has been on the roster for awhile. According to,  it's a GE ES44AC. I guess we'll all know what the mystery is eventually.

TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, "ONION PACIFIC" LOCO, SEPTEMBER 25, 2010- Here are some train photos on September 25 and 23, 2010 at Little Rock, Arkansas.
1) UP 3953 ('Onion Pacific), UP 2441, 8255, 8163, 2460, 8583, 8157, 6928, 6659, 2056
2) NS
3) NS boxcar 472479

ADN BOXCAR-RSSX 2651 SWITCHER LITTLE ROCK, SEPTEMBER 26, 2010 - Cool temperatures and trains in Little Rock,  AR, Sunday, September 26, 2010. There was an Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar with ADN markings, not the usual HS. Plus locomotive RSSX 2651.
Included today:
1) RSSX 2651
2) UP 4141 (at Jenks Shops), 2406, 6014, 8397, 3808
3) HLCX 3813, 3806
4) Ashley Drew & Northern ADN 9617

UP 1982 AND A HAZMAT TRAIN-NORTH LITTLE ROCK AR SEPTEMBER 28, 2010 - UP Heritage 1982, the Missouri Pacific unit, heads a haz-mat train used for training for law enforcement and fire departments, North Little Rock, Arkansas, September 28, 2010. Thanks to John Hodkin, Jr. and John Jones for the heads up. This train was off Bethany Road.

DEDICATED TO MY LATE WIFE SARAH, WHO DIED SEPTEMBER 29, 2010. SOME TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, OCTOBER 3, 2010 - This web page is dedicated to my wife Sarah, who died September 29. We were married for 37 years just two weeks ago. For years she put up with my railfanning and would want me to continue my hobby. I took these train pictures during a lull in the hectic activities associated with the death of a loved one. Going to the station in Little Rock during this stressful time helped  me keep my sanity, if for only a short time. Thanks to my fellow railfans in this area and others who were always there to help and support me. Friends are special in times like these, including those on Railspot and other mailing lists. (Ken Ziegenbein)
These photos were taken Friday October 1 and Sunday Oct 3, 2010. Included:
1) UP 2285, 9618, 2313, 4405, 4141, 5022, 6809, 6366, 1553, 2789
2) Rock Island blue hopper NAHX 65546
3) BKTY 121483 hopper with KATY trademark
4) Little girl
5) UP 97061 yellow gondola
6) MoPac clean boxcars with buzzsaw, FSR 253421, 253400
7) Railfans
8) Butterfly

UP 7400, THE KOMEN BREAST CANCER PINK RIBBON LOCOMOITVE, LITTLE ROCK, OCTOBER 8, 2010 - UP 7400, the Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon locomotive, passing Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas, Friday, October 8, 2010 at 1:41 p.m. The locomotive was heading the YPB71 local from Pine Bluff to North Little Rock. It had 80 mixed freight cars in tow. The inscription on the top of the locomotive says: "Proud Recipient of the Komen Outstanding Volunteer Group Award"

VARIOUS TRAINS LITTLE ROCK-JAPANESE ZERO AIRCRAFT OVERHEAD FOR AIR SHOW-OCTOBER 8, 2010 - Friday, October 8, 2010 was an interesting day at Union Station in Little Ro
Included today:
1) CSX 545
2) UP 4538, 7400 ('Pink Ribbon')
3) LORAM RG 306 heading a grinding train
4) Two Alberta blue hoppers without graffiti, ALPX 628243
5) CSXT 1722317 Chessie boxcar
6) CSXT 180179 hi-cube boxcar
7) Three small planes flying in formation, each with large red dot

TRAINS IN LITTLE ROCK, OCTOBER 10, 2010 - A few Sunday trains at Little Rock, AR today, October 10, 2010.  Included:
1) UP 7400  (Pine Ribbon), 4532, 8468, 4297, 4329, 5494, 5479, 4720
2) UP/RioGrande 1900
3) LLPX 2273 (GMTX?)
4) GMTX 2149
5) CNW 752770, ex Rock Island hopper
6) HS 75038 boxcar
7) CSS 2111 Southshore Freight coil car
8) Little Rock firetruck
9) EAMX 513 and 506, ex Rock Island blue gondolas

UP 1982-STREETCAR-OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, OCTOBER 11, 2010 - UP 1982 and other trains at Union Station in Little Rock, Monday, October 11, 2010. I knew UP 1982 had been in Poplar Bluff, Missouri on display and didn't expect it to be here so quickly, but it was on the YNL75 Pine Bluff local. It was the leader.
Included today:
1) UP 6016, 2426, 2482, 2285, 1982, 4802
2) CSX 8122
3) Pinkish hopper
4) Yellow and red leaves
5) Yellow, green and red signals
6) Scrubbing Bubbles graffiti
7) Central Arkansas Transit River Rail Streetcar 411 downtown

LITTLE ROCK & WESTERN -WEST OF LITTLE ROCK OCTOBER 12,2010 - Little Rock & Western crossing Winston-Faulkner Road in Little Rock on Tuesday, October 12, 2010. This is just off Cantrell Road and is just a mile or so west of Union Station. Also, some green and red wet leaves - it rained a half inch today!! I also included a picture of River Rail Streetcar 408 after a downpour.

UP 7400 ON DISPLAY NORTH LITTLE ROCK, OCTOBER 13, 2010 - UP 7400, the Pink Ribbon unit, on display at UP's offices in North Little Rock, AR October 13, 2010. There was a large celebration with pink hardhats given out about 2 hours before I arrived, but due to a 'must do' CPA appointment, I couldn't be there for the event. However, here are some photos later. It will continue to be on display through Friday afternoon, October 15, then be put on a regular freight Friday night or Saturday.  I also got another photo of a migrating Monarch butterfly at home. These Monarch butterflies are floating down from the sky in my neighborhood like butterfly-colored snowflakes. They are on their way to Mexico from Canada on their annual migration.

TRAINS, A GRASSHOPPER AND A HAWK, PLUS RACE FOR THE CURE PHOTO  OCTOBER 15-16, 2010 - Trains in Brinkley and Little Rock, Arkansas October 15 and 16 plus a scene of the Race for the Cure in Little Rock October 16 and a grasshopper and hawk.
1) UP 7400, 4563, 8086, 7448, 4141, 1557, 1562. 1565, 1596, 1580, 1581, 1552, 1569, 1574, 1555, 6938 (display DD40X)
2) Race for the Cure photo
3) Grasshopper
4) Hawk

TRAINS AND 8-YEAR OLD SOCCER GAME LITTLE ROCK PHOTOS OCTOBER 23, 2010 - Went by Union Station briefly today, Saturday October 23, 2010 and got two trains, including the 8-locomotive YNL75 Pine Bluff local. Shot some pictures of a soccer game with 8-year olds in the morning. Included today: UP 7911, 9366, 8652, 9618, 9790, 9640, GMTX 2116, UP 1929, 4747, 8599. Plus a soccer team picture.

TRAINS-LITTLE ROCK, AR OCTOBER 24, 2010 - We had a few trains this morning, Sunday October 24, 2010, at the station in Little Rock. It was mostly cloudy and our area was under a tornado warning as I was typing this at 5:20 pm. I went outside to get some storm pictures, but the rain was so heavy I couldn't see any rotating clouds.
Included today:
1) CSX 7765, 7755
2) UP 6877, 6490, 7855, 8211
3) NS 8349
4) "Our" hawk overhead 

TRAINS,SPOOL LOADS LITTLE ROCK OCTOBER 26, 2010 -A few trains today at the station in Little Rock, AR, including:
1) UP display caboose 25117
2) UP 7834, 4720, 8435, 7856, 8158, 1964, 2067
3)Track labeled "Nortrak"
4) Large spools of green cable - T.N.S. 213.6904000

TRAINS, A HAWK AND MOON, LITTLE ROCK, OCTOBER 28, 2010 - Only one train today as I was out of time. I tried a new color setting, but I think it's too saturated. I also included a shot of our station hawk overhead and my cat Tigger. Locomotives today: UP 2420 and UP 2426.

HALLOWEEN AT FLYING SAUCER RESTAURANT LITTLE ROCK, OCTOBER 30, 2010 - Here's a few photos of the Flying Saucer's annual Halloween party in the River Market in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas on Saturday, October 30, 2010.

TRAINS, STREETCARS AND HALLOWEEN COSTUME, OCTOBER 30, 2010 - Trains and streetcars in Little Rock and North Little Rock, Saturday October 30, 2010. Also a photo of a Halloween-costumed Flying Saucer waitress.Caught a KCS train.
Included today:
1) Little Red Riding Hood costumed Flying Saucer waitress
2) KCS 3938, 4610
3) UP 9663, 9501, 8669, 9423, 4248, 4304, 4511
4) NS 2665, 2676, 8313
5) CSXT 248130 gondola Family Lines System SCL/LN Georgia Clinchfield West Point Route
6) New Tate-Lyle tankcars
7) MKT 550 green hopper
8) Skull graffiti (Happy Halloween!!)
9) HS 30822 boxcar Berlin Mills Railway
10) Central Arkansas Transit streetcar 409 

TRAINS, RARE FREIGHT CARS, FWWR 2009-OTHERS LITTLE ROCK, OCTOBER 31, 2010 - Some rare freight cars and locomotives today, Halloween October 31, 2010, at Union Station in Little Rock and in North Little Rock, including FWWR 2009, UP/Rio Grande 1370.
Included today:
1) FWWR 2009 Chisholm Trail
2) UP/SP 1376, 1131
3) UP/Rio Grande 1900,1370
4) CSX 7396, 5412
5) UPY 541
6) UP 9575, 4299, 9501, 2056, 6761, 7324
7) NS 7554, 2619
8) GATX 209802 new tankcar
9) UP 563123 yellow boxcar
10) MKT 550, green hopper
11) Small load of pipes
12) C&O 604992 yellow Chessie System short hopper with cat
13) D&RGW gondola
14) Streetcar on Maple Street North Little Rock
15) Pigeons chased by hawk
16) BCOL 60835 dark green boxcar
17) HS 717029 blue Rock Island boxcar
18) Colorful boxcars in a row
19) Bright blue boxcar CRLE 6442
20) AEX 9726 high hopper

ROCK ISLAND BRIDGE NEXT TO CLINTON LIBRARY, TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, NOVEMBER 5, 2010 - A couple of trains today including a UP inspection vehicle at Union Station, plus a couple of pictures of the abandoned Rock Island-Choctaw bridge and Choctaw depot in Little Rock, AR, which are now part of the Clinton Presidential Center and Park (Clinton Library). Friday, November 5, 2010.
Included today:
1) Rock Island bridge on the former Rock Island's Sunbelt line in Little Rock
2) UP 6591, dpu
3) Trackwork at Union Station
4) Bird
5) Sun-backlit red leaf
6) UP inspection car EC-4

NIGHT STREETCARS LITTLE ROCK, UNION STATION TRAINS NOVEMBER 6, 2010 - Here are a few Little Rock streetcar photos taken with a tripod at night, Saturday November 6, 2010 and a couple of trains taken Sunday morning, November 7. Both days were fun days for me. On Sunday afternoon,  I went to the Broadway play Wicked with good friends. It was a great show and had superb effects. This is part of the official traveling Broadway series and had sold out the first 4 days, including Sunday.
1) Streetcars 408 and 409 at night
2) Ladies from Chicago at streetcar stop
3) Night shot of Capitol Hotel
4) UP 9503, 5932, 6503, 5910
5) Unpatched Cotton Belt 9642
6) UP/SP 6385

TRAINS AND FALL COLORS, BRINKLEY, ARKANSAS, NOVEMBER 13, 2010 - Here are a few trains at Brinkley, Arkansas Saturday, November 13, 2010, including UPY 2613 genset switcher. It was a dark, drizzly day.
Included today:
1) UP 8561, 5095, 8004, 4211, 4870, 2162, 7423, 7405, 3986 (one digit off from the famous UP steamer 3985)
2) UPY 2613 switcher
3) KCS 4610
4) NS 9157
5) Coil load
6) GNWR 7242 unknown old boxcar
7) GASP graffiti
8) INSTANT CHAOS graffiti
9) Christmas decorations at the Brinkley depot
10) Fall colors at station

ONE TRAIN LITTLE ROCK, SUNDAY NOVEMBER 14, 2010 - TRAIN DERAILED MINUTES AFTER PASSING STATION - Here's a photo of one train today, Sunday November 14, 2010 in Little Rock, AR. This train derailed a few cars a few minutes later, about a mile west of here at Little Rock Junction, which switches trains south toward Pine Bluff. You can see the derailed cars on the newspaper site at this link:
Included today:
1) UP 2074
2) UP/Rio Grande 1900
3) KCS 7000
4) AEX 12493, former Rock Island hopper?
5) Lonely cloud
6) Vivid red leaf

AMTRAK 21-SOUTHBOUND TEXAS EAGLE-FOG BART JENNINGS ON BOARD, THURSDAY NOVEMBER 18, 2010 3 A.M. - Night photos of Amtrak's southbound Texas Eagle, No. 21, in the fog at Little Rock, Arkansas, around 3 a.m. Thursday, November 18, 2010.  Arkansas Railroad Club member Bart Jennings and his wife Sarah were on the train and Bart got off to greet me. At 630pm the night before, I attended a wine tasting party with close friends at Ashley's fine dining restaurant in the Capitol Hotel in Little Rock. The owners of two Napa Valley (California) wineries were there to tell us what wines we were using with each small course. It was fascinating. After the wine dinner, I took a 3 hour nap and headed for the Amtrak station. How's that for a night of different activities?

FALLEN FLAG FREIGHT CARS-DME LOCOMOTIVE-NORTH LITTLE ROCK, NOVEMBER 18, 2010 - Seen today, Thursday November 18, 2010, in North Little Rock, Arkansas:
1) SD40-2, DME (Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern) 6086
2) Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar ALM 9572.
3) Maine Central boxcar MEC 20028.
4) "Caution-Trolley Route" sign North Little Rock
5) Fall leaves around town.

EIGHT TRAINS IN 2 HOURS IN BRINKLEY, AR NOVEMBER 21, 2010 - One train at Little Rock and lots more in Brinkley, Arkansas on Sunday, November 21, 2010. Eight trains passed the Brinkley depot in 2 hours and 5 minutes, between 11:44 a.m. and 1:49 p.m.  with a ninth train getting ready to leave from the Brinkley siding. Definitely a good day for trains in Brinkley, which is located halfway between Little Rock and Memphis off I-40 in eastern Arkansas. I was in Brinkley on a Sunday to help with a special Christmas Homes Tour brochure the Central Delta Historical Society is having in December. This historical society runs the Brinkley Depot Museum. I've also included some bright Fall colors along an abandoned rail line in North Little Rock.
Included today:
1) Foggy Little Rock skyline
2) UP 5080, 5702, 5817, 3460, 9383, 4091, 9391, 4265, 4534
3) BNSF 7250
4) NS 9960, 8300, 6660, 8822, 8689
5) UP/SP 6212
6) MKT 16483 red gondola
7) Fall colors on abandoned rail line North Little Rock

UP 2001-OLYMPIC UNIT-NEAR FRANKLIN, TEXAS THANKSGIVING DAY, NOVEMBER 25, 2010 - A nice surprise, totally unexpected, was UP 2001, one of the Salt Lake City Olympic units, heading an eastbound train, 7 miles west of Franklin, Texas on Thanksgiving Day, November 25, 2010. I was on my way home from a family Thanksgiving reunion near Burton, Texas and was traveling east on US Highway 79 when I saw this mixed freight slowly moving to the east to the right of the highway. As I approached the front of the train, I noticed the lead unit was not up yellow, then saw it was the 2001. I drove up to the next crossing and waited to get this picture. Also included is a Canadian American Railroad boxcar LW 1097.  When I left Burton at 1 p.m. it was 82 degrees. By the time I had passed Hearne, Texas (a half hour away) it was 47 and rain.

TRAINS AND UNION STATION WITH FALL COLORS LITTLE ROCK, NOVEMBER 28, 2010 - Sunny, blue skies and 3 trains today, Sunday November 28, 2010,  passing Union Station in Little Rock, AR.
Included today:
1) Union Station with Fall leaves
2) UP 2426, 2067
3) Utility poles on 2 flatcars
4) Rio Grande/UP 1900
5) IC/CN blue 2461
6) LRS 7021 new hi-cube boxcar
7) Illinois Central Mills AEX 7517 hopper

UP 7400-PINK RIBBON UNIT-OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, AR, NOVEMBER 30, 2010 - Nine trains passed Little Rock's Union Station today, November 30, 2010, eight of which passed in 2 hours and 7 minutes between 2:39 p.m. and 4:46 p.m. Welding work was being done on the Baring Cross bridge before 2:39 p.m. which tied up these trains, so they all passed in a 2 hour window. Included today was UP 7400, the Pink Ribbon locomotive, which came as the sun was setting. It was the trailing DPU unit on the Long Beach, California to Marion, Arkansas intermodal, the ILBMN-28.
Included today:
1) UP 9752, 4263, 5916, 6366, 9711, 7669, 8359, 5547, 3855, 4061, 9460, 3812, 3987, 7697, 7400
2) BNSF 4915, 5446
3) Four SP boxcars in a row
4) Chessie boxcar CSXT 1729889
5) Raccoon graffiti
6) MOW equipment
7) MKT 14025 coilcar
8) Train of baretables
9) New GATX hoppers
10) Streetcar from inside Ashley's Restaurant in the Capitol Hotel
11) Car or truck frames

TRAINS IN LITTLE ROCK AT NEW LOCATION PLUS STREETCARS, DECEMBER 4, 2010 - A couple of photos of trains in Little Rock from a location I hadn't been to before - close to I-630 where 7th Street goes under both UP mains and at the west end of 6th Street where you can get relatively close to Main 1.  This location doesn't have good lighting unless you wait until mid afternoon, but I was there at lunchtime just to give it a try. I also have two train passing Union Station.
1) UP 7674, 8447, 9323, 4643
2) CSX 8354
3) Two Little Rock streetcars blocked by Jingle Bell Run

TRAINS, ELEPHANTS AND HORSEBACK RIDERS LITTLE ROCK, DECEMBER 5, 2010 - Trains, elephants and horseback riders in Little Rock and North Little Rock, Arkansas on Sunday, December 5, 2010. It was below freezing and windy.
Included today:
1) UP 7692, 9575
2) NS 8769
3) MKT 530 green hopper
4) QTT 1341, 4-truck flatcar
5) TTPX 804536 load of pipes
6) Ringling Bros-Barnum & Bailey elephants at the circus
7) Horseback riders on 4-lane Main Street in North Little Rock
VARIOUS LOCOMOTIVES, TRAINS LITTLE ROCK DECEMBER 11, 2010 - One train in Little Rock and several different locomotives in North Little Rock on Saturday, December 11, 2010.
Included today:
1) UP 7119, 3781
2) GMTX 9053, 2106
3) UP/SP 2671, 2676
4) CN 2560
5) Ferromex 4663
6) UP/Rio Grande 1370
7) Plaque and Christmas decoration on North Little Rock Terminal sign

CHRISTMAS STREETCARS LITTLE ROCK, DECEMBER 11, 2010 - Here's a couple of pictures of Central Arkansas Transit's streetcars decorated with Christmas lights and animals in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas Saturday night, December 11, 2010.  A major Arctic cold front had pushed through the area during the afternoon and it was COLD when I took these photos. Winds were officially gusting at 35-40 mph with temperature in the upper 30s and wind chill in the mid 20s. Temperatures were expected to plunge into the teens and 20s overnight  with wind chill temperature at Little Rock by morning around 10 degrees. Definitely frostbite danger.

UP 8444 TODAY AND IN 2007 PLUS BUSH 4141 LITTLE ROCK, DECEMBER 17, 2010 - A couple of trains today(Friday, December 17, 2010)  included one headed by UP 8444, one of the locomotives that was part of the Heritage Locomotive Roundup in Salt Lake City in 2007. Also two TFM units in KCS grey/yellow and UP Bush Library unit 4141 at Jenks (yep, it's still there).
Included today:
1) Unpatched SP 9755 back at North Little Rock
2) KCS Belle 4121
3) TFM 1658, 1636
4) UP 4455, 1574, 1567, 8444, 5536, 4141
5) All of UP Heritage units in Salt Lake City, Utah, June 30, 2007 (1982, 1983, 1988, 1989, 1995, 1996, 8444)

FULL STREETCAR AFTER TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA CONCERT NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR DECEMBER 18, 2010 - Some photos of a full streetcar in North Little Rock, Arkansas after a concert this evening.  I went with good friends to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra Christmas Program at Verizon Arena in North Little Rock today, Saturday, December 18, 2010. There were lots of light effects, theater smoke and  pyrotechnics (fires) throughout the show. The show was fascinating. I managed to get a couple of shots. Also included some photos of the crowd getting on a streetcar after the show. One streetcar can hold 80 people (40 seated and 40 standing) and it was standing room only.

UP 1995, THE CNW UNIT, NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR, DECEMBER 20, 2010 - UP 1995, the CNW Heritage unit, in North Little Rock about noon on Monday, December 20, 2010.

UP 1995, MULTICOLOR BNSF TRAIN. LITTLE ROCK, DECEMBER 23, 2010 - Here's a couple of trains today, Thursday December 23, 2010,  in Little Rock and North Little Rock, including UP 1995, the CNW heritage unit, plus a 'rainbow of colors' BNSF trackage rights train.
Included today:
1) UP 1995, 9584, 9694, 6551, 7163, 8529
2) BN 8181
3) Ferromex 4610
4) BNSF 4822
5) Streetcar 412
6) New SXTX tankcars

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS, CHRISTMAS DAY 2010 - I got to photograph two trains on Christmas Day 2010 passing Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Included was a unit grain train with new UP hoppers. There were snow flurries, gusty winds and temperatures in the mid 30s with wind chill in the mid 20s. Later on Christmas Day I was honored and privileged to have Christmas dinner with one of the nicest families I have ever been associated with. It reminded me of Christmas time in my youth growing up in Texas, where we'd all open presents, have a great meal and even sing a few Christmas carols and play some games. To those who helped me celebrate Christmas today....I thank and bless you all.
Included today:
1) GMTX 9095
2) UP 5952, 6491
3) UP/SP 6392
4) NS 9485
5) Ferromex 4666, 4695
6) BN 686692 coil car with other coil cars
7) Face graffiti
8) ACFX 73871 short tank car 

UP 7400, THE PINK RIBBON UNIT, NORTH LITTLE ROCK DECEMBER 26, 2010 - UP 7400, the Komen Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon unit, left North Little Rock, AR at 9:52 a.m. Sunday, Dec 26, 2010 heading west toward Van Buren, Arkansas and Oklahoma. I understand that those side doors, which had been opening, have been fixed here by UP in North Little Rock.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS, DECEMBEE 26, 2010 - A few trains today, Sunday December 26, 2010, a dark, snow-flurry, cold day in Little Rock, Arkansas. UP 7400, the pink ribbon unit, headed a train out of North Little Rock on the Van Buren Sub was one of the trains I photographed. Earlier at Union Station, my hands were getting numb from the cold 33 degree temperature and winds. I know this can't compare with the blizzard they were getting in the northeast part of the country, but it felt cold none-the-less.
Included today:
1) UP 2074, 4871, 5027, 7400, 1551, 1585, 7609, 7916, 6519, 7087, 5824, 6919, 5676
2) UP/Rio Grande 1900
3) UP/SP 6288
4) CSX 5203, 7495
5) LRWN 1544, 1542, 107
6) MKT 554 green hopper
7) UP 355228 boxcar with trademark
8) IPBX 17581 black and white tank car
9) WLO 505055 boxcar
10) Baretables

TRAINS-STREETCARS IN THE COLD RAIN, WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 28, 2010 - As most of you know, I love taking pictures in inclement weather, such as rain, snow, fog, ice. Today, Wednesday December 28, 2010,  was a dark, cold, rainy day in Little Rock, Arkansas, perfect for some trains and streetcars in the rain photos. I took most of these from the balcony at Union Station. It was a chilly 45 degrees with light to moderate rain.
Included today:
1) Streetcar 408 in the rain
2) UP 9702, 4063, 4641 
NIGHT PHOTOS DOWNTOWN LITTLE ROCK DECEMBER 28, 2010 - I took these two night photos of downtown Little Rock, Arkansas on Wednesday night, December 28, 2010. These were taken from south of I-630, looking north. It was about 9 p.m. and I had just finished eating a great meal at Sonny Williams Steakhouse with friends. I used my Panasonic Lumix GH2 digital camera, hand held.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS PLUS NIGTH SHOT OF DOWNTOWN LITTLE ROCK IN FOG, DECEMBER 30, 2010 - A few trains today passing Union Station in Little Rock, AR. Temperatures were in the lower 60s today ahead of strong weather system expected to arrive Friday.
Included today:
1) UP 6532, 9135, 2418, 8019, 4498, 8581, 8024, 8248
2) NS 9082, 6799, 9383
3) Alberta blue hopper ALPX 628420
4) TCMX 12521 blue/silver hopper
5) Little Rock skyline night photo with fog and low clouds Dec 29 

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS AND DARK STORM CLOUDS, DECEMBEER 31,2010 -One moving train and some parked freight cars, plus dark clouds on this last day of 2010, December 31. Photos were taken in Little Rock and North Little Rock, Arkansas.
Included today:
1) Line of new DOWX white tank cars
2) Line of new NAHX white hopper cars
3) 'Blue Devil' graffiti
4) UP 7719
5) UP/SP 6392
6) Foreboding, dark clouds


FIRST TRAINS AT LITTLE ROCK IN 2011 - My first trains of 2011 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas, January 1, plus some night streetcar photos from New Years Eve in the River Market. Of special interest is 'unpatched' SSW 7637, frame and cab only, KCS Belle units 3999 and 4106 and UP 4141, the Bush unit at Jenks.
Included today:
1) Night photo of Little Rock streetcar New Years Eve in River District of Little Rock
2) Flying Saucer waitresses New Years Eve
3) KCS Belles 4106 and 3999
4) UP 4141, Bush unit at Jenks
5) 'Unpatched' SSW 7637, cab only with frame, at Jenks
6) UP 3946, 5824, 7079, 5676, 4714
7) NS 8386
8) KRL 27106 heavy-hauler
9) 'IRS' graffiti
10) SMIX 9021 scrap hauler
11) Rusty SP auto-rack LTTX 65420, built 6/80, rebuilt 4/89
12) String of Wisconsin Central hoppers 

TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, JANUARY 2, 2011 - Trains at Little Rock, Arkansas Sunday, January 2, 2011, including some old freight cars. I started the day at sunrise (7:16 a.m.) and got one train then, but it was 25 degrees and I decided to go home and come back in the afternoon after I went to church services.
Included today:
1) UP 7235, 7349, 7443, 2426, 9735, 9752, 5866, 5916, 3977, 4330
2) IC/CN 2716
3) BTKY 21490 green Katy gondola
4) TOE 3059 boxcar with blue end
5) NATX 57033 new tank car
6) NDYX 310 gon
7) JOSX 10349 old hopper
8) KCS 129155 boxcar
9) Unmarked hopper (?)
10) Dump cars
11) SP 286016 purple graffiti boxcar
12) MKT 4466 grey hopper
13) Herzog hoppers

TRAINS, HACKED OFF PIGEON, ARTSY CLOUDS AND RIO GRANDE UNITS, JANUARY 3-4, 2011 - Here's a few trains, pigeons and artistic clouds in Little Rock and North Little Rock, Monday January 3 and Tuesday January 4, 2011.
1) BNSF 4544, 4145
2) TCM 1641
3) UP/Rio Grande 1344 and 1350 together
4) UP 9812. 3971, 5080, 9919
5) UP 2482, 2420, 2460, 2426, 2019, 1964, 8221 all on one train
6) Artsy shot of dark clouds and train
7) NAHX 65726 Rock Island blue hopper
8) Sideless cars of some sort
9) Hacked off pigeon at Union Station
10) MKT 571 green hopper

STREETCAR ADVENTURES LITTLE ROCK, JANUARY 8, 2011 - On Saturday evening, January 8, 2011, I rode a streetcar with good friends of mine from the River Market in Little Rock to a fine Italian Restaurant in North Little Rock called Ristorante Cảpeo. The streetcar was full when it arrived at the River Market stop, but many got off there so we got some seats. The ride over the Arkansas River into North Little Rock was fun.
   After the tasty meal, I went outside to see if I could see any approaching streetcar. By the time I got to the streetcar stop, I could see the streetcar's headlight in a maze of auto lights. I ran back inside the restaurant to tell my party that it was near. By the time everyone got outside, the streetcar was passing.
   The route the streetcar takes from this restaurant is northbound on Main Street one block then turning left onto 7th Street, then goes one block to Maple Street where it turns south toward Little Rock again. Since we missed it at the Post Office stop, my friends and I decided to walk that one block to Maple Street and wait for it at a Maple Street Streetcar Stop. By the time we went that one block, we could see the streetcar's headlight already turning onto Maple from 7th. So we all RAN to the next stop on Maple Street and just barely got there before the streetcar did. That was fun and gave everybody some exercise to help burn the calories we consumed at the restaurant. When was the last time anyone ran to catch a streetcar? To have a group of 6 people running down a dimly lit street in a rural part of North Little Rock was an adventure and will be remembered for a long time.
TRAINS LITTLE ROCK SATURDAY, JANUARY 8, 2011 - Clear skies and lots of train action at Union Station in Little Rock, AR on Saturday, January 8, 2011. It was a windy, chilly day with snow forecast for the next day. Of special interest is new CN 2108, new GATX hoppers, solid consist of UP new hoppers with dpu, a 10-locomotive Pine Bluff local, and other things.
Included today:
1) UP 7911, 5157, 8655, 1551, 4063, 9566, 4486, 9720, 5127, 1474-all on one train
2) UP 4490, 5164, 4315, 5978, 5826, 4060
3) New CN 2108
4) NS 9759, 9744, 9137, 8941
5) Chessie hi-cube boxcar
6) Snoopy graffiti
7) New GATX-DSIX hoppers
8) MP 641336 with rolls of wire
9) Ashley Drew and Northern-HS 30571
10) NYC 609453 flat with separators of some sort
11) Truck frames
12) SP 286028 boxcar with SP trademark
13) SP 286013 boxcar with SP trademark
14) RBOX 38166 boxcar with ghosts graffiti
15) HZGX 3241 gondola
16) CNW 716450 with its numbers painted on
17) GONX 740402 with compacted scrap
18) CNW 741091 with compacted scrap-Roswell UFO remnants?
19) Solid consist of new UP hoppers

TRAINS INCLUDING LITTLE ROCK & WESTERN 103 JANUARY 9, 2011 - Little Rock and Western GP9 passing Union Station in Little Rock on Sunday, January 9, 2011.This was a rare Sunday move, probably because of the expected snow and ice Sunday evening into Monday. I also included a short video of the train and a couple more train pictures.
Included today:
1) UP 2074, 7796, 7628
2) UP/SP 2047
3) LRWN 103
4) UP track workers

STREETCARS IN THE SNOW DOWNTOWN LITTLE ROCK, JANUARY 9, 2011 AT NIGHT - These photos of streetcars in the snow in Little Rock, AR were taken late Sunday afternoon, January 9, 2011 from a window on the 14th floor of the Peabody Hotel, looking south and east.

STREETCAR AND OLD CAR IN SNOW, JANUARY 9, 2011 - There was an antique car show in Little Rock this past weekend of Jan 8 and 9. This shot of a streetcar on Markham Street was taken late afternoon of Sunday, Jan 9, 2011 and shows Streetcar 410 with a 1940s-era green car to the left. I enhanced the contrast on the first picture so you could see the colors and details more clearly. The second picture is the identical photo but this one was what it actually looked like from my 14th floor viewing area of the Peabody Hotel.

SNOW, ICE, AMTRAK AND RAILSPOT TEXAS TRIP JAN 13-16, 2011 - I took a train trip on Amtrak's Texas Eagle from Little Rock, AR to Fort Worth, TX and return from Thursday night, January 13/14 through Sunday, January 16, 2011.  The purpose was to go to the Plano, Texas train show and to go to the Railspot Yahoo Group luncheon at Love and War Restaurant in Plano on Saturday, January 15 at 1 p.m.  I also visited with my friend from way back in college days while there and we went train watching a couple of times. I also got a photograph of waitresses at the Flying Saucer Restaurant in Fort Worth (since I sometimes do this at the Little Rock Flying Saucer, I thought I'd do the same in Fort Worth).  I also have a photograph of the 60+ Railspot members at Love and War Restaurant in Plano, and yes, I also got a photo of one of our waitresses there as well.
   Also included are scenes of my Amtrak trip to and from Fort Worth from Little Rock, including two movies taken from my sleeping car window as the train sped through a town near Wills Point, Texas Friday morning.
1) Amtrak Texas Eagle 21 and 22 Jan 13, 14 and 16. Icy photos on Jan 13. Lots of people at the station in Little Rock.
2) Amtrak dining car menu
3) Railspot group at Love and War Restaurant
4) Sleeping car photos
5) Two movies as train sped through a Texas town
6) UP Genset 2616
7) UP 6644, 6549 - Kennedale TX
8) UP 4328 - Fort Worth
9) CN 5556 - Fort Worth
10) FRA Inspection Car DOTX 220 - Fort Worth
11) BNSF 4474, 9289, 5483, 7823 - Rio Vista TX
12) Fort Worth Flying Saucer waitresses
13) Love and War Restaurant waitress

TRAINS IN LITTLE ROCK, JANUARY 22, 2011 - Just a few trains on Friday, January 21 and Saturday, January 22, 2011 at the station in Little Rock, AR. Friday was cloudy and cold with temperatures in the 30s, Saturday was clear and warmer with temps in the 40s.
1) UP 4673, 5911, 6020, 5961, 8173, 4066, 9591, 8191, 4234, 5492, 1585, 1556, 9199, 7416, 4522 (most of these were on only 2 trains)
2) CSX 7724, 253
3) Ferromex 4655
4) CNW 435041 yellow hopper
5) CMO 21712 hopper on flatcar
6) OTDX 6015 and 6047 container cars
7) LRWN 556095 former Port St Joe Route boxcar
8) GPS showing abandoned rails
9) SMIX 9001 scrap car

LOTS OF TRAINS, LOTS OF ROADNAMES LITTLE ROCK, JANUARY 23, 2011 - Lots of trains on Sunday, January 23, 2011 in Little Rock, including the following locomotive roadnames: NS, KCS, CSX, SP/UP, CNW/UP, LRWN, UP, BNSF, HLCX, LLPX.   Also seen today was a lone KCS Belle hopper and Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar with original ADN numbers plus lots of fallen flag freight cars.
Included today:
1) 1) UP 7675, 8114, 8207, 9485, 1530, 9766, 8125, 8544, 5308, 4964, 3987, 7295, 5961, 2426, 330
2) CSX 7317, 8591
3) UP/CNW 9696
4) UPY 641
5) HLCX 1054, 1064
6) LLPX 2203
7) NS 3368
8) LRWN 1544, 103, 107
9) UP/SP 6205, 6211
10) BNSF 5479, 4904
11) KCS 4600, 4587
12) Several lumber loads
13) CP 85612 CP Rail boxcar
14) ETCX 4002 multi-dome tank car
15) NAHX Rock Island faded blue hopper
16) ADN 5818 with original Ashley Drew & Northern markings
17) KCS 287179 Belle hopper
18) WP 38025 Western Pacific boxcar
19) ICG 68003 Illinois Central Gulf hi-cube boxcar
20) DRGW 19731 Rio Grande hopper
21) HS 4339 boxcar. According to Michael Gilmore and Tom Balzen, the original owner was  Terminal Railway Alabama State Docks, TASD. The railroad switches the Port of Mobile, Al
One of their mp-15's Boxcar with lattering
22) CR 631360 CoilSHIELD car
23) MKT 535 green hopper
24) MKT 4498 grey hopper
25) MKT 4415 grey hopper
26) MKT 4446 grey hopper
27) SHPX 221214 blue/white short tank car
28) CSXT 180682 Chessie hi-cube boxcar

NIGHT TRAINS, INCLUDING AMTRAK AND BNSF LOCALWITH BLUE UNIT, LITTLE ROCK, JANUARY 28, 2011 - A night movie of Amtrak's Texas Eagle, No. 22 northbound to St Louis and Chicago, taken at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Friday night, January 28, 2011, plus a night movie of the BNSF local backing a train over the Little Rock & Western's tracks in front of Union Station at 11:42 p.m., also on January 28. This BNSF local was headed by SF 512 in warbonnet colors, blue BNSF 2042, and green BN 2098. In addition,
1) Amtrak locomotive 95
2) Movie of Amtrak Texas Eagle leaving Little Rock at night
3) SF 512
4) Blue BNSF 2042
5) Green BNSF 2098
6) Movie of BNSF local backing in front of Union Station at night
7) RSSX 1681, 5810

UP 1995, CNW HERITAGE, OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, SATURDAY JANUARY 29, 2011 - UP 1995, the CNW heritage unit, CEFX 2011 and 2028 gensets, other trains at Little Rock, AR Saturday, January 29, 2011.
1) UP 1995, 4730, 1567, 1574, 1553, 4141, 6789, 6366, 3959, 4159, 1601, 9771(CNW)
2) NS 9320, 2680
3) WTX 5821 shiny black hopper
4) ICG 680129, 680112 hi-cube boxcars
5) HS 30715 Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar
6) UP 563179 boxcar with UP trademark
7) SSW 7637 locomotive shell

UP 1995, CNW HERITAGE, NETX TO UP/CNW 9771, NORTH LITTLE ROCK, JAN 30, 2011 - UP 1995, the CNW heritage alongside UP 9771, an original CNW unit, in North Little Rock, Arkasnas, Sunday January 30, 2011.

UP 1995 RETURNING FROM HOUSTON, 2 MKT GREEN HOPPERS IN ROW, OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, THU FEB 3, 2011 - Rare lashup of two MKT green hoppers, Little Rock & Western 1542 at night on Riverfront Drive Little Rock, plus UP 1995-CNW Heritage unit and others at Union Station during a very cold, cloudy day, Thursday February 3, 2011. It was 24 degrees.
Included today:
1) MKT 573 and 523 green hoppers hooked together
2) UP 2426, 6756, 5733, 2460, 8050, 9315, 1995
3) UP/SP 6167
4) NS 2725 and 8945
5) LRWN 1542 at night

TRAINS, LITTLE ROCK, FEBRUARY 5, 2011 -  Here's a few trains today, Saturday February 5, 2011 at the station in Little Rock. It was a rare, sunny day with temperatures in the lower 40s. Snow was still on the cars and in shady areas and more snow is forecast for Sunday night and Monday and a major snowstorm could be in the works for the middle of next week, when we could easily get a foot of snow in the Little Rock area as temperatures fall into the teens by mid week. So, I'm taking advantage of any good days I can for train photography.
Included  today:
1) UP 9216, 4848, 1562, 1585, 1556
2) NS 9818
3) GMTX 2122
4) NW 188210 heavily loaded gondola
5) NS 101506 flat with steel plates
6) TTZX 14467 and other loads of lumber
7) SPMW 7228 cute short hopper
8) Snow on parked cars

HEAVY HAULER, OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, FEBRUARY 6, 2011 - Little Rock trains on Sunday, February 6, 2011, a mostly cloudy day with mild temperatures, over 50 at times. Of special interest is BAWX 106, Babcock-Wilcox heavy hauler flatcar  with 16 axles.
1) UP 2074, 1551, 1593, 1554, 1596, 9356, 4439, 2021, 5549, 4232
2) BNSF 1002, 4659, warbonnet 645
3) FERROMEX 4685
4) GMTX 2122
5) BAWX 106, Babcock-Wilcox 16-axle heavy hauler
6) SP Lines emblem on SP 36521 gondola

FLYING SAUCER WAITRESS IN HEAVY SNOW, LITTLE ROCK, FEBRUARY 9, 2011 - Here's two Flying Saucer Beer Emporium waitresses posing in the heavy snow in the River Market in Little Rock, Arkansas, Wednesday February 9, 2011. These were taken shortly after noon. Little Rock was having its biggest snowstorm of the year so far. I measured snow depth of 7 inches about the time these photos were taken. Notice that you can't see the streetcar tracks.

HEAVY SNOW, STREETCARS AND OTHER SCENES LITTLE ROCK, AR, WEDNESDAY FEB 9, 2011 - These pictures were taken Wednesday, February 9, 2011 at Little Rock, Arkansas during the year's biggest snowstorm. Little Rock had 6 inches and other parts of the state had up to 2 feet. I've included several streetcar pictures in the snow, including a movie of one running over snow-covered track. Also included are two Flying Saucer waitresses, who posed for me outside in the 24-degree weather during the heaviest part of the snowfall.

MULTI-COLORED BNSF LOCAL IN DAYLIGHT, OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, SATURADAY, FEB 12, 2011 - BNSF local backing on Little Rock & Western's tracks in front of Union Station on Saturday, February 12, 2011 to store and pick up cars. It had a colorful consist again: BNSF/BN 2934 (green), BNSF 2042 (one of their blue units) and BNSF/Santa Fe 512 in faded Warbonnet paint. It was a sunny day with the sun behind me. Also today, I included a 'then and now' shot of Main and 6th Streets in Little Rock, one taken in 1910 with streetcars and one February 8, 2011. Also, I've included a couple of photos of Bennett's Military Supply store in downtown Little Rock, which recently celebrated its 140th year of operation serving the camping, sporting, and military fields. Its' motto is: "Home of the Free Because of the Brave - Thank You Armed Forces"
   (Note....I didn't create a clickable to enlarge format for this page, whereby I have smaller images which you click to enlarge. Instead I just uploaded all the 28 photos in my larger, 1,000 pixel wide format, which should download in 6-20 seconds or so if you have broadband. If any of you want me to also upload those small images, let me know - Ken Z)
   Included today:
1) BNSF/BN 2934 green
2) BNSF/SF 512 Warbonnet
3) BNSF 2042 blue
4) UP 5003,. 4773, 1574
5) Cyclops eye graffiti
6) MKT 553 green hopper
7) MKT 16338 red gondola
8) MKT 4366 hopper
9) AOK 6476 flatcar with wheelsets
10) HS 3856 Valdosta Southern Railroad Co. boxcar
11) Harlem Globetrotter bus with Little Rock Streetcar 408 in River Market
12) 1910 and 2011 6th and Main scene in Little Rock
13) Bennett's Military Supply 140th anniversary

AMTRAK 40TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL LOCOMOITVE ON TEXAS EAGLE 22, LITTLE ROCK, FEBRUARY 12, 2011 -  Night shots and movie. Amtrak locomotive No. 145, the 40th anniversary heritage unit, lead Amtrak's northbound Texas Eagle Train #22 out of Little Rock, Arkansas on Saturday night, February 12, 2011 aat 11:39 p.m., on time to the minute. Here are some photos and an HD movie.

 ROSES FOR MY LATE WIFE SARAH PLUS TIGGER, OUR CAT, FEBRUARY 13, 2011 - I used to give my wife Sarah a small bouquet of roses every Valentines Day. I got some roses again this year, but for the first time in 37 years I have no one to give them to since my wife died last year. So, I thought I'd share this bouquet with my friends instead, wishing all of you a Happy Valentines Day filled with love. Cherish your friends ... I sure do.

UNPATCHED SSW LOCO 9652, FEBRUARY 14, 2011 - Unpatched Cotton Belt SSW No. 9652, 10:51 a.m. Valentine's Day, Feb 14, 2011 in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

ARKANSAS RAZORBACK DAYS AT CAPITOL AND TRAIN STATION LITTLE ROCK, FEBERUARY 16, 2011 - Once a year, the Arkansas Razorback cheerleaders, band and other people from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, AR come to the State Capitol in Little Rock to talk to legislators and have a 'Razorback Day' in the city. The school's mascot, Tusk, a large razorback, also made the trip this year, on Wednesday, February 16, 2011. Here are some photos.

TRAINS AT THE STATION IN LITTLE ROCK, FEBRUARY 16, 2011 - Wednesday, February 16, 2011 at Union Station in Little Rock. Also, Arkansas Razorback cheerleaders and mascot.
Included today:
1) CSX 5252, 212
2) UP 4293, 7346, 2260, 5106, 4089
3) LRWN 103, 107
4) FERROMEX 4684
5) SP 286001 with SP Emblem
6) ARMN 111478 with submarine (?) drawing-looks a little like the Disney Nautilus to me from 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
7) ARMN 111275 with script of some sort
8) Union Station clock
9) Dove
10) Arkansas Razorback mascot 'Tusk'
11) Arkansas Razorback cheerleaders
12) New Amtrak sign

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS, FEBRUARY 20, 2011 - Here are a few trains at Union Station in Little Rock, taken Sunday February 20, 2011. About 10:15 a.m., there was a police chase going on and one of the cars being chased got stuck on UP Main 2 just around the corner from the station at milepost 346.9. This tied up trains for a couple of hours. I got a 32X zoom shot of it from the west side of the station platform.
Included: today:
1) UP/CNW 9771
2) UP 5182, 5192, 4101, 4860, 1583, 4181
3) NS 9209
4) GMTX 2157'
5) CEFX 405
6) BNSF 4411
7) Auto stuck on tracks
8) Spools load
9) MKT 530, 558, 502 green hoppers
10) BN green hopper  

PASSING TRAINS LITTLE ROCK PLUS PHOTOS A WEEK EARLIER OF FUNDRAISER WITH PRESIDENT CLINTON AND OTHERS - Here are a few trains at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Sunday, February 27, 2011, including UP, NS, KCS units. Also a few scenes taken at a fundraiser February 19 for the opening of the Argenta (North Little Rock) Community Theater, which was attended by North Little Rock Mayor Pay Hays (his father worked for Missouri Pacific), Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe, North Little Rock raised actress Mary Steenburgen (her father was an engineer for Missouri Pacific), and former President Bill Clinton. The event was held on Main Street in North Little Rock (they closed the street the night before) and a streetcar was parked for tours outside the tent set up for the function.
Included today:
1) NS 7528, 9617
2) KCS 4019
3) PRLX 8557
4) GMTX 2126
5) 141 New-133 Worn transition rail
6) CNW 590749 yellow hopper
7) HS 30919 Columbus & Greenville boxcar
8) Closeup of wasp
9) Little Rock Streetcar 409 on display at a fundraiser plus the trolley barn at night
10) Photos of February 19 fundraiser
11) Moon though winter trees at night

UP 1988-NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR, FEBRUARY 28, 2011 - UP 1988, the Katy Heritage unit,  was alone in an area of the North Little Rock UP yards on Monday, February 28, 2011, So, thanks to a heads-up from John C. Jones who is UP's local photographer, I got this quick photo of the locomotive in the hump yard. I know...too much clutter, but it shows the reality of the scene (I don't think I'll send this one to :-). I also got a shot of an Ashley, Drew & Northern boxcar.

UP 1996-FLOWERS-NORTH LITTLE ROCKI, MARCH 1, 2011 - UP 1996, the Southern Pacific heritage locomotive and UPY 144 in North Little Rock, Tuesday March 1, 2011. I also included some vivid and multi-colored flowers at the Promenade Shopping Center in western Little Rock. And a streetcar passing my parked car in the River Market of Little Rock.

TRAINS-BLOSSOMS-LITTLE ROCK, MARCH 3, 2011 - Caught an autorack train passing an empty coal train at Union Station today, Thursday March 3, 2011. Also included are some Spring blossoms and my sleeping cat Tigger.
Included today:
1) UP 3897, 4554, 7118, 4830
2) NS 8879
3) EJ&E coil cars, one GRW 6823
4) Truck frames
5) White blossoms
6) My cat Tigger asleep 

UP 1989, THE DGRW HERITAGE, ON A SPECIAL PASSENGER TRAIN LITTLE ROCK, MARCH 4, 2011-410 A.M. - UP 1989, the Denver & Rio Grande Heritage locomotive, lead a special passenger train (SBTCB-03) past Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas in the wee hours of Friday morning, March 4, 2011. It stopped in front of the station at 3:55 a.m. until 4:10 a.m., waiting for the Baring Cross Bridge's liftspan to lower. This gave me a good opportunity to take a few time exposures of the locomotive and train plus a relatively well-lit sound movie of it leaving, which includes its horn echoing across the area. You can also hear a cricket as it was accelerating.
   I really lucked out on this one. Just an hour before it got here, I got a message that is was due at 5 a.m. (earlier time estimate was 6 a.m.). Well, instead of waiting at home and heading for the station by 5 a.m., I decided to go on down and got there at 340, thinking I would have to wait an hour. Then I got a text saying it was at Biddle Yards in south Little Rock already, but would have to stop at Union Station because of the bridge's liftspan being up (thank you nice barge operators - lol).  Anyway, here are a couple of photos and link to my Youtube video, which is in 720p HD. I also included a movie of Amtrak's Texas Eagle leaving at 5:02 a.m.

NON-TRAIN, ANIME CONVENTION BENTONVILLE, AR, MARCH 5-6, 2011 - Here are some photos of costumes at the Anime Convention in Bentonville, Arkansas, March 5-6, 2011.

RSS SWITCHERS, UP 2001 OLYMPIC UNIT, UP 1982 N LITTLE ROCK, MARCH 7, 2011 - UP 1982 (MoPac heritage), UP 2001 (Olympic unit) and two RSS locomotives in North Little Rock, Arkansas, March 7, 2011. I even got one shot of both 2001 and 1982 in one scene. However, you have to find the 1982 in that photo. UP1996, the SP heritage, was also in the UP yards in North Little Rock but I couldn't find it. The RSS locomotives are Nos. 1205 and 1206.

UP 1982-1996 TOGETHER-UP 2001, NORTH LITTLE ROCK, MARCH 8, 2011 - UP 1982 (MoPac Heritage)  and 1996 (Southern Pacific Heritage) coupled together in North Little Rock in the UP yards, Tuesday March 8, 2011, plus UP 2001, the Olympic unit. 1982 and 1996 will lead the MNLME-09 train to Memphis on March 9 and be part of a crossing safety train on March 12 in the North Little Rock area. It was a rainy, dismal day, temperatures around 49-50.

UP 1983 AND 1996 TOGETHER NORTH LITTLE ROCK, MARCH 10, 2011 - Union Pacific heritage locomotives 1982, 1983 and 1996 were all in North Little Rock, Arkansas on Thursday, March 10, 2011. Here's a shot of 1983 and 1996 in the service area of UP's North Little Rock yards.

OPERATION LIFESAVER SCHEDULES ISSUED MARCH 12, 2011 FOR FOLLOWING WEEK IN ARKANSAS. - Here's the preliminary schedules for UP's  Operation Lifesaver trips in Arkansas March 14-18, 2011. The trips are supposed to use UP heritage locomotives 1982 (MoPac) and 1996 (SP) set up with one locomotive at each end of the train so they don't have to turn engines. These schedules were given me by John C. Jones, who is the official photographer for the local Union Pacific area. Like anything associated with a busy freight railroad, these times and places could change. I will update this page as needed, so 'refresh' the page once in a while.

FOUR SPECIALLY PAINTED UP LOCOMOITVES NORTH LITTLE ROCK, MARCH 12, 2011 - On Saturday, March 12, 2011, we had four (4) Union Pacific specially-painted locomotives in North Little Rock, Arkansas - UP 1982, the Missouri Pacific Heritage-UP 1996, the Southern Pacific Heritage; UP 4141, the George Bush Library, and UP 1988, the Katy Heritage. Here are photos of all of them taken today. I'm hoping they might put 1988 in front of 1996 and 1982 in the yard sometimes, but not sure that'll happen. The 1982 and 1996 will be used this coming week, Monday through Friday, on Operation Lifesaver (or possibly CARE-Crossing Accident Reduction Enforcement) trips all across Arkansas. I'm not sure what 1988 will do, and the George Bush unit is being stored here indefinitely (I see it almost daily at Jenks).
   This is the second time in a week that we've had 4 special-painted locomoitves here. The last time was March 8 when 4141, 2001, 1996 and 1982 were here. 

OPERATION LIFESAVER-CARE-TRAIN BALD KNOB, MARCH 13, 2011 - On Sunday, March 13, 2011 UP heritage locomotives 1982 (MoPac) and 1996 (SP) were parked in Bald Knob, Arkansas with their special passenger car consist for the CARE safety train, which will be running across Arkansas the coming week. Bald Knob is on the UP Hoxie Sub. The consist of the parked train was UP 1996, UP 1982, passenger cars UP Challenger dome car, City of Salina and Cheyenne.

UP 1983, WESTERN PACIFIC HERITAGE, NORTH LITTLE ROCK MARCH 14, 2011 - UP 1983 was the rear DPU unit on the Kansas City to Pine Bluff, Arkansas mixed freight (MKCPB-12) on Monday, March 14, 2011 as it came through the Levy area of North Little Rock, Arkansas on the Van Buren Sub. Some of the scenes are of 1983 on the sharp curve under the Interstate 40 overpass, where it was stopped for over an hour waiting for signals. I also got a closeup of the remnants of graffiti that had been placed on the unit several weeks ago in another part of the country. Yes, you can still see parts of the graffiti, but whoever removed it did a pretty good job without damaging 1983's original paint.

TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, MARCH 16, 2011 - Happy St Patrick's Day! Here's a few trains from March 15 and 16, 2011 at Little Rock, Arkansas.  Included is NS 2555, which has LOTS of extra white paint on it!  Plus newly refurbished UP 1600-1601 and 1602.
Included today:
1) UP 2089, 1600, 1601, 1602, 9662, 2460
2) BNSF 7353
3) GMTX 2157
4) NS 2555

OPERATIONAL LIFESAVER WITH UP 1982-1996 AT NIGHT LITTLE ROCK, MARCH 18, 2011 - Special Operation Lifesaver, CARE safety train arriving in Little Rock, 10:14 pm Friday, March 18, 2011, briefly stopping in front of Union Station.  Also included is a movie of it leaving. This train had UP 1982, the Missouri Pacific Heritage, on one end and UP 1996, the Southern Pacific Heritage on the other end. It was carrying passenger cars Cheyenne, City of Salina and dome car Challenger.  This train had been running these specials across Arkansas all week including in Bald Knob, Pine Bluff, Camden, Texarkana and Little Rock.

TRAINS, 'SUPER MOON' CLOSEUP, OTHER PHOTOS MARCH 20, 2011 - A predawn closeup of the full 'Super Moon' over the tracks at Union Station in Little Rock, March 20, 2011, plus several trains during the next few hours. Also: dead fish, a remote-controlled toy Jeep run off the Amtrak platform, a pack of dogs, and a sepiatone photo of Union Station before dawn.
Included today:
1) Closeup of the 'Super Moon' at Union Station pre-dawn
2) Sepia-toned photo of Union Station
3) UP 4120, 7462, 5524, 6232, 7253, 5669, 1605, 4955, 5346, 5164, 7754
4) KCS 4545
5) Ferromex 4651
6) Illinois Central Gulf hi-cube ICG 680057
7) UP 210134 coilcar
8) Pack of dogs
9) Dead fish
10) Remote-controlled toy Jeep
11) Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar ADN 5021
12) Newly painted NS hi-cube NS 487730
13) Potash Corp hoppers
14) Arkansas River

LWRN 1544 AND OTHER TRAINS, LITTLE ROCK, MARCH 23, 2011 - I went to Union Station in Little Rock Wednesday afternoon, March 23, 2011 to catch a couple of trains, and during a 1 hour and 7 minute period, I caught 7 trains. Not bad for a spur of the moment decision to go there.
Included today:
1) LRWN 1544, 103
2) UP 5658, 9602, 4904, 2064, 4161, 6566, 7287, 7758, 8529
3) CSX 8141
4) UPS train

AUTAUGA NORTHERN RAILROAD 3908-3900 LOCOS, OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK MARCH 26, 2011 - A couple of trains today in Little Rock, Saturday,  March 26, 2011, including new or newly painted locomotives WAMX 3900 and 3908.
Included today:
1) UP 9592, 9309
2) WAMX 3900, 3908 (Autauga Northern Railroad)
3) Ferromex 4604, 4636
4) HS 30050 and 30048 Greenville & Northern Railway boxcars
5) BNSF 793458 reefer with the 'blue waves'
6) HS 75303 blue Rock Island boxcar
7) Wire coil load
8) CLBX 171783, one of 3 blue boxcars
9) Bright yellow wet flowers and and red tulips

10-CAR AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE, LITTLE ROCK, MARCH 27, 2011 - Amtrak northbound Texas Eagle, No. 22, arrived in Little Rock, AR at 11:35 p.m. Sunday night, March 27, 2011 and left at 11:48 p.m. nearly on schedule. What's special this night was that it had 10 Superliners and locomotive No. 500, which was a biodiesel locomotive. The train usually has 7 cars, but there was a special group of 220 who rode it from Fort Worth to Mineola, Texas on Sunday, after being in Fort Worth for a wine tasting festival, so the extra 3 Superliner cars were added. This same group of 220 rode the southbound train from Mineola to Fort Worth on Saturday, March 26. Mineola is about 2 hours east of Dallas on US 80. I took some pictures of the train at the Little Rock station as well as a couple of movies, which I have links to on this web page. It felt downright cold with drizzle and temperature around 40 degrees.
Consist of Texas Eagle No. 22 tonight (I think I got all the numbers right)
1) Amtrak locomotive 85
2) Amtrak locomotive 500
3) Superliner 39014
4) 32034
5) 37010
6) 33003
7) 31014
8) 34139
9) 34041
10) 34099
11) 35006
12) 34020

PREX 701 AND 1355, NORTH LITTLE ROCK,  MARCH 27, 2011 - PREX (Pioneer Rail Equipment) locomotives 701 and 1355 at North Little Rock, AR Sunday, March 27. I could not find where they are headed.

TRAINS IN THE RAIN, LITTLE ROCK, MARCH 31, 2011 - A rainy and cool afternoon again in Little Rock, AR on this last day of March, 2011. Temperatures were in the upper 40s.
Included today:
1) UP 2426, 2021, 8486, 4141 (at Jenks), 1584, 1587
2) KCS boxcars 154031 and 152048
3) String of 6 TR boxcars, one being 150983
4) Full parking lot at Union Station
5) Rain (just to show some of you in parts of drought-stricken Texas what rain looks like)

STREETCARS AND TULIPS, NORTH LITTLLE ROCK APRIL1, 2011 -  Manhole cover with fish, streetcars and tulips in North Little Rock, AR on Friday, April 1, 2011.

TRAINS IN LITTLE ROCK, APRIL 2, 2011 - A few trains on a sunny, warm day in Little Rock, Arkansas, Saturday April 2, 2011. It was 80 degrees today, which felt hot compared to the 40s of a few days ago.
Included today:
1) UP 7204, 1609, 4392, 8119, 4657, 7402, 4229
2) NS 2761
3) Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar ADN 5818
4) BN green boxcar 219304
5) Columbus & Greenville boxcars HS 30968 and 30773
6) VS RR, Valdosta Southern Railroad Company boxcar HS 3866
7) Corinth & Counce RR Company boxcar HS 72264
8) SMT and J. B. Hunt trailers

TRAINS IN LITTLE ROCK, APRIL 3, 2011 - Here's a few trains at Little Rock Sunday, April 3, 2011, including NS 3281 "High Nose". It was a nice, warm day.
Included today:
1) UP 9825, 7443, 5792, 6907, 6601
2) NS 3281 "High Nose"
3) Spring flowers

TRAIN IN A STORM, LITTLE ROCK, APRIL 4, 2011 - A strong cold front and strong storms passed the Little Rock area around 11 a.m. Monday, April 4, 2011. I decided to try to get a train in the storms from the east balcony of Union Station and got this rare NS short intermodal passing at 11:19 a.m. headed by NS 9584 and 9468.  I got a photo plus a video, which you can view by clicking on the photo I marked. 
   The storms that occurred today blew down numerous large trees and had periods of heavy rain. No tornadoes, but the straight line winds gusted to near 45 mph in the region as the storms moved through. My tripod I usually use to get videos kept blowing over, so I hand held the camera while I took the video. Even with the camera's wind-shield operating, you can still hear the strong winds over the train (in stereo). I had a hard time keeping my balance when I walked down the spiral staircase to get off the balcony due to the wind. We had one inch of rain. Temperatures fell from the mid 70s to the lower 50s during the morning and will drop into the mid to upper 30s overnight.

