Little Rock/North Little Rock streetcar track construction, July 27, 28 and 31, 2003. Notice that they had to dig up and cut up some of the original streetcar tracks that had been buried under 60 years of asphalt in order to dig the new trenches and lay the new track. However, as I was photographing the operation on July 31, they suddenly stopped digging and pulling up the old track - seems that some Federal agency said they needed to fully document where the old track was and log it before they could take it up. As I left about noon, they were starting to send the construction workers home until they got the needed permission to continue.  These shots were taken on Maple, 7th and Main Street in North Little Rock.

All the above were taken Sunday, July 27, 2003 on Maple Street in North Little Rock except the lower right photo was made on Main Street.

These and the ones below were taken on Main Street, except the lower left was on 7th Street, North Little Rock.

You can see some original streetcar tracks having been pulled up in front of the old Main Street Post Office in North Little Rock.  As you go left, the tracks will eventually cross the Arkansas River into Little Rock.

More shots on Main Street. The work was going very fast.