These were taken Saturday, December 21 at Branson, Missouri and Sunday, December 29 at Union Station in Little Rock.

These were taken December 21, 2002 at the Landmark Inn in downtown Branson, Missouri. The inn is located next to the Missouri and Northern Arkansas tracks, which curve around the building toward the west. There are no crossings north of town, so by the time you'd hear a train blowing for this crossing, it was right on us and I had to grab my camera and shoot it through the door. This one was heading east/south about 830 that morning. There was another MNA northbound train at 230 the night before and a northbound UP empty coal train at 330 Sunday morning.

The following photos were all taken Sunday, December 29, 2002 at Union Station in Little Rock. Note the deadheaded WAMX1500 engine. Rain moved in 6 hours later.

UP6161, 952 a.m. and SP8794.

LEFT-UP4473, 957 a.m. RIGHT-UP4038, 1007 a.m.

WAMX1500 deadheading northbound. It was the third car from the end car of the train. Isn't it unusual to put these transferred engines at the end of trains?

UP6619, 1031 a.m. and UP4280, 1050 a.m., December 29.

UP3663, 1110 a.m. and UP9730, 1142 a.m.

CSX6030, 1217 p.m.and some Rock Island boxcars in the consist.

Illegal, but pretty grafetti. Note the snow-covered trees. Also note that the 'artist' didn't cover up the car information to the right.