FEBRUARY 5, 2004

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Today the Challenger and its cars were on display to the public in North Little Rock behind the UP offices on 4th Street. Jenks Shops can be seen in the background. Noteworthy to me were the groups of school children that were bussed to the area so they could see and touch the mighty steam machine. Old and young alike came out by the thousands in the cold and rain to view the 3985. Some were making memories that will last a lifetime - others were having memories of past, simpler times when steam ruled the railroads and trains were as popular as automobiles are today. I think these pictures convey both generations.

Cars were coming and going all the time.

Here a group of school children from Calvary Academy got off the bus and were ready to go to the train.

The group heads for the locomotive. Humidity was about 100 percent all day and temperatures were in the upper 30s.

More views of the children. Look at the relative size of the child to the wheels of the tender.

New memories being made - old times being remembered.

Posing for the cameras. I gave the school some Arkansas Railroad Club cards with this web address on it.

More views around the engine.

Little Rock & Western's daily freight is seen going back to its tracks after switching in the UP yards. It's about to cross the Arkansas River Baring Cross bridge, where it will curve right and go past Union Station. You can dimly see the Arkansas State Capitol just above the lead locomotive.

All photos by Ken Ziegenbein, anyone may use or print. Email: trains@trainweather.com