I decided, since it was my birthday April 30, 2005, to celebrate by taking some night photos of the Little Rock/North Little Rock trolleys, using my Sony DV1 digital and time exposures. I walked all over the very busy River Market District and downtown area of Little Rock on this Saturday night with my camera and tripod. There were hordes of cars and people (several times I was asked to take people's pictures). I walked all the way from the Museum of Discovery to Robinson Center, then over to Second Street and back to the River Market, all toll a couple of miles. Bands were playing, nightclubs were full,  there was a party atmosphere on the streets.
   I noticed that the streetcars had very slow going on Markham/Clinton Avenue due to cars backed up 2-3 blocks and people walking on the tracks.  However, there was standing room only on some streetcars too. I'm putting this on the web for those of you who no longer want to go out late at night to party or to see streetcars (me neither, most of the time - I wouldn't have been here either if it were not for the streetcars!)  (Taken by Ken Ziegenbein)

This was taken just before it got totally dark, about 830 p.m. on Clinton Avenue (East Markham), looking to the west.

Trolley 408 at the River Market stop, about 9 p.m.

Boscoes and the Underground Pub at night.

Typical scene on Clinton Avenue in the River Market District on a Saturday night in Little Rock.

Central Arkansas Library sign (left) and the Flying Saucer beer emporium behind it.

Streetcar 410 at the River Market stop about 930 p.m.

Same scene enhanced and brightened.

Front of the Flying Saucer with the tracks in front.

Another view along Clinton Avenue.

At the Peabody Hotel stop.

The Old State House (left) on Markham Street with the trolley stop in foreground.

Not quite in focus, but I got on the trolley here.

The North Little Rock trolley coming south over the Arkansas River bridge, 9:42 p.m.

Chamber of Commerce stop, Markham and Scott. There was standing room only on this one. For the first time, I saw someone get off to go to one of the restaurants in North Little Rock later in the night.

The other trolley on the Little Rock loop at the Peabody stop.

Both trolleys heading east on Clinton Avenue.  Trolley 409 was out of service at this time.

Alltel Arena stop, about 10 p.m. Again, a good crowd getting off.

Same shot with a wider angle.

Heading north on Main Street in North Little Rock, 10:06 p.m.

Downtown North Little Rock, Someone got off the trolley here to go to a restaurant along this street.

Back in Little Rock about 10:30 p.m. April 30. Both trolleys had to stop on Second Street while police investigated something ahead. The tracks were blocked.

Both drivers talking while we were waiting. There were 8 passengers on the trolley I was riding. Most had gotten off in the River Market.

Just ahead of us the tracks were blocked. We were stopped here for about 35 minutes. It's now about 11 p.m.

Another scene on Second Street.

Finally underway at 11:07 p.m. I got back to North Little Rock and picked up my car about 11:20 and headed home, safe and sound.