The Arkansas Railroad Club no longer has a publication. We cannot find an editor. We still meet once a month in Little Rock and since we no longer have a publication, dues have been reduced to $5 a year instead of $20.

The ARKANSAS RAILROAD CLUB used to be in the National Railway Historical Society, but dropped our membrership there in 2009. Our address is: Arkansas Railroad Club, PO Box 9151, North Little Rock AR 72119. We meet on the second Sundays of most months at 2 p.m.
(except May it's on the third Sunday and in December we have a Christmas party).

Most of the earlier issues of the Arkansas Railroader were scanned from the hard copy into PDF format at 150 or 200 dpi, which should produce a readible and printable file. From 1982 through May 1993, the Railroaders were printed on 8 1/2 x 14 paper and some were 32 pages long, so the PDF scans of these issues are rather large (2-6 MB each) so be patient when downloading. Scans of letter-sized issues are smaller in size. Some of the larger, 32-page 8 1/2x14 issues take anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 1/2 minutes to view, even with a high speed connection, so be patient. Dialup users will need to wait several minutes on some of the files. Just a heads-up, but these are purposely scanned at this higher resolution for archival storage.

I have put this archive of past Railroaders online on my own time and pay for the web storege and name and is for informational purposes only (I was editor of the Railroader for 26 years until I gavve it up in 2007) . 

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NOVEMBER 2007 - COVER PHOTO - Color photo of Jim Wakefield, Michael Hoge and Fred Fillers on a handcar on the Paperton Junction Southern during the club's annual picnic outing. Also: PHOTOS: Old tank car being donated to Little Rock Fire Department for drills by John C. Jones, SP 4694 and MKT 6 cabooses belonging to the Gulf Coast Chapter NRHS being moved to Springdale, AR to be repainted by John C. Jones, Junction Bridge being lowered for the last time before being converted into a walking trails, by John C. Jones, UP track gang replacing rails at the NLR Hump Yard September 26, 2007 by John C. Jones, centerspread with 4 SSW GP60s on the Arkansas Midland at Malvern AR June 25, 2002 by David Hoge, KCS heritage 4045 and 4052 in Little Rock and North Little Rock, Sep 25 and Oct 2, 2007, one by Joe Roddy and one by Ken Ziegenbein, UN 844 in El Reno, Oklahoma in September 2007 by Philip Moseley *** James R. Fair, Jr. story "Gauge Changes on the Memphis & Little Rock" *** NAFTA potential Super Railway challenge story and map *** KCS Holiday Express train schedule 2007. Plus usual news and club news.

OCTOBER 2007 - The first Arkansas Railroader with new editors Davie Hoge and Jon Roddy. COVER PHOTO - Color photo of Denver & Rio Grande Western steam locomotive No. 473 on the Durango & Silverton in 2006 by David Hoge. Also: PHOTOS: 'Elvis' graffitt on CNW hopper (color) by David Hoge, NREX 2040, former IC SD20 (color) by John C. Jones, Night color photo of UP 4404 leading a freight past Union Station in Little Rock by Joe Roddy, Arkansas & Louisiana Missour steam locomotive No. 458 at Monroe, LA November 1950 from David Briggs, Missouri Pacific switcher No. 9011 at Little Rock's Union Station in 1937 by Mike Adams, Large color centerfold photo of Denver & Rio Grande Western 487 with fall foliage on the Cumbres & Toltec RR October 2, 2006 by David Hoge, UP 844 in Marshall, Texas with children (also in UP 2008 calendar) by Ken Ziegenbein *** Gene Hull story "When the Cotton Belt Depot Burned" *** Gene Hull story "A Train Hold-Up by the Last of the James Gang" *** Gene Hull story "The Narrow Gauge Railroad" (Maine). Plus usual news and club news.

COVER PHOTO - MoPac's Pacific steam locomotive No. 6423 leaving Little Rock heading to Memphis with Train No. 220 during the Korean War around 1951, taken by John A. Mills. Also: John A. Mills story "Parlor Car Service 1939 to 1962 - Missouri Pacific Lines." The story includes six photos of MoPac trains during this period *** PHOTO: Fordyce & Princeton on trailer being taken for display in Fordyce, AR June 30, 2007 by Will McFadden *** AR RAIL NEWS: F&P steam locomotove No. 101 moved to Fordyce, AR *** Yellow Ribbon Express announced *** PHOTO: Ashley, Drew & Northern at Crossett, AR Oct 26, 1975 by Gene Hull *** PHOTO: RLIX 5911 in North Little Rock July 3, 2007 by John C. Jones. Plus usual sections of news and club news. This was the last Arkansas Railroader produced by 26-year editor Ken Ziegenbein.

AUGUST 2007 -

JULY 2007 -
COVER PHOTO - UP 4141 (George Bush Library unit), UP 1988 (Katy Heritage), UP 1982 (MoPac Heritage) leading a train out of Pine Bluff, Arkansas May 7, 2007 by Ken Ziegenbein. Also: PHOTO:  CQPA No. 1155 at El Dorado, AR April 9, 2007 by Greg Davis *** PHOTO: Ringling Bros. Circus observation car on Rock Island tracks in western Little Rock in 1968 by John A. Mills *** Gene Hull Story "A Prophet Needed" *** Gene Hull story "Rare Arkansas Shortline Passes" *** PHOTO: MNA abandoned right-of-way near Elba, AR March 24, 2007 by David Hoge *** PHOTO: Arkansas Queen Riverboat on Arkansas River on Easter Sunday, April 8, 2007. Plus usual sections of news and club news.

JUNE 2007 -
COVER PHOTO - Delta Southern locomotives at Tallulah and Lake Providence, Louisiana by Tammy Hodkin. Also: PHOTO: GE-UP 7605  in North Little Rock by John C. Jones *** PHOTO: Ashley, Drew & Northern locomotive No. 150, August 1972 by Terry A. Kirkland *** Tom Shook obit *** Gene Hull story "A Lucrative Railroad Job" *** Gene Hull story "A Strange Monument" *** P. B. Wooldridge story "Remembering 16" *** PHOTO: UP Operation Lifesaver passing Depot Museum in Brinkley, Arkansas May 17, 2007 by Ken Ziegenbein *** Review of book "You Can't Get There From Here" reviewed by Jim Walkfield *** UP Steam Schedule for 2007 *** PHOTO: FSLT 224 trolley at Fort Smith Trolley Museum, May 6, 2007 by David Hoge *** PHOTO: Eureka Springs & North Arkansas No.201 at Eureka Springs, AR early 1990s by Philip Moseley. Plus usual sections of news and club news.

MAY 2007 -
COVER PHOTO - KCSM GE ES44AC No. 4679 painted in the new KCS Heritage Southern Belle scheme, seen at Mexico, Missouri April 4, 2007 by Gary Hall. Also: PHOTO: Newly release KCS hoppers painted in KCS Heritage paint at North Little Rock just after being released from the plant in Paragould, AR, March 29, 2007 by Ken Ziegenbein *** AR RAIL NEWS: List of places nominated for the National Register of Hisoric Places-Governor's grade crossing safety week *** New Ulm,Texas Jan 28, 1937 article on special KATY train *** P. B. Wooldridge story "Remembering 15" *** Gene Hull story "Obscure Ancestor of the Missouri Pacific" *** PHOTO: American Freedom Train postcard from Randy Tardy *** PHOTO: Scene of the April 14, 2007 Arkansas Railroad Museum Show and Sale *** PHOTO: UP 1982 MoPac Heritage Locomotive leading a mixed train past Union Station in Little Rock, April 1, 2007 by itself *** PHOTO: GN&A No. 15 taken in 1972 by Terry A. Kirlland *** PHOTO: Reader RR No. 1702 between Reader and Waterloo, AR in 1972 by Terry A. Kirkland color photo.

APRIL 2007 - Ready

MARCH 2007 -
(655k) - COVER PHOTO - White & Black River Valley Railway depot at Weldon, AR February 9, 2007 by Ken Ziegenbein. Also: Gene Hull story "White & Black River Valley Railway" *** "Memories of Guthrie, Oklahoma" by Jack Pfisterer *** PHOTO: UPY 2709 in North Little Rock by John C. Jones *** PHOTO: Korean Railway SW 1001 No. 214 at North Little Rock by John C. Jones. Plus usual sections of news and club news.

(586k) - COVER PHOTO  - Prescott & Northwestern SW 1200 No. 26 at Prescott, AR by John C. Jones and UP CEO Dick Davidson with John C. Jones at North Little Rock by Ken Ziegenbein. Also: PHOTO: Arkansas Midland Santa Train December 2, 2006 on I-30 overpass near Malvern by John P. Gill *** PHOTO: Missouri Pacific dormitory car Helena, AR November 30, 1980 by Randy Tardy *** PHOTO: Amtrak's Southwest Chief detour at Amarillo, TX due to severe ice and snow storm December 31, 2006 by Nathan Herring *** PHOTO: UP Mopac 1982 Heritage and Katy Heritage at Little Rock, AR with officer's special (Dick Davidsons' last trip as CEO), December 18, 2006 by Ken Ziegenbein *** Gene Hull story "The Balloon Turnarond" *** Gene Hull story "Steam Among the Cactus" *** PHOTO: Coach and locomotive painted for movie remake "3:10 to Yuma" at Reader, AR December 26, 2006 by David Hoge. Plus usual sections of news and club news.

JANUARY 2007 -
(405k) - COVER PHOTO - Leslie, AR depot of the M&NA December 9, 2006 by Ken Ziegenbein. Also: Ed  Bubniak obit *** PHOTO: Randy Tardy receiving Railroader of the Year Award at club's December 9, 2006 Christmas Party *** Official UP list of Arkansas shortline railroads as of December 2006 *** Gene Hull story "Little Rock & Ft. Smith Railroad After the Civil War." Plus usual sections of news and club news.

DECEMBER 2006 - Ready
- Our only event and next meeting will be our annual Christmas Party, held December 9 from 5-7 p.m. at the Adult Leisure Center, 6401 W 12th St, in Little Rock, from 5-7 p.m. Cost will be $15. Let Treasurer Walter Walker know (Walter B. Walker, 8423 Linda Ln, Little Rock AR 72227-5983 (501-225-0826), if you’ll be attending and pay him the $15 in advance if you can.


OCTOBER 2006 -
COVER PHOTO - AOK RR Engineer Terry Blankenship rescuing kitten in Wilburton, Oklahoma, June 13, 2006 by David Hoge. Also: David Hoge story "AOK Railroad Cat With 9-Lives" - contains more photos of rescue *** PHOTO: Tom Shook receiving Master Model Railroader #378 award *** P. B. Wooldridge story "Remembering 11" *** Gene Hull story "A vision of the Past" *** Jim Wakefield story and photos "Riding the M&NA - From Elba to Arlbert with a Side Trip to Lydalish" *** George Schmidt - father and son biographies *** PHOTO: Members at Peter Smykla, Jr.'s Paperton Junction Southern picnic September 2, 2006 *** New meeting place for the club map *** AR RAIL NEWS: Congratulations on UP Employee Club 54 in North Little Rock for raising $188,000 for charities *** PHOTO: SP unpatched No. 8576 passing Union Station in Little Rock August 20, 2006 by Ken Ziegenbein. Plus usual sections of news and club news.

COVER PHOTO - Frisco passenger train at Fayetteville, AR May 27, 1939 by P. B. Wooldridge. Also: Detailed instructions on finding the ARC's new meeting place *** P. B. Wooldridge obit *** AR RAIL NEWS: Nominations for the National Register of Historic Places *** P. B. Wooldridge store "Remembering 10" *** Gene Hull story "The Missouri Pacific Ran Buses, Too" *** PHOTO: Lousiana Steam Train Associaton's SP 745 in Pittsburg, Kansas August 5, 2006 by John Harvey. Plus usual sections of news and club news.

COVER PHOTO - Construction of Main Street Viaduct over the Missouri Pacific tracks in North Little Rock, AR Summer of 1926 - Gene Hull collecton. Also: Gene Hull story "A Significant Photograph" *** Gene Hull story "A Weird Coupler" *** Gene Hull short stories "Comfort of Passengers at Hoxie,' "Crossing Protection," "Honey, We Are Out Of Gas" *** P. W. Wooldridge story "Remembering 8" *** P. B. Wooldridge story "Remembering 9" *** Bardon Jennings story "The End of the Wynne - 20 Years Later" with current photos in Wynne, AR *** PHOTO: HA (ne. Missouri Pacific) No. 1256 in North Little Rock July 7, 2006 by John C. Jones. This was still painted in MoPac Eagle colors *** PHOTO: January 16, 1956 ticket stub for Pullman Room 7, Car 16 of KCS' No. 16 passenger train leaving Texarkana at 7:00 p.m. for Kansas City by Philip Moseley *** PHOTO: Missouri & North Arkansas card tickets by Philip Moseley. Plus usual sections of news and club news.

JULY 2006 -
COVER PHOTO - UP 844 passing Little Rock's Union Station on a multi-state tour May 24, 2006 by Ken Ziegenbein. Also: PHOTO: UP 844 on a trestle at Fulton, AR May 24, 2006 by Rick McFarland *** Arkansas Democrat-Gazette story on some club's railfans chasing the 844 from Marshall, Texas to Little Rock, published on May 25, 2006 *** Gene Hull story "First Iron Horse Runs on the Memphis & Little Rock" *** P.B. Wooldridge story "Remembering 7" *** Stanley Wozencraft obit *** Bob McManus obit *** AR RAIL NEWS: Stuttgart first in crossing accidents, Memorial Day troop trains on A&M RR, New listings for National Register of Historic Places *** PHOTOS: UP 844 May 27, 2006 at Ozark, AR by Doug Harley, UP 844 at Hope, AR by Tammy Hodkin May 24, 2006, UP 844 at Conway, AR May 26, 2006 by Ken Ziegenbein, UP 844 at Union Station Little Rock May 24, 2006 by Ken Ziegenbein, Branson Scenic Railway No. 99 at Branson, MO March 29, 2006 by John C. Jones, Silver Dollar City  tourist line March 29, 2006 by John C. Jones, UP 844 crossing Gold Creek Trestle over Lake Conway with fishing boat, AR May 26, 2006 by Ken Ziegenbein, UP 844 Marshall, TX May 24, 2006 by Ken Ziegenbein, UP 844 Conway tunnel May 26, 2006, UP 844 and UP 8401 near Russellville May 26, 2007 by John C. Jones. Plus usual sections of news and club news.

JUNE 2006 -
COVER PHOTO - Little Rock & Western Alco No.101 through Ola, AR May 27, 2006 and photo of Ola depot by Ken Ziegenbein. Also: Daniel E. Smith obit *** AR RAIL NEWS:
Online Encyclopedia of Arkansas information including story of 'First Night Flight of Charles Lindbergh at Lake Village, AR' and a story about the Reader Railroad, Pine Bluff Union Station celebrates 100 years, Little Rock River Rail Streetcar construction update *** P. B. Wooldridge story "Remembering 6" *** Gene Hull story "Delivering the Mail" with photo of MoPac No. 7 at Locust Street in North Little Rock *** PHOTOS: Old bridge pier of the Dandanelle, Ola & Southern Railroad over Petit Jean River between Centerville and Ola, AR May 17, 2006 by Ken Ziegenbein, Newly painted Southern Pacific logo on boxcar at Little Rock May 7, 2006 by Ken Ziegenbein, Randy Tardy being given his 25-year NRHS pin by Tom Shook at meeting May 21, 2006. Plus usual sections of news and club news.

MAY 2006 - COVER PHOTO - LASTA Southern Pacific steam locomotive No. 745 in Heaveaner, OK February 28, 2006 by Bill Bailey. Also: Burton F. Zavelo obit *** Phillip Schueth obit *** Joe Musgrove story "Missouri & North Arkansas Railroad Route Explored" with photos *** Biography of club member Wilbur E. Johnson *** AR RAIL NEWS: Tornadoes destroy tank car plant at Marmaduke, AR April 2, 2006, Caddo Valley Railroad article, Central Arkansas streetcars carried 235,000 passengers since opening in November 2004, Nominations for National Register of Historic Places *** UP Steam schedule for 2006 *** Lynn N. Gaines, Jr. story "Rock Island's Camden Branch" *** Gene Hull story " A Leapin' Locomotove" *** P. B. Wooldridge story "Remembering 5" *** PHOTOS: Illinoic Central guides and photos by Randy Tardy, St. Joe AR M&NA depot March 31, 2006 by John C. Jones, Gene and Naomi Hull at Naomi's Sherwood Nursing Home January 15, 2006, LASTA SP locomotive No. 745 at Kansas City in March 2006 by Jim Johnson. Plus usual sections of news and club news.

