FEBRUARY 4, 2004

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Today I followed the train from Atlanta, Texas to North Little Rock, Arkansas. It arrived at the UP Jenks Shops about 420 p.m. and will be open for public display Thursday. Today I have scenes taken in Atlanta, Texarkana, a low bridge near the Red River, Hope, and Little Rock and North Little Rock. It was cold, but above freezing, with light sleet from Texarkana to Little Rock and as I write this at 10 pm Wednesday night, we're having thunder and lightning along with rain and sleet mixed, temperatures 34 degrees.

It passed the renovated Atlanta, Texas depot museum at 954 a.m. They were working on the depot, adding display cases, and plan by April to open a rail, cotton and Atlanta history museum. Now the Chamber of Commerce has a section and small musuem on the side facing the camera.  Beautifully done, I might add.

LEFT-Leaving Atlanta. RIGHT-While stopped next to US 67 a couple of miles east of Texarkana, Arkansas, I saw this switcher moving tank cars. There were no marks or numbers on it that I couldf find.

1106 a.m. heading east out of Texarkana next to US Highway 67.

Crossing the low bridge that goes under US 67, just before it crosses the Red River. Time was 1129 a.m. Where were the chaser cars here? There were only two of us at this location (the other car was the 'Railspot' car).

Crossing Highway 278B entering Hope, Arkansas at 1155 a.m. February 4. There was a massive traffic jam in this small town around the renovated Missouri Pacific depot. Hope is also known for being the birthplace of ex-President Bill Clinton.

Taking on fuel at the Hope Missouri Pacific depot about noon.

UP216(?) leads an intermodal westbound past the Challenger at Hope.

Passing Union Station in Little Rock at 412 p.m. I had the camera zoomed so these were slightly out of focus, plus it was so dark that even at the ISO 800 setting, the shutter speed was only a 60th of a second.  The one following was in focus since I didn't have any zoom on.

Passing Union Station at 412 p.m. Smoke and steam obscure the station and capitol building. Sleet was falling at this time.

Passing the station again, and here you can see the station and capitol building.

On its display track next to Jenks Shop in North Little Rock at 437 p.m. Standing right in front of the Challenger, you can see the articulated front being swung slightly to the left on this curve. You can see the light off center.

Two more views looking south. You can barely see the state capitol building to the right of 3985.

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