TRAINS IN LITTLE ROCK, APRIL 8, 2011 - A few trains at Union Station in Little Rock,  April 6 and 8, 2011, including some old freight cars and my first roses of the year in my yard.
Included today:
1) SCYX 893580 new hopper
2) CSX 7644, 4750
3) UP 5066, 8248, 8029, 7843, 8136, 5495
4) GCCX 700062 hopper
5) MKT 576 green hopper
6) SSW 85205 Golden West hi-cube boxcar
7) Old Santa Fe car SMTX 9529
8) BI-MAX UP autorack
9) First roses of 2011 in my yard

SANTA FE 1923 PASSENGER CAR #33, LITTLE ROCK, SUNDAY NIGHT ON TEXAS EAGLE - APRIL 10, 2011 - Santa Fe heavyweight business car #33 was on the rear of Amtrak's Texas Eagle #22, northbound, at Little Rock, Arkansas Sunday night April 10, 2011 at 11:30 p.m. Here are some photos plus a video of the Texas Eagle leaving the station at 11:39 p.m.

DERAILMENT IN UP NORTH LITTLE ROCK YARDS, SUNDAY APRIL 10, 2011 - About 4 p.m. on Sunday, April 10, 2011, about 5 cars derailed inside Union Pacific's North Little Rock yards. The train had come off the Van Buren Sun (from west Arkansas) and the cars derailed in the middle of the train on the '200 track.' The end of the train was still around the Van Buren Wye, so the Van Buren Sub was blocked until the site was repaired. It was not repaired as of 10:35 p.m. I took these photos from the Locust Street highway overpass using my 30X camera after 7 p.m.

TRAINS IN LITTLE ROCK, SUNDAY APRIL 10, 2011 - A few trains on Saturday, April 9 and Sunday, April 10, 2011 at Little Rock, AR.
1) UP 9397, 360, 2252, 3800, 4365, 4409,
2) NS 2508, 7589, 2734, 2747
3) LRWN 1542
4) CN blue hi-cube boxcars
5) SPSX 59882 yellow gon with track sections
6) Union Station taken from Markham Street

WINDMILL BLADES LOADED AT PORT OF LITTLE ROCK, APRIL 14, 2011 AT NIGHT -    LM Wind Power of Little Rock, Arkansas was loading some newly manufactured windmill blades onto flatcars at the Port of Little Rock (on the Arkansas River) on Thursday night, April 14, 2011. A Union Pacific official invited me to come out and video and take photos of this loading. The train being loaded is the first full windmill blade train that LM Wind Power will run from here. Other blades they manufactured have up to now been shipped by trucks. I was told that this train is expected to leave the Port of Little Rock on Monday, April 18, but that is subject to change.
   Just to make you feel sorry for me, I left my cozy seat on the couch at home with a purring kitty on my lap to get these photos tonight. The Port of Little Rock is located on the east side of Little Rock next to the airport, about a 15 minute drive from my home. :-)

TRAINS IN LITTLE ROCK, APRIL 14 AND 15, 2011 - Here's some trains at Little Rock, Arkansas on Thursday, April 14 and Friday, April 15, 2011.
1) NS 9444, 9001
2) NREX 5542, red GP40-2, DRF-30
3) UP 7920, 6542, 7106, 9818, 9614, 2482, 8223, 7260, 4201, 5475, 4144
4) Ferromex 4658
5) CSX 8507
6) SP 343 (I couldn't see a UP patch)
7) SOO 122999 one of a string of Canadian Pacific hoppers
8) CNW 435038 yellow hopper
9) WSOR 503113, one of a string of Wisconsin & Southern boxcars
10) SOO 8728 boxcar
11) MP 271675, one of a string of newly painted UP hi-cube boxcars. Originally built 10/69
12) Four Little Rock Amtrak signs in one photo
13) GNOX 38025 short hopper
14) BCOL 60282 BCRail green boxcar
15) Unknown old hopper with very faded markings NAHX (xx)01(xx). No graffiti.
16) Rosebud
17) Black comb on yellow Amtrak platform
18) Screenshot of NWS Doppler radar when severe storms moved through at 2:15 a.m. April 15

TRAINS IN LITTLE ROCK, SUNDAY APRIL 17, 2011 - Nice, sunny day with several trains. I also took my occasional photo of the Bush unit, UP 4141 sitting at Jenks and the Centennial locomotive on display, UP 6938, also at Jenks. Included also was the chemical training cars from Dow.
1) UP 5021, 9548, 8085, 6577, 4141, 6938
2) NS 2774, 7649, 8690, 9345, 9482, 8465
3) UP/SP 6250
4) CSX 8320
5) Dow Chemical training cars
6) CP 355198 red Canadian Pacific gondola
7) LT 8251 rattling gondola movie

TRAINS IN THE RAIN LITTLE ROCK, APRIL 21, 2011 - Here's a few trains in the late afternoon rain in Little Rock, Arkansas Thursday, April 21, 2011. I had just gone to a wine sampling event (with 140 wines from  vendors from all over the country) and decided to go out in the rain and take train pictures afterwards. No, I didn't swerve off the road at all since I only sampled a tiny amount of wine - I went mainly for the food - LOL).
1) Wet bird
2) UP 4315, 9273
3) NS 2671
4) 9 min and 30 second video of long freight - YNL-75. I had to put my hand above the camera to prevent rain from hitting the lens, so you can see my hand in the upper right of the video occasionally.

TRAINS IN LITTLE ROCK, INCLUDING UP 1988 KATY UNIT  APRIL 25, 2011 - Monday, April 25, 2011. Dark clouds plus trains. Life doesn't get any better, right? lol. Caught UP 1988 in North Little Rock, AR after it came in on the Fort Worth to North Little Rock mixed train, MFWNL-24. Plus a couple of green MKT hoppers. And pictures of water....lots of water in places. Most of Arkansas will be getting rain, thunderstorms, hail and a few tornadoes today through Wednesday morning. Rainfall has already totaled over 8 inches in parts of west and north Arkansas and several more inches are possible statewide through Wednesday morning. Just like a few days ago, streetlights came on in the middle of the day due to the darkness. IF I could somehow transport some of this water to dry parts of Texas, I would...using long trains of water tank cars. 
Included today:
1) UP 1988, 2089
2) Dark clouds and water
3) MKT 570 and 535, green hoppers

SUNNY DAY WITH TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, APRIL 28, 2011 - Finally, a bright, sunny day at Little Rock on Thursday, April 28, 2011. I got a rare meet between a north and south-bound train, and one KCS train. Also one photo of a streetcar in the River Market.
1) UP 1929, 1971, 8119
2) KCS 4008, 4015
3) UP engineer
4) Streetcar in River Market

MY FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY, APRIL 30, 2011 - Here's some photos of the birthday party for me on April 30, 2011.

MY SECOND BIRTHDAY PARTY, MAY 1, 2011 - My birthday party at another home on Sunday, May 1,2011.

CHILLY, RAINY DAY AND TRANS, MAY 2, 2011 - It was a chilly, rainy day (52 degrees in mid afternoon, dropping into the lower 40s by dark) at Union Station in Little Rock, AR on Monday, May 2, 2011. The area received 6 to 12 inches of rain over the past 4 days and  major roads are flooded, as well as parts of UP's main line north of Little Rock near Cabot. However, the rain was getting lighter as I was at the station. All schools in the county have been closed for tomorrow due to flooded streets.
Included today:
1) UP 2084, 5877, 5274
2) GMTX 2145, 2156
3) Track workers

AMTRAK SIGN TELLING OF SUSPENSION OF SERVICE DUE FLOODING, MAY 3, 3011.- This was taped on the Amtrak waiting room door at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas this morning, Tuesday May 3, 2011. Both Texas Eagles, Amtrak 21 and 22, were suspended until further notice due to flooding in Arkansas and Missouri (UP's main line north of Little Rock near Cabot, AR was still under water late this morning.) I also included a photo of the normal office hours at this station. The Eagles usually get here 11:30 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. daily.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS, MAY 3, 2011 - Finally a clear, blue sky and mild temperatures in Little Rock as I watched a few trains. Included today:
1) UP 9617, 9830, 1971, 9709 (with 1994 Utah Safety plaque), 3507, 4099
2) LLPX 2296
3) Amtrak suspension notice due to flooding

TRAIN WRECK NLR PHOTOS AND AMTRAK DETOUR ON COTTON BELT INFORMATION - Here's a few photos of a UP derailment in North Little Rock which occurred Thursday night, May 5, 2011 about 9 p.m. The derailment occurred under the Interstate 30 overpass and I took the shots from the sidewalk from the Main Street overpass in North Little Rock Friday, May 6 about 1 p.m. This derailment shut down UP Mains 1 and 2. Both of  Amtrak's Texas Eagles had to be detoured via the Cotton Belt from N Dexter, Missouri to Jonesboro, Brinkley, Pine Bluff, getting back on it's normal route at Texarkana, using the Jonesboro and Pine Bluff Subs. .
   I noticed that No. 22, the northbound Eagle, passed Brinkley, Arkansas at 5:22 a.m. today, May 6, while the southbound No. 21 passed there at 8:10 a.m. Since water is over Interstate 40 at the White River bridge just west of Brinkley, I couldn't get there to get pictures unless I went hours out of the way. Interstate 40  was closed and will continue to be closed for days in east Arkansas (an average of 35,000 cars a day use this main east-west interstate and everyone is being detoured hundreds of miles).
   The southbound Texas Eagle stopped at Pine Bluff shortly before noon today, Friday May 6, and I was told by passengers who were bused to the Amtrak station (Union Station) in Little Rock that large crowds of people greeted the train in Pine Bluff since it was the first regular passenger train to stop at the historic Pine Bluff station (now a museum) in over 40 years. Not sure if the reroutes will occur tonight or not.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS, 'BUBBLE OF LIFE', MAY 14, 2011 - Saturday, May 14, 2011. Finally got back to getting some train pictures here at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Been away from trains for over a week due to fun, non-rail things I've been doing with fun people, not all in Arkansas either. Anyway, it was a cloudy, unusually cool day with temperatures in the 60s and north wind 15-20 mph. Normally it's in the lower 80s.
Included today:
1) UP 5962, 7223, 2380
2) UP/SP 6150
3) Pigeon
4) "Bubble of Life"

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS WITH PBS CREW, MAY 15, 2011 - Here's a few trains in Little Rock Sunday, May 15, 2011. A PBS crew was there filming a documentary on railroads in Arkansas, which will air in the Fall.
Included today:
1) UP 8230, 5962, 8634, 5546, 4613
2) CN 2567, 2401 (Zebra)
3) Empty rail train
4) Kite bird
5) Closeup of Moon at night
6) BNSF reefer 793168
7) Ashley Drew & Northern ADN 5017
8) Illinois Cereal Mills Inc. hopper AEX 7517
9) Girl playing guitar

BRINKLEY TRAINS WITH PBS CREW, MAY 17, 2011 - Trains in Brinkley, Arkansas on Tuesday, May 17, 2011 with a PBS crew doing a documentary on railroads in Arkansas. Plus a work crew at Union Station in Little Rock. I used my 1000 pixel-wide reduced resolution photos on this site. If you have trouble viewing or it takes too long, next time I'll create the smaller click-to-enlarge photos (300 pixels wide) page when I have this many photos so those who still have dialup or slow broadband and view easier. However, that conversion takes me another hour, so unless I have too many complaints about this page taking too long to view, I'll continue to use photos of this size unless I have lots more pictures. Let me know what you think:
   By the way, I deliberately took photos with other photographers in them since this shows the PBS documentary being made.
Included today:
1) UP 5133, 7434, 3832, 8617
2) AETN film crews
3) Museum interior

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE NO. 22 WITH SPECIAL LOCO, MAY 18, 2011 - Amtrak Texas Eagle No. 22 arrived in Little Rock, Arkansas at 11:05 a.m. Wednesday, May 18, 2011 with Amtrak locomotives No. 519 and 184 leading. No. 184 is one of Amtrak's 40th anniversary locomotives.  Its arrival was about 30 minutes early. The train had 8 cars tonight, on its way to St Louis and Chicago. I had an exhausting day and was tired, but I want to thank the nice railfans who contacted me telling me of these two Amtrak locomotives  tonight in Amtrak's Phase IV paint, so I could put off sleeping for another couple hours (lol).  - Ken Z

UP SPECIAL TRAIN, LITTLE ROCK, MAY 21, 2011 - A UP special train with 11 cars passed Union Station in Little Rock on Saturday, May 21, 2011 heading to Pine Bluff, AR from Dupo, Illinois. Thanks to UP people and the Internet for alerting me to to this train. Special thanks to John C. Jones who called me with updates.

WRECKER, TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, MAY 26, 2011 - Here are a few trains at Little Rock on Thursday, May 26, 2011, including a wrecker, two BNSF trains, Little Rock & Western and even a UP train or two. These were taken at Union Station.
Included today:
1) UP 1946, 4033, 7452, 7921
2) LLPX 2273
3) BNSF 4637, 5777, 1007, 7564
4) LRWN 1544, 1542
5) UP wrecker UP-X251
6) Bird on Signal (very LOUD bird)
7) BN green hoppers
8) Conrail CoilSHIELD CR 623636

AMTRAK ENGINE 156, 40TH ANNIVERSARY, TEXAS EAGLE, MAY 29, 2011 - Amtrak locomotive #156, one of Amtrak's 'Heritage/Annivesary' locomotives, headed the northbound Texas Eagle at Little Rock, Arkansas on Sunday night, May 29, 2011 at midnight. Here are some photos and a video:

STREETCARS, RIVERFEST LITTLE ROCK, AR, MAY 29, 2011 - Here are some photos of the Central Arkansas Transit's shuttle streetcar service on Sunday, May 29, 2011 at Little Rock, Arkansas.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS, MAY 31, 2011 - Here's 3 trains passing Union Station in Little Rock, AR on Tuesday, May 31, 2011.
Included today:
1) LRWN 1544, 1542
2) UP 9815, 1614, 1621
3) KCS 4590, 4028

DRGW LOCOMOTIVE 1445 NORTH LITTLE ROCK, JUNE 1, 2011 - UP 1445, one of the last remaining DRGW GP40s still in DRGW paint and in very nice condition, arrived in North Little Rock, Arkansas June 1, 2011 on the MNPNL. According to a UP employee who gave me the heads up, it looks like1445 will be getting a face lift at the Jenks Shops here in North Little Rock. He wanted me to get a photo of it before any changes are made. UP/DGRW 1900 was also here up to a few weeks ago and used in local service. It's now in local service in the Fort Worth, Texas area.  (Ken

RARE, NON-UP LOCOMOTIVES LITTLE ROCK, JUNE 3, 2011 - Friday, June 3, 2011 at North Little Rock, AR. Lots of non-UP and rare locomotives today, including:
1) Former DGNO 3812 - GP38-3
2) CEFX 2630 - SW 1500
3) CITX 6352 - GP38-2
4) CEFX 2575 - SW 1500
5) DGNO 3800 - GP38-3
6) CN 5769, 5640 - SD75I
7) UP 1929 - GP60
8) GMTX 2157 - GP38-2
9) MKT Green hoppers 553, 585
10) MoPac red work caboose 13064 used in yard service
11) Distant Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar

KITTENS RESCUED JUNE 4, 2011 - Rescued kittens, June 4, 2011. They both were skittish and hard to pick up.

SPECIAL WINE DINNER AT ASHLEYS RESTAURANT LITTLE ROCK, JUNE 4, 2011 - Here's a few photos from an Ashley's Wine Dinner event on Saturday, June 4, 2011 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Seen in various photos are Debbie, Nick, Jessica, Sarah, Michelle, Stephen and myself (Ken).

KITTENS, JUNE 5, 2011 - Here's 2 short cat videos, one of an unnamed gray kitten, recently rescued by a friend of mine, in a room of my house and the other my 10+ year old cat Tigger reacting to kittens squeaking in the other room on Sunday, June 5, 2011.

TRAINS, LITTLE ROCK JUNE 5, 2011 - New Ferromex units plus other trains in Little Rock, Arkansas June 5, 2011, a Sunday.
1) Ferromex 4037, 4042, 4043, 4697
2) UP 6550, 7411, 7840, 5860, 5783
3) Sunrise and pretty sunset

UP STEAM ENGINE 844,  BALD KNOB ARKANSAS JUNE 7, 2011 - In June of 2011, Union Pacific's famous steam locomotive No. 844 pulled a special passenger train into Arkansas from Missouri called the Little Rock Express. This train was routed through Arkansas because of special online voting that took place last winter, with residents of Missouri and Arkansas having more votes than 3 other routes, including the Chicago area. It was called "You Route the Steam" and the Little Rock Express got over 76,000 votes.
   On Tuesday, June 7, this train was on display in Bald Knob, Arkansas, about an hour north of Little Rock. It was to go from Bald Knob to North Little Rock on June 8, with Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe in the cab of 844.  Here are some pictures I took in Bald Knob, including regular concession car workers Penny Braunschweig and Mary Nystrom, widow of our late friend Lynn Nystrom. (Ken Ziegenbein) 
UP STEAM 844 NIGHT SHOTS JUNE 8, 2011 - Night photos June 8, 2011 taken by myself, Ken Ziegenbein, in North Little Rock, Arkansas while UP steam locomotive 844 and its train was on display. It was supposed to be on display all day the next day, Thursday June 9, but Union Pacific had to move the day the train leaves to June 9, so it was not on display the next day. This change of schedule was caused by potential flooding on the Missouri River in Missouri and Nebraska on its return trip and if it stayed one more day, some tracks in those states may be flooded. So I made sure to get some night shots tonight.

UP STEAM 844, NORTH LITTLE ROCK, JUNE 8, 2011 - Here are some photos of UP steam engine 844 arriving in North Little Rock, AR on Wednesday June 8, 2011, plus other trains and the crowd of people.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS JUNE 12, 2011 - A couple of trains at Little Rock, Sunday June 12, 2011 including the daily YNL75 Pine Bluff local, which usually has 5-10 locomotives being transferred between yards in North Little Rock and Pine Bluff and over 130 cars. Today it had 8 locomotives, several not runing.
Included today:
1) CSX 7872
2) UP 5091, 4924, 2326, 1959, 2061, 2303, 5175, 1587
3) Ferromex 4681 

UP/DRGW 1342 NORTH LITTLE ROCK, JUNE 15,2011 - UP 1342, one of the last DGRW Rio Grande black and yellow units, arrived in North Little Rock, AR on Wednesday, June 15, 2011 on the North Platte, NE to NLR mixed freight, MNPNL-13 to be overhauled and possibly repainted UP yellow at Jenks Shops. It is seen here crossing the Pershing Ave overpass, taken from Railroad Avenue in North Little Rock.

UP 1983, 1342 PLUS FULL MOON AND SAUCER WAITRESSES, JUNE 16, 2011 - UP 1983, Western Pacific Heritage, and UP/DRGW 1342, a former D&RGW locomotive in North Little Rock for overhaul, on Thursday June 16. 2011. I also included a photo of 3 Flying Saucer waitresses taken this week and my full Moon shots the night of June 15.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS, JUNE 19, 2011 - Sunday, June 19, 2011 at Union Station in Little Rock, AR.  It was a sunny, hot day with temps in the mid 90s.
Included today:
1) UP 2251, 8473, 4473, 5283, 4896, 7176, 7911, 2238, 4617, 626, 1587, 2415, 4323, 4223
2) Ferromex 4664
3) UP/SP 6373
4) GT blue hi-cube boxcars
5) Minnie Mouse towel
6) UPS expedited short train
7) DRGW 310303 special type of gondola
8) CIRF 4178 lumber car
9) NYC 223113 Conrail boxcar

UP 2002 OLYMPIC UNIT-CNW-BNSF NORTH LITTLE ROCK, JUNE 20, 2011 - Monday, June 20, 2011 in North Little Rock, AR, I caught the following locomotives: UP 2002, the Salt Lake City Olympic unit - BNSF 9789 in executive colors - UP/SP 1476 - UP/DRGW 1342 in original DRGW paint - UP/CNW 6726 in original CNW green/yellow and Operation Lifesaver markings.

KCS-OTHERS LITTLE ROCK, JUNE 22, 2011 - A few trains in Little Rock on Wednesday, June 22, 2011, including BNSF, CSX and KCS power.
Included today:
1) KCS 3942, 3947
2) UP 5096, 4312, 2299
3) CSX 7851 in clean, shiny paint
4) BNSF 5137, 4608
5) Sun and clouds with shadowed train 

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE 22, LITTLE ROCK JUNE 14, 2011 - Amtrak 22, the northbound Texas Eagle, at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas Thursday night/Friday morning, June 23-24, 2011.  Another rather large load of passengers getting on. John Mills, former Amtrak employee and activist, was watching.

GP15-D LOCOMOTIVES 2009 AND 1509, NORTH LITTLE ROCK, JUNE 24, 2011 - Here are two locomotives in North Little Rock, AR today, Friday June 24, 2011, CEFX 2009 and 1509. I assume these are GP15D's.

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE NO. 22, LITTLE ROCK, JUNE 25, 2011 - Amtrak No. 22, Texas Eagle, in Little Rock, Arkansas, Saturday night, June 25, 2011. It arrived at 11:30 pm and left at 11:40 p.m., on time.

LITTLEROCK TRAINS, JUNE 25, 2011 - A nice, warm Saturday evening in Little Rock with clear skies and soft breezes. So what do you think I did? Go on a date? Go to a nice eating establishment with friends and take in a movie? Go to a party? Go to a concert? NO....I did what every honest railfan does....I went to the train station and got some evening photos of trains! (However, I did have a great time with a great friend earlier in the day, and no, she wasn't a railfan - lol)
Included today, June 25, 2011:
1) UP 9555, 9456
2) PBRX 200612 special boxcars
3) Dove
4) Sunset over tracks and Arkansas River
5) Weeds in twilight

TRAINS, INCLUDING RSSX 35 LOCO, NORTH LITTLE ROCK JUNE 27, 2011 - I found this apparently newly painted RSSX locomotive, No. 35, in North Little Rock, AR Monday June 27, 2010.  I couldn't get any information on this particular Rail Switching Service unit. Also there was a long string of new WSOX Wind Bay Sand hoppers, including No. 804809.  (Ken Ziegenbein photos)

FINAL RUN OF LARRY PHARRIS, AMTRAK ENGINEER, JUNE 30, 2011 - The final run of Amtrak engineer Larry Pharris on Thursday morning, June 30, 2011 at 3:44 a.m. on Amtrak No. 21, the southbound Texas Eagle from St Louis to Little Rock, AR. His family was on board and many well wishers were trackside. Here are some photos and a Youtube video of his final train arriving. Mr. Pharris began working for the Missouri Pacific Railroad in 1978 and worked for them for 10 years, then starting his tenure at Amtrak November 2, 1988 for 23 years. (All the following photos were taken by me, Ken Ziegenbein)

FIREWORKS LITTLE ROCK, JULY 4, 2011 - Fireworks on the Arkansas River in Little Rock, Arkansas Monday night, July 4, 2011.

TRAINS-AMTRAK, LITTLE ROCK JULY 7, 2011 - derailment north of UP's North Little Rock yards last night (Wednesday night, July 6) caused delays to both Texas Eagles today, July 7.  Northbound 22 was at Union Station in Little Rock and was turned to become southbound 21 at the station in Little Rock. Southbound 21 was turned at Walnut Ridge, AR to become northbound 22. Passengers were bused between the two trains. This from Richard, one of the Little Rock Amtrak agents. There were also thunderstorms in the area. Here are some photos and a link to a Youtube movie I made of the turned 21 leaving at 11:24 a.m. plus a couple of freights, including KCS Belle units.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS, FLOWERS AND DINNER GUESTS JULY 9, 10, 2011 - Here's a few trains passing Union Station in Little Rock on Saturday and Sunday, July 9 and 10, 2011.
Included are:
1) Dinner friends with roses in ear
2) Tube-type flowers at Union Station
3) UP 9590, 9236, 2209, 4931, 1628, 1616, 6845, 4215, 6938 Centennial
on display, 4141 Bush Unit parked, 4654
4) UP/SP 6270
5) Ferromex new and shiny 4049 on Amtrak siding, up close and personal
6) LRWN 1542
7) MKT 572 green hopper
8) Ashley Drew and Northern ALM 5377
9) Plywood loads
10) MP 818085 airplane parts car
11) MP 522788 and 723969 hoppers, rare because of no graffiti
12) CNW 74503 green gondola
13) u24x55 22596980 beams
14) PTTX 142259 small pipes
15) BN 28618 green boxcar
16) Car or truck frames
17) NAHX 65607 blue Rock Island hopper

TRAINS, TROLLEY AND VISITOR FROM TEXAS JULY 12, 2011 - Tuesday, July 12, 2011. I had a visitor from Texas, Matthew Dittert, who was on his way to visit a relative in another state. We went to Union Station, saw Union Pacific's Jenks shops with UP 4141, the Bush Library locomotive, and rode one of the streetcars. Here are a few photos. Mr. Dittert is a railfan like I am, and any railfan who passes through central Arkansas on I-30 or I-40, send me an email a few days in advance and I'll try to show you around as well.  (Ken Ziegenbein -

UP SPECIAL WITH  DRGW HERITAGE 1989 NORTH LITTLE ROCK, JULY 14, 2011 - On Thursday, July 14, 2011, UP 1989, the DRGW heritage unit, pulled an 11-car UP special from Wagoner, OK to North Little Rock and return. Here you see it on the Van Buren Wye in North Little Rock, Arkansas on its return trip. There's a link to a video of the train leaving with 1989's horn blowing for the 13th Street crossing. Thanks to fellow railfans John C. Jones (UP's local photographer) and John Hodkin, Jr. for the heads up.

CAMP ROBINSON SPUR BEING DISMANTLED NORTH LITTLE ROCK, JULY 20, 2011 - On July 20, 2011, Union Pacific's Camp Robinson spur track in North Little Rock, AR is being dismantled with the rails to be taken up between now and August 25. Here's a few pictures I got on Monday, July 18 of the 4-mile track that goes from UP's main Van Buren Sub track to Camp Robinson/Camp Pike in North Little Rock. This line's only purpose has always been serving the Army/National Guard at Camp Robinson, which is now home of the 39th Infantry. It was used extensively during World War II for military equipment moves and troop trains.
   The last time a train was on this line was in 1991 during the first Gulf War in Iraq, when the Army used it to move various carloads of military equipment from Camp Robinson to the UP's main lines. Following is a story from the August 31, 1990 Arkansas Gazette, taken from the October 1990 "Arkansas Railroader", which I edited at the time:
    "The seldom used Union Pacific spur connecting U. P.s main line from North Little Rock to Van Buren, AR with the Camp Robinson National Guard reserve in North Little Rock has been upgraded so that it can once again handle trains. The four-mile line is just east of Camp Robinson Road and goes into Camp Robinson at Remount Road. Union Pacific spent abut $200,000 on the improvements, including 2,600 new ties and street crossing improvements. Improvements inside the camp itself were made by the military. The rest of the improvements were finished around August 1, 1990. The improvements were made well before the Persian Gulf crisis materialized, but at least now the tracks can support heavy rail shipments of equipment to and from Camp Robinson in case that becomes necessary. (Back in May 1990, your editor (Ken Z) saw a short train on this spur consisting of a UP engine, a gondola and a flatcar with an armored tank on it - the first time I'd ever saw a train on that track). (Arkansas Gazette, August 31, 1990 by John Woodruff)."

Twilight train photos at Union Station in Little Rock, Thursday, July 21, 2011.
Included are:
1) Rabbit at Amtrak station with Superliner
2) Purple-haired monster with red tongue
3) UP 2460, 4276, 4789, 1627, 1630, 9704, 4791, 4409, 1621, 1619, 1611
4) MKT 535 green Katy hopper
5) DRGW 15502 original Rio Grande hopper
6) Sunset over tracks

A detoured very long BNSF unit chemical tankcar train is seen heading west on Union Pacific's Van Buren Sub in North Little Rock, Arkansas on Friday, July 22, 1011. This website also has a link to a Youtube video of the entire train passing me. Heading the train were BNSF 4764, BNSF Warbonnet8298 and BNSF 4380. It took 4 minutes for it to pass.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS, JULY 23, 2011 - Saturday, July 23, 2011 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Hot and humid again with temperatures in the upper 90s, although we got a half inch of rain in the afternoon in severe thunderstorms.It was a CSX day.
1) CSX 528, 481, 7819, 648
2) UP 8021, 2074, 7677, 4149
3) CN/GTW 126005 Grand Trunk Western boxcar
4) ICG 680103 Illinois Central Gulf boxcar
5) MMMX hoppers probably going to the 3M plant in south Little Rock
6) Helicopter and train
7) Railfans
8) Bird feather
9) UP inspection truck
10) UP weed sprayer

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE NO.21 LITTLE ROCK JULY 24, 2011 - A 4 1/2 hour late Amtrak Texas Eagle, No. 21, at Little Rock, AR on Sunday morning, July 24, 2011 Here's a few photos of the train arriving in Little Rock about 7:20 a.m. showing lots of people getting off and getting on. One reason for its lateness was a scheduled detour in Illinois due to track work.

PURPLE-HAIRED LADY HOBO-SMOKING TANKCAR AXLE-LITTLE ROCK, JULY 24, 2011 - Here's a few trains on a dark, cloudy day in Little Rock, AR, Sunday July 24, 2011. An interesting day to say the least.  I called in a smoking axle on a tankcar to the UP Emergency number, a friendly UP Special Agent came by to chat, and a group of modern-day hobos headed by a purple-haired nice lady with nose rings came by and talked about their hobby.
Included today:
1) UP 4486, 3981, 3925, 3861, 5386, 2344, 7436
2) NS 6758, 9065
3) New Richardson tankcars
4) DOWX 6646 white tankcar with smoking axle
5) MKT 502 green hopper
6) NOKL 3209 Golden Connection gondola
7) ALM 9895 Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar
8) UP Special Agent
9) Purple-haired hobo with nose rings (really) 

WAMX 107 SW1 LOCOMOTIVE NORTH LITTLE ROCK, JULY 25, 2011 - WATCO-SW1-WAMX 107 in North Little Rock, Arkansas Monday, July 25, 2011 at 1:28 p.m. It has 600 hp.

RSSX 3380-UPY 2633 NORTH LITTLE ROCK JULY 26, 2011 - Tuesday, July 26, 2011 at North Little Rock, AR. Two special locomotives and a couple of streetcar photos.
1) RSSX 3380
2) UPY 2633, Genset probably heading to Texas
3) Streetcars

TWO ASHLEY DREW & NORTHERN BOXCARS TOGETHER-OLYMPIC UNIT 2002 N LITTLE ROCK - TWO Ashley Drew & Northern boxcars hooked together in a freight in North Little Rock, Friday, July 28, 2011. It's rare enough to see ADN boxcars at any time, but having two next to each other is very rare. Also, my timing was perfect to see UP 2002, one of the Salt Lake City Olympic units, as it was being moved for servicing. Also saw a Katy green hopper, MKT 595 and a load of small green pipes.
Included today:
1) Ashley Drew & Northern boxcars ADN 9711 and ALM 9083
2) MKT 595 green Katy hopper
3) UP 2002, Olympic unit
4) UP 2046
5) PTTX 252165 load of small green pipes

NEWLY WEDS ON PLATFORM-OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK JULY 30, 2011 - Saturday, July 30, 2011 was an interesting day at Union Station in Little Rock, AR. There was a 7-locomotive (none of which were Union Pacific), northbound freight and a wedding party taking pictures on the Amtrak platform, complete with several groom-kissing-bride photos. Plus other trains.
1) UP 8828, 9559, 8228
2) NS 9349, 8923, 9838, 8875
3) CSX 393
4) BNSF 564, 580
5) Bird
6) HLSC 2874 Hampton Lumber Sales car
7) FGLK  26300 Boston & Maine boxcar
8) SMIX 9032 green hopper
9) New TILX hoppers, including 328137
10) Baby girl
11) Wedding photos at trackside on Amtrak platform
12) Lonely weed next to coal train
1) UP 8828, 9559, 8228
2) NS 9349, 8923, 9838, 8875
3) CSX 393
4) BNSF 564, 580
5) Bird
6) HLSC 2874 Hampton Lumber Sales car
7) FGLK  26300 Boston & Maine boxcar
8) SMIX 9032 green hopper
9) New TILX hoppers, including 328137
10) Baby girl
11) Wedding photos at trackside on Amtrak platform
12) Lonely weed next to coal train

TRAINS AND STORMS, LITTLE ROCK JULY 31, 2011 - A stormy Sunday afternoon, July 31, 2011 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. As you know, I like taking pictures of trains in the rain and today fit the bill. It also reinforces the idea that trains run rain or shine.
1) Storm clouds and rain with movies
2) UP 4424, 5916, 7013
3) CSX 621
4) KCS 4056, 4703 Belle units

OLD MOPAC CABOOSE ON TRAIN-LITTLE ROCK AUGUST 1, 2011 - Monday, August 1, 2011. Another hot day in store for Arkansas with highs above 100. Of interest today is that I saw two Missouri Pacific cabooses in North Little Rock, one that had been restored and repainted in 2009 and used in yard service and one that had arrived to be renovated and repainted.
1) UP 5059
2) DRGW gondola 31030 with Rio Grande emblem
3) CEFX 85861'Fat Face' graffiti
4) Missouri Pacific work cabooses 13894 (to be restored) and 13064 (was restored in 2009)

RIO GRANDE UNIT-MOPAC CABOOSE 13864-AUGUST 2, 2011 - Found old Missouri Pacific work caboose 13864 and UP/Rio Grande 1900 coupled to each other today, August 2, 2011 in North Little Rock, Arkansas, along with LLPX locomotive LLPX 2273. They were heading a short mixed freight, destination unknown. I had to take these from my car and the lighting wasn't good, but I thought the scene rare enough to warrant posting.

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE 22 LATE AT LITTLE ROCK, AUGUST 5, 2011 - A rare daylight northbound Texas Eagle, Amtrak No. 22, arrived in Little Rock, Arkansas at 11:17 a.m. on Friday, August 5, 2011, 12 hours late. The lateness was due to the train being rerouted around a freight wreck in east Texas near Mineola the day before that was caused by the excessive heat in that area with temperatures around 110 degrees. We at Little Rock also had a record hot day on August 3 when the temperature hit 114 degrees. (Ken Ziegenbein photos,


SOO RED 6052  NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AUGUST 18, 2011 - I ran across these 3 locomotives in North Little Rock, Arkansas, Thursday August 18, 2011: SOO 6052, Canadian Pacific CP 9611 and UP 5151. I don't remember seeing a red SOO unit here in many years.

VARIOUS TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, AUGUST 19, 2011 - Various trains at Little Rock, Arkansas Thursday and Friday, August 18 and 19, 2011.
1) UP 9531, 9822, 2416, 5949, 6054
2) CSX 4821, 2748, 408
3) SP unpatched 9755
4) CEFX 1038 blue unit
5) NS 9374, 6973
6) SOO Line boxcar SOO 16846
7) MKT 553 hopper
8) MP 641689 Buzzsaw gondola
9) MP 271717 UP hi-cube boxcar
10) DME 51017 hopper

TRAINS, CLOUDS, A HAWK AND 2 PRETTY LADIES AT LUNCH, LITTLE ROCK AUGUST 21, 2011 - Here's a few photos from my day at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Sunday, August 21, 2011, plus a photo of two nice ladies I took to lunch and a large hawk that captured and ate a rabbit at the station (missed a train to get the shot of the hawk).
Included today:
1) UP 7099, 8038, 1631, 1635, 1620, 1633, 9396
2) BNSF 6714, 4378
3) LLPX 2203
4) Halloween graffiti
5) Pretty ladies at lunch
6) Hawk with a hidden rabbit for lunch
7) MKT 515 green hopper
8) New shiny tank cars
9) Old watering device at station
10) BN 621257 green flat car
11) End of train coil cars
12) Dark clouds
13) Guru man graffiti

TRAINS, STREETCARS, SUNSETS AND RAIN, LITTLE ROCK AUGUST 22, 23 AND 24, 2011 - We in Arkansas were blessed with off and on rain and thunderstorms over the 3 days Monday, August 22 through Wednesday, August 24, 2011. As those of you who know me can attest, I like taking pictures of trains in nasty weather and in difficult lighting conditions, like sunsets and sunrises. I tried some 'artsy' shots this time, including viewing a middle school football game between two freight cars, having a locomotive backlit by the setting sun, and a few others. I also have a few streetcar shots in dark, rainy contritions.  Anyway, hope you enjoy some of these.
1) Various rain scenes
2) UP/Rio Grande 1344
4) UP 9813, 9632, 4280, 4756
4) HLCX 7020 (former BN)
5) Streetcars in the rain
6) Wrecked tank car on a flatcar TILX xx380
7) TSE 5089 boxcar
8) Football game and fans at field across from Union Station
9) RCLX 169128 yellow CNW hopper
10) Warmly lit Union Station at sunset
11) Large coils

AMTRAK MISSOURI RIVER RUNNER, INDEPENDENCE MO, SEPTEMBER 3, 2011 - I was visiting Independence, Missouri for the annual SantaCalGonDays huge festival on September 3, 2011 when I decided to visit the historic Truman Depot, which is an Amtrak stop for the Missouri River Runner trains between St Louis and Kansas City. I caught Amtrak 311, the westbound train, at 2:28 p.m. There was a strong thunderstorm moving in and I have a video of the train leaving with lightning and thunder, plus other photos of that area. Union Pacific was also doing track work near the station.

RAINBOW, TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, SEPTEMBER 10, 2011 - Evening trains, dark clouds, sunset, rainbow, special effects at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas Saturday, September 10, 2011 (9/10/11). Of special interest is an old Union Pacific caboose (UP 24565) at the end of a train.
1) Canadian Pacific CP 8551
2) UP original caboose 24565
3) UP 4891, 1634
4) MKT 586 green hopper
5) Three heavy-hauler flatcars
6) Dark clouds, Sunset, rainbow

UP 4141, BUSH LOCOMOTIVE, JENKS SHOPS NORTH LITTLE ROCK, SEPTEMBER 11, 2011 - UP 4141, the Bush unit, at Jenks Shops in North Little Rock, AR on Sunday, September 11, 2011.  According to Matt Holman of Spring, Texas, "the 4141 is going to the Texas Reds Festival in Bryan, Texas- normally they get a Heritage Unit and apparently the organizers requested the 4141 this year- the festival is on October 7-8 in downtown Bryan...." The Texas Reds Festival's web page is  I have not independently verified this possible move yet. (Ken Ziegenbein photos)

UP 4141 READIED FOR A MOVE FROM JENKS, SEPTEMBER 16, 2011 - UP 4141, the George Bush Library special locomotive, was released from Jenks Shops in North Little Rock, AR (where it was displayed for 2 1/2 years) today, Friday September 16, 2011. It is seen here in the service track area of the UP yards in North Little Rock about 430 p.m. in the rain. Destination is probably Texas for a festival in Bryan in early October, but I don't have which train it'll be on or any time line.

UP 4141 AT UP'.S NORTH LITTLE ROCK YARD, SEPTEMBER 17, 2011 - UP 4141, the Bush unit, Saturday morning at North Little Rock being serviced. I understand it will run to Pine Bluff today on one of the locals today and then to Texas later this week.

UP 4141 UPDATE, SERVICE TRACK, BEING SENT TO ILLINOIS, SEPTEMBER 17, 2011 - UP 4141, the George Bush Library unit, was being readied for a trip north to Chicago/Proviso, Illinois Saturday, September 17, 2011 in North Little Rock, Arkansas. It'll be on the QNLCH-18. Here's a few photos of it, along with a colorful lashup of other locomotives including UP 1344, UP/Denver & Rio Grande 1370, UP/SP 2047 and GATX 2680.  On one shot of the Bush unit, you can see a nice reflection in standing water from recent rains. (Thanks to John C. Jones for the update)

INTERESTING COLLECTION OF ROADNAMES LITTLE ROCK, AR, SEPTEMBER 17, 2011 - Interesting collection of locomotive roadnames today, Saturday September 17, 2011 at the Union Stat
Included today:
1) UP 4141, Bush locomotive
2) UP 1344, 4903, 9799, 9721, 7516, 4965, 5603, 7032, 5927, 4613
3) UPY 157
4) NS 9928
5) Ferromex 4657, 4651
6) CSX 8024
7) KCS Belle 4101
8) ARMN/UP reefer 111170
9) Graffiti
10) HS 30955 Columbus & Greenville boxcar
11) HS 6559 Corinth Counce Railroad Company
12) CRLE 10458 green boxcar
13) Loads of plywood

SIX TRAINS IN 1 AND A HALF HOURS, LITTLE ROCK, SEPTEMBER 18, 2011 - A good number of trains in a short time at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas with 6 trains in 1 hour and 33 minutes between 4:33 p.m. and 5:50 p.m.. Roadnames today: UP, KCS, Ferromex, NS, CSX.
1) UP 7907, 2268, 4228, 9388, 7653, 8030
2) Ferromex 4644
3) CSX 7533
4) NS 2726
5) KCS 4547, 4327
6) Closeup of wheels on steel
7) HS 30971 Columbus & Greenville boxcar
8) HS 30840 Columbus & Greenville boxcar
9) HS 2xxxx Marquette, Tomahawk & Western RR Company boxcar
10) HS 30867 New Orleans Public Belt RR boxcar
11) HS 30521 New Orleans Public Belt RR boxcar
12) Where's WALDO @ Jenks Shops?

BNSF TRACKAGE RIGHTS TRAIN LITTLE ROCK, SEPTEMBER 21, 2011 - BNSF trackage rights train passing Union Station in Little Rock, Wednesday September 21, 2011 near sunset.
1) BNSF 4401, 5077, 7791
2) NS  9675
3) High end flatcars in the sunset
4) Shiny rails in the sunset
5) The sunset itself

LOTS OF TRAINS-33 LOCOMOTIVES-LITTLE ROCK SEPTEMBER 25, 2011 - Plenty of trains this afternoon, Sunday September 25, 2011 at Little Rock, Arkansas.  I counted 33 locomotives. Included today:
1) DGRW/UP 1900
2) CSX 44,7704, 8024, 7305, 7580
3) BNSF 5314, 4504
4) UP 4821, 6892, 6184, 6470, 5732, 4895, 1623, 1629, 690, 1636, 1642, 4958, 2281, 9612, 9686, 5927, 9331, 7905, 5596, 6788, 5084, 9818, 8005, 4483, 4604
5) C&O Chessie hopper 604815
6) Canadian Pacific beaver trademark
7) BNSF unit empty oil train heading for North Dakota
8) Boy watching trains
9) UP 450887 boxcar
10) WSOR 102009, 101553 Wisconsin & Southern boxcars
11) Orange containers
12) "The Doctor Crew" graffiti
13) Red lipped lady graffiti
14) WGCX 601 boxcar
15) ARMN 111226 refrigerator car
16) "Soute Duck Kosha" graffiti
17) UP track vehicle

BRIGHT SUNSHINE, TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, SEPTEMBER28, 2011 -Tuesday and Wednesday, September 27 and 28, 2011 in Little Rock, Arkansas. We finally got some bright, sunny days here in Arkansas with deep blue skies. Arkansas has been on the dividing line between severely dry weather in Texas and cooler, rainy weather north of here. The NWS office in North Little Rock was 6.09 inches above normal for the year as of today, September 28 (having just over 40 inches so far). I will visit my hometown in Texas in a few weeks and will see first hand how dry it is.
Included today:
1) UP 5140, 9713,  5572 (very dirty), 8220, 3961, 9828, 4873, 8744, 4038, 4816, 7720, 9491, 4231, 1974, 1623
2) CSX 8854, 9004, 5357, 8749
3) LRWN 1541, 1542, 1544
4) HS 9844 Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar
5) ATW 75048 Laurinburg & Southern boxcar
6) ATW 75054 Laurinburg & Southern boxcar
7) GNNR 19478 boxcar with xxx book grafitti
8) EEC 1065 boxcar
9) CNW/UP 156194 boxcar built 10/77
10) HS 30946 Columbus & Greenville boxcar
11) SMIX 9525 Santa Fe boxcar
12) HS 30961 Columbus & Greenville boxcar
13) "Papa Been Smooth Since The Days Of Under Roof" graffiti
14) HS 30916 Columbus & Greenville boxcar
15) HS 30631 Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar
16) "Frog Cowboy" graffiti
17) NYC 221475 blue boxcar
18) GATX 31777 pink Potash hopper

DEEP BLUE SKIES, TRAINS AND OLD ROCK ISLAND BRIDGE DEDICATION LITTLE ROCK, SEPTEMBER 29, 30, 2011 - Another day with deep blue skies and cooler temperatures at Little Rock, AR. The UP yellow matches the blue skies perfectly.  Also today, the old Rock Island bridge that crosses the Arkansas River was dedicated as a walking bridge connecting the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock with Verizon Arena in North Little Rock. I've included a couple photos of that renovated bridge. These photos were taken Thursday, September 29 and Friday, September 30, 2011.
Included today:
1) NS 6672
2) UP 8562, 8057, 5211, 4486, 6468, 6009, 5663, 4831
3) LRWN 1541, 1542
4) GACX 7405 hopper
5) CSXT Chessie hi-cube boxcars 150593 and 180681
6) Yellow fern leaf
7) Large spools of cable
8) Red and yellow gon covers
9) MVRY 76030 gondola
10) ARMN 110930
11) CNW 156086 boxcar
12) DCLX Census May 15 Canada hopper
13) TRLX 24411 new black tank cars
14) Auto or truck frames
15) Rock Island bridge

TWO KCS LOCOMOTIVES PASSING, HIGH SCHOOL GIRL GETTING PHOTOS OF HERSELF TRACKSIDE, LITTLE ROCK, OCTOBER 2, 2011 - I caught fifteen trains passing Union Station in Little Rock, AR Sunday, October 2, 2011, 14 of which were in the afternoon. (The one I got in the morning was early, then I left to go to church and do other things). Times of the trains were: 8:33am, 145pm, 2:05pm, 2:21pm, 2:50pm, 3:08pm, 3:19pm, 3:28pm, 3:36pm, 4:13pm, 4:54pm, 4:56pm, 5:03pm, 5:29pm, and 5:35pm. As you all know, Union Pacific is the main railroad in Little Rock, but today you wouldn't know it at times....locomotive roadnames seen today were: UP, KCS (one 'Belle' one grey), CSX, BNSF (one 'warbonnet'), and NS. Also, there was a high school senior girl there having her picture taken by her family with a train in the background. No, the did not get on the tracks.
   Also, a rare passing of two KCS locomotives in Little Rock, KCS 4579 passing KCS 4689 about 5 p.m. And, BNSF 4807 also passed KCS 4689 just after the other train did.
Included today:
1) CSX 5255, 4008, 9036, 7654
2) UP 3818, 5885, 5588, 6811, 6881, 7274, 7808, 5179, 5101, 4354, 1632, 4110, 8476, 6519
3) KCS 4689, 4579
4) BNSF 4807
5) SF 608 Warbonnet
6) NS 9821, 9137, 2616
7) UP/SP 6160
8) UP hi-rail truck
9) High school girl getting photos of herself as a train passed
10) Ken (me) with his white had a Thomas the Tank Engine pillow
11) Red and white tank cars with dark blue sky
12) 'Teddy bear holdup' graffiti
13) BNSF unit crude oil train from North Dakota
14) Wild berries
15) UP K-9 police car and agent
16) Music from a Union Station ballroom I could hear trackside

TRAINS, A ROSE AND A BARMAID IN COSTUME, LITTLE ROCK, OCTOBER 8, 2011 - A few trains, flowers and a barmaid today, Saturday, October 8, 2011, at Little Rock, Arkansas.
1) CSX 729, 4564
2) UP 7367, 8604, 3931, 2442
3) TILX 253627 tanks with blue crests
4) Blue/yellow racks
5) Pink Potash hoppers
6) New tankcars built September 2011
7) Conrail boxcar CR 276124
8) Rose under a blue sky
9) Barmaid in costume

NUMEROUS TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, SUNDAY OCTOBER 9, 2011 - Lots of trains today passing Little Rock's Union Station between 8 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.  Some rare 'fallen-flag' freight cars and a southbound train using the Amtrak siding with UP/Rio Grande 1900 in the consist. Also, UP 909953 potable water car and Greenville & Northern boxcar HS 30051, both rarely seen by me.
Included today:
1) UP 7118, 5863, 4635, 9141, 5151, 9551, 8045, 6573, 5606, 6815, 1929
2) UP/Rio Grande 1900
3) NS 8422
4) TILX 32851 new hopper built September 2011
5) WCOR 5021 boxcar
6) Norfolk & Western hopper NW 182806
7) ARMN 757402 old style reefer
8) ARMN 110892 newer reefer
9) Columbus & Greenville boxcar HS 30950
10) UP 909953 green water tank car
11) Greenville & Northern boxcar HS 30051
12) Lonely weed trackside
13) CP Rail hopper CP 344776
14) CEFX 54409 hopper

TEXAS TRAINS, INCLUDING AAPRCO PRIVATE CAR SPECIAL, OCTOBER 15-17, 2011 - Various trains in Texas October 15-17, 2011, including the private car AAPRCO train with 20 passenger cars going through Brenham, Texas on October 17.
1) UP 7377, 3798 (New Ulm, Texas)
2) GMTX 2609 (New Ulm, Texas)
3) UP 8580, 9551, 3984, 3865, 7685 (Sealy, Texas)
4) BNSF 4910, 4834 (Sealy, Texas)
5) NS 9745 (Brenham, Texas)
6) BNSF 8210 (Brenham, Texas)
7) AMTK 71, 88, 166 (Brenham, Texas)
8) Consist of the AAPRCO private passenger car train is next to the photos of that event below
9) Santa Fe Cafe, Brenham

THOSE MIDNIGHT TRAINS IN ARKANSAS OCTOBER 21, 2011 - I thought I'd document both of Amtrak's Texas Eagles at Little Rock one night and I did so the night of October 20/ early morning of Oct 21, 2011. I call it "Those Midnight Trains in Arkansas." Amtrak 22, the northbound Eagle, arrived at 12:29 a.m. and No. 21, the southbound, arrived 34 minutes early at 2:31 a.m. A good crowd was on hand to board  both trains, especially No. 22 with 36 boarding here (there have been nights when more than 100 get on here). Total on board the train after the train left Little Rock was 148 (119 coach, 29 sleeper). Many more were supposed to get on in St Louis before the train reached Chicago.
   Amtrak 21, the southbound Eagle, had 97 on board as the train left Little Rock (88 coach and 9 sleeper). Again, many more would get on the train before reaching its final destination in San Antonio, Texas. I put the consist of each train below the photos.

WINE PARTY WITH FRIENDS, OCTOBER 26, 2011 AT YA-YA'S EUROPEAN BISTRO, LITTLE ROCK, AR OCTOBER 26, 2011 - Ya Ya's Bistro had a wine party on October 26, 2011 and here are some pictures.

TRAINS, LITTLE ROCK OCTOBER 28, 2011 - A couple of trains today, Friday October 28, 2011, at Little Rock, AR,  including the yard service locomotive UP/DRG 1900, a long string of CN boxcars and other things.
1) UP 4912, 1929, 1644, 1645,
2) UP/Rio Grande 1900
3) SP 9755
4) Coil being pulled by a truck between the tracks.
5) Long string of solid CN boxcars
6) Several cars of wood
7) DME 5706 boxcar
8) WYX 5819 black hopper
9) IANR 10436 boxcar

TRAINS, LITTLE ROCK OCTOBER 30, 2011 - Trains and streetcars in Little Rock, Saturday October 29 and Sunday October 30, 2011.
1) C.A.T. streetcars 408 and 412
2) IC 1033
3) UP Genset 2643
4) UP 9042, 1637, 1636, 6054, 6538
5) CSX 8181
6) MKT 570 green hopper
7) Norfolk and Western NW 868315 boxcar
8) CN boxcar string
9) Montana RailLink boxcar MRL 21131

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS, SATURDAY NOVEMBER 5, 2011 - Only got 2 trains today and they were passing each other. Didn't have time to get more.
Included today:
1) Hawk
2) UP 1620, 1653, 1650, 5985, 1647
3) UP/SP 6215

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS AND SUNSET, SUNDAY NOVEMBER 6, 2011 - The clouds began to break late in the afternoon on Sunday, November 6, 2011 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas, so I decided to get some train photos and sunset photos. BNSF/Santa Fe 683 with a faded number 683 was on one train and I could not see any BNSF lettering on it at all. On a few photos I used the "Dynamic Art" setting on my Panasonic Lumix DZ40 digital camera. It worked well in the dim light but not on moving objects, where a 2-car train turned out blurry.
1) UP 4534, 6928, 7018, 4029, 7618
2) UP/SP 2047
3) CSX 155
4) BNSF 5333, 993
5) Santa Fe 683 in warbonnet colors. I didn't see any BNSF lettering on it at all, but the lighting was dim and the number 683 was severely faded.
6) TBOX 661531 new boxcar
7) MP 274510 new hi-cube boxcar
8) Fall colors
9) Vivid sunset
10) Moon closeup
11) 'Dynamic Art' photo
12) One-car wood product train

TRAINS AND FALL COLORS LITTLE ROCK NOVEMBER 10, 2011 - Here are a couple of trains taken at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Thursday, November 10, 2011. I also included a photo of Fall colors on the abandoned and cleared Camp Robinson Spur between UP's Van Buren Sub in North Little Rock and the Army's Camp Robinson. Also some words of wisdom I  found on Facebook.
Included today:
1) UP 4004, 3785, 7492, 8556
2) MWCX 100829 green hoppers
3) JTSX 900013 poles
4) Fall colors along abandoned Camp Robinson Spur North Little Rock

TRAINS-SUNRISE-ME IN STEAM PUNK OUTFIT, NOVEMBER 12, 2011 - Saturday, November 12, 2011 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was cloudy and in the 40s early then warmed to the 60s by noon. My favorite catch was a red MKT gondola built in 1970 and some kids watching the trains. I also included a photo of myself in a 'Steam Punk' (1800s) engineers outfit complete with top hat and boots.
Included today:
1) UP 4433, 8598, 4518, 5083, 5892, 7202, 4324, 4350, 4164, 693, 4379, 4836, 8468, 4429, 9688, 9474, 8120, 9423, 8109, 5946, 7453, 8140
2) NS 8937, 9499, 9423
3) CSX 8093, 7521, 71
4) HLCX 8066
5) BNSF 5433, 4481
6) LLPX 2281
7) QTTX heavy hauler
8) New crude oil tank cars including TRFX 1015, built in June 2011. These trains run through here often from North Dakota to Louisiana and back. These will continue to run until a new pipeline is built in a few years, if it actually is.
9) MKT 16378 red Katy gondola, built in March 1970
10) Skeleton graffiti
11) HS 75051 green boxcar
12) Spider graffiti
13) HS 30630 Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar
14) HS 30907 Columbus & Greenville boxcar
15) Couple from Illinois waiting for his brother at Amtrak station
16) UP 98011 hi-cube boxcar
17) UP 355254 small old boxcar
18) HOKX tank cars
19) Family with kids watching trains
20) MP 274509 hi-cube boxcar, built in February 1970
21) TILX 328421 new hopper, built June 2011
22) Yours truly in an 1800's engineers costume

RAIL GRINDER TRAIN-OTHER TRAINS NOVEMBER 13, 2011 - On Sunday, November 13, 2011, I saw a rail grinder train and got a movie of it leaving Union Station in Little Rock today plus two trains that had to use the Amtrak siding at the station because the dpu of a northbound empty coal train failed to load  before it cleared the switchpoint between Main 1 and Main 2. Trains can get on Main 2 via the Amtrak siding if needed. 
1) UP 4760, 5946, 332, 1929, 8706, 7505, 6801, 9745, 4806
2) MVPX 6945
3) CSX 5489
4) UP/SP 6158
5) RBNX 998 Reading & Northern Rwy hopper
6) NS 16885 container car
7) NOKL 380763
8) Teeth and tongue graffiti
9) BN high-end flat
10) Harsco Rail Grinder train including RMSX 0802

RAIN, STREETCARS AND FALL COLORS NOVEMBER 15, 2011 - Here's some dark, rainy photos of a streetcar in Little Rock, AR on August 15,  2011, plus Fall leaves on a sunny day. I also included shots of the Trolley Barn in North  Little Rock. For the record, we've had a lot of rain here in central Arkansas the past couple of days (November 15 and 16). Here's the rainfall totals for this area over a 2-day period:

November 15, 2011 - 5.12"
November 16, 2011 - 0.25"
Total for two days: 5.37"
Total for 2011 so far:  44.26", which is 1.89" above normal.

NORTH LITTLE ROCK AIRPORT (where the NWS is located):
November 15, 2011 - 3.57"
November 16, 2011 - 0.24"
Total for two days: 3.81"
Total for 2011 so far: 48.74", which is 6.17" above normal.

IOWA, CHICAGO & EASTERN LOCO PLUS TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, NOVEMBER 20, 2011- Iowa, Chicago & Eastern locomotive 6407 and other locomotives and trains, mostly on Sunday, November 20, 2011 at Little Rock and North Little Rock, Arkansas. These were taken by my Panasonic-Lumix GH2 digital camera, 16 MP. Original files are about 5,000 pixels wide but I reduce them to 800 pixels wide for the web so they will display faster (original files are 4-5 MB in size). If anyone wants a full size file, email me ( - Ken Z
1) LRWN 107, 1541
2) UP 4499, 4533, 8592, 8037, 2046, 2358, 4294, 8046, 4983, 8590
3) NS 8981, 2662
4) CSX 5011, 7308, 9022, 8515
5) ICE 6407
6) Ferromex 4029
7) HLCX 1044
8) HS 30919 Columbus & Greenville boxcar
9) MKT 550 green hopper
10) Tie loads
11) HS 30963 Columbus & Greenville boxcar
12) Boy waving
13) IC 535500 boxcar
14) HS 3965 Sabine River & Northern boxcar
15) WW 7111 Winchester & Western hopper
16) CP Rail tankcar, CP 382518
17) Two Cotton Belt hoppers together
18) Vivid sunset in Conway, Arkansas at 4:45 p.m.

IBCX-IC 6014 AND TRAINS, NOVEMBER 21, 2011 - Here's IBCX 6014, the last IC SD40A locomotive taken on November 21, 2011 in North Little Rock. It's on the way to the scrapper, according to a UP source. Note the huge fuel tank. I've also included the Little Rock & Western train in North Little Rock and a flooded section of UP's yards

THANKSGIVING TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, NOVEMBER 24, 2011 - Thanksgiving Day trains at Little Rock, Arkansas, including passing trains and a trespasser.
Included today:
1) UP 4195, 9738, 1564, 1648, 4483, 1655, 4309, 7350, 9376, 6035, 7794, 4384
2) UP/SP 6258
3) NS 8372, 9005, 8832 (very faded)
4) HLCX 7906
5) Happy bird graffiti
6) Trespasser near Main 2
7) PLMX 25128 tank car
8) Mummy graffiti
9) PVCX 13493 tank car
10) NOKL 600022 clean boxcar
11) BN 462385 green hopper
12) OFOX 2011 tank car
13) TCIX 175382 tank car

UNION STATION IN SUN AND FOG PLUS A COUPLE OF TRAINS LITTLE ROCK NOVEMBER 25, 2011 - A couple of trains and a shot of Union Station in sunlight from a Little Rock city street, Friday November 25, 2011.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS IN THE RAIN, DECEMBER 4, 2011 - Trains passing Union Station in Little Rock, AR on a rainy Sunday, December 4, 2011. Due to the rain, I took these photos from Union Station's balcony, which you can get to, climbing a spiral staircase. (I love taking pictures of railroads in rain or snow. After all, trains run rain or shine, right?). Utility poles cluttered some scenes, but my shots of fallen-flag freight cars were actually better than at trackside because I could shoot them at a straight side angle. We had  5 trains in 54 minutes. One of the rarest cars I saw today was a red MKT flat/container car, MKT 14133, plus two Ashley Drew & Northern boxcars and a rare SP woodchip car 355241.
Included today:
1) Ferromex 4656, 4685
2) UP 4970, 7495, 8136, 1650, 1644, 1639, 8154
3) GMTX 2615
4) KCS 3955
5) GTW 59804 Grand Trunk Western boxcar
6) FXE 872795 boxcar
7) HS 3061 Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar
8) CSXT 137030 CSX blue boxcar
9) HS 30611 boxcar
10) IC 97363 CN gondola
11) CN 156169 gondola
12) CN 15613 gondola
13) SP 231352 Golden West boxcar
14) HS 30667 boxcar
15) NDYX 845914 green hopper
16) CNW 1180050 UP hopper
17) DRGW 56285 Golden West gondola
18) Splashing water off tarp on a load of lumber
19) CNW 520049 green boxcar
20) NOKL 360220 blue gondola
21)  UP Special Agent driving in water
22) CP 344709 covered gondola
23) MKT 14133 red flat/container car
24) CNW 180015 yellow hopper
25) MKT 4539 white hopper
26) SP 246729 Golden West boxcar
27) MP 819751 greet flatcar
28) CN 414759 boxcar
29) CEFX 30172 blue hopper
30) ALM 803 (?) Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar
31) COER 17135 green boxcar
32) TILX 192228 Global ethanol tankcar
33) TILX 196122 Renewable Products Marketing Group tankcar
34) UTLX 666948 tankcar with graffiti (how can they get this much time to paint it?)
35) Illinois Cereal Mills Inc hopper
36) Rare SP 355241 woodchip car

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE IN SNOW LITTLE ROCK, MIDNIGHT DECEMBER 6, 2011- A light to moderate wet snow was falling as Amtrak's Texas Eagle, No. 22, arrived at Union Station in Little Rock, AR around midnight Tuesday night, December 6, 2011. Here are some photos plus a video of No. 22 leaving for Chicago at 12:15 a.m. Temperature was 34 degrees so the streets were just wet but snow was accumulating on cars and grass.
Here's the video of the train leaving at 12:15 a.m.:

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS, DECEMBER 7, 2011 - Got a few trains Wednesday afternoon, December 7, 2011 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. There was still a little snow on the ground from the night before. There's one photo I took Tuesday night of NS 8078 in moderate snowfall. Saw another BNSF crude oil train today also, southbound.
1) UP 9761, 9650, 9630, 8009, 9700, 1399, 8115, 8332, 9565, 9406
2) CSX 7680, 5354, 7566
3) NS 8773, 2510, 8434, 8078
4) BNSF 4748, 986, 7207
5) New FHRX 30,000 gallon tank car

TRAINS AT LITTLE ROCK, DECEMBER 11, 2011 - Some trains passing Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas Sunday, December 11, 2011, including one with two green and white BN/BNSF units..
1) UP 1647, 1649, 1644, 1639, 9629, 9655, 3945, 7189, 6458
2) KCS 4565, 4558
3) TFM 1643
4) BN/BNSF 8155, 8184
5) BNSF 4851
6) NS 8425
7) UP/SP 6220
8) CN 415192 new boxcar
9) MMMX 2118 hopper
10) DLRX 166655 scale car
11) GATX 210174 new tank cars

HOLLY TROLLEY SANTA STREETCAR, NORTH LITTLE ROCK DECEMBER 17, 2011 - On Saturday, December 17, 2011, Central Arkansas Transit had a free streetcar ride day, which included Santa visiting with children onboard a streetcar at the trolley barn in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Here are some photos of that event.