APRIL 2006 - COVER PHOTO - Last KCS Southern Bell leaving DeQueen, Arkansas November 1969 by Philip Moseley. Also: "Remembering - 4" by P. B. Wooldridge, about Cotton Belt's Blue Streak; "Crusty Vocabulary" by Gene Hull, "Engine No. 2 - An Earthquake Victim" by Gene Hull; a June 20, 1940 Train Order on the Cotton Belt from P. W. Wooldridge; P. B. Wooldridge photos when he was at Lewisville in the 1970s. AR RAIL NEWS: List of places nominated for the National Register of Historic Places - UP coal trian derailment at Little Rock Junction. Plus a lot of news this issue.

MARCH 2006 - COVER PHOTO - Missouri Pacific No. 7, the Southerner, at 75 mph powered by 4-8-2 Mountain #5310 crossing Gum Street in Little Rock in 1948 by John A. Mills. Also: Story "The Hazen Division" by the late W. A. Bill Merck - about the Cotton Belt Hazen branch running from Hazen to Stuttgart; A memorial about the final Western Union Telegram on January 26, 2006; "Watching the Trees Disappear" by Gene Hull - about the Fayetteville & Little Rock Railroad running to Pettigrew; "Rememberoing - 3" by P. B. Wooldridge about a tank car leak in 1944 on the Cotton Beltp; "Know Our Members - L. T. Walker, Frank A. Brooks, Jr., John (J) Cary Nettles, Silverio R. Martinez, Don Wes and Tom Sandlin; "The First Train to Tower Grove Usually Wins the Race to Union Station" by John Mills about the 'race' to St Louis by the Frisco's "Memphian" and MoPac's "Hot Springs/Tennessian"; "An Arkansas Connection in Oregon' by Gene Hull - about 4-4-0 No. 3; a letter by Travis Bell *** AR RAIL NEWS: UP and A&M team up to haul corn. Plus regular news and features.

- COVER PHOTO - Abandoned MoPac right of way through Elaine, AR December 9, 2005 by Ken Ziegenbein. Also includes: "Old Railroad Saved - Temporarily" by Gene Hull - about the former Missouri Pacific line between McGehee and Jonesboro, Arkansas; "The Eagle Flew in the Country" by Gene Hull - A Delta Eagle article with photos of the current abandoned line and Delta Eagle old photos from Gene Hull and Randy Tardy, including the Arkansas Public Service Commission's OK to discontinue the train in 1960 from Bill Pollard; "Remembering 2" by P. B. Wooldridge - Cotton Belt story; Biographies of Arkansas Railroad Club members: Carl E. Barnes (deceased December 6, 2005), Gene Hull, Stanley Wozencraft, Harold K. Vollrath, Jim Johnson, Philip L. Moseley, John A. Mills; Vollrath's list of photo prints of his vast collection - over 50,000 photos available for sale; Photos of Ashley, Drew & Northern 70-tonners at Monticello, Arkansas in 1957 by Russell Tedder and Homochitto Lumber Co. #26 at Bude, Mississippi in 1940 from Peter Smykla, Jr collection *** Carl E. Barnes obit. Plus regular news and features.

JANUARY 2006 - COVER PHOTO - Central Arkansas Transit's Streetcar No. 410 with Christmas decorations taken the night of December 5, 2005 by Ken Ziegenbein. Also: Officers of 2006- Fred Fillers, President-John Hodkin, Jr VP-Walter Walker Treasurer-Walter Walker Secretary-Ken Ziegenbein Editor-Tom Shook NRHS Director-John C. Jones photographer-Gene Hull Historian-Jim Wakefield Board 2006-Ken Ziegenbein Board 2007-Ron Esserman Board 2008-Douglas Harley Board 2009-Robin Thomas Board 2010 *** AR RAIL NEWS:  Light rail in NW Arkansas? - Nominations for National Register of Historic Places - BNSF projects in Arkansas and Tennessee - 1929 Assessment of the Louisiana & Arkansas Railway from Lynn Gaines, Jr. *** PHOTO: SP Locomotive passing Brinkley Union Depot Museum December 10, 2005 by Ken Ziegenbein *** PHOTO: Abandoned MoPac Junction Bridge in Little Rock by John C. Jones ***  "A Missouri Pacific Mixed Train" by Gene Hull, "Remembering" by P. B. Wooldridge; "The Night They Stole No. 3" by Gene Hull, plus a P. B. Wooldridge biography. Also various photos, including the former Missouri Pacific Junction Bridge in Little Rock by John C. Jones and a night photo of the Little Rock trolley decorated for Christmas by Ken Ziegenbein. Plus regular news, features and meeting notices.

COVER PHOTO - L&N 6287, SCL 906, 834, L&N 2068, 2225, Southern 8292, 8247, 8291 in Atlanta GA November 11, 1979 by Peter Smykla, Jr. Also: PHOTO: Arkansas Railroad Club members at special meeting at the Bald Knob Mopac restored depot (Arkansas Travelers Hobbies) November 13, 2005 by John C. Jones *** PHOTO: Brinkely Depot Museum decorated for Christmas November 13, 2005 *** P. B. Wooldridge story "Remember the Third Trick" *** Gene Hull story "Railroad Wrangle in Argenta" *** Gene Hull story "The Passing of a Squire of Argenta" *** Electric Trains old ad. Plus usual sections of news and club news.

NOVEMBER 2005 - COVER PHOTO - Valley & Siletz #5 and #7, a pair of 70-ton road switchers, in Kopplein, Oregon September 1970 by Jim Shaw via Russell Tedder. Also:  "Remembering Old Depots" by P. B. Wooldridge *** AR RAIL NEWS: LRWN Rwy bridge sinks - Properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places - Other days including 65, 70 and 107 years ago - Deadly Texarkana tanker exploseion ***  PHOTO: UP 3985 in Boise, Idaho September 24, 2005 by Dianne Fernstrom *** Gene Hull story "A Real Fishy Railroad Story" *** Jim Wakefield story on the burning of the Marshall, Arkansas M&NA depot August 6, 2005 with lots of photos. Plus regular news, features and meeting notices.)

OCTOBER 2005 - COVER PHOTO - Central Delta Depot Museum Depot in Brinkley, AR September 3, 2005. Also: Gene Hull story "Depots in Arknasas-Atkins" *** L&N New Orleans ad for the Hummingbird plus a system map and timetable and photo of the Hummingbird crossing Biloxi Bay, Mississippi in 1946via Randy Tardy. This was in honor of New Orleans, which was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in late August 2005. Plus usual sections of news and club news.

SEPTEMBER 2005 - COVER PHOTO - MATA 455 on Pyramid Trolley Line in Memphis, TN April 30, 2005 by Peter Smykla, Jr. Also: Joe A. Haley obit *** AR RAIL NEWS: KCS leases five branch lines in Arkansas and Lousiana - Newport to get added track *** Gene Hull story "Depots in Arknasas-Gillett ***PHOTO: UP Heritage locomotivie 1982, MoPac unit, released from factory July 30, 2005 from UP website *** PHOTO: Before and after photos of Marshall, Arkansas M&NA depot which burned in August 2005, via Jim Wakefield. Plus usual sections of news and club news.

AUGUST 2005 - COVER PHOTO - Thomas the Tank Engine in Branson, MO June3, 2005 by Ken Ziegenbein. Also: Earl Harris story "A Train Ride Recalled" written in 1988 *** Larry A. Dunkeson story "Missouri and North Arkansas-The Railroad That Almost Wasn't" *** PHOTOS: Demolition of the Mopac North Little Rock Broadway overpass bridge July 10, 2005 - Our picnic at Ron Esserman's Walden Too backyard rail line - Arkansas Midland No. 726 on Arkansas Avenue in North Little Rock May 2005 by Brian Smith - One of hte last SP tunnel motors, No. 8260 in North Little Rock May 2005 by Brian Smith. Plus usual sections of news and club news.

JULY 2005 - (473k) - (COVER PHOTO - Little Rock Trolley Bus circa 1948 by John A. Mills. Also: PHOTO: Bald Knob renovated MoPac depot, which became Arkansas Traveler Hobbies *** Gene Hull story "An Arkansas Railroad Town Drowns", about Monte Ne, Arkansas built by 'Coin' Harvey and the Monte Ne Railroad. It includes lots of photos as well as a one-sheet, Hull hand-written part of the story to show Gene's great penmanship. Plus usual sections of news and club news.

JUNE 2005 - COVER PHOTO - SP Shasta Daylight's coffee shop in the late 1930s from UP Historical photo collection. Also: AR RAIL NEWS: Bald Knob depot restored *** PHOTO: Former Rock Island Choctaw Passenger depot in Little Rock, Arkansas, March 4, 2005, now used by the Clinton Presidential Library, by Ken Ziegenbein *** Lynn Gaines, Jr story "'Daylights Sighted on Cotton Belt" with photos *** PHOTOS: Cotton Belt caboose in Russellville, AR by Doug Harley; Jim Bennett on Little Rock trolley in March 2005 by Ken Ziegenbein. Plus usual sections of news and club news.

MAY 2005 - COVER PHOTO - Rock Island bridge across Arkansas River in Little Rock March 4, 2005 and photos of the busy River Market in downtown Little Rock by Ken Ziegenbein. Also: Bill Pollard story "History of the Choctaw Freight Station"with photos of its demolition Thanksgiving Eve 2001 (Corrected link to Choctaw Freight Station site: - this link is broken on the PDF file). *** John Mills letter "Little Rock's Trolley Buses Remembered". Plus usual sections of news and club news.

APRIL 2005 - COVER PHOTO - Columbus and Greenville No. 605, Baldwin DRS-6-4-15 #72628 12/46, in Columbus, Mississippi March 19, 1982 by Peter Smykla, Jr. Also: AR RAIL NEWS: Greyhound Bus Lines to cut service to dozens of Arkansas cities-Rison, AR Cotton Belt depot to private owners-BNSF to run on UP in Arkansas while BNSF works on its own tracks *** P. B. Wooldridge story "Lewisville, Arkansas Remembered" *** Gene Hull story "A Helping Hand" *** PHOTO: Amtrak No. 21 Texas Eagle at Union Station Little Rock March 6, 2006 by John C. Jones; BNSF GP60M No. 122 at the Little Rock Port Authority rail yard January 2005 by Brian Smith; UP locomotives in fog February 3, 2005 in North Little Rock by Brian Smith; Rio Grande, DRGW No. 5507 at North Little Rock January 2005 by Brian Smith; Unpatched SP No. 9794 in North Little Rock by Brian Smith. Plus usual sections of news and club news.

MARCH 2005 - COVER PHOTO - MoPac 2-8-2 No. 1483 at coal dock in North Little Rock prior to 1954 from John Mills collection. Also: John A. Mill story "Watermelon Treats on my 3:00 AM Lunch Break" *** Donna Hunt story in the Sherman-Dennison, TX Herald Democrat in 2005 "She Caught The Katy" *** Philip L. Moseley story "Last Rights for the Agency at Alden" with photo of Alden, Kansas Santa Fe depot at 7:30 a.m. December 27, 1967, the last day of the depot's operation *** Gene Hull story "Who Built the Engines - Part 7 The Schenectady Locomotive Works" *** Gene Hull story "Who Built the Engines - Park 8 The Cooke & Danforth Locomotive and Machine Co." *** PHOTO: Tank car with new reflective stripes, now being required. *** Central Arkansas River Rail Map. Plus usual sections of news and club news.


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DECEMBER 2003 - COVER PHOTO - Color photo of Southern 4610 in old Southern green/yellow paint. Also inside: Photos of Central Arkansas Transit's streetcar line construction in 2003. Club's officers nominated for 2004 were: President-Robin Thomas, VP-Peter Smykla, Jr., Treasurer-Walter Walker, Secretary-Jackie Rocch. Other positions: Editor-Ken Ziegenbein, NRHS Director-Tom Shook, Photographer-John C. Jones, Historian-Gene Hull. Board Members: Stanley Wozencraft-2004, Leonard Thalmueller-2005, Jim Wakefield-2006, Fred Fillers-2007, Ron Esserman-2008.


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JANUARY 1998 - (1.2MB) - COVER PHOTO - UP #1998 in North Little Rock by John C. Jones. Also: Gene Hull story "The New Missouri Pacific" *** ARKANSAS RAIL NEWS: A-OK RR gets new engines *** BNSF coming to Little Rock? Plus news and club news.

DECEMBER 1997 - (4.2MB) - COVER PHOTO - Original Freedom Train in Yonkers, New York December 23, 1948 by Peter Smykla, Jr. Also: PHOTO: Main Street Trolley in Memphis October 26, 1997 by John C. Jones *** PHOTO: UP caboose donated to Hazen, Arkansas October 25, 1997 by John C. Jones *** Long train in Ashdown November 9, 1996. It was 8,790 feet long and had 14 KCS engines *** Amtrak ridership May 1997 compared with individual airlines (Amtrak carried 20 percent the passengers Delta did, etc) *** Good pro-Amtrak story "Another Reason for Trains" *** Tom Scott story "Rock Island Christmas Memories" *** Amtrak ridership by each route *** PHOTO: Paperton Junction Southern excursion Pine Bluff *** PHOTO: Russellville Missouri Pacific depot July 1997 by Andy Anders *** PHOTO: Missouri Pacific E-8 #40 on Train 41 arriving Houston, Texas from Palestine October 15, 1966 by Robert Oswald. Plus news and club news.

NOVEMBER 1997 - COVER PHOTO - Missouri Pacific PA-3 #8036 in January 1962 at Little Rock by Gene Hull. Also: Gene Hull story "Locomotive Trade-In Time" *** ARKANSAS RAIL NEWS: Delta Southern leases line Dermott to Warren; Entergy sues UP over coal deliveries; A&M RR improves safety *** L. T. Walker story "Mission of Mercy" *** Delta Heritage Trail map *** PHOTOS: White River Railway excursion by the Mopac Historical Society October 11, 1997 by John C. Jones. Plus news and club news.

OCTOBER 1997 - COVER PHOTO - Bill Pollard, Bill Eldridge and Amtrak President Tom Downs at Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas August 29, 1007. Also: PHOTO: Sequatchie Valley FP-7 #600 near South Pittsburg, Tennessee April 7, 1995 by Carl W. Lancaseter *** PHOTO: Special Amtrak train at Little Rock August 29, 1997 touting preservation of train stations by Ken Ziegenbein *** ARKANSAS RAILNEWS: River Rail Project gets favorable rating; New intermodal yard at Ebony, Arkansas; Brinkley Union Depot renovation photo. *** P. B. Wooldridge story "Remembering" *** W. C. Jameson story "The Crosset Ghost Light" *** picture from book of dining car crew in the 1940s. Plus news and club news.

SEPTEMBER 1997 - COVER PHOTO - KCS "Southern Belle" in Heavener, Oklahoma July 4, 1996 by Jonathan Royce. Also: Philip L. Moseley story "The Wreck at Bridge C-453" *** Gene Hull story "The Old Missouri Pacific Buzzsaw" with 7 trademarks *** Statesrail's shortline list *** ARKANSAS RAIL NEWS: Old passenger coach of the A&M RR destroyed by fire July 21, 1997. *** PHOTOS: Demolition of Pine Bluff shops July 1997 by John C. Jones. Plus news and club news.

AUGUST 1997 - COVER PHOTO - Union pacific #3257 leads a westbound train in Toole, Utah February 5, 1983 by Peter Smykla, Jr. Also: PHOTO: SP freight passing Brinkley Depot December 6, 1989 by Jonathan Royce *** PHOTO: KCS wreck at Bridge A 453 just south of Winthrop, Arkansas 1943 by Philip L. Moseley *** ARKANSAS RAIL NEWS: Artrain to be in Pine Bluff; Brinkley Union Depot slated for demolition. *** Gene Hull story "The First Wide Bituminous Burner." Plus news and club news.

JULY 1997 - COVER PHOTO - Santa Fe's Tulsan in Bartlesville, Oklahoma in 1941 by Wilbur Johnson. Also: Wilbur Johnson story "Santa Fe's TULSAN - A Memory" *** Obit: Lou Koeppe *** AR RAIL NEWS: UP wants to sell its Nashville branch; KCS applied to abandon track from Hope to the Louisiana border; A&M had small derailment near Chester; BNSF puts concrete ties in northern Arkansas *** PHOTO: UP donated a caboose to Austin, Arkansas. Plus usual news and club news.

JUNE 1997 - COVER PHOTO - Rock Island #4463 and 4436 on Train 35 crossing a trestle north of Tinsman, Arkansas February 23, 1980 by Peter Smykla, Jr. Also: The Arkansas Railroad Club plans another UP 844 excursion between Tyler and Pine Bluff in November *** Obit: Harry Coleman *** ARKANSAS RAIL NEWS: White River Railway still running excursions *** Poem: "The Pine Knot Cannonball" *** Wes Leatherock story "The R.P.O. Story" *** UP early streamliner power units assignments 1940s and 50s from Jim Bennett. Plus usual news and club news.

