January-February 2004

Here are some photos I made of a portion of Union Pacific's 3985 special Super Bowl steam trip in Missouri, Arkansas and Texas from Thursday, January 22 through Saturday, January 24, 2004. Also part of the return trip from February 3 through February 6 in Texas and Arkansas.  I'll give each day a separate entry and webpage and will list each of those pages here on the main site.  Although I'll try to post each day, I may not be able to get each day's photos posted for a day or two afterwards. For other railroad photos, go to: http://www.trainweather.com/sunday.html
All photos/digital movies taken by Ken Ziegenbein using a Sony DSC-V1.

Dexter, Missouri to Bernie, Missouri. Includes good night shots in Bernie.

Bernie, Missouri to Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Perfect clear day. Good shot at Weiner, AR.

Pine Bluff, Arkansas to Texarkana, Texas. Rainy day, but lots of steam.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 3 - Conroe to Longview, Texas.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 4 - Longview, Texas to North Little Rock, Arkansas, starting in Atlanta, Texas. Cold with sleet.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 5 - On display in North Little Rock, including school children.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 5 NIGHT SCENES - Plus photos of our dinner with some of the steam crew at Grampa's Catfish House.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 6 - North Little Rock to Van Buren, Arkansas, including the Conway tunnel.

The special train ran from Cheyenne, Wyoming to North Platte, Nebraska January 12; from North Platte, Nebraska to Marysville, Kansas January 13; from Marysville, Kansas to Kansas City, Missouri January 14; from Kansas City to St Louis, Missouri January 15; on display in St Louis January 16-21 - a  circulator tube needed repairing in St Louis, so instead of leaving January 18, it left January 22 from St Louis to Bernie, Missouri; from Bernie, Missouri to Pine Bluff, Arkansas January 23; from Pine Bluff, Arkansas to Tyler, Texas January 24 (the original display day in Pine Bluff January 19 was canceled); from Tyler to Hearne January 25; from Hearne to Houston, Texas January 26; on display in Houston;from Houston to Longview February 3; from Longview, Texas to North Little Rock, Arkansas February 4; on display in North Little Rock February 5; from North Little Rock to Van Buren, Arkansas February 6; from Van Buren, Arkansas to Coffeyville, Kansas February 7; from Coffeyville to Kansas City February 8; on display in Kansas City February 9; from Kansas City to Marysville February 10; from Marysville, Kansas to North Platte, Nebraska February 11; from North Platte, Nebraska to Cheyenne, Wyoming February 12.