COUPLE OF TRAINS DECEMBER 18, 2011 LITTLE ROCK - On Saturday, December 17, 2011, Central Arkansas Transit had a free streetcar ride day, which included Santa visiting with children onboard a streetcar at the trolley barn in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Here are some photos of that event.

TRAINS AND CHRISMTAS LIGHTS AND OTHER PHOTOS LITTLE ROCK DECEMBER 23, 2011 - Here's a few trains and other  photos during the week leading up to Christmas 2011, December 18-23, 2011, all taken in Little Rock, Arkansas.
1) Arkansas State Capitol in Christmas lights
2) Streetcar decorated with Christmas lights
3) Family in front of Capital Hotel's large Christmas tree
4) Muscovy ducks at a park
5) Union Station at night
6) CSX 7330, 338
7) NS 9401
8) UP 5584, 6659, 5602, 5219, 6705, 6567
9) BCRAIL 4646
10) NAHX 65546 Rock Island hopper
11) UPS trailers
12) 'Kilroy' graffiti
13) UP 91254 and 2 more "We Will Deliver" hoppers
14) 'Happy Bird' graffiti

AMTRAK TX EAGLES NO. 21 AND 22 DELAYS ARKANSAS, DECEMBER 25, 2011 - Christmas Day 2011 at the Amtrak station in Little Rock, Arkansas was quite active in the pre-dawn hours.  Texas Eagle 22, the northbound, had its single engine fail 2 hours north of Little Rock, AR near Alicia, AR about 215 am, stalling the train. So, the southbound Eagle no. 21, which had passed no. 22 and was almost at Little Rock at Jacksonville, AR, was told to back up north to hook onto the stalled no. 22 and then haul it BACK to Little Rock, where 22 had left earlier at 1140 pm. From Gene Pool comes the explanation: "The failed engine on Train 22(24) was the AMTK 38 with major oil leak, engine shut down. Train 21(24) was ordered to rescue; it reversed at 30mph from MP 288 to MP 239 (49 miles) to reach the stranded Train 22. Passengers were without heat and light until they could detrain at Little Rock. Outside temperature was 37F. Passengers on Train 22(24) were bustituted to CHI; Train 22(24) deadheaded to Chicago, powered by the UP6327."
    That combined train of Amtrak 21 and 22 stopped in the UP's North Little Rock yards and unhooked 22's consist at the fuel rack and added UP locomotive 7753.  Number 21 then continued on to Union Station on its own, boarded the usual passengers and left southbound.
    Four buses were called to meet no. 22 returning to Union Station to carry no. 22's passengers to stops north all the way to Chicago. The buses used were Little Rock Tour buses. One of the drivers told me that they had a hard time getting drivers since it was Christmas Day. The buses arrived about 5 a.m. The Amtrak agent, Larry (only one agent on duty at LRK at train time) was told to get coffee, donuts, etc for 22's soon to be bused passengers (there were almost 200 people on board no. 22). So, I went with Larry to try and find something that was open on Christmas Eve. Walmart, Kroger, etc were closed. We found a 24 hour Walgreens and got milk and orange juice and one Shipleys Donuts location that was open,  where we got 30 dozen donuts! Quite a Christmas adventure! (Larry locked the ticket office but the waiting room remained open and the Amtrak crewbase is located here, so they were available to keep watch on the waiting room while we were gone).
    The passengers on Amtrak 22 which were being bused were all friendly and seemed to have the Christmas spirit. I didn't near any complaints, but one couple asked for a refund (which they got) and bought airline tickets to Chicago for $700 since they had to be there by a certain time. An Air Force man, who had crutches, asked an Amtrak employee at the station to call for an ambulance at 9 a.m. since he was having some kind of health issue. The ambulance got there in a few minutes.
    It was lucky that Union Pacific wasn't running many freights on Christmas Day. I only saw one freight at 2:30 a.m. and didn't see any more before I left at 9:30.  Had it been a regular active day for UP, this backup move that Amtrak 21 made to Alicia probably wouldn't have gone as smoothly.
    Anyway, following are some photos of the event and links to my Youtube HD movies. (Ken Ziegenbein)

STREETCARS AT NIGHT-LITTLE ROCK AND NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS DECEMBER 29, 2011 - On Thursday night, December 29,  2011, I photographed some Christmas-lighted streetcars in Little Rock and North Little Rock, Arkansas plus some shots in the daytime. It was a busy day for the streetcar system with lots of tourists.  A large group of about 30 tourists boarded at the Verizon Arena stop 9:15 p.m. They also had me take a picture of them with their camera. I had no idea they were going to be here, I just lucked out and was there anyway taking night shots.

STREETCARS PASSING CAPITAL HOTEL WITH CHRISTMAS LIGHTS-LITTLE ROCK-DECEMBER 31, 2011 - Here's a couple more shots I got of this year's Christmas operations, some with the Christmas lighted streetcars running past the Capital Hotel.


TRAINS ON NEW YEARS DAY LITTLE ROCK, JANUARY 1, 2012 - A "New" day...New year, new hoppers, new black tank cars, new white tank cars, new yellow baretable flatcars passing Union Station in Little Rock, AR on Sunday, January 1, 2012.
Included today:
1) UP 5508, 3480, 4360, 6835, 6430
2) CSX 681
3) My pigeon friend
4) SHQX 1305 and other new hoppers
5) DOWX 49205 and other new white single dome tank cars
6) CTCX 733667 and other new black tank cars
7) Baretable train including new DTTX 765988

SOUTHERN PACIFIC UNPATCHED #107 LITTLE ROCK, JANUARY 3, 2012 - Thanks to a heads up text from a railfan, I caught this unpatched Southern Pacific unit (SP 107) heading a northbound grain train past Union Station in Little Rock, AR on Tuesday, January 3, 2012 at 4:53 p.m.

TRAINS IN LITTLE ROCK, JANUARY 5, 2012 - Here's a few pictures of trains in Conway and Little Rock, AR on January 4 and 5, 2012. Got a few photos of old 'fallen-flag' freight cars, a mixed UP train passing the park and bandstand at Conway, plus Amtrak's Texas Eagle #22 at Union Station at midnight, where they watered the diner and lounge cars.
Included today:
1) UP 1660, 1652,  2347, 4875, 4325, 4916, 4172, 6810, 9758, 9750, 4284, 1656, 1917
2) CSX 8610
3) HLCX 3851
4) NS 2740, 8901, 8704
5) EEC 6216 boxcar
6) UTLX 209223 "I Walk Alone" graffiti tankcar
7) Missouri Pacific red caboose 13704 in park in Conway, Arkansas
8) Kris Allen stage with a train passing in Conway, Arkansas. Mr. Allen won the American Idol contest a few years ago and is a native of Conway
9) APRX 6005 domeless tankcar
10) UTLX 800032 new tankcar
11) OCPX 80268 grey tankcar
12) SRN 6250 boxcar
13) TBOX 861863 new yellow boxcars. I like strings of new freight cars
14) SOO 117641 CP Rail hopper
15) Mockingbird closeup sitting on UP's shiny Main 2
16) FXE 872502 Ferromex boxcar
17) BCOL 60308 BCRAIL boxcar
18) HS 30773 Columbus & Greenville boxcar
19) CNW 155491 boxcar
20) HS 72505 Valdosta Southern Railroad Co. boxcar
21) KWT 65757 Rock Island faded blue hopper
22) CSXT 173449 boxcar
23) PTLX 3420 faded Allensville Grain Co., Allensville, Kentucky hopper
24) MRL 21133 Montana Rail Link boxcar
25) BCOL 10928 BCRAIL boxcar
26) Sharp eyes graffiti
27) Amtrak 22, Texas Eagle, at Union Station around midnight.  

SEVERAL TRAINS AND OLD FREIGHT CARS LITTLE ROCK, JANUARY 14, 2012 - Saturday, January 14, 2012 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Windy but sunny, 'Kodachrome' colored weather. Three CN red/black units today and several old fallen-flag freight cars.
1) Canadian Pacific, CP 8816, 9609
2) CN 2152, 5719, 2637
3) UP 4857, 7728, 6790, 6945, 6430, 3820, 4022, 4849, 1656, 4042, 8661, 4381, 6870, 6773, 6513, 9173, 7706
4) CSX 8020
5) GMTX 2100
6) UPY 663
7) BNSF 4510
8) Dark, black predawn at the station
9) Three SP boxcars in a row
10) SP 595592 flatcar built 4-27, recently repainted
11) New tank cars with blue crescents, one being UTLK 254509, built 8-11
12) AOK 6490 flat with wheel trucks
13) 'Hobos" graffiti on UP 14073 hopper
14) 'Oringe' graffiti
15) 'STRIKE' graffiti with painted match
16) BN 10124 boxcar or hopper
17) CNW 716135 'Smiley face with bad hair day' graffiti
18) ALM 5877 Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar
19) Colorful containers
20) China Shipping containers
21) GATX 210298 and other new tank cars
22) MKT red 14038 container car
23) Two SP gondolas with the Southern Pacific Lines emblem, one being SP 365083
24) 'Sad face' graffiti
25) 'OCKLAHOMA-08' graffiti

RIBBON RAIL BEING READIED FOR IN FRONT OF UNION STATION LITTLE ROCK, THURSDAY JANUARY 19, 2012 - New ribbon rail ready to install on UP's Main 2 in front of Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas, plus a northbound mixed freight passing the DPU of a southbound loaded coal train, Thursday January 19, 2012.
1) Ribbon rail laid out, ready to install
2) UP 5848, 6599, 1690, 1903, 1637, 1656, 1659
3) Rail marked S 311733-11 IH HS.
      (Looking forward to seeing everyone at the annual Railspot luncheon in Plano, Texas Saturday January 21 at 1 p.m. - Ken Z)

DALLAS, KENNEDALE, PLANO TEXAS TRAINS AND RAILSPOT LUNCH, JANUARY 21, 2012 - Friday, Saturday and Sunday, January 20-22, 2012 at Kennedale, Arlington, Dallas and Plano, Texas for the annual Railspot Yahoo Group luncheon and train show at Plano plus some train photos. I did not have my regular camera, the Panasonic Lumix DH2, with me so I used one of my older ones, the Panasonic DZ40.
1) UP 7523, 4439, 7693,
2) NS 8444
3) BNSF 9668, 6215, 6373, 6127
4) ARMN 725271 refrigerator car, Blt-70, Rebilt-90
5) ARMN 764193 with loving couple graffiti
6) Big Blue CSXT 1513 boxcar
7) KCS 125805 boxcar with arrow graffiti
8) Railspot luncheon photos in Plano, Texas
9) Dallas area train show photos

TRAINS AT LITTLE ROCK, AR, JANUARY 25, 2012 - Some train activity at Union Station in Little Rock, AR on Tuesday January 24 and Wednesday January 25, 2012. One train I saw was headed by two KCS Belle units, pulling a stack train. Tuesday it was sunny but Wednesday the clouds began moving in from Texas, eventually bringing rain to the state.  Temperature was in the middle 40s.
Included today:
1) UP 8024, 9686, 1662, 1689, 7890, 728, 4397, 6963, 5937, 7306
2) KCS 4046, 4687
3) TILX 263476, one of two new green tank cars
4) 'Snuffy Smith' comic character on boxcar TBOX 660757
5) MWCX 500489 with Rook/eyes graffiti
DARK, DRIZLY DAY AND TRAINS, LITTLE ROCK JANUARY 26, 2012 - Trains on a cold, drizzly day at the Amtrak station in Little Rock, Arkansas, Thursday January 26, 2012. I've added a couple of surprises to a few of the photos to make them more interesting and just for fun.
1) UP 5793, 7022, 8392, 6450, 1672, 1658, 1566, 7774 with rubber duckie, 5478, 5151, 351
2) CSX 4514
3) UP/SP 6407
4) Three SP boxcars in a row
5) Railbox boxcar with flame graffiti
6) Pigeons
7) TILX 135297 yellow sulfur tank
8) SP 355266 hi-cube boxcar
9) CABX black hopper
10) UP 90026 hopper being hauled on ITTX 930700 flatcar
11) UTLK 600226 tankcar Blt 02-10
12) Two mis-matched shoes next to the Amtrak siding tracks
13) Brand new TILX hoppers Blt 01-12

DERAILMENT NORTH LITTLE ROCK YARDS, JANUARY 27, 2012 - A freight derailment occurred on the west side of Union Pacific's yards in North Little Rock, Arkansas the morning of Friday, January 27, 2012. Here are some pictures I took from the public Locust Street overpass, which has a sidewalk. The derailment was just east of this overpass. Thanks to John C. Jones, UP photographer in this area, for giving me the heads up.  (Ken Ziegenbein photos)

TRAINS AND MOCKINGBIRDS LITTLE ROCK, SUNDAY JANUARY 29, 2012 - A couple of coal trains today, Sunday, January 29, 2012. Plus, a long mixed freight used the Amtrak siding to get around one of the stopped coal trains. A Mockingbird shared some bread with me as well.
Included today:
1) UP 7177, 5073, 5225, 9416, 8238, 4057, 8037, 7157, 6566, 6502 (most on one train)
2) UPY 705
3) GATX 210281 new tankcar
4) UP 93750 new hopper
5) Mockingbird eating bread
BNSF CRUDE OIL TRAIN VIDEO AND PHOTOS PLUS OTHER PHOTOS LITTLE ROCK, FEBRUARY 2, 2012 - A long BNSF crude oil train passed Union Station in Little Rock, AR on Thursday, February 2, 2012,  one of several crude oil trains that pass through here each week. I understand that these go to St James, near New Orleans for refining into diesel fuel and I've also heard that most of that diesel fuel is then exported. If anybody knows for sure what happens to the crude, let me know.
Included today:
1) UP 6024, 6037, 7378, 9773, 4239
2) BNSF 989, 5388
3) BNSF/Santa Fe Warbonnet 688
4) Crude oil train and movie
5) '2010' clown graffiti on hopper TGSX 443453

Click on this link to view a 6-minute video of the crude oil train passing:

TRAINS PASSING ON A DARK DAY LITTLE ROCK, FEB 3, 2012 - Two trains passing the station at Little Rock, AR, Friday February 3, 2012.  Plus a 3rd train.
1) UP 5072, 3799, 9688, 3899, 7855
2) Bird

UP WORK TRAIN AND OTHERS, SUNDAY FEB 5, 2012 - A work train and a couple of other trains today, Sunday, February 5, 2012 at Little Rock, AR.
1) UP 4060, 2483, 3209, 4210, 6562, 7325, 7279
2) Single tank car DNAX 125027 at end of autorack train
3) UP work train video
4) Cold pigeons
5) Artistic gremlins over locomotive

LITTLE ROCK & WESTERN TRAIN PASSING A CSX TRAIN, LITTLE ROCK MONDAY, FEB 6, 2012 - Monday, February 6, 2012 in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was a sunny, cool day, around 50 degrees. I caught a westbound Little Rock & Western train passing a northbound UP train, headed by a CSX unit. Plus more trains.
1) UP 4684, 5051, 5598, 7123, 4366, 1689, 1660, 1662, 1691, 1659, 8190, 5046, 7191, 5701
2) CSX 715, 4558
3) Ferromex 4096
4) NS 6571
5) LRWN 1541
6) SOO hoppers 73443, 7555
7) Large spools of green cabling
8) Dillards world headquarters building in background in one photo
9) Surprise rider with banana on top of CSX locomotive (plus other special insertions)

MY 'LAZY-BUM, STEALTH PHOTOS AT LITTLE ROCK, AR FEB 7, 2012 - It was a cloudy, cold day at the station in Little Rock on Tuesday, Feb 7, 2012, so I decided to remain in my car parked at trackside and just shoot photos through my car windows. So, I guess you can call this page of photos my 'Lazy Bum' or 'stealth' train photos. There's a couple of interesting shots, including a small work train unloading a piece of rail, LRWN coming and going, and a ballast train. My next submission will have my regular outside shots.
Included today:
1) UP/SP 6294
2) UP 8016, 612, 9744, 9632, 1690, 1956, 1655, 1677, 1693, 4412, 4086, 4370
3) HLCX 331
4) Ferromex 4069, 4668, 4096
5) LLPX 2265
6) LRWN 1544
7) Meridian & Bigbee 107
8) NS 8403
9) UP 97018 yellow gondola
10) Short work train pushed by a hi-rail
11) Lowering a short piece of rail to the ground with the magnet
12) LRWN 13010 boxcar with orange/yellow door
13) ADN 9644, Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar
14) TBOX 861959 new boxcars
15) UP 91575 yellow boxcar with UP map
16) Ballast train

Amtrak #22 Texas Eagle Little Rock, February 8, 2012 -  Northbound Amtrak #22, Texas Eagle, arrived at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas 25 minutes early at 11:19 p.m. and left on time at 11:39 p.m. on Wednesday night, February 8, 2012.  Here are photos and a couple of videos of the train arriving and leaving.  The train had 8 Superliners tonight. Consist was Locomotive 120, Dorm/Passenger Sleeper 39023, Diner/Lounge 37001, Lounge 33029, Baggage/Coach 31023, Coach 34114, Coach 34006, Sleeper 32083, Deadheading coach 34109. Passengers on board after leaving Little Rock-123 (17 got on here tonight).
To see a video of this 8-car train leaving at 11:39 p.m., click on:

SPECIAL LOAD AIRCRAFT PARTS-LITTLE ROCK FEBRUARY 10, 2012 - Some pre-dawn photos of a one-car special load passing Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Friday, February 10, 2012 at 7:01 a.m.. It was dark and rainy so I didn't get the number of the UP airplane container car which contained a special customer load of some sort. had the car as Triumph Special MP818085 load  If anyone knows what was in here, let me know.

UP 4141-GEORGE BUSH LIBRARY UNIT-LITTLE ROCK, AR FEBRUARY 10, 2012 - caught UP 4141, the George Bush UP unit, passing Union Station at Little Rock, Arkansas at 3:28 p.m. Friday, February 10, 2012 with one of the most colorful locomotive consists I've ever seen. Included were UP 4141-Bush, CSX 8541, HLCX green 7921, UP 4357 yellow, and GMTX 2116 blue. This train was the Pine Bluff to Little Rock local YPB71-10.

LOTS OF TRAINS FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2012 LITTLE ROCK - Several trains today, Friday February 10, 2012, at Little Rock with some good 'fallen flag' freight cars. I've also included pictures of a car in the River Market getting a ticket for parking across the white line next to the streetcar tracks. This delayed both streetcar and auto traffic on Clinton Avenue for awhile, until it was determined that the streetcars could squeak by with about an inch to spare.
1) Auto being ticketed because it was too close to streetcar tracks downtown Little Rock
2) UP 8161, 2224, 3994, 9754, 5173, 7530, 4530, 5012, 1693, 1677, 1655, 4141, 5592
3) UP/SP 5592
4) CSX 8734, 8541
5) NS 9557, 8371
6) Ferromex 4048
7) HLCX 7894
8) MKT 549 green hopper
9) NDYX 133 gondola
10) SP 466853 short Golden West hopper
11) SP 46091 short hopper
12) SMW 735796 blue centerbeams
13) Lost shoes at Amtrak platform track
14) LRWN 1544
15) Meridian & Bigbee 107
16) BNSF 576734 green BN flatcarHere's a few shots of the red valentine lights on the streetcars Feb 11 and 13, 2012844 ST
17) NS 146925 and more NS coal hoppers
18) Auto-Max auto carrier
19) CNW 437114 hopper with shield
20) Pine centerbeam DWC 627502
21) New green tank car TILX 263485
22) CEFX 15437 Hampton Co-Op hopper
23) WP 38154 Western Pacific boxcar
24) MWCX 100554 BN hopper

AUTO TICKETED FOR PARKING TOO CLOSE TO STREETCAR TRACKS LITTLE ROCK, FEBRUARY 10, 2012 - On Friday, February 10, 2012, this car was parked over the white line and got a ticket on Clinton Avenue, Little Rock. I just happened to be walking to a restaurant and came upon this scene.

TRAINS AND HAWK, LITTLE ROCK FEBRUARY 12, 2012 - RSSX 3838 'LEAF' locomotive in North Little Rock, AR plus closeup of a hawk at the train station in Little Rock, Sunday Feb 12, 2012.

STREETCAR WITH VALENTINE LIGHTS FEBRUARY 11 AND 13, 2012 - Here's a few shots of the red valentine lights on the streetcars Feb 11 and 13, 2012.

TRAINS, STREETCAR AND NORFOLK SOUTHERN AND UP844 STEAM SCHEDULE FOR MARCH 2012 FEBRUARY 15, 2012 - Here's a few photos of streetcars and one train in Little Rock, AR on Wednesday, Feb 15, 2012. I also included a photo of one of the blue men after I and several others went to the Blue Man Group performance in Little Rock in the evening. Plus a bird-railfan looking at a departing NS-led train at Union Station. Plus news details that Norfolk Southern will be painting 18 locomotives in various heritage livery and the tentative schedule of UP 844's 150th Anniversary Steam Excursion called the Shiloh Limited that will run through Northeast Arkansas to Marion carrying numerous Civil War actors on their way to the Shiloh Battlefield in Tennessee. The Civil War actors and Civil War cannons will move by bus from Marion to Shiloh then the train will eventually come to North Little Rock via the Brinkley and Jonesboro Subs. This train will run between March 22 and 30.
1) Little Rock streetcar 411
2) NS 9478, 8337
3) UP 3816, 4833
4) Southern boxcar 523567 with NO real graffiti, built 2-71
5) Mockingbird 'railfan'
6) ANR 309 Angelina & Neches River Railroad boxcar
7) SP 355187, 355249 hi-cube boxcars, built 3-75
8) DOWX 71265 rusty tankcar
9) AM 2402 boxcar hauled on flatcar ITTX 931277
10) Daffodils
11) Cat
12) Wrecked auto on trailer
13) UP 844 Shiloh Limited schedule March 22-30, 2012
14) NS news release about painting 18 locomotives in heritage livery

GOLD MEDAL SEAL ON BOXCAR AND TRAIN LITTLE ROCK, FEBRUARY 18, 2012 - Here's a few photos at the station in Little Rock Saturday, February 18, 2012, including rare Gold Medal and General Mills seals on a boxcar. Does anyone have the Built dates of this car? There wasn't a Blt panel on the car. Anyone know when these cars actually carried Gold Medal flour?
1) UP 4141, 4874, 9784
2) Frames
3) UP 79126248 (?) hopper with blue-painted panels
4) CR 631362 Conrail coil car
5) CBTX 735123 new tankcars
6) SP 376053 hopper built 9-74
7) CNW 752765 Rock Island hopper, built 8-76
8) SP 247511 Golden West Service boxcar
9) CMHX 691923 Gold Medal and General Mills Seals on boxcar
10) CHTT 360340 blue gondola
11) Hazy sun
12) Three pigeon railfans sitting on a rail
13) Scotch Magic Tape high-heel tape dispenser 

MKT GREEN SHORT HOPPER, MANY MORE TRAINS AND OLD FREIGHTCARS WITH BUILT DATES - A rare MKT green short hopper, TCWX 4111, built November 1979, plus a southbound UP local passing a northbound NS train and lots of 'fallen flag' freight cars and even brand new hoppers.  Per request, I'm trying to get the built dates of many of these freight cars, which means I take one photo of a car then a closeup of the built date placard so I can read the built date more clearly. I also have some pictures of seagulls over the Arkansas River taken from the parking lot of the meeting place of the Arkansas Railroad Club. And my 'artsy' shot today: "Plastic Fork on Fence with Passing Train." I also have a photo of UP 4141, the Bush Library Unit, in North Little Rock, which is rumored to be going back to storage at UP's Jenks Shop's here. Also, since I have so many pictures today, the size of each was reduced to 640x360 pixels for faster downloading. Original size is about 4900x2800 pixels.
Included today:
1) UP 4141, 4142, 1356, 5162, 4060, 4288, 3425, 7422, 5173, 4574, 1689, 1662, 7423, 4309, 1691
2) KCS 4786
3) LLPX 2203
4) Ferromex 4094, 4681
5) NS 7542
6) CSX 7645, 42
7) MKT green short hopper TCWX 4111, blt 11-79
8) MP 273152 hi-cube boxcar
9) GTW 126523 CN hi-cube boxcar
10) ATSF 313797 Santa Fe hopper, blt 2-73
11) DME 49348 hopper, blt 2-87
12) SATW 75047 Larinburg & Southern boxcar
13) YTGX 940792 BN autorack
14) HESR 662140 new boxcar
15) AOKX 493633 new hopper, blt 2-12
16) GACX 84247 Wisconsin Central hopper
17) BNSF 406904 hopper, blt 5-77
18) BN 44915 hopper, blt 6-73
19) CEFX 304462 hopper, blt 10-11
20) CNW 438161 hopper, blt 2-67, re-blt 4-88
21) NS 169761 coilcar, blt 6-75
22) Yellow CNW hopper RCLX 169342, blt 6-81
23) UP 93962 hopper, blt 6-11
24) TOBX 661267 boxcar, blt 8-11
25) MP 706507 hopper, blt 1-77
26) CNW 11773 dump car, blt 3-63
27) NS 473505 boxcar, blt 2-04
28) Frames
29) Empty high-end flatcars
30) NS 187507 gondola
31) WCX 01492 woodchip car
32) GROX 50862 yellow Union Equity hopper
33) SRCX 907 Richardson Carbon Co. hopper
34) MP 641439 gondola, blt 7-77
35) Dark black CABX 580512 repainted, blt 8-72
36) CITX silver hopper 200232
37) Seagulls on the Arkansas River

UP REPLACING RAIL LITTLE ROCK PLUS TRAINS FEBRUARY 25,2012 - Track work began on Main 2 in front of Union Station Little Rock on Saturday, Feb 25, 2012. I included some photos and videos of spike and rail removal and I got the last 3 northbound trains to use the old Main 2 track. I also got the rare, MKT ungraffitied red gondola, MKT 16031, and a few other fallen-flag freight cars.
1) UP 8163, 4902, 7685, 4861, 4570, 8633, 4144, 7671, 8398, 4177
2) HLCX 7065
3) CSX 4570
4) NS 9027
5) Large gray container Q---11063
6) NOKL 360220 blue gondola
7) Western Pacific hopper WP 12033
8) Seaboard System hopper CSXT 245587
9) B&O hopper with B&O emblem CSXT 226671, blt 8-70
10) GTW 1271021 hi-cube boxcar
11) Illinois Central Gulf hi-cube boxcar ICG 680100, blt-3-77
12) UP yellow boxcar UP 563123
13) Southern 62354 flatcar, blt 6-81
14) Berlin Rail (?) Railway HS 30835
15) UP work detail replacing rail in front of Union Station
16) Southern boxcar 550xxx, blt 10-70
17) UTLX 647818 new tank car
18) DT&S 7009 flatcar
19) SP 333230 gondola
20) Red MKT-Katy gondola MKT 16031
21) WSOR 102008 blue Wisconsin & Southern boxcars

EIGHT ROADNAMES-KCS/NS PASSING-SMILING KETCHUP FEBRUARY 28, 2012 - Here are a few trains at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Tuesday, February 28, 2012, including the passing of two northbound trains, one headed by a KCS Belle unit, the other NS.  There were 8 different roadnames on locomotives today. Also a couple of Little Rock streetcar pictures including the overhead wires, and my 'Smiling Ketchup' photos.  Plus photos I took of George Takei (Star Trek's Sulu), taken here on Thursday, February 23 while he was giving a speech at the Robinson Center in Little Rock regarding his stay at the Rohwer, Arkansas Japanese Relocation Camp during World War II in 1942, when he was only 5 years old (Japanese-Americans were placed in 10 of these relocation camps around the country by train during the war).
1) UP 8205, 1444, 1690, 1691, 1917, 4645, 1660, 1672, 9788, 7604
2) UPY 583
3) KCS 4686 Belle
4) NS 9942, 9839
5) CSX 8364
6) Ferromex 4050
7) LLPX 2265
8) CN 2154
9) George Takei photos I took
10) PBRX 20063 boxcar, which used to be used in Amtrak freight service
11) Golden West Service short gondolas
12) PLCX 21912 FMC hopper
13) Bird on fence with coffee cup
14) DRGW 10014 hopper
15) Closeup of a bug on a downtown sidewalk
16) Streetcar 412 with view of overhead wires
17) 'Smiling Ketchup' at a restaurant
18) HZGX 3225 gondola

A FEW TRAINS ON LEAP YEAR DAY, FEBRUARY 29, 2012 - A couple of trains at Little Rock, AR on Wednesday, February 29, 2012. I figured I should have some pictures on a leap year on February 29. I have my usual old freight cars and some streetcar shots (big crowds already arriving in town for the upcoming Little Rock Marathon on March 4), so there was good ridership on the streetcars today.)  It was sunny and warm, 80 degrees.
1) Homeland Security car
2) Streetcar in Little Rock
3) UP 8009, 5164
4) CNW 520000 boxcar
5) SSW 66515 Golden West Service boxcar
6) EEC 5609 Wisconsin Central boxcar
7)BNSF 726173 boxcar
8) SOO 16890 SOO Line boxcar
9) UTLX 665335 Incobrasa Industries Ltd. tankcar
10) NS 657455 long hi-cube boxcar

UP SPECIAL TRAIN HEADED BY THE PINK RIBBON UNIT, UP 7400,. MARCH 1, 2012 - Union Pacific Locomotive 7400, the Pink Ribbon Komen unit, headed a 3-car special from Forth Worth, Texas to, I think,  Poplar Bluff, Missouri on Thursday, March 1, 2012. Here it is seen passing Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas at 3:50 p.m. (Thanks to a UP person for the heads up).  It's UP designation was SFWPF-1. Its' consist was:
1) UP 7400, special Pine Ribbon locomotive
2) UPP 1602 "Green River" a sleeper
3) UPP 140 "Stanford" business car
4) UPP 150 "Sunset" business car

JIMMY BUFFETT CONCERT STREETCAR RIDERS LITTLE ROCK, MARCH 1, 2012 - On Thursday night, March 1, 2012, Jimmy Buffett had a sold-out concert in Verizon Arena in North Little Rock, AR. Three streetcars of the Central Arkansas Transit Systems were used to shuttle people back and forth over the Main Street bridge into Little Rock crossing the Arkansas River. Here are some photos and videos of the fun-loving crowd of  Jimmy Buffett lovers getting on and riding the streetcars. There's one video of everyone in one streetcar singing 'Happy Birthday."  With people standing in the aisles, each streetcar can hold 80 people.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS INCLUDING MODEL RAILROADER MAGAZINE CAR, MARCH 4, 2012 - Special catches today at Little Rock, Sunday March 4, 2012, include the Wisconsin & Southern's Model Railroader 75th anniversary car and Dupont tank cars and caboose.
Also included:
1) CSX 83, 8858, 299
2) UP 9643, 4043, 6537, 6481, 1690, 8198, 5016, 1694
3) ARMN 902982 and more reefers
4) DUPX 913A NS-Dupont TransCaer tankcar
5) DUPX 913B NS-Dupont boxcar
6) DUPX 913C NS-Dupont caboose
7) TILX 401598 Dupont boxcar
8) UTLX 950986 Dupont tankcar
9) TILX 400672 Dupont tankcar
10) WSOR 503176 Wisconsin & Southern Moder Railroader 75th anniversary boxcar
11) MKT 4440 hopper
12) NDYX green hopper
13) SP 36502 gondola with a black SP Sunset emblem

1973 CADILLAC PACE CAR PLUS TRAINS, LITTLE ROCK, MARCH 5, 2012 - Some trains today, March 5, 2012, including a KCS train, RSSX 3766 yellow locomotive, and my usual freight cars, including rusty, old ones WITHOUT graffiti (heck, they are the ones that need paint of some kind, preferably a legal painting). There's also a 720i HD movie of a Little Rock & Western local passing Union Station. (My camera takes 1080i HD movies, but even when I upload those to Youtube, viewing them on most computers still can overload bandwidth for most people). Plus a photo of me in a 1973 Cadillac which was used as the 1973 Indianapolis 500 Pace car.
Included today:
1) UP 4282, 4782, 7649, 1688, 1669, 1676, 1660, 1698, 1563, 1699, 4093, 7151, 4141
2) LRWN 1541
3) KCS 4580, 4680
4) Ferromex 4670
5) RSSX 3766
6) MKT 4025 red coil car
7) HS 3995 Green Bay and ??? (Western?)  boxcar
8) CNW 178088 hopper
9) ITLX 20058 "The Road Of Personal Service" hopper
10) UTLX 23393 blue tankcar
11) NRLX 47601 hopper, no graffiti
12) GCBX 59116 hopper, no graffiti
13) EUSX 448040 four-dome tankcar
14) AEX 7493 Illinois Cereal Mills Inc. hopper
15) DME 5752 boxcar, clean
16) TOE 2576 boxcar, clean
17) AEX 1293 hopper, clean
18) CNW 437248 hopper
19) D&RGW 5569 and 15513 orange hoppers
20) GFSX 4354 gondolas

USUAL TRAINS AND RARE FREIGHT CARS LITTLE ROCK, MARCH 6-9, 2012 - Here are a few trains from March 6 through March 9, 2012 at Little Rock.
1) NS 2756
2) LRWN 1542, 1544
3) UP 5734, 4823, 3769, 1833, 5103, 4806, 8104, 5944, 7276, 1694, 1688, 1692, 1677, 1563, 1699, 9620, 4018, 1698, 1691
4) CN 2674
5) Mockingbird closeup
6) Orange tankcar GATX 63915
7) MP 642729 Eagle gondola
8) Long blue tankcar CCBX 8133
9) Black and yellow short tank car TILX 135290
10) CNIS 413435 CN boxcar
11) Streetcars in rain North Little Rock
12) UP's Jenks Shops taken from the Main Street Viaduct
13) DGRW 56373 gondola
14) KRR 7003 boxcar
15) CCEX 4720 hopper
16) SRCX 1933 dirty hopper
17) Long blue tankcar UTLX 23393
18) SOO 16876 SOO Line boxcar
19) JPMW 7734-7744 dump cars (?)
20) BN 471779 green hopper

TRAINS, STREETCARS AND MOCKINGBIRD NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR, MARCH 8-10, 2012 - Here's a few trains, streetcars and a mockingbird in the rain

TRAINS, STREETCARS AND TULIPS IN NORTH LITTLE ROCK, MARCH 11, 2012 - Here are more trains in the rain, plus some photos of tulips and streetcars in Little Rock and North Little Rock, AR on Sunday, March 11, 2012. The tulips along the streets in North Little Rock are put there each year by Master Gardeners.
Included today:
1) UP 2216, 1917, 6612, 5557
2) GMTX 2116
3) LLPX 2265
4) MP 786553 hopper
5) MKT 502 green hopper
6) Long auto-rack and intermodal combined train
7) MP 643637 gondola
8) MP 641927 gondola
9) SP 338295 Golden West Service gondola
10) Tulips in North Little Rock
11) Streetcars in North Little Rock

TULIPS IN THE RAIN ON MAIN STREET NORTH LITTLE ROCK WITH STREETCARS, MARCH 11, 2012 - Here's some photos I made today, Sunday March 11, of tulips in the rain at North Little Rock. It was cool, about 50 degrees. Plus I added one train in the rain (hey...that rhymes!! lol)


BUGS BUNNY PAINTING ON AUTORACK, BALD KNOB, AR, MARCH 13, 2012 - Late Monday night, March 12, 2012, I got a notice and email on the Yahoo Group "Railspot" from Devin M. Jackson of Palestine, Texas that an autorack car on a UP freight headed by UP 4955 was in Palestine with Bugs Bunny painted on one side along with the words 'ALBUQUERQUE' in large letters on the same side.  It was headed to Illinois, which means it would come through North Little Rock early Tuesday morning, March 13.  Chris Tolley also emailed and said it had passed Longview at 11:55 p.m. Mr. Tolley also said it was probably the QSRAS or ALDAS, but it turned out to be a mixed freight that included autoracks, so I don't know its ID.
   The train passed Marshall, Texas at 12:40 a.m. March 13, so that would mean it'd be in North Little Rock 5-7 hours later if it had no delays, arriving here between 5:40 a.m and 7:40 a.m. It actually arrived in NLR at 7:04 a.m. I knew it would be too dark to get photos that early, since Daylight Savings Time just started (sunrise in Little Rock was 7:22 a.m.). So I decided to head north to Bald Knob, Arkansas on UP's Hoxie Sub to try and catch it there. Bald Knob is an hour drive away.  I left about 6:15 a.m. and arrived at the Bald Knob Depot (now housing Arkansas Traveler Hobbies, which has lots of model trains) at 720 a.m.  It was very dense fog at Bald Knob and you couldn't see more than a tenth of a mile when I first arrived.
   I waited there at the depot for the train carrying Bugs but figured it would be delayed in the UP yard in North Little Rock. I was ready to take a nap, but in the meantime another northbound train passed, which I also got a picture of, and then at 8:44 a.m. the train with UP 4955 and Mr. Bunny arrived. Trains move close to track speed through Bald Knob, so I set my camera to shutter priority (1/400th second) so it wouldn't be a blurr and adjusted the aperture as well. All set.
   The 'Bugged' autorack number was ETTX 702888. I also got another rare car on the same train, which had the ID EEC 2398. It was a boxcar with faded lettering something like this: "New Hope Ivyland RR" and "McHugh Bros, IN."

TRAINS, SUNSET AND A PAINTING OF MY CAT TIGGER, MARCH 13-15, 2012 - Here s a few trains on March 13 and 15, 2012, plus a nice sunset on Wednesday, March 14, 2012.
1) NS 9772, 9094
2) LRWN 1541, 1542, 1544
3) UP 4031, 7507, 7333, 4203
4) CP 9702, 9557
5) BN green gondola or woodchip car
6) CPRail boxcar SOO 18814
7) Sunset at the station, plus a Kaleidoscope effect on the photo
8) Old utility pole north of the tracks, 1 of 3 left
9) Painting of my cat Tigger by a friend

UP 844 SHILOH LIMITED STEAM SPECIAL, HARRISBURG, AR MARCH 28, 2012 - On Wednesday, March 28, 2012, UP 844 pulled the Shiloh  Limited southbound through Harrisburg and Wynne, Arkansas on its way to Marion, AR. This train carried Civil War reenactors and had a trailing flatcar full of Civil War cannons, all heading the Shiloh, Tennessee Civil War battlefield. They would deboard the train and be bused to Shiloh at Marion. I also got this information about the Shiloh event from Joe Musgrove: "These are not actors but "reenactors" who will be reenacting the Battle of Shiloh over the weekend, next to the actual battlefield. This group is but a small number of the 6,300 + reenactors registered for Shiloh.  I will be one of 1,800 Union Infantry "defending the Union" at this event. - I also included a link to a couple of videos of the train in bright sunshine.

BRINKLEY, PINE BLUFF, LITTLE ROCK TRAINS INCUDING UP 844, 1989, 1982, 2010 - UP 844 steam locomotive and train ran from West Marion, Arkansas to Pine Bluff to Little Rock on Friday, March 30, 2012. This was its
final leg of a long journey pulling a train called the "Shiloh Limited" from Council Bluffs, Iowa to Marion, Arkansas. This trip was celebrating the 150th anniversary of UP and also the Battle of Shiloh during the Civil War. The train that ran to Marion had 21 cars full of Civil War reenactors and a flatcar with Civil War cannons. The train you'll see today was much shorter - the other cars were moved back north out of Marion.
.   The train and 844 will be on display in North Little Rock through Sunday, April 1, then the locomotive and train will stay in North Little Rock for 2 weeks, until April 14. After then I understand it will go to Texas. Most of the UP Steam Crew will fly back to Cheyenne from Little Rock while the engine stays here, then fly back to take it to Texas in mid-April. I was told the locomotive may have some work done on the wheels while here in North Little Rock.
   The day was mostly cloudy, with a few sprinkles in the early morning.I've also included a video of the train arriving in Brinkley, AR and entering the sharp curve at the Brinkley Depot Museum early in the day. The video is a little shaky since I forgot my tripod at home, but there's some nice sounds of long whistle blasts from the 844 as it crossed a street just east of the depot. I was looking straight at the locomotive with steam all around, kind of a lonely, relaxing and soothing scene.
.   I've also included photos of a few other trains, including shots of UP 2010 (which was part of 844's consist), UP 1982 (MoPac Heritage) and UP 1989 (Rio Grande Heritage), which were all in North Little Rock today. UP 4141, the George Bush unit, is here also, but hidden behind UP's Jenks Shops.
   Included today:
1) UP 9682, 7835, 844, 8352, 8688, 1982, 1989
2) NS 7557
3) Unknown ID 6547
4) BNSF 7518
5) UP 904514 flatcar with load of engines
6) Rio Grande 1900

Here's that video of 844 arriving in Brinkley at 8:30 a.m. on March 30th:

UP 844 AND 1982 NORTH LITTLE ROCK APRIL 4, 2012 - Union Pacific 844 steam engine and train in North Little Rock, Arkansas on Wednesday, April 4, 2012. UP 1982, the Missouri Pacific Heritage unit, has joined the train. This train will stay here in North Little Rock until April 14, when it will go to Pine Bluff on its way to San Antonio, Texas (this according to a UP person at the train).  Most of the steam crew flew back to Cheyenne, Wyoming but the engineer and a few others in the crew stayed here. Other steam crew people will fly back here next weekend to help do some kind of routine maintenance work on the engine. The train is parked behind UP's office building on 4th Street in North Little Rock, next to Jenks Shops. It is not open to the public.
UP 844 UPDATE-APRIL 5, 2012-NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR -April 5, 2012. Just a quick update on UP 844, being stored in North Little Rock, AR. It will be stored here until April 14, a Saturday. Plans as of today are for it and the train to be pulled backwards to Pine Bluff early morning of April 14, at 8 a.m. or earlier. From Pine Bluff, it's supposed to go to Texarkana, then to Hearne, Austin and San Antonio, Texas. No timetable or service stops announced yet, but at least you have an idea of its possible routing to San Antonio. It will probably be another week before any detailed schedule is released, and keep in mind that this is only a preliminary report.
   Work on the boiler and cleaning of the engine will begin next Monday or Tuesday, April 9 or 10. By that time, more of the steam crew will have returned from Cheyenne to help with the work. In the meantime, here are a couple of photos I took today. It looks lonesome...just waiting for its friends to come

NIGHT PHOTOS-UP844 NORTH LITTLE ROCK, APRIL 6, 2012 - Today, Friday April 6, 2012,  marked the end of week one that UP's 844 steam locomotive and train has been in North Little Rock. It will stay here for another week, then leave early on Saturday, April 14 on its way to San Antonio,  Texas. The official schedule will be out early next week, according to Ed Dickens, 844 engineer and Manager Heritage Equipment & Facilities. Mr. Dickens is here with the train and I got to chat briefly with him today. The others in the steam crew flew back to Cheyenne a few days ago, but will return Sunday and Monday, April 8 and 9, to help do boiler work on the locomotive. In the meantime, the engine and train sits quietly with no crowds. I've been dropping by each day to see if anything is new.
I took advantage of the peace and quiet on this Good Friday to go to the display site to get some night photos, some with the Arkansas State Capitol in the background. A bonus was a full Moon rising and a crisp, clear sky with lots of stars. It's perfect weather, with temperatures in the 50s at night and 70s during the day. I was the only person there except for TWO UP special uniformed guards, who gave me permission to do my night shots. Like I said before, the engine and equipment are not open to the public, nor will they be before the train leaves April 14.
Even though the official schedule of the trip to Texas will not be out until next week, Mr. Dickens did say that my earlier information regarding routing to Texas was correct as of this date, but always subject to change. The train will be pulled backwards to Pine Bluff early on Saturday, April 14, then head on the Pine Bluff Sub to Texarkana and go all the way to Big Sandy, where is will then head to Hearne, Austin then San Antonio. Service stops, times, etc. not yet available. (Sorry, but I don't have my UP subdivision maps with me to check things).

UP 844 AT NORTH LITTLE ROCK, APRIL 9, 2012 - UP 844 at North Little Rock, AR for the 11th day, Monday, April 9, 2012. Water hoses were attached to the train, and I assume it was for the boiler washing/cleaning. There were several more UP vehicles with Wyoming license plants near the train, so I guess more have returned from Cheyenne, WY. These pictures were taken with a zoom lens outside the barricades. If anyone is contemplating seeing the engine here, be aware that you must keep your distance (notice the photo of the warning sign). Anyway, I didn't 'push the envelope' by getting closer. As far as I know, there have been no changes to 844's departure date of April 14.

UP 844 BEING SERVICED NORTH LITTLE ROCK, TUESDAY APRIL 10, 2012 - Tuesday, April 10, 2012 at North Little Rock, Arkansas: UP steam engine No. 844 was being serviced by the UP steam crew today and they gave me permission to get closeup photos and a short movie of the work. I also got photos of some of the other cars, including UP 1982 and a passing KCS-led freight with 844 an 1982 in the same scene. This is the 12th day this locomotive and train has been sitting at this location, waiting for its April 14th departure for Texas. 844 Engineer Ed Dickens said the schedule for departure remains early morning of the 14th. More of the UP Steam Crew is trickling back to North Little Rock from Cheyenne.

UP 844 MOVED TO DIFFERENT TRACK N LITTLE ROCK, APRIL 11, 2012 - After arriving on April 11, 2012 at the place where UP 844 has been stored since March 30 in North Little Rock, AR, I found an empty space where 844 had been. Turns out the crew was getting it ready for its run to Pine Bluff on Saturday, April 14 and had moved it to another track. I also got more shots of UP 1982, the MoPac heritage unit, and UP 7808, which will pull 844 and its train backward to Pine Bluff on Saturday. 844 Engineer Ed Dickens said that UP 7808 will lead the train Saturday with 844 being on the rear facing backwards. All this because there's no place to turn the train in Pine Bluff and 844 needs to be facing west after it gets to Pine Bluff. They are still planning  on leaving North Little Rock at 7 a.m. or before Saturday morning and I plan on being at Union Station to get photos and a movie of it passing. I don't think I ever saw a video of 844 being pulled backwards before.
   Ed and the UP steam crew gave me permission to get in the tool car "Art Lockman" (6334) and get pictures of 844 on the next track over. That was a unique experience for sure. I also got a couple of closeups of 1982. The Eagle seems a little worn.

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE No. 22 LITTLE ROCK, APRIL 11, 2012 - Amtrak Texas Eagle, No. 22, arriving on time Wednesday night, April 11, 2012 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas.  I also included a shot of a baby Killdeer bird at the station. There were several others running around the parking lot. Their parents were very loud and buzzed me while I tried to get more photos.

UP 844 NORTH LITTLE ROCK, APRIL 12, 2012 - Work continues at North Little Rock in getting UP 844 ready for the Texas trip. The train leaves Saturday morning at 7 a.m. or earlier. Today (Thursday, April 12, 2012) the crew were moving and taking down signs, getting UP 1982 in position for the trip, and generally getting everything ready for the resumption of 844's trip to Texas and Louisiana. These trips are part of UP's 150th anniversary celebration. As a side note, UP 844 has been here since March 30, so today is the 14th day here. Also, this is the 3rd year in a row the locomotive has been in North Little Rock. I've also included a couple of photos of baby Killdeer birds I photographed last night at the Amtrak station when the Texas Eagle was at Union Station at midnight.

UP 844 NIGHT SHOTS N LITTLE ROCK, AR, APRIL 13, 2012-FINAL DAY HERE - Union Pacific's 844 steam engine is spending it's last night in North Little Rock tonight, April 13, 2012 after being here for 15 days. I thought I'd try to get some night shots if the engine was positioned right. Well, it was positioned right, but I couldn't get to the front side of the engine due to barricades, but did manage to get some front shots anyway from the nearby parking lot. Anyway, it's ready for departure to Texas early Saturday morning, April 14. It will go around the Van Buren Wye and turned so that 844 will be on the rear of the train in the morning, and be pulled to Pine Bluff in the morning facing backwards. UP 7808 ought to be the locomotive pulling the train to Pine Bluff. Should be an interesting train with 844 sorta being the DPU.

UP 844 LEAVING LITTLE ROCK FOR TEXAS, SATURDAY APRIL 14, 2012 - Saturday, April 14, 2012. The Union Pacific steam crew and UP 844 with its train began it's journey to Texas early in the morning. Here are some photos and movies of this train as it left the Little Rock area Saturday morning.

UP'S FAMOUS E-UNITS LITTLE ROCK, APRIL 14, 2012 - On Saturday, April 14, 2012, Union Pacific's famous E-units pulled a 9-car passenger special from Memphis, Tennessee to Shreveport, Louisiana, stopping in Little Rock, Arkansas on the way. UP's steam locomotive #844 had left Little Rock less than 3 hours before the E-units arrived. In an unexpected move, the E's passenger train stopped on the Amtrak siding in Little Rock, so I got some good photos and a movie of the train on the Amtrak platform and in other places. The train symbol was SMESH-14.
The consist of this train was:
1) UP 949-A unit
2) UP 963-B unit
3) UP 951-A unit
4) UPP 2066 power/generator car
5) UPP 202 - Willie James
6) UPP 200 - Omaha
7) UPP 413 - Lake Bluff
8) UPP 315 - Little Rock
9) UPP 5779 with the American Flag design
10) UPP 9009 - Harriman
11) UPP 302 - Overland
12) UPP 101 - Lone Star

REPAINTED NS 9029 LOCOMOTIVE N LITTLE ROCK, AR APRIL 19, 2012 - found this clean and shiny Norfolk Southern locomotive No. 9029 in North Little Rock, Thursday April 19, 2012. It's a C40-9W. It looks like it's been freshly painted with the stallion on the side since other photos of it I've seen as recently as 2011 didn't have this stallion on the side, only the front.

TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, AR APRIL 17, 2012 - Here's a few trains in Little Rock, Arkansas on April 17, 2012 plus I included some photos of UP Centennial Locomotive 6938, on display in front of UP's Jenks Shops in North Little Rock.
1) UP 6938, 4588, 4106, 6692, 1706, 1697, 1677, 683, 9813, 1692, 1677, 683, 9813, 1692, 1659
2) CSX 8365, 7579
3) NS 6707
4) Frames
5) NYC 628377 container car
6) GACX 84223 Wisconsin Central hopper
7) GRW 7156 EJ&E container car
8) NAHX 65546 Rock Island hopper
9) NAHX 65612 Rock Island hopper
10) SP 246559 Golden West Service boxcar
11) NS 169515 container car
12) NS 169554 container car
13) SP 246145 boxcar
14) COER 171492 green boxcar blt 01-00
15) TOE 2577 boxcar
16) UP green hoppers
17) Cat

LOTS OF CST LOCOS LITTLE ROCK, WEDNESDAY APRIL 18, 2012 - Just a few trains at Union Station in Little Rock, Wednesday April 18, 2012. Lots of CSX locomotives today.
1) CSX  5286, 5464, 8236, 7574
2) BNSF 7906
3) UP 1684, 8190, 5010, 4809, 8127
4) SSW 62690 Golden West Service boxcar
5) UTLX 66593 tankcar
6) SIRX 95237 AGP hopper
7) Family watching trains
8) Shade Tree at Union Station

UP 1989 PLUS OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, APRIL 20, 2012 - UP 1989, the Rio Grande heritage locomotive, has been release from UP shops in North Little Rock and was on the YNL75 North Little Rock to Pine Bluff local Friday afternoon. Here's some photos of 1989 as it passed Union Station mid afternoon, plus a few other trains passing Union Station in Little Rock today, Friday, April 20, 2012. Included are several former Rock Island blue hoppers. I also got some pictures of an old classic Camaro in the parking lot (since moved away).
1) LRWN 1541, 1542, 1544
2) UP 6787, 6581,5845, 8281, 9683, 5532, 4884, 7892, 3922, 7382, 5141, 1714, 1708, 1709, 5008, 1989, 4181, 9823
3) ATW 8128 boxcar
4) AOK 14101 boxcar with Halloween pumpkin
5) ATW 25030 Laurinburg and Southern boxcar
6) MKT 4595 grey hopper
7) MWCX 462644, 462601, 462767, 462673 and 462639 former Rock Island blue hoppers all in a row
8) NYC 627583 CSX coil car
9) MRMX 131348 plus other new hoppers
10) SMIX 9505 Santa Fe large hopper
11) FTIX 2181 and other new hoppers
12) RBMN 9997 Reading & Northern hopper
13) NW 176546 Norfolk and Western hopper, blt 1-79
14) CSXT 496438 coil car
15) Old classic Camaro auto
16) GATX 84070 Wisconsin Central hopper
17) Arkansas State Capitol dome from Amtrak platform
18) Bird and bread

LOTS OF TRAINS AT LITTLE ROCK, APRIL22, 2012, SUNDAY - A good number of trains passing Union Station today in Little Rock, AR, Sunday, April 22, 2012, including a KCS train and my usual 'fallen flag' freight cars. It was a sunny, cool day, about 72 degrees, perfect for shooting trains.
   I shoot full resolution 16 megapixel photos (7 MB in size, 4,608 pixels wide), but always reduce them for the Web to only 50-70 kb in size, or 800-1000 pixels wide instead of 4,608 pixels, so they are viewable easier on the Internet. At this smaller size, if you print from my website, they will look grainy if your prints are more that 3x5 inches. If you ever want a full resolution copy of any of my photos, email me and I'll send you one. Just remember the full size files are 7 MB or more in size. (Ken Z - see my contact information at the bottom of the webpage)
Included today:
1) UP 1536, 1917, 1722, 1704, 4506, 5187, 8723, 5671, 5622, 7190, 4316, 2239, 9514, 4997, 1356, 8470, 7721, 5193
2) UP/SP 6346
3) KCS 4545, 4525, 4561 grey and yellow
4) UP/CNW 9696
5) PTLX 342095 Allensville Grain Co. hopper
6) DME 5750 boxcar
7) CNW 178588 hopper
8) ALM 841567 boxcar
9) DGNO 479 blue gondola
10) GRR 2210 on a dump train
11) SP 228801 Golden West Service boxcar
12) CSXT 498611 and a Conrail coil car
13) NYC 627372 rusty coil car
14) CSXT 496060 Steel Pro coil car
15) MP 641676 MoPac buzzsaw gondola
16) NS 467054 boxcar with purple side
17) Devil art on car
18) HS 10118 Corinth & Counce Railroad Company boxcar
19) Top Cat drawing
20) SSW 6290 boxcar
21) CSXT 161775 SCL/LN Family Lines System boxcar, blt 9-77
22) SSW 62738 Golden West Service boxcar
23) AOKX 495505 new hopper and more, blt 4-12
24) FXE 872593 Ferromex boxcar
25) CP 344743 yellow covered coil service gondola
26) LRWN 1488 boxcar
27) HS 655887 boxcar with new paint
28) WC 27756 Wisconsin Central boxcars
29) WW 3080 Winchester & Western hopper
30) BN 467946 green hopper
31) BN 460792 hopper
32) CSXT 223073 hopper
33) WW 9576 Winchester & Western RR hopper, new
34) MKT 4392 hopper, grey
35) D&RGW 10032 UP hopper
36) SPMW7289 hopper, blt 1-87
37) SSW 66859 boxcar, Cotton Belt
38) MMMX 2076 3-M hopper (3-M has a facility in south Little Rock)
39) Blackberries at Amtrak platform
40) Killdeer bird
41) GNWR 24018 boxcar
42) YKR 931 boxcar/baggage car
43) EEC 2666 new paint
44) CNW 520068 CNW green boxcar
45) CSXT 180667 hi-cube boxcar
46) Faded Chessie Cat on CSXT 180756 Chessie System boxcar. Also had an old color barcode. It was built 11-77
47) NYC 239977 CSX hi-cube boxcar with fresh paint
48) MoPac 13064 red work caboose, which was painted at North Little Rock in 2009 to go on their work trains
49) MP 3646 crew/work car in North Little Rock, an old UP passenger car
50) UP North Little Rock Terminal marker on 13th Street.

NEW COVERED LOCO WAMX 2703 OTHERS LITTLE ROCK APRIL 24, 2012 - A few trains and special locomotives April 23 and 24, 2012 at Little Rock, AR, including new, covered locomotive WAMX 2703 on its way to Australia, and RSSX 19. (Thanks for the heads-up on WAMX 2703 from John C. Jones, the UP photographer here in North Little Rock).
Included in no particular order:
1) WAMX 2703, new covered locomotive heading to Australia
2) RSSX 19 locomotive
3) NS 8999
4) UP 4590, 4288, 5010
5) CRLE 119712 NB (?) Southern Railway green boxcar
6) SSPX 31017 Tate & Lyle "Redpath" hopper

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE AND 40TH ANNIVERSARY TRAIN COMBINED LITTLE ROCK, APRIL 25, 2012 - On Wednesday morning, April 25, 2012, Amtrak's southbound Texas Eagle No. 21 was combined with Amtrak's 40th anniversary train, arriving at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas at 6 a.m. (3 hours late).  Here are some photos and videos of this train at the station. The 40th anniversary cars were going to Longview, Texas for display April 28 and 29.

PRIVATE CARS ON AMTRAK 22, TEXAS EAGLE, LITTLE ROCK APRIL 28, 2012 - On Saturday night, April 28, 2012, Amtrak's Texas Eagle #22 arrived in Little Rock with 2 private cars on the rear, "Evelyn Henry" and "Warren Henry." These two cars were going to Chicago and eventually to the Kentucky Derby. Here are some photos and a link to a movie of the train leaving at 11:39 p.m., on time to the minute.