MAY 1997 - COVER PHOTO - Night shot of UP Centennial #6938 with Comet 'Hale-Bopp' April 1, 1997 in front of Jenks Shops in North Little Rock by John C. Jones. Also: PHOTOS: SP buildings in Pine Bluff, AR from over pass in 1997; SP 4863 and 7115 leaving Pine Bluff for Little Rock April 1997 by John C. Jones *** Obit: G. R. Massey *** White River Railway schedule effective May 1, 1997 *** ARKANSAS RAIL NEWS: Argenta Rock Island depot being renovated; Car shops closed in Pine Bluff April 1. *** P. B. Wooldridge story "Train Orders" *** Bill Church letter to Jim Bennett in 1987 *** KCS Excursion announced over the southeast US. Plus news and club news.

APRIL 1997 - COVER PHOTO - D&GRW #3006 and 3008 with a freight near Winter Park, Colorado by Gene Hull. Also: Gene Hull story "A Railroad On Stilts" *** Obit: Bill Vogel *** ARKANSAS RAIL NEWS: Riverfront Rail Streetcar system planned in Little Rock; Dequeen & Eastern 1092 depot in DeQueen burned as practice for local fire department after the DQ&E considered it a fire hazard. It only took 20 minuts to burn; UP announced a new intermodal facility near Marion, Arkansas. ***

MARCH 1997 - COVER PHOTO - Kansas City Southern F-unit #KCS-1 leading a Sugar Bowl special in New Orleans January 2, 1997 by Chuck Crisler. Also:  PHOTO: New Amtrak locomoitves at Little Rock and New Orleans by John C. Jones and Chuck Crisler *** ARAKNSAS RAIL NEWS: Texas Eagle ridership up more than any other in the country, carrying 27,545 last 3 months. The Eagle was scheculed to be eliminated May 10, 1997;  SP's coach and Dispatcher's office to be razed in Pine Bluff. *** Mike Adams story "One-Axle Locomotives Revisited *** L. T. Walker story "My First Train Ride" *** Thank you letter written to L. T. Walker in 1944 regarding his prevention of a possible derailment *** Full page MoPac Texas Eagle ad May 15, 1952. Plus usual news and club news.


JANUARY 1997 - COVER PHOTO - First SP unit painted in UP colors at Jenks Shops in North Little Rock, AR December 1996 by John C. Jones. Also: PHOTO: Rock Island E8A #655 on a passenger train in St Paul, Minnesota January 1965 by Jerry Appleman *** PHOTO: New track being laid east side of Arkansas Railroad Museum December 1996 by John C. Jones *** Obit: Jonathan Royce *** ARKANSAS RAIL NEWS: Camden MoPac renovation started; Little Rock streetcar 305 may be brought back to the Hillcrest area *** Lynn Gaines Jr, story "Burning Trestle on the Cotton Belt" *** W. T. Carter preserved steamers sent in by Patrick Traubert *** Gene Hull story "The George Washington Reviving America's Passenger Trains". Plus news and club news.

DECEMBER 1996 - COVER PHOTO - Bill Chuch awarded a pin from Russia acknowledging Bill's help supplying steel, ammunition, etc to Russia during World War II. Bill was a member of the 711th Railway Battalion during the way. John C. Jones photo. Also: William 'Bill' Church story "Christmas in Persia 1944" as told to his wife Pollly *** PHOTO: Group at Peter Smykla Jr.s Paperton Junction Southern September 7, 1996 *** Nine Burma-Shave billboard commercials of the 1940s and 50s. Plus news and club news.

NOVEMBER 1996 - COVER PHOTO - Paperton Junction Southern train excursion by Krysti Hodkin. Also: PHOTO: MoPac #5534, a 4-4-2 Atlantic type from Mike Adams *** ARC sponsored "Great Railway Journeys" on PBS *** Story from the Internet "Why the Pullman Company Went Belly UP" *** Story "Why 4 ft. 8 1/2 inches?" *** L. T. Walker story "The Night I Found A Man Sealed in a Boxcar" *** Kearney to Sheridan railroad story by Lynn Gaines *** Gene Hull poem "Farewell Old Lantern! Plus news and club news.

OCTOBER 1996 - COVER PHOTO - Final run of Ashley, Drew & Northern between Crossett and Monticello, Arkansas June 29, 1996. Phil Schueth is in the photo, taken by Peter Smykla, Jr. Also: PHOTO: Derailment on Missouri Pacific's Norman Branch in Arknasas March 13, 1956; Gurdon, AR coal chute by Mike Adams *** ARKANSAS RAIL NEWS: Riverfront Rail System gets approval of $8 million from US Senate to develope the light rail system including restoring the Junction Bridge and buy six shuttle buses; Fort SmithTrolley Museum opens a section of track; Glenwood Depot listed on National Register; MoPac line between Gurdon and Camden aske to be abandoned *** P. B. Wooldridge story "Remembering Trouble". Plus news and rail news.

SEPTEMBER 1996 - COVER PHOTO - Amtrak Texas Eagle with #510 leading at Union Station in Little Rock August 12, 1996. It was thought at the time that this and other trains would be eliminated November 10, 1996 and we were talking about a final ride. Also: Ken Ziegenbein story "A 'Mystic' Train Ride from the Past" about an imaginary trip from New Ulm, Texas to Mystic, Georgia in 1930 using the Offical Guild of 1930 *** Obit: Berdene Mullen *** ARKANSAS RAIL NEWS: Russellville MoPac depot listed on National Register; Texas Eagle officially eliminated through Arkansas with Amtrak placing an apology ad in the local paper. (Of course, at the last minute, it remained on with a one-car train remaining after the November 10 cutoff date). Plus news and club news.

AUGUST 1996 - COVER PHOTO - UP 8444 publicity photo. Also: PHOTO: UP8444 March 13, 1984 with World's Fair Special in Poplar Bluff, MO *** Ivan I. Avance story "1984 World's Fair with UP Steam Engine 8444" *** Gene Hull story "From Humble Beginnings" *** Obit: Walter Davidson *** ARKANSAS RAIL NEWS: UP/SP merger news; A&M RR purchases 20 refrigerator cars; Trolley track dug up in parts of Little Rock; Branson Scenic Rwy consist; Tennessee 200 Bicentennial train consist and schedule. Plus news and rail news.

JULY 1996 -

JUNE 1996 -


MAY 1996 -

APRIL 1996 -

MARCH 1996 - COVER PHOTO - Arkansas & Louisiana Missouri 0-6-0 #458 in Monroe, LA November 1950 from David Briggs. Also: Gene Hull story "A Conductor's Hieroglyphics" *** Obit: Harvey Henry Ray *** ARKANSAS RAIL NEWS: A-OK formed to run between Howe and McAlester, OK; Rock Island tracks from Howe, OK to Danville, AR was taken up in 1984-85; Spaghetti Warehouse closes in the old Choctaw Depot in Little Rock February 4. It had opened in October 1990 with ARC members invited for a free meal; UP announced that if the UP/SP merger went through, it would start directional running in Arknasas *** P. B. Wooldridge story "Remembering What Wc Cannon Forget". Plus news and club news.

FEBRUARY 1996 - COVER PHOTO - Santa Fe "Big Hook". Also: Gene Hull story "Mr. Zaruba's Financial Car" *** White River Railway ran a special snow train in January 1996 *** Gene Hull story "The Rain-Making Train" *** AD&N 1937 ad. Plus news and club news.

JANUARY 1996 - COVER PHOTO - Missouri & North Arkansas RR last steam run to Eureka Springs, Arkansas September 6, 1946 - Gene Hull collection. Also: Upcoming UP steam excursions sponsored by Pacific Limited with us participating *** ARKANSAS RAIL NEWS: Walnut Ridge depot restored; UP delayed demolishig the Rock Island bridge in Little Rock; In 1942, Farrell Shops in Brinkley, AR rebuit Baldwin locomotives *** List of Arkansas Shortline Railroads as of December 1995. Plus news and club news.

DECEMBER 1995 - COVER PHOTO - Malvern & Ouachita 711 engine in a gravel pit near Malvern, Arknasas in 1989 by J. Cary Nettles *** P. B. Wooldridge story "Remembering" (one of many he titled 'Remembering' *** Gene Hull story "A Room near the Railroad" *** Jim Johnson, former Public Relations head at Southern Pacific and who helped with the SSW 819 restoraton, was terminated from SP due to the pending SP/UP merger *** 1996 Olympic Torch Relay train route of the UP map *** Other news.

NOVEMBER 1995 - COVER PHOTO - Train 881 with steam engine 2348, March 25, 1951 on the Norman Branch (Arkansas) by J. Collias, from Mike Adams collection *** W. M. Mike Adams story "A Journey Thru Time" about the Norman (Womble) branch between Gurdon and Norman, Arkansas *** Gene Hull story "The Semaphore Signal" *** Missouri Pacific Iron Mountain and Rock Island ad probably late 1800s *** PHOTO - White River Railway excursion *** Other news.

OCTOBER 1995 - COVER PHOTO- Santa Fe EMD #5700 on Super C at Cajon Pass, California in 1976 by Santa Fe Public Relations *** Eakles Hille story "Things Change" *** Other news.


SEPTEMBER 1995 - COVER PHOTO - A Rock Island extra southbound passing the Fordyce Tower (AR) during the early 1940s by P. B. Wooldridge. Also: Lynn N. Gaines, Jr. story "Fordyce-On-The-Cotton Belt Visited by Fate 1941" *** Obits: Eakles August Hille and Robert F. Read, Jr. *** ARKANSAS RAIL NEWS: Depot in Hot Springs depot renovation possible; 1996 Olympic Torch Train to be in Little Rock May 26, 1995; Bentonville Chamber of Commerce is restoring a steel caboose; UPagreed to by SP. Plus news and club news.

AUGUST 1995 - COVER PHOTO - UP's Steve Lee and NS's Carl Jensen pose next to the UP steam excursion that the Arkansas Railroad Club helped staff in Palenstine, Texas June 9, 1995 by Ken Ziegenbein. Also: Many photos of the Little Rock to Houston UP excursion with stops at Monroe, Louisiana, Shreveport LA, Palestine TX and Houston. Also a classic story about a small boy's trip all the way to Houston from Little Rock after his mother bought tickets at the last minute (they were going to fly since Amtrak only ran 3 times a week back then). Most of this issue was about this trip. *** OBIT: T. W. M. Long *** ARKANSAS RAILNEWS: UP applied for permission to demolish the Rock Island bridge over the Arkansas River in Little Rock (it didn't happen); RI Hazen, AR depot got a grant for preservation; Walnut Ridge MoPAC depot being remodeled; Hope MoPac depot clock has been donated back to the depot; Marion, AR Santa Fe intermodal facility to open June 26, 1995; Ashley, Drew & Northern filed for abandonment of its line from Crossett and Monticello, AR. Plus usual news and club news.

JULY 1995 - COVER PHOTO - Fort Worth & Denver #9981B EMD E-8 in Dallas, Texas November 1, 1958 by M. D. McCarter collection, photo by E. DeGoyler, Jr. Also: OBIT: Wayne Couch *** ARKANSAS RAIL NEWS: A strip club was closed in Texarkana Union Station ; Ashdown, AR depot may be used as museum *** Gene Hull story "The Canadian Royalty - The Countess of Dufferin" *** Gene Hull story "A Steam Locomotive to Equal Pennsy GG-1 Electric". Plus news and club news.

JUNE 1995 - COVER PHOTO - Litchfield & Madison #159 pulling only a caboose through Glen Carbon, Illinois in December 1950 by Harold K. Vollrath, Also: Bill Church received a medal from the Russian government for his help in the Allied support of Russia during WWII. Bill was with the Army's 711th Railroad Engineers *** ARKANSAS RAIL NEWS: Fordyce & Princeton trains ran again this year at the Fordyce on the Cotton Belt festival April 23; Several crossing mishaps reported; American Railcar opened its doors in July 1995 in Paragould; Glenwood depot relocation talked about *** P. B. Wooldridge story "Murphy's Law". Plus usual news and club news.

MAY 1995 - COVER PHOTO - Original Twin Cities Rocket of the Rock Island in Minneapolis, MN in 1939 by Eldon A. Behr. Also: PHOTO: Baring Cross shops of the Iron Mountain & Southern plus the yards about 1906 donated by James R. Fair *** UP 3985 steam excursion planned to run Little Rock to Monroe, LA on June 6, 1995 *** ARKANSAS RAIL NEWS: White River Railway to begin service between Flippin and Calico Rock for passengers in April. Two roundtrip trains a day are planned with passengers able to get off and Buffalo City and Norfork. It's a 90-mile round trip; Arm & Hammer detergent, shortening, Idaho potatoes and a bundle of National Geographics were stolen from a parked boxcar in North Little Rock; Ozark depot renovation; Earle depot restored. *** Long chronology of the Little Rock Street Railways from 1870 thru 1924 by James R. Fair. Plus usual news and club news.



APRIL 1995 - COVER PHOTO - UP 3985 excursion publicity photo. Also: Gene Hull story "Amateur Bandits on the Little Rock & Ft. Smith" *** ARKANSAS RAIL NEWS: Public transportation ends in Camden on December 11, 1994 after the last Kerrville Bus Lines ended service there. Since the 1880s, Camden has seen passenger transportaton of some sort provided by stagecoach, steamboat, passenger trains, airplanes and lastly, the bus; task force formed in Camden to discuss the MoPac depot *** INSERTS: Delta Challenger ticket form; Carhosts Needed form; 1995 ARC membership roster; White River Productions ad *** Train of Tomorrow ad. Plus news and club news.



MARCH 1995 - COVER PHOTO - NKP No. 596 H-60 at Peru, Indiana in 1940 by M. D. McCarter *** PHOTOS-1995 officers of the ARC; Gene Hull and Bill Pollard signing "Dardanelle & Russellville" book at January 8 meeting *** P. B. Wooldridge story "Early Railroads" *** ARC dues increased to $20 a year from $15 *** Health reports on Eakles Hille and Bill Church *** UP Delta Challenger ticket order form inserted *** Show and Sale for ARC brochure inserted *** Amtrak news ***  Other news.

FEBRUARY 1995 - COVER PHOTO - Harbor Plywood 2, National, Washington, October 1953 by Harold K. Vollrath. *** PHOTO-Amtrak Texas Eagle No. 21 at Little Rock, 9:45 a.m. August 3, 1993 by Ken Ziegenbein *** Gene Hull story "The Big Blows" with photo of experimental UP steam-turbine west of Omaha, NE in 1939 *** Walter Walker took over as treasurer of the ARC, replacing long-time treasurer Dick Byrd.*** Bart Jennings news "Over the Derail 34" *** Other news.

JANUARY 1995 - COVER PHOTO - Southern Pacific engineer Robert C. Wadlington in the cab of a locomotive during an Operation Lifesaver trip north of Paragould, Arkansas, November 18, 1995, by Ken Ziegenbein. *** Dreat D. Younger story "The Great Circus Train" *** Bart Jennings received his Doctor of Philosophy in Logistics and Transportation December 18, 1994 *** Arkansas depots being renovated: Van Buren Frisco, Hope MoPac, Arkadelphia Mopac, Camden MoPac and Argenta Rock Island. *** PHOTO-Operation Lifesaver UP train in Pine Bluff, AR by Ken Ziegenbein *** PHOTOS of Gulf Coast Chapter NRHS's UP excursion between Houston and Smithville, Texas and return November 5, 1994. Good photo of the LaGrange, Texas MKT depot with a crowd waiting to board the train, all by Ken Ziegenbein. *** Other news.



OCTOBER 1994 -


AUGUST 1994 -

JULY 1994 - (Just a note that the story in this issue called the Liberty Train Wreck by Gene Hull is fiction. There was a Liberty Train that ran, but there was no wreck.)

JUNE 1994 -

MAY 1994 -

APRIL 1994 -

MARCH 1994 -


JANUARY 1994 -



OCTOBER 1993 - COVER PHOTO - Abandoned MoPac tracks in Snow Lake, AR on the route of the Delta Eagle through east Arkansas, May 1993. *** Bill Church story "Coup de Grace on Bruno" ***  More news.

