SUNDAY, JANUARY 12, 2003 - A snowy day in Little Rock at Union Station. I was attending the monthly meeting of the Arkansas Railroad Club with 32 other attendees, when it started to snow about 3 p.m. Even though an interesting program was going on, I decided to leave and come to Union Station to get some train action in the moderate snow, and it really paid off. Others from the meeting came there about 30 minutes later after the program had ended.  Temperatures was about 30 degrees.  All taken by Ken Ziegenbein.

Southbound UP coal train in the snow passing Union Station at 416 p.m. January 12, 2003. I could not read the engine number.

More of the coal train. I used a flash on the right photo and you can see the bright snowflakes.

You can see the snow on top of the coal in the cars.

Trailing unit on the coal train.

422 p.m. Jan 12.

LEFT-Snow on a tank car. RIGHT: Snow had slacken off by 501 p.m.

The last train photographed due to lack of light. This was a pretty snow, but harmless. The streets never did get any snow cover, but there was about a half inch on the ties.