TRAINS AND BIRTHDAY CAKE, LITTLE ROCK, AR APRIL 30, 2012 - ere's a few trains in Little Rock from Monday, April 30, 2012 while I was waiting to go to a birthday party at the Flying Saucer restaurant. The party was for me and I added a photo of me and the birthday cake, taken by my waitress friend there. Sorry, didn't have time to get more photos.
Included today:
1) UP 9373, 9637, 9592, 3832, 3971, 1619
2) UPY 1158
3) CN 5643
4) UP/CNW 9696 former CNW unit
5) CSX 4728
6) MMMX 2022 3-M hopper
7) D&RGW 25136 hopper
8) MKT 16335 faded red gondola
9) SP 698559 Golden West Service hi-cube boxcar
10) NOKL 571481 Illinois Central grey boxcar
11) Pink rack car
12) CN 798046 hi-cube boxcar
13) TOPX 887256 new or repainted boxcar
14) Me and birthday cake at Flying Saucer
15) Interstate 30/Interstate 40 interchange in rain

TWO FORMER COTTON BELT LOCOS-BLUE CN LOCO-OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, MAY 2, 2012 - Here are a few trains on Wednesday, May 2, 2012 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Included is a blue CN locomotive, a rail train, a Slot Machine dump train, UP/SSW 1992 and I think UP 7665, probably another former Cotton Belt locomotive.
1) UP 8029, 9710, 8240, 4306, 5187, 811, 5088, 8185, 9433, 1704, 1712, 1713, 1694, 1722, 1563, 1894, 6999, 9825
2) Unknown locomotive 7655, probably ex-Cotton Belt
3) UP/SSW 1992
4) GMTX 2116
5) CN 2463 blue locomotive
6) BNSF 7552, 5011, 8187 with crude oil train
7) GACX 3509 hopper
8) NYC 238203 CSX hi-cube boxcar
9) CP 85533 green CP Rail boxcar
10) SRCX 2079 Sid Richardson Carbon Co. hopper
11) NS 473523 boxcar
12) Rail Train
13) TILX 332625 and lots of other new hoppers, blt 4-12
14) CN 166384 gondola
15) MWCX 462415 CNW hopper
16) DGNO 479 blue gondola
17) SSW 62917 Golden West Service boxcar
18) GREX 35202 and other Slot Machine dump cars
19) CTCX 733393 and many other crude oil tank cars


TWO NICE AND PRETTY LADIES WAVING AT A TRAIN LITTLE ROCK, MAY 4, 2012 - Two lovely and nice ladies, who I've known for years,  at Union Station in Little Rock, AR waving at a train, Friday, May 4, 2012.  UP 4837 was leading the southbound train at 1:25 p.m.

TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, MAY 4, 2012 - Here's a few trains passing Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Friday, May 4, 2012, including HLCX 6300.
Included today:
1) UP 3900, 7381, 4732, 9830, 9592, 3991, 8222, 8459, 5091, 3742, 8742 (new), 8742, 9723, 5179, 9590, 7670, 6459, 7754, 4597, 3922, 8111, 8663, 6237
2) UP/SSW 1992
3) UP/CNW 9696
4) NS 2604, 7695, 7574
5) HLCX 6300
6) DCBX 2051 hopper
7) AOK 6401 with wheels
8) OXAX blue tankcar
9) BN 462472 hopper
10) CNW 520096 boxcar
11) TWIN 28 All Purpose Spine Car
12) Blackberries
13) AEX 8480 rusty hopper, former TEIX (?)


RSSX 7016 SWITCHING LOCOMOTIVE NORTH LITTLE ROCK, MAY 7, 2012 - RSSX 7016 Big West Oil SW1200 switcher in North Little Rock today, May 7, 2012.  According to Eric Augatis from another email list, this unit should be going to the former Flying J (now Big West Oil) refinery in North Salt Lake City, UT.  Apparently, Railserve has been selected to switch this plant.

IOWA, CHICAGO AND EASTERN - ICE- LOCOMOTIVES LEADING AN OIL TRAIN, PLUS OTHER TRAIN MAY 5, 2012 - Here's a few trains I saw on Saturday, May 5, 2012, including an ICE (Iowa, Chicago and Eastern ) headed empty crude oil train and another new, covered locomotive.
1) UP 7681, 5145, 4374
2) CSX 5420
3) ICE (Iowa, Chicago and Eastern) 6217, 6100, 6404, 6445
4) WAMX 2704 new covered locomotive
5) CSXT 491091 yellow/white gondola
6) SP 323116 gondola
7) CSXT 493019 new coil car "How Tomorrow Moves"
8) MP 8593 very rusty hopper
9) Full Moon May 5
10) 'Occupy Little Rock' camp

BOTH AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLES MEET LITTLE ROCK MAY 7, 2012 - It's relatively rare that both Amtrak Texas Eagles arrive in Little Rock, Arkansas within 25 minutes of each other. But early Monday morning, May 7, 2012 they did. Eagle #22, the northbound to Chicago, arrived first at 4:25 a.m., then the southbound Eagle #21 to San Antonio/Los Angeles, arrived at 4:49 a.m. Both were late.  I was at the station and got these photos as well as a 7-minute movie of the trains arriving and all the passenger action.

VIDEO OF FAST COAL TRAIN CONWAY, ARKANSAS MAY 10, 2012 - UP 6825 leading a loaded coal train south/east-bouind through downtown Conway, Arkansas at track speed, Thursday May 10, 2012 at 12:44 p.m.

SEVEN TRAINS IN 2 HOURS FRIDAY, MAY 11, 2012 LITTLE ROCK - A small rush of trains today, May 11, 2012, at the station in Little Rock between 1:28 and 3:25 p.m. (7 trains). I got a couple of trains passing each other and my usual old freight cars.
Included today:
1) UP 4470, 7917, 9476, 9780, 6442, 3964, 9770, 9571, 1694, 1713, 1563, 7176
2) BNSF 7621, 1025
3) GMTX 2156
4) CN 2509
5) SP 595540 flatcar
6) HLMX 74227 hopper, blt 4-77
7) RGLX 36201 hopper
8) WW 4318 hopper
9) GTW 127086 hy-cube
10) IC 680064 hy-cube
11) FEC 4482 flatcar, built 2-95
12) MP 640965 gondola with MoPac buzzsaw trademark
13) SSW 65086 SP hy-cube boxcar
14) UP 917049 gondola
15) ETTX 802232 BN autorack
16) ACFX 27308 Golden Peanut tankcar
17) GROX 60693 Union Equity hopper
18) BNSF 793586 reefer 

EARLY AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE, SATURDAY NIGHT MAY 12, 2012-NATIONAL TRAIN DAY - Amtrak's Texas Eagle No. 22 arrived at Little Rock, Arkansas at 11:13 p.m. Saturday night, May 12, 2012, National Train Day. As sometimes happens with Eagle 22, when everything runs smoothly in Texas and Arkansas (i.e., no track work, delays or mechanical problems), the train tonight arrived 18 minutes early, so that meant it sat at Union Station here until departure time at 11:39 (26 minutes). Here are some photos, including a closeup of a roach next to the station

TRAINS LITTLE ROCK ON NATIONAL TRAIN DAY MAY 12, 2012 - Although I didn't get trains in different locations, all these photos were taken on National Train Day, May 12, 2012 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. There were no special events in Little Rock, but the Trolley Museum in Fort Smith, AR and I was told the Arkansas & Missouri Railroad, had special events. It was a light rain today, so most of my shots were taken from Union Station's balcony. It was a CSX day with 8 CSX locomotives sighted. I also went there at 11 pm to catch the early Texas Eagle so I could get it on the same day.
1) UPY 149
2) UP 8173, 9373, 7361, 4146, 4294, 4886, 5209, 4547, 9514
3) CSX 769, 8082, 8502, 5207, 4772, 7636, 5374, 9023
4) ADN 9857 Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar
5) PBRX 800631 former Amtrak merchandise car
6) PROX 82711 Procor tank
7) ACFX 73403 phosphorous tank cars
8) CCBX 59632 ElastoFlo hopper
9) SOU 565420 Southern boxcar
10) PROX 39116 new Procor tankcar, blt 4-12
11) SP 338024 gondola
12) SP 247108 boxcar, blt 10-79
13) DGNO 498 blue gondola
14) SP 465970 Golden West Service hopper, blt 2-79
15) HOKX 112088 short tankcar
16) PTTX 137069 green pipes
17) EAGX 19052 tankcar "Not For Flammable or Poisonous Liquids)
18) SIRX 175791 CNW hopper, blt 12-75
19) CN 598188 boxcar
20) SOU 527342 boxcar
21) HS 75015 boxcar
22) ATW 114028 boxcar
23) BN 286254 green boxcar
24) SSW 62719 Golden West Service hycube
25) HS 10109 Corinth & Counce RR Co. boxcar
26) MCEX 330620 new hopper, blt 5-12
27) AOKX 495816 new hopper
28) LMIC 260007 flatcar
29) TILX 160199 short tankcar
30) LT 8113 gondola
31) HS 30446 Greenville & Northern Railway boxcar
32) CSXT 180850 blue hycube
33) NYC 239268 CSX hycube
34 CSXT 170615 Chessie System hycube with Chessie the Cat
35) SP 654657 Golden West Service hycube
36) "SLEEPY" autorack, full-side graffiti
37) Union Station balcony shots
38) Amtrak Texas Eagle No. 22 arriving early in Little Rock at 11:13 p.m.
ADN BOXCAR, NEW UP LOCOMOTIVES, THREE MKT GREEN HOPPERS MAY 13, 2012 - Here's just a handful of photos in Little Rock taken on Mother's Day, May 13. Included are THREE MKT green hoppers, UP/Rio Grande 1900, and another Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar. I've also included a photo of the Arkansas Queen Riverboat on the Arkansas River, and a narrative about the navigable Arkansas River and the ghost town of Napoleon, at the mouth of the Arkansas River where it empties into the Mississippi River in southeast Arkansas.
1) UP/Rio Grande 1900
2) UP 1356, 6654, 6803, 3957, new  SD70ACe locomotives 8743, 8744, 8745
3) MKT green hoppers 545, 558, 502, all built 4-88
4) ADN 9770 Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar
5) Unripe bright red blackberry
6) "Arkansas Queen" riverboat
7) Information on the Arkansas River and ghost town of Napoleon, Arkansas, which used to have a railroad
STREETCAR RIDE LITTLE ROCK-NORTH LITTLE ROCK, THU MAY 17, 2012 - I took a ride on a Central Arkansas Transit Streetcar over much of its route in Little Rock-North Little Rock today, Thursday May 17, 2012. Here are photos and comments of the ride.

DERAILMENT IN NORTH LITTLE ROCK'S UP YARDS MAY 18, 2012 - UP had a relatively small derailment just west of the I-30 bridge in UP's yards in North Little Rock, AR,  on Friday, May 18, 2012 in the morning. I don't know details, but when I took these pictures, it appeared only a few cars were involved. It tied up UP's Main 1 and Main 2, though, and I got a shot of a stack train detouring on a track north of the derailment site. If anyone has any more details of what happened, email me. These photos were taken from the Main Street Bridge, looking to the east into the sun. (Thanks for the heads up from John C. Jones and a UP employee)
TRAINS AND SUNSET LITTLE ROCK, MAY 20, 2012 - Some trains at the station in Little Rock, AR on both Saturday, May 19 and Sunday, May 20, 2012 plus a good sunset on Sunday. No special trains, but my usual 'fallen flag' freight cars, including 2 faded Rock Island boxcars.
1) UP 4715, 5072, 1713, 1694, 1696, 8162, 8187, 5222, 4451, 6677, 7767, 8092, 8676, 4053, 4129, 1706, 1697, 1710, 3821, 1929, 1917, 6326, 8373, 9770
2) CSX 7794, 7928, 7817, 7583, 7325
3) UP/CNW 9771
4) LLPX 2298
5) BNSF 5879, 5884, 4321
6) AGR 77726 newly painted boxcar built in 1979
7) WITX 5822 black hopper
8) SP 609639 Golden West Service lumber cars-several in a row
9) New TILX hoppers, blt 4-12
10) UP 24565 yellow caboose, now on display at entrance to UP's service area in North Little Rock
11) MKT 553 green hopper
12) CP 34477 CP Rain covered gondola
13) Wisconsin Central gondolas-2
14) NOKL 320177 dark blue Gondola Connection gondola
15) Green pipes loads
16) HS 75328 Rock Island faded blue boxcar
17) HS 3981 New Orleans Public Belt boxcar
18) HS 75284 Rock Island faded boxcar
19) TILX 600669 white and black tankcar
20) MP 705301 hopper
21) BNSF oil train 

"12 HOURS AT LITTLE ROCK" TRAINS MAY 23-24, 2012 - I decided to do a mini train watching event at Little Rock's Union Station, which I called "12 Hours at Little Rock." So, I went to the station at 7 p.m., Wednesday night, May 23 and stayed all night until 7 a.m Thursday, May 24, 2012 and counted trains. There was a total during that 12 hour period of 27 trains. Most of the freights were NOT photographed except for the lead locomotive's number boards. I took the number boards only so I'd have a time stamp on my digital camera for future reference. Photographing moving trains at dark doesn't work anyway. If you open th lens to get more light, you can't stop the motion because the shutter speed is too low, so you get a blur. If, on the other hand, you set the shutter speed high enough to stop the action, then all you get is a black picture, only seeing the number boards (which is what I did). I did take photos of both Amtrak trains and after sunrise on May 24 (a Thursday).

STREETCARS AND RIVERFEST-LITTLE ROCK, MAY 26, 2012 - Here's some pictures and a couple of movies of two Central Arkansas Transit streetcars shuttling people from North Little Rock to Riverfest in Little Rock, on Saturday May 26, 2012.

UP 2002-RAILSERVE 616 MORE LITTLE ROCK, JUNE 3, 4, 2012 - A few trains at Little Rock June 3 and 4, 2012, including UP 2002 Olympic unit and Railserve 616 bright yellow switcher.
1) UP 4937, 2002, 6828, 5915, 9670
2) UP/SP 6395, 6322
3) KCS 4116, 4034
4) Railserve 616 bright yellow switcher
5) UP/CNW 6720, 6708
6) PROX 39173 Procor new tankcar, blt 5-12
7) Four military helicopters
8) HZGX 9686 ballast/rock hopper with solar panels
9) Paid dog walker River Market Little Rock

USDA BOXCAR - OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, JUNE 9, 2012 - Trains at Little Rock, AR Saturday, June 9, 2012, including a USDA green boxcar.
Included today:
1) UP 4886, 4048, 4843, 8107, 3982, 4046, 8156
2) UPY 1440
3) BNSF 6373, 5585, 6053
4) LLPX 2248
5) CSX 215, 328
6) CN 5697
7) Little Rock Streetcar 411
8) Bird
9) FGWX 300000 USDA boxcar, "USDA Grain Inspection, Packers and Stock Yards Administration"
10) DGNO gondola with scrap metal
11) GFSX 4304 hopper

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS, JUNE 21, 2012 - Trains in Little Rock, Arkansas on Thursday, June 21, 2012, with motive power from UP, KCS, BNSF and CSX.
1) UP 9433, 4638, 1674, 1671, 1710, 1824
2) CSX 7899, 506, 60
3) BNSF 4175, 6875, 6062
4) KCS 3968
5) Oil tank cars
6) Budweiser truck

SIX-UNIT CSX TRAIN LITTLE ROCK, JUNE 22, 2012 - A CSXT Six-pack headed the MFWNL-21, the Fort Worth, Texas to North Little Rock, Arkansas manifest, on Friday, June 22, 2012 as the train passed Union Station in Little Rock (ArkRvr - UP's symbol) and also as it passed a Little Rock & Western eastbound train. (The 'Six-Pack name was the suggestion of Richard Whitenight of Fort Worth, who emailed me and others that these 6 CSXT units were on this train. He said it's the first time he's seen 6 CSXT units on a train in Arlington, Texas).

VARIOUS ROADNAMES AND TRAINS, LITTLE ROCK JUNE 23, 2012 - Here's a couple of train and locomotive photos around the Little Rock area on June 22 and 23, 2012, including BCRail, UP/Rio Grande, UP/SP, UP/SSW, NS, CSX, UP, LRWN.
1) UP 4964, 9677, 5061, 4791, 4888, 8066, 1703, 1667, 1679, 1715
2) LRWN 1541, 1542, 1544
3) CSXT 5450, 7551, 7710, 7671, 7596, 7735
4) UP/SP 6151, 6191, 2047
5) UP/SSW Cotton Belt 2094
6) BCRail 4648 and NS unit
7) UP/Rio Grande 1900
8) Cottontail rabbit or Jackrabbit
9) KCS 171361 boxcar
10) GW 6546 OSM gondola (Oregon Steel Mills) 
LITTLE ROCK TRAINS, SIX DIFFERENT ROADNAMES JUNE 24, 2012 - Here's my collection of train photos at Little Rock, Sunday June 24,
2012. Six different locomotive roadnames.
1) UP 4436, 4364, 4857, 5324, 5012, 1929, 1356, 4162, 9208, 2328, 9688, 1536
2) CSXT 5392, 8315
3) BNSF 6247, 4408
4) TFM 1623
5) BCRail 4648
6) KCS 4021, 4019
7) CP 607951 red hopper
8) MRMX 131800, new hopper

UP 2001 AND MEMPHIS-TENNESSEE CFWR 102 N LITTLE ROCK JUNE 28, 2012 - I  found these two locomotives in North Little Rock, AR this morning: Mississippi-Tennessee RR CFWR 102 and one of the Olympic Torch Relay locomotives, UP 2001.

NEW LITTLE ROCK AND WESTERN LOCOMOTIVE-OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK JULY 1, 2012 - A 3-train meet (one being a light engine move) plus a 'new' Little Rock & Western locomotive, LRWN/Meridian & Bigbee 2017, a GP38, which just got to the Little Rock & Western the past week. Plus more trains passing Union Station in Little Rock, Sunday afternoon, July 1, 2012. It's been over 100 degrees here for several days and dry.
1) UP 5911, 4512, 3832, 8089, 4623, 1715, 1679, 6861, 97-0 (can't read 3rd number), 6859, 4608
2) BNSF 4095, 4725, 4583
3) LRWN 2017, 1544
4) FSR 253570 MoPac boxcar with buzzsaw
5) CNW 49057 yellow hopper
6) TTPX 604823 pipes
7) TOFX 887271 boxcar
8) TILX 263560 new tankcar and others
9) ADN 9711 Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar in good shape
10) NS 473595 blue boxcar
11) Railfans

NORFOLK SOUTHERN'S 20 HERITAGE LOCOMOTIVES ON DISPLAY SPENCER, NC JULY 3, 2012 - Norfolk Southern has painted 20 of it's new locomotives in the colors of its' predecessor railroads. Over 2,000 railfans and others attended a photo portrait event of all 20 units, plus NS 1030 in the current paint scheme, on July 3 and 4, 2012 at Spencer, North Carolina,  home of the North Carolina Transportation Museum. Here are some of my photos. I have organized the pictures in various sections, each with its own web page. After this list of the 20 units, I have photos of the crowd, North Carolina Transportation Museum, banquet the night before at the Salisbury Depot in Salisbury, NC, and more.

UNPATCHED SP 266-TRAINS LITTLE ROCK JULY 13, 2012 - Of special interest today, Friday July 13, 2012,  is SP 266, one of the unpatched SP locomotives running on Union Pacific. Plus a few more trains at Little Rock, Arkansas. Thank you Mr. Hawkins and Mr. Reagon for the heads up.
Included today;
1) SP 266 unpatched
2) UP 6430, 5791, 4861, 349, 1724, 1670, 4621, 8468
3) GMTX 2108
4) SSW 8(?)20 long 4-door boxcar
5) ACFX 95887 tankcar
6) Lone Tube flower in weeds and rocks

RSSX WT&J  LOCOMOTIVES NORTH LITTLE ROCK AUGUST 1, 2012 - RSSX 4364, 4458 and 4443 in North Little Rock August 1. The RSSX is marked over the original reporting marks, which I think are WT&J.  

NS 8114 HERITAGE UNIT-RARE FOR THIS AREA-AUGUST 2, 2012 - Norfolk Southern heritage locomotive NS 8114 made its first appearance in Little Rock, Arkansas on Thursday, August 2, 2012. It was on the MCMNL-01 manifest from Camden, AR to North Little Rock. It passed Union Station/Amtrak station in Little Rock at 10:23 a.m. under dark skies and a light rain.

RJ CORMAN LOCOMOTIVE, OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK AUGUST 3, 2012 - Here's a few train/locomotive photos at Little Rock and North Little Rock, Arkansas taken on Thursday and Friday, August 2 and 3, 2012. Of special interest is NS heritage locomotive 8114 (in original Norfolk Southern paint) and RJ Corman locomotive 2010.
1) RJ Corman Railpower 2010
2) UP 7426, 7412, 9895, 1683, 1673, 1679, 4892
3) UP/SSW 1937
4) NS 8391, 8114, 9544, 2621
5) ADN 5037 Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar

LATE AMTRAK #21 FRIDAY, AUGUST 10, 2012 - Amtrak 21, the southbound Texas Eagle, arrived at Little Rock, Arkansas at 12:20 p.m. Friday, August 10,  2012, 9 1/2 hours late due to a UP derailment in Illinois, which was caused by a storm that knocked over 10 container cars. Here are some photos of the Eagle at the station.

STREETCAR BIRTHDAY PARTY SATURDAY AUGUST 11, 2012 - Here are some photos from Saturday's birthday party on a rented Central Arkansas Transit streetcar. Two girls were celebrating their birthday by renting a streetcar for an hour. One of the 7-year old girls was expecting the party but I understand the other was not. The birthday girls names were Kynnedy and Mackenzie. Here's some photos.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS, AUGUST 12, 2012 - Some trains and fallen-flag freight cars today, Sunday August 12, 2012  at Little Rock, AR. Included is UP 1982, the MoPac Heritage. UP 1988, the Katy unit, has been in Jenks Shops now for days. I don't know what's wrong with it. And UP 2001, one of the Olympic units, passed through here at 6 a.m., but I didn't get photos of it or 1988.
1) UP 1982, 3484, 6802, 8418, 5831, 6433, 7224, 1714, 8173, 9372, 4910
2) UP/SP 6369
3) BNSF 4110
4) SOO 75051 SOO Lines hopper
5) CP 607708 Canada red hopper
6) UP 96145 newly painted gondola
7) KWT 7004 Tamora-Staplehurst Co-Op Tamora, Nebraska hopper
8) IC 766685 Illinois Central hopper
9) NS 164398 blue coil car
10) McCloud River RR Company boxcar
11) CP 85533 CP green boxcar

UP 1988, THE KATY UNIT, GETTING REPAIRS JENKS SHOPS, NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AUGUST 14, 2012 - UP 1988, the Katy heritage unit, sits outside UP's Jenks Shops in North Little Rock, Arkansas on Tuesday, August 14, 2012. It was being overhauled.

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLES NO. 21 AND 22, AUGUST 13 AND 15, 2012 - Amtrak's Texas Eagles Nos. 21 and 22 on two nights at Union Station in Little Rock, AR, August 14 and 15, 2012. I also caught some passing freights.

BALD KNOB, ARKANSAS TRAINS AND DEPOT, AUGUST 15, 2012 - On Wednesday, August 15, 2012, my good friend from Texas Jerry and I went to Bald Knob, Arkansas to visit Arkansas Traveler Hobbies inside the old Missouri Pacific depot and to watch trains. There's also an ATCS train monitor inside the station.
Included today:
1) Views inside the Bald Knob depot/hobby shop
2) UP 1959, 7267
3) NS 7703
4) UP/SP 6199
5) BNSF 7275, 6679, 7300
6) Russell, AR depot
7) Old hotel across street from Bald Knob depot

VARIOUS TRAIN-VARIOUS DAYS LITTLE ROCK, AUGUST 12-16, 2012 - A few trains in the Little Rock area around August 14, but also including other days. Included are a pink 'Fight Against Cancer' boxcar, RSSX 8 switcher, sunset at Union Station.
1) UP 5609, 1716, 1685, 1695, 4919, 4561, 4762, 8101, 5231, 1988 (apart), 1982
2) RSSX 8
3) RBOX 21502 weight lifter boxcar
4) WSOR 503196 "Fight Against Cancer" pink boxcar
5) Sunset with Union Station in foreground
6) Signal bridge with sunset

VARIOUS LOCOMOTIVES N LITTLE ROCK INCLUDING 1996, AUGUST 22, 2012 - UP 1996, the Southern Pacific heritage unit, UP 6938, newly repainted Centennial display locomotive at Jenks Shops, SSW 9699 Cotton Belt unit, and two newly painted RSSX units, No. 4130 and 576, all in North Little Rock, AR Wednesday, August 22, 2012.

WARBONNET AND OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, AUGUST 25, 2012 - Here's a few trains Saturday afternoon, August 25, 2012 at Little Rock, Arkansas, including a relatively rare BNSF/Santa Fe Warbonnet locomotive, which was the dpu of a BNSF oil train. I've also included a couple of flower and sunset shots and a photo of the Moon and Union Station. Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the Moon, died today at 82 years old, and I thought a Moon shot would be appropriate.
1) UP/Rio Grande 1900
2) UP 8584, 4364, 8512, 8574
3) BNSF 6247, 4331, 748-warbonnet
4) Sunset and flowers
5) Union Station and Moon

22 TRAINS LITTLE ROCK ON SUNDAY, AUGUST 26, 2012 - Sunday, August 26, 2012 was quite busy at the station in Little Rock. I caught and got photos of 22 trains and 49 locomotives between the hours of 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.  There were two BNSF oil trains and both UP Main 1 and Main 2 were occupied with trains at the same time on several occasions. There were 9 of us diehard railfans at Union Station today. A heavy shower around 1 p.m. put the damper on the train watching, but I returned at 3 for more. I also included a National Hurricane Center forcast for Hurricane Issac.
Included today:
1) UP 8207, 5606, 6819, 1356, 9698, 8910, 8078, 2217, 8766, 4619, 4337, 8171, 5206, 7464, 8508, 4017, 1685, 1686, 9830, 9780, 7892, 7845, 7350, 8766, 4615, 4725, 4225, 4019, 4895
2) GMTX 2112
3) NS 9351, 6647, 7679, 2629, 9044, 7505, 6710
4) BNSF 5743, 6471, 9820, 5386, 4023, 7779, 5007, 4307
5) CSX 7686, 8883
6) SSW 9699 unpatched
7) UP 217064 hopper
8) CRDX 3093 new hopper built 08-12
9) ADN 5640 faded Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar
10) CSXT 246004 SCL hopper
11) SCRX 4315  hopper built in Paragould, Arkansas with closeup of specs
12) MKT  517 green hopper
13) BNSF 808106 green BN boxcar built 09-75
14) Heavy rain briefly
15) Pigeon
16) BNSF 793524 reefer
17) GACX 6253 pink Potash hopper
18) FURX 830064 Transportation Corporation of America hopper
19) EAMX 7012 with old black and white Santa Fe logo
20) Screenshot of Hurricane Issac's predicted path as of Sunday night, August 26

NIGHT TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, AUGUST 28, 2012 - I tried experimenting with high ISO settings to get some night shots of trains, allowing me to use a high shutter speed so the trains would not be blurry. I used an ISO setting of 16,000 and shutter speed of 1/325th second. Even though you can see the trains ok, due to the high ISO setting, there will be some noise in the photos and if you try to enlarge them, they become worse. So, here's the results, all taken at Union Station in Little Rock on the night of August 28, 2012. Included is UP 1996.

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE #22 IN RAIN AND WIND FROM REMNANTS OF HURRICANE ISSAC, THURSDAY NIGHT, AUGUST 30, 2012 - On Thursday night, August 30, 2012, Amtrak's northbound Texas Eagle, Number 22, arrived in Little Rock, Arkansas in rain and wind from former Hurricane Issac. The eye of this former hurricane was located just a few miles south of Little Rock when the train arrived and we had heavy rain for hours with wind gusts as high as 40 mph Thursday afternoon.  This storm hit New Orleans a few days before and moved slowly north toward Arkansas.  I ventured out around midnight and got some photos and videos.

"PARTY TRAIN" TO LITTLE ROCK-AMTRAK EAGLE #22, SEPTEMBER 1, 2012 - Amtrak's Texas Eagle No. 22 northbound at Little Rock Saturday night, September 1, 2012. What's interesting to me was a small group of college-age students who rode the train from Arkadelphia, Arkansas (about an hour south of Little Rock) to Little Rock, where they were picked up by friends so one person in the group could celebrate his birthday in Little Rock's River Market district without having to drive there. After their birthday celebration, they were taken back to the station to catch southbound Eagle No. 21 back to Arkadelphia, where someone there picked up the group. Tonight Amtrak was used as a designated driver! It turns out that both 22 and 21 were on time,  but had 22 been 2 hours late like a couple of nights ago, this idea would not have worked. Lucky.

BLUE CN LOCOMOTOTIVE 5427 OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, SEPTEMBER 2, 2012 -  Trains at the station in Little Rock Sunday, January 2, 2012, including a blue and white CN locomotive No. 5427 and red MKT gondola 16021. Today I saw locomotives from UP, NS, CP, Ferromex, Patched SP, UP/DGRW, KCS, and CN.
1) UP 8225, 7500, 4481, 4432, 1728, 1718, 1686, 8453, 7842, 4653, 2447, 7787, 4422, 4400, 3518
2) NS 9377, 6582
3) CP 9709, 8542
4) Ferromex 4607
5) UP/SP 2047
6) UP/DGRW 1900
7) KCS 4003
8) CN 5427 (blue and white), 2183, 5800
9) WP 38071 boxcar
10) MP X15129 and 15125 long former mail/freight handler cars on MoPac's passenger trains
11) SP 245303 boxcar
12) MKT 16021 red gondola
13) DGRW 15592 hopper
14) Track workers

WAMX 3306 TARPED LOCO-OTHER TRAINS SEPTEMBER  9, 2012 - A couple of trains at the station in Little Rock, AR, Friday, September 7 and Sunday, September 9, 2012. Included is a new, tarped locomotive, WAMX 3306.
1) WAMX 3306 tarped new locomotive
2) UP 4797, 4493
3) CSX 7557
4) KCS Belle
5) CN black and red
6) 10 locomotive-consist on a long freight

TOY CHRISTMAS TRAIN-SLOT TRAIN-SEPTEMBER 11, 2012 - Here's a few trains taken Tuesday, September 11 at Little Rock, AR including two passing trains.
1) 0-4-0 red and white Christmas train at Cracker  Barrel
2) UP 9747, 9732, 6694, 3922, 7240
3) Slot train

BRINKLEY DEPOT 100TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2012 - On Sunday, September 16, 2012, the Brinkley, Arkansas Union Depot celebrated its' 100th anniversary. It is now the Central Delta Depot Museum, funded and run by the Central Delta Historical Society. It sits at the junction of the former Cotton Belt (now Union Pacific's Jonesboro Sub) and the former Rock Island (abandoned from the Junction westward 50 miles to Little Rock but still a busy line east of Brinkley to West Memphis, also around 50 miles, run by Union Pacific as the Brinkley Sub). It is on the National Register of Historic Places. In 2001, Union Pacific donated the structure to the Central Delta Historical Society. They were initially planning to raze it, but the good citizens of Brinkley persuaded UP to donate it.
   Here is a history of the depot, partly condensed from the August 31, 2012 Central Delta Argus-Sun newspaper written by Laura Bussell:
   In 1910, Brinkley had railroads that fanned out in seven different directions, mainly the Rock Island which ran east-west and Cotton Belt which ran north-south. Smaller, shorter lines also ran through Brinkley, such as the Brinkley & Marianna, Batesville & Brinkley, Arkansas Midland, the White River and Helena Division of the Missouri Pacific, White & Black Railroad (which became part of the Rock Island branch that ran northwest of Brinkley). Brinkley was a busy railroad town a hundred years ago.
   By 1911, Brinkley had 10 Rock Island passenger trains, 4 Cotton Belt passenger trains and 2 Arkansas Midland passenger trains daily. Plus there were 2 mixed freights daily (meaning that a passenger car or caboose was added to a regular freight train to haul passengers). An average of 500 passengers a day passed through the Rock Island's old T-shaped, framed depot used by the Rock Island, Cotton Belt, and Missouri Pacific (Cotton Belt and Missouri Pacific paid a rental fee to the Rock Island for joint use of their depot).
   On July 7, 1911, the Arkansas Railroad Commission ordered the Rock Island to construct a new, $26,000 brick union station at the same location. A completion date of April 1, 1912 was promised, but due to rising costs, the station wasn't ready to be opened until September 16, 1912. It is still alive and well today as the Central Delta Depot Museum, open 7 days a week staffed by volunteers. I think it's very admirable that the citizens of Brinkley care about history enough to preserve this structure.
FOGGY TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, SEPTEMBER 16, 2012 - More trains at the station in Little Rock on a foggy Sunday, September 16, 2012.
1) UP 8648, 7818, 7735, 6495, 5496, 9732, 5137, 5189, 5137
2) CP 9802
3) CN 2719
4) String of CP hoppers
5) Railfans
6) CRIX 490311 GTA Grain Marketing hopper

TARPED LOCOMOITVE, LRWN AND OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 18, 2012 - Here's a few trains at Little Rock, AR on Tuesday, September 18, 2012. Included is a tarped locomotive and an unknown container on a flatcar next to it.
1) WAMX 3308 plus an unknown load
2) UP 1728, 1686, 1718, 8778
3) LRWN 1541
4) "Bay Line" BAYL 500. Both LRWN and BAYL are owned by Genesee & Wyoming, and many of their engines are pooled from one road to another (thanks to Eric from Facebook).

UP HERITAGE 1996 AND 1983, NORTH LITTLE ROCK, SEPTEMBER 19, 2012 - UP 1996, the Southern Pacific heritage unit, and 1983, the Western Pacific heritage unit, in North Little Rock, Arkansas  on Wednesday, September 19, 2012. The previous weekend, these and all the other Union Pacific heritage locomotives were in North Platte, Nebraska for Railfest.  Later today, these two locos went to Pine Bluff on an engine move.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS, STREETCARS AND AMTRAK SEPTEMBER 20 AND 21, 2012 - rain action in Little Rock, Arkansas on Thursday, September 20, 2012 and Friday, September 21, including Amtrak and streetcars.
1) Little Rock Streetcar 409
2) BNSF 5280, 7455, 5471
3) CSXT 7750, 7548, 4818, 5481
4) Amtrak 62 heading Texas Eagle 22
5) GMTX 2112
6) UP 9667, UPY 583, UP 9582, 9631
7) Red and blue-tipped pipes
8) MVRY 6208,  Mahoning Valley Ry gondola
9) CNW 155546 yellow CNW boxcar
10) FOBX 90006 long tankcar, built 11-98
11) CGTX 31249 new tankcar
12) GATX 211727 new black tank car with bright white center
TWO BNSF EXECUTIVE AND 2 UP/CNW LOCOS PLUS OTHERS SEPTEMBER 23, 2012 - Trains at Little Rock, AR on Sunday, September 23, 2012, including two BNSF 'Executive' painted locomotives on an oil train, BNSF 9661 and 9775 (the DPU) and two UP/CNW Operation Lifesaver former CNW locomotives, UP/CNW 6703 and 6712 (both patched with UP numbers).  I caught two northbound BNSF oil trains today, plus a blackbird begging to be photographed next to my car and an interesting cloud overhead. And my usual old freight cars. I even tried another night freight shot.
Included today:
1) BNSF 4621, 7679 (burn marks in middle), 9321, 9661 (in executive paint), 9775 (also in executive paint-both SD70Mac's)
2) NS 7585, 9435
3) UP 7088, 5704, 4426, 9527, 7196, 7649, 4404, 6050, 9687, 5927, 7328, 6921, 7912, 7152, 4665
4) UP/CNW 6703, 6712 both Operation Lifesaver
5) BNSF oil train with one tankcar being TREX 1675
6) WC 5417 Wisconsin Central gondola
7) UTLX 647517 blue tank car
8) Southern 531276 boxcar with the Southern 'Green Light' emblem
9) UP 355205 boxcar with the UP trademark
10) AEPX coal cars
11) Blackbird
12) Lone cloud right over sun
13) SSW 42901 Cotton Belt boxcar
14) NYC 221865 Conrail boxcar
15) KWT 5200, Farmer's Co-op Elevator Association, Roland and Nevada, Iowa hopper
16) MKT 4577 grey hopper

PREX 149 LOCOMOTIVE - OTHERS LITTLE ROCK, SEPTEMBER 24, 2012 - PREX 149 blue switcher alongside Ferromex 4058 in North Little Rock, Arkansas, Monday, September 24, 2012. I also took a photo from the Daisy Bates overpass of the Union Pacific tracks behind Little Rock Central High School. Great photo angle, but sort of dangerous standing on this overpass. Also, Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar ADN 9569.

TRAINS LITTLE ROCK PLUS HAWK, MY CAT TIGGER SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 30, 2012 - Little Rock trains on a dark, overcast, cool day with periods of very light rain. Included today besides trains, are photos of 'our' train station hawk, a fly at a Sonic Drive-In and my cat Tigger.
1) UP 5893, 5800, 3885, 3972, 6801, 8077, 8695, 2247, 2276, 4379, 3781, 8134, 6690, 1729, 1730, 7337, 8102, 5001, 9372
2) BNSF 4574, 6262, 5894
3) NS 8712
4) GMTX 2112
5) LLPX 2285, 2222
6) UP/SP 2003
7) Fly at Sonic Drive-in sign
8) Hawk at Union Station
9) Oil tankcars
10) TILX 192192 Global ethanol tankcar
11) DOWX 7100 rusty tankcar
12) NS 472624 with purple monster
13) LLTX 13663 with logs
14) NYC 297862 Conrail hi-cube boxcar
15) CP 608034 Canada red hopper
16) CP 607533 Canada red hopper
17) CP 355207 red gondola
18) WSOR 101528 Wisconsin & Southern blue boxcar
19) Ballast cars
20) NOKL 320362 Gondola Connection blue gondola
21) ALY 91755 red flatcars
22) Wet pink rose
23) My 12-year-old car Tigger

UP 4141, 6938, 1996 AND 2002 NORTH LITTLE ROCK, OCTOBER 2, 2012 - UP 4141 (George Bush Library locomotive), UP 6938 (Centennial locomotive), UP 2002 (Olympics unit) and UP 1996 (Southern Pacific heritage unit) in North Little Rock, AR Tuesday, October 2, 2012. Included are some good night shots of 6938.

UP SPECIAL WITH 1996-1983 NORTH LITTLE ROCK, OCTOBER 5, 2012 - Union Pacific special 150th anniversary train with UP 1996 (SP heritage) on one end and UP 1983 (WP heritage) on the other end, Friday October 5, 2012 in North Little Rock. This train will run from North Little Rock southward to Little Rock Junction and back a few times on Saturday, October 6, for dignitaries and UP employees and family. It can be seen on Saturday passing Union Station if anyone wants to see it. Thanks to John C. Jones for the heads up. The passenger cars are: Columbine (dome), Texas Eagle and Feather River.

DISPLAY LOCOMOTIVES FOR 150TH ANNIVERSARY JENKS SHOPS N LITTLE ROCK OCTOBER 5, 2012 - Displayed locomotives in front of Union Pacific's Jenks Shops in North Little Rock, Arkansas on Friday, October 5,  2012, the day before the 150th anniversary celebration. The displayed locomotives are UP 4141, the Bush unit, UP 1733, a refurbished SD40-2, and UP 2002, one of the Salt Lake City Olympic units.

UP 150TH SPECIAL WITH PASSENGERS AND OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, OCT 6, 2012 -  Union Pacific ran a special train along with having a 150th anniversary celebration at UP's Jenks Shops in North Little Rock, AR on Saturday, October 6, 2012. I got a movie of this train passing Union Station in Little Rock at 9:15 a.m. UP 1996, the Southern Pacific Heritage unit, was on one end of the train and UP 1983, Western Pacific unit, was on the other end. It was cold and windy, 48 degrees. Plus rain moved in later in the day. I also caught a few regular trains, including a colorful consist with Ferromex, UP and CN locomotives. To see the initial southbound special passing this location at 9:35 a.m., click on this link:
Included today:
1) UP 1983, 1996, 4395, 3793, 5706, 4182, 7631, 8437
2) CSXT 8624, 8740
3) Ferromex 4058
4) UPY 1383
5) CN 2174, 2676
6) NYC 22221 Conrail boxcar
7) IFRX 1593 Rio Grande worn hopper

BNSF OIL TRAIN, OTHERS LITTLE ROCK, SUNDAY 14, OCTOBER, 2012 - Trains on Sunday, October 14, 2012 at Little Rock, AR, including a BNSF oil train with multi-BNSF paint-schemed locomotives. It started out cloudy but the sun broke through later in the morning.
1) UP 5024, 4512, 2290, 4741, 6234, 7718, 7831, 4501, 4609, 5514, 1730, 1576, 1568, 1735, 7428, 6813, 8431, 7837.
2) BNSF 9762 (Executive), 5861, 5681 (Warbonnet), 6600, 4806
3) NS 7659, 8879
4) UP/SP 2047, 2003
5) GMTX 2112
6) KCS 4751 Belle
7) Two Southern Pacific hoppers
8) TRLX 5389 Apasco hopper
9) State Capitol Police car
10) BKTY gondola with a faded red MKT trademark emblem
11) Old rusty Cotton Belt autorack
12) NAHX 6543 and 6730 faded blue Rock Island hoppers
13) MWCX 460325 General Chemical hopper
14) IAPX 1031 Air Liquide tank
15) UP 563214 UP yellow boxcar
16) IRGW (? not sure) 56365 gondola with a faded R on it. What was the original roadname?
17) MWCX 10124 BN hopper

NEW TIES BEING INSTALLED AT UNION STATION-LITTLE ROCK, OCTOBER 22, 2012 - A few trains plus a tie gang installing new ties on the Amtrak siding at Union Station in Little Rock, AR, Monday October 22, 2012.
1) BNSF 4697
2) UP 9697, 7090, 3474, 1945, 8596, 7418, 8126, 6493, 8189
3) CSX 7661, 7873
4) Butterfly on ballast
5) HLSC Hampton Lumber Sales centerbeam
6) US Illinois rail built 1974
7) WSOR 101507, 101501, 101532, 101520 blue Wisconsin & Southern boxcars
8) Track working gang

NIGHT TRAINS LITTLE ROCK INCLUDING TEXAS EAGLE, TUESDAY OCTOBER 23, 2012 - Here's a few trains Tuesday night, October 23, 2012 at Little Rock, Arkansas, including Amtrak Texas Eagle 22 and UP 1989, the Rio Grande heritage unit.
1) BNSF 4529, 6770, 4368
2) BNSF local
3) UP 9794, 1989
4) AMT 14 on Texas Eagle
5) Boarding passengers
6) Artsy shot of Amtrak leaving

CLOSEUP OF THE MOON, NOVEMBER 2, 2012 AT 12:30 A.M. - Moon over Arkansas at 12:30 a.m. Friday, November 2, 2012 taken with my Sony 30X HX200V camera. It was a hand-held shot using Shutter Priority of 1/1000th second to keep the brightness down.

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE LITTLE ROCK, NOVEMBER 5, 2012 - The northbound Texas Eagle arrived in Little Rock, AR at 11:43 p.m. Monday, November 5, 2012, 10 minutes late. I also got some shots of UP and BNSF freights, including a light engine move passing the Eagle as it was arriving. 

PRIVATE CARS ON AMTRAK EAGLE NOV. 8 AND TX EAGLE ON ELECTION NIGHT, NOV 6, 2012 - Amtrak's Texas Eagle, northbound No. 22, on two nights,  Tuesday November 6 (election night) and Thursday November 8, 2012 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. On November 8, the Eagle had 2 private cars on the rear, Nos. 800756 and 800025. I've also included a link to a movie of the train leaving on November 8.

DENISON, TX KATY MUSEUM AND F-LOCO NOVEMBER 13, 2012 BY BRETT BEARDEN - Brett Bearden asked if I would post this picture taken at the Denison, Texas Katy Railroad Museum today, Tuesday, November 13, 2012. Note his 1984 Corvette in front of the MKT locomotive.

TEXAS EAGLE WITH EX-SANTA FE DOME SKY VIEW LITTLE ROCK, FRI NOVEMBER 16, 2012 - Early Friday morning, November 16, 2012 around 3 a.m. , Amtrak's southbound Texas Eagle No. 21 arrived at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas with former Santa Fe dome/lounge car "Sky View" on the rear. The car's number was 800966, and currently is lettered for Iowa Pacific. It was headed to San Antonio for transfer to the Texas State Railroad near Palestine, Texas for their annual Polar Express Christmas train. I also included some scenes of Amtrak's regular train and passengers getting on and off the train. Plus there's a link to view a Youtube movie of the train arriving and departing. It was 34 degrees and clear.

UP CEO SPECIAL LITTLE ROCK NOVEMBER 25, 2012 - Union Pacific CEO special train passing Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Sunday afternoon, November 25, 2012 on its way from Council Bluffs, Iowa to Avondale, Louisiana. The train ID was SCBAV-24 lead by UP 7523. Consist: UPP 2066, Willie James, Columbia River, Kenefick, Lake Bluff, Lake Forest, Powder River, Walter Dean, Overland, and Fox River.

TRAINS AND SUNSET LITTLE ROCK, NOVEMBER 24, 2012 - Trains on Saturday, November 24, 2012 at Union Station in Little Rock with a vivid sunset.
1) UP 6456, 6935, 3542, 8082
2) BNSF 9321, 9775, 4953
3) UP/SP 6395
4) CNW 15534 boxcar
5) CNW 435055 hopper
6) CSXT 136535 boxcar
7) HS 30913 Columbus & Greenville boxcar
8) Sunset at train station
9) Moon in blue sky and black sky

TRAINS AT LITTLE ROCK, NOVEMBER 25, 2012 - Trains passing Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Sunday, November 25, 2012. Included are 8 different roadnames on locomotives, included two new RSSX switching units.
1) UP 1929, 4075, 3805, 1726, 1735, 1741, 2096, 9765, 9770, 7692, 4500, 4348, 7523, 7834, 8480
2) UP/SP 2047
3) BNSF 9920
4) HLCX 3814
5) GMTX 2116
6) CSX 829, 804
7) RSSX 46, 4443
8) CN 2140
9) Bird
10) DGRW 15522 hopper
11) Families and dogs
12) TBOX 662705 new boxcar
13) New GNTX 295967 black and yellow rail gon TTX gondola
14) Streetcar from inside Capital Bar and Grill restaurant
15) Union Station viewed from the south side
16) Arkansas Children's Hospital helicopter

AMTRAK'S TEXAS EAGLE TRIP TO FORT WORTH WITH HERITAGE LOCOMOTIVE 66, DECEMBER 4-5, 2012 -  On Tuesday morning, December 4, 2012, I took a trip from Little Rock, Arkansas to Fort Worth, Texas and return aboard Amtrak's Texas Eagle,  Nos. 21 and 22. It so happened that Amtrak's 40th Anniversary Heritage Locomotive No. 66 headed both trains and I got photos of it in Little Rock, Dallas and Fort Worth. I've also included links to nine Youtube movies of various aspects of this trip.

HOLLY-TROLLEY CHRISTMAS STREETCAR DAY, DECEMBER 8, 2012 - This was the annual Holly Trolley Day at Central Arkansas Transit's Trolley Barn, where Santa and Mrs. Santa greeted kids and everyone rode the streetcars free.
TWO TRAINS LITTLE ROCK DECEMBER 12, 2012  - Just a couple of trains Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at Little Rock's Union Station, including a movie of a long mixed freight.
Included today:
1) UP 3494
2) UP/SP 2003-2047
3) MKT red gondola 16468, built 2-70
4) MKT/UP gondola 97006

TRAINS LATE AFTERNOON/NEAR SUNSET LITTLE ROCK, DECEMBER 21, 2013 - Some train shots taken in late afternoon and near sunset at the station in Little Rock, AR on Friday, December 21, 2012, including a work train and NS train. Also some colorful contrails and sunset.
1) UP 4745, 4947, 5467, 4187, 4656, 7478, 5122
2) CSX 7772
3) NS 9746, 7706
4) RRRX 171077 Farmers Coop hopper
5) RRRX 182986 Klemme Coop Grain hopper, Klemme, Iowa
6) SOO 122837 Canadian Pacific Railway hopper with closeup of emblem
7) NAHX 558421 Grace Davison Cracking Catalysts hopper
8) Moon in darkening sky
9) N206TR helicopter overhead
10) BN 46129 green hopper
11) ATSF 350301 red Santa Fe hopper
12) BTCX 200 Procor hopper
13) Sunset and lots of contrails
14) SSW 70094 with blue Cotton Belt trademark
15) CNW 155348 boxcar
16) Work/Dump train
17) UPS containers
18) Special Chrome enhanced special effects picture

UP 4141-1995 LOTS OF ROADNAMES LITTLE ROCK, DECEMBER 30, 2012 - Interesting day at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Sunday December 30, 2012. I caught 11 different roadnames/paint schemes on locomotives today including: UP, BNSF, CN, NS, TFM, KCS, Amtrak, UP/SP, UP/Rio Grande, UP 1995 heritage, UP 4141 Bush unit. It was a cold day with snow still on the ground from the big Christmas snow 5 days earlier.
1) UP 1995, 4141, 7862, 7472, 5862, 6423, 5835, 7000, 4863, 9765, 4376, 7177, 8460, 4798, 1998, 7052, 4344, 4021, 1959, 6964
2) UP/SP 6241
3) KCS Belle 4693, 4108
4) TFM 1615
5) UP/Rio Grande 1900
6) BNSF 4736, 4828, 4585, 5965, 4104
7) NS 8023
8) CN 2266, 5778
9) AMK 191 on Texas Eagle
10) Downed trees from snow/ice
11) TILX 500959 new tankcar Built 12-12
12) KCS 286180 Belle hopper
13) Santa's Elf
14) MKT 16085 red Katy gondola
15) SP 337735 gondola
16) AEPX 30253 coal hopper
17) CP Rail hoppers
18) Pigeons
19) Pipes
20) Arkansas State Capitol lit up for Christmas
21) Iceberg in parking lot
22) Last Amtrak Texas Eagle arrival of 2012 at Little Rock
23) Party at Union Station
24) Union Station at night from Markham Street


UP 1996, the SP heritage locomotive, was the highlight of the day at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Sunday, January 6, 2012. I
also got some early morning pre-dawn shots and a few more trains.
1) UP 1996, 4952, 8615, 6798, 8053, 4611, 1929, 4513, 6558,7723, 4849,
4615, 9768
2) KCS 4797 Belle
3) GPRE Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc hopper
4) CP 220624 Canadian Pacific boxcar
5) SHQX 7321 Targray tankcar with blue, orange and red semi-circle stripes
6) PROX 39965 new tankcar

A couple of trains Saturday, January 12, 2013, plus some interesting locomotives, like UP 2001 one of the Olympic units, and red/white/blue BCRAIL 4606, in Little Rock and North Little Rock, Arkansas. It was near 70 degrees with heavy rain today, but will drop 30 degrees tonight as an arctic cold front moves through the state.  Flooding was occurring to the west and north of Little Rock as I edited this web page.
Included today:
1) UP 4713, 6538, 7514, 2001
2) CN 5711
3) BCRAIL 4606 red, white and blue locomotive
4) Old Arrow-logo Amtrak and new logo Amtrak signs
5) IFRX 350788 green, dirty hopper
6) EAMX 7002 hopper with Santa Fe logo and old 'G'-something 175 markings
7) MKT 507 green Katy hopper

UP 2001 HEADING A LONG FREIGHT LITTLE ROCK, JANUARY 13, 2013 - UP 2001, one of the Salt Lake City 2001 Olympics locomotives, headed a southbound train today, plus a BNSF oil train northbound during sunset headed by two of BNSF's 'Executive' units, plus other trains passing Little Rock's Union Station, Sunday January 13, 2013.
1) UP 2001, 4358, 7764, 3585, 4824, 4615, 7417
2) GMTX 2144, 2110
3) LLPX 2222
4) BNSF 9837, 9708, 9271
5) Sunset and tracks
6) CP 85619 CP Rail boxcar
7) CNW 437231 hopper
8) ACFX 40751 makrolon Bayer gondola

NS 6920 VETERANS LOCOMOTIVE NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR JANUARY 18, 2013 - Norfolk Southern Honoring Our Veterans locomotive NS 6920, North Little Rock, Arkansas January 18, 2013, 11:50 p.m. The locomotive came from Jonesboro to Pine Bluff, Arkansas earlier in the day on MJBPB-18, then moved to North Little Rock on the YPB88-18, getting to North Little Rock shortly after 7 p.m. I wasn't available during the day to chase it as in moved across east and south Arkansas, but managed to get these night shots in North Little Rock. Since there is various types of lighting here, I did the best I could with the camera's white balance settings, trying to get the best natural colors I could.

WEDDING PHOTOS TRAINS LITTLE ROCK JANUARY 26, 2013 - Saturday, January 26, 2013 was one of the most interesting days I've had at Union Station in Little Rock. Not only were there a good number of trains, but an engaged couple were having their photos taken by a professional photographer on the platform (no, they never went on the tracks). The photographer gave me permission to also take pictures,which I did and included a couple on this webpage with trains in the
background.  Also, the BNSF switching local showed up today and there was the usual variety of locomotive roadnames and fallen-flag freight cars, including an old Great Northern blue woodchip car.
1) UP 5586, 6800, 7222, 6029, 4944, 7111, 3790, 5155, 4381, 8190,
7326, 7453, 3923, 4487, 9742, 3906, 5378, 3991, 2062, UPY 541, UP
6280, 8637
2) KCS 4005
3) BNSF 2163, 3205, 741 (Warbonnet0, 7326, 5403, 1535 (green BN)
4) CSX 7886, 5391
5) NS 8446, 8998, 2757
6) GN blue woodchip hopper 100474
7) DRGW 15551 Rio Grande hopper
8) HS 72284 Corinth & Counce Railroad Co boxcar
9) CNW 155968 boxcar
10) ATGX 76332 XTRA hopper
11) NDYX 824570 hopper
12) CBTX 740543 new tankcar Built 6-12
13) CNW 128395 hopper
14) Dozens of rail box yellow boxcars, including RBOX 32185
15) CNW 752588 yellow hopper
16) CNW 752683 grey Rock Island hopper
17) Pre-wedding photos
18) WLPX 44395 hopper
19) TILX 255082 new tankcar Built 1-13
20) SEAX 10 green woodchip car
21) LBR 6717 Delaware Lackawanna boxcar
22) MKT 16433 red Katy gondola

TRAINS LITTLE ROCK FEBRUARY 1, 2013 - A couple of trains today at Little Rock, including an Illinois Central gondola and SP Hy-Cube. I've also included engine types: C36-7, B40-8, AC44CW, SD40N, GP38-2, SD40-2, SD60M, SD70M.
1) UP 601, 1805, 6350, 1576, 663. 4658
2) TFM 1619
3) CSX 8853, 8779
4) UP 355270 yellow boxcar
5) NKCR 14253 SM boxcar
6) AM 2012 A&M boxcar
7) ICG 765984 Illinois Central gondola
8) SSW 65050 SP Hy-Cube Cushion Car

PIPES AND TRAINS, LITTLE ROCK, FEBRUARY 3, 2013 - A nice sunny, cool day and a good number of trains at the station in Little Rock, AR, including some new tankcars and a long load of pipes.
1) UP 9598, 3858, 5566, 7744, 1824, 4048, 8317, 596, 7822, 3870, 6913, UP/SP 6405, UP 6652, 4289, 4175, 4913, 7666, 4437, 8489, 4769, 3790, 7712
2) UP/SSW 2003
3) ALY 91733 red flatcar
4) SP 656242 SP boxcar
5) UTLK 959177 new tankcars built 1-13
6) NS 473558 blue boxcar
7) SP 323133 SP Gondola
8) Arkansas Children's Hospital helicopter
9) TILX 262517 green tankcar
10) TR 585580 blue gondola
11) WE 400046 black gondola
12) Pipe loads
13) Procor new tankcars
14) First daffodils in my yard.

RAIN AND TRAINS, LITTLE ROCK, INCLUDING NEW SD70ACe's - Rain, sunshine and trains at Little Rock, Arkansas on Sunday, February 10, 2013.  The day started out rainy with thunder but ended up sunny in the afternoon. There was various motive power, including BNSF, CSX, UP, KCS and NS. There were 6 new SD70ACe locomotives on one stack train, UP 8789, 8791, 8792, 8793, 8794 and 8795. All of my photos on my webpages are reduced in size for the web. The original resolution photos are 7 times larger.
1) UP 5069, 4109, 8793, 8795, 8794, 8792, 8791, 8789, 7002, 5628, 6849, 6569, 8478, 3923, 9617, 9658, 9775, 1700, 1751, 1758, 4861, 3903, 4048, 8672, 4522, 7883, 4174, 6537
2) BNSF 4782, 9924, 9793, 4815, 9157. 9222, 7706
3) CSX 3017
4) NS 9451, 9962, 9885
5) KCS 4015, 4777
6) RSSX 4367
7) TILX 572057 hopper with large "75" on side
8) GTW 126515 Grand Trunk Western hy-cube
9) WW 4913 yellow Winchester & Western hopper
10)  MP 659385 Missouri Pacific gondola with buzzsaw
11) UP 563716 yellow UP hy-cube
12) WCPC 3238 high-end gondola with several more
13) MKT 16385 red Katy gondola
14) CSXT 496474 blue coil car
15) NOKL 570333 Big Blue boxcar
16) SRN 7193 Greenville & Northern Railway boxcar
17) KCS 171140 boxcar
18) CHIT 360316 blue gondola
19) CSXT 228067 Chessie hopper with Chessie the Cat, built 3-79
20) CSXT 228166 Chessie hopper with Chessie the Cat
21) GNTX 290151 rail gon gondola, built 12-12
22) ANR 339 Angelina & Neches River Railroad boxcar
23) HS 30424 Sabine River & Northern boxcar
24) PMRX 84078 hopper
25) SCL 20351 Family Lines hopper
26) MKT 586 green Katy hopper
27) Pelicans and birds on the Arkansas River with view of Baring Cross railroad bridge.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2013 - Sunday, February 17, 2013 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. A few meets today and one train used the Amtrak siding.
1) Bank of America red valentine on downtown Little Rock office building Saturday night .
2) UPY 2635 Genset
3) UP 5774, 8224, 7256, 5851, 5541, 1754, 1753, 1666, 3585, 5538
4) CSX 40, 690
5) CNW/UP 6718 (CNW 8818) and CNW/UP 6710 (former CNW 8808)
6) GMTX 2116
7) SP/UP 2047
8) HESR 208806 boxcar
9) MWCX 101245 BN green woodchip car
10) ADN 53204 Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar "Cushion Service"
11) CNW 340166 gondola Built 3-81
12) VeraLam loads
13) New Procor tankcars
14) ICE 70145 scale car
15) TBOX 62756 new TTX boxcar
16) HLMX 9524 hopper
17) MKT 578 gray hopper
18) MKT 517 green hopper
19) SP 82955 gondola, built 2-79
20) MP 706595 hopper, built 2-77
21) SRN 7304 Marnette Tomahawk & Western Railroad boxcar

LRWN/CP/UP TRAINS LITTLE ROCK FEBRUARY 22, 2013 - Here's some trains at the station in Little Rock, AR on Friday, February 22, 2013. Included is a Canadian Pacific oil train northbound and an increasingly rare Little Rock & Western train, plus I've included a movie of the LRWN train passing the station (with a long horn blast toward the end of the video as it was crossing streets west of Union Station).
1) UP 5007, 4348, 5066, 1666, 1753, 3905, 4688, 1756
2) Bay Line 500,  LRWN 2017
3) CP 9501, 9532 (9501 has sign "Sponsor of RCMP Musician Ride"
4) UP 6404 (former SP)
5) NYC 221521 "Conrail Quality" boxcar
6) PGR 2736 "Progressive Rail" shiny blue boxcar
7) KCS 171816 boxcar
8) Working on Little Rock streetcar overhead wires
LITTLE ROCK TRAINS SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2013 - Sunday, February 24, 2013 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. A couple of passing trains today including a BNSF crude oil train and my usual fallen-flag freight cars.
1) BNSF 5107, 6199
2) UP 7988, 7197, 4324, 1754, 4237, 4385, 4357, 4237, 5575, 8421, 5545, 5042, 4850
3) UP 6275 patched SP
4) Crude oil train
5) AM 2401 Arkansas & Missouri boxcar
6) TILX 261278 green tankcar
7) TRLX 403 Conrail hopper
8) GATX 3342 black & white tank car
9) Seven TTX yellow boxcars in a row
10) LRWN 2132 boxcar
11) ANR 305,  Angelina & Neches River Railroad boxcar
12) CELX 23204 grey tankcar
13) PROX 71127 Procor green tankcar
14) OCPX 80068 grey tankcar

SOGGY BIRD-WET TRAINS LITTLE ROCK FEBRUARY 25, 2013 - Monday, February 25, 2013 was a rainy and chilly day at Little Rock. I parked the car and caught a couple of trains at Union Station, plus a wet bird on the fence.
1) UP 4206, 4609
2) KCS 4612
3) BNSF 5782, 6043
4) Wet bird

MOON OVER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK FEBRUARY 27, 2013 - I was on my way home from a restaurant tonight, Wednesday February 27, 2013 about 8:30 pm, when I saw this large, yellowish Moon as I was crossing the Main Street bridge in North Little Rock. Well, for those of you who know me personally, this meant a quick grab of the camera and stopping the car as soon as I could. I drove from the Main Street bridge to the old Locust Street bridge which crosses Union Pacific's rail yards, stopped the car and took the photo of the Moon over the yard. Then I got the picture of the Moon over some freight cars and finally a closeup.