SEPTEMBER 1993 - COVER PHOTO - F-Unit No. 300 along the Sequatchie Valley Railroad south of Dunlap, Tennessee May 30, 1993 by Ken Ziegenbein. Also: AR RAIL NEWS: Detours due to flooding in the midwest-New Ozark excursions of Branson Scenic Railway-Ozark Mountain Railway proposal opposition-Little Rock Union Station news-Cotton Belt Star to run to Tyler, TX-Wynne depot demolished-Pine Bluff wheel shops to reopen-A&M excursion run July 30-Decatur, AR depot restored as library *** Bill Lutrell story "Vacation 1993" about this Waldron, AR Chief of Police going on a California vacation *** Gene Hull story "The Railroad From Wealth to Poverty" *** Switching problem diagram to see if you can switch a car around *** PHOTOS: Various photos of F-unit No. 300 and track in Tennessee *** Sunset Limited ad from 1925. Plus usual sections of news and club news.

AUGUST 1993 - COVER PHOTO - L&A Shreveporter tail sign. It was on the first train to have more than coaches on the original L&A line From James R. Fair collection. Also: James R. Fair story "The Shreveporter - Pride of the L&A" *** AR RAIL NEWS: Warren & Saline River Railroad stats-East Camden & Highland RR stats-El Dorado & Wesson Railway stats *** PHOTO: Tower on the Little Rock side of the Arkansas River RI bridge where the Missouri Pacific and Rock Island crossed in December 1962 by Gene Hull.  Plus usual sections of news and club news.

JULY 1993 - COVER PHOTO - Camden, Arkansas Missouri Pacific depot on April 28, 1993  by Ken Ziegenbein. Also: Dale Lee Patrick Walker obit *** AR RAIL NEWS: Little Rock & Western stats-SSW 819 to run to Tyler October 15, 1993 *** Gene Hull story "The Santa Fe in the 'Long Box' *** Santa Fe California comic ad *** PHOTO: Rock Island locomotive and crew at Jones Mills, Arkansas October 1971. Seen are W. K. Robbins, brakeman, R. E. Daugherty, engineer, F. Kuhn, fireman. L.T.Walker wes concuctor but not in photo. Photo by O. A. Wagoner via L. T. Walker. Plus usual sections of news and club news.

JUNE 1993 - COVER PHOTO - KATY F-7 No. 55C in Muskogee, Oklahoma about 1950 from Gene Hull collection. Also: This was the first Railroader in the new booklet format *** AR RAIL NEWS: ES&NA in Radio Shack ads-Camden depot restoration-Ozark Mountain Railroad proposed *** Robert Claytor of NS dies *** L. T. Walker story "The Rear End Collision That Was Never Reported" *** Rock Island Golden State ad *** Consist of President George H. W. Bush's campaign special train Oct 1992 from Jim Bennett *** Train/truck accident graphs 1981-1991 *** Back of Dell comic book in August 1954 showing lots of railroad emblems. Plus usual sections of news and club news.

MAY 1993 - Last Railroader in the 8 1/2 x 14 format. - COVER PHOTO - UP 3985 at Jenk's Shops in North Little Rock September 1, 1992 before the River Challenger trip to Van Buren sponsored by the ARC. Photo by John C. Jones *** PHOTOS-NRHS Board of Directors meeting in Little Rock *** Gene Hull story "A Locomotive with Many Legs" *** OBITS: Dorothy May Stevens, Cora Vern Sink Jackson, Mrs. Winfred Vick, R. F. Wilson *** Billl Church at Fort Roots Rehab *** Amtrak starts the longest continuous passenger route between Los Angeles and Miama April 2, 1993 *** Southern steam schedule ***  Other news.

APRIL 1993 - (2.5mb) - COVER PHOTO - UP 4015, a 4-4-0 at Green River, Wyoming in the 1950s by R. O. Hale *** PHOTOS - Houston, TX union station in November 1992 showing single remaining track and concourse *** John Martin story "The Wreck of the Seminole" *** Illinois Central ad *** Other news.

MARCH 1993 - (2.5mb) - COVER PHOTO - Missouri Pacific crew in North Little Rock, AR with Gene Hull's father included, 1922 *** Gene Hull story "The Palace Postal Car" *** ARC charter member Tom Shook retired *** Proposal to build a tourist railroad from Branson to northwest Arkansas at cost of $883 million, 85 miles. The proposed line, by L. D. Stordahl, would build 8 tunnels, 3 major bridges and would span Table Rock Lake *** Other news.

FEBRUARY 1993 - (5.6mb) - COVER PHOTO - 1901 Harper's Weekly cover drawing showing baronism of both Union Pacific and Northern Pacific *** AAR Railroad comic "Ride the High Iron", a good story of riding passenger trains in comic format *** Super Chief 1949 ad sent in by Bill Eldridge *** Railtex took control of the UP White River Liine at 8 a.m. December 13, 1992 *** Bill Church story "Know Where You Are Going and What You Are Going to do When You Get There" *** Rock Island signal diagram-Searchlite Type Train Order Signal sent in by Stephen Eudy *** PHOTOS-Southern Paciic Santa Special Pine Bluff by Jim Johnsoin; Children's Museum of Arkansas in Union Station opening photos Oct 22, 1992 *** Bill Church hospitalized after a stroke January 12, 1993 

JANUARY 1993 - (2.5mb) - COVER PHOTO - Abandoned tracks at Oklahoma City's Santa Fe depot, which used to be served by the Texas Chief, taken in 1992 by Ken Ziegenbein *** Gene Hull Story "The End Was Near" about the Hot Springs Branch of the MoPac *** OBIT-Tom A. Coulson *** NRHS Board meeting to be held in Little Rock March 1993 *** UP sold the White River Line (MoPac) to the M&NA *** Other news.


DECEMBER 1992 - (2.6mb) -

NOVEMBER 1992 - (3.5mb) -

OCTOBER 1992 - (3.7mb) -

SEPTEMBER 1992 - (1.8mb) -

AUGUST 1992 - (5.4mb) -

JULY 1992 - (4.8mb) -

JUNE 1992 - (3.6mb) - Cover: UP Local at Cotter, AR, by Ken Ziegenbein.  Gene Hull and Bill Church honored as authors.  Photos: L.T. Walker in RI passenger conductor uniform, Webb City interurban cars used as bait & tackle shop in Berryville (off Hwy 62).  The Iron Mountain’s first “Main” (troop) train, by W.T. Church.  Gene Hull has indexed the club’s Earl Saunders Negative Collection, now housed at UALR Library Special Collections, and the Ark RR Club president will always keep a copy of the index.  KCS is purchasing the Graysonia, Nashville & Ashdown RR.  Report on White River line status.  Amtrak fan “Pinky” Epperson of east Dallas died in January.  Amtrak ridership stats.

MAY 1992 - (4.0mb) -Cover: California Zephyr in 1953 by P.B. Wooldridge.  Photos: Frisco 1522 in St Louis Union Station 1988, Ashley Drew & Northern #105.  The Day the MP Halted, death of L.W. Baldwin, May 16, 1946, by Gene Hull.  MP passenger advertisement, March 1933, Sunshine Special and Texan.  Photo: UP local on White River Division.  Jim Johnson is now grade crossing safety planner for SP.  UP would like to sell part of the White River line.  Amtrak may cancel service between St. Louis and Carbondale, with discontinuance of the River Cities.  Postcards: RI depot at Little Rock, RI roundhouse at Argenta.

APRIL 1992 - (4.3mb) - Cover: RI signal 139.9, on abandoned RI which once protected HH crossing near Little Rock Union Station, photo by Ken Ziegenbein.  Photo: RI grade crossing accident at Butterfield, 1950 and RI Butterfield depot.  Head end collision on RI at Butterfield, 1956, by L.T. Walker.  UP 3985 excursion trip planned for September 1.  Eakles Hille will have another railroadiana sale at his home (224 Dennison), following his sale of last November.  Fort Smith Railroad operation of Paris branch may be ended.  Rumors of abandonment of White River line by UP.  Arkansas Midland (Pinsley RR Co) begins operation of 4 former UP banches on Feb 23, 1992.  (Branches included Carlisle, Helena, Hot Springs and Norman.)  UP is threatening to demolish Wynne depot.  Memphis Central station to be restored.  Amtrak Little Rock ticket office and waiting room to be relocated from traditional street level location to a new trackside location about June 1.  Silk Trains.  Photos, ca 1910, passenger train thru Corning AR, Union Station Pine Bluff.

MARCH 1992 - (4.4mb) - Cover: Cotton Belt 817 on troop train at Fordyce during WWII, by P.B. Wooldridge.  Railroad reminisces by P.B. Wooldridge, and photos of RI passenger extra at Clarendon 1938 and MP psgr train between Camden-Gurdon 1935.  Thomas R. McGuire house (114 Rice St) added to National Register.  Jim Johnson retires as Cotton Belt’s last public relations person.  Amtrak ridership statistics.  Texas Special advertisement, service starting on July 7, 1946.  Oklahoma Adventured by WT Church.  Shortline photos of D&R, P&NW, Reader, DQ&E, E&W by Wayne Porter.  NRHS Directors Report by Dick Davis.

FEBRUARY 1992 - (6.0mb) - Cover photo: M&NA bridge pier on Big Creek (Pangburn-Letona), taken in 1991 by Doug Duncan.  Photo: MP steam and T&P diesel south of Kensett in 1953, by Johnnie Gray.  Photos of Fordyce Tower (RI-SSW crossing) in 1940s, and article about operations at this tower by Lynn N. Gaines, Jr.  UP working to enlarge the Conway tunnel.  LR&W derailment Jan 10.  Cotton Belt steamer 336 will be moved from Lewisville park to CBRHS facility in Pine Bluff.  Frisco’s Mississippi River bridge will celebrate 100 years in 1992.

JANURARY 1992 - (3.3mb) - COVER PHOTO:  Interior of Cotton Belt excursion coach with the Tyler Apache Bells - Ken Ziegenbein photo.  Photos of SSW 819 excursion, photo of MP Alco PA 8010 with Baby Eagle at Sedalia, MO.  Articles:  Electro-Motive GP-20s test on MP-John Martin;  The Pounder - William Church;  Roster of old Arkansas shortline diesels - Bart Jennings.  Ads:  GM hauls 20th Century Limited, Golden Rocket.  Club Christmas party honors authors James A. Fair, Clifton E. Hull, Walter M. Adams, William T. Church.  Obits:  Ruby (Mrs. Eakles) Hille, W.C. Harris.   Rail News:  El Dorado's MP freight station destroyed in controlled burn by El Dorado fire department.  Diagram:  RI Searchlight train order signals  (also see Apr 1985 Arkansas Railroader)

DECEMBER 1991 - (5.3mb) -

NOVEMBER 1991 - (3.5mb) -

OCTOBER 1991 - (4.9mb) -

SEPTEMBER 1991 - (4.3mb) -

AUGUST 1991 - (3.4mb) -  COVER PHOTO - D&RGW water tank, Farmington, New Mexico March 22, 1969 by M. D. McCarter. Also: Gene Hull story "Stories Twice Told - And More" *** Sub-committee listed for 1993 NRHS Board Meeting *** Mike Adams is selling his "White River Railway" book *** AR RAIL NEWS: Typer trip planned for SSW 819 - SSW 819 passes FRA tests May 23 - Reader Railroad idled due to FRA safety concerns - UP may lay off 300 Arkansas workers due to crew cuts *** Amtrak fuel efficiency listed (5-car train with 389 passengers = 287 passenger miles per gallon) *** Amtrak ridership stats given *** William Church story "A Day To Remember" *** PHOTOS: Eakles and Ruby Hille's 65th wedding anniversary party. Plus usual news and club news.

JULY 1991 - (5.0mb) -

JUNE 1991 - (6.1mb) -

MAY 1991 - (4.9mb) -

APRIL 1991 - (4.5mb) -

MARCH 1991 - (2.8mb) -

FEBRUARY 1991 - (2.3mb) -

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DECEMBER 1990 - (3.6mb) -

NOVEMBER 1990 - (2.8mb) -

OCTOBER 1990 - (4.9mb) - COVER PHOTO - Amtrak's Texas Eagle in the snow in Little Rock in the mid 1970s by John M. Martin. Also: John M. Martin story "Amtrak Memories" as a Little Rock baggageman *** L. T. Walker story "Uncle Joe Finley - First Trip as an Engineer". AR RAIL NEWS: Reader Railroad to have night run - "If all of Earth's animals were weighed, ants would account for 10 to 15 percent of the total weight" from a Harvard newsletter - 819 to run to Tyler - Hogtrain schedule set - Spaghetti Warehouse construction on schedule in the Rock Island's Choctaw Depot - Little Rock Union Station auctioned off for $567,000 - A Little Rock TV station ran a story documenting 40 train deots in the state - Some Louisiana & North West F units sold - Granite Mountain Quarries train hits truck - Union Pacific's Camp Robinson spur in North Little Rock fixed up, including 2,600 new ties and spending $200,000. This was before the Gulf War and trains used this track during that 1991 war. (Today, September 19, 2007, these tracks are still there, but haven't been used since 1991 and parts of the roadbed have been washed out and there are trees over the tracks - Ken Z) - Fate of Pine Bluff depot debated - Ouachita Railroad chartered between El Dorado, AR and Lillie, LA - List of French 'Merci' cars in states surrounding Arkansas, including one in Helena, AR - UP freight derails in Chidester - Boston Mountain train excursion - MoPac steamer No. 2522 news *** "The US generates enough trash each year to cover a 24-lane highway stretching from Boston to Los Angeles with a foot of garbage" (Smithsonian News Service) *** Amtrak ridership stats. Plus regular news and club news.

SEPTEMBER 1990 - (3.3mb) - COVER PHOTO - Abandoned 'Sunbelt' line in North Little Rock, AR with Argenta depot in the distance, Spring 1989, by Ken Ziegenbein. Also: Gene Hull story "A Legend - A Railroad - And A State Park" *** Earl Harris story "My Thanks to All", a retrospect on his life. AR RAIL NEWS:  Rock Island annual picnic held in Little Rock - City of Bald Knob trying to obtain MoPac depot - Helena depor restoration underway - UP offers sale of 4 Arkansas shortlines (Helena Junction-Lexa to Helena, Malvern-Hot Springs-Mountain Pine, Gurdon-Birds Point, North Little Rock-Carlisle (old Rock Island) -  MoPac Hospital demolished to make room for Dillards executive offices. A time capsule was found - Union Station in Little Rock auctioned off - North Little Rock Burns Park gets 1952 UP caboose. *** "Global Warming: Another Apocalpse Down in Flames?" by the DC Chapter of the American Meteorological Society (sounds like today, doesn't it?) *** Barton Jennings story on old train articles in Arkansas *** Southern Belle system map. Plus usual news and club news.

AUGUST 1990 - (6.8mb) - 32 Pages Long! - COVER PHOTO - St. Louis Union Station showing 4 operating steam locomotives at the NRHS convention, including Cotton Belt 819, Norfork & Western 1218, Union Pacific 844 and Frisco 1522, by Ken Ziegenbein. Also: Ken Ziegenbein interview and transcription called "A Porter's Story" about retired MoPac Porter Ferdie Anthony. I taped him at his nursing home and typed the interview ver-batim about his career with the Missouri Pacific. He was 85 at the time of the interview *** MoPac Colorado Eagle ad *** Obit: Frank Zimmerman *** William Church story "Cornfield Meet". AR RAIL NEWS: New excursions began on the Arkansas & Missouri - Eureka Springs & North Arkansas depot in Eureka Springs annexed by the cith - Reader Railroad began its 1990 season - Cotton Belt recalls some workers - UP property in central Arkansas auctioned - Member Dick Davis started a new rail newspaper for this area called "North America Railroad Reporter" It folded after just one issue. *** Amtrak ricership stats *** Barton Jennings story "1990 NRHS Convention Review" *** Ken Ziegenbein story "Another Perspective" *** Bart Jennings story "Where Are The Arkansas Locomoitves Today?" which lists steamers used by small railroads and industries and their display locations around the country, plus current locomotives in the state in use *** PHOTOS: St Louis NRHS convention; Steam engine No. 4 in Hot Springs, AR in 1915-20 via Al Campbell; Near crossing collisions in Little Rock by Tom Shircliff *** Track diagram of St Louis Union Station *** Norfolk Southern steam excursion schedule 1990. Plus usual news and club news.

