Riverfest 2005 at Little Rock and North Little Rock, Arkansas, May 27-28, 2005. For the first time, the River Rail Streetcars were running and I went along for the ride. There was standing room only on the two sreetcars that ran the entire North Little Rock-Little Rock loop. In fact, several times they had to tell people to wait for the next trolley after reaching the max number of riders per car (80). This website will have photos of these full trolleys as well as the areas surrounding the festival. I even got a shot of the Bush Baked Beans dog!!
  Since so many had to be turned away because of full trolleys, at times tempers flared in the line waiting to get on. I recall one lady trying to call police because the lady behind her was pushing her little girl out of the way.  Thank goodness it wasn't that hot outside (temps only around 80 and dry - I remember years when it was at least 90 and humid).  The fare box was stuffed with dollar bills and quarters with the motorman having to frequently dump the money into the 'safe box' below. 
   All in all, at least from what I saw today, the trolleys were a tremendous hit. It was also helpful that people from Central Arkansas Transit stood at many stops with change for riders. 
   All photos taken by myself, Ken Ziegenbein, and they can be used or reproduced any way you see fit.

Getting on at the 7th and Main stop in North Little Rock.

My very first ride was standing room only. It was about 10:45 a.m. May 28, 2005

After another stop, still in North Little Rock. Hopefully everyone had taken a shower!!!

Nearly at the center of the Main Street Bridge showing the Little Rock side of the annual Riverfest celebration.

From the trolley looking down on the festivities.  It was about 11 a.m. and it had just opened an hour before.

They ran all three streetcars, two over both the Little Rock and North Little Rock route and one just stayed on the Little Rock loop. This is looking to the west along Markham from the River Marker District.

Another view.

Inside the Riverfest area, which is spread out along the Arkansas River. They expect 250,000 to attend this year.

A view looking toward the river.

The official Bush's Best Baked Beans commercial dog.

A northbound trolley as seen from the Riverfest area. It is on the Main Street Bridge.

Number 408 is southbound about to reach Markham and Scott in Little Rock. Note the Peabody Hotel in the background.

East Markham (President Clinton Avenue) looking to the east, about 11:30 a.m. No cars were allowed, just pedestrians and trolleys.

Corner of Clinton Avenue and Commerce St.

Looking out the front of the trolley heading east along Markham. The upcoming stop is the Peabody stop.

No cars.

The River Market stop.

There were too many at this stop to fit in the trolley I was riding in.

The last few to get on at this stop.

These were left behind due to us being full (at least 80 on board).

On board again. I was standing next to the farebox.

The 7th and Main stop (next to the trolley barn) in North Little Rock, where I got off. I don't know if all these people could get on or not.  It's 2:41 p.m.

This parking lot next to the trolley barn in North Little Rock on Main Street is usually empty. Not today!