AMTRAK AND NIGHT KCS ACTION LITTLE ROCK FEBRUARY 28, 2013 - Amtrak's Texas Eagle northbound #22 at Little Rock's Union Station around midnight February 28, 2013 plus some night freight action.
1) KCS 4015, 4777, 4051
2) UP 7363
3) AMTK 54
4) KCS ballast train
5) Private passenger cars WRCX 800148 and 800149, Warren R and Evelyn A Henry

TWO TRAINS AND LOTS OF RARE FREIGHT CARS LITTLE ROCK MARCH 2, 2013 - I was only at the Little Rock station long enough today, March 2, 2013, to get two trains, but they had lots of interesting freight cars, many of which had roadnames I hadn't seen before, including a Cheek gondola and a corrugated yellow UP gondola. Plus my favorite, an MKT green hopper. Very chilly with snow flurries and temperatures just above freezing in the morning.
1) UP 7171, 6597, 2972, 3944, 4353, 9656
2) GMTX 2612
3) NYC 223076 Conrail boxcar
4) UP 914356 gondola
5) CNW 74512 green CNW gondola
6) GNTX 290099 TTX gondola
7) UP 96360 new gondola
8) SRCX 4339 hopper
9) UP 98285 yellow corrugated gondola, built 1-80
10) EAMX 901319 gondola
11) WC 27521 Wisconsin Central boxcar
12) HZGX 3325 Herzog gondola
13) WC 26983 Wisconsin Central boxcar
14) Snow on black tankcars
15) MWCX 100565 BN green woodchip car/hopper
16) TR blue gondolas 585525, 585678, 585606, 585589
17) NS 612229 coil car
18) Plastic covered lumber cars
19) NOYX 138 CHEEK gondola
20) IFRX 41009 woodchip car
21) SP 35511(x) and 355241woodchip cars
22) PROX 36299 new tankcar
23) DWC 794686 CN boxcar
24) TILX 639883 Verasun Energy hopper
25) AM 551 Arkansas & Missouri boxcar
26) TCTX 142 hopper
27) TILX 35081 gondola
28) MKT 558 green hopper
29) LW 66401 gondola

MYSTERY CSX CONTAINER TRAIN LITTLE ROCK PLUS SUNSET MARCH 3, 2013 - Some end of day trains at Little Rock Sunday, March 3, 2013, including a CSX train of dozens of flatcars with one large container on each one. This train was headed by CSX 5371 and one of the heavy duty cars was QTTX 131338. Anyone know what was being carried on this train? Also a BNSF train and pretty sunset over the tracks. I had just finished going to a Cirque Du Saliet acrobat performance at Verizon Arena in North Little Rock  (the show heads to Houston, Texas on March 6), then I headed to Union Station.

ALASKAN HOPPER PLUS TRAINS AND SUNSET LITTLE ROCK MARCH 14, 2013 - Here's a few trains passing Union Station in Little Rock Thursday, March 14, 2013. There was an "Alaskan Agriculture Serving Alaska and
the World" hopper, which I've never seen before plus other fallen-flag freight cars.
1) LRWN 2917
2) UP 7937, 7387, 4085, 3473, 8642
3) Ferromex 4683, Ferrocarril Mexicano
4) BNSF 7025
5) CSX 36
6) INTX 35049 GLC Great Lakes Carbon hopper
7) GATX 8829 short white and black tankcar
8) DOLX 8072 Agricultural Census May 15 hopper
9) VMSX 3115 new tankcar
10) CRDX 7995 Corn Sweetener hopper
11) IC 151 (?) Alaskan Agriculture Serving Alaska and the World hopper
12) CN 10956 Canada hopper
13) CP 218331 Canadian Pacific Railway red boxcar
14) OLGX 34535 white tankcar
15) Railfans
16) UP 211079 coil/container car
17) Sunset and same sunset made into a kaleidoscope art print

BUSY AMTRAK STATION LITTLE ROCK MARCH 15, 2013 - Amtrak Texas Eagle, #22, had a large number of passengers board at Little Rock, Arkansas around midnight on Friday night, March 15, 2013.  This was partly due to it being the start of Spring break. All the passengers were individual family units, no large groups, this was just average train riders.  The Eagle was 10 minutes early getting to the station and left for St Louis and Chicago just a few minutes late. The Little Rock Amtrak station has only one agent on duty at train-time and he was swamped on this night. This station does not have the official Amtrak volunteer program like other stations do on the Texas Eagle route. Of course, since Little Rock is an Amtrak crew base, others helped out. Here are some photos, some taken from my cell phone, others with my Sony A-77 digital. As always, I try to keep my distance from passengers - I use my zoom lens when I can.

UP 1995, KCS TRAIN, CHESSIE THE CAT BOXCAR PLUS-LITTLE ROCK MARCH 16, 2013 - A variety of trains and motive power today, including UP 1995, the CNW
heritage unit and a KCS train, plus the Lucky 7 engine, UP 7777.
1) UP 7777, 7899, 4020, 9758, 5545, 8446, 4967, 7523, 1995, 9614,
9735, 4700, 7511, 4834, 4872, 4132, 7244, 4323, 4454
2) CSX 7837
3) UP 6243, former Southern Pacific
4) KCS 4051, 4000, 4002
5) BNSF 4440
6) POTX 2879 Potash Corp pink hopper
7) ADN 9844, Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar
8) SSW 70489 Cotton Belt hopper
9) CSXT 180740 hycube boxcar
10) CSXT 180615 Chessie with sleeping cat hycube boxcar
11) Bird
12) DGRW 25146 black gondola
13) Saved halloween scarecrow in trash can-lol

HS 1071 HERITAGE LOCOMOTIVE ON OIL TRAIN LITTLE ROCK MARCH 17, 2013 - NS 1071, the Jersey Central heritage locomotive, passed Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas Sunday, March 17, 2013 at 9:15 a.m. CDT. It was headed north with an empty oil tank train. It had originated at St James, Louisiana and is going to Illinois to be interchanged with another railroad.  Train ID was OSJEP-15. The 1071 was third in the consist, consisting of NS 1025, NS 1000, NS 1071 and BNSF 4624. Thanks to several UP people and railfans for giving a heads up.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS MARCH 17, 2013 - Sunday, March 17, 2013, St Patrick's Day, was a busy day at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. A special treat was Norfolk Southern heritage locomotive 1071, the Jersey Central unit and several railfans came out just to see this unit.. It was drizzly and cold, in the 40s.
Included today:
1) SP 319 unpartched-blurry picture
2) UP 4865, 7396, 3858, 4291, 4744, 9698
3) NS 8987, 9426, 1025, 1000, 1071
4) BNSF 4624
5) UP 6213, former SP
6) KCS 4508, 4549
7) SDPX 97100 South Dakota Soybean Processors tankcar
8) FXE 930379 gondola
9) Kaleidoscope special effect I did with one of my sunset picture
AMTRAK 22 TEXAS EAGLE LITTLE ROCK MARCH 25, 2013 - Amtrak's Texas Eagle, northbound number 22, arrived at Little Rock, Arkansas at 2:01 a.m. Monday, March 25, 2013, about 2 hours late. This was the first northbound train to go all the way to St Louis and Chicago since the UP freight derailment 40 miles northeast of here a couple of days ago. That track has been fixed and normal Amtrak traffic will continue. It was windy and cold, 33 degrees, winds gusting to 35 mph.

MA&PA BOXCAR, AMTRAK, VARIOUS TRAINS LITTLE ROCK MARCH23-25, 2013 - Here are some trains at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas on both Saturday and Sunday, March 23 and 24, 2013. It was cold and windy, in the 40s, with gusts to 40 mph. Included are some night shots (I even got two MKT green hoppers passing the station at 1 in the morning while I was waiting for Amtrak's Texas Eagle). Plus I finally got a photo of the Ma & Pa boxcar.
1) UP 4173, 9679, 4263, 2076, 4100, 658, 4440, 5026, 1758, 1766, 1667, 1758, 1576, 1751, 7888, 8727, 8788, 7494
2) BNSF 7025
3) CSX 4824
4) NS 8084
5) AMTK 61
6) GMTX 2611
7) KCS 4123
8) Ferromex 4683
9) EEC 2020 'Ma and Pa' boxcar
10) CSTX 502345 blue boxcar
11) EUSX 448022 long tankcar
12) SRN 5429 New Orleans Public Belt boxcar
13) DRGW 25163 ballast hopper
14) Purple flowers on tree trunk
15) Tree blossoms at Arkansas State Capitol
16) NW 9174 gondola
17) UP 211115 coil car
18) HS 30934 Columbus & Greenville boxcar
19) PVCX 13419 white tankcar
20) MKT green hoppers 554 and 558

STORMY EASTER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, MARCH 31,2013 - A few trains on a dark, stormy Easter morning in Little Rock on Sunday, March 31, 2013. I started out on the station's patio, but heard other rail-fans talking below at track level, so I went there to take photos. As a result, there will be some clutter in these photos since I didn't want to get my camera wet by going on the Amtrak platform.
1) UP 5515, 4959, 6522, 3923, 4934, 8668, 7238, 7417, 5592
2) UP patched SP 6370
3) CSXT 507508 blue CSX boxcar
4) CNW 180285 yellow hopper
5) AOK 6546 wheels on flatcar
6) DJJX 12017 covered gondola
7) SEAX 12 woodchip car
8) ACFX 70303 blue tankcar
9) GATX 52816 black & white short tankcar
10) TTZX centerbeam with yellow load
LITTLE ROCK TRAINS INCLUDING KATY HOPPER, APRIL 1, 2013 -  A couple of trains at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas April 1, 2013, including two green MKT hoppers and a Gifford Hill hopper.
1) UP 7352, 3947, 8380, 7741, 3479, 3577, 9809, 3554, 8572
2) GNTX 296016 hopper, blt 11/12
3) CR 609034 gondola with coils
4) GRW 87711 gondola with coils
5) HS 30816 boxcar
6) HLMX 74241 gondola
7) HZGX 8247 hopper
8) GLMX 1570 Gifford Hill gondola
9) D&RGW 15613 Rio Grande hoper
10) MKT 585 and 596 green hoppers
11) CNW 437201 white hopper
12) MKT 4461 grey hopper
13) EAMX 659 gondola
14) View from inside the Amtrak station, which is open during the day only on Mondays but is open every night overnight.

MONTANA DAYLIGHT DOME CAR NORTH LITTLE ROCK APRIL 13, 2013 - Thanks to John C Jones and another source at Union Pacific,  I was able to photograph this rare passenger domecar in North Little Rock on April 3, 2013. The domecar is MRLX 9410, former Great Northern passenger dome with "Montana Daylight" just below the dome and "Emerson" as the car's name below the windows.

NS 1071 HERITAGE CENTRAL OF NEW JERSEY LOCOMOTIVE LITTLE ROCK, APRIL 6, 2013 - On Saturday, April 6, 2013, NS 1071, the heritage Central of New Jersey unit, came through Little Rock the second time in three weeks on the northbound empty oil train from St James, Louisiana, OSJEB-4. NS 1000 and 1025 were also on the train again. Here are some photos.

US ARMY LOCOMOTIVE AND OTHER TRAIN LITTLE ROCK APRIL 7, 2013 - Several trains at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Sunday, April 7, 2013, including a US Army engine and another BNSF oil train.
1) UP 4660, 4607, 1686, 1760, 1767, 7982, 5036, 3624, 1950, 1685, 4163, 4573
2) BNSF 9103
3) United States Army 1878
4) NW 182897 Norfolk and Western hopper plus two more
5) MSPX 10004 phosphorous containers
6) NYC 223002 Conrail boxcar
7) LW 50002 boxcar
8) Railroad tie loads
9) TOE 3044 boxcar built in 1980, repainted recently
10) BN 451747 and 462063 hoppers
11) DODX 42333 yellow flatcars
12) Waving boy
13) SIEX 3107 Great Northern woodchip car
14) MWCX 101226 woodchip car
15) WP 3830 boxcar
16) Green CNW boxcar 520072
17) PROX 72700 new tank car built 03-13
18) Amtrak sign and wheelchair shed

RSSX SWITCHERS, SP TANK CAR, MANY OTHERS TRAINS LITLE ROCK APRIL 3, 4, 2013 - Here's a few train pictures from April 3 and 4, 2013, in Little Rock and North Little Rock. Some interesting cars, including a somewhat rare Southern Pacific tank car and two Santa Fe locomotives (2443 and 2442) still with all their Santa Fe markings, lettered for the AOK Railroad. Also RSSX 904 and a dirty RSSX 19 switching locomotive. And lots more.
1) UP 7370, 3856, 8001, 8114, 4887, 5488, 8769
2) NS 9163
3) BNSF 2937, 2885, 2780, 8604 some in blue/yellow Santa Fe colors
4) RSSX 904, 19
5) Santa Fe (AOK) 2443, 2442
6) KCS 4107 Belle
7) HLCX 3824
8) Union Station in daylight showing all the cars of office workers
9) UP 366232 and 256267 yellow Union Pacific boxcars with the UP emblem
10) CSXT 180680 CSX hycube boxcar
11) NS 458002 hycube boxcar built 2-79
12) MWAX 2017 gondolas with the yellow circles
13) SP 67336 Southern Pacific tank car built 5-74
14) TBOX 662697 new boxcar built 11-12
15) MWCX green woodchip cars
16) SAMX 11348 hopper
17) GROX 60662 yellow Union Equity hopper
18) GATX 1993 TankTrainer blue tank car
19) GATX 101898 GATX Classroom boxcar
20) SP 355240 SP boxcar
21) HPJX 945266 gondola
22) SP 496316 UP hopper
23) NCHX 38817 indusmin hopper
24) GATX 21098 tank car
25) INFX 408142 tank car
26) CSS 45004 coil cars
27) CNW 437113 hopper
28) CRLE 6423, 6418 light blue boxcars
29) ITTX 931296 flatcar carrying CN 137826 gondola
30) CNW 52006 green boxcar

VARIOUS TRAIN LITTLE ROCK APRIL 3 AND 4, 2013 - Here's a few train pictures from April 3 and 4, 2013, in Little Rock and North Little Rock. Some interesting cars, including a somewhat rare Southern Pacific tank car and two Santa Fe locomotives (2443 and 2442) still with all their Santa Fe markings, lettered for the AOK Railroad. Also RSSX 904 and a dirty RSSX 19 switching locomotive.
1) UP 7370, 3856, 8001, 8114, 4887, 5488, 8769
2) NS 9163
3) BNSF 2937, 2885, 2780, 8604 some in blue/yellow Santa Fe colors
4) RSSX 904, 19
5) Santa Fe (AOK) 2443, 2442
6) KCS 4107 Belle
7) HLCX 3824
8) Union Station in daylight showing all the cars of office workers
9) UP 366232 and 256267 yellow Union Pacific boxcars with the UP emblem
10) CSXT 180680 CSX hycube boxcar
11) NS 458002 hycube boxcar built 2-79
12) MWAX 2017 gondolas with the yellow circles
13) SP 67336 Southern Pacific tank car built 5-74
14) TBOX 662697 new boxcar built 11-12
15) MWCX green woodchip cars
16) SAMX 11348 hopper
17) GROX 60662 yellow Union Equity hopper
18) GATX 1993 TankTrainer blue tank car
19) GATX 101898 GATX Classroom boxcar
20) SP 355240 SP boxcar
21) HPJX 945266 gondola
22) SP 496316 UP hopper
23) NCHX 38817 indusmin hopper
24) GATX 21098 tank car
25) INFX 408142 tank car
26) CSS 45004 coil cars
27) CNW 437113 hopper
28) CRLE 6423, 6418 light blue boxcars
29) ITTX 931296 flatcar carrying CN 137826 gondola
30) CNW 52006 green boxcar

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS APRIL 17, 2013 WITH NIKON 5200 - After a short break in train-watching doing other non-railfan activities, I finally got back to the station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Wednesday, April 17, 2013 and got these trains passing the station. Included is another of any BNSF northbound empty oil trains. It was in the mid 80s and partly cloudy.
Included today:
1) Mockingbird on my roof
2) UP 8522, 4607, 8312, 4343, 3871, 4245
3) CSX 4798, 4752
4) BNSF 4318, 5031, 4828
5) TOFX 887279 boxcar
6) FCRD 355 Golden Triangle Railroad boxcar
7) CSXT 30652 boxcar
8) ECQX 57536 ECI hopper, built 8-77
9) HESI 208806 boxcar
10) BNSF 409218 hopper
11) BNSF 808000 Santa Fe hopper
12) SSW 62724 Cotton Belt hycube boxcar
13) HS 72150 boxcar
14) Purple Iris

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLES MEET LITTLE ROCK 3 A.M. APRIL 18, 2013 - On Wednesday night/Thursday morning, April 17-18, 2013, both of Amtrak's Texas Eagles Nos. 21 and 22 met at Little Rock around 3 a.m. (the northbound Eagle 22 was caught behind a stalled freight between Marshall, Texas and Jefferson, Texas for almost 3 hours, so it was 3 hours late into Little Rock, meeting northbound No. 21 here, which was on time but it had to wait in the yard for 22 to leave). So naturally, I went to Union Station to get photos.

UP 1996 SOUTHERN PACIFIC HERITAGE LITTLE ROCK AT NIGHT APRIL 27, 2013 - UP 1996, the Southern Pacific Heritage unit, passed Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Saturday night, April 27, 2013, at 10:17 p.m. on the North Little Rock bound QSPNL-27. I used a high sensitivity 12,800 ISO to get the shots from the Amtrak platform so I could use a shutter speed of 1/250th so the train wouldn't be as blurry. You will, of course, see some noise in the photo. I also included other trains tonight including two other UP freights and CN and CSX locomotives, and the 'airplane' graffiti on autorack TTGX 160854.

LATE TEXAS EAGLE MARSHALL, TEXAS MAY 4, 2013 - On Saturday, May 4, 2013, I was on my way back to Arkansas from Texas when I checked the Amtrak app on my Droid RAZR smartphone and it said the southbound Amtrak Texas Eagle 21 was over 4 hours late and would arrive at Marshall, Texas at 12:09 p.m. instead of 7:40 a.m. It was cool and clear, so I hurried to Marshall and went on the station's balcony and got some photos of the Eagle arriving and departing. I also got several freights, but I'll put those photos on another webpage in the next few days.

NATIONAL TRAIN DAY LITTLE ROCK MAY 11, 2013 - Amtrak had a display train at Union Station in Little Rock, AR all day for families to walk through. The mayor of Little Rock, Mike Stodola,  spoke briefly at 11:15 a.m. I also included some night shots of the display train being hooked onto the regular Texas Eagle at midnight.

UP 1988 KATY UNIT OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK MAY 13, 2013 -  A few trains today, May 13, 2013, at Union Station at Little Rock, Arkansas, including UP 1988, the Katy heritage unit. Mr. Rudolph and Mr. McCoy were with me. It was sunny and warm.

LATE AFTERNOON TRAINS LITTLE ROCK MAY 16, 2013 - Some late afternoon trains at Union Station in Little Rock, AR late Thursday afternoon, May 16, 2013 in overcast and drizzle. These shots were taken from the station's balcony. I  also included a photo of a Yellow Shafted Flicker a type of woodpecker, in my backyard in North Little Rock, plus a shot of Union Station and the Arkansas State Capitol in one view at twilight.
1) UP 638, 4675, 8600, 1771, 1780,1760,4435, 4380
2) LRWN 500 (The Bay Line), 2017
3) NS 2699
4) BNSF 5325, 4905
5) SSW 70013 hopper
6) DRGW 15569 orange hopper
7) HXDX 3269 faded old Herzog hopper
8) SOO 19067 boxcar
9) Security cameras at station
10) CN 13613 gondola
11) Union Station balcony
12) ATW 8091 blue boxcar
13) ATW 75030 Laurinburg & Southern boxcar
14) LRWN 2106 box
15) WLPX 'Cat in the Hat' Dr. Hbak hopper
16) SRN 5704 boxcar
17) CNW 520009 green boxcar
18) SIRX 52549 hopper
19) DME 5735 boxcar
20) CEFX blue hopper
21) Union Station and Arkansas State Capitol in one view at dusk
22) Yellow Shafted Flicker bird, woodpecker family, in my back yard.

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE 21 WITH EXHIBITION CARS ATTACHED LITTLE ROCK, MAY 17. 2013 - Amtrak 21, the southbound Texas Eagle, had Amtrak's exhibit cars attached as it arrived in Little Rock, Arkansas Friday, May 17, 2013 at 4:40 a.m.. The exhibition cars were on their way to Hope, Arkansas for displaying. Hope just became an Amtrak stop in the past few weeks. Consist of this train:
CHI-SAS  P40 Loco 168
CHI SAS  P40 Loco 112
CHI HOP  37011 EXIBITION TRAIN diner-lounge
CHI HOP  39031 EXIBITION TRAIN dorm sleeper
CHI HOP  10020 EXIBITION TRAIN sleeper Pacific Bend (crew)
CHI HOP   406  EXIBITION TRAIN   non powered control unit
CHI HOP   822  EXIBITION TRAIN   P40 locomotive

UNPATCHED COTTON BELT SSW 9708, PLUS, MAY 19, 2013 -  Unpatched Cotton Belt locomotive SSW 9708, SSW boxcar SSW 67270, and Rock Island hopper NAHX 65705, North Little Rock Sunday, May 19, 2013.

NEW CN LOCOMOTIVE, CNW OPERATION LIFESAVER, MORE TRAIN MAY 22, 2013 - A few trains today, Wednesday May 22, 2013, passing Union Station plus a photo of the station itself with its' normally full parking lot of people who work there. Also, a new or newly painted CN locomotive, 5486, and the UP -CNW Operation Lifesaver unit 6721, former CNW 8819.
1) UP  8896, 6238, 4343, 4285, 9677, 6856, 5637, 3857
2) UP 6721 former CNW 8819 Operation Lifesaver locomotive
3) CN 5486 either new or newly repainted, clean and shiny
4) Busy Union Station in the daytime with the parking lot full
5) JTSX flats with beams
6) GATX 213713 new tank car, built May 2013
7) CPAA 207168 boxcar
8) MKT 97000 UP gondola
9) MP 41179 Missouri Pacific gondola with red buzzsaw
10) New TOE 3185 boxcar

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS, RICELAND TANK, OTHERS, MAY 23, 2013 - A few trains today, May 23, 2013, at the station at Little Rock, Arkansas, including a BNSF empty oil train, a Riceland tankcar, Southern Illinois Railcar hopper and former Green Bay Route boxcar.
1) UP 4884, 4426
2) BNSF 9074, 8986, 8968
3) NATX 50553 Riceland tankcar
4) GACX 516158 Southern Illinois Railcar hopper
5) SRN 5636 boxcar
6) SRN 5867 boxcar
7) SRN 5686 Green Bay Route blue boxcar
8) SOU 528935 Southern boxcar
9) EEC 5681 Wisconsin Central boxcar
10) EEC 8158 boxcar

BNSF/CST OIL TRAIN, OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, MAY 25, 2013 - Little Rock, Arkansas trains at Union Station on Saturday, May 25, 2013 plus some streetcar photos taking riders to the annual Riverfest event in the River Market downtown. There was a usual BNSF empty oil train, but it had two CSX locomotives, which I hadn't seen on an oil train through here before.
1) UP 4076, 4300, 7650, 4157, 5544, 8523, 5654, 3941
2) NS 2692, 2689
3) BNSF 9969
4) CSX 5380, 3094
5) SOO 122547 CP hopper
6) Streetcars/Riverfest photos
7) ICG 245681 gondola
8) CSXT 493018 coilcar
9) SGLR bright pink centerbeam car
10) GNTX 290160 TTX gondola with scrap metal
11) IHB 19364 gondola
12) SP 656479 Golden West Service boxcar
13) GPFX 638 FCC Catalysts hopper
14) KCS 129070 boxcar
15) IHB 166498 coilcar
16) BNSF 808054 buffer car
17) Closeup of some kind of fly
18) HESR 208818 with old markings of "LA---Franklin---Road Company" and other words
19) HESR 20039 blue boxcar
20) Truck/car frames
21) Old Yellow Taxi

STREETCARS AND RIVERFEST, MAY 24-25, 2013 - Here's a few of Central Arkansas Transit's River Rail Streetcars ferrying visitors to the annual Riverfest activities in Little Rock and North Little Rock, May 24 and 25, 2013.

APPROACHING STORM AND TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, MAY 26, 2013 - After I went to the Riverfest annual event in downtown Little Rock on Sunday, May 26, 2013, I went to Union Station (of course) to get some train pictures on this Memorial Day weekend. During my picture-taking, a thunderstorm moved in from the south and made for some interesting train photography as the clouds thickened darkened. One train had lots of BNSF hoppers and there was a long string of Department of Defense (DODX) empty flatcars. I also included a few more streetcar pictures at Riverfest.
1) Streetcars at Little Rock's Riverfest
2) UP 4303, 5845, 8724, 4426, 4678, 8529, 7484
3) NS 7589
4) NDYX 558664
5) BNSF 406249, 405649 hoppers
6) ATSF 35019 Santa Fe hopper
7) DODX empty flats
8) QTTX 130707 heavy duty flatcar
9) MKT 16127 red gondola
10) DRGW 30104 gondola

NS 8101 CENTRAL OF GEORGIA HERITAGE LITTLE ROCK MAY 27, 2013 - NS 8101, the Central of Georgia heritage, made another run past Union Station in Little Rock, AR this evening, May 27, 2013 at 9:20 p.m. It was the leader of a BNSF empty oil train from St James, Louisiana back to the oil fields in North Dakota, I assume. Lighting on the Amtrak platform was sufficient for photography at a high ISO sensitivity setting of 16,000. You'll see some grain if you zoom in. Another NS Heritage, NS 8025 Monongahela, will be in Arkansas tomorrow, May 28, on another oil train.

NW 8025 heriitage loco Monongela Little Rock May 31, 2013 - NS 8025, the NS heritage locomotive Monongahela was the second unit of two leading a northbound oil train past Little Rock's Union Station on Friday, May 31, 2013 at 5:56 in the morning. I braved the sometimes heavy rain and darkness to get these few shots. The sun was beginning to brighten the skies a little, but I had to sit in the car to get the shot to prevent my expensive camera from getting wet, and my windshield wipers weren't keeping the rain off the windshield fast enough to get a clear shot. But I did get some. The train was the OSNES-30 originating in St James, Louisiana. It left Pine Bluff, AR at 3:30 a.m. and got here at 5:56 a.m. The train was led by NS 1001.

STORMY DAY AT UNION STATION LITTLE ROCK, JUNE 1, 2013 - Another stormy day in Little Rock, Arkansas, Saturday June 1, 2013. Flash flood warnings were over much of the state, including here at Union Station. So, naturally I ventured out to the station to get some train shots. Having worked 32 years for NOAA/National Weather Service, I love active weather and love taking photos of rain and trains. There were only two trains, one BNSF northbound oil train with a couple of 'executive' locomotives,  BNSF 9750 (lead unit) and BNSF 9671 (dpu) plus BNSF 9166, and a southbound UP welded rail train, led by UP 5106. The empty welded rail train must have gone out to pick up some welded rail because after it passed at 3 p.m. there were no more trains at least until 6 p.m. when I left. I got some rain and artistic shots of the station area, however. It was 67 degrees, but tomorrow, Sunday, it should be sunny and 82.

LOTS OF TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, JUNE 2, 2013 - It was a SUNNY day at Little Rock, Sunday June 2, 2013 and there were lots of trains. Of special interest today was a mixed freight headed by a CN unit and Illinois Central 1010, an oil train headed by two nice Canadian Pacific red units, and a Texas Mexican green boxcar. Counting UP 9171, a former SP locomotive and UP 2003, former Cotton Belt, I counted TEN different roadnames today on locomotives: UP, CSX, CN, IC, GMTX, HLCX, CP and NS. The only roadname I didn't see today was BNSF, which I see almost every time I'm at the station.
Included today (all taken by my new Nikon D5200 digital camera):
1) UP 4056, 4800, 7734, 8691, 4480, 6779, 7291, 7210, 7704, 4340, 8338, 7502, 6918, 5928, 7286, 5057, 4167, 9666, 4300, 4369, 8044, 3954
2) CSX 117, 796
3) UP 9171-former SP
4) UP 2003-former Cotton Belt
5) CN 2247
6) IC 1010
7) GMTX 2116
8) HLCX 3810, 1035
9) CP 9817, 8563
10) NS 8118
11) HS 39867 New Orleans Public Belt RR boxcar
12) TR5756 blue gondola
13) IATR 1620 green boxcar
14) DRGW 15543 and 16516 orange Rio Grande hoppers
15) RCJM 4402 R J Corman red boxcar
16) NS 113413, type of car unknown
17) HOKX 286182 grey tankcar
18) PAL 701408 Texas Mexican green boxcar
19) TOFX 887070 express car
20) PMRX 84040 hopper built 12-89
21) SOU 62376 coil-loaded flatcar
22) Car without ID
23) SPMW 7282 hopper
24) QTTX 130707 heavy duty hauler
25) EAMX 7012 Santa Fe hopper with the SF trademark, built in 5-71, 42 year old, in perfect shape, no graffiti
26) SRN 5929 boxcar
27) MP 641450 Missouri Pacific gondola with the red MoPac buzzsaw emblem
28) FSR 47041 gondola
29) TILX 224000 rusted blue tankcar
30) PX 82373 flatcar with a load of pipes
31) CELX 22012 blue tankcar
32) Small and large Procor tankcars together, sorta like a boy and his
33) AEX 10519 'Food Service Only' hopper
34) HPJX 147543 gondola
35) Sunset

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE LITTLE ROCK JUNE 4, 2013 - Amtrak Texas Eagle northbound No. 22 at Little Rock, Arkansas at midnight, Tuesday night June 4, 2013. Another good crowd of passengers. I also got a BNSF through train passing Union Station.

INDIANA RR LOCO INRD 9013 LITTLE ROCK JUNE 6, 2013 - Indiana Railroad locomotive INRD 9013 headed a northbound empty oil train past Union Station in Little Rock Thursday, June 6, 2013 at 4:07 p.m. Here's a couple of shots plus two more trains today. The second unit on the oil train was red Canadian National CO 8793. The red colors were almost a perfect match. Also saw an old rusty SOO white boxcar.

TRAINS LITTLE ROCK SATURDAY, JUNE 8, 2013 - Here's a few pictures at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas Saturday, June 8, 2013, including a BNSF oil train, a dog on the tracks, and the KCS 125th anniversary autorack. Tomorrow, June 9, there will be another NS heritage unit passing here on an oil train, NS 8101 Central of Georgia. I believe this is the 4th time the Central of Georgia unit has been by here.
1) UP 8533, 8662, 5023, 5115, 8393, 4660, 4904, 4899, 4875, 4934, 5084, 7365
2) CSX 5303, 5276, 7572
3) NS 2648, 9039
4) BNSF 7452, 9898, 6289
5) CP 603771 hopper
6) SOO 18682 boxcar
7) WRWK 300167 KCS 125th Anniversary autorack. I almost missed it
8) Dog on track
9) TILX 12310 hopper, built 3-98  

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS INCLUDING NS 8101 HERITAGE JUNE 9, 2013 - Little Rock trains Sunday June 9, 2013. The day started out sunny, but clouded up by noon. There was a good amount of trains today, and we caught a couple of trains passing each other on UP Main and Main 2 in front of Union Station. NS 8101, the Central of Georgia heritage unit, was on an oil train, the 4th time it's been in this area.  Plus my usual fallen-flag freight cars, an antique purple automobile, and my finally-blooming crape myrtle tree.
1) UP 7607, 7780, 5201, 1750, 7379, 8354, 7319, 8344, 8784, 4058, 5304
2) CSX 7572
3) GMTX 2112
4) UP-former SP 2047
5) BNSF 5315
6) NS 9746, 8101
7) CN 5699
8) CP 220264 red boxcar
9) SP 323000 Southern Pacific gondola
10) Purple classic automobile
11) Crape myrtles

CONNECTICUT SOUTHERN LOCOMOTIVES N LITTLE ROCK JUNE 12, 2013 - CSOR 8511 and 8579 B39-8E's in North Little Rock, Arkansas June 12, 2013. These are Connecticut Southern engines, built as LMX 8511 and 8579.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS JUNE 15, 16, 2013 - Just a few trains this weekend, June 15 and 16, 2013, at Little Rock. UP's main line between Malvern and Gurdon, south of Little Rock, was curfewed most of the day to lay new ties, which prevented the usual parade of northbounds from reaching Union Station.  I did manage to get a couple of trains though, mostly southbounds to Pine Bluff, and lots of birds on Sunday afternoon. There's also a shot of a brand new small tank car, CAOX 300222, built in June 2013.
1) UP 4725, 4244, 1661, 1772, 1780, 7858, 8397, 4521, 5648
2) UP 6242 former SP
3) CSXT 180829 hycube boxcar
4) MKT 16084 red Katy gondola
5) CAOX 300222 new tank car built June 2013
6) SRN 6563 former Corinth & Counce Railroad Company boxcar
7) Birds

UP 1989 RIO GRANDE HERITAGE LITTLE ROCK, JUNE 18, 2013 - Union Pacific Heritage locomotive 1989, the Rio Grande unit, Little Rock's Union Station, Tuesday June 18, 2013 at 4:45 a.m.. The train was stopped in front of the station because the liftspan was up to allow barge traffic to pass under the Baring Cross Bridge over the Arkansas River.

NS 8105 INTERSTATE HERITAGE LITTLE ROCK JUINE 20, 2013 - On Thursday, June 20, 2013, NS 8105, the Interstate heritage locomotive, lead a southbound oil train past Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas at 7:23 a.m. The train was headed to St James, Louisiana. Here are some photos.

NIGHT TRAINS LITTLE ROCK JUNE 20, 2013 - Some late-night trains at Union Station in Little Rock, early Thursday morning, June 20, 2013, from 3:13 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. There were 14 trains during this 4 hour period with 9 different  roadnames on locomotives . This includes Amtrak's Texas Eagle No. 21 and NS 8105 Interstate heritage locomotive, plus a hot air balloon.
Included this night:
1) UP 9220, 5183, 3831, 4949, 4755, 8791, 6900, 6761, 4650, 4580,
4522, 5140, 4269, 4259, 8550, 8556
2) NS 9199, 8105, 8058, 8033
3) IC 1025
4) Amtrak locomotive 64
5) GMTX 2615
6) HLCX 3887
7) LLPX 2272
8) CSX 5368
9) BNSF 4041, 4852
10) A hot air balloon
11) Amtrak's Texas Eagle

JUST A HANDFUL OF TRAINS LITTLE ROCK JUNE 23, 2013 - Not many trains today, Sunday June 23, 2013, due to track work near Benton, Arkansas southwest of Little Rock, but I did manage to get a couple.
Included today:
1) UP 4275, 8624, 8808, 4209, 9683
2) BNSF 9949, 9242, 4456
3) Loads of rocks
4) SSW 24176 and SSW 24260 Golden West Service blue boxcars, each
different in size.
5) UP 255265 yellow UP boxcar with the UP trademark

NS 8105 INTERSTATE HERITAGE, OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK JUNE 25, 2013 - Several trains today, Tuesday June 25, 2013 at Little Rock, including a northbound oil train with NS 8105 Interstate heritage as dpu. Also today, Little Rock & Western and BCRAIL 4643. Plus one train from June 24.
1) BNSF 9294, 6015
2) UP 6023, 6219-ex SP, 5899, 6027, 6784, 6404-ex SP, 6665, 8566, 5069, 5023, 4359, 6519, 8808 (very clean), 3998
3) LRWN 1541, 2017
4) NS 8033, 8105, 8381
5) KCS 3932
6) GMTX 2137
7) BCRAIL 4643 red, white, blue
8) HS 30926 Columbus & Greenville boxcar
9) Bird on the fence
10) MKT 16021 red gondola, built 1-70

SOME SHORTLINE/INDUSTRIAL LOCOMOTIVES NORTH LITTLE ROCK JUNE 27, 2013 - A variety of locomotives in North Little Rock today, Friday June 28, 2013, including MVPX 4026-former Georgia Southwestern, MVPX 3811-former Kiamichi, RSSX 801 and WAMX 101. Also a scale car set.

NS 8100 NICKEL PLATE ROAD HERITAGE LOCOMOTIVE LITTLE ROCK JUNE 30, 2013 - S 8100, the Nickel Plate heritage locomotive, passed Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Sunday, June 30, 2013 at 7 p.m., the leader of another oil train heading for St James, Louisiana. Although the sun was shining as I took these photos about 7 p.m., we had a brief rain shower a half hour before. This was the fifth NS heritage locomotive to visit us at Union Station, all on oil trains: 1) NS 8114-Original Norfolk Southern August 3, 2012 * 2) NS 1071 Central of New Jersey April 6, 2013 * 3) NS 8101 Central of Georgia May 27, 2013 * 4) NS 8025 Monongahelia May 31, 2013 * and 5) NS 8100 Nickel Plate Road today June 30, 2013. I put small images of each one at the end of this web page.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS SUNDAY JUNE 30, 2013 - I saw 19 trains on Sunday, June 30, 2013 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Here are a few I picked out for this webpage, including NS 8100, the Nickel Plate Road heritage and a worm or caterpillar.
1) UP 7125, 6785, 6652, 6284, 8448, 8324, 5640, 4458, 723, 2003-SSW,4866-"Onion Pacific"
2) WAMX 4030-CN
3) CEFX 6537-CiT blue
4) BNSF 4793, 6837, 9831
5) CN 5435
6) GMTX 2676
7) NS 8100
8) Long poles load
9) BCOL 100330 BCRAIL greet boxcar
10) SSW 65070 Golden West blue hycube boxcar
11) CSXT 180655 Chessie System hycube box with Chessie the Cat
12) Dark clouds
13) ADN 93131 Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar
14) Worm or caterpillar

NS 8100 RETURNS TO LITTLE ROCK, JULY 4, 2013 - NS 8100, the Nickel Plate Heritage unit, made a return appearance to Little Rock as the third unit on a northbound oil train, Thursday July 4, 2013. The train had to stop for a red signal in front of the station so I got some closeup shots.

UP 1983 Western Pacific heritage Little Rock July 9, 2013 - UP 1983, the Western Pacific heritage locomotive, passed Union Station in Little Rock, AR at 8:21 p.m. Tuesday, July 9, 2013 on the IHODU-9, originating in Houston, Texas, ending in Dupo, Illinois. Thanks to the UP people who gave me the heads up.

UP 1988-KATY, 2001-OLYMPIC-OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK JULY 13, 14, 2013 - A few trains passing the Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas the weekend of July 13-14, 2013. Included are UP 2001, one of the Olympic units, and UP 1988, the Katy heritage. Plus several other trains.

TRAINS, BIRD, SUNSET, MOON LITTLE ROCK JULY 21, 2013 - Here's a few train pictures on Sunday, July  21, 2013. I've also included a photo of a vivid sunset over the Arkansas River and a Moon shot.
1) UP 5909, 6625, 4119, 4850, 4337, 7785, 1781, 1787
2) GMTX 2116
3) UP 2003, ex SSW
4) Ferromex 4618
5) Klemme Coop Grain hopper 182981
6) American Airlines overflying jet
7) Bird on the Amtrak siding fence
8) Sunset over the Arkansas River taken from the Big Dam pedestrian bridge over the river.
9) Moon in a blue sky
Click this link to view the photos:

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS JULY 28, 2013 - A nice, almost Fall-like breeze was blowing in Arkansas on this day, Sunday July 28, 2013, and a good-sized group of railfans were at Union Station to view trains. It was in the 60s early in the day and 70s most of the morning. There were several trains of all varieties. I've also included the obituary of long-time UP photographer and railfan John C. Jones, who died July 26.
1) UP 5321, 8341, 7292, 4385, 4732, 7684, 3999, 4729, 8359
2) CSX 8770, 7546
3) BNSF 5791, 9452, 9275
4) CN 2419 'zebra stripes'
5) TILX 111088 new white tank car
6) Railfans in shade

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS ON HOT, HUMID DAY WITH A SPIDER - Some trains passing Union Station on a hot Saturday, August 3, 2013, including two BNSF empty oil trains.
1) BNSF 4542, 7395, 6581, 8825, 9494
2) NS 8120
3) UP 8646, 5796, 4385, 7665, 7799, 3803
4) Spider at the station.

LITTLE ROCK AND NORTH PLATTE, NEBRASKA TRAINS AUGUST 18, 2013 - After a little over a week of vacation to Yellowstone, I'm resuming my train photos today, Sunday August 18, 2013, at Little Rock, Arkansas. I've included one train at North Platte, Nebraska on August 8.
1) UP 5586, 5660 (in North Platte, Nebraska), UP 5910, 7210, 5793, 6783, 7332, 7022, 8654, 8814, 9775
2) Unknown number Amtrak locomotive in North Little Rock
3) UP 6419 and 6332, both former SP units
4) NS 9148, 9622
5) KCS 4107, 4122 Belles
6) Railfans (we had 9 today)
7) SP 323119 gondola
8) KCS 161070 blue boxcar

FIVE ROADNAMES, 27 LOCOMOTIVES INCLUDING UP 1982, TWO WARBONNETS TOGETHER AUGUST 25, 2013 - It was a good day at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas today, Sunday, August 25, 2013. There was a variety of locomotive roadnames, including two BNSF Warbonnet locomotives heading an autotrain, and UP 1982 the MoPac Heritage. Plus a few trains on Saturday, August 24.
1) UP 1791, 1728, 683, 4321, 7352, 7224, 1982, 8406, 6713-CNW Op Lifesaver, 4788, 5757, 638-SP, 5878, 2003-SSW, 2047-SP, 8683, 9691, 4218.
2) BNSF 9256, 735 Warbonnet, 4595, 4714-Warbonnet, 4704-Warbonnet
3) CN 5410, 2195
4) CSX 76
5) GMTX 2112
6) Lumber loads
7) 3 Golden West boxcars in row
8) SPMW 6341 Scale Monitor Car
9) ATGX 76270 XTRA hopper
10) MBKX 130099 hopper
11) MKT 558 green hopper
12) KCSM 8238 125th anniversary new autorack
13) BNSF 314111 autorack
14) CSX 600000 autorack

TEXAS EAGLE 22 LITTLE ROCK, AR AUGUST 27, 2013 - Amtrak 22, the northbound Texas Eagle, at Little Rock's Union Station, Tuesday night August 27, 2013.

TRAINS AND AMTRAK LITTLE ROCK SEPTEMBER 1, 2013 - Here's a few trains passing Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Sunday, September 1, 2013 (my 'rolling roster locomotive photos' and old freight cars). I also have shots of Amtrak's Texas Eagle #22 arriving at midnight Saturday night.  By our estimate, there's usually 48 to 54 trains passing here each day. I also saw MRMX 130019, a green hopper. Isn't this one of those green MKT hoppers?
Included today:
1) Amtrak locomotive 205
2) UP 5701, 7118, 6018, 4913, 5490, 4602, 5735, 8004, 9675, 9810
3) CSX 8134
4) MRMX 130019 green shot hopper, former MKT?
5) MWCX 500413 cargo hauler
6) WMCX 101245 and 101243 former BN green woodchip cars
7) CSXT 180781 Chessie System hycube with the sleeping Chessie faded
8) TTX yellow autoracks
9) Berries

LABOR DAY TRAINS AND CLOUDS LITTLE ROCK SEPTEMBER 2, 2013 - Labor Day trains at Little Rock, Arkansas September 2, 2013. I
included a nice sunset over the rails and some cloud formations.
1) UP 9822, 4472, 5109, 4958, 7815, 5793, 8446, 6332-SP, 6783, 7194,
5156, 9715, 9691, 9798-CNW, 3826, 5930, 4915
2) NS 6605, 8915
3) BNSF 5974, 4194, 7632, 1102, 4768
4) White-capped oil tank cars
5) Dark, interesting clouds plus nice sunset
6) CSXT 491046 white gondola
7) WSOR 503213 Wisconsin & Southern boxcar
8) Amusement train carrying people around the Promenade Mall in west
Little Rock - ATTN Skip Waters
9) TILX 263504 green tank car
10) Pigeon napping on a wire

HOT DAY AND TRAINS LITTLE ROCK SEPTEMBER 7, 2013 - A hot day in Little Rock with a 'high heat' banner out at Union Pacific's North Little Rock yard. It was 98 degrees, heat index 105. Yuk. Here's a few trains running past Union Station, including a BNSF empty oil train headed by a BNSF 'executive' locomotive.
Included today:
1) UP 4505, 4042, 8747, 2003 (SSW), 2047 (SP), 3819, 4810, 4313, 5638
2) BNSF 9674, 9747 both Executive colors
3) GMTX 2112
4) CNW 438164 yellow hopper
5) MKT 561 green hopper
6) TOMX 1 gondola
7) CNW 791036 MW gondola
8) MP 55166 gondola/rock hauler
9) ETRX 850693 single loaded coal car
10) Union Station balcony swaying lights
11) High Heat banner at UP North Little Rock yard entrance

SANTA FE WARBONNET-OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK SEPTEMBER 8, 2013 - A good variety of of locomotive roadnames at Little Rock's Union Station on Sunday, September 8, 2013. Roadnames included were UP, CSX, CP, CN, BNSF, TFM. Of special interest was a Santa Fe warbonnet, BNSF 674, heading the QDYMEJ Dayton, Texas to Memphis, Tennessee BNSF trackage rights train. I caught 13 trains and identified 31 locomotives. It was another hot and dry day, reaching 100 degrees by mid afternoon.

AMTRAK AND NIGHT TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, SEPTEMBER 11, 2013 - Here's a few freight trains and both of Amtrak's Texas Eagles over the midnight hour at Little Rock's Union Station on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning September 11, 2013. There were 10 freights plus the two Eagles in a 3-hour, 8 minute window, or 4 trains per hour. I used a high ISO sensitivity setting (10,800) so I could also use a higher shutter speed (1/320th second) to prevent most blurring as the trains moved past me. Of course, with the higher sensitivity settings, you'll see some digital noise, but at least you can read the numbers. I used a Sony A77 for these night shots instead of my usual Nikon D5200 that I use in the daytime.

COLUMBUS, TEXAS TRAINS AND TOWN, SEPTEMBER 15, 2013 - I caught 3 trains on UP's Sunset Route through Columbus, Texas on Sunday, September 15, 2013. I added a few scenes of the city of Columbus and it's large oak trees and a photo of a marker describing the Columbus Tap Railway in the 1800s.
1) UP 7294, 5344, 6679, 7728, 3863, 5172, 4100
2) CSX 7597
3) Military equipment train
4) ATW 114121 boxcar
5) Columbus Tap Railway marker
6) Numerous railroad street crossings in Columbus
7) Civil War era courthouse in Columbus

TRAIN, STREETCAR, BIRDS AND RAIN LITTLE ROCK SEPTEMBER 20, 2013 - After a few weeks of dry, hot weather, rain finally returned to Arkansas on Friday, September 20, 2013 and as those who follow my posts know, I like getting train pictures in the rain. So, I ventured out in flooded streets to photo trains at Union Station. Unfortunately, there was only one train while I was there, but I did get a streetcar too and a night shot of downtown Little Rock using my smartphone after the rain had ended Friday evening.

DAWN AMTRAK EAGLE, OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK SEPTEMBER 22, 2013 - Late night and morning trains Little Rock, Sunday September 22, 2013, the first day of Fall. Included is a 4-hour late Amtrak Texas Eagle No. 21.
1) UP 7030, 5986, 6550, 6402, 3809, UP-SP 6150, UP 5385, 4831, 4526, 1793, 1798, 1686, 8001, 4482, 7435, 4634, 4411
2) CSX 7748, 94
3) BNSF 4042, 5144
4) Amtrak 68 on Eagle No. 21
5) Union Station just after dawn
6) Moon in blue sky
7) GATX 214238 new tank cars built 9/13
8) HDTX 5004 unmarked white reefer

UP HERITAGE 1988 AND 1989 NORTH LITTLE ROCK, SEPTEMBER 26, 2013 - Union Pacific heritage locomotives UP 1989 and 1988 led the manifest train MNPNL-24 into North Little Rock on Thursday, September 26, 2013.This was the North Platte, Nebraska to North Little Rock train. 

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE LITTLE ROCK WITH DOTX 221 ON REAR, SEPTEMBER 27, 2013 - Amtrak's northbound Texas Eagle, # 22,  had a good crowd boarding on Friday night, September 27, 2013 at Little Rock's Union Station. There was a Department of Transportation railcar on the end of the train, DOTX 221. Plus two Little Rock police cars were in the west parking lot with officers talking to 'people of interest' while the train was at the station. One passenger had a dog with him, probably a seeing eye dog. I hadn't planned on being at the station, so these photos were taken by my Droid Razrr smartphone, which does a decent job outdoors at night, but sometimes has a soft focus.
   I got to the station at 9:45 p.m. and waited for the train to arrive. While in my car, 7 freights passed the station, all northbound, between 9:45 and 11:49 p.m.:
1) Two BNSF engines on an autorack train, 9:45 p.m.
2) Two CSX engines on a stack train
3) Two UP engines on another autorack train
4) Two BNSF engines on the BNSF local
5) Three BNSF engines on a mixed freight, 11:10 p.m.
6) One Ferromex and one UP engine on a mixed freight, 11:30 p.m.
7) Two UP engines on a chemical train, 11:41 p.m.
8) Texas Eagle, 11:49 p.m.

THREE TRAINS AND A NIGHT STREETCAR LITTLE ROCK, SEPTEMBER 28, 2013 - Three trains and  a night shot of a streetcar passing a River Market restaurant in Little Rock, Arkansas on Saturday, September 28, 2013.

LOTS OF TRAINS AND RAIN LITTLE ROCK SEPTEMBER 29, 2013 - There were lots of trains today passing Union Station in Little Rock with periods of rain.
1) BNSF 4488, 4776, 4712-Warbonnet, 5086, 4899, 9621, 4304
2) UP 5928, 6323, 5841, 5200, 7481, 3924, 8691, 4198, 6629, 6540, 6605, 7437, 1793, 1798, 7702, 5595, 3933, 7444
3) NS 9056
4) SSPX 31041 Tate Lyle Bayer hopper
5) ATR 1617 green boxcar
6) AM 562, 570, 511 Arkansas & Missouri boxcars
7) RJCM R J Corman boxcar
8) FSR 47056 gondola
9) AGR 8216 blue boxcar
10) CSXT 141792 blue boxcar
11) CP 220453 red Canada hopper
12) Downpour
13) CNW 435006 hopper
14) SPMW 6340 green tankcar
15) CSX coil cars
16) MAKROLON Bayer hopper
17) HS 7236 MTW boxcar
18) HS 72201 yellow boxcar
19) SGLR 4573 light blue boxcar
20) CIRR 94031 long green boxcar
21) CP 606583, 607793 Canada red hoppers
22) MRMX green hopper
23) GTR 100135 blue boxcar

SANTA FE 606, UP 4141 OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK OCTOBER 3, 2013 - I thought I was going to Union Station in Little Rock on Thursday, October 3, 2013 for a brief time but ended up seeing lots of interesting trains, including BNSF-Santa Fe 606 in Warbonnet colors without the BNSF name on it and UP 4141, the George Bush special locomotive, which had the tarp taken off so it could be displayed at Union Pacific's Family Days event at Jenks Shops in North Little Rock on October 5.  Plus several more trains, including one of the 125th anniversary autoracks of the KCS. The upcoming Family Days will also have UP heritage locomotives 1989-Rio Grande and 1988-Katy pulling an employee special all day Saturday October 5.

UP 4141, 1989, 1988 DISPLAYED JENKS SHOPS NORTH LITTLE ROCK OCTOBER 4, 2013 -Union Pacific is having their annual Family Days in North Little Rock Saturday, October 5, 2013. For the occasion, they have UP 4141-George Bush, 1989-Rio Grande, and 1988-Katy heritage/special locomotives on display in front of UP Jenks Shops. Here's a photo I took today, October 4, of these locomotives. Since they're on display, I doubt they'll be running the employee specials on Saturday. Just for your information, UP 2010-Boy Scout unit and UP 2001-Olympic unit, will also be passing through North Little Rock tonight or Saturday, but will not be a part of Family Days. (Thanks for the heads up from a UP person)

UP FAMILY DAYS PHOTOS AND OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, OCTOBER 5, 2013 - Union Pacific Family Days at North Little Rock, October 5, 2013. It was held at UP's Jenks Shops and was for employees with badge only. A
special train was run for employees and family members, plus I got some other trains as well, including one with lots of interesting old and new freight cars, including SOO 75667 Soo Line hopper, SP 355192 woodchip car, SP 495532 blue hopper with faded markings GVSP, UP 147351 old Union Pacific hopper or woodchip car, UP 910901 WPM Plasser American car, and a white HDTX 5013 long boxcar . Rainy part of the day, sunny other parts. I've also included a couple of links to Youtube videos I made during the day. Here are my photos.

BLUE SKIES AND TRAINS INCLUDING UP 2010 OCTOBER 6, 2013 - Sunday trains at the station in Little Rock.  Also got UP Heritage locomotives 1988 and 1989 again, plus UP 2010, the Boy Scout unit and the George Bush unit 4141.  It was a nice, cool, sunny day.
1) UP8024, 8777, 4302-"Onion Pacific", 8313, 7513, 4077, 1929, 2010-Boy Scout, 6938-Centennial on display, 1988-Katy, 4141-Bush, 1989-Rio Grande
2) GMTX 2116
3) CNW 741013 green gondola
4) MKT 599 green hopper

NIGHT TRAINS AND AMTRAK LITTLE ROCK, OCTOBER 11, 2013 - Amtrak's Texas Eagle No. 22 at Little Rock's Union Station on Friday night, October 11, 2013. I've also included a night shot of two blue freight locomotives, ECRX 3007 and 3008 Trans-Global Solutions, Inc.

RAINY, NIGHT TRAINS INCLUDING AMTRAK, OCTOBER 16, 2013 - Night trains in rain, including Amtrak's Texas Eagles at Little Rock, October 16, 2013. Including freight locomotives BNSF 965, BNSF 735 warbonnet, UP 5150, UP 3814, Another BNSF warbonnet, UP 7419, UP 568, UP 8572, UP 4835, UP 5730, UP 7100. For those of you who were sleeping in the wee hours of the morning between 1 and 4 am, see what you missed? LOL

FIFTEEN TRAINS IN 4 HOURS AT LITTLE ROCK, OCTOBER 17, 2013 - Brought my lawn chair and went 'train fishing' this afternoon and evening, Thursday October 17, 2017, at Little Rock's Union Station. Caught 15 of those train-fish between 3:01 and 7:21 p.m. with locomotives from UP, CSX, NS, GMTX, BNSF, and LRWN.
1) UP 9664, 5037, 2401, 6493, 5725, 6811, 1784, 1770, 1793, 8431, 7920, 3866, 4747, 4119, 4053, 8413, 7407, 8393, 4038, 4510, 4725, 5329, 3991, 4615, 7487
2) NS 7513, 7703
3) BNSF 7382
4) CSX 547, 4570, 259, 7671
5) GMTX 2110
6) LRWN 2017, 500
7) GROX 60722 Union Equity hopper
8) Trespasser on tracks
9) CSXT 180663 hycube boxcar
10) CNA 795157 Canadian National hycube
11) MP 706543 hopper with MoPac buzzsaw
12) UP 355148 yellow boxcar
13) Sunset and Moon

TRAINS, STREETCARS, BEES AND FLOWERS LITTLE ROCK OCTOBER 20, 2013 - A beautiful, clear, cool day at Little Rock, Arkansas on Sunday, October 20, 2013 and I had plenty of trains to photograph. Included is switcher R8SX 1205 (probably should be RSSX 1205) and my usual assortment of locomotives and freight cars, including two Port St Joe Route, Apalachicola Northern boxcars, ATW 567008 and 557070. I got a streetcar shot in North Little Rock as well. I caught 12 trains at Union Station with locomotives from UP, CSX, BNSF, NS, GMTX, and RSSX and I also got some colorful berry shots and a closeup of a bee. It started out in the mid 40s but ended up in the lower 60s.

FOUR PASSING TRAINS, INCLUIDNG A 1955 UP TANK CAR, LITTLE ROCK, OCTOBER 23, 2013 - Nice, sunny day with several trains (4) passing each other at Union Station in Little Rock, Wednesday October 23, 2013. Included today was a Union Pacific tank car built in January 1955 in a mixed freight, plus two other old UP tank cars. And a new GATX black tank car built this month, October 2013, plus a Grand Trunk Western 4-door hycube.
1) UP 4120, 6632, 484, 8602, 4981, 7821, 7410, 6746, 1551, 1787, UPY 583
2) BNSF 4970, 4110, 4792
3) CN 8810
4) GATX 2122 tank car blt 9-13
5) Boxcar 530105 with "Home Shop For Repairs-Do not load"
6) GTW 305844 4-door hycube
7) GTW 305897 2-door hycube
8) TTPX 81331 steel rods
9) IC 97427 CN gondola
10) UP 78110 old tank car blt 1-55
11) UP 809944 green tank car blt 9-85
12) UP 90995 green tank car
13) CNW 174829 yellow hopper blt 1-66
14) SP 228706 Golden West Service boxcar blt-1972
15) GATX 214928 new tank car blt 10-13

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS INCLUDING 2 BNSF OIL TRAINS AND A TROPICANA REEFER OCTOBER 24, 2013 - Another mostly sunny and nice day at the station in Little Rock today, Thursday October 24, 2013. I guess the highlight was getting two BNSF empty oil trains and a Tropicana reefer.
1) UP 7249, 4829, 1784, 1725, 1806, 7434, 5056, 7359, 4235, 8521, 4471, UPY 583, 3910, 3870, 6818, 4609, 4974
2) BNSF 4017, 5974, 7228, 6860, 939, 5001
3) CN 5780
4) New CSXT coil cars
5) CP 85600 CP Rail green boxcar
6) TPIX 2860 Tropicana Reefer
7) CNW 175565 hopper
8) MKT 589 hopper, I think one of the original green ones that was repainted

UP 2010 BOY SCOUT UNIT PLUS RARE ROCK ISLAND BOXCAR PLUS OTHERS LITTLE ROCK OCTOBER 26, 2013 - A good selection of trains and locomotives today, Saturday October 26, 2013, at Union Station in Little Rock, including UP 2010, the Boy Scout special unit, and BCRAIL 4622 and CN 5701 together. There was another good shot of passing northbounds on UP Main 1 and 2 as the dark clouds moved in. And I saw hopper GACX 8175, the ConAgra hopper
with these words: "4 in 1 children in America struggles with hunger - Join us and donate at" Plus a rare former Rock Island blue boxcar, HS 75311.
1) UP 8446, 3916, 7787, 4625, 3835, 1787, 1778, 1686, 2010, 4063,
5097, 7718, 3915, 4514, 3913, 5098
2) BCRail (CN) 4622
3) CN 5701
4) NS 8436
5) HLCX 1044
6) PROX 43069 tank car, blt 12-98
7) ACFX 72723 blue tank car
8) QTTX 131307 8-axle heavy hauler
9) CPDX 213033 new tank car
10) DRGW 3024 gondola
11) CSXT 136589 boxcar
12) Southern 532294 boxcar
13) CNW 89045 green gondola
14) CNW 438124 yellow hopper
15) DME 5746 boxcar
16) Pigeon on track
17) CNW 180253 hopper
18) MRMX 130012 green hopper
19) HS 75311 Rock Island blue boxcar
20) Darkening skies
21) Passing northbound trains at 3:01 p.m.
22) CSXT 180615 Chessie-Cat hycube
23) GACX 8175 hopper with the 'struggles with hunger' wording

EARLY TEXAS EAGLE LITTLE ROCK OCTOBER 29, 2013 - The northbound Texas Eagle Number 22 arrived early at 11:07 p.m. and left on time at 11:39 p.m. from Little Rock's Union Station on Tuesday night, October 29, 2013. The Eagle was scheduled to arrive at 11:31 p.m. Here's photos of each Superliner passenger car in the consist plus some daytime shots of the station. The consist was: Amtrak locomotive 69, Superliners 39008, 32117, 37004, 33002, 31027, 34097 and 34133. There's a movie link of the train leaving at 11:39 p.m. at the end of the webpage.