JULY 1990 - (5.1mb) - COVER PHOTO - Missouri Pacific No. 5336 steam locomotive under coal chute in Kensett, AR in 1953 by Johnnie M. Gray. Also: Earl Harris story "The Reptile and the Stovepipe" *** Robert Oswald list February 26, 1935 list of 75 steam engines in Arkansas *** John M. Martin story "Buick Introductory Special" on Rock Island *** PHOTOS: M&NA wreck in north Arknasas December, 20, 1923; KCS N-Scale layout in Waldron, AR; Photos of L. T. Walker exploring abandoned Rock Island at DeValls Bluff, AR Feb 9, 1990. AR RAIL NEWS:  "It is great to have friends when one is young, but indeed it is still more so when you are getting old. When we are young, friends are, like everything else, a matter of course. In the old days we know what it means to have them" by Edward Grieg - Quorum Court releases hold on SSW 336 - Arkanssa Western update by Bill Luttrell - Former Rock Island water boy Henry Kuhl of Sherwood, AR, 91, recalls bygone days of the Rock. He retired in 1948 and this story was written in 1990 - Kiamichi Railroad provides emergency services for stranded deer during floods - Open house held at UP shops in North Little Rock June 9. *** List of SP steam engines in the country *** Greyhound Bus Lines in bankrupcy *** Metro Line construction begins in St Louis *** Trolley lines constructed in Memphis *** Amtrak stats *** Railroad Mind Boggler puzzle *** Southern's Crescent Limited ad

JUNE 1990 - (3.1mb) - COVER PHOTO - Missouri Pacific tunnel near Conway, AR in 1987 by Gene Hull. Also: Gene Hull story "Chasing Railroad Ghosts" *** Great facts of science by Gene Hull, such as "On cold days, if a phonograph is not wound at intervals, it soon will run down and stop. This also will happen on warm days", and other tongue-in-cheek facts *** C&O Chessie ad *** UP 844 will NOT run through Arkansas as planned. AR RAIL NEWS: SSW 819 trip to St Louis NRHS convention planned - Eureka Springs & North Arkansas begins season - Flooding along Arkansas River - 'Loose Caboose' festival held in Paragould - Argenta depot news - KCS selling some land in downtown Fort Smith. *** Georia Pacific acquires more railroads *** Amtrak President Graham Claytor wants to order 75 more Superliners

MAY 1990 - (5.0mb) - COVER PHOTO - Rock Island bridge showing Little Rock & Western RS-3 No. 305 southbound on the bridge, being blocked by a UP unit coal train on the Little Rock side, by John M. Martin. Also: John M. Martin story "Fordyce and Princeton Almost Disappeared 10 years before the end of the Rock Island" *** Jim Bennett story "Rock Island No. 9049 RDC" *** Kacie Richardson story on safe railroad crossings "A Fatal Decision" *** William Church story "Four Generations of Rails". AR RAIL NEWS: Appeals court forces railroad to promote a black man - Carlisle Rock Island depot nominated to the National Register of Historic Places - 2-year old dies on tracks in Brinkley. *** 1990 NRHS St Louis convention brochure. Plus usual news and club news.

APRIL 1990 - (2.8mb) - COVER PHOTO - Missouri Pacific 4-6-2 'Madam Queen' heads Express Train No. 8 through North Little Rock by Gene Hull. Also: 10th annual ARC show and sale to be held June 2 *** Gene Hull story "When Royalty Rode the Rails" *** Track Warrants samples by John M. Martin *** Santa Fe Chief ad *** Fordyce & Princeton celebrates 100 years. AR RAIL NEWS: Panel delays Hope to Old Washington tourist train *** Rock Island bridge will be taken down across the Arkansas River in Little Rock (didn't happen - now part of Clinton Presidential Library) - A caboose and boxcar were brought for display in Lonoke - Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton met with Rio Grande Industries (owner of SP) CEO Philip F. Anschutz regarding cutbacks of Cotton Belt employees *** UP will spend $598 million in 1990 on line maintenance and new locomotives. Plus usual news and club news.

MARCH 1990 - (5.3mb) - COVER PHOTO - Amtrak's Texas Eagle inagurating daily service through Little Rock at Union Station. Also: Gene Hull story "Why Did the Frisco Build Through Arkansas?" *** Jerry Moore story "Rock Island Rail Diesel Car Trip 1959" - from Booneville to Little Rock, AR *** William Church story "Locomotive Messenger" *** John M. Martin story "Early Days of the Choctaw Route - Part 3" *** Bill Pollard story "The Demise of the Clarksville Branch" *** Arkansas Railroad Club survey by Barton Jennings results. AR RAIL NEWS: 'Hogtrain' schedule announced to several Arkansas Razorback football games - Old Missouri Pacific hospital sold - The Choctaw Rock Island depot will become a Spaghette Warehouse - UP 844 to come through Little Rock in early June - UP train nearly gets hit by corporate aircraft at Adams Field - Cotton Belt lays off 123 more workers in Pine Bluff - UP caboose arrives in Hazen for display - Corning Missouri Pacific depot torn down - Rumors that the Reader RR will move to Hot Springs - UP Special Agent arrest Mayflower developer for putting in an unauthorized crossing. *** Amtrak ridership stats. Plus usual news and club news.

FEBRUARY 1990 - (3.9mb) - COVER PHOTO - View from Rock Island caboose between Kay and Mesa on the Stuttgart, AR branch, by John M. Martin. Also: William Church story "Little River Valley & Arkansas Railroad - Cotton Belt's Birds Point Branch" *** Gene Hull story "The Four Aces" *** Timken roller bearings ad *** OBIT: David P. Morgan *** Decatur, AR KCS depot renovated - Argenta Rock Island depot placed on National Register - Rock Island Choctaw depot for sale by Arkansas Gazette - Cotton Belt lays off 45 workers - UP counter-sues a wrecker driver on crossing collision - Arkadelphia tries to obtain the MoPac depot there - Unusual record album titles, including "Aliens Ate My Bucick" by Thomas Dolby, "You Can Tune A Piano But You Can't Tuna Fish" by REO Speedwagon, others - UP proposes to lease line between Texarkana and Whitesbor, Texas *** The Soviet Union moves eight Billion passengers a year via trains, has 61,000 passenger cars and 400,000 freight cars *** Longest passenger train out of Kansas City was a KCS special on October 14, 1962 to the Shrine Circus. It had KCS GP30s Nos. 102, 104, 106 and 107 and 31 various passenger cars *** Texas Eagle goes daily *** Tongue-in-cheek semi-truck runbys photo session planned., Plus usual news and club news.

JANUARY 1990 - (6.4mb) -

ARKANSAS RAILROADER INDEX 1970-1989 - (394k) - This was compiled by James R. Fair in 1989. It only indexes the stories written by various members, not news. I do not have an index past 1989. It includes stories by W. S. Adair, W. M. Mike Adams, Bill B. Bailey, Jim Bennett, Burt C. Blanton, David L. Briggs, Frank Brooks, Edgar B. Chestnut, William T. Church, Kenneth R. Combs, Norma Conner, Tom Coulson, Jack Daniels, Ernie Deane, David Dortch, Douglas Duncan, James R. Fair, F. Fernandez, Lynn N. Gaines, Jr., Johnnie M. Gray, Arthur Halliburton, J. A. Hannold, John B. Harpr, Earl Harris, William Harris, George Hennessey, Eakles A. Hille, C. E. Gene Hull, Bill Husted, Barton Jennings, Jim Johnson, Marty Lofton, John M. Martin, C. W. McDonald, Rosalie McGinnis, Bill Merck, David P. Morgan (special to the Railroader), Phillip Moseley, James P. O'Neill, Bill Pollard, Wilson Powell, Dusty Rhodes, Lara Rowlett, Sam Ryker, Earl Saunders, Leonard Sherman, Russell Short, Daryl Stout, Randy Tardy, Jim Tatum, Andrew Thompson, Jim Trousdale, Jim Wakefield, Marvin e. Walker, L. T. Walker, Jim Wilson, Robert G. Winn, Ken Ziegenbein.

DECEMBER 1989 - (4.0mb) -

NOVEMBER 1989 - (4.9mb) -

OCTOBER 1989 - (5.8mb) -

SEPTEMBER 1989 - (4.8mb) -

AUGUST 1989 - (3.0mb) -

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JUNE 1989 - (5.5mb) -

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APRIL 1989 - (4.1mb) -

MARCH 1989 - (3.7mb) -

FEBRUARY 1989 - (4.3mb) -

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JUNE 1988 - (2.5mb) -

MAY 1988 - (3.2mb) -

APRIL 1988 - (2.9mb) -

MARCH 1988 -


JANUARY 1988 -

DECEMBER 1987 - The Trains I rode (Mike Adams).  Last heritage sleeper passes through Little Rock 10-25-87.

NOVEMBER 1987 - COVER PHOTO: Fordyce & Princeton excursion train.  The fireless cooker (William Church).  Superliner equipment display at Little Rock.  Augusta Railroad track removed.

OCTOBER 1987 - COVER PHOTO: Cotton Belt 819 at Little Rock.  The MP ran buses too (Gene Hull). Rock Island Argenta depot may be restored.

SEPTEMBER 1987 - COVER PHOTO: Amtrak Silver Star at Deland, FL.  Fordyce & Princeton 101 moved from Little Rock zoo to southwest Little Rock.  Russellville, AR train order office closed.  Railroad Memories (W.T. Church), Rescued (Eakles L. Hille).

AUGUST 1987 - COVER PHOTO: MP train 115 at Conway Tunnel, 1931.  Illinois Central passenger trains in the Delta (Frank A.Brooks, Jr.), Eight Hours on the Mountain-Mopac Missouri Division (W.T. Church), Southern Pacific has sold 5 business cars, including Pine Bluff and Tucson.  Conway tunnel work is completed.  About that Missouri Pacific sale-Nevada, MO-Coffeyville, KS (Mike Adams)

JULY 1987 - COVER PHOTO: Savannah & Atlanta steamer #750 en route to Fort Smith.  Ark RR Club loans depot benches to Lonoke.  N&W 1218 (Bart Jennings), Fort Smith rail network (James R. Fair),  Harvey Couch book reviews.  Photos: MP valley Eagle in late 1940s, MP locust street yard in late 1940s.  Train orders to be a thing of the past on UP.

JUNE 1987 - COVER PHOTO: Rock Island F-unit 4168 with snowplow at Biddle.  Mystery of Crane watermark with broken neck (William Church), Vestal Spur on Wynne sub, with abandoned locomotive.  Cotton Belt ends Third Avenue runs in Pine Bluff on April 29, 1987, relocated to UP trackage.  Tragedy in the night - wreck on the SSW at Camden in World War II (Bill Merck).

MAY 1987 - COVER PHOTO: abandoned RI tracks at Little Rock, near HH crossing.  The Philosophical Railroader (W.M. Mike Adams), Restored Rock Island depot at Hazen to be dedicated May 10.

APRIL 1987 - COVER PHOTO: Cotton Belt #768 at Lewisville.  Ark RR Club’s Rock Island baggage car #862 donated to Cotton Belt Rail Historical Society.  Diamond Jo (Bill Church), Trackside observations of Valley Division of MP (William Earl Harris).  Hazen received title to Rock Island right of way.

MARCH 1987 - COVER PHOTO: Arkansas & Missouri train enters Winslow Tunnel.  Class III Railroads of Arkansas-Arkansas & Missouri (Ken Ziegenbein), Frisco through Northwest Arkansas (James R. Fair), Cotton Belt memories (Bill Merck), Conway tunnel rebuild (Bill Pollard), Stuttgart and DeQueen depots razed.  Cotton Belt using Altheimer branch only as needed, usually operates via UP trackage rights.  Summary of Arkansas shortline operations.

FEBRUARY 1987 - COVER PHOTO: A&LM freight train.  Class III Railroads of Arkansas-    Arkansas and Louisiana Missouri.  Railroading, an ever changing game (William Church), Rock Island and the Missouri & Arkansas (Bill Pollard), Graysonia, Nashville & Ashdown (John Hillis). Cotton Belt wants to demolish Brinkley Union Station.  Union Pacific removing signals from Wynne sub and moving to Sedalia sub.

JANUARY 1987 - COVER PHOTO: AD&N at Crossett.  Class III Railroads of Arkansas- Ashley Drew & Northern (Ken Ziegenbein).  Photos-MP passenger train wreck at Jacksonville in 1954 (see Feb 1987 Ark Railroader for more details).  Batesville MP depot closes, Cardwell MO SSW depot to be restored.  Austin & Northwestern RR-new Texas shortline (James R. Fair).  Rock Island at Camden-1930.  Freight car fire at Brinkley-1951 (Bill Pollard)



OCTOBER 1986 -

SEPTEMBER 1986 - Cover: Helena Southwestern #300.  Helena Southwestern (Class III Railroads of Arkansas, part 14) by Ken Ziegenbein.  Balling the Jack (fast passenger running; MP dispatcher W.A. Anderson) by Mike Adams.  ICC Rejection o f SP-ATSF merger by Jim Trousdale.  New Zealand & Pacific by Gene Hull.  The Last Big Show (MP and SSW steam on Valley Division in Illinois) by Earl Harris.  Kansas City Union Station timetable, 1964.  Augusta RR stock given to City of Augusta.  Little Rock & Western gets new locomotive #103.  Movie "End of the Line".  New Arkansas shortline - Arkansas & Missouri - to begin operating old Frisco from Monett MO to Fort Smith about September 1.  Photo: ATSF Alco PAs in Chicago, late 1940s.

AUGUST 1986 -

JULY 1986 - Cover: Augusta RR #7 - March 1986. Fordyce & Princeton steamer #101 to be sold by Little Rock zoo.  Augusta Railroad (Class III Railroads of Arkansas, part 12) by Ken Ziegenbein.  The "Smith" Yard by Mike Adams.  Casey Jones Last Run by William T. Church.  SSW 819 runs from Pine Bluff to Little Rock.  The Way it Was by Gene Hull (hiring out on MoP Central Division during World War II).  Little Rock & Western to begin service to Danville in July.  Rail to Trail conversion in Arkansas, old RI from Carlisle to Hazen.  KCS steam loco 253 sold, moving from Texarkana fairgrounds to Arizona.  UP wants to close Russellville station.  Texas Limited to begin running from Houston-Galveston.

JUNE 1986 -

MAY 1986 - Cover photo-Cotton Belt 819.  Story of 819 test runs.  Photo of UP derailment at O'Neal (near Batesville) March 1986.  KCS grade crossing accident at Patmos, AR (Hope branch) Apr. 1986.  Operation Lifesaver train, Kansas City-Wichita.  Railroad biographical sketch-George Schmidt.  Last days of KCS Southern Belle (Phillip Moseley).  Female Warriors - working a WAC troop train (Gene Hull).  Delta Valley & Southern (Ken Ziegenbein).  Malvern & Camden Railway - RI Camden branch (Bill Pollard). Pine Bluff & Swan Lake vs the Tax Assessor.  Other Days on the Cotton Belt in Cleveland County.  Over the Line with Dad on a work train on SSW "Gumboot" line (W.T. "Bill" Church).  Rock Island disposition of land and reopening of Perry-Danville track segment.

APRIL 1986 - Cover: Fordyce & Princeton 1805 at Fordyce.  RI Update - rail removed from Booneville to milepost 220 (west of Danville).  Fordyce & Princeton (Class III Railroads of Arkansas, part 9) by Ken Ziegenbein.  Requiescat in Pace (end of MP name) by Mike Adams.  St Clair Tunnel by Gene Hull.  Railroad service record of Ark RR Club members L.T. Walker, Gene Hull, E.A. Hille, W.M. Adams, W.T. Church, E.B. Faulkner, Lynn N. Gaines Jr.

MARCH 1986 - COVER PHOTO - KCS coal train passing DeQueen, AR depot September 1985. Also: ARKANSAS RAIL NEWS: Missouri Pacific petitons to close Gurdon station; Prescott Depot nowo a museum; BN may sell line between Fayetteville and Fort Smith *** William Church story "Difference Between A Hoghead and an Engineer" *** Class III Railroads of Arkansas - Part 8 "The DeQueen & Eastern Railroad Company" Plus news and club news.


JANUARY 1986 -



OCTOBER 1985 -


AUGUST 1985 -

JULY 1985 -

JUNE 1985 -

MAY 1985 -

APRIL 1985 - COVER PHOTO:  SP 7399 in Daylight colors, SP 7347 with Olympic logo.  Photos:  SSW England depot site, Arkansas RR Club sale, Amtrak agents at Little Rock, all by Ken Ziegenbein.  News:  RI Sunbelt line trackage.  Story:  The Moonlighter - Bill Merck; Death of a Railroad (RI scrapping at Carlisle)-Bill Pollard; World's Fastest Local Way Freight - W.T. Church; RI Searchlight Train Order Signals-Bill Pollard; SSW letter on cash fares on Leachville local-W.T. Church.  Board News:  Disposition of Earl Saunders negative collection.  Diagram:  U.S. Army 4-6-0 at Claiborne, LA.