COLORFUL TRAINS AND FALL COLORS LITTLE ROCK OCTOBER 30, 2013 - The trees were just beginning to change to Fall colors as I captured these trains at Little Rock's Union Station on Wednesday, October 30, 2013. There was one train that had its own color variety with a red unit from Canadian Pacific, an orange BNSF locomotive and an Armour Yellow UP engine on the same train, all passing a yellow tree. Plus there were five green CNW hoppers with original numbers on one train, not hooked together but on the same train. As I'm putting this web page together at 11 p.m. October 30, UP 1995, the CNW Heritage locomotive, was heading to North Little Rock. Wouldn't it be nice if this locomotive could some day pull these five CNW hoppers?
Included today:
1) UP 8029, 8612, 6819, 7209, 7956, 7985, 7395, 314, 1065, 2294, 2291(LLPX)
2) BNSF 4164, 4930, 7795, 9276
3) CP 8802
4) HLCX 1088
5) MP 7181 hopper with the MoPac buzzsaw emblem
6) Colorful Fall colors at the station
7) Pipe loads
8) MKT 4384 grey hopper
9) CNW green hoppers with original numbers: 178560, 178377, 178199, 178174, 178339
10) CNW yellow hopper 174785
11) CMO 265233 UP hopper
12) ITLX 41301 Milwaukee Road hopper

COLD, DARK, BLUSTERY DAY AT LITTLE ROCK AND TRAINS NOVEMBER 6, 2013 - A dark, blustery, drizzly, cold day at Little Rock, Wednesday November 6, 2013, but trains kept running and I had to see a couple at the station. I also went by Jenks Shops and got a photo of UP 4141, still parked in front of the shops. The tarp hasn't been put back on it since UP's Family Days a few weeks ago. I also included a photo of the famous Old Mill in North Little Rock with lots of Autumn colors. This mill was in the opening scenes of the 1939 movie Gone With The Wind and has 100,000 visitors a year.

RENOVATED -M&NA RY DEPOT AT ST JOE, ARKANSAS NOVEMBER 2, 2013 - On Saturday, November 2, 2013, I checked out the renovated St Joe, Arkansas, Missouri & North Arkansas Railroad depot.  Here are some photos. The M& NA was abandoned and taken up in this area in the 1940s. But this depot has stood the test of time and remains today. I'll put the information about the depot that was posted on the door first, then the pictures I took.

FRISCO BRIDGE FAYETTEVILLE-TRAINS LITTLE ROCK NOVEMBER 9, 10, 2013 - Didn't have much time today for trains in Little Rock, since I had just returned from Fayetteville, Arkansas, but I did manage to get a few trains anyway, including a East Camden and Highland boxcar. I also got a couple of pictures of the tracks of the former Frisco (now Arkansas & Missouri RR) in Fayetteville lined with colorful Fall foliage. I took those photos from the old 1936 bridge over the tracks on West Maple Street and I included a shot of the original marker for the bridge. The University of Arkansas is located in this area.
Included today:
1) UP 4364, 4623, 9834, 9645, 9575, 7604, 9588, 7352, 4993
2) CSX 796
3) Arkansas & Missouri track from Maple Street Fayetteville, Arkansas
4) Frisco Bridge over A&M track historical marker
5) University of Arkansas Carnall Hall hog statue
6) HS 7625 East Camden & Highland boxcar
7) EAMX 7003 Santa Fe hopper
8) NKCR boxcar
9) CAIX hopper
10) TBOX 663571 clean boxcar
11) ATGX 521 hopper
12) BNSF 517903 gondola
13) LT 8195 gondola
14) WRRC 137 and 578 gondolas
15) RTMX 3198 tankcar
16) PTTX 140534 load of rusty pipes
17) CNA 412493 CN boxcar
18) CELX 23004 blue tankcar
19) NAHX 570154 hopper with 4 large chutes

LRWN SWITCHING AT PULASKI-RAIL TRAIN-LITTLE ROCK NOVEMBER 12, 2013 - On Tuesday, November 12, 2013, I caught a rare (for me at least) daytime westbound move by the Little Rock & Western past Union Station in Little Rock, then I drove to the Pulaski (former Rock Island) siding in west Little Rock and caught it switching cars. Also got a unit continuous rail train, which went past the station toward the east, then backed past the station again on the same track going west. Plus a couple of other trains and some old fallen-flag freight cars on the LRWN train., including LRWN 195030 (a Deyr???&Mack??? boxcar - couldn't make out all the letters), and ATW 75030, a Laurinburg And Southern boxcar, blt 2-75.

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE 22 WITH PV CARITAS LITTLE ROCK NOVEMBER 15, 2013 - Amtrak Texas Eagle 22, Little Rock, Arkansas Friday, November 15, 2013
with private car Caritas on the rear with someone standing on it.
12:31 a.m.

TRAINS AND STREETCARS LITTLE ROCK NOVEMBER 16 AND 17, 2013 - Several trains at Little Rock on both Saturday and Sunday, November 16 and 17, 2013, including a never-before-seen-by-me yellow tankcar UTLX 202933 Fluid Recycling Service car. It was 84 degrees, record high for the date.
1) UP 6063, 5806, 6043, 7112, 5012, 7122, 8790, 7782,4037, 8075, 5080,
8058, 4178, 3953, 8044, 4430, 3981, 4201, 8712, 7650, 7643
2) KCS 4107 Belle colors
3) NS 8931
4) HLCX 4222
5) CSX 579, 7729
6) Streetcars decorated for Christmas and taking passengers to Holiday
House craft show
7) Bikers walking across UP tracks
8) NS 68740 coil car
9) CRYX 5532 Cryo Trans car "War Eagle"
10) CNW 178196 hopper
11) MWCX 462594 Rock Island blue hopper
12) CNW 175510 hopper
13) WSOR 503224 Wisconsin & Southern boxcar
14) NYC 218281 Conrail boxcar
15) GAMX 836 Wisconsin Central hopper
16) TILX 263517, 263510 and 263507 green tankcars
17) UTLX 2378 blue tankcar
18) Trucks on flatcar
19) UTLX 202933 Fluid Recycling Service yellow tankcar

ARKANSAS & MISSOURI RR ALCO'S 60 AND 48 NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR NOVEMBER 20, 2013 - These two Arkansas and Missouri locomotives, Nos. 60 and 48, were in North Little Rock Wednesday, November 20, 2013.  From a friend on Destination shows Batesville, AR.  To be interchanged at Newport, AR to the NWPRA. Consignee: Futurefuel Chemical.  There were being serviced. Also photographed were UPY 155 and unpatched SSW 9708.  Thanks for the heads up from a UP friend.

COLD, DRIZZLY TRAINS AND SOME LIGHTED STREETCARS LITTLE ROCK NOVEMBER 22, 2013 - Several trains on a cold, windy Friday, November 22, 2013 passing Union Station in Little Rock. I caught a UP train passing the Little Rock & Western westbound train in opposite directions, and a BNSF oil train, among others. It was 47 degrees with drizzle. I also have a couple of shots of streetcars at night with their Christmas light decorations.
1) UP 6578, 4039, 4529, 8347, 8676
2) UP/CNW 6718
3) HLCX red 3827
4) Ferromex 4135 and 4664
5) BNSF 5065, 6762, 6551
6) LRWN 2017
7) CBTX 728360 new tankcar
8) Winn Bay Sand hopper WSOX 805092
9) WP 2063 hopper
10) SSW 62762 boxcar
11) VMSX 28459 new tankcar
12) DRGW 310303 'Mainline Thru the Rockies' Rio Grande gondola
13) HS 6788 New Orleans Public Belt Railroad boxcar
14) Southern 4258 boxcar
15) TOE 3089 boxcar
16) Christmas-lit streetcars

STATION HAWK, TRAINS, BRICKYARD 400 PACE CAR AND FALL COLORS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2013 - Trains and red and orange Fall leaves around the train station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Saturday November 23, 2013.
1) UP 3945, 2713, 3998,4034, 7392, 4313, 7924
2) BNSF 5418
3) NS 9358, 2734, 2643
4) CNA 40913 Express car
5) Brickyard 400 Pace Car
6) Union Station hawk
7) CIC 2125 Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Rwy Crandic Route car
8- SRN 55096 green boxcar
9) Fall colors around the train station

SUBFREEZING TEMPS AND TRAINS LITTLE ROCK NOVEMBER 24, 2013 - Sunday, November 24, 2013. It was a blustery and sub-freezing day at Union Station in Little Rock, but there were lots of trains to keep me warm. I saw locomotives from UP, NS, BNSF, KCS, CSX and BCRAIL including the 5,000th GEVO UP 7964. I also saw DRGW 12470, a loaded short coal hopper, MEC 31841 Pan AM blue boxcar, and other old freight cars. I got a closeup of a cold Mockingbird and a shot of what I called a Lemon Icebox Bush (a green bush in front of the library that had tons of bright yellow leaves on it that reminded me of a lemon icebox pie). It was 30 degrees and breezy with wind chill of 25 and snow is likely tonight and Monday. Hopefully I can get some snow/train pictures Monday.
1) UP 9647(former SP), 4390, 4563, 1705, 1998, 5215, 4301, 5219, 4751, 7656, 6644, 8790, 8931, 6836, 4764, 7440, 7638, 4404, 4359, 3893, 7964-5,000th GEVO locomotive, 7983
2) CSX 150, 539, 651, 90
3) NS 9804, 7672, 6542-former UP, 1064
4) KCS 4619
5)BC RAIL 4649 stripes
6) BNSF 5418
7) RTIX 1022 junk hauler
8) CSXT 142885 blue boxcar blt 1-80
9) TTPX 805536 pipes
10) DRGW 12470 loaded coal hopper
11) CBTX 781606 new tankcar blt 11-13
12) MKT 578 hopper repainted green hopper
13) RJCM 40071 R J Corman boxcar
14) AM 570 Arkansas & Missouri boxcar
15) IATR 1612 green boxcar
16) TFM 20029 boxcar
17) HS 7631 East Camden & Highland boxcar
18) MEC 31841 Pan Am blue boxcar
19) Hazy sun over Union Station
20) Lemon Icebox Bush
21) UP 211131 maintenance cars
22) TCIX 30020 blue tankcar
23) CSXT 180596 sleeping Chessie cat hycube boxcar
24) CSXT 180190 hycube
25) Car/truck frames
26) GACX Wisconsin Central hoppers
27) NYC 22331 Conrail boxcar
28) Mockingbird closeup

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE NO. 22 LITTLE ROCK NOVEMBER 27, 2013 - Amtrak's northbound Texas Eagle No. 22 at Little Rock, Arkansas on a cold, frosty night, Wednesday night November 27, 2013, the night before Thanksgiving. It was 22 degrees by the time the train left and there was a long line of passengers boarding. I also included a photo of a Little Rock streetcar being put in the trolley barn for the night.

THANKSGIVING TRAINS LITTLE ROCK NOVEMBER 28, 2013 - A good number of trains this Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 2013, at Little Rock, including the BNSF local parked on the Little Rock & Western tracks (former Rock Island) next to the Riverdale Shopping Center close to Walmart. These shots were taken after my Thanksgiving feast.
1) UP 4315, 4616, 3931, 5219, 4301, 7466
2) NS 8942, 7504
3) CSX 9002, 9049, 4567, 513
4) Ferromex 4635, 4664
5) BNSF 2029, 518, 2851, 2012 on LRWN-former Rock Island tracks
6) GTW 127072 Grand Trunk Western hycube boxcar blt 12-73, re-blt 8-89
7) SRCX 2008 Sid Richardson Carbon Co hopper
8) WWUX 9312 Winchester & Western hopper
9) CSXT 136097 faded boxcar
10) SOO 18682 boxcar
11) NOKL 536042 boxcar
12) MP 271827 hycube
13) Southern 42486 faded hycube
14) CSXT 173461 hycube
15) WC 21138 Wisconsin Central boxcar
16) ICG 690117 Illinois Central Gulf hycube, graffiti-free
17) CNA 795157 Canadian National hycube
18) NS 48703 hycube faded
19) Southern 42514 hycube
20) GCCX 80003 blue gondola
21) DRGW 320364 Nationwide Gondola
22) TILX 401680 Dupont tankcar
23) MP 641885 ribbed gondola with the MoPac buzzsaw trademark and a story to go with it
24) UP 7029 yellow ribbed gondola
NIGHT TO DAY TRAINS LITTLE ROCK NOVEMBER 30, 2013 - Night to day trains at Little Rock, including a 3-hour late southbound Texas Eagle near sunrise, Saturday November 30, 2013.
1) UP 6066, 6700, 7311, 5788, UP/SP 6259, 8787, UP/SP 6375, 7438, 6508, 4468
2) BNSF 7918, 987, 4990, 5252
3) KCS 4557, 4506
4) Amtrak Texas Eagle 21.

TRAINS, STREETCARS AND CHRISTMAS TREES LITTLE ROCK DECEMBER 1, 2013 - Trains and streetcars Little Rock Sunday, December 1, 2013. I also included some scenes of the Capital Hotel's Christmas tree lighting in Little Rock in the evening.
1) GMTX 2112
2) UP/SP 2047, UP/SSW 2003, UP 1784, 1954, 1970, 3795, 4628, 3995, 5937, UP/SP 6405, 6043, 6538, 3955, 9822, 9664
3) SP 243313 Gold West Service boxcar
4) AEX 16169 Grace Davison hopper
5) INTX 35052 Great Lakes Carbon GLC hopper
6) GMQX 094 and a string of other Granite Mountain Quarry gondolas
7) Streetcars in Little Rock decorated with Christmas lights
8) Giant Christmas tree lighted inside Capital Hotel

FOGGY TRAINS AND STREETCARS LITTLE ROCK DECEMBER 3, 2013 - Dense fog stayed around all day in Little Rock of most of Arkansas on Tuesday December 3, 2013, making for some unique train shots, including UP 1995 the CNW heritage, an Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar ADN 9722 that had the ADN name and emblem painted over, and a van securely parked at Union Station that had the words "America is too Great for small dreams--Ronald Reagan" written on it.
1) UP 2047(SP), 1974, 2003(SSW), 5648, 7242, 4974, 4406, 1784, 1970, 1954, 7231, 1740, 9802, 4906, 4386, 2513, 8661, 1995
2) BNSF 5144, 9521, 9264
3) Ferromex 4055
4) Pigeon on wire
5) CNW 741087 green gondola
6) Parked van with words "America is too Great for small dreams-Ronald Reagan"
7) Streetcars
8) CMFX 7058 hopper with goose
9) ADN 9722 Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar with the ADN words and emblem painted over in green

ICY TRAINS LITTLE ROCK SUNDAY DECEMBER 8, 2013 - After 3 days in the house due to icy weather and roads, I decided to brave the elements and go to Union Station from North Little Rock on Sunday afternoon, December 8, 2013. There was patchy ice on the roads and the temperature was 28 degrees, but very few cars out, so I could easily miss the ice patches by using the full width of the road. One reason I made the trip was to try and catch NS 1070, the Wabash Heritage unit, which was on a northbound BNSF oil train, OSJEE-7. However, I missed it because it got too dark and the roads were refreezing.  It arrived at 5:50 p.m. but I had left the station at 5:10 p.m. But,  I did catch two UP trains on the icy tracks and a shot of the lit-up Arkansas State Capitol. I also included a couple of pictures from three days ago, Thursday December 5, including UP 2001, one of the Olympic units.

SUNNY DAY AND TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, DECEMBER 10, 2013 - Patchy ice remained as I got some train shots in Little Rock, Tuesday December 10, 2013. I included some streetcar action and photos of the abandoned and dismantled Camp Robinson Spur in North Little Rock. This spur track once belonged to Missouri Pacific and went to Camp Pike/Camp Robinson, home of the 39th Army Infantry. It was taken up in 2010.  UP owned it since it took over Missouri Pacific in 1982. The last train I saw on it was in 1990 during the first Gulf War.
Included today:
1) UP 5817, 6657, 9564, 9803, 9627, 9802, 5780, 8367, 4002, 8646, 3784
2) LRWN 1541, 2017, Bay Line 500
3) Streetcar taken from my car in front of the Capital Hotel
4) Klemme Coop Grain 182981 hopper
5) TILX 111102 tankcar
6) LYBX 4030 tankcar blt 8-13
7) CSXT 491824 gondola
8) TOE 33052 boxcar newly painted
9) ATSF 179439 Santa Fe hopper
10) Bird on pole
11) FOBX 90003 long blue and white tankcar
12) Abandoned-dismantled Camp Robinson spur North Little Rock
14) BNSF 500193 gondola

TRAINS-STREETCARS AND REMAINING ICE LITTLE ROCK DECEMBER 11, 2013 - I wasn't planning on doing any train photography at Little Rock today, Wednesday December 11, 2013, but on my way home from a Christmas party, I saw two NS locomotives sitting in front of Union Station from street on the hill behind the station. So, I HAD to go there to check them out. I stayed for a couple more trains, including one that had two red MKT gondolas together.  Then I went downtown to get a few shots of streetcars later in the day.

DME 6362 AND OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK DECEMBER 12, 2013 - DME 6362  "City of Lamberton" Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern locomotive plus a couple more trains in Little Rock on Thursday, December 12, 2013. Thanks to Anthony from Pine Bluff, Arkansas for the heads up. This locomotive was built for the Milwaukee Road as MILW 198 in May 1974. It's an SD40-2.

20 MINUTE EARLY TEXAS EAGLE AND STATE CAPITOL LITTE ROCK DECEMBER 12, 2013 - Amtrak's northbound Texas Eagle Number 22 got to Union Station in Little Rock, AR at 11:10 p.m., 20 minutes early, on Thursday night, December 12, 2013. It had Amtrak locomotive 66 on the point, one of the Amtrak 40th anniversary engines.  I also took pictures of the Arkansas State Capitol with its' new LED  Christmas lights.  The Capitol is only a couple of blocks away from the train station.

SATRUDAY AFTERNOON TRAINS LITTLE ROCK DECEMBER 14, 2013 - A few trains Saturday afternoon, December 14, 2013 at Union Station Little Rock before I went to the annual Arkansas Railroad Club's Christmas party. Notice the thumbs up of an engineer on UP 8651.
1) UP 8550, 4267, 4693, 8651, 4105, 3878, 3860, 4541
2) NS 6623, 8869, 9286, 8973
3) INVX 38180 hopper
4) GATX 70682 2-dome tankcar, blt 8-97
5) CNW 11791 dump car, blt 3-83
6) Thumbs up from an engineer
7) MKT 510 former green MKT hopper
8- Piggyback trailers

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE 22 LITTLE ROCK DECEMBER 17, 2013 - Amtrak's Number 22, the northbound Texas Eagle, arrived in Little Rock, Arkansas a little early and left on time on Tuesday night, December 17, 2013. Here's a few photos.

BLUE SKIES AND TRAINS LITTLE ROCK DECEMBER 17, 2013 - A nice selection of trains passing Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Tuesday, December 17, 2013, including a two-car stack train. I also included a picture of the NASA Orion test space vehicle, which was on its way to San Diego from Virginia. It was here overnight on December 15 so the Kenworth truck that was hauling it could be serviced.
1) UP 5021, 8551, 8749, 4272, 3899, 4331, 1944, 1826, 1784, 5167, 9465, 9544, 4235, 4185, 4926, 3811, 6747, 2047, 4300
2) KCS 4055 Belle
3) GMTX 2609, 2152, 2112
4) Ferromex 4060
5) SRN 55096 green boxcar
6) CSXT 180174 blue hycube boxcar
7) DMM 1716 boxcar
8- LRWN 195030 Detroit & Mackinac Railway boxcar
9) SCL 203570 Family Lines hopper
10) CSXT 180668 hycube
11) GTW 126754 Grand Trunk Western hycube
12) CNW 520050 green boxcar
13) CNA 795163 Canadian National hycube
14) GTW 127095 Grand Trunk Western hycube
15) ICG 680117 Illinois Central Gulf hycube
16) Jet contrail closeup
17) MKT 16175 and 16385 red gondola
18) MGNX 10100 shiny small black tankcar
19) NASA's Orion space vehicle being transported from Virginia to San Diego via truck

RED PIPE TRAIN COLUMBUS, TEXAS DECEMBER 23, 2013 - A couple of trains on the Union Pacific's Sunset Route through Columbus, Texas on Monday, December 23, 2013, including a red pipe train heading westward

CHRISTMAS TRAINS LITTLE ROCK DECEMBER 24, 25, 2013 - .Here's a few trains in Little Rock on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2013, including roadnames from UP, KCS, CSX, GMTX, CN, and BNSF and a Canaan American RR boxcar, LW 1020. Also Amtrak 22 northbound Texas Eagle Christmas Eve and a few holiday streetcars.
1) UP 7687, 4260, 9537, 4053, 6644, 6718 (CNW Operation Lifesaver unit), 5487, 6008, 582, 8417, 9607
2) KCS 4557
3) CSX 5234, 5200, 5415
4) BNSF 6166, 6168, 5205
6) GMTX 2653
7) CNW 745020 long green gondola
8) SBLX 14102 black and white tankcar
9) LW 1020 Canaan American RR boxcar
10} Little Rock holiday streetcars
11) Amtrak 22 Texas Eagle Christmas Eve at Union Station
12) LED lights on bridges over the Arkansas River
13) TILX 263505 green tankcars
14) UTLX 920096 new tankcar
15) SOO 122858 and other Canadian Pacific hoppers
16) Mockingbird

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS INCLUDING DAYTIME TEXAS EAGLE DECEMBER 27, 2013 - Friday, December 27, 2013 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas . There were a good number of trains today, including a KCS empty coil train, a rare view of Amtrak's Texas Eagle in the daytime, and a BNSF local. I saw locomotives with 9 different roadnames, including UP, GMTX, CSX, Ferromex, Amtrak, BNSF, KCS, AKMD and DME.
1) UP/SP 2047, UP 7468, 7986, 7916, 4013, 4277, 4302, 4563, 9472, 4317, 4312, 7132, 6629, UP/SP 6257, UP 4089, 6353, 6933, 4007, 4785, 4907
2) GMTX 2112
3) CSX 7573, 5371, 613
4) Ferromex 4030
5) AMT 57
6) BNSF 5144, 9897, 9264, 2009, 518
7) KCS 4115-Belle, 4617
8) AKMD 918
9) DME 6362
10) MKT 16271 and 16216 red gondolas
11) GACX 970303 pink hoppers
12) Amtrak Texas Eagle
13) String of white and black alternating tankcars
14) GRW 4866 "The J"coil gondola
15) Poles
16) PENX 3007 Penford Products Co - Penwest hopper
17) Mockingbird and pigeon
18) BNSF 808117 boxcar
19) NADX 120054 low boxcar
20) BNSF 449246 green BN hopper
21) CN 415151 new boxcar with a whole string of CN boxcars

PREDAWN AND DAY TRAINS LITTLE ROCK DECEMBER 29, 2013 - A few pre-dawn and day trains at Union Station in Little Rock, Sunday December 29, 2013, including a BNSF coil train on the Amtrak siding with BNSF 8279, an almost unfaded Warbonnet, and a BCRail locomotive 4614. I saw locomtoves with 7 different roadnames today, including 6 CSX engines, 2 NS, 2 BNSF and 21 UP.
1) UP 4032, 7103, 4668, 568, 5001, 3964, 4759, 4045, 6778, 7237, 6305, 6400(SP), 4130, 4841, 4949, 3819, 8387, 306, 9723, 7940, 7234
2) BCOL 4614
3) NS 9006, 8767
4) Ferromex 4040, 4640
5) CSX 7364, 3142, 7362, 7318, 3079, 714
6) BNSF 5507, 8279 (Good Warbonnet)
7) HLCX 1028 and 2137
8) Hawk and pigeons
9) Euro-Tainers
10) BNSF coil train
11) ACFX 71769 blue tankcar
12) WPHX 2018 long white and blue tankcar

LAST TRAIN OF 2013 LITTLE ROCK AND FIRST 2014 TRAIN DECEMBER 31, 2013-JANUARY 1, 2014 - I went to Union Station in Little Rock on the last night of 2013, December 31, 2013 and caught the last train of the year to pass the station, a BNSF oil train. Plus I got one of the first trains of 2014 later that night. Also saw Amtrak's Texas Eagle 22 come into the station 20 minutes early. There was a huge New Years Eve party in one of the banquet rooms in the front-south side of the station (the tracks are on the back-north side).


BNSF AND NS TRAINS LITTLE ROCK JANUARY 1, 2014 - Two New Year's Day trains, 2014, at Union Station in Little Rock. One was a BNSF oil train, the other a NS empty baretable train. There undoubtedly were more trains today, but I slept till 3 p.m.

PREDAWYN TO NOON TRAINS LITTLE ROCK JANUARY 3, 2014 INCLUDING TEXAS EAGLE - A windy and cold morning at Union Station in Little Rock, AR on Friday, January 3, 2014. It was 17 degrees when I got there at 3:30 a.m. and I got photos of several trains, including the southbound Amtrak Texas Eagle and the MFWNL freight which had a varied locomotive consist (thanks for the heads up on Facebook from Charlie Chambers about this freight.)
1) UP 5001, 7791, 7445, 7317, 4271,6275-SP, 4513, 1974, 2003, 8815, 4170, 7898, 5862, 5166, 1944, 1977, 6271-SP, 6420, 6694
2) CSXT 252, 9020, 437
3) AMTK  94
4) CN 2147
5) NS 6782, 8965
6) CP 8570
7) SPMW 7245
8) MKT 545 green hopper
9) DRGW 10037 Rio Grande hoper
10) Capital Hotel Christmas Tree-last day (voted 7th best in country by Forbes Magazine)
11) MKT 16177 red gondola
12) GACX 516176 Southern Illinois Railcar Hopper

DARK, COOL DAY LITTLE ROCK AND A LATE TEXAS EAGLE AND FREIGHTS JANUARY 4, 2014 - Saturday, January 4, 2014 was a cloudy and chilly day at Union Station in Little Rock. The southbound Amtrak Texas Eagle No. 21 was 9 1/2 hours late into town because of snow delays in Illinois, especially around the Chicago area. I've included pictures of the station activity when the Eagle arrived at 12:30 p.m. (due at 3:02 a.m.) plus several UP freights during the day.
1) UP 4524, 7930, 8387, 4308, 4795, 7372, 7473, 1998, 8727, 9803, 4743, 7477, 4758, 6938 on display
2) CSXT 7636, 4727
3) LRWN 2017, 500
4) CN 5714, 2159
5) AMTK 89
6) KCS 72063 and 72011 coil cars in Belle scheme
7) MKT 16175 and 16385 red gondolas
8) Load of track panels (i.e. 1/1 scale model track)
9) ADN 9844 former Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar
10) GATX 202277 Abengoa Bioenergy tankcar
11) IBTX 25135 Technical Animal Fat Not Intended For Human Food tankcar
12) Amtrak Texas Eagle 21
13) RCLX 169326 CNW yellow hopper
14) APPX 8000 hopper
15) YKR 926 boxcar

11 HOUR LATE TEXAS EAGLE LITTLE ROCK JANUARY 6, 2014 - For the second time in the last 3 days, Amtrak's southbound Texas Eagle 21 of Monday, January 6, 2014 was hours late into Little Rock, Arkansas. It finally got here at 2:21 p.m., eleven and a half hours late. The cause again was  cold weather and frozen switches in Missouri and Illinois. It was 16 degrees with a wind chill of minus 3 while I was at the station. Here are some photos I took at Union 

COLD TRAINS LITTLE ROCK JANUARY 5-7, 2014 - A few trains I caught during the cold days of January 5, 6 and 7, 2014 at the station in Little Rock. It was as cold as 15 degrees with wind chills 3 below zero on a couple of those days with nighttime lows below 10 degrees. The winds were gusting to 35 mph on occasion, which quickly froze my hands and my Nikon D5200 's battery didn't like the cold either. Anyway, I wanted to catch some trains. As I write this on January 8 about midnight, it was still 32 degrees with light freezing rain making some roads and most bridges and overpasses slick with ice, so I won't make it to the train station to see Amtrak's Texas Eagle come in. In fact, northbound Eagle #22 wad canceled entirely today, January 8, from San Antonio because the southbound Eagle #21 didn't run out of Chicago January 7 because of ice, snow and bitterly cold weather (Chicago had wind chills of -46 degrees). They usually turn the equipment in San Antonio and didn't any trainset to run north. Also, 3 Amtrak trains were stalled west of Chicago January 6 and 7 due to bitterly cold weather, snowdrifts, frozen switches. Of course, lots of airports in the north central and northeast parts of the country were closed during the peak of the winter storms too. This has been, and continues to be, an historically record breaking cold, Arctic airmass.
   Most interesting photos on this page: BNSF-Santa Fe 928 dubbed the 'Pink Bonnet' by some---an original St Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern Railway Company safe still inside Union Station---AOKX 181650 long green CNW hopper---a very late Amtrak Texas Eagle 21.on January 6.

TRAINS INCLUDING PILLSBURY HOPPER LITTLE ROCK JANUARY 12, 2014 - Here's a few trains at Union Station in Little Rock  on Sunday, January 12, 2014 including a Red 'N Ready heavy hauler with a transformer, a Pillsbury blue hopper built in 1979, a bird framed by icy tree limbs January 9, and a deflated pumpkin today. Plus my usual old freight cars.
1) LRWN-Bay Line 500
2) UP 9526, 7486, 7680, 4569, 7715, 9553, 4421, UPY699, 8434, 4111, 8812, 9485, 5411, 7975, 7637, 4370, 1951, 6261, 4752, 1828, 1784
3) NS 9628
4) CSXT 344, 5347
5) ADMX 85049 ADM hopper
6) SOO 125054 Pillsbury blue hopper
7) DSIX 6890 GATX hopper blt 5-12
8) CHSX 580098 hopper blt 4-08
9) HS 75007 (xxx American) boxcar
10) Red 'N Ready hauler with transformer
11) TTGX 920005 BN green autorack car
12) Auto/truck frames, yellow and green
13) TBOX 662212 clean boxcar blt 9-12
14) SP 247449 Golden West Service boxcar
15) Seagull on Arkansas River
16) Bird framed by icy tree one day last week
17) Deflated pumpkin

CLCX 12132 AND OTHER LOCOS NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR JAN 15, 2014 - I spotted these locomotives in North Little Rock today, Wednesday January 15, 2014: CLCX 12132 (shiny black with yellow stripes), DME 6200-City of Huron, NS 9976, HLCX 1044 (bright red), UP 5210 and boxcar ALM 841523.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS JANUARY 21-22, 2014 - After spending a few days in north Texas visiting friends and relatives and going to the train show and Railspot luncheon in Plano January 18-20, I'm back in Arkansas. Here's a few trains at Union Station in Little Rock taken January 21 and 22, 2014, including Wisconsin & Southern boxcars. a railtrain and a Mockingbird, plus various other old 'fallen flag' freight cars.  (I'll have photos from North Texas in another webpage as time permits)

FRISCO, TEXAS RR MUSEUM JANUARY 18, 2014 - On Saturday, January 18, 2014, Jerry Nunn and I went to Frisco, Texas to take a look at the not-yet-open Museum of the American Railroad. Here are some photos, including UP 4018 Big Boy, Frisco Steam Engine 19 Consolidation, Santa Fe 49 Warbonnet F-unit,  Santa Fe motorcar M-160, MKT 438 standard Dining Car, BNSF 9045 heading a coal train past Frisco 19, Frisco SLSF 1144 wooden caboose, and a long line of passenger cars.

HEARTLAND FLYER FORT WORTH JAN 17-TRAINS LITTLE ROCK JANUARY 23, 2014 - A couple of trains passing Union Station in Little Rock Thursday, January 23, 2014 plus Amtrak's Heartland Flyer at Tower 60 in Fort Worth on Friday, January 17. Plus my cat and friend Tigger.

TRAINS INCLUDING AMTRAK AND STREETCARS LITTLE ROCK JANUARY 26, 2014 - Several trains passing Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on both Saturday January 25 and Sunday January 26, 2014.  Locomotives: UP, BNSF, CSXT, CP, NS, Ferromex, Amtrak 66 on the Texas Eagle, and former SP's with UP patches. Also included: several old 'fallen flag' freight cars, some built in the 1970s - BCOL 60324 green BCRAIL boxcar - MP 706453 hopper, built 12-77 with the MoPac Buzzsaw -  TR 585588 blue gondola -  SRN 7158 Greenville & Northern Railway boxcar -  CSXT 507856 boxcar with Charlie Brown comics on it -  A stack train had several flatcars with white container covers. What are they covering? Plus lots more freight cars. I also got a few streetcar shots downtown Little Rock. There was a vivid sunset on Sunday, which I also got pictures of and a closeup of a pigeon.

UP 2001 OLYMPIC UNIT  PLUS OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK JANUARY 29, 2014 - Little Rock trains Wednesday, January 29, 2014, including UP Olympic 2001 and my usual assortment of freight cars. There was a southbound
KCS intermodal today, and for a brief time all 3 of Union Pacific's tracks in front of Union Station were occupied. I included some reporting mark's owners on some of the freight cars since I hadn't seen some of these ID's before.  Plus a few scenes of the former Rock Island tracks in west Little Rock.
1) UP 7864, 4353, 5894, 8648, 4540, 5128, 6860, 7097, 2001, UPY 141
2) KCS 4623, 4100
3) NS 2539 rather worn-looking
4) Former Rock Island tracks along Rebsamen Road in Little Rock, close
to the Big Dam Walking bridge
5) CHTT 287363 new coil car (Chicago Heights Transfer Terminal)
6) CNW 178338 green hopper
7) UP 908444 hycube boxcar
8) UP 355275 old yellow boxcar
9) VMSX 280479 tankcar (Valerie Marketing & Supply Company)
10) INVX 38185 bright white hopper (Invista S A R L)
11) RAIX 6630 blue tankcar (Union Carbide Corporation)
12) RCRX 2917 white and red tankcar (Reagent Chemical & Research Inc.)
13) MOCX 499009 hopper (The Mosaic Company)

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS JANUARY 30, 2014 - A few freights at Union Station Little Rock, AR January 30, 2014, including a Cotton Belt hycube boxcar and a dump train, plus my usual assortment of old freight cars. Also, locomotive CLCX 12132 was back in North Little Rock on January 30. It was also here a few days ago, then was in Pine Bluff a couple of days, and now has been interchanged with the NS in Memphis as of January 31 at 6:23 a.m. Today I had locomotives with reporting marks from UP, CSXT, NS, CN, GMTX and CLCX.

SIX TRAINS IN ONE HOUR PLUS MORE INCLUDING BLUE LIGHTS ON JUNCTION BRIDGE JAN 31, 2014 - A surge of 6 trains in one hour at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Friday, January 31, 2014 between 10:23 a.m. and 11:23 a.m. plus more trains afterwards. There were 6 roadnames on locomotives today, plus a colorful BNSF train that had BNSF Warbonnet 4708 leading, followed by BNSF orange/yellow 4153 and CP red 9553. I also included a night shot of the Main Street bridge and Junction Bridge lit up with blue LED lights. The Junction Bridge used to belong to the Missouri Pacific, but is now a pedestrian bridge.
1) UP 5992, 5879, 8336, 9399, 596, 3850, 4387, 1970, 1827, 4777, 4387, 4370, 7930, 4853, 4755
2) LRWN 2017, 500
3) BNSF 4708, 4153
4) CP 9553
5) HLCX 3880
6) FXE 4668
7) ATW 75037 Laurinburg & Southern RR boxcar
8) BFGX 1629 and 1777 blue hoppers
9) TILX 353004 white tankcar blt 11-13
10) BNSF 425734 hopper
11) DGRW 10037 Rio Grande hopper
12) CNW 180253 yellow hopper
13) AM 545 boxcar blt 9-79
14) SP 2474 Golden West Service boxcar
15) SP 337964 gondola
16) SP 3382106 Golden West gondola blt 9-75, re-blt 8-98
17) MWCX 460424 hopper Family
18) LRS 256 blue boxcar
19) CCLX 51066 Corn Products hopper
20) SRN 7179 Greenville & Northern Railway boxcar
21) MAEX 4439 hopper
22) HZGX 3251 Herzog hopper
23) MKT 595 green hopper
24) WSOR 101601 blue Wisconsin & Southern boxcar
25) HS 720595 Sabine River & Northern boxcar
26) CN 156255 gondola
27) KWT 5155 Continental Grain hopper,
28) KWT 5058 hopper
29) BCOL 160245 boxcar
30) Former Junction Bridge (MoPac) lit up in blue plus a streetcar in the River Market

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE 22 LITTLE ROCK JANUARY 30, 2014 - Amtrak's Texas Eagle No. 22 at Little Rock, Arkansas' Union Station Thursday night, January 30, 2014. I also got a couple of freights, including one headed by Santa Fe 602 in the red and yellow 'Warbonnet' paint scheme.

RAINY TRAINS LITTLE ROCK FEBRUARY 2, 2014 - Got up early to see a few trains on this cold, rainy day in Little Rock, Sunday February 2, 2014. It was 35 degrees and windy. I caught 10 trains today with locomotives from UP, KCS, GMTX and  CSXT, plus saw unpatched locomotive Cotton Belt SSW 9708 in North Little Rock. Trains passed Union Station  at 8:10, 8:22, 8:29, 8:41, 9:05, 9:13, 10:09, 10:58, 11:00, and 11:25 a.m.  I also saw and photographed hycube boxcars lettered for DRGW, CNW, CN, MP, GTW, ICG (original Illinois Central Gulf in ICG colors in good shape), CSXT, NYC, UP and NS.  An interesting hopper was UP 78854, which has double-lettering of Union Pacific on the side. It looks like a 3D movie without the glasses. And a photo of a streetcar in North Little Rock.

TRAINS AND ICE LITTLE ROCK FEBRUARY 4, 2014 - Little Rock and much of Arkansas was under an Ice Storm Warning on Tuesday, February 4, 2014 and ice accumulated on trees and  power lines  up to 3/4th inch. Roads and bridges were slick in the morning. However, by 2 pm I noticed that the temperature had risen to 33 degrees so I walked out to the road and saw that the road in front of my house was only wet and drivable, so I decided to drive around my neighborhood and check out the driving conditions. The roads were passable, but heavy ice was all around, in the trees, power lines, grass. Since I love rainy, snowy days, I decided to drive to Union Station and get some train photos in the ice. There were no problems driving the 8 miles to the station and I was practically the only car on the road. Here are those icy-train photos plus a few other scenes of the ice around town.
   Trainwise, my shot of the day was NS 1069, the Virginian Heritage unit, after dark at 8 p.m. I also caught a transformer on a heavy-hauler and saw CMPX 251109 Aware Resa hopper. At first I though this might be graffiti but it looks like some kind of large barcode. What is this?

LIGHT SNOW AND TRAINS LITTLE ROCK FEBRUARY 6, 2014 - Light snow and trains in Little Rock on Thursday February 6, 2014, including CP 5907 locomotive and a rare Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar. Temperature finally got up to 20 by noon, wind chill  10 degrees.

D&H, ICG, ROCK ISLAND FREIGHT CARS N LITTLE ROCK FEBRUARY 7, 2014 - I found these 3 'fallen flag' freight cars in North Little Rock, AR Friday February 7, 2014: ICG 680122 Illinois Central Gulf hycube boxcar, ATGX 12333 Delaware & Hudson hopper, built in 1974, and NAHX 6555 Rock Island blue hopper.

A COLD, WINDY DAY AT THE STATION IN LITTLE ROCK, TUESDAY FEBRUARY 11, 2014. - Temperature was 33 and wind chill in the teens. Some of the rolling stock today: CBTX 245240 SCL hopper, CCEX 4710 Container Blacks hopper, two UP yellow boxcars together, CSS 2171 Southshore Freight coil car, blue and green CNW hoppers together, and other interesting freight cars. Plus Bluejay and Robin birds. Locomotives today were from UP, NS, KCS and BNSF, including UP 4165, 8490, 1991, 1827, 1787, 4236, 1946, 4256, 5004, 5112, 8539, 6834, 8574, 7997, 9691, 8316, 9704 *** BNSF 7665, 879 *** NS 9786, 8896, 9203, 2610 *** KCS 4706 Belle colors.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS FEBRUARY 15 AND VALENTINE'S DAY 2014 - I caught one Valentine's Day train at Little Rock Feb 14, just before the rain ended, and several more trains the next day, Saturday February 15. There were locomotives lettered for UP, CSXT, NS, BNSF and CP. I've included my usual old and new freight cars that I thought were interesting, including good old Chessie the Cat on a CSXT hycube, Grand Trunk Western lettering on a GTW hycube boxcar, a Columbus & Greenville boxcar, and "Expressway For Industry" hopper. One car had a full side panorama of an outer space scene saying "Your Planet is Nekst" (spelling 'Next' wrong).
   Locomotives today: UP 5681, 6156 (ex-SP), 6724, 4666, 4345, 9732, 9589, 8567, 4896, 5975, 7489, 4617, 4533, 4741, 4276, 3883, 4114, 6546, 4775, 4165 *** NS 9599 *** CSXT 433, 5213, 4722 *** BNSF 6536, 661 (Santa Fe faded with paint peeling Warbonnet), 1084, 1048 *** CP 9567.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS-SEVEN ROADNAMES-FEBRUARY 16, 2014 - A good day at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Sunday, February 16, 2014. Lots of trains and lots of roadnames on locomotives including NS, CSXT, BNSF, KCS, CN, GMTX and UP. Plus old freight cars, like CNW X201618 maintenance of Way hopper built in December 1963, MKT green hopper 549, and Apalachicola Northern boxcar.
   Locomotives today: UP 1743, 1827, 1787, 4018, 4449, 9756, 5088, 4762, 7408, 4332, 4519, 5172, 8441, 5621, 7020, 7226, 7741, 4436, 7495, 4295, 9651, 7234, 9404, 5319, 2485, 6274, 8035, 2047(SP), 1974, 2003(SSW), UPY 583, UP 6693, 6179(SP), 6631 *** NS 9273, 9688, 2631, 9748 *** CSXT 3042, 7850 *** BNSF 6063, 5955, 5310, 6717 *** KCS 4159, 4043 *** CN 2306 *** GMTX 2264, 2112, 2157.

LITTLE ROCK & WESTERN GP-9 103, OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK FEBRUARY 18, 2014 - Little Rock & Western GP9 103 was on LRWN's train this evening, Tuesday February 18, 2014, along with LRWN-Bay Line 500, heading to the UP's North Little Rock yards. LRWN got rid of their other Alcos over a year ago but kept No. 103 at their headquarters in Perry, Arkansas. I hadn't see it on this train for over a year. There weren't that many UP trains today due to track work being done around the busy turnout that goes from Main 1 to Main 2 near Union Station, but I did manage to get a few. Only 3 locomotive roadnames today: UP, FXE and LRWN. Locomotives today: UP 4884, 4878, 3861, 8476, 5103, 5878, 6152(SP), 5789, 1958, 1784 and 1686 *** FXE 4045 *** LRWN 500, 103. Also included are my various old freight cars, including MKT 598 green hopper and a couple of old Missouri Pacific hoppers with the faded buzzsaw emblem. Also today a picture of the south side of Union Station (the front of the building) and a sunset and tracks.

NIGHT TRAINS AND AMTRAK INCLUDING NS 1069 LITTLE ROCK FEBRUARY 19, 2014 - Amtrak Texas Eagle No. 22 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas Wednesday night, February 19, 2014 plus a few night freights, including an oil train headed by NS 1069, the Virginian heritage unit, nicknamed Bumblebee by a girl who said it reminded her of black and yellow bumblebee. Also, the blue BNSF locomotive on the Little Rock local, BNSF 2042. Other locomotives tonight: BNSF 2163, 2042 *** Amtrak 97 *** CSXT 7897 *** NS 1069, 8964 *** UP 8675, 9798 (former CNW).. I took the photos using natural lighting (the Amtrak platform lights).I used a high sensitivity setting, ISO 16,000, which does result in some  graininess in the pictures, but allows me to use a higher shutter speed so the moving trains wouldn't be blurry. These pictures obviously can't be enlarged much, but look ok on a small computer screen. As you will see, it does allow me to take pictures at night, making it bright as day.

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE FROM CANTRELL BRIDGE LITTLE ROCK FEBRUARY 21, 2014 - I got brave tonight, Friday February 21, 2014, and got some pictures of Amtrak 22, the Texas Eagle, from the Cantrell Road Overpass in Little Rock, looking back at Union Station . This bridge crosses the Union Pacific tracks between the Baring Cross railroad bridge and Union Station. I did this shortly before midnight and was quite aware of my surroundings. This is the first time I've taken night shots from this location, and it's tricky lighting since you're looking into the lighted platform. Anyway, it was fun to do.

SP CABOOSE 4609, OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK FEBRUARY 22, 2014 - Beautiful sunny day with deep blue skies, plus lots of trains at the station in Little Rock on Saturday, February 22, 2014. The most interesting catch today was a worn and faded SP caboose 4609 in the middle of a train. I was told it the train was heading to Missouri and after I looked up the caboose online, there were pictures of it in Nacogdoches, Texas as recently as 2012. There were 6 different roadnames on locomotives today: UP, NS, KCS, CSXT, BNSF and CN. Also, there were two red MKT gondolas, one Route Rock former Rock Island blue hopper, a line of brand new PROCOR tank cars built in February 2014 and other freight cars which I think are interesting. There was a pigeon trespassing on the tracks too and a bright yellow vehicle/truck with SSR on the side parked close to the station.
  Locomotives today: UP 5956, 9661, 6546, 4367, 6004, 5846, 8407, 5480, 4367, 6623m 1697, 352, 7485, 3967, 7908, 7365 *** NS 8160 *** KCS 4706 *** CSXT 7897, 9038, 3111, 7894, 7897 *** BNSF 6970, 4911, 6551, 6358 *** CN 5612.

JUST A FEW TRAINS TODAY SUNDAY FEBRUARY 23, 2014 LITTLE ROCK - Sunday February 23, 2014 started out sunny and mild but clouded up in the afternoon and cooled down to the 50s. Not too many trains today, one reason being some problems with switches locking in the yard and a couple of trains had to stop and wait until the situation was corrected. Two trains needed to use the Amtrak siding, one being an engine move of 8 locomotives. There was the usual variety of freight cars, but only 3 roadnames on locomotives today- UP, KCS and BNSF, and the KCS and BNSF units were on the engine move. Locomotives today: UP 3783, 5964, 6838, 7226, 4283, 6172 (former SP), 7849, 6394 (former SP), 8025, 1958, 1784, 8455, 8796, 4286, 1697, 7736, 7993 *** KCS 3613, 4783 ***BNSF 7134.

SIX TRAINS IN 37 MINUTES AT LITTLE ROCK FEBRUARY 25, 2014 - Six  trains in a quick 37 minutes at Union Station Little Rock on Tuesday, February 25, 2014, including the Little Rock & Western and the GMTX Operation Lifesaver locomotive no. 2681. Roadnames of locomotives today including UP, GMTX and KCS. I have my usual collection of freight cars, including a short blue tank car that almost looked like a super-sized O-Scale model, ACFX 71770. Plus an old Railway Express Agency cart and the station cat. It was sunny and in the mid 50s today but there's a chance of light snow late tonight, low of 28 degrees. Locomotives today: UP 9548, 2379, 8492, 7866, 4919, 8028, 5088, 352, 1913, 1870, 1933, 1827, 1944, 1958, 7736 *** LRWN 103, 500 *** GMTX 2681 Operation Lifesaver *** KCS 4009, 4609.

TRAINS AND DEPOT/HOBBY SHOP BALD KNOB, AR FEBRUARY 26, 2014 - Thought I'd drive the 60 miles north to Bald Knob, Arkansas from Little Rock on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 and catch some trains and explore the hobby shop that's inside the 1915 Bald Knob Missouri Pacific Railroad depot.  The hobby shop is called Arkansas Traveler Hobbies and the station also hosts the White County Rail Heritage Museum. Also got shots of the two MoPac cabooses they have on the site (# 11018 and 13675) and the renovation of an old wooden Railway Post Office/Coach that was built by the St. Charles Car Company in 1894 for the St. Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern Railroad but eventually belonged to the Missouri & North Arkansas Railway. It was the last wooden  passenger car from the M&NA. Bald Knob and the depot are on the main lines of Union Pacific on the Hoxie Sub, which runs from North Little Rock to Missouri. The Memphis Sub diverts east from the Hoxie Sub right in front of the depot, so you can see quite a few trains here. It's about an hour drive from Little Rock on US 67/167, a four-lane interstate quality highway.
   I caught one of the MKT green hoppers, No. 509, passing the station, plus had locomotives from UP and NS.  It was a cold day but sunny, temperatures were in the 40s. Locomotives today: UP 6924, 7289, 6321-ex SP, 1929, 1765, 1763, 7476, 6226-ex SP, 7642 *** NS 2731

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE PASSENGERS BUSED TO TEXAS FROM LITTLE ROCK FEBRUARY 28. 2014 - On Friday February 28, 2014 before sunrise, Amtrak's Texas Eagle 21 lost HEP (electrical power generator that provides electricity to all the Superliner passenger cars, which is on the locomotives) north of  Little Rock, Arkansas. The train continued to Union Station in Little Rock with no power to the passenger cars and all the passengers got off and buses were called to take them to their destinations in Texas and Arkansas. The train got to the station about 5:30 a.m. The buses had to come from Memphis, so it was shortly after noon before the buses arrived at Union Station. The waiting room was full. Richard Finch, the lone Amtrak agent on duty at Little Rock today, got donuts and drinks for the waiting passengers and Next Level, a catering service housed in Union Station, also supplied coffee and snacks. The 119 passengers all were nice and friendly and I didn't hear anyone complain about anything. They were kept well-informed on things.  Below are a few pictures I managed to get, some with my Android smartphone.

A FEW TRAINS LITTLE ROCK INCLUDING MKT COIL CAR-ADN BOXCAR FEBRUARY 28, 2014 - Here's a few trains Friday, February 28, 2014 at Union Station in Little Rock, including the Little Rock & Western train again and an Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar on the LRWN train and a MKT coil car, still red. Although it was 38 degrees, a light mixture of rain and sleet fell off and on. Locomotives: UP 5834, 8660, 5110, 6915, UPY 142 *** LRWN 500, 103 *** NS 1036 *** CSXT 336 *** BNSF 7816, 6536, 9124.\\
COLD RAIN AND TRAINS LITTLE ROCK MARCH 2, 2014 - It was a cold, wet day at the station in Little Rock on Sunday, March 2, 2014 but I wanted to get some train pictures anyway. I had to detour to get there because many streets were closed due to the annual Little Rock Marathon, which had over 11,000 runners from 50 states and 41 countries participating. They got soaked in the rain and sleet. There was even thunder. I was on my usual dry spot at Union Station, the balcony, but me and my camera still got wet. There were locomotives with 7 different markings, including: UP, BNSF, CSXT, NS, GMTX, KCS, LRWN. I also saw a Canadian-American hopper, Louis-Dreyfus hopper, some Southern Pacific gondolas, CNW blue hopper, NDTX gon, Santa Fe woodchip car, Cook Industries Inc. hopper, and other old freight cars. 

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS AND ICE MARCH 5, 2014 - Finally got out to Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Wednesday, March 5, 2014, although there still was lots of ice on the shoulders of roads. Temperature was around 30. Locomotives today: UP 9815, 2003(former SSW), 1974, 7204, 7845, 6247, 6056, 1098 *** BNSF 4500 *** KCS 4597 *** NS 8359. Plus my usual old freight cars, including a green CNW coil car.

NS 8100 NICKEL PLATE HERITAGE-OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK MARCH 7, 2014 - NS 8100, the Nickel Plate heritage locomotive, Friday, March 7, 2014 at Union Station in Little Rock, plus other trains including a C40-8, UP 9152, built in 1988. There were 6 different locomotive roadnames today and a green MKT hopper 523. Locomotives today: UP 831, 1762, 1769, 1958, 6818, 6406-SP, 7267, 7523, 5962, 4131, 7655, 8001, 1386, 4191, 8561, 6924, 8622, 9152, 7184. 8462, 8402, 2402 *** NS 8100, 7808, 7708, 8910 *** KCS 4600 *** BNSF 4992 *** HLCX 3804 *** CSXT 7860, 342.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS INCLUDING MPRX 505 BLUE SWITCHER MARCH 8, 2014 -  Saturday, March 8, 2014 at Union Station in Little Rock. Included today is blue switcher/genset (?) 505 and an old Santa Fe hopper with the old Santa Fe trademark. There were five locomotive roadnames today including UP, NS, BNSF, MPRX and KCS. All locomotives seen: UP 4747, 7045, 8455, 4408, 9497, 9466, 7354, 5097, 5048, 5677, 4860, 9514, 8103, 3940, 4454, 5951, 6684, 5673 *** NS 8934, 8024, 2564 *** BNSF 4546, 4846, 7354, 7785, 9222, 672 *** MPRX 505 *** KCS 3968

SLOT TRAIN AND OTHERS LITTLE ROCK MARCH 9, 2014 - A slot train and other trains Little Rock Sunday, March 9, 2014, the first day of Daylight Savings Time. It was in the mid 40s and cloudy. There were 4 roadnames on locomotives today, UP, NS, CN and LRWN. I saw a SOO line gondola with the large SOO LINES lettering barely visible, a Missouri Pacific gondola with the MoPac red 'buzzsaw' still visible, and several old hycube boxcars including Conrail, IC, Grand Trunk Western and UP. Locomotives today: UP 7890, 2248, 4716, 4627, 9647-former SP, 4935, 5810, 7933, 6030, 5951, 5673 *** NS 8773, 9037, 8699 *** LRWN 500 *** CN 5713.

SP UNPATCHED LOCO 319-BOXCAR POTATO GRAFFITI-TRAINS LITTLE ROCK MARCH 12-11, 2014 - March 10 and 11, 2014 at Little Rock, Arkansas, including SP locomotive 319, which is pure Southern Pacific without any UP decals on it, plus lots of old 'fallen flag' freight cars which I haven't seen in awhile. There were locomotives labeled with 4 roadnames today including UP, SP, LRWN and BNSF. Locomotives include: UP 7863, 5119, 3995, 4317, 4501, 5094, 6074, 4202, 9637, 9794, 8848 *** BNSF 4598 *** LRWN 500, 103 *** SP 319. Also, I saw 2 yellow Milwaukee Road hoppers, Farmers Marketing Association-Colorado hopper, MKT red gondola, 'Freight Bums fat lady graffiti I call 'Boxcar Potato' because it reminded me of a lazy couch potato, blue Pam Am boxcar, various types of BNSF hoppers, Detroit & Mackinac boxcar, old Norfolk & Western boxcar, Rock Island blue hopper, Galveston Wharves boxcar "serving Port of Galveston", J.M.
Huber tankcar, and two green MKT hoppers. Plus more.

FREIGHTS AND TEXAS EAGLE LITTLE ROCK MARCH 12-13, 2014 - A couple of days of train watching at Union Station in Little Rock, AR, March 12 and 13, 2014, including the arrival of Amtrak's Texas Eagle Number 22, northbound, shortly before midnight on the 13th. There were locomotive roadnames from 6 different owners today: UP, BNSF, GMTX, CSXT, NS and Amtrak. I saw several old freight cars as usual, including Missouri Pacific with the large MoPac black buzzsaw on a hopper, two long green CNW gondolas, and my favorite green MKT short hopper, plus other trains. Locomotives: UP 7695, 9598, 4071, 2003-ex SSW, 1974, 6443, 5900, 7103, 9830, 5657, 7066, 6838, 4522, 6652, 1679, 7367, 8805, 4884, 1634, 599, 7254, 7234, 8507, 5988, 7784, 8019, 4557, 9226, 9233, 3769, 647, 5512, 7971, 4160, 3974, 8661 *** BNSF 8773, 7482, 6118, 5953 *** GMTX 2157, 2151 *** CSXT 7909, 5215, 130, 501 *** NS 7655 *** Amtrak 155

UP 1982, 1989 HERITAGE-OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK MARCH 15, 2014 - I saw both UP 1982 and 1989 heritage locomotives Saturday, March 15, 2014 at the station in Little Rock, AR plus other trains including a Altrol Catalysts hopper, MKT red gondola, D&RGW faded Rio Grande hopper, the station hawk and many other trains. I noticed several old, faded freight cars without graffiti, which is very unusual. There were 6 locomotive roadnames today: UP, CSXT, NS, BNSF, FXE, RLIX. Locomotives today: UP 1982, 1989, 4469, 8810, 7054, 5574, 4253, 4739, 1958, 1762, 4074, 8559, 4784, 6618, 7208, 3917, 8760, 8736, 3796, 4456, 4322, 8647, 1882 ***  CSXT 400, 7661, 451 *** NS 2699, 9499 *** BNSF 6592, 6583, 4977 *** FXE 4695 *** RLIX 103.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS MARCH 19, 2014 - Wednesday, March 19, 2014 at Little Rock, Arkansas. There were 4 locomotive roadnames today, UP, BNSF, CSXT and NS. Also more of my old freight car photos, including a Missouri Pacific large hopper with the MoPac buzzsaw and one with the Eagle trademark, a former Rock Island blue hopper with the R visible, SP large woodchip car, MKT large grey hopper with the M-K-T in large letters still visible,  and a green MKT hopper. Plus a couple of birds. Locomotives today: UP 6074, 9705, 1750, 1958, 5504, 2515, 7737, 7946, 4655, 5012, 2310, 2281, 1762, 1656, 9384, 5762, 6907, 9497, 8394, 4922, 4815, 3821 *** NS 2768 *** CSXT 3065 *** BNSF 5293, 8765, 9704

TRAINS, A BIRD, A CAT AND 2 SSW LOCOMOTIVES LITTLE ROCK MARCH 25, 1014 - Tuesday and Wednesday, March 25-26, 2014, trains at Little Rock, Arkansas including UP 2003 and 1962, both ex-Cotton Belt. Also a Western Pacific hopper, ballast train, a bird peeking out of a can, and my cat Tigger. Plus my usual old and new freight cars, including my favorite MKT green hopper. There were locomotives with ID's from UP, NS, CSXT, GMTX and LRWN.
Locomotives today: UP 1762 (SD40-N), 1686, 4309, 4336, 4627, 7844, 4285, 7842, 8600, 4970, 8856, 2003 (ex-SSW GP-60), 1962 (ex-SSW GP-60) *** NS 8875 (C40-9), 2641, 2603, 9970 *** LRWN 500 (the Bay Line), CSXT 7547 *** GMTX 2281, 2167.

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE NO.22 LITTLE ROCK MARCH 26, 2014 - Amtrak's Texas Eagle Number 22 at Little Rock's Union Train Station on Wednesday night, March 26, 2014.

RAINY TRAINS LITTLE ROCK MARCH 27, 2014 - I like trains in the rain (being a retired meteorologist) and today, March 27, 2014 I looked at  the weather radar and saw this area of heavy train and thunder moving right toward Union Station in Little Rock. So...I quickly drove to the station and caught these trains. Since it was heavy rain,  I had to go to the station's balcony on the east side to prevent me and my camera from getting soaked. No, the photos will not make the cover of Trains Magazine or  anything, but they do show some wet trains. Roadnames today: UP, AKMD, CSXT, BNSF, and GMTX. Locomotives included today: UP 1784, 5331, 308, 1944 *** BNSF 6545 *** CSXT 7925 *** AKMD 700. Also, a FGLA hopper, and various roadnames on autorack cars on a BNSF auto train.

TRAINS IN LITTLE ROCK INCLUDING FRIENDLY WAVES, MARCH 28, 2014 - Friday, March 28, 2014 at Little Rock, Arkansas. It was another day of numerous showers and thunderstorms, but these train pictures were taken between the rain. Mostly UP locomotives today, except the GMTX 2157. I saw a yellow ex-CNW hopper that had the "employee owned" lettering,  a Union Equity yellow hopper, an old D&RGW hopper, two red MKT gondolas, a Southern Pacific gondola built in 7-71, red Canadian Pacific hopper next to a green AGP hopper, and a boy waving at a train with the engineer waving back. Locomotives: UP 4896, 4722, 3967, 4348, 1944, 308 (GP38-2), 1750, 1991, 8723, 6636, 7049, 7237, 2047 (ex-SP), 5810, 1958 *** GMTX 2167.

VERY LATE TEXAS EAGLE, ARMY LOCOMOTIVES PLUS FREIGHTS LITTLE ROCK MARCH 29, 2014 - A late Amtrak Texas Eagle 21 seen in the daytime, plus freights, two Ashley Drew & Northern boxcars and two United States Army locomotives Saturday March 29, 2014 at Union Station Little Rock, AR. Also a UP faded yellow corrugated hopper built in 1963, a load of large spools, and Missouri Pacific boxcar with the trademark buzzsaw emblem, a scale car, and my usual selection of rolling stock. There were 6 locomotive roadnames today from UP, CN, AKMD, US Army, Amtrak and CSXT. It was a cool, sunny, windy day.

UP 4014 SD70M, US ARMY LOCOMOTIVE, OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK MARCH 30, 2014 - Sunday, March 30, 2014 at Union Station in Little Rock. There was a person at the station taking photos as well as another person doing the same thing in Kansas City for a special 'tale of two cities' story in, I believe, Railways Illustrated. We had the usual variety of  locomotives and trains. While I was there, I saw locomotives from 4 different railroads: UP, USAX, BNSF and GMTX. Earlier there were locomotives from CSXT, FXE, CN, NS. Of special interest is U.S. Army locomotive USAX 4671 being readied for its move to an Army base somewhere (I was told Fort Hood, Texas), and UP 4014, not the Big Boy steam locomotive, but the SD70M. I got a closeup photo of a ladybug on a camera strap, another MKT red gondola, and various other interesting freight cars. Locomotives: UP 8609, 2310, 5194, 6676, 1974, 2003, 9361, 6021, 4014 (the SD40M, not Big Boy), 6938 (DD40X on display at Jenks Shops North Little Rock) *** USAX 4671 *** GMTX 2112 *** BNSF 8016, 4119, 5748, 9482, 8922.

FIVE TRAINS 49 MINUTES PLUS UP 1982 APRIL 1, 2014 - UP 1982 heritage plus I caught 5 trains in 49 minutes at Union Station in Little Rock today, April 1, 2014. The trains came between 12:49 p.m. and 1:38 p.m. Roadnames today were UP, LRWN and BNSF. There was a long string of new AOKX white hoppers, built in March of 2014 and another line of new CBFX hoppers, also built in March of this year. Also got an old Continental Train Comp hopper. The Little Rock & Western ran a very long mixed freight past the station using 3 locomotives, No. 400, 103 and 2017. Locomotives today: UP 1982, 4910, 5075, 306, 9697, 4066, 8368, 9378, 8487 *** LRWN 500, 2017, 103 on a long freight *** BNSF 9526, 5288, 5864.

TRAINS, STREETCARS AND TULIPS LITTLE ROCK APRIL 4, 2014 -  Friday, April 4, 2014 at Little Rock, Arkansas. Included today are trains, streetcars and tulips. It was a beautiful, sunny day after a stormy night before, temperature in the 50s. I started the day early at Union Station watching Amtrak's southbound Texas Eagle No. 21 arrive at 8:06 a.m., five hours late due partially to tornadoes the night before around St. Louis. Then I had the usual amount of freight traffic, but went downtown to get some streetcar photos along with the tulips which are blooming now. All freight locomotives today were Union Pacific, plus Amtrak locomotive 79. Locomotives numbers: UP 3860, 9367, 4228, 3908, 7065, 7524, 6433, 3794, 5680, 9760, 7895, 4843, 5930, 6221 (ex-SP), 7296, 4548, 4741, 4742, 4526.

TRAINS, STREETCARS AND TULIPS LITTLE ROCK APRIL 12, 2014 - Trains at Union Station Little Rock April 12, 2014 with a few scenes from earlier in April, including tulips and streetcars, brand new long line of tank cars, old Chessie System yellow hopper with the sleeping cat,  interesting 3-axle car on Markham Street downtown, old BN large gondola, plus other freight cars, old and new. Locomotives with 3 roadnames today: UP, NS, BNSF. -UP 4141, 3784, 7788, 4132, 1627, 9589, 9378, 7124, 5861, 6724 *** BNSF 263 (Santa Fe warbonnet), 7086, 5681, 5873 *** NS 2619, 9170
LITTLE ROCK TRAINS SUNDAY APRIL 13, 2014 - Several trains at Little Rock's Union Station on Sunday, April 13, 2014, including locomotives from UP, BNSF and NS and my usual assortment of old and few freight cars. Some of the more interesting freight cars: MP  706602 hopper with the old Missouri Pacific buzzsaw trademark, MKT 558 green short hopper built 4-88 (happy 26th birthday to these little green hoppers!),  DUPX 8753 Dupont tank car, lots of new tank and hopper cars, UTLK 651196 blue and white tank car with "Hot Dimethyl Terephthalate" inside, plus other freight cars. Locomotives today: UP 4481, 5112, 4725, 2003 (ex-Cotton Belt), 1974, 8558, 4344, 8327, 5537, 7379, 8080, 5139, 5057, 8809, 3972, 4150, 7814, 7026 *** NS 9973, 9321, 2775, 9679, 8799 *** CN 5422, 2030 (former UP).
   As information, all my photos start out as 24 megapixel files, meaning they are huge 6,000 pixels wide files (8-12MB each), but I reduce them in size for the web to only 900 pixels wide which are less than 100 kb in size. They usually look fine on a computer screen but if you ever try to increase their size or zoom in on the screen, they become grainy. They are meant to be viewed as is. Should you want to make a print of any of my photos, email me and I'll send you the original large 6,000 pixels wide file.

CCRX 40010 AND CABOOSE LITTLE ROCK APRIL 16, 2014 - CCRX 40010, a 20-axle heavy lift 'Schnabel' Railcar, passed Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas this afternoon, April 16, 2014 at 3:52 p.m It was on the QHONL-15, Houston to North Little Rock train. It was on the end of the train, including the CCRX 42003 caboose. I haven't heard where it's going from here. Data on this unique car from HLI Rail & Rigging LLC shows this:
Gross capacity 1,100,000 Lbs *** Empty weight without deck insert 354,000 Lbs *** Overall loaded weight 1,454,000 Lbs *** Number of axles 20 *** Max axle weight 72,700 Lbs *** Up to 14" lateral shift to assist in negotiating curves. (Thanks partially to Jim Lueders for the heads up.)

TRAINS, BUZZARD AND DOVE LITTLE ROCK APRIL 18, 2014 - Friday, April 28, 2014 at Union Station Little Rock. I saw a Little Rock Port Authority locomotive and locomotives from UP, BNSF, CN, LRWN, LLPX. Plus my usual assortment of freight cars. Caught a buzzard feeding on the tracks and a dove on the platform. Locomotives: LLPX 2014-Little Rock Port Authority, 2289 *** BNSF 6751, 9126, 5163, 9945 *** CN 2247 *** LRWN 1541, 103, 2017 *** UP

EASTER SUNDAY AFTERNOON TRAINS LITTLE ROCK APRIL 20, 2014 - Nice assortment of trains passing Little Rock's Union Station on Easter Sunday afternoon, April 20, 2014, including locomotive roadnames of UP, BNSF and NS and my usual variety of old and new freight cars. Some freight cars today included NAHX 65559 Rock Island blue hopper, a line of SHPX blue and white hoppers, SOO 118883 hopper, KWT 52?? Minneapolis, Northfield and Southern Railway MNS boxcar, GACX 31632 pink Potash hopper, GLNX 33009 blue tank car with a 'Texas' type star, SDPX 97089 South Dakota Soybean Processors tank car. Locomotives: UP 4640, 8659, 5080, 5047, 1793, 1686, 682, 4031, 4699, 3947, 6234, 4619, 4305, 7337, 4650 *** NS 9031, 6760, 9170 *** BNSF 5152, 7065, 6669, 789 (Warbonnet).

WET AND SUNNY TRAINS LITTLE ROCK APRIL 21-22, 2014 - Eight different roadnames on locomotives on Monday, April 21 and Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at Union Station in Little Rock, AR, including NS, UP, CSXT, HLCX, FXE, BNSF, LRWN and GMTX. Thunder and rain moved in late in the afternoon on Monday but it was sunny on Tuesday.Included are various freight cars as usual, including ITLX 20072 Cargill hopper, AEX 10300 former BN green hopper, MWCX 462673 Route Rock blue hopper, MKT 580 green hopper, TWO Ashley, Drew & Northern boxcars, and other old freight cars. I got a shot of the Arkansas State Capitol and Union Station with dark clouds overhead.Locomotives: NS 8772 (looked like the 8772 was hand painted on the front of the engine) *** UP 7936, 5926, 4775, 4236, 352, 7132, 4477, 9613, 9739, 9798 (former CNW), 4938, 4144, 5537, 8327, 4099, 4589, 7709, 7672, 6159 *** CSXT 8597, 3067, 768 *** HLCX 991 *** FXE 4034 *** BNSF 4045, 7471, 9168, 4845, 4024 *** GMTX 2116, 415 *** LRWN 500, 103, 2017.

CREX 1328 CITIRAIL LOCOMOTIVE AND TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, APRIL 25, 2014 - A sunny day and trains at Union Station in Little Rock, Friday April 25, 2014. A catch of the day was Citirail locomotive CREX 1328, fondly knows as a "C-REX" locomotive. There were locomotive roadnames from UP, BNSF and CREX today. Also, a bird, two airplanes, a rainbow from yesterday, and my usual old freight cars including NAHX 65674 ex-Rock Island blue hopper, HPJX 147167 braced hopper, WP 7712 Western Pacific hopper, lots of car/truck frames, NW 604541 Norfolk and Western boxcar, DRGW 10045 old Rio Grande hopper. Feeling somewhat lazy and tired today, I took most of these pictures sitting in a lawn chair on the platform at the fence with my legs crossed and letting the world of trains roll by. Locomotives: UP 6214, 5768, 5063, 1686, 1793, 7879, 8619, 3805 *** BNSF 7030, 7449 *** CREX 1328

TRAINS, STORMS, FLOWERS, FLIES LITTLE ROCK, APRIL 27, 2014 - Sunday, April 27, 2014 was a stormy day in Little Rock, but there were times when I could still some train pictures. Amtrak's Texas Eagle northbound No. 22 was over 5 hours late, arriving at 5:07 a.m. instead of 11:31 p.m. the night before, due to being delayed by a stalled freight before leaving San Antonio. I got up and got to the station just as the train was arriving and remained there past sunrise getting a colorful sunrise as well as a couple of night shots of freights. I also got photos of a wet downtown Little Rock after 7 a.m., a closeup of a fly, and pretty purple and yellow and pink flowers. There was some light hail falling and heavy rain at the station in the pre-dawn hours. Later Sunday evening, a major 3/4th mile wide tornado destroyed houses and blew cars and semi's off Interstate 40 near Mayflower, which is only 20 miles west of Union Station. Mayflower is on UP's Van Buren Sub which runs from North Little Rock to Van Buren, AR then into Oklahoma. **** There were 4 locomotive roadnames today, UP, AMTRAK, BNSF and NS. Also today I saw a GMQX Granite Mountain Quarry loaded ballast train, ACFX 45924 Penford Products Company hopper Cedar Rapids Iowa, KWT 7000 Farmer's Co-Op Grain Supply Ulysses Nebraska faded hopper, UP 90900 old large coal hopper, SP 355216 woodchip car, MP 641719 with red MoPac Buzzsaw, CELX 6205 blue tank car. Locomotives were: UP 6523, 9436, 9533, 8432, 5224, 5700, 6150-ex SP, 6577, 9654, 9619, 9693, 4435, 4680, 5398, 9295, 8525, 9424, 5768, 1666, 7371 *** AMTK 50 *** BNSF 8838, 7335 *** NS 8845.

SUNNY DAY, TRAINS, BIRDS LITTLE ROCK MAY 1, 2014 - Nice, sunny day and several trains at Union Station in Little Rock, AR. There were only 2 roadnames today, UP and NS, with one of the locomotives UP 2001, the Olympics special unit. Also today, SHQX 15045 North Dakota Mill hopper, SSW 70157 Cotton Belt hopper in good shape, SP 496630 Southern Pacific hopper, PCLX 22289 PGC hopper, lots of railroad tie loads, new Procor tank cars built 4-14, birds including affectionate pigeons, MKT 554 green hopper. Locomotives today: UP 4079, 5120, 634, 663, 3849, 5581, 7720, 6055, 5015, 9828, 8603, 7419, 5118, 4135 and 4136 together, 5515,  4779, 9589, 8916, 7506, 8468, 2001 *** NS 6626, 9045, 6924, 8916.

SUNNY THEN CLOUDY LITTLE ROCK MAY 2, 2014 - Friday, May 2, 2014 at the station in Little Rock, Arkansas. It started out completely clear, then at noon it quickly clouded up and started to rain, briefly heavily. There were 4 locomotive roadnames today: UP, BNSF, NS and CSXT. Plus UP patched CNW 9798 and SP 6321.  Also, TTX 130731 8-axle heavy hauler, 2 CNW hoppers, SHQX 7334 Targray tank car, NYC 240022 freshly painted dark blue CSX hycube boxcar, TILX 304761 new tank car built 4-14, Missouri Pacific caboose 13704 in a park in downtown Conway, Arkansas and a purple flower. Locomotives: UP 7756, Y644, 5088, 9637, 428, 2353, 1787, 9384, 7631, 4468, 4598, 6321 (SP), 9405, 9798 (CNW), 6675, 7305, 4104, 6759, 8804, 4709, 5010, 4211 *** CSXT 4715 *** NS 9671, 9711 *** BNSF 7479, 7484, 8976.

SEVEN LOCOMOTIVE ROADNAMES-LITTLE ROCK MAY 4, 2014 - Locomotives with 7 different roadnames today, Sunday, May 4, 2014, at Little Rock, Arkansas, including UP, LRWN, CN, BNSF, CSXT, NS and GMTX.  Also, there were lots of 'fallen flag' freight cars today, such as a Lauringburg & Southern boxcar, a Milwaukee Road hopper, MNS hopper, New Orleans & Public Belt boxcars, PHD St Clar Blue Water Route-Port Huron & Detroit boxcar, MKT red flat car, Western Pacific boxcar, and Angelina & Neches River Railroad boxcar. Also a long string of new AOKX hoppers, built in 5-11. Locomotives: UP 6405-ex SP, UP 7874, 7200, 6582, 4156, 9548, 9764, 4220, 1758, 1686, 1762, 5092, 8317, 7106, 5819, 1369, 4597, 8557, 4537, 4914, 2296, 1793, 4069, 3840, 4423, 6748, 7384, 9340 *** LRWN 2017, 103, 500 *** CN 2636 *** BNSF 5125 *** CSXT 5341, 5112, 8528, 7541 *** NS 8805, 9064 *** GMTX 2166, 2296.

RARE FREIGHT CARS OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK MAY 8, 2014 - Passing trains at Union Station, Little Rock, AR on Thursday May 8, 2014 including a few rare freight car markings. There were 3 locomotive roadnames today: UP, CSXT and NS. Also, a purple Iris at my house with a "Face", BN 461565 green hopper, MP 640852 MoPac gondola with the red Buzzsaw trademark with a middle school soccer game in the background, GNWR 7200 ex-Lake Erie Franklin Clarion Railroad Co. boxcar. Locomotives: UP 8489, 8566, 7603, 4923, 4505, 7506, 8468, 5020, 4931, 709 *** CSXT 7888, 7576, 8589 *** NS 9820.

6 OLD RIO GRANDE HOPPERS, PLUS MORE OLD CARS LITTLE ROCK, MAY 9, 2014 - Six 1970s-era Rio Grande hoppers in a row on one train, plus lots of old fallen flag freight cars today, Friday May 9, 2014 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. There were 5 different roadnames on locomotives today, including UP, LRWN, CN (zebra striped), CSXT and KCS.  Some of the more interesting freight cars were CNW 110523 small green hopper, those six Rio Grande hoppers including DGRW 25106, CNW 520035 green boxcar, KCS 129106 boxcar, WC 54116 Wisconsin Central gondola, MKT 588 green hopper, WCHX 30215 rusty tank car, CCX 573 Columbian hopper, SP 65055 hycube boxcar built 12-67. Locomotives: UP 6759, 7855, 4831, 3872, 8521, 8860, 5000, 4994, 9647-ex SP *** LRWN 500, 2017 *** CN 2412 black and white 'zebra' *** CSXT 3042 *** KCS 4619.

NATIONAL TRAIN DAY PHOTOS HOXIE AND LITTLE ROCK, AR MAY 10, 2014 - National Train Day, May 10, 2014. I photographed trains at Little Rock and then drove north to Hoxie, Arkansas and got lots of trains there. Hoxie is about 2 hours north of Little Rock in northeast Arkansas and is where the BNSF Thayer Sub crosses the UP Hoxie Sub, both busy lines. UP's line runs north-south and BNSF's runs east-west at the crossing in Hoxie. I caught 7 trains in Hoxie in 1-1/2 hours, between 5:28 p.m. and 6:55 p.m., 4 BNSF and 3 UP, then on my way home I caught 3 more UP trains, for a total of 10 trains on my trip to Hoxie.  I didn't leave Little Rock until 3 p.m. Before I went to Hoxie,  I got some Train Day trains at my usual place, Union Station and in North Little Rock. Overall today, there were locomotives having 5 different roadnames: UP, BNSF, CSXT, NS, CSXT and HLCX. UP Rio Grande heritage locomotive 1989 was in North Little Rock.
   Locomotives today: BNSF 8852, 5771, 8843, 5057, 1068, 8221, 8788, 9394, 5739, 6176, 9053, 8221, 4047, 7078, 7154 *** UP 1989, 4141 (tarped), 4653, 5036, 3877, 4820, 8811, 7608, 5590, 4370, 9354, 3973 *** CSXT 7526 *** NS 9854 *** HLCX 3859.Interesting freight cars today included DUPX 80048 TI.Pure tank car, RJCW 5015 R J Corman coil car, SAN 583 Sandersville hopper, CCBX 59625 Elastol Flo Hopper, CNA 795928 CN hycube boxcar.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS AND RARE FREIGHT CARS MAY 11, 2014 - Sunday, May 11, 2014 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. There were 4 locomotive roadnames today: UP, BNSF, CSXT and GMTX. Freightcars include KBSR 182965 ex-Klemme Coop Grain hopper, MKT green and one grey hoppers 535, 536 (grey), 572 and 558. SP old woodchip cars, ITGX 11515 and 11516 hoppers, ITGX 11550 Oglebay Northern Hopper, RFMX 64801 Penn Central hopper, Killdeer bird. Plus many more old freight cars plus a  Killdeer bird.. Locomotives: UP 7398, 4880, 7877, 5098, 4796, 7289, 4601, 1758, 6485, 8626, 8144, 5380, 2003-ex SSW, 7937, 7806, 5031, 7414, 9405, 6562, 7950, UPY 541, UP 4140 *** NS 8023 *** BNSF 5601, 9183 *** GMTX 2112 *** CSXT 561.

AMTRAK VETERANS LOCO 42 AND BOTH TEXAS EAGLES LITTLE ROCK MAY 12, 2014 - At Little Rock's Union Station on Sunday night/Monday morning May 11 and 12, 2014, Amtrak Texas Eagle northbound #22 had Amtrak's 40th anniversary exhibit train attached and special Amtrak Veterans Locomotives 42 and 40th anniversary locomotive 406 in the head-end consist. The train arrived at 12:50 a.m. May 12, an hour and 20 minutes late and sat at the station for another 3 hours because of air-brake issues. These difficult air-brake issues were resolved by Amtrak personnel and a Union Pacific maintenance person and the train finally got underway at 3:46 a.m. May 12. Most of the passengers were probably sleeping the whole time.
   Amtrak 21, the southbound Texas Eagle, was early and it was feared that it might have to wait in UP's yard before coming to the station because of No. 22 being on the Amtrak siding, but smart heads prevailed and No. 21 was allowed to continue to the station, but had to stop on UP Main 2 instead of the Amtrak siding. It arrived at 2:59 a.m. The crews de-boarded and boarded passengers on No. 21 across the ballast but placed a walking board over the ballast so no passenger actually had to step on the ballast. This was another smart move. Anyway, 21 arrived early and left just a couple of minutes late. It's unusual to see both Texas Eagles at the station in Little Rock at the same time and I had both my cameras and got photos and movies of the busy action at Union Station this night.

TRAINS, BIRDS, INCUDING CIT 6054 LA SALLE RAILWAY  LOCOMOTIVE MAY 15, 2014 - A few trains at Little Rock on Thursday May 15, 2014, including La Salle Railway locomotive CIT 60541 and freight cars GROX 60662 Union Equity hopper, built in 11-80, MWCX 101240 green BN woodchip car, FURX 828532 West Central hopper, MKT 16293 red MKT gondola, a long string of TBOX yellow and black boxcars, and other old freight cars. Plus a couple of bird pictures- Locomotives today: UP 5750, 5774, 5940, 7220, 5611, 8798, 5115, 4259, 7803, UPY 341, 4282, 4226, 5328, 3826, 5209 *** NS 6771, 9045 *** CSXT 670, 661 *** CIT 60541 La Salle Railway.

12-AXLE HEAVY HAULER PLUS TRAINS LITTLE ROCK MAY 18, 2014 - Only two names on locomotives today, Sunday May 18, 2014: Union Pacific and CSXT. But there were the usual amount of trains passing Union Station in Little Rock. For a couple of hours this morning, the Baring Cross bridge that crosses the Arkansas River between Little Rock and North Little Rock was having some issues, and a UP worker had to work on it. The lift-span horn kept sounding every 1 or 2 minutes, but the signals seemed to be operating correctly. However, the bridge had to be checked out and a couple of trains had to stop and get permission to cross even with the green signal. This issue was resolved quickly. Of special interest were two heavy-haulers, one QTTX 130712, eight-axles, and one QTTX 131630, 12-axles. Also COCX 213070 tank car and NAHX 65674 ex-Rock Island blue hopper. Plus other interest freight cars. Locomotives today: CSXT 8018, 7638, 5317 *** UP 1793, 1823, 1784, 4232, 4565, 4428, 5996, 5913, 4165, 2353, 647, 794, 8357, 6854, 7033, 4700, 4044, 2208, 4277, 1724, 1773, 4457.
   It was an unusually cool day at Union Station in Little Rock so we were wearing jackets. It was in the upper 50s while we were watching trains in the morning, rising only to 64 degrees for a high temperatures, which was 18 degrees below normal (normal high in Little Rock is 82 this time of year).  It was also cloudy and windy and humid (Union Station is only a quarter mile from the Arkansas River and we get the resulting damp air). This cool weather will go away the rest of the week, though, with highs in the 80s and sunny skies, resulting in better train pictures.

TWILIGHT-NITE TRAINS LITTLE ROCK MAY 19, 2014 - On Monday, May 19, 2014, UP 7400, the Pink Ribbon special  locomotive. was the dpu of a stack train and was expected to arrive in Little Rock around sunset. It got here shortly after 9 p.m. and since the Amtrak platform lights were not on yet, I only had a couple of regular streetlights as lighting, so the pictures of 7400 and a couple of other trains turned out dark and grainy, but at least I made the attempt. Shortly after UP 7400 passed, the platform lights came on, and you'll see the difference in the photos. I used my Sony Alpha77 for these pictures tonight because it has a quick way of changing the sensitivity (ISO) settings. I used ISO 16,000 for most photos.  I also played around with special effects on a couple of shots. There were four other railfans at the station tonight. Even though it was only 2 hours away, I decided to go home instead of waiting for the northbound Texas Eagle 22, which was on time tonight. locomotives seen tonight:  UP 4491, 9600, 7400, 5034, 8683 *** BNSF 8969, 4426 *** CN 2183. Also, KRL 300363-12axle heavy hauler, unripe blackberries, a nice sunset.

TRAINS IN LITTLE ROCK WITH 1961 CADILLAC AND STREETCARS AND RED-TAILED HAWKS, MAY 21, 2014 - Wednesday, May 21, 2014 at Union Station in Little Rock, AR. I caught two trains passing each other northbound, plus a bird on the platform, a Red Tailed Hawk in downtown Little Rock, a 1961 like-new bright red Cadillac convertible, MKT 16433 red gondola, JTSX 487481 hopper, WP 7738 Western Pacific hopper, two jet airplanes overhead, GATX 214510 new tank car built in May 2014, UTGX 80208 hopper with unknown markings that someone might help identify, a streetcar in North Little Rock, MKT 423 and 509 green short hoppers, and other interesting freight cars.  Three roadnames on locomotives today-UP, CSXT and NS including UP 1686, 1831, 1833, 1784, 9527, 4720, 3532, 4790, 4460, 4089, 3845, 4070, 4011, 4566, 4444 *** CSXT 5458, 7512 *** NS 2705.

MOTHER LODE OF SANTA FE AND BN HOPPERS ON ONE TRAIN LITTLE ROCK MAY 22, 2014 - On Thursday night, May 22, 2014 at the Amtrak station in Little Rock, I saw a BNSF freight pass that had a long string of ATSF-Santa Fe and BN Burlington Northern hoppers. About 90 percent of the train had hoppers with the ATSF and BN names on them, quite unusual for me to see so many on one train. Unfortunately, I was inside talking to the Amtrak station agent when the lead BNSF locomotives passed and I didn't get their numbers, but managed to go out and get a few shots of the hoppers. Can anyone tell me where this train was heading or the train ID? Thanks. It passed Union Station at 11:20 p.m. May 22.
   Included are photos of hoppers ATSF 179?40, 178468, 176033, 178667, 178976, 178770, 179676, 179677, 179714, 179469, 178649 plus other Santa Fe hoppers I couldn't read the numbers on. BN hoppers 575(?), 575442,575726, 527865, 575330 plus others unreadable in the lighting.Some of the numbers could be misread because of poor lighting. Unless you're a Santa Fe or Burlington Northern hopper fan, this might be kind of boring, but I'll post it for the record.

TRAINS AND STREETCARS LITTLE ROCK INCLUDING RED CP BOXCARS AND IC 1007 LOCOMOTIVE MAY 25, 2014 - Sunday, May 25, 2014 trains at Little Rock, including 5 different roadnames on locomotives: UP, GMTX 2681 Operation Lifesaver, IC 1007, NS and BNSF. Also today and May 24: Streetcars shuttling people to/from the annual Riverfest celebration in downtown Little Rock, Canadian Pacific CP 220019 and 220165 red boxcars with the beaver emblem full of newsprint next to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette's printing facility on 2nd Street in Little Rock, MKT 14029 red coil car, KCS 749351 boxcar, MKT 556, 542 and 570 short green hoppers, SP 490187 hopper, plus other interesting freight cars. Also a look at the UP spur track and boxcars that deliver newsprint to the daily newspaper. Locomotives: UP 1900 (ex-Rio Grande black and yellow), 7295, 9816, 3810, 4716 *** GMTX 2681 Operation Lifesaver *** IC 1007 Illinois Central black loco *** NS 8338, 5372, 2521 *** BNSF 4871, 7658

LITTLE ROCK RIVERFEST, STREETCAR SHUTTLES, CHOCTAW ROUTE DEPOT MAY 24-25, 2014 - A few scenes of Riverfest in Little Rock, Arkansas, March 23-25, 2014, including some streetcars shuttling visitors across the Arkansas River to the festival, and some photos of the old Rock Island passenger depot (now part of the Clinton Library) and the Rock Island bridge, which is now a walking trail. Vendor tents were in the River Market and extended to the parking lot and grounds of the Clinton Library.

SEVEN ROADNAMES ON LOCOS INCLUDING NS 8102 THE PENNSYLVANIA HERITAGE LITTLE ROCK MAY 27, 2014 - There were seven different roadnames on locomotives today, Tuesday May 27, 2014 at Little Rock, Arkansas, including UP, CP, NS, GMTX, BNSF, CSXT and KCS-Belle and gray. NS 8102, the Pennsylvania heritage unit was one of the NS units. Also a line of new TILX hoppers built 4-14, AXLX 9205 tank car, NAHX 6554 former Rock Island blue hopper, WP 12082 Western Pacific hopper, line of GRW gondolas including GRW4461 built 9-74, ADN 9748 Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar in great shape, ICG 680056 hycube boxcar in good shape . I also included a couple of shots from Monday, May 26.
   Locomotives today: UP 5785, 5603,7290,5603,7290,7941,9605,7171,7618,7388, 5198, 8674, 6614, 5568, 7241, 6819, 1758, 1818, 1803, 7981, 4907, 4858, 4541 *** CP 8882 *** NS 8102, 9004, 9902, 2620 *** GMTX 2285 *** BNSF 7448 *** CSXT 7396, 7319, 387 *** KCS 4767-Belle, 4601-gray.

BNSF OFFICER'S SPECIAL ON UP RAILS LITTLE ROCK MAY 30, 2014, 2014 - BNSF ran a special Officer's Special through Little Rock, AR on Friday, May 30, 2014. It originated in Houston as the PHOHXJ-30. It went to Hoxie, Arkansas from North Little Rock and then get on the BNSF's Thayer Sub in Hoxie. It passed Union Station in Little Rock at 2:21 p.m. Thanks for Bob McClanahan for the early morning heads up on this train. The consist of this train: BNSF 5860, Passenger Cars BNSF 66-Cajon Pass, BNSF 50-Stampede Pass, BNSF 67 Trinchera Pass, BNSF 60-Stevens Pass, John S. Reed (couldn't read the number) and BNSF 32-William B Strong, the last car, a theater car. 

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS JUNE 1, 2014 - A steady passage of trains passed Union Station in Little Rock on Sunday, June 1, 2014 and I included a couple of shots from May 30 as well, including a streetcar in heavy rain downtown. There were 4 different names on locomotives today: UP, NS, GMTX, BNSF. One of the BNSF units was #927, a Santa Fe Warbonnet with only a very faded BNSF lettering under the number. Also freightcars SRN 7201 ex-Greenville & Northern Railway boxcar in good condition, RISC 3861 Hampton Lumber Car Sales car, a venting pipe on a distant UTLX tank car, GTW 126108 hycube boxcar that is 86.6 feet long - 9.2 feet wide - 12.9 feet high and stores 10,000 sq. feet. Plus I got a photo of a long earthworm. Locomotives today: UP 7999, 5752, 4618, 3964, 9367, 4699, 4125, 9671, 7865, 8757, 4228, 3938, 9871, 5461, 4512, 4657, 4664, 4925, 5191, 9481, 7687, 7602, 5118, 562 *** NS 9488, 9085, 9491, 9195 *** BNSF 4381, BNSF 927 (ex-Santa Fe 927 Warbonnet), 6168.

A ONE-CAR STACK TRAIN, OTHER TRAINS, BABY BIRDS JUNE 3, 2014 - Just a few trains Tuesday afternoon, June 3, 2014 at Union Station in Little Rock, including a one-stack- car train with one locomotive. There were locomotives with 3 different roadnames today, UP,CSXT and NS. Also a former Rock Island blue hopper NAHX 6559, CSXT 130891 Chessie HyCube boxcar, a Wisconsin Central gondola WC 54116. I also have a photo of 4 baby birds with mouths open getting fed on a nest. Locomotives today: CSXT 8715 *** NS 9296 *** UP 3993, 6273 (ex-SP), 4114, 9542, 3385, 3145, 1874, 7263, 6629, 8820, 1551, 1793, 4924, 9743, 5006, 4442, 6163, 4587.

UP 949 E-9 NORTH LITTLE ROCK JUNE 4, 2014 - UP 949, North Little Rock, Arkansas on Wednesday, June 4, 2014. It was on a mixed freight back to its home in Cheyenne, Wyoming from the Streamliner Event at the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer, North Carolina the past weekend. It was supposed to be on the MNLKC-04.  Owner: Union Pacific Railroad Company, Model: EMD E9A, Built As: UP 949 (E9A), Serial Number: 20486,  Built:  5/1955 (from RR Picture

TWO TEXAS EAGLES LITTLE ROCK MEET JUNE 6, 2014 - Amtrak 22, the northbound Texas Eagle, arrived at Little Rock about 4 hours late on Thursday night June 5 due to HEP electrical power failure in Texas. It arrived at 3:39 a.m. Friday, June 6 instead of the scheduled time of 11:31 p.m. June 5. It didn't leave Fort Worth until  4:30 p.m. after a protection locomotive was added to the consist to provide electrical power to the passenger cars. Locomotive 64 was placed behind the lead locomotive No. 112 at Fort Worth. This lateness meant that the southbound Texas Eagle No. 21 would get to Little Rock about 30 minutes after the northbound Eagle left, so I stayed around to get both trains. Here are some photos:

TRAINS AND STORMS LITTLE ROCK JUNE 6, 2014 - Friday, June 6, 2014 was stormy part of the day and sunny in other parts. Today I parked on the hill across the tracks from Union Station to get a different angle on things. While there a deluge of rain fell and winds gusted to over 60 mph uprooting some old trees in the Historic Arkansas Museum's site a mile away. The winds shook the car but trees around me weren't blown over. A couple of trains passed while the rain was falling so I got some shots from inside the car. There were locomotives having 4 different roadnames today: UP, BNSF, NS and CSXT. Also today: New KCS autoracks, AGR 8233 Texas Mexican Railway boxcar, BN 471669 green hopper, POTX 2865 pink Potash hopper, BN 286247 green boxcar, DOMTAR 728006 centerbeam car, bird closeup. Locomotives: UP 4015, 1803, 1686, 8851, 8376, 7790, 4289, 8393, 9459, 5173, 7010, 6645, 455, 4117, 7820, 4303 *** CSXT 561 *** BNSF 4591, 7559, 7842 *** NS 8994

STORMS, TRAINS, A LATE TEXAS EAGLE LITTLE ROCK JUNE 8, 2014 - A dark, stormy day (Sunday June 8, 2014) in Little Rock and other parts of Arkansas, which led to track signal and switch malfunctions. We heard on the scanner that trains were stopping to manually throw switches, including the 4-hour late Amtrak Texas Eagle No. 21, which finally got to Union Station at 7:25 a.m.  Then when it left, it had to stop again just west of the station to manually change a switch. Excessive water and lightning were the main causes of the malfunctions, according to what we heard. Locomotives had 5 different roadnames today: UP, Amtrak, CN, CSXT and NS. I saw a bright red sunrise on my way to the station, so I guess the saying is true that says something like "red in the morning, sailors take warning, red at night, sailors delight." Also today, we saw UP 4014, the SD70M that helped pull Big Boy steam engine 4014 to Cheyenne from California. It was in a light engine move. Also seen, a wet bird on a wire, ETCX 84005 4-dome tank car, a waving crew member, and CSXT 180596 hycube with Chessie the Cat.
   Locomotives: UP 4756, 5892, 5587, 5178, 4014, 8755, 8811, 9523, 5433, 7455, 4958, 8545, 5620, 6260 (ex-SP), 6415 (ex-SP), 8358, 4199 *** AMTK 64 *** CN 2590 *** CSXT 102 *** NS 9132.

TRAINS AND TRACK WORK VEHICLES LITTLE ROCK JUNE 9, 2014 - Monday, June 9, 2014 in Little Rock: A track work gang was moving their equipment back to the North Little Rock yard after working on track south of Union Station. I put a photo of each piece of equipment at the bottom of this web page just for possible interest in the future. I numbered each of those photos. If anyone wants to tell me exactly what any particular piece of equipment is used for, I'll update the webpage with your information. Otherwise, today was sorta slow and I didn't see many interesting freight cars. But a train is a train, right? Plus I saw a Dove and the Station Cat. Also today UP heritage locomotives UP 1983 (WP) and 1989 (DRGW) were put on locals in the Little Rock area, although I didn't get any photos today, and UP 3300, the United Way unit, will be in town late tomorrow, June 10. Locomotives today: UP 1551, 1793, 6662, 5014, 3861, 8154, 4348, 3702, 4788, 9711, 8322, 6276 ex-SP *** GMTX 2156

UP 3300 UNITED WAY LOCOMOTIVE NORTH LITTLE ROCK WHEN NEW MANY YEARS AGO, ADDED TO THIS SITE JUNE 10, 2014 - I don't know about what officially is supposed to happen with the 3300, but the Union Pacific Company Store i Jenks had these photos of the unit after it was painted (I don't know when). Here's a photo of the photo. As of this writing (11:30 p.m. Tuesday June 10) the 3300 had left Van Buren, AR and was expected in North Little Rock about 6 a.m.June 11. It'll be coming from the west on the Van Buren Sub. I've head rumors it'll be rebuilt into an SD40N and repainted UP Armour Yellow.

TRAINS AND SUNSET LITTLE ROCK INCLUDING UP 1983 AND 4141 JUNE 12, 2014 - Central Arkansas trains Thursday, June 12, 2014 in Little Rock and North Little Rock, including a sunset at Union Station. Included today are UP 1983-Western Pacific heritage and the old standby UP 4141-George Bush Library special locomotive still under tarp at Jenks Shops in North Little Rock. This locomotive is kept ready to run in case it's needed/wanted by the Bush Library folks in Houston and College Station, Texas.  Also today PHMX 4414, 8-axle heavy hauler and a UP crane. Locomotives today: UP 1983, 4141 *** BNSF 8074, 5154, 7042

LOTS OF VARIETY TODAY INCLUDING NS 8102 PENNSYLVANIA HERITAGE AND DAYLIGHT TEXAS EAGLE LITTLE ROCK - Saturday, June 14, 2014 at Little Rock's Union Station was one of the busiest train days I've seen in awhile and had a lot of variety with 10 different roadnames, including locomotives from UP, GMTX, CN, Amtrak, CP, RLCX, NS, BNSF, TFM, and CSXT. Of special interest today was NS 8102-Pennsylvania Heritage unit on an empty northbound oil train and road switcher RLCX 918 in a freight consist. Plus interesting and rare freight cars, such as EUSX 448005 long tank car ** UP 909944 short green water tank car ** MP 641134 red MoPac gondola with the 'buzzsaw' trademark, built 12-76 ** ANGX 4138 gondola built 2-95 ** SRN 6008 ex-AT&W boxcar ** ENVX 206212 black hoppers with white lid tops (?) ** IAPX 1078 shiny blue and white tank car ** SOO 7569 hopper ** MKT 535 and 544 short green hoppers. I also got a closeup of a Killdeer bird on a rail and a jet airliner overhead.
   The day started out early so I could get the 8-plus-hours late Amtrak northbound Texas Eagle, which arrived at 7:45 a.m. on June 14 instead of 11:31 p.m. the night before. The delay was caused by containers being blown off a stack train west of San Antonio, Texas, derailing the stack train. This derailment delayed the eastbound Sunset Limited over 5 hours and the Texas Eagle waited for it to arrive in San Antonio to receive transferring passengers before leaving. Then I heard that just as the Eagle was leaving San Antonio, a semi ran into the Eagle at a road crossing, further delaying the train. On the bright side, it allowed daylight pictures of the Eagle at Little Rock with a bright sun and clear skies. The Texas Eagle was lead by Amtrak locomotive 131. Of course, it also was Friday the 13th with a full Moon.
   Locomotives today: UP 8706, 8821, 8530, 9143, 5066, 6805, 8322, 9520, 4527, 5385, 5160, 3805, 5588, 3909, 9618, 8618, 5221, 8606, 9619, 7471, 5636, 6415 (ex-SP), 6053, 7443, 7136, 4514, 5433, 4751, 7404, 7135, 3942, 9241, 5164, 8851, 5840, 9270, 2204, 9364, 5816, 2003 (ex-Cotton Belt), 8572, 7707, 8790, 4244, 4203, 1793, 1758, 5362, 5128, 6304 (ex-SP) *** GMTX 2112, 2681-Operation Lifesaver) *** AMT 131 *** CP 8867 *** RLCX 918 *** NS 8322, 8797, 8869, 8812, 9297, 9656, 6608, 9777, 8102 (Pennsylvania Heritage) *** BNSF 4157, 927 (ex-Santa Fe Warbonnet), 4381, 7448, 5862 *** TFM 1656 (in KCS grey and yellow) *** CSXT 387, 329, 235, 7798, 5459 *** CN 2183, 2133.

FREIGHTS AND AMTRAK JUNE 19 AND 20, 2014 LITTLE ROCK - Here's a few photos I took on Thursday night, June 19 and Friday, June 20 around Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. The page includes pictures of freights and Amtrak Texas Eagle 22. Six different roadnames this time. Locomotives included: UP 8450, 3862, 8003, 8504, 9418, 5828, 5226, 6931, 9580 *** AMTK 17 *** Santa Fe (BNSF) 2849 blue and yellow *** BNSF 2009 *** LRWN 2017 *** CN 2115

PREDAWN TRAINS AND AMTRAK 21 LITTLE ROCK JUNE 22, 2014 - On Sunday, June 22, 2014, after taking someone to the Little Rock airport at 4 a.m. to catch a flight to San Francisco, I went to Union Station to catch a late southbound Amtrak Texas Eagle and get some pre-dawn trains. I decided to just stay at the station and got several pre-dawn and daylight trains until almost noon. There were locomotives with 8 different roadnames today, including UP, GMTX, LLPX, NS, KCS, BNSF, CSXT and AMTK.
   Also, I got a streetcar taken from inside the Capital Bar and Grill while I was having lunch, GNWR 7207 Lake Erie Franklin & Clarion Railroad Company boxcar, HCSX 9601 rusty hopper built 2-76, CNW 745016 green gondola, CP 220277 red CP boxcar, ICG 767361 hopper, line of new TILX hoppers built 6-14, TILX 261217 green tank car, AEX 161546 Grace Davison Fluid Cracking Catalysts hopper, a pretty sunrise, SOO 76440 SOO hopper, NS 194479 ex-MoPac gondola with red buzzsaw emblem, Amtrak southbound Texas Eagle No. 21, a new rail-train. Locomotives today: UP 8824, 8781, 2003-ex Cotton Belt, UP 4818, 9129 Faded, 7320, 8317, 4591, 7958, 2262, 4527, 4442, 4518,  7189, 2034, 1781, 1758, 7480, 4255, 2047-ex SP, 5169, 9439, 5120, 7876, 5105, 5381, 7302, 8821, 7487, 7489, 7423, 6581 *** LLPX 2249 *** GMTX 2145 *** NS 9142, 9452 *** KCS Belles 4107, 4129 *** BNSF 9248, 4542 *** CSXT 7828 *** AMTK 190 on Texas Eagle 21.

FMI 50 AND OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK-NORTH LITTLE ROCK JUNE 26, 2914 - Thursday, June 26, 2014 at Union Station in Little Rock and in North Little Rock. A fellow railfan came into town on Amtrak's Texas Eagle before dawn to visit his mother on her birthday, so I went to the station to meet him an got photos of the 3-hour late Eagle shortly before 6 a.m. and other predawn trains, then stayed and got more shots after it got light. I had locomotives with 9 different roadnames: FMI, KCS, FXE, BNSF CEFX, UP, NS, AMTK, and GMTX.
   Also, freight cars INTX 462109 Family Lines-SCL/LN hopper, EAMX 7003 with old Santa Fe round trademark, NAHX 65543 ex-Rock Island blue hopper in great shape, MP 641167 gondola built 5-77 with faded 'buzzsaw' emblem, ICG 767415 hopper built 3-80, ICG 680070 hycube boxcar, UP 903025 Scale Monitor Car, GACX 8174 "Feeding America.Org" hopper, a Centipede, and a link that has the history and current uses for Union Station in Little Rock, including Amtrak Texas Eagle ridership for 2013 and revenue for 2013 (Annual Station Revenue over 2 million,  $2,088,374 ** Annual Station Ridership (2013) -  22,351, which I think is really good considering that both the north and southbound Texas Eagles come through here in the middle of the night, around midnight and at 3 a.m.)
   Locomotives: FMI 50 ("America's Leading Copper Producer" can be seen under the red stripe left of center. The lettering in the center says "Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold  Morenci Operations". *** KCS 4049 *** FXE 4089 *** BNSF 642 ('warbonnet'), 5935, 4183, 9760 ('executive' scheme) *** CEFX 1039 *** NS 8441, 8063 *** AMTK 190 *** GMTX 2112 *** UP 7735, 8783, 6045, 6706, 4822, 8390, 8724, 2003 ex-Cotton Belt, 2047 ex-SP, 1778, 1803, 1551, 4281, 3894, 6675, 5980, 3987.

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE 22 LITTLE ROCK, JUNE 27, 2014 EARLY - On Friday night, June 27, 2014, Amtrak northbound Texas Eagle 22 arrived at Union Station in Little Rock, AR  15 minutes early, arriving at 11:16 p.m. Here are a few scenes of the busy station at train-time. There were no special groups, just regular individual/family ticket-holders. Nice to see a busy Amtrak station, especially in the middle of the night.

AMTRAK ENGINEER BILL SANDERS LAST RUN LITTLE ROCK  JUNE 29, 2014 - On Sunday night, early Monday morning June 29 and 30, 2014, Amtrak engineer Bill Sanders made his last run after 36 years with Amtrak and Missouri Pacific. His last southbound train, Texas Eagle 21 from Little Rock to Marshall, Texas, left Little Rock on June 29 early in the morning, and his final run, Texas Eagle northbound 22, left Marshall June 29 in the evening and got to Little Rock at 12:49 a.m. Monday, June 30. Bill's family rode the train with him both directions. I have photos of the trains in Little Rock plus movies of both trains.

VARIOUS LITTLE ROCK TRAINS INCLUDING TREE LIMBS ON A BNSF LOCO JUNE 27-28-29, 2014 - A few train pictures from June 27, 28 and 29, 2014, some taken at night at Little Rock, Arkansas, including flooding rain. At the end of a BNSF oil train on June 29 there were tree limbs on the locomotive and on the buffer hopper car ahead of it. The locomotive had railing and door damage. Also, photos of flooding rain at the station, St Lawrence Railroad Boxcar 101701 built 10-77, and BNSF 888 ex-Santa Fe warbonnet. Locomotives this time: UP 9698, 8053, 3519, 5102, 4235, 7863, 6430, 5253, 6479, 5796, UPY 1467, 1388, 1376 *** CSXT 468 *** BNSF 5319, 888n (ex-SF), 4529 *** NS 2688.

NS 8102 PENNSY HERITAGE OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, JULY 1, 2014 - Tuesday, July 1, 2014 at Union Station Little Rock. NS 8102, the Pennsylvania heritage loco, made a return trip to Little Rock on a northbound oil train, its' 3rd trip through here in a little over a month, all on oil trains. The train it was on today was the OSNES-29. It had also come through here on BNSF oil trains on May 27 and June 14 this year. Also today I have a picture of a Southwest Airlines jet overhead, SMIX 9512 old Santa Fe box or woodchip car built 3-79 then re-built 12-11, and MP 23581 hopper with the MoPac Eagle. Locomotives today: UP 7993, 7390, 9263, 5089, 4382, 4763, 9404, 5758, 7678, 6387-ex SP, 7945, 7415 *** BNSF 8794, 6287, 4179, 7405 *** NS 8102

JULY 4, 2014 PHOTOS LITLE ROCK INCLUDING PILLSBURY HOPPER - Here's some Fourth of July 2014 trains in Little Rock and North Little Rock, Arkansas. Very rare freight cars today including BAEX 212 Diamond Crystal/Halite Salt Crystals boxcar built 11-68, SOO 125025 blue Pillsbury hopper, and GAMX ex-Missouri Pacific gondola built way back in 6-67 with explanation of how car was certified to stay active. Also today, blue tank cars, Green pipe loads, lots of auto frames, BRCX 1070 Bunge Corp tank car, GTW 384516 Grand Trunk Western boxcar "The Good Track Road", SOO line hopper. Locomotives today: NS 2743, 3335, 7684, 7599 *** UP 4452, 3108, 3732, 5755, 4573, 3883, 8659,7471, 1814 ***  KCS 4517 *** Unknown 6548 ex-UP *** GMTX 2673.

JUST A FEW TRAINS LITTLE ROCK JULY 5, 2014 - Just a few trains today, Saturday July 5, 2014, passing the station at Little Rock, AR including locomotives having 5 different roadnames. Also, MSRC 24681 The Bay Line green centerbeam, GATX 215668 new tank car built this month 7/14, and KCS 151033 blue boxcar, Interstate Asphalt tank cars. Locomotives today: CN 8891, 5701 *** UP 8481, 4683, 7372, 864, 4539, 4195, 8579, 7505, 1823 *** NS 9568 *** TFM 1656 *** KCS 4604.

UP 2010 BOY SCOUTS, WALKING DOGS AND TRAINS LITTLE ROCK JULY 6, 2014 - Sunday, July 6, 2014 at Little Rock. Included today is UP 2010, the Boy Scouts special locomotive, plus my usual variety of trains and freight cars. There were 6 different road names today including UP, CN, GMTX, BNSF, CSXT and NS. Also, MKT green hoppers 535 and 588, WERX 6057 hopper that was spilling some sand (the train had been stopped to check on it), CEFX 2311 blue tank car, BNSF 534031 BN green coil car, flowers, two playful dogs someone was walking down the Amtrak platform, and DGNO 460 blue gondola. Locomotives: UP 2010, 8506, 3513, 2003 (former SSW), 5098, 4489, 5647, 6872, 7443, 5571, 4400, 3810, 5750, 5023, 6259 (ex SP), 4779, 4398, UPY 1482, UPY 672 *** GMTX 2248, 2155, 2116 *** CN 2234 *** BNSF 9647, 9924, 6871 *** CSXT 457, 5392, 7597 ** NS 6753, 9928, 8946.

COTTON BELT BLUE LOGO ON A HOPPER JULY 9, 2014 - I remember seeing this hopper, SSW 70094 with the blue Cotton Belt logo, years ago. Was this the only one with the blue logo? This photo was taken today, July 9, 2014, at North Little Rock, AR.

RARE SOUTHERN PACIFIC TANK CAR=OTHER TRAINS=LITTLE ROCK JULY 12, 2014 - Trains in Little Rock and North Little Rock, Arkansas Saturday, July 12, 2014 plus a couple on July 8 ans 11. There were locomotives with 8 different roadnames including blue IC 2459 (which has CN on the side) and CEFX 3142. Also, a rare SP tank car with Southern Pacific lettering on the side- SP 6773365, DGRW 10855 faded Rio Grande hopper, TTGX 965375 BNSF autorack originally built 5-74 but rebuilt and repainted in 5-14, ALM 9693 Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar, Amtrak Texas Eagle 22 at Union Station on July 11, MKT 545 green hopper, Arkansas Children's Hospital helicopter overhead, CSXT 161826 Family Lines-SCL/LN boxcar with "Georgia-Clinchfield West Point Route" on the side and WRWK 68157 Ferro Sur autorack. Plus a sunrise this morning over tracks and a couple of photos of the Cathedral Apartments which are located in an abandoned Greek Orthodox church in downtown Little Rock.
   Locomotives today: UP 8667, 7375, 5278, 8166, 1327, 9225, 7903, 5175, 9266, 9215, 4600, 4938, 8820, 8007, 7214, 8430, 4031, 5751, 4449, 7796, 1754, 7635, 2225, 1754, 9399, 7379. 3410 **** CN 2255 *** BNSF 8975 *** NS 9455, 9112 *** AMT 168 *** CEFX 3142 *** IC 2459 blue *** CSXT 7616, 225, 7375.

LOTS OF TRAIN  LITTLE ROCK JULY 14, 2014 - Monday, July 14, 2014 at the station in Little Rock, AR. I saw one very colorful locomotive consist on one train with UP, CN, CSXT and CP engines, plus a lot of hycube boxcars and other interesting freight cars. There were 5 locomotive roadnames today. Some of the freight cars included DUPX 8703 DuPont TL.PURE tank car, CNA 798010 CN hycube boxcar, CNW 490899 yellow CNW hopper, GTW 30588 CN hycube, CNW 171693 hopper with the "Employee-Owned" logo. Rain moved in late in the day and I got a mad, wet bird, plus some dark clouds shaped like fingers and one had a nose and lips (in my imagination). Plus tons of other freight cars I thought were interesting. Locomotives today: CN 2542 *** CSXT 7695 *** CP 8777 *** BNSF 8075, 5727, 7570 *** UP 6337, 7321 (shiny, clean), 800 (not so clean), 687, 1395, 1773, 3876, 1395, 3824, 3938, 4573, 5302, 6021, 6534, 5153, 7753, 8453, 4664, 4698, 4096, 4348, 6055, 7230, 7285, 8509, 8840, 6935, 1781, 9794, 1844, 1778, 8724, 5661, 7918, 8131, 9619, 9630,9755, 6337.

NS 8102 AND OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK JULY 18, 2014 - Here's NS 8102, the Pennsylvania heritage, passing Union Station Little Rock, AR today, Friday July 18, 2014 on an empty northbound oil train, the OSNES-17 from St James, Louisiana. This has been the 4th time through here on an oil trains in less than 2 months, the first time was May 27 (then June 14, July 1 and today July 18). I caught it on the opposite side of the tracks today, taken from the north side. I also included one photo of UP 6721, the former CNW Operation Lifesaver unit, which was a dpu on an empty coal train today.  Plus a couple more trains including the Little Rock & Western and an ex-CNW Operation Lifesaver unit. Plus 2 former Ashley Drew & Northern boxcars with trademark painted over.

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE 22 LEAVING LITTLE ROCK JULY 20, 2014 WITH UP 4244 IN LEAD - On Sunday morning, July 20, 2014, Amtrak No. 22, the northbound Texas Eagle, left Little Rock at 3:35 a.m. with UP 4244 in the lead. It had been placed on the train in Texarkana due to one of the Amtrak locomotives failing. This made the train 4 hours late into Little Rock-it had arrived in Texarkana on time.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS TAKEN ACROSS TRACKS FROM UNION STATION JULY20, 2014 - Sunday, July 20, 2014 across the tracks on the hill from Union Station in Little Rock, AR to get a different perspective. Included is a couple of shots taken on July 19. I saw a special TILX hopper, one that had large 75 numbers on the side and said "EmpyReal 75 Dependability Pure". Also, CSXT 491006 gondola, MP 642028 red gondola with the MoPac Buzzsaw logo in great condition, WC 54096 Wisconsin Central gondola. Locomotives today: UP 4217, UP 3042 ex-CNW, 4741, 4037, 4888, 3952, 4064, 9359, 5189, 4245, 4186, 8381, 6389 ex-SP, 7660, 8169, 6021, 5302 *** FXE 4082, 4659 *** NS 7526

NORTH LOUISIANA & ARKANSAS LOCOMOTIVE NLA 22, JULY 21, 2014 - North Louisiana & Arkansas locomotive NLA 22 in North Little Rock, AR July 21, 2014. The North Louisiana & Arkansas Railroad operates over 62 miles of line from McGehee, AR to Lake Providence, LA, formerly known as the Delta Southern Railroad. Twenty four miles of the NLA are owned by the short line and 41 miles are leased by the short line from the Lake Providence Port Authority Commission and Southeast Arkansas Economic Development District. For more information on the NLA, click on:

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE 22 LITTLE ROCK JULY 22, 2014 - Amtrak Texas Eagle No. 22 at Union Station in Little Rock, AR on Tuesday night, July 22, 2014.  The Eagle was about 10 minutes early and left on time. I also caught the BNSF local and a one-NS-engine move.

UP 1983-WESTERN PACIFIC HERITAGE-WITH BURN MARKS JULY 28, 2014 - UP train MNPNL-26 crossing the Pershing Avenue overpass in North Little Rock, Arkansas at 12:41 p.m. Monday July 28, 2014 on its way to Union Pacific's North Little Rock yards. UP 1983 has fire damage on one side and none on the other side. 1983 will be getting an  SD70ACe overhaul at UP's Jenks Shops in North Little Rock.

UP 1982 IN FORTH WORTH, TEXAS TWICE ON JULY 31, 2014 - I was in Fort Worth, Texas on Thursday, July 31, 2014 and my friend Jerry and I railfanned part of the day and caught UP 1982, the Missouri Pacific Heritage locomotive, accidently in two places, one near Tower 55 about 4 p.m. and later as we were driving back to Jerry's home we caught 1982 again at 6 p.m., this time on a BNSF freight in the Forest Hill area of Fort Worth, at the Hartman Drive and Bisbee Road intersection. Timing was perfect as we turned left at the crossing and paced the train down Bisbee Road. Unfortunately, as I was holding the camera out the passenger-side window moving a train speed, a yellow jacket hit my arm and I got stung. Since I'm not allergic to yellow jacket bites, the swelling went down in about 2 hours, BUT I got my shot. Has BNSF captured 1982 temporarily? I've heard it's been on the BNSF awhile.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS AUGUST 3, 2014 INCLUDING UP 1983 - Sunday, August 3, 2014 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. I saw some clean and shiny UP locomotives. Also saw a bright green BN hopper on a BNSF trackage rights train, BN 459142 and DUPX 80225 TI-PURE white tank car, ICG 680128 orange hycube, GTW 305898 Grand Trunk Western hycube. Locomotives today: UP 7810, 4619, 1793, 1844, 1778, 9794, 7883, 9398, 1983, 1865, 1781 *** BNSF 7464, 6683, 4715 *** CSXT 259.
   I noticed on some of the BNSF rights trains, that there is much less graffiti on their freight cars. That's good to see since I'd much rather have an old freight car without graffiti than with it, but I realize that's almost impossible these days and will still take the photo of the old car regardless if it has graffiti or not. I used to take graffiti photos years ago just for the graffiti but no longer do that routinely unless the graffiti  (crime art) is excellent. Most graffiti I see now is sorta boring.

5-HOUR LATE TEXAS EAGLE LITTLE ROCK AUGUST 4, 2014 - On Monday morning, August 4, 2014, the southbound Texas Eagle, Amtrak 21, was almost 5 hours late getting to Little Rock, Arkansas. Reason? Another engine failure, this time it was BOTH locomotives that failed just as the train was leaving Chicago Sunday afternoon. That delayed Chicago departure by 5 hours, so instead of getting to Little Rock at 3:02 a.m., it got here shortly before 8 a.m. Here are a few pictures of it arriving, taken from under the Locust Street overpass as it was exiting the main Union Pacific yards in North Little Rock at 7:52 a.m, and as it was departing Union Station Little Rock at 8:10 a.m. (I got caught in rush hour traffic, so it took me 18 minutes to go the couple of miles to the station.)

TOWER 55 CONSTRUCTION FORT WORTH, TEXAS JYLY 31, 2014 - Tower 55, a major railroad intersection in Fort Worth, Texas, was undergoing a significant upgrade in the summer of 2014. These photos were taken on July 31, 2014 as I was visiting a friend who works at the Intermodal Transportation Center. He's a volunteer for Amtrak and helps handle/direct all the passengers. We had permission to be here. The work is supposed to be finished by September 3. At least that's when Amtrak's Texas Eagles are supposed stop terminating in Fort Worth and continue along their normal route to San Antonio. Right now they can't get through the Tower 55 construction.. I'm not an expert on Tower 55 and all the construction, so anyone in Fort Worth that has more information, contact me at the addresses at the end of this webpage and I'll update my information. Thanks. -Ken Ziegenbein, alias ArkansasRailroader

NS 8102 PENNSYLVANIA HERITAGE LITTLE ROCK AUGUST 8, 2014 - NS 8102, the Pennsylvania heritage, passed Little Rock's Union Station at 11:32 a.m. today, August 8, 2014, northbound on BNSF oil train OSNES-6. This is the 5th time NS 8102 has been here this year, all on the same oil train.

24 TRAINS SUNDAY MORNING IN LITTLE ROCK, AUGUST 10, 2014 - Sunday, August 10, 2014 at Little Rock was a busy day for trains. I caught 24 trains between 4 a.m. and 11 a.m., which included locomotives with 10 different roadnames. There was one detour coal train from Texas and a steady stream of other trains, including Amtrak's southbound Texas Eagle at 5 a.m. One train had two Citirail locomotives, CREX 1407 and 1410.  Roadnames today: BNSF, CP, UP, AMTRAK, CN, GMTX, TFM, CREX, KCS AND CSXT. Interesting freight cars included a red Canadian Pacific Railway gondola CP 355100, green UP 809944 water tank car, LYBX 4086 tank car with a yellow dome. Plus a large, full Moon on a close orbit of Earth, and a dog walking the tracks.
   Locomotives: BNSF 5294, 4378, 6611 *** CP 8794 *** UP 4136, 4821, 4667, 4500, 9359, 4220, 5172, 5888, 2191, 7170, 3491, 6444, 3831, 7680, 9109, 5340, 2362, 9696 ex-CNW, 8449, 4298, 7417, 7466, 6760, 8622, 4831, 5029, 6209 ex-SP, 6733, 6240 ex-SP, 6369 ex-SP, 6795, 9397, 9426, 6942, 4609, 4539, 4208, 1781, 1865,  1856, 2003 ex-SSW, 4888, 8133, 5615, 7188, 6656, 6412, 5964, 5066, 5873, 7801 *** AMTRAK 179 *** CN 2331, 2277 *** GMTX 2623, 2248, 2261 *** KCS 4168 *** TFM 1654 *** CREX 1407, 1410 *** CSXT unknown since it was hidden by another train passing.