MARCH 1985 -


JANUARY 1985 - COVER PHOTO - Amtrak #22 at Little Rock, Dec 7, 1984, by Ken Ziegenbein.  News: Eagle daily through Jan 6, 1985 for Christmas rush.  Rock Island sunbelt line up for scrapping.  First LR&W interchange at Vinegar Spur.  Photo: MP 3508 by Dan Pennington.  Photos: Hogtrain special train to Arkansas - Auburn game at Liberty Bowl.   Mineral resources along Missouri & Arkansas Ry  from Sep 16, 1948 Arkansas Gazette.  Story: Stack music by William T. Church, also photo of MP 6601 and 1431 climbing Tim Top hill in Missouri.  Story: Georgetown loop by Gene Hull.  Photo: MP #19 Sunflower at Tower Grove.



OCTOBER 1984 - COVER PHOTO - Car going across tracks near North Little Rock, AR by Ken Ziegenbein. Also: Obits: Roy Files and N. E. Pinneo *** PHOTO: Cotton Belt Passenger Train No. 108 in Greenville, Texas February 19, 1956 powered by RS-3 #309 by R. S. Plummer with story by Bill Merck *** PHOTO: Southbound Cotton Belt train near Pine Bluff by Danny Pennington *** Gene Hull story "Narrow Gauge and Other News" *** "Early Cleveland County Mills and Railroads" reprint from newspaper submitted by Lynn Gaines, Jr. Plus usual news and club news.

SEPTEMBER 1984 - COVER PHOTO - Missouri Pacific First No. 15 "Royal Gorge" pulled by engine 5339 at St Louis Union Station in 1946 by Joe G. Collias. Also: Reader RR announced 1984 night train schedule - Sep 8, Oct 6 and Nov 6 with meals provided (such as a cracker barrel with hoop cheese, apples, breads, hot chocolate. The trains could be double-headed by steam. *** Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway in Eureka Springs now has a diner *** Amtrak to stop at Arkadelphia, AR for first time in October *** KCS train 51-car train stolen in Watts, Oklahoma *** MoPac dispatch centers are at Spring, TX (serving Texas and Louisiana), North Little Rock (serving Arkansas, Illinois and parts of Missouri and Louisiana, Kansas City serves the midwest *** John M. Martin story "Missouri Pacific Motive Power Trends 1961-1972" *** William Church story "The 711 Railway Engineers of World War II" *** PHOTO: Missouri Pacific 'Valley Eagle' Kingsville, Texas June 13, 1962. weeks before it was taken off. By Ken Ziegenbein *** Ken Ziegenbein story "Memories of the Valley Eagle" *** Bill Bailey story "Stresses in Straight Rails Under Locomotive 819" *** PHOTOS: Abandoned St Louis Union Station October 1975 by Ken Ziegenbein. Plus news and club news.

AUGUST 1984 -

JULY 1984 -

JUNE 1984 -

MAY 1984 -

APRIL 1984 - Cover:  Amtrak 22 lv LRK in 1974 (John Martin).  8444 inaugurates new route through Little Rock (Little Rock Junction, Biddle yard), could not negotiate curve on Junction Bridge alignment.  Special train with Pullman Cynthia on Little Rock & Western March 31.  Dome car CB&Q 250 in Little Rock, owned by George Davis.  Photo coverage and train consist of UP 8444 special to New Orleans.  List of UP steamers on display.  Photo of L&A steamer 396 at Shreveport, waiting for Flying Crow (C.T. Felstead).  Fordyce on the Cotton Belt; UP establishes Memphis terminal for Pacific Fruit Express; diagram of KCS-RI crossing in Howe, OK in 1959.

MARCH 1984 - Cover: T&P 610 on Freedom Train-drawing by Jerry Nunn.  10th anniversary of Amtrak Eagle/Inter-American.  Work progressing on connection from Biddle yard to MP Louisiana Division mainline near airport, to allow bypass of Junction Bridge.  UP 8444 special to New Orleans will use this track.  America's first standard locomotive (USRA) by Gene Hull.  Cotton Belt traffic over old Golden State route.  Photo, Mopac F-units coming off Central Division in 1967 (John Martin).  Booneville, Ola, and Howe, OK in 1984 (Ken Ziegenbein).

FEBRUARY 1984 - Cover:  F&P #661 and coach at Fordyce on Cotton Belt festival.  RI cleanup diesel #829 leaves, replaced by #830.  Rock Sunbelt Route - Revival or Removal by Bill Pollard, Texarkana-the great gateway by Gene Hull.  Train consist of UP's Kansas City-New Orleans inspection train, Dec 6, 1983.  Diagram of Amtrak heritage diners 8500-8504.  Marcelene, MO by Ken Ziegenbein.  CNS&M Electroliner menu.

JANUARY 1984 - Cover: RI F-unit #117 (John Martin collection).  Letter from David Morgan complimenting newsletter.  Photo: Cotton Belt freight at Brinkley, 1970s

DECEMBER 1983 - Cover:  Mopac freight in snow at Little Rock Union Depot, by John Martin.  Texas Eagle goes daily Dec 15-31, 1995.  Amtrak heritage fleet cars for sale.  Last Rock Island cleanup run east of Little Rock, by Bill Pollard.  Cotton Belt early Christmas present to Employees, by Gene Hull.  Photo: Cotton Belt #819.  SSW 819 is getting ready to be moved from park.  Cotton Belt clearance forms, by Dusty Rhodes and Lynn Gaines, Jr.

NOVEMBER 1983 - Cover: Frisco in transition.  LR&W #307 is returned to GB&W.  Mopac relays Vinegar Spur to make LR&W interchange, allowing removal of HH crossing.  Augusta RR trackage all removed.  Hogtrain sleeper Cynthia goes to Helena for 100th anniversary of Helena.  Photo: T&P steamer 610 at North Little Rock, by John Martin.  KCS E and F units, by Bill Bailey.  One of the Pleasures of Railroading, by Gene Hull.  Livestock Rush, Gurdon Style, by Mike Adams.  Photo: SSW passenger train #8 leaves Tyler Tx, 1953.  Alaska RR passenger car roster.

OCTOBER 1983 - Cover:  MP E-unit #41 at North Little Rock, 1971, by John Martin.  More Farrell Locomotive Works transactions, by Phil Powledge.  Notice:  MP through coach to Nuevo Laredo ends January 1969.  Photo: RI Whitcomb locomotives on Bauxite Local, 1959, by Leonard Sherman.  Photos:  MP #41 in passenger service.  Arkansas-RR Baseball Champions of the World, by Clifton Hull.

SEPTEMBER 1983 - COVER PHOTO - RI #771 (Haskell Turn) passes wreckage of Train 34 in 1975, Photo by John M. Martin.   News:  LR&W to build new office building at Perry.  LR&W locomotive 307 shipped back to Green Bay & Western.  Amtrak mechanical failures on Eagle.  Story:  Farrell Locomotive Works by Bill Pollard.  Photos:  CO&G camelback 107, Arapahoe inspection loco, 2-8-0 #56. Story: Westward extension of Choctaw by John M. Martin.  MP Passenger Traffic Dept circular, discontinuing all checked baggage service 4-1-1968.  CRI&P standard caboose diagram, 1894, from Jim Bennett.  Photo and story: Cotton Belt #661 on train #5 at Camden, by John Martin.  Photo:  Bauxite & Northern #16 at Bauxite, by John M. Martin.

AUGUST 1983 - Cover:  Murfreesboro & Nashville #7.  Mopac makes trips to Mesa on Rock Island.  Mopac Vidalia ferry.  Fourth through car added for Eagle-Sunset service.  Frisco locomotive diagrams.  Photo:  RI #31 at Heth, 1975, by John Martin.  Rock Island Joint Facilities in Arkansas, by Bill Pollard.  Photo:  Cotton Belt alligator #5150, by John Martin.  Additions to Arkansas Narrow Gauge Directory.  Memphis Central and Union Station train movements, November 1960.  Cotton Belt business car Pine Bluff.  Night snow scenes of Eagle at Little Rock, January 1982, by Ken Ziegenbein.

JULY 1983 - Cover:  Amtrak #22 at Little Rock.  Coal train derailment at Union Station.  New Shay locomotive for the ES&NA.  Amrak assigns dome cars to City of New Orleans. Passenger Cars of the North Arkansas Line, by Jim Wakefield.  The Strawberry Rush, by Mike Adams.  Directory of Arkansas Narrow Gauge Railroads, by Earl Saunders.  Frisco at Fort Smith in 1892.

JUNE 1983 - Cover:  Cotton Belt Rob Roy bridge, by John Martin.  LR&W gets a second new locomotive, #102.  Arkansas Transportation Commission files transferred to the History Commission.  The Bootheel Lines, by Marty Loftin.  Jonesboro depot photo and Leachville depot floor plan.  Southern Ry steam train consist, Memphis, May 21, 1983, by Jim Bennett.

MAY 1983 - Cover:  Coal train on Fort Smith wye, by John Martin.  Ex Frisco sleeper Cimarron River returns to St. Louis.  Photo: MP motorcar #600, Wakefield collection.  RI  special trains from June 1924  Rock Island magazine, by John Martin.  History of  Little Rock & Western Railway, by Bill Pollard.  North Little Rock terminal of the Choctaw, by John Martin.

APRIL 1983 - Cover:  MP mikado #1482 at Newport, Jim Wakefield collection.  Brinkley Union Station closed.  Amtrak Capitol Limited gets dome cars.  Amtrak to take over Rio Grande Zephyr.  Golden Spike Driving in the Forest (DQ&E-MP connection, Jan 19, 1957) bu Gene Hull.  Consist of IC train #12, the Planter, at Memphis, January 1946.  Editorial: Establish a rail artifact collection at a museum or university library in Arkansas, by John Martin.  J.B. Cornelius, Amtrak conductor, retires after last run from Texarkana to Little Rock.

MARCH 1983 - Cover: RI Royal American show train at Pulaski, 1975, by John Martin.  BN flood detours in December 1982.  Granite Mountain Quarries roster.  Arkansas-Haven for Alcos on the Rock, by Bill Pollard.  Photo: RI 4168 F-unit with plow at Biddle, by John Martin.  Cotton Belt stored locomotives.  LR&W new locomotive #101.  Last Days of the Rock Island in Arkansas, by Bill Pollard and John Martin.  Guide to Missouri Pacific operations in Arkansas, part 3, John Martin.  SSW Hazen Branch, by Bill Merck.

FEBRUARY 1983 - Cover:  MC&SA #201, by John Martin.  New locomotives coming to LR&W.  MP-UP merger chronology.  List of stored MP diesels.  Guide to MP operations in Arkansas - Part 2, by John Martin.  KCS list of presidents, Before the Flying Crow, by Bill Bailey.  Program started to save SSW 819.

JANURAY 1983 - Cover: LR&W #305 at Pulaski, 1981, by John Martin.  Flooding on MP and BN.  Bauxite & Northern traffic stats.  KCS business cars.  BNSF rehabilitates Hope-Ardmore branch.  MP's NLR yard rehabilitation.  CTC cutover dates on Wynne subdivision.  Amtrak to close Poplar Bluff, MO.  Guide to Missouri Pacific operations in Arkansas by John Martin.  Notice: KCS discontinues checked baggage service after April 1, 1968.

DECEMBER 1982 - Cover photo: RI train #39 on Iron Mountain Hill, Little Rock, by John Martin.  Bauxite and Northern.  Rumors of MP takeover of RI tracks.  Pages from new MP employee timetable #19.  Railroad radio frequencies.  New 10-6 Heritage sleeper operates on Eagle starting Nov. 19, 1982.  List of domes out of storage for rehab and use on Capitol Limited.  Amtrak station rankings.  Amtrak Eagle #21 detours on SSW via Big Sandy.  Wreck of Hot Springs Special in 1921, by Gene Hull.  Photo of SSW cafe-observation car #361 on Lone Star Limited.

NOVEMBER 1982 - Cover photo: Amtrak #22 on Baring Cross Bridge, by John Martin.  Amtrak to rebuild 7 retired dome cars.  Private car moves through Little Rock on Amtrak-Oct. 1982.  Photos: Rexall Train in Little Rock, SSW Fairlane business car.  MP uses Camp Robinson line.  MP temporarily shuts down Wynne sub operations (Paragould-McGehee).  MP discontinues grill coach service to Laredo (1961).  Cotton Belt passenger station in Argenta, by Bill Merck.  Old Springdale Frisco station to be replaced by prefab structure.  Listing of Northwest Arkansas switcher jobs.  Proposed Hogtrain special to Austin.  Average MP train speeds 1980-82, by John Martin.  Rock Island news in Oklahoma.  Basic qualifications for RR jobs (humor).

OCTOBER 1982 - Cover photo: Cotton Belt freight at Pine Bluff.  SP’s official last steam run.  When did White City (Little Rock) carbarn burn during 1930-31?  KCS buys passenger cars for business train.  BofLE strike shuts down Amtrak.  Frisco between West Fork and Winslow-Robt. G. Winn.  Branding identification marks on rail by John Martin.  March 1928 Rock Island magazine notes.  Flight of the Texas Limited Express, by Mike Adams.   Consist and history of Rexall train, by Jim Bennett and Mike Adams.  Reader RR night run, November 6, 1982.

SEPTEMBER 1982 - Cover photo: MP Racetrack special at Hot Springs, by Boyd Pyle.  MP locomotive orders in 1982.  KCS leases ICG locomotives.  Photo: M&A motorcar at Chicago Dearborn Station during publicity tour.  Eureka Springs & North Arkansas RR.  Amtrak adds transition dorm coach and full baggage car to Eagle.  Diagram: MP stateroom chair cars 850-855.

AUGUST 1982 - Cover photo: Rock Island train #52, Choctaw, at Pinnacle.  Cotton Belt steamer 665.  MP Valley Eagle by Ken Ziegenbein.  RI passenger trains at Little Rock, January 4, 1964, by John Martin.. Auvergne depot burns (1927).  Real People TV show travels through Little Rock on Eagle.  MP Little Rock Passenger Agent report, August 31, 1966.  Hot Springs Limited by James R. Fair.

JULY 1982 - COVER PHOTO:  MP mike 1533 leads meat train 73 off Baring Cross bridge in 1940s.  Photos:  MP passenger #3 with Mountain 5512 at Newport.  News:  Spot check of Amtrak Eagle in Little Rock.  Articles:  Firing Liquid Fuel on KCS - Bill Bailey;  Sunset for the RI Sunbelt Route? - Bill Pollard;  RI Mesa-Stuttgart branchline historical notes-Bill Pollard;  C&O-B&O 1969 diner menu compared to current Amtrak menu.

JUNE 1982 - First newsletter cover photo: T&P steamer 610 by LR Union Depot.  F&P passenger train during Fordyce on Cotton Belt.  Coal movements in Arkansas.  Eagle airline subsidiary (Oct 1943 MP Magazine).  Railroad radio frequencies.   Southern Railway Memphis steam excursion train consist.  Diagram, MP deluxe grill coach 1082.  Stack Music, by Mike Adams.  Nov 30, 1906: Walnut Ridge condemning old Iron Mountain Hotel (and depot).  Eureka Springs tourist railroads.

MAY 1982 - Fordyce on Cotton Belt review.  RI track being removed between Mesa and Stuttgart.  Amtrak Eagle news.  April 2, 1906–RI laying foundation for new brick depot at DeVal

APRIL 1982 - Fordyce on Cotton Belt. Southern steam excursion at Memphis.  The Mail and Baggage Handler, by Mike Adams.  Diagram of SSW chair car 210..

MARCH 1982 - Results of slide contest.  Santa Fe no longer interested in Sunbelt line.  Depots in Rogers, Bentonville and Fayetteville to be closed.  Mopac Paragould-McGehee line being upgraded.  Photo: Charles Merriam, Cotton Belt transfer ferry, Grays Point, MO to Thebes, IL.  More memories on MP trains 219-220, by Eakles Hille.

FEBRUARY 1982 - Arkansas Railroad Club slide contest coordinated by Kenneth Combs *** Dues were $10 a year *** Southern Railway shops and steam locomotives located there in 1092 *** Randy Tardy article in Arkansas Democrat "Watching the World Fly By Aboard a 60 mph Freight Train *** Bill Merck sent in an article on Cotton Bet Business Car 'Fair Lane' *** Mike Adams story "More Memories - Missouri Pacific's Numbers 219 and 220.

JANUARY 1982 - Book “North Arkansas Line” is back in print.  Santa Fe still interested in RI Sunbelt line.  LRWN locomotive stolen January 2.  Amtrak’s new ARROW system double books sleeper space.  Steam on the KCS by Bill Bailey.  Slide contest rules.  Ernie Deane: Costly Mistake? (failure of Arkansas to save Rock Island tracks).  Mopac trains 219-200, by Jim Bennett.

DECEMBER 1981 - (1.7mb) - Results of October 1981 club show and sale.  MP to build new locomotive shop in NLR (Jenks shop).  Rock Island's named GP-38 diesels, 1950 special train menu (Little Rock Chamber of Commerce, to Houston and return via Cotton Belt and Rock Island.)  Little Rock's first passenger station - Mike Adams.