IC 2457-GREEN/YELLOW MKT HOPPER-RED MKT GONDOLAS-TRAINS LITTLE ROCK AUGUST 16, 2014 - Saturday, August 16, 2014 at Union Station in Little Rock. It was a sunny day and a steady stream of trains. Six roadnames today: BNSF, HLCX, NS, FXE, IC/CN and UP. Also, Central Arkansas Transit streetcars in Little Rock, a dove on a wire, new tankcars built 7-14, Two MKT red gondolas 1617 and 16398, DISX 3381 Wisconsin and Southern hopper, and GLC 4142 ex MKT short green hopper with large yellow MKT on side. Locomotives: FXE 4668 *** NS 6627 *** HLCX 3859 *** BNSF 8168, 4147 *** UP 9263, 9175, 8078, 4305, 1793, 1844, 8630, 6032, 6801, 1778, 7255, 7174, 4543, 6839, 7132 *** IC 2457 blue ex-CN.

TRANS AND A LATE AMTRAK 21 LITTLE ROCK-TRIBUTE TO CREWMEN KILLED IN HEAD-ON COLLISION AT HOXIE AT 230 A.M. - Sunday, August 17, 2014 was a sad day for Union Pacific and local railfans. At 3 that morning two UP freights collided head-on about a mile south of Hoxie, Arkansas, killing two crewmen and injuring two more. Hoxie is about 2 hours north of Little Rock. The names of the crewmen who died were Engineer Chance Gober and Conductor Broderick Hayes. Their train was going  south from East St Louis to North Little Rock. The two injured crewmen were Aaron Jeffery and Michael Zompakos.Their train was going north from North Little Rock to East St Louis.
   Here are my regular Sunday, August 17, 2014  train pictures from Union Station in Little Rock. There were plenty of trains as usual with locomotive roadnames from 7 different lines: UP, NS, CN, FXE, BNSF, KCS, and Amtrak. Amtrak's southbound Texas Eagle No. 21 was behind the UP southbound freight near Hoxie when the freight collided with the northbound train around 3 a.m.  The Eagle had to reverse course, move its locomotives around the train and take the passenger train back to Poplar Bluff, Missouri, where it eventually detoured southbound on the old Cotton Belt through Dexter, MO, Jonesboro AR, Wynne, Fair Oaks, then getting on its regular tracks again at Bald Knob, AR. This made No.21 arrive in Little Rock 16 hours late, at 7:15 p.m. instead of the normal time of 3:10 a.m. I have photos of it getting to Little Rock on this webpage.
   Also on this webpage: A hawk and bird, railfans at Union Station, black-red berries, HS 7625 ex-East Camden & Highland boxcar, Ashley Drew & Northern boxcar ADN ??29, MKT 597 green hopper, dark storm clouds.Locomotives today: UP 8011, 3814, 7961, 6397, 9195, 7925, 5878, 6745, 8860, 6167-exSP, 8608, 7494, 2047-exSP, 1929, 8433, 3840, 1793, 1844,4531, 4746, 4951, 4467, 4612, UPY 672, 7493. 4331, 5136, 5618, 5891,8614, 7713, 7794 *** NS 8324, 6802, 8781, 9219, 7612, 6788 *** CN 2655 *** FXE 4084 *** BNSF 5113, 7850, 731-ex Santa Fe Warbonnet, 5140, 7519 *** KCS 4158 *** Amtrak 64

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS AUGUST 28 AND 29, 2014 - Two days of trains at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Thursday August 28 and Friday August 29, 2014.  I missed the 7th appearance of NS 8102 Pennsylvania heritage on a northbound BNSF oil train by 10 minutes, but I had a more important personal activity to attend. NS 8102 passed Union Station at 1:44 p..m.., the second of 3 units.  Five roadnames today, UP, CSXT, GMTX, BNSF and NS. Also I saw CNW yellow, blue, white and green hoppers, KWT 7004 Tamora Staplehurst Co-Op Co, Tamora, Nebraska hopper.
   UP 1983, the Western Pacific heritage locomotive, has been in Jenks Shops in North Little Rock for overhaul  due to fire causing burn marks that occurred in July. It has a new engine and has been load tested. However, it is waiting to be re-painted, probably the week of September 1. From what I've been told, it will retain the WP heritage paint scheme.
   Locomotives today: UP 4277, 4104, 6922, 5282, 6755, 8541, 4192, 5859, 8036, 6009, 5576, 7342, 8877, 7591, 9535, 7304, 5310, 6267, 8592, 6289-exSP, 3991, 2262, 3991, 1848, 5341, 4729, 1793, 1877, 1784, 5389, 5133, 9244, 1925, 4801, 0308, 7821, 9357 **** NS 2573, 9032, 9677, 6922, 9573 **** BNSF 9295, 8259, 9198, 6333 **** CSXT 9023, 8716, 5447 **** GMTX 2673, 2251.

GENSETS AND OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK AUGUST 30, 2014 - In Little Rock today, Saturday August 30, 2014: Two UPY Gensets UPY 2662 and 2663, plus my usual mix of trains, roadnames and freight cars. Roadnames today UP, NS, BNSF, CSXT, KCS, CEFX, FXE. Also today, MKT 522 green hopper, load of green pipes, MLLX 26212 "Robert W Granatelli" (is this graffiti?)  tank car, Streetcar 408 on Markham Street, CSX 158559 beautiful, shiny, dark blue repainted boxcar, originally built in August 1974. Locomotives today: UPY 2662, 2663 **** UP 9193, 1929, 2047-exSP, 8623, 5869, 5923, 4635, 8609, 6225-exSP, 6903, 5689, 9213, 1778, 1844, 1872, 6305, 7872, 6368, 5293, 4993 **** NS 6632, 9397, 8936, 8912 **** BNSF 4450 **** CSXT 923, 7546 **** KCS 4587 **** CEFX 3129 **** FXE 4688. 

LATE TEXAS EAGLE 21 LITTLE ROCK SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 6, 2014-Southbound Amtrak Texas Eagle 21 arrived at Union Station in Little Rock 5 hours and 42 minutes late on Saturday, September 6, 2014. I think there was some delay in Illinois due to weather and in central Arkansas due to congestion. It sat in the North Little Rock yard for at least 45 minutes. Here are some daylight photos of the Eagle, which is scheduled to arrive around 3 a.m. but today arrived at 8:42 a.m. The Eagle is back to one locomotive, today's was Amtrak No. 50.

UP 1900 EX-RIO GRANDE OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK SEPTEMBER 6, 2014 - Saturday, September 6, 2014 at Union Station Little Rock, Arkansas. Saw UP 1900 here again, the Rio Grande locomotive in really good shape. Five roadnames today, UP, NS, CSXT, GMTX and Amtrak. Also, AEX 386 vivid blue boxcar, old Chessie System hopper AEX 574, silver pipes, MP 26640 C&EI boxcar, yellow/black bumblebee in a flower.Locomotives today: UP 7014, 7060, 7391, 5329, 8420, 7294, 2003-exCotton Belt, 6371, 8616, 7734, 3889, 8733, 1900-exRio Grande, Amtrak 50.

FOUR TRAINS AT ONE TIME UNION STATION LITTLE ROCK SEPTEMBER 9, 2014 - There are 4 tracks in front of Union Station in Little Rock. From the closest to the station to the one furtherest out: Amtrak siding, UP Main 2,  UP Main 1 and the LRWN track. Today I saw all four tracks occupied with active trains at the same time and got photos. I've seen 3 at a time before, but personally I've never seen all 4 tracks full. There were 5 roadnames today: UP, KCS, FXE, GMTX and LRWN. KCS was represented by both a Belle color and grey color. Also today, 2 Rio Grande hoppers, MKT 544 green hopper, and several truck/auto frames on flatcars. Locomotives today: UP 5570, 6955, 8346, 4525, 2003-ssw, 7112, 8675, 7196, 8369, 8552, 8619 **** KCS 4044, 3944, 3935 **** FXE 4088 **** LRWN 500, 2017 **** GMTX 2261

WINDY, COOL TRAINS LITTLE ROCK SEPTEMBER 13, 2014 - A breezy, chilly day at Little Rock's Union Station on Saturday, September 13, 2014 with cloudy skies and temperature at 11 a.m. 58 degrees. I caught 5 trains before I had to leave, including locomotives from UP and NS. There was a middle school football game at the school across the tracks, which added to the Fall-feeling of the day. I also saw a pigeon on the tracks, Southern 531263 boxcar, KRL 340323 heavy hauler with a transformer, and MKT 572 green short hopper. Locomotives today: UP 5743, 7388, 7692, 8594, 1844, 1878, 1781, 800, 4153, 9647, 8757, 5188, 8186, 9501, 2484 **** NS 8770, 9240

BEAUTIFUL, SUNNY DAY WITH 6 ROADNAMES ON TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, SEPTEMBER 14, 2014 - Sunday, September 14, 2014 was a beautiful mostly sunny day with lots of trains passing Union Station at Little Rock, Arkansas. It started out in the upper 50s but warmed into the 70s by early afternoon. Six roadnames today: UP, GMTX, CSXT, CP, CREX and NS. Also today: Three MKT red gondolas, 6478, 6468 and 16293, one MKT green gondola 16513, CNW 745013 green gon, SOO 74598 green-lettered SOO LINES hopper, UP 35598 yellow boxcar, SP 465866 short hopper, lots of  contrails and cirrus clouds overhead. Locomotives: NS 8326, 9779 **** CREX 1314 Citirail **** CP 8781 **** CSXT 8562 **** GMTX 2249, 2137, 2615 **** UP 8452, 4063, 4492, 5485, 2947-exSP, 1929, 4436, 9204, 5803, 4461, 5908, 9688, 5599, 6477, 5490, 4752, 6264, 2225, 4368, 3812, 6792, 3922, 4513, 1880, 5092, 4497, 3853.

NS 6963 GORAIL LOCOMOTIVE NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR SEPTEMBER 18, 2014 - NS 6963, the GoRail black and green NS locomotive, in North Little Rock, AR on Thursday September 18, 2014 around 10 p.m. I also included a shot of this locomotive by Jamie Swain and a video by Anthony Holmes, both  taken earlier in the evening, used with their permission.
A little history of this unit from the NS site:  On May 12, 2014 GoRail and Norfolk Southern announced the unveiling of its one-of-a-kind GoRail locomotive today to commemorate the 10th anniversary of GoRail, a non-profit grassroots organization dedicated to educating the public about the benefits of moving more freight by rail. Founded in 2004, GoRail mobilizes support for policies that would lead to more freight moving by rail and opposition to policies that would limit the freight railroads’ ability to meet growing freight demand. The GoRail locomotive will enter into regular freight service on Norfolk Southern’s system.

UP FAMILY DAYS SHERWOOD FOREST, SHERWOOD AR SEPTEMBER 20, 2014 - Union Pacific's annual Family Days was held on Saturday, September 20, 2014 at Sherwood Forest in Sherwood, Arkansas from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Here are lots of photos. I tried to get as many events and people as possible. I reduced the size of the photos for this webpage so the hundreds of photos will download much faster. But you can click on any individual photo to get the full, high resolution photo (each one 3 to 5 MB in size). Once the larger file loads, you can save it  to your computer or print them.
   I've never been to a Family Days event before since I don't work for UP, but it really felt like it was a family event with everyone there having a connection with the larger extended Union Pacific family, regardless of their personal background in life.  All had something in common. It was nice seeing the thousands of people enjoying themselves and to see the children playing together. The local UP people who put this event together are top notch.

UP 4141 BUSH LOCO  BACK IN FRONT OF JENKS SHOPS N LITTLE ROCK SEP 25, 2014 - UP 4141-Bush Locomotive-back in front of Jenks Shops in North Little Rock. AR with a new, fresh, UN-TORN tarp on it. I happened to be there when they pushed it out to its' usual resting place at 11:15 a.m. Thursday, September 25, 2014. It's been at this spot off and on since 2009. In the second photo, you can see the tractor that pushed it out on the left side of the photo. Jenks Shops sits right across the Arkansas River from Little Rock, which can be seen in the background. 4141 is ready to run, having just been load tested a couple of days ago. 

UP 2001 OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, SEPTEMBER 21 AND 27, 2014-Trains passing Union Station in Little Rock on Saturday, September 27, 2014 plus a few trains from Sunday, September 21. Included is UP 2001, one of the Olympic Relay locomotives, UP 1878 ex-UP 3300 United Way, track welders, SP 516164 autorack without side panels, EEC 1806 Mississippi Export Railroad boxcar, family walking dog after dark on Sep 21, Central Arkansas Street 412 on Markham Street, KCS 720142 Belle-colored coil car, GNAX 9282 Apasco hopper, MKT 535 green hopper. Plus a couple of my usual blue tank cars. Five different roadnames on locomotives today, UP, BNSF, CSXT, NLA, and NS.
Locomotives: UP 4754, 1793, 1879, 8212, 8559, 9797, 9654, 4462, 4369, 7617, 6846, 6577, 2001, 1878-ex UP 3300 **** NS 9467, 6756, 8845 **** NLA 22 **** CSXT 145 **** BNSF 993, 5489, 5960.

WASP, SOUTHWEST AIRLINES AND TRAINS LITTLE ROCK SEPTEMBER 28, 2014 - Sunday, September 28, 2014 at Union Station in Little Rock. I didn't get to the station until the afternoon, but managed to get a few trains anyway. Included today is my usual blue and green tank cars, closeup of a wasp and Southwest Airline plane overhead, and a couple of  'fallen flag' freight cars. There were locomotives having 3 different roadnames, UP, BNSF and CSXT. Locomotives: UP 5659, 4384, 6695, 4896, 7039, 6316, 4632, 6598, 6167-ex SP, 7260, 4132, 9272 **** BNSF 8005 **** CSXT 758 no lightning symbol.

RED FLAG TEST AND TRAINS LITTLE ROCK OCTOBER 4 AND 5, 2014 - Little Rock trains Saturday, October 4 and Sunday, October 5, 2014 including a Red Flag procedure on Sunday. Five roadnames including UP, GMTX, HLCX, NS and IC. Also, DFI Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Railroad hycube, CRW 10855 ex-Rio Grande hopper, my usual blue tank cars, SSW 70098 Cotton Belt hopper with the blue Cotton Belt emblem, American Airlines jet overhead, 8 locomotives heading one train and a hawk eating a pigeon, taken from a streetcar. Locomotives: UP 8872, 9182, 7496, 6599, 9256, 1893, 1781, 1844, 8661, 8548, 5522, 1386, 9599, 6816, 4106, 4589, 5089, 4094, 9426, 673, 8193, 2162, 9572, 4523, 5567, 4238, 7001 **** NS 9544, 9243, 2659 **** GMTX 2249 **** HLCX 3892 **** IC 1029

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE LITTLE ROCK 20 MINUTES EARLY OCT 7, 2014 - I hadn't been at the Amtrak station in Little Rock at night for a few weeks so I decided tonight, Tuesday October 7, 2014  was the time to go and get some night shots of the northbound Texas Eagle, Train 22. This train has been running mostly on time all summer and Fall so far, and tonight it stopped at the station 20 minutes early at 11:10 p.m. I also got two freights. I also included my photo of a toad, which I found in my garage yesterday and a full Moon tonight (there will also be a total Lunar eclipse later tonight) .

UP 1983 WESTERN PACIFIC HERITAGE AT JENKS NORTH LITTLE ROCK OCT 10. 2014 - UP 1983 Western Pacific update, October 10, 2014. It's still at UP's Jenks Shops in North Little Rock, waiting to get repainted into WP Heritage colors as soon as all the decals arrive. Otherwise, it's ready to run. For these photos, I was taken to the paint shop at Jenks by a UP official and had ear plugs, helmet, protective glasses, and was wearing boots. Hopefully this locomotive will be back on the road in a couple of weeks after the decals arrive. I understand they will sandblast it and repaint the whole thing.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS SATURDAY OCTOBER 11, 2014 - Here's some trains at the station in Little Rock on Saturday, October 11, 2014. Included today: 3 locomotive roadnames, UP, NS and KCS. Also, MKT 16479 red gondola, SP 323227 gondola, Illinois Cereal Mills, Inc hopper, BNSF 409321 hopper, long string of vehicle frames, HOT 3257 placard, CSXT 180891 Chessie hycube, MP 265015 boxcar with good MoPac buzzsaw. Locomotives: UP 3829, 9145, 1497, 606, 1623, 8599, 6197 ex-SP, 8395, 8798, 8130, 8406, 8890, 6422, 7248, 7093, 8074, 9173 **** NS 9494 **** KCS 4158.

TRAINS IN LITTLE ROCK OCTOBER 12, 2014 - Sunday, October 12, 2014 at Union Station Little Rock. It was a cool, drizzly morning but turned out to be a nice, overcast day. There were 4 roadnames today (UP, NS, FXE and GMTX) and my usual assortment of fallen flag old freight cars. Included today: DJTX 96003 green AGP hopper, MKT 535 and 515 green hoppers, DGRW 30181 old, long D&RGW gondola, CNW 340338 green gondola, UP work train. Locomotives: UP 7148, 7053, 5569, 1892, 1781, 6525, 6208 ex-SP, 8430, 2047 ex-SP, 1386, 7914, 4242, 6554 **** GMTX 2249 **** NS 9094 **** FXE 4646.

STREETCARS-CROWDS-BUTTERFLIES LITTLE ROCK, OCTOBER 17-18, 2014 - Friday and Saturday, October 17 and 18, 2014 streetcars and crowds in Little Rock and North Little Rock with fans here for the October 18 football game between the Arkansas Razorbacks and Georgia Bulldogs. There was also a concert at Riverfront Park Friday night in the River Market given by Justin Moore. And 'Five Finger Death Punch & VolBeat' was at Verizon Arena in North Little Rock at the same time. I took the streetcar to the events and will show scenes from those rides, as well as  some shots of butterflies and flowers. This will give you an idea what it's like in Little Rock's River Market on some days.  Click this link for some photos:

BLUE SKIES AND LITTLE ROCK TRAINS, OCTOBER 19, 2014 - Sunday, October 19, 2014 at Union Station in Little Rock, AR. It was a beautiful day, chilly in the morning, 70s in the afternoon. There were 6 locomotive roadnames today: UP, NS, CN, CSXT, FXE and CP. Also have shots of a Fall red leaf, wasp, butterfly, CIRR 91274 ex-blue Rock Island boxcar, ICG 535578 boxcar, and a streetcar plus other freight cars. Locomotives: UP 1988, 5729, 6178 ex-SP, 1781, 1904, 9673, 4140, 4883, 3947, 8393, 3829, 6398 ex-SP. Former President Bill Clinton and other politicians had a rally in downtown North Little Rock in the historic Argenta District with their podium set up in the middle of the streetcar tracks so the streetcars were relagated to the Little Rock side of the Arkansas River for a few hours. The streetcar people wanted me to get pictures of the event, so I took a break from railfanning to get a couple of photos of that area.

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE 22 LITTLE ROCK OCTOBER 25, 2014 -    Amtrak northbound Texas Eagle Train No. 22 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Saturday night, October 25, 2014 with Heritage Locomotive No. 66 in the lead. It's been arriving 15 to 20 minutes early in recent weeks, tonight arriving at 11:12 p.m. CDT. Here are some scenes at the station, plus I caught a Central Arkansas Transit Streetcar on it's last run of the day around midnight. The Little Rock Amtrak station currently has only one agent, who works 7 nights a week from 10:30 pm to 8 a.m. There's usually 2 agents here, one to  to work half of those nights, but Amtrak still hasn't filled the second Agent position after 5 months.
   I also included a couple of shots of hot air balloons being filled at night on October 24 at MacArthur Park in Little Rock.

NS 8102 PENNSY LOCO OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK OCT 26 2014 - Sunday, October 26, 2014 at Little Rock's Union Station, including NS 8102-Pennsylvania Heritage locomotive. There were 5 different roadnames today: UP, NS, GMTX, CEFX and CN. Also PAL 701400 Texas Mexican boxcar, EAMX 7003 ex-Santa Fe hopper, MKT 558 green hopper, CNW 171696 blue hopper, a hobo riding a centerbeam car plus 6 railfans lined up in a photo line to catch NS 8102, the HS Pennsylvania heritage unit.
   Locomotives today: UP 9201, 7624, 6219 ex-SP, 5853, 3994, 360, 8006, 1991, 8017, 8425, 4242, 4036 **** NS 8432, 2685, 8790, 8102-Pennsy **** GMTX 2296, 2249 **** CEFX 1046 **** CN 2196.
MKT-KATY MEMORIES TEXAS 1950S-1980S - MKT Railroad photos I've taken from the 1950s to 1980s. Most were taken in Texas and Arkansas (the Arkansas sightings are of the lines of MKT locomotives that came to Jenks Shops after the MKT and UP merged in 1988). Some are in black and white, some color. (Ken Ziegenbein photos unless noted,
Included Katy locomotives and rolling stock:
1) 'Big Hook' MKT 1227
2) A couple of single-dome tank cars
3) F-unit locomotive 71-A
4) Green-yellow striped locomotives (most in 'dead' line in North Little Rock, June 1989): 360, 239, 219, 98, 92, 93, 122, 96, 108, 104, 121, 106, 94, 154, 100, 102, 111, 217, 119, 101, 91, 116, 110, 120, 107, 112, 109, 123, 192.
5) MKT green cabooses 132 and 205
6) Missouri Pacific 2000

A VAN BEING TOWED FOR BLOCKING A LITTLE ROCK STREETCAR, OCTOBER 31, 2014 - A van was illegally parked over the white line next to the streetcar tracks in the River Market District of Little Rock on Halloween night, October 31, 2014. The van was blocking the streetcar so we couldn't move. The van had to be towed away and since I was on the streetcar at the time, here are some photos.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS NOVEMBER 1-2, 2014 - Trains passing Union Station in Little Rock on Saturday and Sunday, November 1 and 2, 2014 with a couple in October, also. There were 7 locomotive roadnames including UP, NS, CORP, CSXT, SSW-unpatched, GMTX, BNSF. Also, a half Moon, Fall leaves under a drain, new tank cars built 10-14, CW 5010 OSM-Oregon Steel Mills gondola, ANR 388 boxcar, HS 72134 ex-New Orleans Public Belt boxcar, BKTY 150246 GATX newly painted boxcar, DRGW 25167 'Action Road' hopper, Sunset over tracks. Locomotives today: CORP 2062, 2063, UPY 1376, UP 9442, 4905, 7507, 9539, 8002, 9639, 2047 ex-SP, 2003 ex-SSW **** NS 8028, 8773, 8865, 9337, 2611, 9131, 8387, 9136 **** CSXT 7631 **** SSW 9708 unpatched **** GMTX 2296, 2249 **** BNSF 8837, 9337, 9096.

NS 1074 PLUS OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK NOVEMBER 8, 2014 - Saturday, November 8, 2014 at Union Station in Little Rock. Included today was NS Heritage Lackawanna locomotive 1074. There were 8 roadnames on locomotives. Also, some Fall colors, an illegal rider (hobo) on a flat car (called in to UP's 800 number), several CSXT hycube boxcars with Chessie the sleeping cat on them, HS 3649 ex-Golden Triangle Railroad boxcar, ATGX 1234 ex-Delaware & Hudson hopper, EAMX 7005 ex-Santa Fe hopper, UP 355229 old yellow boxcar, CNW 1755331 very faded hopper, GNWR 723 Lake Erie, Franklin & Clarion boxcar, MRL 21004 Rail Link boxcar, CSXT ex-C&O boxcar, sunset, Moon.
   Locomotives today: UP 1996 (taken on Nov 6), 4446, 8198, 4882, 4685, 6269 exSP, 8519, 4373, 9640, 3850, 9113, 8327, 4863, 9340, 3853, 3960, UPY 1383, UPY 1318, 3966, 8005, 4998 **** CSXT 8388 **** CP 8546 **** KCS  4778, 3922 **** NS 1074, 8731, 9077 **** GMTX 2253 **** HLC 8072, 8070 ex-BN **** BNSF 164 ex-Santa Fe blue and yellow, 2163.

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE 22 LITTLE ROCK, AR NOVEMBER 10, 2014 - Amtrak Texas Eagle 22 northbound at Little Rock, Arkansas, 11:50 p.m. Monday night, November 10, 2014. Apparently, the engine failed south of St Louis, delaying it about 2 hours.

NS 1073 PENN CENTRAL AND OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK NOVEMBER 18, 2014 - NS 1073, the Penn Central heritage locomotive, passed Union Station in Little Rock on Tuesday, November 18, 2014 on the QLINL-16, originating in Livonia, Louisiana.  This was the 8th NS heritage locomotive visiting us at the Little Rock station since 2012. In addition to 1073, we had NS 8114-Original Norfolk Southern,NS 8025 Monongahela, NS 8102 Pennsylvania, NS 8100 Nickel Plate, NS 1071 Central of New Jersey, NS 8101 Central of Georgia and NS 1074 Lackawanna. Plus just a few other trains, including a Slot Machine ballast train headed by NS 9113 running long hood forward.
UP 1983 WESTERN PACIFIC HERITAGE REPAINTED INTO WP HERITAGE COLORS NOVEMBER 20, 2014  - UP 1983 has been entirely repainted at Jenks Shops in North Little Rock in the Western Pacific heritage scheme, looks like new. Photos taken November 20, 2014 and a few days earlier on the decals. It's supposed to go the service tracks in the North Little Rock yards soon then be on the road again. It took longer than expected because of a delay in getting the Western Pacific official decals. Remember that this is the loco that was burnt in an engine fire last summer. Even though only one side was burnt, the paint shop at Jenks sandblasted and repainted the entire locomotive. These photos were not taken by me, but someone who wishes to remain anonymous but said I could share the photos anywhere I wanted.

10TH ANNIVERSARY OF LITTLE ROCK STREETCARS NOVEMBER 20, 2014 - Thursday, November 20, 2014 was the 10th anniversary of Central Arkansas Transit's streetcar operation in Little Rock and North Little Rock. The system averages 100,000 riders a year and there has been millions of dollars in new development along the 3.5 mile line, such as restaurants and apartment complexes. Here are some photos of the event.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS NOVEMBER 22, 2014 SUNDAY NOVEMBER 22, 2014 -  At Union Station in Little Rock.  I was only at the station 1 hour and 19 minutes, so I only caught 6 trains today. Of interest, DGRW 25103 old Rio Grande hopper built 7-73, MWCX 200389 new or repainted black gondola, DPRW 257567 new black tank cars with white ends built this month 11-14. They look sharp in a line. Locomotives today: NS 9241, 9077, 6597, 9335, 7503 *** UP 9203, 1907, 8067, 4852, 5683, 6508, 7293, 4216, 4382, 3960 *** FXE 4059 *** CSXT 7716.

RAINY TRAINS LITTLE ROCK INCLUDING EX-SP MP15AC SWITCHER NOVEMBER 23, 2014 - Sunday, November 23, 2014 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas.  I always like trains in the rain and today we had a steady rain, but still the trains ran and here are the photos. Included is 40-year old UPY 1434, former Southern Pacific 2705 MP15AC at North Little Rock.

DELAYED AMTRAK EAGLE LITTLE ROCK, NOVEMBER 26, 2014 - On Wednesday, November 26, 2014 - the day before Thanksgiving - Amtrak 22 Texas Eagle arrived at Little Rock, Arkansas at 11:45 a.m., 12 hours late, due to it hitting a Chevrolet Silverado truck at a crossing at Bartlett, Texas, south of Temple (south of Fort Worth) the day before. The truck burst into flames, killing the driver, and the flames also damaged the Amtrak locomotive so badly that it wasn't safe to operate (I think it was No. 62) . Nobody on the packed train was hurt, and no reported crew injuries. There were 239 passengers on board according to news reports. They were taken by school buses to Granger High School where they were met and fed by the Red Cross and Salvation Army, according to TV news reports.
   Amtrak got locomotive 56 off the Heartland Flyer (Forth Worth to Oklahoma City train) and put it on the Texas Eagle. The Amtrak spare/protection locomotive No. 11 in Fort Worth was used on the Heartland Flyer. This all took about 12 hours, making the train 12-hours late. The delayed train with locomotive 56 finally left Temple at 11:45 p.m. Tuesday night and picked up the passengers from the train for the continued journey to Chicago. It took exactly 12 hours to reach Little Rock from Temple.

UP FREIGHT THROUGH NEW ULM, TEXAS SATURDAY NOVEMBER 29, 2014 - While visiting friends and relatives in central Texas on Saturday, November 29, 2014, I lucked out and caught this UP freight fast-running through New Ulm at 1:25 p.m.

FOGGY STREETCAR NORTH LITTLE ROCK AR DECEMBER 4, 2014 - Dense fog shrouded a streetcar in North Little Rock, Thursday evening, December 4, 2014 as it passed through the Argenta Entertainment District around 8:30 p.m. Streetcar 409 was also decorated with Christmas lights and characters.

EVENING TRAINS, STATE CAPITOL, RED LEAVES LITTLE ROCK DECEMBER 6, 2014 - A couple of trains in the afternoon and evening at Little Rock, Arkansas and a few more red leaves, Saturday December 6, 2014. Also, the Arkansas State Capitol lit up for the Christmas season.

DAY AND EVENING TRAINS LITTLE ROCK INCLUDING CAPITAL HOTEL CHRISTMAS TREE, DECEMBER 7, 2014 - Little Rock trains passing Union Station on Sunday, December 7, 2014, day and evening. There were 3 locomotive roadnames today, UP, BNSF and NS. Of interest is a transformer being hauled, MWCX 240416 new black gondola, and a photo of the Capital Hotel's large Christmas tree. Locomotives: UP 1912, 2017 ex-SP, 5125, 4639, 8732, 9692, 8806, 3805, 4043, 9182, 4104, 6742 **** BNSF 7234, 5133-burn mark, 4728, 7310, 4378, 8223 **** NS 9320

TRAINS AND AMTRAK LITTLE ROCK INCLUDING LRWN DECEMBER 9, 2014 - Trains at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Tuesday, December 9, 2014. After catching a few freights in the afternoon, including the Little Rock & Western, I went back to the station around midnight to get Amtrak's northbound Texas Eagle.

UP 1989-SUNSET-STREETCARS-TRAINS-LITTLE ROCK DECEMBER 13, 2014 - Saturday, December 13, 2014 started out sunny but by sunset, clouds moved in over Union Station in Little Rock.  Garth Brooks had a concert here this evening, and I rode a streetcar full of Brooks fans. Plus UP 1989, the Rio Grande heritage locomotive, also paid a visit. Also, CCX 832 Cities Service Company Division hopper, AEX 10300 ex-BN green hopper. And a nice sunset over the tracks.
Locomotives today: UP 9927, 2686 Genset, 1369, 8355, 6599, 9723, 8571, 5998, 6596, 6403 ex-SP, 1989 Rio Grande heritage, 6457, 9233, 5325, 9709, 9726, 4843, 7998, 5231, 8627, 8809, 4210, 5690, 4580, 9372 **** HLCX 1927, 3858 **** BNSF 6131, 271, 6004

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE 22 IN THE RAIN LITTLE ROCK DECEMBER 18. 2014 - Amtrak Texas Eagle No. 22 northbound in the rain around midnight at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Wednesday night/Thursday morning December 17-18, 2014. Also included are  a couple of UP and BNSF freights. Temperature was 37 degrees.

TRAINS LITTLE ROCK INCLUDING GMTX 153 SWITCHER DECEMBER 18, 2014 - Union Station trains on Thursday, December 18, 2014. Included is GMTX 153 faded red locomotive, new Slot Machine cars built 11-14, CSX 224962 ex-Family Lines hopper, SRN 6547 ex-Corinth & Counce boxcar, CSX 178519 faded yellow hopper, MKT 580 green hopper. Locomotives: GMTX 153 *** UP 306, 2047 ex-SP, 7406, 6900, 9602, 4144 *** BNSF 6040, 4334, 7903 *** CN 2669

TRAINS, OLD FREIGHT CARS, LITTLE ROCK DECEMBER 20, 2014 - Saturday, December 20, 2014 trains at Union Station in Little Rock, AR.  Included today: Several new tank cars, CNW 520067 green boxcar, SPSX 362979 'For Spreading" gondola, MP 642030 gondola with red MoPac Buzzsaw, SP 328705 gondola with cover, MP 640877 gondola with MoPac red Buzzsaw, UP 97029 yellow gondola with cover, GATX 22409 ex-Thiele tankcar Sandersville, Georgia, UP work train. Locomotives today: UP 9482, 3508, 6017, 4644, 5002, 2328, 5074, 8690, 5222, 8138, 4027, 4546 **** NS 9709

TEXAS EAGLE 22 LITTLE ROCK PLUS JENKS SHOPS DECEMBER 23, 2014 - Amtrak Texas Eagle 22 at Little Rock, Arkansas Tuesday night, December 23, 2014, 11:50 p.m. Good crowd of passengers tonight. I also caught a couple of freights passing the Amtrak station (Union Station). Then I took a quick trip to Union Pacific's Jenks Shops in North Little Rock after midnight and got a photo of UP 6938 Centennial on display and the tarped UP 4141 Bush unit. Earlier tonight there was a news bulletin saying that former President George H. W. Bush, the Senior Bush (President 41) was taken to a Houston, Texas hospital with breathing problems. UP 4141 is the Bush Library locomotive and will eventually be taken to Texas when needed by the Bush family and the library. It was named for the senior Bush.

CHRISTMAS EVE AND DAY TRAINS LITTLE ROCK DEC 24-25, 2014 - Christmas Eve and Christmas Day trains, Little Rock, AR December 24 and 25, 2014. Included: Cardinal redbird at Union Station,  Arkansas Children's Hospital helicopter, Christmas sunset over the tracks, Crescent Moon, several BN green hoppers, Capital Hotel's large Christmas Tree, CRLE blue boxcars, CN 383379 hopper, MKT 549 green hopper, GTW 1382 Grand Trunk Wester GT hopper, RACX 32250 rusty tank car, December 1949 Missouri Pacific Lines Magazine Christmas cover. Locomotives today: UP 8353, 3865, 9810, 7696, 7233, 7960, 5930, 6997 **** BNSF 6769, 5047, 9645-Executive colors **** AKMD-Arkansas Midland 414 *** CSXT 9071, 467, 4832, 3148 **** CN 8880

9 TRAINS IN 2 HOURS TODAY AT LITTLE ROCK, DECEMBER 27, 2014 - I caught 11 trains today, 9 of which passed Union Station in Little Rock in a 2-hour period between 3:20 and 5:26 p.m. Areas of light rain fell throughout the day with a 20 mph wind and temperatures in the upper 40s. One long train had 9 locomotives on it (not all running, of course). Also, more blue tank cars, UTLX 651190 blue and white tank car, DKLX 1154 new tank car built 12-14, a few red and white Herzog hoppers. Locomotives today: UP 9798 ex-CNW, 9795, 4394, 7460, 5088, 9288, 7611, 6164 ex-SP, 5803, 7053, 3898, 7103, 5066, 3563, 4656, 9101, 6069, 5916, 2360, 3123, 5081, 4455, 9797, 6155, 6363, 3855 **** CN 5800 **** NS 9960, 6938.


AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE 22 WITH ENIGNE 156 LITTLE ROCK JANUARY 4, 2015 - Amtrak Texas Eagle 22 had locomotive 156 on it tonight, Sunday January 4. 2015 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Locomotive 156 is the 40th anniversary loco. It was cold and breezy, 27 degrees with wind chill 18. My fingers turned red from the cold. There was a good crowd again at the station, waiting to get on the 12-minute early Eagle at 11:19 p.m.  Here are a few photos.

LATE AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE 21 AT LITTLE ROCK PLUS FREIGHTS JANUARY 8, 2015 - Southbound Amtrak Texas Eagle 21 was 9 hours and 30 minutes late into Little Rock, Arkansas on Thursday, January 8, 2015 due to frozen switches, broken rail and airhose problems.  According to Gene Poon of the All_Aboard passenger train group on Yahoo, the train was "delayed North of Carlinville IL, signal issues and frozen switches.  South of Carlinville, a broken rail which was impassable until repair. There was another farther on, but train was walked over that one with the assistance of UP MofW. Then the train tied down at Poplar Bluff awaiting a dogcatch because the regular crew's Hours of Service were running out."
I also included photos of a few freights on January 8, including two red MKT red gondolas built in February 1970 and an old UP yellow boxcar. Locomotives today: Amtrak 69 ****  UP 9809, 5615, 2047exSP, 8874, 6360exSP, 6057exSP **** GMTX 2249, 2296

UNPATCHED SP 144 AND 177 NORTH LITTLE ROCK JANUARY 10, 2015 - Unpatched SP 144 and 177 coupled together on UP's service tracks  in North Little Rock, Arkansas on Saturday, January 10, 2015.  I have heard, but not verified, that both will be repainted UP Armour Yellow. Again, this is not official, but I have asked local UP people to verity.

UP 1988 KATY PLUS 3 MRL BOXCARS NORTH LITTLE ROCK JANUARY 12, 2015 - UP 1988, the Katy heritage locomotive, at North Little Rock, Arkansas on Monday, January 12, 2014. Plus 3 Montana Rail Link boxcars.
(My photo of the 1988 has red, yellow, green, white, brown, black and blue colors)

EIGHT DIFFERENT ROADNAMES ON LOCOS LITTLE ROCK JAN 15, 2015 - Trains and a few streetcars in Little Rock on Saturday, January 17,  2015. There were 8 different roadnames on locomotives today, UP, BNSF, CSXT, GMTX, SSW, NS, KCS and QNSL. Also included, SP 329717 gondola built 10-77. WP 3831 boxcar, streetcar scenes, KCS 171182 boxcar built 11-79, UP 451179 yellow boxcar built 4-75, MEC 31821 Pan Am boxcar, AGR 8200 ex-Wabash Valley Railroad Company boxcar. Locomotives today: BNSF 271, 6131 **** CSXT 8529 **** GMTX 2239 **** SSW 9708 **** NS 2665 **** KCS 4684 **** QNSL 311 (Quebec, North Shore & Labrador) **** UP 9827, 9193, 8688,  5066, 7103, 7322, 8733, 6029, 5212, 7729, 5416, 4864, 2372, 9610, 4398, 4580, 4836, 4699, 5221, 4871, 6861, 8553, 7220, 4310.

NIGHT TRAINS-AMTRAK LITTLE ROCK JANUARY 21, 2015 - Night trains including Amtrak at Little Rock, Arkansas, Wednesday night January 21, 2015. Also, a UP oil train with an old Rio Grande hopper and a long NS pipe train.
Locomotives today: Amtrak 200 **** UP 6473, 5671, 4171, 9880, 9515, 2237, 9610, 5818, 6377-exSP, 5863 **** CSXT 5479, 7538, 7926,7531 **** NS 2688, 8755, 8409, 9933 **** BNSF 518, 2278. I tried out some new settings on my Sony Alpha 99 full-frame camera, manually setting the aperture to F2.8, shutter 1/125 to stop the moving trains and ISO to 16,000. I'll be playing around with other settings as time goes on. Since these photos are primarily for the web, I can use the high ISO sensitivity settings since the pictures won't be enlarged or printed, which would cause more graininess to show up.

LOTS OF TRAIN LITTLE ROCK SATURDAY, JANUARY 24, 2015 - Saturday, January 24, 2015 was a good day for trains at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. A highlight was red and white locomotive CEFX 6007, one of 7 roadnames today. Also of note: GTW Grand Trunk Western hycube boxcar, a boy with a fishing pole, an inside shot at the Capital Hotel, CCX 949 Columbian Chemical Company hopper, HS 30121 ex-Valdosta Southern Railroad Company boxcar, an empty bottle of Jack Daniels in the ballast, line of green BN hoppers, visitors from Michigan and New York City, bird on a milepost marker, night shot of a streetcar in North Little Rock.
SHARP-LOOKING KCS-LED NEW TANK-HOPPER TRAIN LITTLE ROCK, JANUARY 30, 2015 - KCS Belle #4814 led (alone) a very sharp-looking new tank car, hopper train past Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Friday night, January 30, 2015 right before midnight (right after Amtrak's Texas Eagle left the station).  I could smell the new paint and they all looked shiny and reflected the platform lights like a mirror. Since they were so new, all the wheels were perfectly rounded so you could barely hear them moving - they just glided smoothly along the track.These new hoppers and tank cars were built in January 2015 with paint applied at Paragould, Arkansas.  A couple of the cars were SHPX 214637 and NASX 4338.  The front of the train passed at 11:52 p.m. and the end passed at 11:58 p.m. I'd estimate the speed at 10 mph.

VARIOUS TRAINS  LITTLE ROCK JANUARY 25 AND 30, 2015 - Here's a few 'catch-up' photos of train at Union Station in Little Rock, taken on January 25 and 30, 2015. There's both day and night trains, including the BNSF local with both an ex- Santa Fe Warbonnet and blue and yellow locomotive in the lead. These could almost be considered BNSF heritage locomotives since they are in excellent shape paint-wise. The BNSF local runs a circular trip from Memphis taking UP's directional south ex-Cotton Belt from Memphis to Brinkley to Pine Bluff, then north to Little Rock, where I understand it serves the Port Of Little Rock on the Arkansas River, then goes past Union Station, crosses the Baring Cross bridge into North Little Rock, backs onto the Little Rock & Western tracks to switch off some it it's cars to the sidings in west Little Rock at  Pulaski, then goes back north into North Little Rock then heads north to Bald Knob then east to Memphis again. It almost always passes Union Station about the time the Texas Eagle arrives around midnight every night.

UP 1988 KATY HERITAG APART AT JENKS SHOPS NORTH LITTLE ROCK FEB 4, 2015 - UP 1988, the Katy heritage, apart at UP's Jenks Shops in North Little Rock, Arkansas on Wednesday, February 4, 2015 at 7:30 a.m. It's been somewhere inside Jenks since January 13.

NS 8100 NICKEL PLATE HERITAGE LITTLE ROCK FEB 5, 2015 - NS 8100, the Nickel Plate heritage loco, passed Union Station at Little Rock, AR Thursday night, Feb 5, 2015 at 11:42 p.m. on the MFWNL-4 manifest from Fort Worth to North Little Rock. It was the second unit. I was told the unit was heading back to NS territory for repairs. 1-UP 7740 headed the MFWNL-4 train with NS 8100 as the second unit, 11:42 p.m. Feb 5, 2015 - 2-NS 8100. 3-NS 8100 from the back.

NS 8100, UP 1988-4141-7400-6938 NORTH LITTLE ROCK FRIDAY FEBRUARY 5, 2015 - NS 8100, UP 1988, 7400, 4141, 6938 in North Little Rock, Arkansas today, Friday,February 6, 2015. NS 8100-Nickel Plate was on a service track, both 1988-Katy and 7400-Pink Ribbon were in pieces in front of Jenks Shops and UP 4141-Bush was at its usual place in front of Jenks under tarp and UP 6938 Centennial was displayed at Jenks. Also I saw an old red classic car on the way home.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS FEBRUARY 8, 2015 - Sunday, February 8, 2015 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. I caught several afternoon trains with motive power roadnames of UP and KCS including UP 7754, 4284,5342, 9172, 8560, 4011, 6620, 6680, 8714, 3895, 4525, 4582, 4792, 4008, 4465, 6080 *** KCS 4008. Also I saw some Hobby Lobby trailers on a stack train and more blue tank cars. I did some special effects on a couple of photos too, using the colored foil effect on Paint Shop Pro.

TRAINS, RAIN, COLD AND ICE LITTLE ROCK, SATURDAY FEBRUARY 21, 2015 - Here's a few trains at Union Station in Little Rock on a cold, wet day, Saturday February 21, 2015. I always like trains in the rain. The most interesting locomotives to me today were on the BNSF local, which had a warbonnet, bluebonnet, and two paint schemes of current BNSF locomotives. Very colorful. Also MKT 553, green hopper. Locomotives today: BNSF 548-warbonnet, 3164-blue/yellow Santa Fe lettering, 3378-2015 both different BNSF schemes, BNSF 6163, 6281, 9256, 9088 **** UP 7984, 7967, 8523, 4338, 7957, 6001, 9184, 8688, 9800, 6145 ex-SP 144 **** NS 9079 **** GMTX 2116.,

MIDNIGHT TRAINS, STREETCARS AND A UP FREIGHT FEBRUARY 21, 2015 -Midnight trains and streetcars (yes, streetcars run until midnight on weekends) at Little Rock, Arkansas, Saturday night, February 21, 2015, including Amtrak's Texas Eagle and a Union Pacific freight.

WET LITTLE ROCKTRAINS SUNDAY MARCH 1, 2015 -Trains passing Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas late Sunday afternoon, March 1, 2015, including the Little Rock & Western local. It was a cold, rainy-drizzly day with temperatures in the 30s, as they were over a good deal of the mid-south. Included a photo of a bluejay bird in the cold and an ex-Family Lines ACL/LN hopper. Locomotives today: UP 5194, 5174, 5487, 7027, 7812, 5178, 2472 **** CSXT 8575 **** LRWN-Bay Line 500, LRWN 1541 **** NS 9296.

UP 19-CAR SPECIAL, UP 1982, OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK MARCH 8, 2015 - Sunday, March 8, 2015 at Little Rock and North Little Rock had a good variety of trains, including a 19-car Engineering Special which spent the night on the business track in North Little Rock and UP 1982, the Missouri Pacific heritage locomotive, was also in town, and I found UP 2777, an old ex-SP SD40M-2.  Plus my usual old freight cars. There was still lots of ice on the ground from a winter storm 3 days ago.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS INCLUDING OLD SSW HYCUBE, MARCH 15, 2015 - Finally a sunny day and warmer temperatures at Little Rock, AR on Sunday, March 15, 2015. We had seven different roadnames on locomotives today. Included today was a string of new hoppers built this month, March 2015, including SHPX 434659, hopper OGEX 2718 hauled on flatcar ITTX 912682, Cotton Belt Hycube SSW 65102  built 2-78 rebuilt 12-98 lettering applied 11-14.
    Locomotives today (2 taken on March 14): UPY genset 2632 **** Dardanelle & Russellville DR 1143 (it's a EMD GMD1 built for the CN in 1959. You can still see the faded CN lettering) ****  LRWN 1541 ****  NS 1139, 9961, 2741 **** CSXT 170, 7306 **** BNSF 8580 **** UP 6357, 4915, 6318, 6064, 6721 ex CNW Operation Lifesaver, 7177, 5391, 8320, 5313, 7175, 6214, 8736, 8447, 5797, 7012, 5609, 6949.

UP 1996 SP HERITAGE OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, AR MARCH 22, 2015 - Sunday, March 22, 2015 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. It started out rainy but then just cloudy. Interesting trains today including one intermodal led by UP 1996, the Southern Pacific heritage locomotive. It was on the ILXMN-17. It got to the station at 10:40 a.m., sat there 30 minutes waiting for a signal so we had plenty of time to get photos and talk the the crew. It left at 11:10 a.m. toward Marion, Arkansas to the Intermodal Yard there (which is close to Memphis). There were several other trains with mostly UP power, but the Little Rock & Western also had a light engine move to the UP yard, and NS had some locos too. It was a fun day railfanning and I had fun afterwards also with friends doing non-railroad things. All in all, a good day. I think there were 6 fans there today waiting for the SP heritage.
   Also today is another green MKT hopper, which I always take pictures of and other old freight cars. Included locomotives: UP 7634, 8074, 9727, 3850, 4281, 6313 ex SP, 5173, 7367, 5228, 5492, 5154, 1996, 8478, 1655, 1718, 1948, 1787  ***** NS 8066, 9457  ***** LRWN 2017.

BOTH AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE 21 AND 22 , UP 1982 HERITAGE, LITTLE ROCK APRIL 1, 2015 - Amtrak Texas Eagles 21 and 22 at Little Rock, Arkansas on Tuesday night-Wednesday morning, March 31-April 1, 2015. I decided to stay and catch both middle of the night Eagles. Locomotive 189, the Big Game locomotive, was on the southbound Eagle 21. I also caught a couple of freights, including one with UP 1982, the Missouri Pacific heritage, in the consist. While at the Amtrak station, I ran into a lady who had worked at the Little Rock Public library with my late wife and we had a nice chat about all those days when I used to visit. She and some others were heading to Chicago. Fortunately tonight, both Eagles were less than an hour late.

DALLAS UNION STATION TRAINS EASTER, APRIL 5, 2015 - While waiting for Texas Eagle Train 22 to arrive at Dallas Union Station on Easter, April 5, 2015, I caught six freights passing the station between 3:43 and 6:25 p.m. I also have photos of Amtrak Eagle 22's trip back to Little Rock. And DART commuter trains.

TRAINS LITTLE ROCK TODAY PLUS SSW 819 IN 1986 AT UNION STATION - A cool, partly cloudy day at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas, Saturday April 11, 2015. Several trains today including locomotives from UP, BCRAIL, NS and CSXT. Also, GATX 20586 Industrias Zahoria tank car, a family watching trains from the station's balcony, new hoppers built in April 2015. Plus my usual assortment of old freight cars. And a blast from the past-Amtrak Texas Eagle 22 with almost-new Superliners and Cotton Belt steam locomotive 819 at Union Station in Little Rock on June 16, 1986. It was around midnight. I found this photo recently. This is at the end of the page.
   Locomotives today: UP 8227, 4259, 8338, 7854, 7217, 625, 5018, 5149, 6040, 7358, 4742, 3872, 9744, 5048, 4996, 3950, 4710, 8849, 7916, 8146, 7306, 5014, 7441, 8708 **** BCRAIL 4802 **** NS 9914, 9194 **** CSXT 5495 **** SSW 819 steam engine.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS INCLUDING UP 1996 AND SANTA FE HOPPERS, APRIL 12, 2015 - A good amount of trains at Little Rock on Sunday, April 12, 2015, including UP 1996, the Southern Pacific heritage. There were locomotive roadnames from 6 different railroads. Also, my usual collection of fallen-flat freight cars including BKTY 154670 ex-New Orleans Public Belt Railroad boxcar, EEC 3534 boxcar with green XXX Aware bottle, ICG 680110 hycube boxcar, railtrain, Santa Fe and BN hoppers on a tie train heading for the Dardanelle & Russellville to pick up ties, 8 carloads of railfans, a bird.
   Locomotives today: UP 8985, 6738, 7875, 1655, 1609, 1778, 652, 1949, 1118, 7006, 6249, 6690, 3828, 4789, 7644, 4510, 8668, 9666, 7735, 4451, 4967, 7390, 8172, 8867, 6910, 6302exSP, 7217, 6045, 5462, 5120, 8420, 1996-SPheritage, 8154, 8482, 5913, 5978 **** GMTX 2145 ****HLCX 1082 **** BNSF 7233, 737 **** KCS 4043 ****NS 9911.

AMTRAK TEXAS EAGLE 22 WITH UP POWER LITTLE ROCK, TUESDAY APRIL 15, 2015 - Northbound Amtrak Texas Eagle 22 had two UP locomotives (9672 and 4280) and one Amtrak engine (76) today, Tuesday April 14, 2015 at Little Rock, Arkansas. The Amtrak locomotive lost power but continued to have the HEP head end electrical power, so it remained in the consist. It arrived at 6:16 a.m., around 6 1/2 hours late. An hour and a half before, I caught the southbound Eagle 21 here.

Sunday, April 19, 2015 at the station in Little Rock. Amtrak Texas Eagle 21 was about 5 hours late due to engine problems and arrived just before 8 a.m. so I got some shots of it, plus my usual freights during the day. Some interesting freight cars today include GMRC 100103 boxcar, FXE 573057 flatcar with load, SHRX 54057 hopper built 1-75, ATSF 35019 Santa Fe hopper, CNW 175505 green CNW hopper built 5-78, HZGX 3237 gondola built 5-75, MWCX 101245 green Burlington Northern woodchip car. Also, some flowers and inside the Capital Hotel in Little Rock.
   Locomotives today: CSXT 3065, 7665 **** UP 4953, 3129, 4803, 2245, 8917, 4424, 4005, 7178, 7703, 4733, 4510, 8230, 1118, 6432, 3583, 4574, 8995, 9572, 7110, 8721, 8694 **** Amtrak 170, 100 **** GMTX 2145 **** NS 6962, 6548, 9218.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS IN SUNNY, COOL WEATHER APRIL 30, 2015 - Little Rock trains on a sunny, cool day, Thursday, April 30, 2015. I caught 5 trains in 43 minutes before I had to leave for other activities, like birthday parties for me.  There were 5 locomotive roadnames today, BNSF, CSXT, HLCX, NS and UP. Also, rare fallen-flag freight cars, including Illinois Central Gulf orange hycube and a green CNW boxcar. Plus others. Locomotives today: UP 1856, 1784,,1904, 1949, 4366, 3981, 8706, 4165, 9217 **** HLCX 1082 **** BNSF 4654, 7471, 4726 **** CSXT 8626.

SEVEN LOCO TRAIN AND OTHERS LITTLE ROCK MAY 2, 2015 - Little Rock trains on Saturday, May 2, 2015 at Union Station. Included today was a 7-locomotive freight led by a NS locomotive followed by 6 UP units, plus a DGRW Rio Grand hopper, GTW 305856 Grand Trunk Western hycube blt 1-74, NYC 223343 Conrail boxcar blt 10-78 reblt 12-93, SOU 550063 Southern Super Cushion Service boxcar blt 10-70, plus other old freight cars. Locomotives: UP 4434, 3648, 3586, 3722, 9384, 3761, 4100, 6877, 5128, 4840, 4215, 4981 *** NS 9051 *** BNSF 9118, 6903, 6002 *** CEFX 6537.

TRAINS AT LITTLE ROCK, MAY 10, 2015 - A few trains at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Sunday, May 10, 2015. Six different roadnames on locomotives including UP, CSXT, NS, CEFX, FXE, GMTX. Also, blue and green tankcars, WP 3877 Western Pacific boxcar with feather, BAEX 897 Grand Trunk Western boxcar, MKT 523 short green hopper, CP 218115 red boxcar, MP boxcar with buzzsaw. Locomotives: GMTX 2239 **** UP 4300, 6370exSP, 4916, 4168, 8287, 1784, 1994, 1904, 6149exSP, 5059, 7347, 1118 **** CSXT 826 **** CEFX 3119 **** NS 9030, 8849 **** FXE 4659, 4665.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS INCLUDING NS 1074 LACKAWANNA HERITAGE LOCO MAY 23, 2015 - Saturday, May 23, 2015 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Highlights today was NS 1074, the Norfolk Southern Lackawanna Heritage locomotive plus a long line of brand new tank cars and hoppers, all built in May 2015. I caught 13 trains in about 5 hours, with locomotives having 5 different roadnames including UP, CSXT, NS, BNSF and CN.
Locomotives today: UP 5281, 6889, 6259exSP, 6728, 8549, 7461, 7614, 4295, 4344, 7967, 8532, 4828, 5760, 7302, 6331exSP, 8746, 7932, 8495 **** CN 5722 **** BNSF 4116, 7643, 5016 **** CSXT 691, 8785, 8594, 7680 **** NS 1116, 1074. Locos from May 20: UP 1983, 3004 slug.

FEW LITTLE ROCK TRAINS INCLUDING LOAD OF NEW PIPES FOR KEYSTONE, MAY 24, 2015 - Sunday, May 24, 2015 at Little Rock. Just a couple of trains  today, had other things to do. Included is another load of pipes that will be stored for the proposed Keystone pipeline. A lot of these pipes are made right here in Little Rock and according to the TransCanada webpage, half of the pipes for a large part of that  pipeline are made in Arkansas.

TRAINS INCLUDING A BHSF HERITAGE HOPPER, LITTLE ROCK MAY 31, 2015 - Sunday, May 31, 2015 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Lots of trains, including and all-BNSF hopper train led by two KCS Belle units. It included BNSF 486176, one of the heritage hoppers, this one The Denver Road. Plus my usual assortment of freight cars and locomotive roadnames. And a colorful sunset the same day taken from the Main Street bridge over the Arkansas River between Little Rock and North Little Rock.

FEDERAL PAPER BOARD HOPPERS, OTHER TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, JUNE 14, 2015 -  Sunday, June 14, 2015 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Included today are CREX 1213 Citirail locomotive and  several Federal Paper Board Company Inc hoppers, built in April 1974 plus my regular photos of various freight cars and trains.

14 HOUR LATE TEXAS EAGLE AT LITTLE ROCK, JUNE 15, 2015 - Northbound Amtrak Texas Eagle No. 22 arrived at Little Rock, Arkansas 14 hours and 24 minutes late on Monday, June 15, 2015 due to flooding in Texas and a stalled freight train ahead of it north of Austin, Texas. It arrived at Union Station in Little Rock at 1:55 pm instead of its scheduled time of 11:31 pm the night before. Here are some rare daylight photos of the train at Union Station. I also added a movie of the Eagle leaving at 2:08 p.m.  It was a hot and and humid day.
   Consist of Texas Eagle 22 this day was single Locomotive 117, Superliners 39018, 32077, 38007, 33023-Sightseer Lounge Car, 31033, 34085, 34082, 32098 (eight passenger cars). There wasn't a baggage car on 22 today, so one of the Superliner cars held the baggage. There were dense swarms of gnats all over the platform area-you could get a good protein meal if you held your mouth open. lol

AMTRAK, FREIGHTS AND RAIN LITTLE ROCK, JULY 3, 2015 - Friday, July 3, 2015 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was a rainy day. Amtrak's southbound Texas Eagle No. 21 was late, arriving in daylight at 11 a.m., plus I also caught a few freights. We had 14 railfans there today, and we had lunch together at Whole Hog Cafe, a barbecue restaurant. I'll show the Amtrak photos first then the freight photos. I didn't see any 'fallen flag' freight cars today, but I might have missed some since I was protecting my camera from the rain a lot of the time.

TRAINS, STREETCARS, FIREWORKS LITTLE ROCK JULY 5, 2015 - Trains on Sunday, July 5, 2015 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Also included a few photos from the day before of a flood-delayed Texas Eagle, whose passengers had to be bussed to points south, and some streetcar shots. And I added a few of my fireworks pictures from July 4.

TRAINS LITTLE ROCK, AR SATURDAY JULY 18, 2015 - A few trains on Saturday, July 18, 2015 at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Includes a string of new green tankcars, plus my usual freight cars. It was hot and dry, in the mid 90s, heat index 105, so I haven't been getting many train pictures recently. I just missed two 'Leaf' low-emissions locomotives, RSSX 2056 and 577, but I suspect they'll be in the UP yards in North Little Rock on Sunday, July 19,
and I'll try to get photos to add to this page later.

SEVEN ROADNAMES ON LOCOS LITTLE ROCK JULY 19, 2015 - A great selection of trains passing Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Sunday, July 19, 2015. There were seven roadnames of locomotives today including UP, KCS, GMTX, NS, CSXT, /BNSF and  CEFX. One train by itself had locomotives with KCS, UP, NS, CSXT and GMTX in the consist, very colorful. Also today I saw two Greenville & Northern Railway green boxcars, Federal FPB woodchip cars, Siemens transformer on a heavy hauler, Cotton Belt hopper built 6-77, two MKT short green hoppers and one MKT red gondola. I also got some photos of the front of Union Station opposite track level, where workers enter to go to their offices.
   Locomotives today: UP 1856, 1787, 1758, 5680, 8963, 8797, 5822, 8330, 7688, 6966, 8460, 6347, 4202, 7926, 2363 (UP 1989 Rio Grande heritage was in North Little Rock today but it was hidden by other trains so I didn't get a photo)  **** BNSF 7105 **** KCS 4560, 3945 **** GMTX 2239, 2649, 2611 **** NS 6801, 9628, 9723, 6977 (NS 1065 NYC heritage locomotive was in nearby Pine Bluff but I didn't get a photo of it) **** CSXT 5207, 7569 **** CEFX 3118.

GECX 3000, ELECTOMOTIVE 7101 ECO LOCOS PLUS STATE OF MAIN BOXCAR N LITTLE ROCK JULY 25, 2015 - Here's 2 interesting locomotives at North Little Rock today, Saturday July 25, 2015, plus a State of Maine boxcar and a couple more old freight cars. Locomotives: Electromotive 7101-repower-710ECO locomotive and GECX 3000 GE NextFuel Evolution Series locomotive.

LITTLE ROCK TRAINS INCLUDING PERSON ON TOP OF HOPPER AUGUST 16, 2015 - Here's a few pictures at Little Rock's Union Station from Sunday, August 16, 2015. Including a photo of a rider on top of a hopper as it passed the station and various old freight cars. Plus a few flowers and one shot of a Little Rock streetcar.