NOVEMBER 1981 - (867k) - Consist of MP investor special train February 1957, Mopac's buzzsaw herald, Rock Island October bankruptcy auction results.

OCTOBER 1981 - Bill Bailey article "'Commemorating Frisco steam engine 65 and Arkansas Trackage *** Railroad broke a record hauling coal in the last week of August 1981, hauling 139,877 carloads containing 12,588,930 tons. Previous record was 12.2 million tons with 250,000 cars in 1926 *** September 30, 1981 was the last run of a passenger train through Brenham, Texas (near my hometown) as Amtrak's Inter-American ran northbound for the last time. This was the route of the Texas Chief in Santa Fe years, with the first passenger train through Brenham in 1879. Amtrak added a new Superliner Sightseer lounge to the train for this last run. The saddest part of the day was when the old Santa Fe conductor waved to all from the vestibule of the last coach as the train was pulling out. I was there and saw a gleam in his eye. *** Missouri Pacific 'Eaglet' motorailer diagram from Jim Bennett.

SEPTEMBER 1981 - (772k) - Ken Ziegenbein took over being editor "temporarily", but the temporary job lasted 26 years.

AUGUST 1981 - None published - no editor.

JULY 1981 - None published - no editor

JUNE 1981 - (556k) - Consist of last heritage car/Amfleet equipped Inter-American and first Superliner equipped train.  LRWN reportedly has two new GP-7 locomotives on order [report later proven incorrect].   Old Time Operators - Pens, Ink, Blotters and Such (Mike Adams).  MP diesel roster 1981 (Charles McDonald).

MAY 1981 - (618k) - C.W. McDonald takes over as editor, Bill Merck retires after 3 years.  MP switcher 8006 arrived at NLR shops for conversion to yard slug.  RR Club’s AT&N Railcar (1954 Chevrolet on flanged wheels) must be moved from former Scott & Bearskin Lake property.  Club’s’ second show & sale scheduled for October 10.  Bill Bailey will again chair committee.  KCS diesel roster as of 1981 (Charles McDonald).  Amtrak affairs (Bill Pollard).

APRIL 1981 - Fordyce on Cotton Belt festival to be held April 8.  Richard Allin March 18 column promoting Santa Fe purchase of old Rock Island to get Memphis access.  SP 99 and SSW San Jose business cars seen at North Little Rock yard office recently.  Scott & Bearskin Lake RR is gone, is being moved piecemeal to Eureka Springs.  Southern Steam trip from Memphis to Corinth May 2.  Cotton Belt wooden caboose is now stored by Arkansas RR Club building on River Road, along with club’s two cars (Pullman and RI baggage car).

MARCH 1981 - (334k) - Amtrak Panama Limited renamed City of New Orleans.  Feb 11, 1981, RI cleanup train operated Biddle to Fordyce and return.  The Past, Will We Ever Go Back (Ken Ziegenbein), SSW abandonment of Caruthersville branch, effective March 1.  List of RR passenger cars owned in Arkansas.

FEBRUARY 1981 - (269k) - UP-MP director special to New Orleans Dec 30, 1980, SP-SSW special Memphis-Illmo on Jan 2, 1981. T&P steamer 610 moved thru Arkansas back to Texas under its own power Jan 29, pulling tool car and caboose.  Hogtrain private car trip to NARP convention in Kansas City on February 21.  Cotton Belt Pine Bluff lunchroom menu, used for meal stops after dining service discontinued.

JANUARY 1981 - (281k) - RI locomotives seen at Biddle; switcher 829 and GP38-2 #4354, named Frank J. McGarr.  Fordyce & Princeton will buy operating rights Fordyce to Whitlow Junction (Crossett) over former RI.  1981 Slide Contest rules.
DECEMBER 1980 - None published this month.

NOVEMBER 1980 - (189k) - MKT and Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) are studying running trains with electricity.  Illinois Terminal sleepers.

OCTOBER 1980 - (335k) - Club show a success, and larger event planned for next year.  Hogtrain trip on Amtrak planned to Houston for Razorback game Oct 24-26.  Amtrak will detour over Cotton Belt due to track work, Texarkana-Big Sandy via SSW.  The Old News Butch (Bill Merck)

SEPTEMBER 1980 - (98k) - Space sold out for first RR Club Show & Sale on September 27. 

AUGUST 1980 - (299k) - Club program will be on KCS/L&A, with movie about the Southern Belle.  Rock Island held an auction at Biddle yard on July 12, selling office furniture, miscellaneous items, two commuter coaches and a streamlined Budd former RPO car.  Amtrak Inter-American schedule change effective August 3.  Cotton Belt dining car recipes.

JULY 1980 - (221k) - Little Rock & Western began operating over RI to Perry.  MP gains control of some RI trackage which had been operated by SSW.  Ringling Brothers show train arrived in Little Rock June 16.

JUNE 1980 - (295k) - Stuttgart Daily Leader published centennial edition on May 16 with various rail articles.  SP dining car recipes.  Cotton Belt breakfast menu, 1950.

MAY 1980 - (285k) - Update on Rock Island situation, MP and SSW operating some former RI trackage.  MP Passenger train #219 consist, November 1943 (Mike Adams).  Attempts being made to put Stuttgart SSW depot on national register.  July club program will be “Farewell to the Rock Island”.  Club show & sale is set for Sept 27 at North Little Rock Holiday Inn.  May club program will feature Arkansas & Ozarks 16mm movie by Mike Condren.

APRIL 1980 - (343k) - Randy Tardy is new club member.  March 17 newspaper story about demolition of Jonesboro Union Station.  Brief Rock Island update.  Drawing of troop kitchen car.

MARCH 1980 - (267k) - First telegraph line in Arkansas along Memphis & Little Rock (Bill Bailey).  SP has rented two floors of office space in old Southern Hotel in El Reno, OK, leading to speculation that SP takeover of part of Rock Island is imminent.

FEBRUARY 1980 - (355k) - Reader RR coach 502 (former Rock Island #2534) sold to private individual in Harlingen, TX.  Results of slide contest.

JANUARY 1980 - (480k) - Rock Island update.  Amtrak Empire Builder is first train to get Superliner cars, Oct 28, 1979.  Passenger special operated from Little Rock to New Orleans for Sugarbowl game, departing Little Rock Dec 31, 1979.

DECEMBER 1979 - (117k) - Christmas party at the Bailey’s; slide contest in January.

NOVEMBER 1979 - (410k) - Cotton Belt passenger trains (Jim Bennett)

OCTOBER 1979 - (349k) -


AUGUST 1979 - (547k) -

JULY 1979 - (79k) -

JUNE 1979 - (290k) -

MAY 1979 - (294k) -

APRIL 1979 - (303k) -

MARCH 1979 - (204k) -

FEBRUARY 1979 - (384k) -

JANUARY 1979 - (199k) -

DECEMBER 1978 - (48k) -

NOVEMBER 1978 - (353k) -

OCTOBER 1978 - (357k) -

SEPTEMBER 1978 - (358k) -

AUGUST 1978 - (650k) - July Fish Fry remembered *** List of Class 1 carriers as of 1978 *** Bill B. Bailey story "Makin' Tracks and Telegraph Lines". Plus usual news and club news.

JULY 1978 - July 8 picnic at 'Whistle Stop' off Highway 10 *** Editor and others get to visit the Pine Bluff Arsenal and see their rail operations *** Amtrak's Inter-American went back to daily using Amfleet coaches. Plus usual news and club news.

JUNE 1978 - (309k) - Tulsa World reported several pending abandonments in Oklahoma *** W. A. Bill Merck story "Railroad Train Watching in Steam Days at Moberly. Plus usual news and club news.

MAY 1978 - (423k) - Mike Adams story "Fast Freight". Plus news and club news.

APRIL 1978 - (427k) - Southern Railway announced the planned discontinuance of its Southern Crescent *** Ernie Deane story "Era Ends As Train Makes Last Run, Pine Bluff - Texarkana." Plus usual news and club news.

MARCH 1978 - (316k) - Southern Steam Excursion schedule for 1978. Plus usual news and club news.

FEBRUARY 1978 - (426k) - Proposed BN-Frisco meerger *** Meal service stops for Harvey House restaurants listed some towns in Texas and Oklahoma in a 1919 ad. Plus usual news and club news.

JANUARY 1978 - (310k) - Officers for 1978: Bill B. Bailey-President; W. A. Merck-VP; George R. Holt-Secretary; C. R. Byrd-Treasurer; C. E. Hull-NRHS Director; W. A. Bill Merck-Editor *** Amtrak's Inter-American, will be keep it or lose it? *** Rock Island held a commissary items auction in Chicago for China, tablecloths, etc *** Southern announced that it lost $7 million on its Southern Crescent passenger train in 1977 and will have to join Amtrak or discontinue the train.

DECEMBER 1977 - None published OR I don't have it.

NOVEMBER 1977 - (405k) - Bill Merck story "Cotton Belt's 100th Anniversary" *** Book review on "Tragic Train 'The City of San Francisco'" *** Bill Merck story "Row Many Miles"

OCTOBER 1977 - (585k) - Obit: Earl Saunders *** Rock Island's profit experiments *** Blue and Red Ringling Bros. Circus train consists, written by Dave Briggs *** Gene Hull story "An Arkansas Railroad Defeats a President - Part 2" *** Cotton Belt's 100th anniversary dinner held in Pine Bluff September 28, 1977. Plus usual news and club news.

SEPTEMBER 1977 - (407k) - Bill Merck gave this consist of Amtrak's Inter-American No. 21 before the Amfleet equipment showed up: E-9 #368 and 433 (former owners unknown), baggage #1051 (ex-Santa Fe), 10-6 sleeper #2681 (ex SP 9001), diner #8300 (ex C&O 1920), 52-seat coach-10 seat lounge #5270 (ex SCL 5270), 44-seat coach #4421 (ex SP 2234), 52-seat coach #5242 (ex C&O 1649) ***
List of the 10 longest tunnels in the US *** The Arkansas Railroad Club didn't meet in June, July or August in 1977. Plus usual news and club news.

AUGUST 1977 - None published this month.

JULY 1977 - None published this month.

JUNE 1977 - None published this month.

MAY 1977 - (201k) - Southern 4501 excursion announced.

APRIL 1977 - (324k) - Amtrak news locally *** Rock Island is working on the Brinkley-Memphis line *** NMRA convention held in Little Rock at the Camelot June 9-12. Plus usual news and club news.

MARCH 1977 - (349k) - Steam excursion news of other areas *** Amtrak's SD40-F's were restricted to 40 mph on many routes.

FEBRUARY 1977 - (311k) - Gene Hull story "An Arkansas Railroad Defeats a President - Part 1"

JANUARY 1977 - (256k) - Officers for 1977: Walter Walker-President; Bill B. Bailey-VP; George R. Holt-Secretary; C. R. Byrd-Treasurer; C. E. Hull-NRHS Director; Bill Merck-Editor *** Proposal to raise dues to $7.50 *** Bill and Nancy Bailey reported the birth of their daughter Kimberley Ann on December 19, 1976. Plus usual news and club news.

DECEMBER 1976 - (321k) - Amtrak local advertising for Inter-American.  Thumbnail history of Cotton Belt Route, which will be 100 years old in 1977.

NOVEMBER 1976 - Nominations for club officers, Christmas party to be held in home of Bill Merck.

OCTOBER 1976 - Inter-American becomes a Chicago-Texas train with new schedule on October 31, daily to Ft. Worth and tri-weekly to Laredo.   MP derailment at Jacksonville Sep 19.  Warren & Saline River has applied to purchase part of Warren & Ouachita Valley, and W&OV has applied to abandon entire line.  Cotton Plant-Fargo also has an abandonment petition before the ICC.  The CP-F is the last shortline operating on part of the old M&NA.

SEPTEMBER 1976 - Southern Railway featuring two runs of ex-4449 Freedom Train locomotive.   ICG business car 50 was delivered by MP to SSW on July 8, delivered to Scott where it will be restored.  Car was formerly used by president of GM&O.  Tom Foster, Malvern AR, is selling copies of his book “45-Years on the Rock Island Line.”  September Rail Classics magazine had article on LR streetcars.  Locomotives with new RI blue paint are appearing in Arkansas.  Working as troop train escort on Cotton Belt during WW II (Bill Merck).

AUGUST 1976 - None published this month.

JULY 1976 - None published this month.

JUNE 1976 - None published this month.

MAY 1976 - Freedom Train with locomotive 4449 visits North Little Rock, ceremony at Vestal Park.  May 27 will be first annual meeting of friends and former employees of M&NA, A&O at Eureka Springs.  Southern 4501 to run May 1-2 from Memphis-Corinth.  MP-Southern Railway 3-car special train operated from Fort Worth-Memphis on April 29, possibly an inspection trip related to merger talk.  The Fast Mail-part 2 (Mike

APRIL 1976 - Details of American Freedom train visit to North Little Rock.  Cotton Belt operates Johnny Cash special to Rison, AR.  Amtrak Inter-American may be threatened with discontinuance due to President Ford’s proposed budget cuts.  Ringling Brothers circus will play 10 performances in Pine Bluff starting June 30.  Columbus & Greenville (Mississippi) RR regained its independence from ICG on October 29, 1975.  Arkansas Gazette building once housed offices of 10 railroads, and consideration was reportedly given to naming the building the Railway Exchange building.  The Fast Mail-St Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern-part 1 (Mike Adams).

MARCH 1976 - MP unveils two bicentennial locomotives on Jan 30, numbered 1776 and 1976, displayed to public in ceremony at NLR.   Amtrak offering low-cost Railpass.  Extra coaches on Inter-American for AAR group traveling from St. Louis to Austin.  RI has accepted offer of 20th Century RR Club to repaint an E-unit in bicentennial scheme at no cost to railroad.  Cotton Belt has a bicentennial caboose, #1776.

FEBRUARY 1976 - Johnny Cash special to be in Rison, AR (Cotton Belt) on March 20.  Amtrak restores parlor cars to Abraham Lincoln between St. Louis and Chicago.  Freedom Train will visit NLR on April 13-15.  Two business cars, SSW 151 and SP 127 were parked by NLR yard office Jan 19-22.  News article-Oct 19, 1936: wives of striking L&A employees seize northbound Shreveporter passenger train at Minden, LA.

JANUARY 1976 - Study of cabooseless trains by IC and MP, following lead of FEC.  American Freedom Train update.

DECEMBER 1975 - RI will reopen car shops at Biddle to repair grain cars, recalling laid-off employees.  Club board of directors elects officers.  Amtrak will allow Auto-Train to operate selected routes over Amtrak territory.  Walter Walker retires as editor of Arkansas Railroader, Bill Merck is new editor.  A ride over AD&N (Gene Hull).

NOVEMBER 1975 - Ashley Drew & Northern fantrip, Freedom Train update, T&P steamer 610 being restored to pull Freedom Train in Texas.  Frisco announces abandonment of Monette to Lake City (8.5mi) segment of old JLC&E.  “They Run the Railroad” (humor).

OCTOBER 1975 - Fan trip on the Ashley, Drew & Northern October 26, 1975. President of the ADN at this time was E. Austin Temple. *** Gene Hull story "Arkansas' Golden Spike Ceremony (DeQueenn & Eastern).  Amtrak Lone Star now running a separate section from Fort Worth to Dallas.

SEPTEMBER 1975 - Over 300 people attended first museum show.  Malvern AR will be added to Inter-American schedule on September 15, if facilities are ready.  SP bicentennial engine passes through Arkansas.  MP will repaint locomotive #325 into bicentennial scheme and renumber as #1776.  Texas Date Nail Association held meeting in Hot Springs.  Cotton Belt Lone Star passenger train story.

AUGUST 1975 - None published this month.

JULY 1975 - None published this month.

JUNE 1975 - First museum show to be held in new building on Riverview Drive in North Little Rock.  Railroad artifacts on display.  Picnic at Scott in lieu of July meeting.  Strange train in Arkansas, the Train of Tomorrow-part 2 (Gene Hull).  SP 9389 will be bicentennial locomotive.

MAY 1975 - Vernon Ivy photographic collection purchased by Ark RR Club.  Strange train in Arkansas, the Train of Tomorrow exhibited at Rock Island Station March 15, 1948-part 1 (Gene Hull).  Scott & Bearskin Lake has resumed operation.  Plans are underway to restore operation on Reader RR, and it has been granted a common carrier charter.  Amtrak has ordered 435 new passenger cars, including double decker cars from Pullman Standard.   SP offers to purchase KC-Tucumcari segment of Rock Island.  Southern steam and Clinchfield steam operating schedules.

APRIL 1975 - Museum sales committee has organized to sell items as fundraiser for club.  Pullman car has been moved across Pike Avenue and is now located near club building [located near end of Big Rock spur in North Little Rock].  Work on club building progressing, volunteers needed.  Rock Island has filed for bankruptcy.  Bicentennial locomotives reported on several roads; first unit on IC destroyed in grade crossing accident.  Prosperity Rolls Across Arkansas-Cotton belt-part 2 (Gene Hull).  Partial list of Southern steam specials for 1975.

MARCH 1975 - News:  Santa Fe special train inspecting Rock Island from Amarillo to Memphis.  Story:  Prosperity Special Rolls Across Arkansas (Cotton Belt) by Clifton E. Hull.  Story: Rock Island Passenger Service at Little Rock in 1937.

FEBRUARY 1975 - Freedom train locomotive 4449 moved from park for restoration to service.  NRHS Convention in Knoxville.  Arkansas RR Club acquires old Pullman car for restoration (MPX 4067).

JANUARY 1975 - Election of club officers, Southern Ry President Claytor announced passenger train service cuts, Freedom Train selects SP 4449 locomotive, more on UP-RI merger.  Highest RR elevations in Arkansas (James Fair).  Amtrak reports ridership increase.

DECEMBER 1974 - Christmas party at Tracks Inn, Scott & Bearskin Lake makes final run for season, Mopac diesel renumbering program, ICC approves UP-RI Merger, Listing of Arkansas RR tunnels with construction details (James Fair).

NOVEMBER 1974 - RI business car Lake Michigan in Little Rock, SP sleeper 9114 and dynamometer car 137 in Pine Bluff.  Roof and sidewalls of club building are completed..  Nellie’s Apron - MP White River Division (Gene Hull).

OCTOBER 1974 - Preamble Express train came to Little Rock, a pre-cursor to the American Freedom Train to come in 1976 *** Amtrak will run a football special with attached special cars to the Arkansas-TCU game in Forth Worth October 5 *** 'New" equipement added to the Inter-American, including #8321 Dining Car-Lounge (ex-SP 10408 Sunset Limited), #4843 coach (ex-SP 2357 Coast Daylight), #4845 coach (ex-SP 2350 Shasta Daylight(, #2680 10/6 sleeper (ex-SP 9000 Sunset Limited), #506 Dormitory car (ex-USA 89506 U.S. Army Hospital) *** About a dozen ARC members went to Memphis to ride the Southern steam special.

SEPTEMBER 1974 - Amtrak news about T&P trackage rights *** Freedom Train announced.*** Arkansas plans for the Bi-Centennial *** NRHS will mail out a survey on contents of their magazine.

AUGUST 1974 - Southern 4501 will lead an excursion out of Memphis *** Alabama Gulf Coast chapter NRHS worte a lertter regarding the NRHS not running stories about this part of the country, which is reproduced in the Railroader.

JULY 1974 - Gene Hull story "When Mule Car Met the Steamcars" *** Erection of our club building should begin in a few days *** M&NA modeling group started.

JUNE 1974 - Club ashtrays for sale *** Shortline Louisiana Midland Railway begain operating April 28, 1974 over 75.4 miles of line from Vidalia and Packton, Louisiana *** Santa Fe withdrew it's permission to use the word "Chief" on any Amtrak train *** Work began on site preparation for club's museum building.

MAY 1974 - Six most beautiful train trips *** Additional Southern steam train schedule.

APRIL 1974 - Scott & Bearskin Lake RR news *** Gene Hull story "Riding Inter-American Train" *** Brochure on ARC Fifth Annual picnic April 28,1974.

MARCH 1974 - Officers for 1974: J. Harlen Wilson-President, James Mitchell-VP, George R. Holt-Secretary, C. R. Byrd-Treasurer, Gene Hull-NRHS Director ** 1974 Southern steam excursion schedule given *** Amtrak is supposed to start service from St Louis to San Antonio on March 13. Schedule for Little Rock was 3-days a week, southbound at 10:55 p.m. and northbound 6:45 a.m. *** Annual picnic scheduled for Apil at Scott ***

FEBRUARY 1974 - Club now meets at the new MoPac offices in North Little Rock *** MoPac historical group forms.

JANUARY 1974 - Missouri Pacific General Offices have moved from Union Station to their new headquarters at 1000 West Fourth Street in North Little Rock.

DECEMBER 1973 - Christmas party set *** Help needed for news for the Railroader.

NOVEMBER 1973 - Rock Island ordered 28 new locomotives *** Missouri Pacific ordered 60 new diesels, 2.519 freight cars and 60 cabooses, their largest single order in history. The order included 49 SD 40-2s, 6 U30-C and 5 SW 1500 units. Only 23 F-7 diesels remain on the MoPac roster *** Batesville White Lime of Batesville locomotive roster ***

OCTOBER 1973 - Club patches arrived *** The Club building on River Road in North Little Rock was approved by the North Little Rock City Council as our meeting place *** NRHS dues increase went up to $4.50 a year *** Coucourse at Little Rock Union Station being razed *** W. M. Mike Adams story "The Trains I Rode" ***

SEPTEMBER 1973 - Gene Hull story "Memories Along Arkansas Rails."

AUGUST 1973 - New (used) locomotives obtained by the East Camden & Highland, Louisiana & Pine Bluff *** Fordyce & Princeton Alco S-3 No. 1 repainted *** U.S. Sentate appropriated $4.1 million to start Amtrak service through Arknasas *** AR RAIL NEWS: Railroad project at Beaver, AR resumed along M&NA.

JULY 1973 - TEXT ONLY. Inside: Members voted to dispense with July and August meetings *** Work continues on Georgia Northern #115 *** Ringling Bros circus train was parked at Union Station and interchanged with the Rock Island June 18, 1973 to be hauled to Oklahoma City *** T. W. M. Long of the Reader Railroad reported that the line made it's last run from Reader to Waterloo on May 19, 1973 and that the tracks would be taken up starting on June 12 from Waterloo to Dills Mill, including the towns of Anthony Swithch, Ames and Waterloo. *** Gene Hull story "Memories Along Arkansas Rails" part 1 *** One-sheet Cotton Belt passenger train timetable for central and south Arkansas December 3, 1928. Plus usual news and club news.

JUNE 1973 - TEXT ONLY - ONE SHEET. Inside: The club ordered club patches *** June meeting will be outing at Dortch Plantation at Scott, AR *** Bauxitt & Northern RS3 repainted in bright red.

MAY 1973 - COVER PHOTOS - EC&H #60 and EC&H # 61. Inside: Jim Wilson story "The East Camcen & Highland Railroad" *** PHOTOS: EC&H #59 and ARSCOX #101 *** Story "Farewell Fair Lane" *** Due to the Missouri Pacific Union Station being sold, the meeting place for the May meeting was changed to Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Little Rock *** Construction of a railroad-themed restaurant at Union Station was announced, which was called Tracks Inn *** Rock Island had a washout at Madison AR. Plus usual news and club news.

APRIL 1973 - TEXT ONLY. Inside: Arkansas House and Senate passed bills to allow Arkansas State Parks to purchase the Reader Railroad *** Latest railroad abandonments-Missouri Pacific between Palmhurst and Alton, Texas, 2.21 miles; Frisco line between Vanduser and Tanner, MO, 4.9 miles; Frisco line between Monette and Lake City, AR, 8.5 miles *** W. M. 'Mike' Adams story "The Missouri Pacific's Consolidation Type Locomotives" *** Southern Railway Steam Schedule 1973. Plus usual news and club news.

MARCH 1973 - TEXT ONLY.  Inside: Scott & Bearskin Lake article *** Abansonments-IC has proposed to abandon it's operations in Helena and the river crossing. MoPac will take over part of the Helena line *** Randy Tardy story "Helena's Pelican". Plus usual news and club news.

FEBRUARY 1973 - TEXT ONLY - ONE SHEET. Inside: Officers for 1973: Harlen Wilson-President; Naomie Hull-VP; George Holt, Jr-Secretary; C. R. Byrd-Treasurer; Gene Hull-NRHS Director; Robert L. Dortch, Jr-Director thru 1979 *** Membership dues are due-$5 *** MoPac has petitioned the ICC to abandon 29 miles between Tenark and Hughes, AR and 46.51 miles between Eudora, AR and Delhi, LA *** MoPac placed into service 10 new GP-38 diesels Nos. 923 to 932 *** Cotton Belt petitioned to close stations at Fordyce, Brinkley, North Little Rock, Stuttgart and England.

JANUARY 1973 - TEXT ONLY - ONE SHEET. Inside: Reader RR to run January 12-13, 1973 *** Gene Hull asked if club members wanted to charter a trip to Durango to ride the D&RGW narrow gauge this summer. Cost would be about  $1400 to charter a bus.

DECEMBER 1972 - TEXT ONLY. Inside: Reader RR to make final scheduled run December 2, 1972 *** Gene Hull story "Little Rock & Napoleon".

NOVEMBER 1972 - Gene Hull story "Little Rock & Napoleon" part 1 *** Wayne Porter story "Railroading in Arkansas Today" *** PHOTOS: Alco switcher and track scenes in Ashdown, AR. Plus usual news and club news.

SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 1972 - Inside: Over 500 rode Arkansas Railroad Club Reader RR special September 10  *** PHOTOS: Of the Reader trip.

AUGUST 1972 - No issue published.

JULY 1972 - W. M. Mike Adams  story: "The MOPAC and its Mkes" *** PHOTOS: Missouri Pacific steam Mikado Nos. 1224, 1312, 1115 and 1512, all in operation.

JUNE 1972 - James R. Fair's story: "The Forester Extension of the Arkansas Western" *** Movie "Boxcar Bertha" movie released in Little Rock.

MAY 1972 - W. M. Mike Adams story: "High Bridges and Hard Rock Tunnels" *** Reader Railroad to operate double-header April 30, 1972 *** IC applies to abandon its line in Helena, AR.

APRIL 1972 - Bill Pollard story: "Passenger Service on the M.P. Central Division" *** John Martin reported that the Rock Island obtained 30 F units from the Union Pacific. The RI also has put on two new through trains from Memphis to the west, Nos. 37-22.

MARCH 1972 - W. M. Mike Adams story: "The Mountain Type on the Mo-Pac" *** Picnic meeting at Scott, AR April 9 *** Mid-South live steamers to be at Whitehall April 28-30 ***

FEBRUARY 1972 - Officers for 1972: Jim Wilson-President, Charles Ost-VP, George R. Holt-Secretary, C. R. Byrd-Treasurer, Earl Saunders-Director, Stanley Wozencraft-NRHS Director *** G. H. Holmes story: "Some Experiences with Madame Queen" about MoPac engine No. 6000 *** Cotton Belt proposes to abandon Leachville to Trumann line ***

JANUARY 1972 - W. M. Mike Adams story: "Down at the Depot - A Personal Reminiscense" *** PHOTOS: Southern Scenic with 4-6-2 No. 6420 at Carthage, MO in 1943 by Mike Adams; The same train with diesel No. 4253 in 1958 with only 2 cars from Bill Pollard collection *** Panama Mogul No. 201 arrived savely in Scott AR.

DECEMBER 1971 - AR RAIL NEWS: Another steam locomotive added to the Reader by Richard Grigsby, No. 201 *** Reader RR announces holiday season schedule changes.

NOVEMBER 1971 - Bylaws to be voted on November 14 *** A 2-foot gauge fireless locomotive used at Koppers Tie Plant in North Little Rock was scrapped in 1970 *** List of steam locomotives on display in Arkansas as of November 1971 (there were steam locomotives displayed in Benton, Fort Smith, Lewisville, Little Rock, Mena, Paragould, Paris, Pine Bluff, Victoria, Warren).

OCTOBER 1971 - W. M. Mike Adams story: "The Baring Cross Bridges" including photos *** Meetings are held in Room 301, Missouri Pacific Union Station Sundays 2 p.m.

AUG-SEP 1971 - List of several railroad museums in this part of the country, including Michigan and Wisconsin.

AUGUST 1971 - Combined with September above.

JULY 1971 - Regular meetings suspended until September *** Annual club picnic will be held at Reader *** Reader news.

JUNE 1971 - Last passenger train arrived at Little Rock, Missouri Pacific's No. 1, at 12:30 a.m. May 1, 1971, ending passenger trains to the city. Final consist was Mopac No. 43 and cars 569 and 411. Amtrak had taken over passenger rail at this time, but Arkansas was left out of the initial runs *** Reader RR doubles passenger service *** Donations needed to help pay freight on a railcar that had been donated to the club ***

MAY 1971 - W. M. Mike Adams story: "The Three-Cylinder Locomotive and the Missouri Pacific".

APRIL1971 - Clifton E. Hull story "Mule Trains" *** The club was given a Frisco rail car from Springfield, MO and needs to raise money to reimburse Walter O'Rourke for moving it to Scott.

MARCH 1971 - W. M. Adams story: "The Last Days of Steam Operation on Mo Pac's Arkansas Division" with map.

FEBRUARY 1971 - Railpax will be discussed at the next meeting (became Amtrak) *** Club dues were $5 and NHRS dues were $4 annually (in 2007, local dues were $20, NRHS dues were $33).

JANUARY 1971 - Gene Hull story "Helena Southwestern" *** John M. Martin story "Missouri Pacific's 'Delta Eagle'".

DECEMBER 1970 - W. M. Mike Adams story "Final Account of the Missouri Pacific and the Pacific Part 2"

NOVEMBER 1970 - W. M. Mike Adams story "Final Account of the Missouri Pacific and the Pacific - Part 1"

OCTOBER 1970 - W. M. Mike Adams story "On A Saturday Afteroon" *** Rock Island delays due to bridge problems.

SEPTEMBER 1970 - Malvern picnic successful *** Rock Island to operate over Baring Cross bridge while a new lift span is installed on the RI's own bridge over the Arkansas River in Little Rock. They will use the Cotton Belt's line to get from North Little Rock to their own line ***
AUGUST 1970 - August 8 picnic scheduled at Malvern, AR *** Club visitation to private car of Wayne Couch called "Magnolia" *** Missouri Pacific discontinued the Station Agent at Conway July 13, 1970 but continued the telegrapher-clerk position.

JULY 1970 - Tour of Couchwood, AR August 2, home of Harvey C. Couch and his private car "Magnolia". Story of said car writtten by Stanley Wozencraft.

JUNE 1970 - TEXT ONLY. Only a one sheet newsletter this month. *** Meeting planned for July 12 to plan picnic at Butterfield *** R. A. Grigsby collection to add 3 more locomotives to his collection in Butterfield, AR. The locos were from the W. T. Carter Lumber Company. They are: #1 2-6-0 C.N. 29588, #2 Baldwin 1907 2-6-0 and #4 2-6-2 Baldwin 1913 *** Jim Wakefield editor apologized for the short newsletter as he had just moved to his new address.

MAY 1970 - TEXT ONLY. Inside: Next meeting June 13, 1970 at Missouri Pacific Union Station Little Rock. Slides and movies of Southern 4501 excursions in Tennessee and North Carolina will be shown *** W. M. Mike Adams story "Further Exploration of the Missouri Pacific and the Pacific" *** Club secretary Ross Holt wrote a letter to the railroads in Arkansass and the KCS sent him a 1940s booklet describing stations along the KCS *** About 30 have been attending the meetings.

APRIL 1970 - TEXT ONLY. Inside: Bylaws of new club to be presented at next meeting *** Steam movies to be shown *** John Baskin Harper story (continued) "Beginnings of  the Missouri Pacific Louisiana Division - Part II"

MARCH 1970 - TEXT ONLY. Inside: Narrow Gauge locomotive donated to club *** John Baskin Harper story "Beginnings of the Missouri Pacific's Louisiana Division" with maps. Story continues in next Railroader.

FEBRUARY 1970 - (268k) - Club recieves 1885 bridge plate from MoPac's Junction Bridge *** Steam fantrip proposed over the Missouri Pacific Norman Branch *** W. M. Mike Adams story "The First Pacifics."

JANUARY 1970 - First Arkansas Railroder published. It tells of the Arkansas Railroad Club being incorparated as a state of Arkansas non-profit on December 31, 1969. The possiblity of creating a railroad club was first discussed on November 9, 1969 at a meeting in the Missouri Pacific Union Depot with 23 members signing *** Jim Wakefield was elected first editor of the Arkansas Railroder, over his protests *** Officers for the first year were: J Harlen Wilson-President; Clifton E. Hull-Vice President; Geoge R. Holt-Secretary; C. R. Byrd-treasurer. A consittutional committee was elected with Richard Grisgsby, chairman and Walter M. Adams, Anthony Grigsby, Earl Saunders and Tom Shook as members *** A list of members at the first meeting  is listed. (Thanks to Bill Pollard for a scan of the first issue)